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Adora's Search for Honor Part 3: Chapter 50

So here we are. An all new Adora's Search for Honor. I had planned on posting this yesterday, but it was a bit hard to get everything typed up this weekend. But here it is, the 50th Chapter of my long winded She-Ra fanfic. I know that it sounds slightly silly to make this all into something really big, I mean 50 is just another number. Of course as I was writing this chapter I couldn't help but realize that I have written 50 of these damn things! And I have loved writing every one. This fanfic is my love letter to She-Ra and He-Man. I have long been a fan of She-Ra and her friends and have often thought about what would be a great story for them. I enjoy playing in this universe and having the chance to tell my own little tale about them that pays tribute to the cartoons, mini-comics, and of course the toy line. So I really appreciate and thank all of you who manage to stop by and read these chapters. This 50th chapter is a bit long, but it is all leading up to what I hope will be a great ending!

Previously: A nice memorial for Double Trouble happened at Bright Moon. Glimmer was pleased and happy to do something for her cousin... The Star Sisters were freed from their shooting star prison and were nervous at the whereabouts of the evil sorceress Ultimera and the Chaos Sword... Frosta found out first hand just how dangerous Ultimera was... Castaspella was busy finding a way to escape the underground caverns of Snake Mountain without getting any help from Stinkor... Adora found herself struggling with her new life on Eternia, especially where her heart is concerned with Bow and Sea Hawk... Catra and Entrapta did some spying on Adora and other people in the Eternos Palace and ended up clashing with Perfuma... After the long questioning about Hordak's whereabouts, certain Horde members found themselves in a shocking state as they found Hordak, with the Chaos Sword, inside the Sun Tower.

And now...

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 3
Chapter 50

The wind outside of the Sun Tower whips up. A sand storm is occurring in the Crystal Sands and Grizzlor finds himself lucky to be out of the desert, though he isn't quite sure what to think of standing before Hordak. Leech is confused, seeking answers he gurgles, "Where have you been Hordak?"

Sitting atop the gilded throne once occupied by Peekablue, Hordak admires the Chaos Sword in his hands, "I've been behind the scenes, very busy." Grizzlor makes a face, "Doing what? Do you know what has happened?" Grizzlor is surprised by his response.

Snorting out loud, Hordak grins, "The Horde reign that we have long had is over. The Fright Zone is over. Horde World is destroyed. All these things that had us on safe pedestals toppling over the masses... all of it has crumbled. But I have something that is going to put us back on the road to supreme universal power." Modulok peers carefully at the large Chaos Sword, "Mighty Hordak, what does that sword do?"

Hordak stands from the gilded throne and takes heavy steps towards his small remaining Horde. His facial wounds look deep and ugly, "After She-Ra and He-Man contributed to shattering Horde World, I somehow managed to sneak through a remaining portal back to Etheria. The answers had been here all this time, waiting for someone to put the pieces together. I quietly traveled across Etheria to Skydancer Mountain. A special relic was hidden deep under the giant rock. It was very easy. I expected someone to be guarding this sword, but they weren't. So I took it, just like I'm going to take Etheria. And this time, I will be the true leader of any efforts. I get to be Horde Prime now..."

"Does this mean we have to start calling you Horde Prime?" Grizzlor asks as he picks at his sweaty matted fur from the trek through the desert. Hordak snorts, "Mighty Hordak will suffice. But there is one thing I do require of you all. Find me the rest of the Horde." Modulok listens and unloads the broken parts of Multi Bot, "Here's Multi Bot. He just needs to be put together and charged."

Hordak nods looking down at the multi mess of robotic parts, "Very well. We are still missing a few key members. Find them all and bring them here." Leech gurgles out a delicate question, "Even Catra? After all she has done?" Hordak grins, his eyes flashing bright red, "Yes. Especially Catra. After recent events on Horde World, I have found that the women in my life should never be taken for granted." Hordak thinks of his sister and all the loss and lies that have occurred. Hordak continues, "Bring them all to me. We have much to do. The universe awaits!" Hordak snorts another laugh before the Horde members spread out to figure out their next moves. Unknown to the group, a familiar face hides out in the shadows. Huntara looks on and listens. She plans on waiting for a next move all her own...

The day is still bright at Castle Bright Moon as Angella walks away from the simple memorial for Double Trouble and heads to her room to visit some most surprising guests. Duncan and He-Man accompany her explaining a few things, "Not everyone knows about the Star Sisters being here. Pretty much those of us who were there when we found them know." Angella listens while walking into her room.

The Star Sisters are standing there together with their pet Glory Bird. Peekablue is sitting in front of a vanity to the side. Angella finds herself taken back by the sister's beauty. Their clothing seems other worldly. Introductions are formally made as Angella tries to understand the whole story. Starla is standing in the middle speaking first, "We thank you for allowing us to maintain our cover here. This world is facing a crisis." Angella listens and thinks to herself, when is Etheria not facing a crisis?

"The evil sorceress Ultimera was set free from our shooting star. Originally she had placed a spell on us, trapping us in the shooting star. Together my sisters and I managed to trap her with us. She is roaming free as we speak. She may or may not be in possession of her Chaos Sword, which is a dangerous weapon that could destroy the entire universe."

