Monday, February 18, 2013

February 2013 Woman of Wonderosity

What is it about a good song that just stays with you? I mean what makes a good song anyway? Is it the lyrics? Or maybe the beat? Does the person who is singing it add or take something away from the experience? With so many questions about an art form that has been entertaining people for an incredibly long amount of time, I decided to try and understand more by interviewing an icon that helped create a soundtrack to the 80's that has continued to be played out for adoring fans in the present day. Ready for a truly outrageous Woman of Wonderosity for February? Well hold onto your hairspray, because Jem is on Diary of a Dorkette!

February 2013 Woman of Wonderosity
Diary of a Dorkette: Upon meeting you, I can't help but be amazed at how great you look. Time has simply improved your whole look.
Jem: Oh thank you Miss M! That is incredibly nice of you!
Diary: So I have to say, I grew up loving music from a lot of great folks. In fact as I have gotten older I have really come to appreciate all kinds of music. But there was just something special about the songs from Jem and the Holograms. What was the experience like making those great songs?

Jem: It was incredible. The 80's was such an outrageous time. It felt like everyone was cutting a record. I remember seeing the late Divine at an art opening and she was busy promoting one of her latest singles. She said it was trash, but I think that was meant as praise. It was just a fun time.
Diary: What are some other stories you have?
Jem: How long do we have? (laughs) There are plenty of stories. The Holograms and I got into a big fight backstage at the '87 Grammys with Barbie and the Rockers. Everyone likes to think that our biggest rivalry was with the Misfits, but Barbie tried to give us a run for our money. Luckily she went away from the music scene and tried running for president or something.
Diary: Well Barbie has never really been one to keep a steady job. I think she is trying to sell her house in Malibu now. Probably can't afford it, what with Ken's expensive and lavish tastes. I mean not for nothin, but I heard Ken was practically being kept.
Jem: Possibly. I don't keep up with her that much. We kinda went our separate ways once the 80's ended.

Diary: Yeah, maybe that was for the best. Back to the music though, were the songs easy to write?
Jem: Sometimes they were and sometimes they weren't. I was lucky to have a band that I got along with. Often times bands fall apart because someone gets a wretched ego or sleeps with someones partner, but we always got along at the end of the day or two part episode. Kimber, Aja, Shana, and Raya were all so talented. Besides, Kimber just really knew how to write. With all of us together, magic was simply inevitable.
Diary: And what of Rio? I seem to recall quite a few songs being about love and Mr. Pacheco.
Jem: Rio. Rio. Rio. Hmm. What should I say? I see him often.
Diary: Well, when you say that you see him often, are you meaning that Jerrica sees him often? Or Jem sees him often?
Jem: I'll keep you and your readers guessing.

Diary: No fair! Oh goodness. Ok, so back to the songs, which one was your favorite?
Jem: I was fond of 'I Got My Eye on You.' That was a very fun song. Shooting the video was just such a great time. What of you Miss M, do you have any favorites?
Diary: Oh I love 'I Got My Eye on You' but I am also a big fan of 'Glitter and Gold.' It was just one of those songs you couldn't help but get up and dance to.
Jem: Or just create a whole new look.

Diary: A lot of fans have desperately been wondering when you'll release any new music? Care to comment?
Jem: I am asked that all the time. I can't really say there is anything on the horizon, but never count the Holograms out.
Diary: Ya know, a lot of people would really love some new music. Or even just the old songs on iTunes or something. I personally would love a compact disc set.

 Jem: What, no brightly colored cassette?
Diary: Some things are better left in the past! Like maybe the Misfits...
Jem: Oh goodness! You are just a mess Miss M. You're going to have be careful what you say, or I'll have Pizzazz taking a hit out on me.
Diary: Did it ever get old with all the near death experiences?
Jem: Of course it did. Nearly dying every week can easily put a damper on making new music.
Diary: And yet you were still able to entertain your fans each and every week.
Jem: I know. Of course that one time we nearly lost Kimber in the volcano on Hawaii, things did get pushed back just a bit.
Diary: Do you ever run into the Misfits at any functions?
Jem: No, though I would imagine after this interview we'll probably be seeing more of the Misfits. Pizzazz has always loved to follow behind me.

