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Adora's Search for Honor Part 3: Chapter 47

She-Ra Saturday is here, yay! This chapter is full of all the things you've come to expect from Adora's Search for Honor! Romance! Stinkor! The usual ambush! So sit back and enjoy...

Previously: Still not happy with his life on Eternia (for the time being) Sea Hawk did what only Sea Hawk can do best: he got trashed. And got into a bar fight with Fisto, but before passing out drunk he did tell Adora that he loved her... Skeletor finally returned to form by sticking it to his former lover Evil-Lyn and the man she was fooling around with before his very throne (Tri-Klops.) Evil-Lyn is stuck with new housemates Shadow Weaver, Catra, Entrapta, Scorpia, and Octavia, while Tri-Klops has been ordered to go on a suicide mission to attack the Eternos Palace, alone... Mermista let her guard down and actually agreed to get to know her new found younger sister Merlia... Perfuma can't quite seem to shake off her encounter with the hunky pine smelling Moss Man... And on Etheria, He-Man found himself thinking about the mysterious woman who helped him in the woods many chapters ago... Kowl and Roboto finally made sense of the ancient texts regarding the Star Sisters... Glimmer finally found some good use for Bright Moon's two prisoners Mantenna and Romeo...

and now...

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 3
Chapter 47

"This is boring. All of it. The people, this place, everything is just simply boring. I miss Etheria," Catra purrs as she takes a sip of her tea. She looks over at Entrapta as they both try and relax in their cramped room in Snake Mountain. Entrapta's moving hair twirls around while one tail of hair hands the golden beauty a glass of tea. Entrapta carefully takes a sip, "Catra, we just need to get used to things..." Catra interrupts, "Ha! Used to what? We left one shit hole for another. At least we had more of a purpose in the Fright Zone."

Shrugging partially, Entrapta sighs, "But you didn't like it there. Remember? The Horde was stifling your creativity for world domination." Catra purrs, "Precisely. World domination. I am supposed to be striking fear into everyone around me. I am to have weaklings bowing down at my feet! And instead I'm here, in this miserable wretched room watching dramas unfold between ancient fools and their affairs." She is referring to the forbidden romance between Skeletor and Shadow Weaver that occurred ages ago. Catra continues, "To see that Evil-Lyn woman glare so hatefully at Shadow Weaver, please, she should simply get over things. It is all just so boring."

Sitting up, Entrapta has an impish grin on her face, "So let's make things less boring! Come on Catra, you may not be able to rule over Etheria, but how about this miserable place? We could take over Eternia! How hard could it be?" Catra's green eyes dazzle in the dimly lit room, "It is a possibility. So what shall we do? How do we get back on track to taking over the world?" The two friends contemplate that very question.

Inside the Eternos Palace, Mermista and Netossa meet together for a late breakfast. "I still can't believe the mess that happened in the bar last night," Mermista says. Netossa nods taking a sip of some green juice, "You missed quite a show. I can only imagine what Sea Hawk must be going through." They both laugh at the thought. The two friends continue to talk and enjoy their food. The conversation soon shifts to Mermista and her sister. "It was nice meeting your sister Mermista."

The mermaiden nods, "Yes, I am glad I am going to get to know her more. She wasn't even born and had no part in the madness that tore Salinas apart back then." Netossa nods, "What of your father though? Will you insist on having nothing to do with him still?" Taking her time to chew her food, Mermista ponders that question, "Netossa, I just don't know. I know he didn't want me to be taken by the Horde, but it just really hurts that they all left to come to Eternia. I don't know that I really need to have a relationship with my father." There is sadness in Mermista's eyes, and Netossa does her best to change the subject. She asks, "Have you seen Perfuma?"

Shrugging at the question, Mermista tilts her head with curiosity, "Ya know, ever since we got here, she sneaks off from time to time. I don't know where she runs off to, but she never wants to talk about wherever she goes once she returns." Both friends find that a little strange...

Far away from the Eternos Palace, Perfuma wanders through the lush and beautiful lands of Eternia. The environment is very different and yet entirely the same as Etheria. She is drawn to all the life around her. Of course, she is also on a very important mission. "I can smell you! I know you aren't very far!" Perfuma shouts the sentence and hopes he can hear her. Ever since she kissed Moss Man and bond they went through when their lips met, she cannot escape him. Everyday she walks around Eternia searching for him. Never straying too far from the Palace or the area around Castle Grayskull, Perfuma merely wants to meet him again. She just wants to talk to him, to understand his pain and to share in that pain. "Come on! We have so much in common! You know this! Don't be some idiot!" Perfuma shouts again and stomps her foot on the ground.