Peekablue stands from her spot at the vanity and speaks up, "I have been using my special vision to peek in on where Ultimera might be, but I have been unable to locate her." Another Star Sister, Tallstar, looks over with concern, "I fear we won't be able to locate her. Ultimera is powerful, she will cloak herself from us."

The third and most sparkly sister shakes her head, "And we cannot use our powers. She will sense our presence immediately and come after us. We must maintain secrecy that we have woken from her spell." Starla nods looking over at her new friends, "Jewelstar is correct. Each one of us has special abilities and together the possibilities for our power can be limitless. But we must be careful."

He-Man refuses to believe that there is no hope, "We need She-Ra here. Together the two of us could find a way to end this." The Star Sisters curiously look over at He-Man. They inquire about who She-Ra is and light up when they learn she is the current protector of Etheria. "Where can we find this She-Ra person?" Starla asks as she finds out the disappointing answer. Duncan slumps his shoulders, "She is on another planet right now. A portal between this world and the world I am from closed unexpectedly. If there was just a way I could get a portal open though, it would solve so much." The Star Sisters look at each other as Glory Bird makes a swooping noise from his beak.

While the Star Sisters are deep in conversation, Peekablue walks towards Angella, "How was the memorial for Spira?" Angella smiles as a sweep of sadness washes over her eyes, "It was nice. There are still some people down there right now if you'd like to go." Peekablue nods, "I think I will." The watchful feathered friend walks away as Angella calls out one more thing, "Peekablue, thank you for talking with our new guests. I always appreciate any help you can do for us."

Peekablue nods with a smile and heads out of the room. She nearly bumps into Bow who is standing in the hallway, almost as if to be listening in on the conversation with the Star Sisters. Peekablue jumps and whispers, "Bow! You scared me! Why are you standing here?" Bow ignores the question and instead points towards Angella's bedroom, "What's going on in there with the Star Sisters?" Peekablue shrugs, "I wish I could tell you. I don't know much. I've been helping them try to locate some evil sorceress. They are talking about She-Ra right now though, and how they could bring her back." Bow's eyes light up as his heart begins to beat in a special way. The conversation ends between the two as Peekablue heads outside and Bow hangs out around the bedroom doors to listen as the Star Sisters begin talking and plnning about helping Duncan back to Eternia.

"It is possible. Together with each of our unique abilities we could find a way to get you back to your home world to find She-Ra. It would be up to you though to bring her back." The words that Starla says bring much hope to everyone in the bedroom, but especially to Bow who is listening from out in the hall. Duncan speaks up, "Once back on Eternia I will have no problem creating an all new portal to join Eternia and Etheria again. This time I'll make sure it stays open." The Star Sisters nod in unison as Starla explains one last thing, "We have to take our time with this. I must figure out a way that we can use our powers without giving away our location to Ultimera. You'll just need to give me a couple of days!" Duncan smiles, he can certainly wait that long. Bow smiles too, because the wait may drive him crazy, but he knows he'll be seeing She-Ra, and Adora, soon.

Outside on the castle grounds, Peekablue makes her way to Glimmer and a few others who are admiring the stunning green flowers. The closer she gets to Glimmer, the more slowly the shy and timid Peekablue walks. She is nervous, "Glimmer, the flowers look beautiful."

Glimmer turns to smile at Peekablue, "Oh thank you Peekablue. Everything turned out wonderful. I feel in my heart that my cousin would have been touched by this gesture." Peekablue agrees and looks over at the flowers again, "I'm truly sorry I wasn't here earlier when the memorial started. I ended up getting caught up with something, but I also wasn't sure if I would have been welcomed or not..." The words trail off and they confuse Glimmer, "What do you mean? Of course you would be welcome to this honoring of Spira's memory."

"Yes, I know, but considering it was my vision of the future that foretold of her death and that I kept that a secret..." Peekablue wonders what could have happened had she told everyone about the vision in the first place. Glimmer grabs hold of Peekablue's hands, "Don't say something like that. Your vision did not kill Spira. Hordak killed Spira, and then he used magic to bring her back as some flesh eating monster. Had you told us the vision from the start, I still don't know that it would have changed anything. The sad reality is that my cousin is dead, but we can hopefully do our best to prevent any further deaths from happening."

Peekablue nods in agreement. She also hopes that this new threat of Ultimera will be resolved quickly. Her eyes scan over the area looking at her other friends mingling and sharing in their memories of Spira, or in some cases those who didn't really get to know her at all but feel touched by her in some way. Peekablue smiles over at Flutterina and Roboto. Kowl is floating around the air talking with Spinnerella and Sweet Bee. Peekablue's mind drifts to their other friends though. They are missing so many other people.

Suddenly something happens to Peekablue. Her feathers begin to light up erratically. She lets out a groan of pain as her hands instinctively reach out to hold onto something. Glimmer panics, "Peekablue, what's wrong?" Peekablue shakes her head, "I'm... I'm... fine..." Doubling over in pain, Peekablue falls to her knees trying to understand where this is all coming from. It is as if she is experiencing someones pain. Clutching her stomach, Peekablue trembles as her extra eyes come into focus, "Oh no. Oh no! It's Frosta!"

