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Adora's Search for Honor Part 3: Chapter 49

She-Ra Saturday is all new and full of evil!

Previously: With the Horde disbanded and the Fright Zone completely shut down, a few Horde members have yet to be seen. Whatever could have happened to the likes of Grizzlor, Leech, Modulok, and Multi Bot? They weren't on Horde World, and they certainly aren't prisoners in Bright Moon. Surely they are somewhere safe... Meanwhile other Horde members found themselves in new locales. Mantenna was a prisoner of the Great Rebellion, but was actually beginning to warm up to his enemies... Catra, Entrapta, Octavia, Scorpia, and Shadow Weaver were busy getting comfortable in their new digs at Snake Mountain as Skeletor and his Evil Warriors tried to make sense of the new changes... An ancient Etherian evil named Ultimera finally unlocked her memories and found herself on a quest to find her Chaos Sword, a weapon of pure destruction. Finding help with the few remaining Pyres left on Etheria, Ultimera was fully prepared to continue her search...

And now...

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 3
Chapter 49

In the heat of the Crystal Sands, Grizzlor slowly tries to catch up to Leech and Modulok. The multi-limbed Modulok leads the way with bits and pieces of Multi Bot in a careful sling over his shoulder. The small Horde group are travelling across Etheria, hoping to find some place safe to hideout.

Grizzlor isn't sure how much more he can take, "Are we there yet? It is too hot." Leech calls back with a dry throat, "You should have had Frosta shave you when you had the chance!" Modulok turns around, "Stop all the yammering. According to Multi Bot we should be approaching a stable and remote spot."

One of Multi Bot's heads rolls around in the sling over Modolok's shoulder. It makes a whirring sound, "We are not... very... far." After a few more buzzes and chirps, the robot crackles out another message, "The read-out said this would be a safe location... if... all else... fell... apart." Grizzlor laughs at the thought, "Everything sure did fall apart. The Fright Zone is no more. The Rebels have control over everything. Hordak is gone. Everything is just over." Leech slows up to walk with Grizzlor. The green slimy creature whispers to Grizzlor, "At least we weren't blown to pieces like Multi-Bot. Do you think he'll be able to play our card game with us? Four players would be ideal."

Grizzlor shrugs his friend off, "Leech, I don't care about the stupid card game! It's hot! We've been walking in this desert for days! Look at my fur! It is all matted!" Modulok turns his head around again, "Would you two stop it already! I can't even think with all this mamby pamby whining!" Grizzlor and Leech stop talking as they continue to walk through the Crystal Sands. It only lasts for a few moments. Grizzlor and Leech soon converse about what could have happened to Mantenna or the others. Modulok simply charges ahead. He wonders to himself, surely we are headed somewhere that will give us answers to our next plan. He hopes this to be true, but he isn't so sure...

The work to rebuild parts of Castle Bright Moon are on hold as a group of Rebels gather round a freshly made garden full of bold green flowers. Queen Angella stands behind the group with Duncan. He-Man looks on with Sweet Bee standing near. Kowl and a slow moving Madame Razz walk closer to the front to be near Glimmer. Spinnerella and Flutterina stand near each other unsure exactly what to do. Glimmer is standing in front of the flowers with prisoners Mantenna and Romeo. Bow is to the side playing some music fitting for the occasion. The Great Rebellion is there to honor a fallen friend for a second time. Glimmer looks over at Bow, "I think Spira would have liked this. Green was one of her favorite colors." Glimmer stares out over the fresh Emerald Blooms and smiles. The Rebel princess misses her cousin, "I wish our other friends were here to see this tribute to Spira." Glimmer is of course referring to Adora, Mermista, Perfuma, and Netossa.

Bow nods, his heart heavy. There may be some wonderful things to celebrate, but there are also some sad realities, "I know. Adora was very close to Spira. It is a shame we had to lose her twice." Mantenna stands to the side looking at the fresh flowers that he helped plant, "Spira was always nice to me. I never knew she had been a double agent though. I can only remember her being so kind."

Spinnerella and Flutterina walk up to the flowers to admire the beauty around them. Spinnerella hugs Glimmer, "I didn't know Spira all that well, but I do know she was a double threat. She was a strong woman and didn't deserve any of this." Glimmer smiles and wipes her eyes, "She was a fighter. It had been her idea to have the code name Double Trouble. It was very fitting, because Spira could always be found right in the middle of any trouble brewing. I hate what the Horde did to her. They turned her into a monster." Glimmer spits out the last word. She is angry.

Mantenna slightly shudders on the inside, because he remembers vividly what Spira had become after her reanimation from death. Romeo can only stand there in silence. He is unsure how to be there for Glimmer because he never knew the slain woman. He can only imagine though the kind of horrors that Hordak must have put her through. As an important former member of the Horde, Romeo is highly aware of the monstrous things that Hordak was capable of.