"Fine! Go ahead and be that way! I'll just keep leaving traces of myself behind for you." Perfuma dazzles her fingers in the air and magically starts growing luscious flowers in her wake. The sweet smell fills the air and Perfuma begins to dance around the grassy area growing flowers every which way. Humming a slight tune, Perfuma starts to get dizzy from all the fun. There are bright colorful flowers everywhere, the sight is beautiful.

Tripping over her feet, Perfuma laughs as she tumbles to the ground. Laying there, the flower maiden wants to simply melt into the ground. She wants to feel the dirt all around her body. She wants to feel his hands roam over her. Continuing to lay there while enjoying the peaceful moment around her, Perfuma does begin to feel the ground move slightly. Sitting up, Perfuma darts her head around looking for any signs of Moss Man.

Suddenly a wave under the ground swoops up. Perfuma stands up as the ground opens. Moss Man steps out of the ground. The sunlight shines on him, causing his furry botanical skin to glisten. He charges towards her. Perfuma stands there with a smile on her face, she is thrilled to finally see him. He is not, "Leave me alone!" He grabs hold of his mace and strikes it to the ground. He is wanting to scare her off, but Perfuma doesn't budge, "You're here!" She instinctively hugs him. The act shocks him and he recoils away.

Perfuma looks at him in surprise, "Why do you act like this?" Moss Man growls, "I told you to leave me alone! All of this," He motions to the flowers, " annoying me! Do you think I enjoy having to smell you parade around the surface planting your flowers trying to draw me out? I am not some animal for you to cage!"

Shaking her head, Perfuma sighs, "No one wants to cage you! Why would you think that?" Moss Man growls again, "The Masters of the Universe have probably filled your head with lies! They no longer view me as a help, only a hindrance." Perfuma reaches out to him, "Stop! Just stop! You don't have to be so paranoid. I'm not here for anyone but myself. I had to see you." 

Moss Man points a finger at her, "I do not want to see you! Now go. Leave me alone!" Perfuma brushes his finger away, "You would say that to me? After what we experienced?" Moss Man turns around trying to dismiss her, "There was nothing to experience." Perfuma runs around to look at him, "You are a terrible liar! You nearly killed my friends, and when I kissed you, I only was hoping to catch you off balance. I never thought we'd end up sharing each other's experiences, feeling each other's sadness and pain. I know you felt it too!" Moss Man shrugs, "So? What if I did? It doesn't mean you can disturb me."

Perfuma tries to garner his attention, "I'm not interested in disturbing you. I just want to understand. I have to understand why we had that experience! Please, just talk with me." Moss Man shrugs her away and walks back to the opening in the ground. Perfuma shakes her head, "Oh no you don't!" She creates a barrier of thorny rose bushes to cover the opening. Moss Man turns to her in annoyance, "That will not stop me!" He claps his hands together and opens another hole in the ground.

Shaking her head furiously, Perfuma cries out, "Please! Don't go! Please! You don't understand. Everyone just thinks I am some silly goofy woman and that all I care about is twirling around with my head in the clouds, but I have the power to create new life! At my finger tips! I want nothing more than to help the world grow. That is exactly what I did on my old world..." Moss Man pauses what he is doing and listens. Perfuma continues, "I don't just grow flowers because they are pretty. I grow them because where I come from, a great force threatened and poisoned our land. People were dying and I wanted to bring more beauty into the world. But the world isn't always a beautiful place. Some terrible things have happened to me, and it has been so hard, because my friends who I adore so much... they don't truly know the pain I experience when someone tries to poison the world. And they surely can't understand the pain I have been through from the evil out there..." Perfuma grabs hold of Moss Man's muscular arm, "But you do. You know. You understand. That kiss... Moss Man... that kiss, I can't explain it, but you understand. I know you do. Please! Don't turn away from me, I don't want to hurt you!"

Moss Man looks at her. His heart melts at the tears in her eyes. They are the same tears in his. However this is all too much for him. He is used to being alone, cut off from the rest of the world. To have this kindred bloom before him, it is too much. He hangs his head and groans in agony, "Just leave me alone." She can see him begin to tremble slightly, "No. I don't believe that. You can't mean that..." Perfuma jumps back as he quickly descends into the ground. Perfuma screams and reaches out for him, "Don't go!" She falls to the ground sobbing, "Please. Don't go. Don't go." Her tears hit the soil and burn through the ground trying to chase after Moss Man as he soars underground with tears of his own. Trying to understand the exchange and failing, Perfuma slowly gets up. Dusting herself off, the flower maiden heads back to the Eternos Palace. As always, a trail of flowers grow and bloom in her steps.