Inside Angella's room, He-Man talks over with the sisters some more and gathers as much information that he can regarding these new plans. He is hopeful that everything will work, "I think this is going to be wonderful." The Star Sisters nod as Angella takes a quick seat. Her legs are still not as strong as she would like. As everyone is getting ready to depart from the room to leave Angella alone, the bedroom doors fly open as Glimmer rushes in. Her gaze falls upon the Star Sisters and a serious amount of confusion is dumped on her. The princess shakes it off and shouts, "We've got to get to Castle Chill now! Peekablue saw Frosta, and we fear she is dead."

Flying high in the air atop Swift Wind, Glimmer and He-Man zoom through the clouds. Flutterina is flitting and keeping up next to them. Her powerful wings keep her leaping through the air. Glimmer is holding onto He-Man, and she is slightly pissed, "So when were you all going to let me in on these new guests?"

He-Man shouts out in the air, "Glimmer, no one was trying to keep anything from you. The Star Sisters want to be hidden for now. There are big things going on and we just want to make sure that Etheria is safe." Glimmer shakes her head and thinks to herself, unbelievable, my mother wants me to be the leader of the Rebellion and yet I am kept from this new information regarding these Star Sisters. Glimmer shakes her head, bringing her thoughts to the present, "Let's just hope that Frosta is ok." He-Man nods as they continue to fly off towards the Kingdom of Snows.

Upon arrival, the heroes immediately feel something strange in the air. Flutterina looks around ready for a fight, "Do you feel. That?" He-Man nods, "Yes. Something happened here." Glimmer looks around, "I thought Frosta had some other help with her for rebuilding Castle Chill, where is everybody?" There is a stillness, a deafening silence that feels unnatural. There are no biting cold blasts of wind. The efforts to rebuild the castle look like they never happened. Blocks and walls of ice are shattered everywhere. Flutterina walks around investigating the damage, "There are no. Bodies. Anywhere."

Glimmer's heart beats pretty fast, "This isn't good. Frosta had handfuls of guards and other people to help her rebuild. Where are they?" She uses her lighting powers to drop off little flickers of light that rest on the snow emitting powerful light so that any survivors might find them. He-Man walks around and looks at the damage, "Did Peekablue's vision have any indication as to were Frosta would be?"

Glimmer shakes her head, "No. But if I recall correctly, we should be approaching an area of the castle that would have been Frosta's throne room." The layout of the castle is not completely destroyed, but everything is crumbled apart. Recalling the layout, Glimmer leads the way to what is normally Frosta's grand throne room. "Do you see anything?" Glimmer asks. Realizing she spoke too soon, Glimmer's eyes immediately fall upon the bright splashes of red on the white now. They find Frosta laying still on the ground.

He-Man and Glimmer rush to Frosta as Flutterina keeps a look out for any trouble. Glimmer looks over at Frosta as He-Man squeezes her hand, "Frosta? Can you hear us?" Glimmer has tears in her eyes as she looks down at Frosta. The ice Empress is wounded badly. Glimmer cries out to He-Man, "Do something!" He-Man shakes his head unsure of what to do. He recalls something from the past that has always seemed to work. He leans down to kiss Frosta's bright red lips. Glimmer shouts out, "What are you doing!?"

He-Man kisses Frosta lightly on the lips, and nothing happens, "Well, she tried a stunt like this before..." Glimmer rolls her eyes, "Come on, let's try to sit her up." He-Man shakes his head, "We shouldn't move her, her injuries might be bad." Glimmer worries looking back down at Frosta, "What are we going to do?"

Frosta groans out in pain, "You two can stop talking so blasted loud. I can barely hear myself think." He-Man and Glimmer let out a sigh of relief. Frosta slowly opens her eyes and for a brief moment she seems terrified, "Are we safe?" He-Man and Glimmer nod. Flutterina approaches, "No one is. Here. Except us." Frosta slowly sits up, the simple act creates much pain for her. He-Man helps her, "What happened to you?"

Shrugging slowly, Frosta sighs, "I have no idea darling. I don't remember much." He-Man and Glimmer look at each other in concern. Flutterina asks where everyone else is. Frosta shakes her head, "I don't know. Check the basement." He-Man and Flutterina walk off to the basement as Glimmer tries to find out answers. Frosta is not making much sense, but she does remember briefly meeting a woman with silver hair.

He-Man and Flutterina open the basement doors and travel under the ground. He is half expecting to find some terrifying monster of some sort, but instead he finds Frosta's guards and staff. Some of them are dead while a few are struggling to remember what happened to them. Flutterina helps to take care of the survivors while also doing something about the bodies. He-Man hurries to Glimmer, "We've got a big problem. We need to get back to Bright Moon. I'll stay here. Can you get help Glimmer?" Glimmer nods and hurries to Swift Wind. Frosta shakes her head in disbelief, "I don't believe this. I come back to fix my castle, and now I'll be heading right back to Bright Moon and the Whispering Woods. Just perfect."