Madame Razz hobbles towards Bow and sighs, "Oh dearie, I hope this is about it for anymore sadness. I'm too old to take much more." Bow stops his music and nods, "I know Madame Razz. We need to have some good times." Madame Razz nods. The two make some small talk. Madame Razz explains she is feeling somewhat better from her injuries while Bow can only sigh, "I wish Adora was here. We need her back. I need her back." The old witchy woman nods and hugs the archer, "Don't worry dearie. I'm sure something will change soon."

Angella walks behind her daughter and places a hand on her shoulder, "Glimmer, the flowers all look beautiful. We'll make sure they continue to grow. But there is still much more work to do. Spira would not want us to give up now." Glimmer turns with a knowing look, "I know mother. I just wanted us to share this moment, to honor her."

The crowd begins to break apart as life in Bright Moon picks back up. Madame Razz wipes tears from her eyes and slowly walks away. Spinnerella and Flutterina strike up a conversation with Sweet Bee. Glimmer makes her way to Bow, "I need to know what happened to her." Bow is slightly confused, and Glimmer explains, "Spira. She died and was somehow brought back as a monster. But what happened up on that Horde Ship? I need to know."

Bow hangs his, he knows everything, "Glimmer, I don't think that will change anything." Glimmer shakes her head, "No, you don't get to make that decision. I know She-Ra was up there. I know that something happened and Spira was killed. She-Ra did what I'm sure she needed to do. But I want to know, I have too, Bow." Bow looks at his friend, "Why? Why do you have to know what happened?" Glimmer has tears in her eyes, "Because! I need to know that she didn't suffer. She already suffered so much. Bow, I want to know that she wasn't hurting anymore!" She falls into his arms crying. Bow holds onto her as tears fall down his face. Romeo looks on, wanting to be the one to comfort Glimmer.

Bow whispers, "She didn't suffer Glimmer. I don't know all the details, you'll have to ask She-Ra if she ever returns. I can tell you though, I am certain that Spira didn't suffer. There was nothing else we could do for her. Whatever Hordak did, whatever magic he used, he brought Spira back as a monster. We can all rest easy though knowing that she is no longer that monster." Glimmer shakes her head, "I wish she was still here." Bow nods, "I know. We all do."

To the side, Angella looks on worried for her daughter. Of course, there are other concerns on her mind as well. He-Man approaches her and Duncan, "Are you alright?" Angella nods, "Yes. I will be. My niece is no longer with us, and I am heartbroken over that. I failed her. But she is no longer in torment." Duncan reaches out to her. She accepts his hand and they stand there together. This does not go unnoticed by He-Man.

Angella looks at the two men, "This sadness has its place, but I must change topics for the moment. I don't know how much longer I can keep this up, but I just have to know, what are we going to do about the Star Sisters hiding out in my bedroom?" She looks at He-Man, awaiting an answer. He isn't so sure, "When we found them inside of Skydancer Mountain, none of us were expecting them to mention anything about this great evil currently roaming Etheria. We have them in hiding until we can figure out our next plan." Angella looks at Duncan for help, "I understand that, but I don't know how much longer we can keep them a secret. He-Man, these Star Sisters are very real. We thought they were mere myth not too long ago. We've got to do something." Duncan agrees and adds, "Before it is too late." He-Man stands there, completely unsure of what to do next...

Deep inside the Midnight Lair, Vampra and Batros communicate quietly, "Is she gone?" Batros looks around, "I haven't seen her. I think Ultimera may have left." Vampra sighs, "Wonderful. She'll probably be back soon. We have got to think of something." Batros shrugs, "What can we do against her? She ripped Celadon's head off, and Celadon still hasn't come back from that." Vampra shudders at the very thought, "Ultimera's power is immense. We've nothing to stop her, do we?"

Batros looks around the Midnight Lair, hoping for an answer to come to him, "I can't think of anything." Vampra approaches him, her stringy skirt swaying with each step, "Something is bound to happen. Look at us, and all we've been through. We're the only Pyres left in this world." She caresses his face, "Look what he did to you. I wish I could have made Hordak pay for turning you into this beast. I'm so sorry Rolf." Batros shakes his head, breaking from her touch, "I am no longer Rolf. Hordak made me stronger, he even gave me wings."

"You certainly are improved. But don't for a second forget who the leader is around here." Vampra is referring to herself, but when they both look at the emptiness in the Midnight Lair, Vampra can't help but feel like she is the leader of nothing.