Diary: Speaking of things like followers, you just wouldn't believe how many people mention you on this blog. I interview hot guys every month and last year I believe like every Heroic Hottie said they'd love to date you.
Jem: Kimber told me! Oh how funny. Kimber is actually a big fan of this blog. She found it while googling custom dolls of her. She really loved your custom Kimber doll. She reads your stuff all the time and even lets me know about all the funny things you do.
Diary: Oh that is so cool! You'll have to tell Kimber I said hello. So what about her? Is she still double booking her dates?
Jem: You have no idea.

Diary: Well Jem, I have to say, this has been a lovely interview. I think that with everything you have done and all that you mean to people the world over, you are just perfect for the February 2013 Woman of Wonderosity. I hope this isn't the last we ever see of you.
Jem: I hope so too Miss M! Thanks for everything. I just hope that everyone out there knows that I appreciate the love and fan support that Jem and the Holograms has received throughout all these years, and I hope that one day the music will return.

Now that the new dolls have returned, let's hope there can be more Jem and the Holograms! Enjoy this Woman of Wonderosity and be back tomorrow for an all new Toy Chest Tuesday!


  1. That's a very nice doll! I quite like the face sculpt, and those va voom! Jem, JEM - truly outrageous - truly, truly, truly outrageous.

    1. I know! Theyreally made a gorgeous Jem doll! And those legs do go on for days!

  2. I love these conversations. Currently me and my Teddy Roosevelt figure are discussing foreign policy and which episode of Walking Dead to start with.

    1. Oh goodness! Have you decided on which episode to start yet? That show is so good! I love that I'm also not the only one who has conversations with their toys!

  3. Love the Jem concept -but as I have said in the past, I never really saw the show, so I can't say what I thought of the songs.
    If they were like most songs written specifically for cartoons, I imagine they were AMAZING! I loved Josie and The Pussy Cats music ( from the original show and the movie version which sounds kinda like the poppy punk stuff I play) and pretty much all cartoon bands have awesome music, so I will have to check out Jem stuff.
    I love bubblegum pop from the 60's and 70's, and originally I read, Scooby Doo was going to be a show like the Archies show-with the kids as a band playing songs every episode. This didn't come to pass-but instead, in season 2 of Scooby Doo where Are You?-they used the songs they had written to play during the chase scenes. I always really loved those songs written by Danny Janssen and performed by Austin Roberts. The Scooby Doo snack tracks cassette I have is the closest I have to owning any of these great songs.
    One problem I have with Jem, even though I haven't seen it, The Misfits are a great punk band from the New york area that did a lot of great pop culture influenced songs, mostly horror movie references-but all their songs were done in a punk version of the old sixties and fifties style of rock n' roll. Always pissed me off the people who made this show had no concept of this great real band called the Misfits that were playing at the same time the show was in production. I suppose the real Misfits were very underground at the time so I really can't blame the producers for not having heard them.
    And seeing the Jem doll up close -she does look very sexy! Way hotter than Barbie.

    1. Oh you have got to check out these old songs from Jem. They are really fantastic. There were two rival bands, the Holograms and the Misfits, and then later on there was a third band called the Stingers. All the songs were fantastic as were the music videos attached to the songs.

      I love Josie and the Pussycats and I also love those Scooby Doo songs. They were just really great songs. As for the Misfits from Jem, I am not really sure if the producers and writers knew about the real Misfits, but I don't think it was meant to be a copy cat or meant to be disrespectful. And it very well could have been an homage. Though again, I have no idea what the story is on that. I think both sets of Misfits are great in their own right though.