On Eternia, Skeletor finds himself in an unexpected conversation with Shadow Weaver. "You certainly found a way to shut Evil-Lyn up." Skeletor looks over sharing a strange glowing green drink with Shadow Weaver. The mistress of dark magic lights up, "She'll be fine. Her usual sickly pallor will return in time." Skeletor shakes his head, "I can't believe this is happening. Who would have thought we would have actually ended up living together again?"

Shadow Weaver rasps, "Yes. Though this place is much nicer than the Fright Zone ever was." He agrees looking around at the inside of Snake Mountain. They both realize how lucky they are to be free of Hordak's controlling grasp. As they continue to talk and share in drink, Skeletor notices Catra and Entrapta slowly entering into Snake Mountain. They seem to be ordering some Evil Warriors around. Skeletor's gaze falls upon Catra. Turning over to Shadow Weaver, Skeletor asks, "Is that young woman the baby that you took long ago? The one you wanted us to raise together?"

Peering over towards Catra, Shadow Weaver recalls that time long ago very vividly, "Yes Skeletor. She was that baby. And now, thanks to me, she has become a force to be reckoned with..." Skeletor stares at Shadow Weaver with a mixture of feelings. She is a dangerous woman and at times excited him and yet fills him with repulsion. His thoughts are interrupted though at the sounds of high pitched screams.

Skeletor and Shadow Weaver both turn as Catra and Entrapta motion for Beast Man to drag in their prisoner: Perfuma. Skeletor forcefully shouts, "What is this!?" Beast Man tosses Perfuma across the floor and moves away from Skeletor's wrath.

Perfuma looks around at her surroundings and keeps screaming. Catra stands tall with her arms crossed. She looks over at Skeletor, "This is a prisoner. Her name is Perfuma, she is a friend of She-Ra." Entrapta nods in agreement. Skeletor shakes his head in rage, "What!? You just brought a friend of the muscle bound female She-Ra here? To Snake Mountain!? What is the matter with you!?"

Catra's green eyes dance with mischief in the dimly lit Snake Mountain. She smirks, "Nothing is the matter with me. We have a prisoner, a delicate friend of She-Ra. They will want her back in one piece, which means I will get what I want."

Perfuma panics looking around the room, "Oh please, this must be a nightmare! Tell me I'm dreaming!" Skeletor glares at her, "You are most certainly awake little girl!" Skeletor points a finger at Catra, "Figure out what to do with this strangely scented woman and do it now! I don't want She-Ra meddling around here, or there will be plenty of problems for you all." Skeletor waves his hand towards Catra and Entrapta. He stomps off as Shadow Weaver floats towards Catra and Entrapta, "What are you going to do now?" Catra slyly rolls her head towards Shadow Weaver. Scratching her back and giving herself a little stretch, Catra purrs, "Don't worry about my plan Shadow Weaver. Instead, worry about how you'll get us back to Etheria..." Shadow Weaver can only wonder what Catra has planned.

Inside the Eternos Palace, Teela is admiring some fancy tapestries that are being repaired for a special celebration in a few days. The work is stunning and honors the royal family. Thinking she is alone, Teela quickly turns around as she hears footsteps behind her. Sy-Klone jumps back with his arms in the air, "I can't seem to sneak up on you at all!" Teela laughs to herself, "This would be very true." Sy-Klone motions to all the tapestries, "What's all this for?"

"This is for the celebration for the House of Randor. Now that Eternia knows of Adora's existence, the Queen wanted to have a celebration to honor the return of her long lost daughter." Teela admires the tapestries as Sy-Klone stands next to her, "I still can't believe Adam had a sister that was kidnapped at birth. It just seems so weird." Teela chuckles, "It can't be any weirder than the other things that go on in Eternia." Sy-Klone nods, "True. So do you have a date to this celebration?"

Teela turns to look at her ex and raises an eyebrow, "No, I wasn't planning on having a date at all. Something tells me though that you will be offering up a suggestion?" Sy-Klone drops his head in defeat, "You got me." Teela stands there, looking down at her leather woven boots. She is digging her heels into the ground. Sy-Klone quickly speaks up, "I don't want to make you uncomfortable, but I'd like to go with you. I don't know if you'd be ready for something like that..."

Waving her hands in the air, Teela sighs, "No need to worry. Adam and I are over, and I am fine that we are over." She stands there thinking about the past. It is slightly strange that she is playing with the possibility of exploring another chance with Sy-Klone after everything that happened the first time. Teela nods, "Let's go together. Why not?" Teela smiles. Sy-Klone breathes a sigh of relief, "Good! Wonderful! I am happy you would like to, and I'm going to in fine behavior. I know the last time we were at a celebration together I was left for dead by Skeletor and then fell under his spell to become an Evil Warrior. I hate myself for the things I nearly did to you, but I'm truly better now Teela." Teela shakes her head. They've both been through so much, "Sy-Klone, you don't have to explain anything to me. I know what you've been through, and I know you are free of Skeletor's mind control. It's ok! This is yet another odd strange life experience that comes with the territory of living on Eternia." The two laugh at this and both agree that they could use something to eat.