On Eternia, Sea Hawk sits at his usual spot in the Eternos Palace bar. This time there isn't a drink for company, just his pet mouse. Sea Hawk looks down at the mouse nibbling from the salty snacks in a bowl, "I've done it this time friend." He is referring to Adora's questions about the artifacts right before Tri-Klops attacked the palace a few days ago. "Do you think she knows what I really did friend?" The mouse stops nibbling on the snacks and looks up at Sea Hawk. He makes a strange mouse noise and goes back to eating. Sea Hawk thinks of his actions from before. He wonders if Adora would understand why he was still doing Hordak's bidding when he should have sworn total allegiance to the Great Rebellion, "I don't want to hurt her."

The mouse keeps nibbling as Sea Hawk sits there in silence. He has a lot to think about, but those thoughts are interrupted when a familiar voice blasts into the bar, "Sea Hawk sitting at a bar without a drink? Are my eyes playing tricks?" Sea Hawk turns with a grin, "Rammy! My big obnoxious friend, how are you?"

Ram Man saunters up to the bar and motions for the bartender, "I will be better once I have some rich ale in my gullet. What about you, drinking anything?" Sea Hawk says no as Ram Man orders two drinks, "They'll be both for me Hawk! I'll drink for ya. So what's this no drinking thing about? You are in a bar." Sea Hawk grins, "Yes. This may be very true, but my little friend here greatly enjoys the fine cuisine." Ram Man looks at the little mouse head first in the bowl of salty snacks, "I can't believe you still get away with putting him up on the bar." Sea Hawk shrugs, "He's trained."

The two continue to talk, Ram Man inquires about the massive hangover Sea Hawk sustained the other day. The pirate grins, "Everything is pretty hazy. There was some sort of attack though?" Ram Man nods, "Yep. Some stupid Evil Warrior thought he could rattle us. She-Ra got him though." Sea Hawk sits there and smiles at the thought of She-Ra, "Yeah, she can get just about anything done. I wouldn't mind her throwing me around a little bit. I'd relish every minute."

Ram Man laughs, shaking his head, "Nah. She's not my type. Too blond. Besides, I sort of have my eye on someone else..." Ram Man pauses as if on cue; Netossa walks into the bar waving towards Ram Man and Sea Hawk. The pirate smiles, "Netossa huh? She is a wonderful woman." Netossa greets the men, "Hi Hawk, Ram Man." She smiles and takes a seat next to the massive brute. Ram Man hands over one of the ales, "Here, I ordered you one. I think you'll like it."

Sea Hawk looks back smiling. He scoops up his little pet mouse who squeals reaching out for more snacks, "Come on fella. We gotta be going." Netossa looks over at Sea Hawk, "Oh you aren't staying?" The pirate shakes his head, "Nah, you two kids have fun. I need to kinda be alone right now anyway. Talk to you later." He looks back with a smile and walks away.

As he exits the palace bar he nearly collides with two women shrouded in robes. One of the women has dazzling green eyes and screeches, "Watch it ass hat!" Sea Hawk lifts his hands up and bows his head, "Sorry fair lass. I didn't notice you two." He looks at the two women and wonders what they look like under their cloaked robes, "Say, you two ladies need any company? I'm a sad and miserable pirate in need of much comfort." The green eyed woman groans, "Disgusting." The other woman motions the green eyed woman away. Sea Hawk shrugs walking away, "Suit yourself."

The two robed women walk away and round a corner of the palace. The green eyed woman removes her cowl and grimaces, "That man is an oaf." Catra reveals herself and shakes out her long black hair. Entrapta is the other woman. She grabs hold of Catra, "Pull the cowl back over your head! What is the matter with you!" Catra snaps back, "Please! No one has noticed us yet at all! These people are all so stupid. I don't understand how Skeletor and his morons can't seem to do anything right. Infiltrating this palace has been the easiest thing ever."

Entrapta nods and pulls the cowl over Catra's head, "So let's keep this easy. Don't go and give yourself away already!" Catra shakes away and fixes her disguise, "Fine. Come on, let's find She-Ra." The two women walk around the palace undetected. They aren't sure where to go, but they hope they'll find She-Ra.

Eventually the two women hear laughter coming from a room off to the side of a small bridge. Catra motions for Entrapta to follow her. The women walk over a small bridge over a makeshift pond. A small round room stands before them. It is a game room with pretty ornate windows spaced around the entire building. Catra and Entrapta lower themselves to do a bit of spying. Entrapta stands in the pond so as to keep a lower profile. She tugs on Catra to join her. Catra shakes her head and hisses, "I'm not getting in that water! Stop tugging on me!"

Entrapta pulls Catra harder, "Oh shut up and just get in here, no one will see us!" Entrapta tugs one more time as Catra loses her footing and gets into the pond. She nearly screams out in annoyance, but Entrapta places a hand over her mouth, "Shh! Can't you hear them laughing in there?" Catra nods at the sound of a voice that makes her skin crawl. She hisses slightly, "Shit! You've got to be joking!" Entrapta tries to look through the window and instead looks back to Catra, "What is it?"