Inside the Eternos Palace, Adora wakes Sea Hawk up, "Hey, I brought something for you to eat." The pirate opens his eyes and the light from outside glares through his bedroom window, threatening to burn away his face, "Aww shit. I feel like shit." Adora shakes her head, "I can't imagine you'd be feeling any other way after the drinking binge you went on. Sea Hawk, that wasn't good, you can't drink like that." Sea Hawk shrugs, "Whatever. I handle my liquor."

Adora sighs, "Really? You really believe that? You could have gotten killed." Sea Hawk sits there in shock, "How?" Adora recalls the events from the bar, "When a man with a giant fist punches you across the room... you could have really been hurt." Sea Hawk groans, "What are you, my mom?" Adora stands up with arms crossed, "No. I'm your friend. I care about you and want you to be ok." Sea Hawk takes a bite of his food, "Well princess, you don't have to worry about me." 

Rolling her eyes, Adora looks at him, "What is this about? What has gotten into you?" Sea Hawk pauses looking down at his plate of food, "Nothing." Adora patiently waits for an answer. Sea Hawk groans, "My goodness woman. Really? You want to know? I hate being away from Etheria. This all sucks. I have no purpose here. My ship is not here. My crew is gone." Adora chimes in, "Wait a minute, I miss Etheria too. I have people I have left behind there too. But until we can get the portal back up, it is what it is."

Sea Hawk laughs to himself, "Really princess? You just have a boyfriend on Etheria. You've got your family here and even some of your friends. Eternia isn't going to treat you harshly. I have nothing. Period." Adora shakes her head, "That is not true. You have friends here; Mermista, Perfuma, Netossa, they are here. And, I am here too. Stop feeling so sorry for yourself." Sea Hawk nods and sits there in silence. Adora throws her hands up, "I don't know when you are going to get it. You have people in your corner. Ever since you joined the Great Rebellion, it is like you've had one foot in the door and one out ready to rush off. You aren't alone though." Adora turns away heading towards the door. She is growing tired of this.

Sea Hawk speaks up, "Wait, Adora." She turns to look at him as he adds, "You are right. I'm sorry. I shouldn't be such a shit. This just isn't easy. But I do have to say, it does help that you are here. It really does." He looks over at her, and Adora feels her skin grow hot as she recalls the things he said in a drunken state the night before. "Well good Hawk. I'm glad to hear it." Sea Hawk sighs, "Hey, Adora? I didn't say anything crazy last night did I?" Adora carefully answers, "Aside from thinking Fisto was you from the future, no. You didn't say anything crazy." She can't bring herself to bring up what he really said. Though there is one thing she can say, "But, there is something I wanted to talk to you about now that we are on the subject." Sea Hawk tells her to go ahead.

"After I got you settled in your bed, I removed your pants..." Sea Hawk cuts Adora off, "What? Did anything happen?" Adora looks stunned, "What? No. Goodness no. I didn't take off all of your clothes, I just wanted you to be comfortable." Sea Hawk playfully snaps his fingers in defeat, "Darn."

Adora rolls her eyes, continuing, "Anyways, as I was saying, I removed your pants. I wanted to get them cleaned, and I wasn't trying to be nosey, but there were some things that fell out." Sea Hawk's heart sinks as he realizes what she is about to say. "Hawk, why do you have those ancient stones from Etheria; the Ice Diamond, Eye of Fire, and Lunar Stone?" Sea Hawk sits there in silence...

Elsewhere in the Palace, Tri-Klops lurks around in the shadows and corners. So far his plan is working out well. No one has noticed him and his tricks are all set to go off. His ambush is working perfectly. One of his doom seekers zooms by, "Come here little friend. Let's make this work out." Tri-Klops presses some buttons and configures the doom seeker. The doom seeker flies off zooming through the palace. No one seems to notice.

The doom seeker flies into the dining hall. Mermista and Netossa are finishing up their meals while talking to a few people. The doom seeker hovers slightly. No one seems to notice at all. That soon changes though once the doom seeker explodes releasing shrapnel and micro blades across the room. People are cut and sliced, bleeding everywhere. Screams ring out in the dining hall as Mermista and Netossa both try to assess the situation.