As Teela and Sy-Klone head into the dining hall, Mermista and her sister Merlia are walking out. Mermista looks over at her sister, "I am really glad we are ok. I am so sorry I snapped at you earlier." Merlia hugs her sister, "I'm just glad everything is ok between us. I don't want us to have any problems. Did you ever find Perfuma?"

Mermista shakes her head, "No. Adora and I were searching for her, but she isn't in her usual places." Merlia walks with Mermista, "Maybe she went to search for Moss Man or something?" Mermista nods, "Knowing Perfuma, that is probably true." The sisters laugh and continue to walk through the Eternos Palace. They pause at the tapestries being hung for Adora's celebration. Merlia grins, "This should be a lot of fun!"

Mermista nods, "I can imagine. Adora is really happy about this, if not maybe a little nervous." The two sisters look on as a crew of workers hang a stunning tapestry with images of Eternia's royal past. Merlia smiles, "Everyone is going to be there. It will be a big event. I know the people of Salinas will be happy to meet the princess." Mermista's face falls silent. Merlia picks up on this and apologizes, "Our father will more than likely be there Mermista." The mer-maiden shrugs fixing one of her sea green arm cuffs, "That's fine. I can handle being in a large room with a ton of people. Our father will just be one of those people in the crowd. I will be fine." The sisters continue to walk past the tapestries, and Merlia silently wishes to herself that her sister could find a way to have a relationship with their father.

In another area of the Eternos Palace, Adora sits in her mother's room as Queen Marlena goes through her closet for gowns. Adora is looking around at numerous gowns and she is slightly nervous for this upcoming celebration in her honor, "Are you sure we should be having this celebration mother?" Marlena steps out of her closet with a poofy dress in her arms, "Of course we should be having this celebration, why wouldn't we? Here, try this one on." Adora takes one look at the poofy dress and shakes her head, "Oh, I don't think that would be much my style." Marlena nods and works through some more items.

Adora sighs, "I just feel it a bit strange to be celebrating my arrival when father still has yet to wake from his wounds and Adam is still on Etheria. It just seems odd to be doing this..." Adora looks over at all the dresses and is not sure how her mother has managed to hold onto so many gowns. Marlena walks into the room and takes a seat next to her daughter, "I know your father and brother are not presently with us, but they would want us to have this celebration. Your father especially. Adora, listen, for the longest time we had to keep your kidnapping a secret from the people of Eternos and the greater citizens of Eternia. Now that word has spread about those events along with you being here with us, well, a great deal of people want to meet you. Adora, you have become a symbol of such great strength and hope for this world."

"I don't feel like I would be a part of any of that. If these people had any idea of the life I've led, they would want nothing to do with me." Adora wants to move past her experiences as a Horde Force Captain, but she can't escape from her past. Marlena grabs hold of her daughter's hands, "Stop that talk this instant. You are my daughter, and no matter what you may have done in the past, it does not have to inform you of your entire future. Adora, we all have done things we aren't proud of. The important thing to understand is what you can do now. When I look at you, I see nothing but love. You were a pawn used by Hordak. Once you realized that, you gave up that life."

Adora wipes tears from her eyes, "That may be true, but what I did to so many innocent lives... It stays with me." Marlena shakes her head, refusing to let those words enter into her mind, "It may stay with you, but you continue to fight for those same people. You are working on saving the universe."

Mother and daughter hold onto each other tight. Adora never thought she'd have the chance to bond and know her real mother. With all the sadness she has endured, Adora does find herself enjoying this moment of happiness. Marlena breaks away and smooths out her green gown, "Now come on, no more tears for now. Let's figure out what you are going to wear for this celebration."

Adora shakes her head, "Oh goodness. Nothing a fantastic fashion can't fix." Adora continues to shake her head as her mother continues rummaging through her closet. Adora stands up to explore some of the gowns already laying about. She wonders about the history of these gowns, they are all so intricate and stunning. The work that went into them must have taken so long. Adora imagines that these gowns all have special stories attached to them.

One gown in particular seems to be very special. It is a stunning chiffon dress in a lilac shade with sparkly designs woven into the chiffon. It is a long sweeping floor length gown with a structured golden bodice that as a heart etched in the center. It is a true work of art, "Mother, what is this dress from?"

Marlena walks out of the closet as a warm smile spreads across her face, "I called that dress the Heart of Gold. That was my wedding dress." Adora has a strange look on her face, "A wedding dress?" Marlena explains, "You know that Eternia is not my home world. I traveled here when I was a young woman. Eternia was gripped in war, and yet somehow I managed to find the love of my life. Your father and I met by pure chance, though sometimes I feel it was all pre-planned. He fought to keep me safe since I had no idea where I was. Once he became King, he needed a Queen, so when he asked me I couldn't help but say yes."

Adora listens to the story as Marlena explains, "Randor has always been a loving man. Your father was always interested in the customs and celebrations from the world I was from. So when we became King and Queen, I also asked that we have a wedding ceremony." Marlena smiles as Adora tries to understand exactly what that means. Marlena feels tears form in her eyes, "A wedding is a special ceremony reserved for two people who love other. They wear special clothing that means something to them, and they speak from their hearts. They join their hands together and vow to honor each other until they die and even beyond when they are merely floating with the stars. It is a special event."