Catra's green eyes grow dull, "Adora. She's here too, on Eternia. I don't believe this." Entrapta tries to get up to the window and shrugs, "So we have to deal with She-Ra and Adora. Two of them and two of us right? Who cares. We'll get the little bitch. Now come on, we need to see who all is in there."

Inside the room, Adora, Perfuma, Mermista, and Mermista's sister Merlia are playing a game of cards. The game is momentarily paused as the friends all laugh at Perfuma. The flower maiden shakes her head, "I don't know why you all think this is so funny! I think you are all just jealous! I know what I felt with that kiss with Moss Man." Adora shakes her head, "Perfuma, this isn't about who we have kissed and who we haven't, we just think it is funny that you keep going on and on about this green plant guy. It's like you've forgotten everything else in this world!"

Perfuma shakes her head, "No. I have forgotten nothing! I just feel so in tune with that man. He is spectacular in every way. I mean when is the last time you kissed someone that truly shattered your entire world?" Mermista and Merlia fix a deck of cards as Adora pours herself another drink, "I'm not going to get into all that. I know what I know about kissing."

Perfuma crosses her arms, "Well you are just no fun. What about you Miss Mermista? Huh? I see all that laughing. Have you ever had a great kiss?" Perfuma crosses her arms expecting an answer. Mermista laughs again while shaking her head, "I have no idea what you are talking about. I've never kissed anyone." Perfuma's mouth drops open and Adora gives a look to Mermista, "Really? Never at all?" Mermista shakes her head. Merlia quickly speaks up though, "Now wait a minute, that's not what you told me!"

Mermista suddenly realizes the error of her statement, she recalls telling Merlia about a kiss that involved Bow, who just happens to be Adora's love. Merlia keeps talking, "We were talking about that the other day, don't you remember? I'm supposed to one day be betrothed to this mer-guy and I asked Mermista if she'd ever been involved with anyone. Don't you remember this conversation Mermista?" Perfuma and Adora look over at Mermista with much intriguing curiosity.

The mer-maiden's face grows hot and red, "That's enough Merlia." Adora laughs, "Now wait a minute, if Merlia knows something I think we should know too. We are your close friends Mermista!" Merlia grins wanting to be closer with the group, "She told me she kissed a guy underwater!" Perfuma is completely shocked, "Mermista?! Why are we just now hearing about this?!"

Mermista shakes her head, "No one was ever supposed to know about this," she looks angrily at her younger sister, "and I never should have said anything to you!" She raises her voice which stops the laughter and joy in the room immediately. No one has ever seen Mermista so upset like this. Merlia looks uncomfortable, "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to say anything, I was only trying to fit in with you all." Mermista snaps, "Well maybe you should just stay quiet!"

Merlia instantly has tears well up in her eyes. She grabs her items and apologizes, "I'm sorry. I'm going to go..." She rushes off quickly before anyone can process what just happened. Adora looks over at Mermista, "That was unlike you Mermista. What is going on?" Mermista shakes her head and nervously places the cards on the table, "Nothing is going on! This business of having a new found sister is sure difficult. I am thinking I liked it when I was just on my own."

Perfuma reaches across the card table to her friend, "Mermista, that is a terrible thing to say. Merlia is a sweet girl, I would love for her to be my baby sister." Adora adds, "Alright. We've all known each other since we were young. We aren't leaving this table until you spill. What is wrong Mermista?"

Her heart is beating fast, she is instantly on the spot. She also knows she can't keep anything from her friends, not even a secret like this, "Ok. OK! I kissed someone all right? I kissed someone." Adora and Perfuma look at each other and back to Mermista. Adora shrugs, "So you kissed someone. Why is that such a big deal?" Mermista is shaking, she is terrified about what to say, so she just says it, "It was Bow! I kissed Bow! Your Bow!"

Perfuma's mouth drops open as her eyes look ready to fall out of her sockets. Adora sits back in her chair in silence, many thoughts washing over her. Mermista is nervous, "It didn't mean anything Adora. And it wasn't planed or anything at all." Adora looks at her friend and asks, "When did this happen?" Mermista looks at Perfuma and then back to Adora, "It happened the day we went to the Crystal Falls to go swimming and were attacked by the Horde. I don't think you were there Adora. I mean it just happened. I took Bow under the Falls and traveled to the ruins of Salinas to show him where I was born, and on our way back his bubble helmet burst and he was drowning. So I began to breathe water into him from my mouth, and then it just became a kiss. I know that you two have always had a special connection, but this was before anything really progressed between you two. And we both felt awkward about it..."