Tri-Klops can hear the screams and grins as the rest of his doom seekers go off. Explosions of all kinds go off throughout the Eternos Palace. Chaos spreads as people try to understand what is happening. Tri-Klops grins to himself, "Alright Skeletor, looks like my ambush is going to work just fine."

Inside Sea Hawk's room, both Adora and the pirate pause their conversation. They hear the explosions and screams. Sea Hawk looks around, "That isn't going off in my head is it?" Adora shakes her head while cautiously looking out the window, "No it is real. Something is going on. Stay here, I'm going to see what is happening." Adora sneaks off to become She-Ra. Finding a slight hidden spot to transform, Adora raises her sword aloft and chants, "For the honor of Grayskull! I am... She-Ra!"

Madness is all around the Palace. Teela rushes in the dining hall with Clamp Champ, "Sy-Klone is making sure the King and Queen are safely locked in their room. What is all this?" Teela surveys the room. Mermista and Netossa rush forward, "We've been looking after the injured. No one has been seriously wounded." Teela surveys the area and picks up a piece of shrapnel, "What? This looks like it may have come from a doom seeker?" She looks over at Clamp Champ. He calls out, "We need to lock the Palace down. The Evil Warriors are attacking us."

Tri-Klops races through the Palace creating destruction every which way. Ram Man and Mekaneck spot him. Ram Man charges after the Evil Warrior, "Mek! Let the others know that we've spotted Tri-Klops!" Mekaneck rushes off. Tri-Klops grins, "Oh Ram Man. You are no match for me!" The evil three-eyed villain summons forth more doom seekers that create mini explosions all around Ram Man. The big brute falls forward as Tri-Klops leaps in the air rushing off.

Running through the palace across a bridge between turrets, Tri-Klops can't stop grinning, "Who says team work needs to be done to take down the Masters of the Universe!" He continues to laugh and soon collides with Perfuma. "Outta my way lady!" He shouts at Perfuma.

The flower maiden looks over at Tri-Klops, "I don't think you belong here!" She summons forth some thick vines to grab hold of his feet. Tri-Klops curses as he falls to the ground. His helmet switches eyes from blue to a glowing red. He fires a laser blast at Perfuma. She misses the blast, and in the process begins to grow thick thorny vines around her fist, "I've dealt with jerks like you before!" She prepares to club his face, but Tri-Klops punches her out of the way.

Cutting through the vines with his sword, Tri-Klops gets up and tries to rush off towards the turret. Perfuma is relentless though as she continues to fight him, "You aren't escaping!" They struggle on the bridge and Tri-Klops finally gets a good shot. He blasts Perfuma in the shoulder. Stumbling just slightly, Perfuma tries to regain her balance. Tri-Klops grabs hold of her, "Pretty little girls need to stay out of the fight!" He shoves her off the bridge. Perfuma screams in pain as she falls towards the ground. Her screams are muffled though as the ground opens up below. She looks down and smiles as Moss Man rises up to catch her. He creates a wave of ground that lifts him higher until he meets with Perfuma. They travel back to the ground and he looks over her, "Are you ok?" Perfuma nods and hugs him tightly, "You are here! You are here." They look at each other, but only briefly. Moss Man sighs, "I can't stay here. I must go before they see me." He hurls himself back into the ground traveling away. She stands there holding her shoulder, "He was looking out for me..."

Tri-Klops continues to make his escape from the Palace. His damage is enough for an ambush. He would love nothing more than to kill Randor and Marlena, but for now he has left his mark. As he travels to the secret passageway he used to enter the Palace, Tri-Klops stops in his tracks when he finds She-Ra waiting for him. He laughs, "Another pretty blond?" She-Ra stands tall with her sword drawn, "I'm more than just a pretty blond." Tri-Klops cracks his knuckles, "What are you supposed to be? He-Man decided he wanted to be a woman or something?"

She-Ra tilts her head, "Oh, this should be an enlightening experience for you..." She launches in the air towards him. The two fight in a tough sword fight. She-Ra not only has to contend with Tri-Klops and his sword, but also the laser beams that shoot out from his eye. Flipping around to miss another attack, She-Ra tries to punch him. Tri-Klops grins, "Is this all you have for me?" He kicks her in the chest, sending her towards a stone wall. He brings his sword down, but she uses her power sword to block the attack. Yelling out in fierceness, She-Ra lunges towards Tri-Klops. She finally manages a good punch and decks him in the face. Sweeping him to the ground, She-Ra looks over him, "I don't think we've officially met. I am She-Ra, and you my prickly friend, are going back from where you came." She grabs a stunned Tri-Klops by the shoulders. Lifting him up, she swirls him through the stone castle wall. Soon the Masters of the Universe arrive, ready to fight. She-Ra motions towards the rubble, "He is over there." Clamp Champ and Teela run over to go through the stones and brick to look for Tri-Klops. They both look over at She-Ra, shaking their heads. She-Ra sighs, "Or not..."