Adora smiles imagining how happy her parents must have been, "That sounds wonderful mother. There were celebrations similar to that on Etheria, but we didn't call them weddings. You make it sound so magical." Marlena nods, "It is as magical as you want it to be." Marlena looks over her wedding dress, "I chose the color lilac because when I landed on Eternia I found myself lost in a field of what reminded me of lilacs on Earth. Randor saw me alone in the field of these stunning flowers and he rushed to help me." Her hands travel over the flecks and sparks of glitter woven into the material, "These flecks of light were the stars I saw in my journey through space. I never would have expected that a life's journey could bring me to such new places."

"Mother, this dress is stunning. I am so happy you told me this story." Marlena wipes the tears from her eyes, "Yes, well there are many stories you will hear I am sure. I love you Adora." Adora nods and hugs her mom, "I love you too." Marlena looks at the dresses all around them, "This can wait. Let's go visit your father. Maybe there has been a change in his status." Adora nods as they head off to visit a still sleeping Randor.

Days go by and the night of Adora's celebration finally arrives. The Eternos Palace is full of activity as people from all over Eternia arrive to visit and celebrate the long lost royal daughter. The Masters of the Universe are there watching over everyone and finding time to celebrate. Teela and Sy-Klone are walking around talking and laughing. Teela misses her father, but she is happy to see old and familiar faces. Mekaneck and Stratos laugh and eat around a table of food. Mermista cautiously walks around, meeting new people while also trying to keep an eye out for her friends. Both Clamp Champ and Ram Man are eagerly looking for Netossa.

Netossa is inside her room finishing up with getting ready. Decked out in a gown made with crinkled silver material and a stunning net for a shawl, Netossa looks over at the Eye of Fire on her vanity table. She is pleased that Adora gave it back to her. She also looks forward to the moment where she can return it to her village. As she is walking out of her room, Netossa bumps into Sea Hawk. The pirate takes a step back, "Wow 'Tossa, you look... captivating." Netossa blushes slightly, "Thank you Sea Hawk. Are you heading to the celebration?"

Sea Hawk shrugs, "I guess so. I wasn't planning on it, but I want to support Adora." Something feels different about the pirate, and Netossa speaks up, "Are you doing alright Sea Hawk? I am getting a strange feeling from you." The pirate leans in close to Netossa and whispers, "If you had something important to tell somebody, and you were nervous to do so, what would you do?" Sea Hawk thinks about all of his previous actions. Netossa is very confused, "I don't know what you are talking about."

The pirate sighs, "Just go with me on this Netossa. If someone had done some things they weren't proud of, should they speak up? Or remain silent?" Netossa shrugs, feeling lost, "I don't know. I have always been the type of person to just be honest." Sea Hawk nods cursing himself for being so flawed. "Thanks 'Tossa." He hugs her tight, "I'm sorry for everything. I am truly sorry for everything." He thinks about how he took the Eye of Fire from her village and how it destroyed everyone there.

Netossa blinks back, "Sea Hawk, you are worrying me. What are you sorry for?" Sea Hawk hugs her again before rushing off. He turns back and calls out, "You'll understand soon. I promise." Sea Hawk continues to rush off planning on finally telling the truth.

While a celebration is going on in the Eternos Palace on Eternia, other things are unfolding on Etheria inside Castle Bright Moon. Duncan, the current Man-At-Arms, is talking with the Star Sisters inside a hidden room near Angella's throne room. "Are you sure this will work?" He asks hoping for a positive response. The Star Sisters each look at each other before Starla speaks, "It should work. But since we will be doing this very quickly, there is no telling what might happen. We must hurry though, we cannot spend a long amount of time using our powers at full force." Duncan nods and backs away as the sisters each raise up a special colored staff in a circle.

Each sister chants something to themselves as stars and specs of light spin and pour forth from the sisters. A dome of magical energy spreads around them as a spinning swirl of energy opens up in the middle of the dome. Duncan seizes the moment to jump through hoping this will all work. Each sister flashes a smile as he jumps through the magic swirl of energy. As the dome is about to close, the sisters panic as one other person bursts into the room jumping into the swirl of magic in a flash. Once the dome is gone and the magic evaporated into thin air, the sisters each look at each other. Jewelstar gasps, "Did someone else just jump through the magic field?" Tallstar nods slightly annoyed, "Who would do something like that?" Starla shrugs unsure what to think, "Maybe it was someone who had nothing else to lose..."

Outside of Bright Moon, He-Man and Sweet Bee find themselves taking a romantic stroll in the Whispering Woods. Sweet Bee's left arm is looped through his muscular right arm, and she is admiring the moon light, "These woods are so stunning." She looks over and notices that He-Man seems slightly off.

Her assumption is spot on as He-Man's mind is trailing off. He is wondering how his sister is handling life on Eternia. The events with the Star Sisters and finding Frosta a few days earlier are also playing out on his mind. New threats with this Ultimera person has him on edge. "You seem elsewhere, should we do this another time?" Sweet Bee tugs on his arm, bringing him back to reality.