Adora raises her hands up to stop Mermista, "Bow is not mine. Yes, we may have a special bond, but I don't own him. I just don't understand why he never mentioned this to me..." Adora shakes her head and stands up. Mermista has tears in her eyes, "Adora, please don't be mad. Please, you are one of my closest friends." Adora closes her eyes and nods, "I just need to be alone right now." Adora turns to leave. Perfuma is still sitting with her mouth wide open. She quickly slaps a hand over her mouth in shock. Mermista rushes after Adora.

The two women are outside on the small bridge, both are unaware that Catra and Entrapta are listening to everything off to the side. Mermista calls out, "Adora please! Can we please talk? I don't want you to be upset with Bow or me." Adora quickly turns around, "I'm not upset with you or Bow! I'm upset with myself."

Mermista pulls her blue hair back in worry, "Why should you be upset with yourself? Adora, you didn't do anything wrong!" Adora sighs, "But I did do something wrong. I kissed someone too, and I never told Bow." The mer-maiden shakes her head, "I don't understand." Adora walks up to her friend, "I believe you when you tell me that this kiss with Bow was different and that it didn't mean anything. I can understand. But I did kiss someone awhile ago and it stirred something in me..." Catra's ears pick up on this and her heart races, am I finally going to hear Adora admit to the kiss she had with me? Catra asks herself and is hanging onto every word.

"Adora, what happened?" Mermista holds onto her friends hands for support. Adora looks away in shock, "The night of the Glitterbug celebration. Before the Pyres attacked, Sea Hawk kissed me. Well, I kissed him. We kissed each other."

Catra's nails dig into the stone walls, rage filling her up. Mermista stands before Adora in shock, "Eww. You and Sea Hawk kissed? Was it like kissing a bottle of strong hooch?" Adora shakes her head, "No. It wasn't. Mermista, that's the thing. It was a nice kiss and it had me questioning a great deal about my feelings. For so long I have loved no one but Bow. Even when I was the Horde Force Captain, he was never truly far from my thoughts. Then this kiss happened with Sea Hawk..."

Mermista shakes her head, "I thought that you chose Bow? I mean you were reaching a point of officially being something..." Adora nods, "Yes, I did choose him. But I never told him about the kiss with Sea Hawk. And now that the threat of the world ending is over, and our lives are going to be ok, I feel I need to tell him." The two women stand in silence. Mermista asks a serious question, "Do you have feelings for Sea Hawk?" Adora bites her lower lip, feeling terrible, "I don't know. I love Bow. I truly do. I love him so much. But I don't know what this other feeling I have means. Sea Hawk is not someone I can picture sticking around with forever, but I do share a connection with him. I just don't know what to do, and it makes me feel so stupid! I've fought against Hordak for goodness sake! Why is this whole thing with these two men so difficult?"

Mermista hugs her friend, "Because Hordak is evil and it is as simple as that. This matter of Bow and Sea Hawk is a little more complex. Besides, you may need to talk to Bow before any of this can make sense at all." Adora nods and hugs her friend, "I know. He just happens to be on another world right now." They both smile at each other in understanding. Adora motions towards the palace, "You should probably find your sister and let her know everything is ok." Mermista nods, "Will you come with me? I'd like her to know that we're fine." Adora nods, "Of course." Adora calls out to Perfuma, "We'll be right back Perfuma!" The two women walk off to find Merlia.

Catra and Entrapta walk out from the pond. Catra is furious, "I hate that miserable Adora! I hate her! She'll never admit it will she? She'll never admit what she did to me!" Entrapta is concerned, "Catra, are you alright?" Catra's eyes dazzle with evil as she hears Perfuma humming a melody. "I'm going to be just fine."

Perfuma is picking up the game room humming along a tune. Her thoughts drift to Moss Man. She isn't sure how to explain it, but she knows they were destined to meet. Dancing around the room, Perfuma stops her work as the door to the game room slams open. "Back so soon?" Perfuma looks up before a look of surprise hits her.

Catra and Entrapta charge into the game room. Perfuma wipes her eyes, "Is this a joke?" Catra purrs, "You insipid girl. This is very real." Perfuma backs away, "You are both on Eternia? How?" Catra flips the game table over and slinks to Perfuma, "That is of no matter. What matters right now Perfuma, is if you will live or die." Perfuma tries to fight, but Catra grabs hold of the flower maiden. Tossing her head back, Perfuma slams her head into Catra's face. Howling in pain, Catra takes a swipe at Perfuma.

Dodging the attack, Perfuma side steps Catra's attacks and prepares to exit the room. She is out on the bridge, but feels something wrap around her ankle. Falling onto the bridge floor, Perfuma screams as Entrapta's hair drags the flower maiden back into the game room. The door slams shut.