On Etheria, He-Man ventures out into the Whispering Woods to see how the members of the Great Rebellion are doing. He catches up with Sweet Bee, "How have you been doing?" The honey of a guide grins, "He-Man!" She hugs him in greeting, "It is so nice to see you. I am doing wonderful. The members of the Hive and I have been building bungalows in the Whispering Woods. We are rebuilding our lives! It is all thanks to you, and She-Ra." He-Man smiles, blushing slightly. They continue to make small talk. Sweet Bee observes that He-Man has a few items with him, "Are you going somewhere?" He-Man looks down at his bottle of water and travel bag with map and other supplies. "Ah, yes, I am going somewhere. I'm travelling to the Valley of the Lost to look for a friend."

Sweet Bee nods, "It sounds like an adventure. Need any help?" He-Man wants to say yes, he would love nothing more than to spend time with her, but he will need to be Adam where he is going, and he does not wish to risk his secret identity just yet. "No Sweet Bee, I should be fine on my own. I was wondering something though... when I return, would you be interested in accompanying me for a meal or perhaps a walk around Etheria? Since neither of us grew up on this world, I thought we could maybe explore some of it, together..." Sweet Bee lights up, "Oh, that would be lovely! I await your return..." He-Man nods and says his goodbye.

As He-Man travels away from Sweet Bee, and other people from the Great Rebellion, he approaches Spirit and Duncan. The current Man-At-Arms gives a look to He-Man, "And where are you running off to He-Man?" The most powerful man in the universe pets his sister's noble steed, "Spirit and I are going on a little trip." Duncan looks over at the horse, "You think your sister minds you taking her horse out?" He-Man chuckles, "I'm sure she wouldn't mind. Besides, Spirit is game, right boy?" He pets the horse again and Spirit makes a noise as he nods his head.

Duncan looks over at He-Man, "So exactly what are you going to do?" He-Man looks out through the Whispering Woods, "I'm going to the Valley of the Lost. I have a friend there. Once I escaped from the Fright Zone, I was helped by this woman. She had no recollection of who she was or anything, but she saved me. I simply called her Arem. She was a very mysterious woman. Her hair was silver and looked like metal. I have to find her Duncan, I need to know that she is alright. We were attacked by the Horde, that was when I met She-Ra. For some strange reason, Arem was no where to be found. I need to do this..." Duncan nods, "I understand. I hope you can find her." Duncan wishes He-Man well, and just like that, He-Man rides off to the Valley of the Lost...

Inside Bright Moon, Glimmer sits in conversation with her mother: Queen Angella. "You wanted to talk?" Angella nods, "Yes my dear daughter. Times are changing, aren't they? Etheria has become a whole new world with the threat of the Horde now gone. I want to gather your thoughts on some new changes I am thinking of. You have led the way for so many changes. Your ideas to get Bright Moon rebuilt and good as new are wonderful. You are a strong fighter and really helped keep the Rebellion running strong in my absence. I would like you to be the leader of Bright Moon now. I will still be Queen, because I'm far from done with this life of mine, but I want you to be in charge. I think you are ready..." Glimmer looks at her mother in awe, "You think I am ready?"

Angella nods, "Yes. Of course. You have fought with such bravery, and the people look up to you now for it. Glimmer, help lead us all into this new Etheria." Glimmer rushes to her mother hugging her tight, "Oh, of course! I will do my best! I won't let you or father down." Angella has tears in her eyes, "Your father would be so proud of you. You have become a strong and mighty woman Glimmer. Etheria is destined for nothing but greatness now." Mother and daughter can do nothing but laugh and grin. They are both thrilled to see what Etheria will look like now...

He-Man travels through the Valley of the Lost as Adam, trying his best to recall his tracks to the lone cabin in the woods. He knows it must be near. Every noise that is made captures his attention. He is hoping to find Arem. He is concerned that she may be dead, "You have got to be here somewhere. You just have to be." It is strange for him, because in some regards he can recall Arem very clearly in his mind, and yet there are moments where it is as if she never existed. Something feels strange.