"I apologize Sweet Bee, my mind is off on another world. So much has happened recently." The large muscular man looks over his company. She looks stunning. Sweet Bee isn't entirely sure what it is about He-Man, and he feels the same way about her, both find each other to be incredibly attractive. With the moon glowing over the woods so nicely, He-Man and Sweet Bee suddenly find themselves caught in the present. Under a romantic spell, they both lean in for a kiss. Their lips meet as their mouths open, taking each other in. He-Man feels a thrill of excitement course through his body and when the kiss is over, Sweet Bee simply smiles. The only thing she can think though is that she just kissed the most attractive man she has ever met, and it was terrible.

Back on Eternia the celebration for Adora is in full swing. A large ball room with walls decked out in lovely tapestries depicting the current royal family and others from the past fill around a large crowd of people. Everyone is waiting for the arrival of Adora and Queen Marlena. Mermista walks around in a strapless iridescent blue green gown that form-fits to her body until it spreads out like a mermaid tail below her knees. She is walking around talking with people while looking for her sister.

Netossa meets up with Ram Man at a bar. He is getting her a drink. Off to the side Clamp Champ approaches Netossa offering her a drink as well. Both Ram Man and Clamp Champ turn to look at each other as they both realize they each have a drink for Netossa. Standing in her silver dress, Netossa smiles unsure how to handle the situation. She quietly excuses herself from the two men as she rushes up to Mermista. The two friends hug each other, each asking the other if they've seen Perfuma at all.

The crowd in the ball room begins to quiet down as an announcement is made for the arrival of the Queen and her daughter the princess. Behind the large doors, Queen Marlena squeezes her daughter's hand, "Adora, are you ready?" Adora smiles nervously trying to stay comfortable in her dress; a silver and red bodice that wraps around her neck and flairs out at the hips into a long sweeping red gown. Adora is used to wearing all manners of clothing, but with all the excitement, Adora feels like the dress is constricting her.

The large ball room doors open and Adora is taken back at the large number of people inside the room. The crowd is full of smiles and applause. Marlena smiles at her daughter, "They are all here for you." Mother and daughter both walk through the crowd as people offer gestures of happiness and praise that the House of Randor has finally brought their daughter back home.

Adora is overwhelmed with emotion as tears begin to stream down her face. She has never felt so much love in one room before. She spots her friends in the crowd. Mermista and Netossa are both waving and smiling from ear to ear. Adora also spots her new friends like Teela, Sy-Klone, and Clamp Champ. The moment is a joyous one full of complete excitement. This is all new and she is caught up in the moment.

The celebration continues as crowds break away to continue having a nice night. Adora greets people and listens to stories from people throughout Eternia. Even though the world only just learned of Adora's existence, it is a story that touches the hearts of many. Wishes are also made for Randor's recovery. Questions are asked on the whereabouts of Prince Adam too. Adora finds herself incredibly busy.

Mermista and Netossa eventually get the chance to talk with Adora. "This night is just amazing Adora!" Mermista hugs her friend. Adora takes a breath, "I know. I am feeling overwhelmed though. Have either of you seen Perfuma?" Netossa shakes her head, fixing her dress, "No one has seen her at all." Adora shakes her head, "I hope she will show up."

Teela and Sy-Klone are finding the time to dance with a few others to a stunning musical piece. Sy-Klone twirls Teela around nearly stepping on her gold and white dress decked out in ornate beading. Teela laughs trying to catch herself, "I know you have no problem spinning around, but I'm not used to that very much!" They both laugh as they try to catch each other's feet. Stumbling towards each other, they both lean in for a brief but touching kiss.

The celebration continues to be in full swing. Mermista and Netossa make their way to Merlia. Mermista is slightly nervous when Merlia points in the direction of their father. Clamp Champ and Ram Man both search for Netossa cursing each other once they realize that they both are interested in the same girl. Mekaneck, Rio Blast, and Stratos talk to each other and look in on the party. Orko arrives and approaches the three men with whispers. The group rushes off away from the celebration.

Adora finally manages to break away from talking to so many people. She makes her way outside to a courtyard on a balcony. A few revelers are outside taking in the fresh evening air. Adora walks out to the balcony and looks up at the stars. She wishes that a few other people were actually there with her. "Adora."

The lovely blond turns at the sound of her name and smiles at the sight of Sea Hawk. While everyone is dressed nicely, Adora is glad to see someone looking like their normal self. "Hi Hawk. I didn't think you'd be here." The pirate strides up to her, "Yeah, these kinds of things aren't my deal. But I wanted to see you."

Adora smiles, "Well I'm glad I am an exception." Sea Hawk grins, "Yeah, you are princess. It's funny, turns out you really are a princess huh?" Adora rolls her eyes and smiles at him, "I'm hardly some stuffy princess. I'm still the same person at heart." She isn't sure how that should sound. Sea Hawk looks around and realizes it is now or never, "Adora, I need to talk to you. It is important."

Worry and concern begins to crawl across Adora's face, "Sure, what's wrong?" Sea Hawk grabs hold of her hands, "I care about you, you know that right?" Adora feels her skin grow hot, "Yes, I know you care in your own way." They both smile at each other. Sea Hawk continues, "Listen, I've done something that I need to confess to." They both look into each other's eyes and for a moment Sea Hawk pauses.