In another section of Eternia, Scorpia and Octavia sit with Merman and Clawful inside Snake Mountain. The two Evil Warriors talk to the Horde members of their plans to take over King Mercier's sea kingdom. The plan seems simple and once complete, will insure that the sea is theirs for the taking. Scorpia rolls her eyes, "You all realize this idea sucks for me right? I'm not some sea creature that can just live underwater." Clawful smiles, "Don't worry Scorpia. I don't stay underwater that much either. We'll still spend time together." Scorpia snaps her pincers, "Lovely! Just what I always wanted, to be stuck with you for the rest of my life."

Clawful looks hurt and throws a glance to Merman. Octavia is looking at everyone with annoyance. She grabs hold of Scorpia, "Excuse us, I need to talk to my friend." Off to the side, Octavia glares at Scorpia, "Are you trying to get us stuck in this place forever?" Scorpia groans, "This place sucks! And I hate this plan! It makes no sense!" Octavia whips a tentacle around to smack Scorpia in the face, "Would you get it together? I don't want to be here either. We never should have jumped through that portal with Catra and her lame ideas. We should have stuck with the Horde."

Scorpia groans, "Yes, because the Horde was also a lovely experience. I was a prisoner in the Slave Minds remember?" Octavia nods, "Yes, but you were also given these new gifts." Octavia points to Scorpia's pincers. The scorpion lady scoffs, "Oh sure! No longer having hands is just a dream come true." Octavia spits out, "Just remember where you came from Scorpia. Your life is only going to get better, if you can just get over this attitude. Work with me here. Do you think I really want to cohabitate with Merman? His ideas are fishy. And that isn't all that's fishy either! I doubt these ideas will work, but I need you with me. Once the sea kingdom is gone, we'll be free to roam around."

"Roam around what? You all keep forgetting, I can't breathe underwater!" Scorpia snaps, she is reaching a boiling point. Octavia grins, "Calm down. Just because we don't know what to do with you yet doesn't mean anything. We'll make it up as we go along. Now come on, let's work on this plan." Octavia heads back to Merman and Clawful. Scorpia stands there taking a deep breath. Once she feels composed she walks back to listen for further plans.

In another room away from all the sea talk, Shadow Weaver works through some spells and potions alone. She is doing her best to make this place her home. It is not easy. Evil-Lyn walks into the room admonishing the mess of spells and items everywhere, "What kind of mess is this?"

Shadow Weaver looks up from her work, "What do you want?" Evil-Lyn smirks, "Just trying to see what Skeletor ever saw in you." Shadow Weaver works on a spell, trying to perfect it just right, "Funny, I can't help but wonder what he has ever seen in you. Ugh, that gray skin of yours. Just nasty."

Evil-Lyn smirks, "My skin may be pale, but at least I can show my face around. I'm not a scarred ugly snatch of a woman like you! Tell me something, when you thought you were getting love and romance from Skeletor, was he just sticking you in the dark so he didn't have to see your mangled face and body? Even he couldn't love that." Evil-Lyn glares at her. Shadow Weaver grabs hold of a vile of magic and chants a quick spell. A noxious gas flies out from the vile and is released all around Evil-Lyn. The gas soon dissipates as it melds and enters Evil-Lyn's system.

She starts coughing and gagging, "What have you done to me?!" Shadow Weaver rasps, "Making sure that if Skeletor ever sticks you, you'll never worry about it being in the dark." Evil-Lyn falls to the floor and looks at her hands. Her former light gray skin is now a glowing-active yellow. "What is this?! What have you done to me!?" Evil-Lyn keeps screaming as she realizes that her skin is now a very bright glowing yellow.

Skeletor soon enters the room demanding to know what the yelling is all about. He looks down at Evil-Lyn kneeling on the floor. She points a long finger to Shadow Weaver, "Look what she did to me?! Look at me!" Skeletor looks down at Evil-Lyn and then back up to Shadow Weaver. He has no idea what is going on, but all he can do is laugh. Shadow Weaver stands there in silence as Skeletor's cackle and Evil-Lyn's screams both echo throughout Snake Mountain.

Back inside Bright Moon, Adora and Mermista make their way back to the game room. "I'm really glad you patched things up with your sister. She never meant any harm." Mermista nods, "I know. I guess I was just feeling nervous about everything. I didn't want there to be any problems." Adora and Mermista walk into the game room. Adora speaks up, "Everything is going to be ok. Alright Perfuma, we are back!" The two friends walk into the game room and find it empty.