Prince Adam eventually makes it to a familiar clearing. "I know this place. The cabin was here, but where did it go?" He looks around at the blank clearing, an empty space where a cabin once stood. The air feels cold and stale. "I know it was here. I know it was." Adam's sword begins to glow and emanate a strange energy. A voice is trying to communicate with him. Adam pulls his sword out as beams of light radiate from the sword. A faint voice echoes from the blade, "I need you to come to the Crystal Castle..." Adam looks over at Spirit, "Alright boy, can you get me there?" The horse simply looks at Adam and stomps his hooves on the ground. Adam looks around the clearing once more, "Looks like finding Arem will have to wait for now..."

Back on Eternia and under Snake Mountain, Castaspella and Stinkor patrol through the caverns and tunnels making sure that everything is safe. "Have you thought any more about helping me? I could really help you Stinkor." Castaspella looks at her new found smelly friend. Stinkor continues to walk, "Stinkor does not need help. Stinkor has new friend, everything feel just right." Castaspella holds her breath for a little while before talking, "I know, and you are such a lovely friend. However don't you ever want to return to the surface? Isn't that something you'd like to do?" Stinkor shakes his head, "No. Stinkor cannot leave here. Stinkor must guard the green slither door."

Castaspella nods as they walk towards the giant green doors with the strange carvings. Castaspella looks at the doors, "Exactly why does Skeletor want you to look over the doors? What is on the other side?" Stinkor looks over the doors, making sure nothing has been opened, "Bad men are on the other side. Stinkor very scared of the bad men on the other side. Bad men want to eat Stinkor and other Evil Warriors." Castaspella tilts her head, "Interesting." She wonders if these 'bad' men are actually bad. Maybe they are good and simply want to stop Skeletor and his evil forces. She thinks this over and wonders various things. Maybe whatever is on the other side of this door could get me out of here, Castaspella thinks to herself.

Stinkor grabs hold of Castaspella's arm, "Come now Casta-friend. The slither door is safe. Stinkor will show you more tunnels." Castaspella sighs, "No, that's ok. I've seen them before. I am just going to rest a little bit." Stinkor nods, "Ok, Stinkor will walk alone." Castaspella nods and watches him walk away. Castaspella turns to the large green doors and studies the carvings. She reaches out towards the door. Her fingers touch one of the carvings and the door seems to glow even brighter. The green casts an eerie glow across the stones and walls of the tunnel. The enchantress quickly moves her fingers away.

"What is Casta-friend doing!? Stinkor told Casta-friend to stay away from slither door!" Castaspella turns to Stinkor. He looks angry and grabs hold of Castaspella's shoulders, "Stinkor told the truth. Slither door is dangerous. Casta-friend cannot touch slither door ever!" Castaspella is slightly scared, but she calms down, "I'm sorry Stinkor. I am terribly sorry. Please don't be mad at me..." Stinkor grabs her hand, "Stinkor not mad. Stinkor just want to protect Casta-friend from very bad men." Castaspella nods catching her breath, "Sure. How about you show me the other tunnels around here. Maybe there is one we haven't seen..." Stinkor grins, happy to have the chance to walk around the same tunnels he sees everyday. Castaspella hangs her head. She is trapped, terrified at what her future is slowly becoming...

A few levels above them, Catra and Entrapta slink around Snake Mountain. They both hear a loud commotion coming from Skeletor's throne room. Hanging around the doors to the throne room, Catra peers in to see a worn down and beaten Tri-Klops talking to Skeletor. "I'm surprised to see you back in one piece Tri-Klops. I was sort of hoping you'd just stay until your head was bashed in. A pity." Skeletor glares at Tri-Klops.

"Believe me Skeletor, I would have gladly stayed gone and let you believe me dead. But you need to know what happened." Skeletor takes a seat on his throne and continues to glare at Tri-Klops, "Well go on! Stop wasting my time!" Tri-Klops sticks out his chin, "I actually worked rather well with my own plans to rattle the Eternos Palace. It was nice to see how much chaos I could create on my own. However I came up against a titan." Skeletor listens and groans, "Yes, I am sure the Masters of the Universe proved rather difficult for your feeble life."

Tri-Klops shakes his head, "No. It wasn't them. It was She-Ra." At the mere sound of her name, Catra clenches her clawed hands, scraping her nails into the stone walls of Snake Mountain.