He isn't sure he can tell her the truth or tell her what he did. He is so lost in her eyes and just as he is about to say something, to bare his truth to her, a loud commotion is made from the inside of the ball room. Adora looks off, "Hold on Hawk. What's going on in there?" They both walk towards the ball room as a silence begins to fill the room. Adora scans the room trying to figure out what is going on. Her eyes fall at the entrance. Duncan is standing there looking out across the crowd. Teela calls out, "Father?" She rushes to greet him.

Adora continues to stand in the crowd looking at Teela hugging her dad. Her heart stops. Time stands still as she notices someone moving behind Duncan. Suddenly Adora lets out a gasp as Bow walks out behind Duncan. He is looking out in the crowd amazed at being in the palace.

His eyes meet hers and soon Adora's heart begins to beat fast. She picks up her dress and rushes through the crowd. Bow smiles moving through the crowd as well. They meet in the middle and rush into each other's arms. "Bow, is this really you?" She is reaching out to him and he can only smile at her, "We are always going to find our way back to each other, no matter what happens." They embrace sealing it all with a kiss.

In another more gloomy section of Eternia, Castaspella finds herself alone under Snake Mountain. Stinkor is walking around doing his usual check ups to make sure that everything is normal underneath Snake Mountain. Finally having had enough of being stuck there, Castaspella sneaks away towards the tantalizing so-called Slither Door. "There must be something behind those doors that will help me get out of here."

She carefully makes her way to the large Slither Doors. The enchantress looks around making sure Stinkor is no where near. This time she is going to go through the doors, nothing is going to stop her. Her hands tremble slightly as they touch the warmth of the doors. She opens the door and walks in.

The room is eerily silent as Castaspella looks around, uncertain of what to be looking for. There are sconces hanging on the walls that house a strange green flame. In the center of the room is what appears to be a large fountain. Castaspella walks towards it and peers over the edge. Nothing is there, nothing but a blank emptiness. "I don't understand. What is this?" Castaspella looks around concerned. "I was expecting something... more."

Castaspella looks over the edge again, hoping her eyes aren't playing tricks on her. She turns back to the entrance as Stinkor calls out to her, "What has Casta-friend done! No! Stinkor and Casta-friend cannot be in here!" He motions for her to hurry. Castaspella stares at him, "Stinkor, there's nothing here. Look around you!"

Stinkor shakes his head, "Hurry Casta-friend. Slither Door must be closed!" He looks at her in horror as two long snake arms travel out of the fountain ready to strike Castaspella. Stinkor takes out his laser gun and aims it at Castaspella. She panics thinking she is about to be shot, but turns to look behind her. She screams as a half man and half snake creature crawls out of the empty darkness from the fountain. Castaspella backs away as the creature's long snake arms try to reach out to strike her.

"Run Stinkor! Run!" Castaspella turns to grab hold of him. Stinkor shakes his head and walks towards the fountain shooting off laser blasts at the creature. Castaspella shouts for Stinkor to escape with her, but Stinkor isn't fast enough. A long snake arm reaches out grabbing hold of Stinkor's ankle. He falls to the ground and has a look of pure fear in his eyes. Castaspella refuses to see him killed, "Hang on Stinkor!"

The smelly Evil Warrior panics, "Hurry Casta-friend!" Castaspella snaps her fingers and conjures lightening rod beams of fire and electrical energy towards the fountain. The snake arms release Stinkor. He quickly scrambles up and races towards Castaspella. They rush out of the room, trying to slam the door shut. They are too slow though. Castaspella peers in through a crack in the door. She can only scream at the sight of a group of snake men pouring out of the fountain rushing towards the door. Stinkor and Castaspella can no longer old the door closed. They both break away and find a place to hide as the slither doors open. The group of snake men rush out in glee at their freedom. Castaspella shakes her head and whispers, "What have I just done?" The Snake Men rush off, ready to stake their claim on Eternia all over again...

Up next!
The celebration for Adora continues!
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    1. Yes, I really wanted the 50th chapter to be a special one for Adora. I really loved the idea of a celebration for her. And it is awkward for her because it is a life that she is not used to, and in some ways she feels undeserving of it. But I don't think she is opposed to learning more about this position as a member of the House of Randor. Contrasting that with Mermista, who truly wants nothing to do with this idea of family.

      Bow's story from the original material has always been that of a member of the Great Rebellion. For my fanfic I wrote him as a character who grew up with Adora, Catra, Mermista, Frosta, and Perfuma in the Fright Zone and how they all went through the Horde Academy together. The difference though was that Bow, Frosta, Mermista, and Perfuma all left the Horde Academy because they knew it was wrong. Unlike Adora who stayed because she felt that it was her duty and by walking away she would have been betraying her word to stick with what she was always brought up to believe in. Of course, we all know that all of that was a lie.

      I think that with Bow/Sea Hawk and Stefan/Damon the great things about characters like that is that they are so different and yet they do share common goals. I mean Bow and Sea Hawk both care about Adora. They just have different moral codes, but don't count Sea Hawk out! His role in the story is far from over.

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