Mermista calls out, "Perfuma?" They walk around the room. Adora shrugs, "She isn't here. I wonder where she went?" Mermista shrugs, "I don't know. I feel bad though, we left her here to pick up everything on her own." The room looks clean. The games are put up. Nothing betrays the events that only occurred moments ago. Adora and Mermista both leave the game room. They decide a trip to the dining hall will be good. Adora hopes they'll run into Perfuma there. As the women leave, neither notice the spots of blood on the floor...
Back on Etheria, the air is very chilly at Castle Chill. Frosta is working hard on re-purposing an old bench. She curses out loud as she realizes she is running out of fabric for the bench, "This is tiring me." Frosta stands up to check on the other people helping to get Castle Chill in working order. The numbers of people who are in the castle are small. Most of the citizens of the Kingdom of Snows are still in the Whispering Woods. Frosta surveys the work going on and mumbles to herself, "I'll have this place back to normal. Just wait and see."

A guard walks up to Frosta, "Empress, you have a visitor." Frosta turns, "Do I now? If it is that insufferable He-Man, please let him know that I am doing quite fine and that he need not show up unless he is planning on making me a nice dinner." The guard looks at Frosta with a strange look, "Um, ok?" Frosta rolls her eyes, "Never mind darling. Who is this visitor?"

The guard speaks quickly, "She did not give a name, but I believe she may be a friend of yours." Frosta smiles, "Oh goodness! Finally! Castaspella came to her senses and will now help me figure out my life! You took her to the throne room yes?" The Gard nods and Frosta hurries off. She has so much to talk about.

Tossing the doors to the throne room open, Frosta grins, "Darling! Have I been missing you!" Frosta's face drops as she looks on at a woman with silver hair standing in the middle of the room. Frosta stares blankly, "Who are you?" The strange woman answers the question with another question, "Have you seen my sword?" Frosta stares at the woman, "Sword? Darling, I have no idea what you are talking about. Are you here to interview for the Chancellor position? If so, you'll have to come back another day. I'm rather busy." Something doesn't seem right about this strange woman, and Frosta doesn't wish to create any problems.

The silver haired woman in an ornate robe continues to stand still, "I need my sword." Frosta gives the woman a face of attitude, "And I need my castle up and running. If you don't mind, I'd like you to leave." The woman's inky purple eyes look empty, "The Kingdom of Snows. One of the oldest kingdoms on Etheria... and also home to the Ice Diamond." Frosta claps her hands, "Bravo darling. You know your Etherian history." The stranger continues to calmly speak, "The Ice Diamond was part of the Big Three. It knows where my sword is."

Frosta shrugs, "Yeah well, neither of those items are here. The Ice Diamond was stolen right off me." Frosta clutches the piece of her blouse that is over her chest where the blue ice diamond once was, "As for your sword, I think you may need help. There are no weapons here." The mysterious woman's eyes light up as an evil grin spreads across her face, "That is good to know."

The room suddenly begins to feel strange. Frosta finds herself unable to move, as if there are invisible hands holding her in place. Frosta looks on at the woman as she grins, darkness spreading out from under her ornate robe. Frosta is still able to control the temperature in the room. Regaining a bit of strength to speak, Frosta smirks, "I know I said there were no weapons here, but I may have been a bit premature. There's always me!" Frosta releases a shock wave of freezing cold ice that slows the woman down immensely. With icy shards frozen and crystallizes on the stranger, Frosta stands triumphant, "I don't know who you think you are, but you are messing with the wrong woman!"

The mad stranger lets out a rumbling scream. She telekinetically releases the shards of ice off her body and hurls them towards Frosta. Unable to dodge them all, Frosta falls to the ground in pain as sharp pieces of ice stab into her stomach and legs. The room begins to feel strange again, as if an invisible force is moving everything. Frosta feels herself being lifted into the air. The evil visitor grins at her. Frosta can only whisper, "Who are you?"

The woman grins speaking with a loud voice that echoes and sounds terrifying. Her voice fills the room as she says, "I'm the one that will drag Etheria into chaos and darkness. I am Ultimera!" Frosta can only scream as the room explodes in blinding light.

In a much hotter climate, Grizzlor, Leech, and Modulok continue to make their trek through the Crystal Sands. Their long journey is coming to an end as the large Sun Tower is in their wake. Grizzlor huffs and puffs, "Finally! We made it! I hope it is cool inside." Leech gurgles out a whisper with his dry throat, "I doubt it. We are in the desert."

Modulok keeps walking, "Multi Bot told us this would be the place to go if all else was failing. I'm sure we will be just fine. Come on." Modulok walks up the steps of the Sun Tower and is thrilled to see that no one is there waiting to harm them. He looks back over Multi Bot who is powered off, "I hope there will be a source of power inside this place. We'll need to charge Multi Bot up and fix him." Grizzlor and Leech nod finding the last ounce of strength possible to race up the stairs and into the Sun Tower. The Horde members walk inside, trying to figure out where to go.