Skeletor listens, "She-Ra is here?" Tri-Klops nods, "Yes, with no apparent sign of He-Man anywhere." Skeletor tilts his head back with a twisted laugh echoing throughout the room, "So She-Ra is here on Eternia? She should be pretty easy to take care of..." Catra and Entrapta continue to listen outside the throne room. The jealous beauty turns to Entrapta, "Not unless we take care of that bitch first..."

Having transformed into He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe travels atop Swiftwind to the Crystal Castle. He is slightly familiar with the structure since being introduced to it by She-Ra. He knows the significance of this place and is honored to be granted a visit. He is greeted by the human form of pure light. Light Hope glows as flecks of light burn off his image like embers, "He-Man. Thank you for coming here."

He-Man nods, "Of course. Since She-Ra is not on Etheria for the time being, I do not mind being of assistance. You wanted to talk to me about something?" Light Hope nods, "Yes. Very recently there was a great rumbling underneath the castle, the light nearly faded from this place. Something strange is going on underneath the Crystal Castle. I need you to gather a team to travel below and look into it. I fear that there is something wrong, it feels as if something has been set free..."

As He-Man listens to Light Hope, neither are aware that something has indeed been set free. Somewhere on Etheria a lone woman walks the world with her silver metal hair flowing in the wind and a trail of darkness creeping out from behind her. She is not sure how or why, but the woman once called Arem by a lovely prince in a simple cabin, now remembers everything. She is Ultimera...

Up next!
A group of heroes venture underneath the Crystal Castle...
Pure evil travels across Etheria...
Adora wants answers...


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    I will read this, the second I get a chance-later today hopefully, (since I don't give a shit about football obviously.)but guess what I just ordered? I have a 3ds now and I just ordered "Code of Princess"! Hope it's as rad as we thought it looked since it cost me 36 bucks!

    1. You have got to tell me how that game is. I bought the game, but I don't have a 3ds. lol I will at some point try to get one though.

    2. wow that's a pretty steep price to pay for a game for a system you don't own! I hope it's good-I should get it in the mail by the weekend-I was a little shocked by how revealing the outfits on the girls were but am not complaining! They don't make enough cool beat em up style games anymore, and it's interesting that they have chosen to make one about pretty princesses!
      speaking of revealing, I would like to see some sexy restyled outfits on the she-ra gals at some point. you'd think they would do versions like that considering the entire fan base now is composed of people pushing thirty and older. It's no longer a consideration to worry about kids buying these.

      Now that we have had some of the characters I was curious about popping back up this week, I must be difficult and still complain that I- and I'm sure your other readers- are worried about Frosta. I imagine her in Castle Chill crying tears that keep freezing and shattering. how could He-man prefer the bug girl? That man-sometimes I think he's taken one too many boulders to the head. Oh, well, maybe in future chapters Stratos will stop by castle chill and and do some pecking...
      Now Moss Man, I knew he was going to rescue Perfuma, I just didn't know when you were going to play that card. This was fun because I just got done reading the latest Swamp Thing issue tonight, he has been pretty awesome since the new 52 has more merged him with the mainstream DC universe instead of keeping him more confined to the Vertigo titles like they were doing when I was growing up. Now he gets to do stuff like team up with Poison Ivy! Moss Man is sort of the Swamp Thing of the MOTUniverse.

      Stinkor seems downright adorable in this story, but I am very curious as to how you envision him. Is your version cuter looking than the previous ones? Seems like he would be. Maybe Perfuma could cure him by making some super potpourri for him or something.
      Catra can't catch a break can she! Always getting shafted-(sometimes even literally down trapdoors!)she is on another world and she still can't escape She-Ra/Adora! I do miss those sexy dreams she used to have about her-she needs to get her some luvin' too, although Huntara is still on the other world right?

    3. Well there were also a few other games i have purchased in the hopes of one day nabbing a 3DS. lol I also want to give Kid Icarus a try, so I know at some point I will be getting one.

      And I do like to think of Moss Man as the Swamp Thing of MOTU. And though he saved Perfuma from her fall, I like to think that ultimately she will be saving him. I think of their romance as Swamp Thing meets Beauty and the Beast.

      Don't worry about Frosta. I have some really fun stuff in store for her, and He-Man may have the hots for Sweet Bee right now, but it may not be as fun as it seems.

      And I think of stinkor as looking like his vintage version, he is all muscular and menacing looking, not to mention smelly, but he is really innocent. Like he has no idea that he is really watching over the caverns of Snake Mt. because Skeletor doesn't want him and his smell around. So now he has a friend, but it won't be like normal friendships, because Stinkor firmly believes that his job of watching over the slither door is important. (And in a way it is.)

      Catra may be getting the shaft for now, but just wait! I have a lot of fun stuff in store for her. She will continue to be one of the coolest characters in this story.

  2. If you think about it, Swamp Thing kind of already is like Beauty and the Beast-in the new comics he is in love with Arcane's daughter -though she just got horribly killed and beheaded by Arcane who is some kind of rot god in this version,and now he's working with Bat Girl to save the world so who knows where that will go.
    But I don't think anyone has ever thought to do the beauty and the beast kind of take on Moss Man and with Perfuma-it seems like such a great fit that I'm surprised no one has ever thought to do it before. Someone should do some fan art of those two together.
    -now the original version of Stinkor has the same head as merman. Do your versions at least have different heads?
    And is the Slither Door from the established mythos or did you make it up? I don't remember.
    -also, Which games did you pre-buy for 3DS? I have Kid Icarus and let me tell you it is INSANE! It is like nothing I've ever played before. Sometimes I can't even tell if I'm doing it right, but it constantly amazes me. And the nods to the original game are priceless.

    1. See I'm not totally familiar with Swamp Thing. I know a few things from older stories, but I have not caught up on the current story. It sounds very good, and he totally has a whole Beauty and the Beast vibe to it. And I know I used to talk about the idea of Perfuma and Moss Man as a couple, but I don't know if anyone else has done any art or story material on it. I'm sure they have, I mean it just seems like a perfect fit.

      And body wise Stinkor looks like the vintage, but his face is closer to the styleguide and classic toy. I believe the 200X head had pointy ears and stuff, but I like the rounder ears like on Merman's head.

      The slither door, I don't know if that is totally established. I know from 200X I seem to recall a room in Snake Mountain where the Snake Men came from, but I don't know if there were special doors that opened up. I am sure there were, the only thing is that I use slither door as part of Stinkor's language. I am sure Skeletor or other people would have another name for them.

      3DS games I have already in anticipation for the 3DS (lol) are the Code of Princess game and a Jaws game. I've heard the Jaws game is awful, but I wanted it anyway just because it seems like something I'd hate missing out on. There are a few other games I have my eye on too, but I am just waiting. lol

  3. Well I just received my Code of Princess in the mail, but I haven't opened it yet, but I will keep you updated on what I think of it. Lets hope it paves the way for She-Ra 3DS! (I would also really like a Sailor Moon 3DS and Buffy 3DS!)

    -and where do you see the original MOTU style guide? is it on the official website?

    1. Ok so I would die for She-Ra, Sailor Moon, and Buffy 3DS games! That would just be a dream come true.

      Now I know the She-Ra style guide can be viewed here-

      As for the He-Man styleguide, I am sure there is an official site, but I know that there have been images for certain characters from their character threads in the forums.

  4. Now I know you haven't got a chance to respond to my last comment but I have played "Code" now, and that is the most adorable and cute game in the history of games! You need a 3DS-if only to see this game, and what could be with other games in the future. Like Icarus, it is original-and a mix of like three genres-but the main chick is so adorable! Bit ditzier than She-Ra tho. Very funny how at this point in the game, they show her DRAGGING the sword behind her as she walks! She Ra never had to be humiliated like that! But I bet this girl will be wielding it like She-Ra by the end of the game! I mean she kills the crap outta everyone with it-but when she walks, she drags it behind her! very adorable.

    1. Oh my gosh! i have got to play this game, it sounds so fun. I have a Nintendo Power magazine that talks about it as well as some images of the other characters. I really really look forward to playing this game. What color 3DS did you get?

  5. Sadly just a blue one. They don't make pink ones -my old normal DS was very girly pink. I remember my young cousin being confused about why I had a pink DS.Ahh these kids and their gender norms!
    Pink is my favorite color, and I'm not even gay!

    1. Well I think it is great that you like pink. And I have a few gay friends who hate the color pink with a passion, while I have a straight guy friend that has a few pink shirts. I like to think that attitudes towards gender norms and sterotyping with color is changing in this day and age.

      And, they don't make a pink 3DS? I thought they did? Or was it just the 3DS XL? I can never keep up with all the color assortments they make. lol

  6. I think they do-but not the really bubblegumy pink. The ones I see are kinda reddish. I have an xl but mine is blue.

    1. Oh ok! So you will have to let me know about the images look on the xl. I like the size of the screen but I have heard that the pixels don't look right. But I just dont understand that, I feel like games should just magically be formatted to work on either screen. lol Clearly I know nothing about technology.