They are in a large grand room that is dimly lit. Grizzlor sighs, "I remember this place. Peekablue lived here before Hordak attacked it." They continue to stand in the dimly lit space. Leech sighs, "What do we do now?"

A loud voice booms out from the darkness, "It took you all long enough. I thought you'd never make it here." Grizzlor and Leech look at each other in shock. Modulok gasps, "Is that?" The darkness is lifted as the room is a blaze with fiery light. The Horde members look up and find Hordak sitting atop a gilded throne. He looks wounded. Bits of his stone face are gone revealing muscle and tissue underneath. Hordak grins, "Don't ever count me out." He stands up looking at his Horde members, "Is this all of you?"

Grizzlor nods, "Yes mighty Hordak. Everyone else is scattered..." Hordak interrupts, "It is of no difference to me. I've got some of my Horde back... I'm back on Etheria... I've got Imp with me..." Hordak reaches out to his pet dragon as he grabs something else to the side of the throne, "and I've got this." Hordak grins holding a large sword in front of the Horde members. Modulok asks what it is. Hordak snorts, "It is the Chaos Sword! And with it Etheria, and the universe, will finally be mine!"

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We've made it to Chapter 50! All kinds of surprises are in store, so don't go anywhere!  



  2. I like how when Hordak is not around Modulok becomes the de facto leader of the Horde. He always was the only Horde guy (with the exception of Catra) to get episodes and stories where he was the main villain.
    Now that they are in this other area -this more base and desolate area-are we to imagine this will become the "other Fright Zone"- the one that is depicted in the toys and mini-comics? The rocky one with the giant snake? I always thought was a cool looking playset but never had it.
    It might be cool to re-imagine the Horde in this story as the more grass roots group of scary guys like they were originally shown to be in the commercials and stuff.I think them joining the cast of She-ra was what changed them into that big empire like entity.
    Speaking of making things like the toys-is the whole Evil Lyn turning yellow a tribute to the fact that her toy was bright yellow? And if so, is she going to stay this way?
    And is the chaos sword from previous literature or cartoons? I don't remember.
    I wonder, will Netossa get to find out why they call him "Ram Man"? ( I couldn't resist that one) I thought Clamp Champ and her were a thing?
    Another question, Did Adora take those crystals from Sea Hawk when she found them in his pocket?
    I also forget, did Catra ever tell Adora she was mad about the kiss? I forget is Adora even remembers that it happened.
    But I think we all know Catra doesn't want to kill Adora-she wants to slime her and make her a love slave! Now that would be a fun chapter!
    Congrats on making it to chapter 50! can't wait to see what is in store for that one!

    1. Yeah what I thought would be fun about Modulok was that he started out as a mindless murdering monster earlier in the story and then became sort of a voice of reason. Well, once the rod was pulled out from his brain. And now that Hordak is back, I am not so sure where this new smaller Horde will make their camp. There will be some fun stuff that happens in the Crystal Sands.

      And Evil-Lyn getting her skin turned bright yellow was indeed a nod to the toy. One of the things I have tried to do with this fanfic is to celebrate and pay tribue to all the various aspects of the cartoon, toy line, and mini comics, so I really wanted a fun story point to be made about Evil-Lyn's various skin tones. Of course, I don't know that it will be permanent.

      The Chaos Sword was something that I kinda created more or less. I see it as the evil version of the power swords that He-Man and She-Ra use. I can't recall if that was ever featured in the cartoon or other forms of media, but I just liked the idea of evil having a powerful sword too.

      And I don't know that Netossa will find out why Ram Man might be called Ram Man, but I do like the idea that a few characters will be interested in her. A lot of folks have said some really nasty and negative things about her, and I thought it would be fun to make her the kind of character that would be interacting with a lot of characters.

      And I don't know if I was explicit with it, or if it was more implied, but Adora did have the three stones and was going to hand one over to Netossa. (The one that belonged in her village.) This was another one of those things where I had to cut things to make these chapters as short as possible.

      Catra and Adora have yet to have their conversation about that kiss. One of the things about Part 3 that I like so much, is that all of these things that have gone unanswered for so long are going to finally reach a head. I hope it will be very entertaining for everyone!

  3. I don't know why everyone would hate Netossa. I hope it is not a racial thing, but I think it's more due to the concept of the character being regarded as lame.the whole net deal. Still it's nice you throwing in some other love interest possibilities because, even though I think I like Clamp Champ and her the best, it is kind of too ...well obvious. I enjoy the Masters not being segregated.
    About Swords, I SWEAR that back in the day there was some part of the fiction that said Skeletor's and He-Man's Swords were a part of the same magical power force. I thought they were forged from some similar substance or split in two-I dunno, but I swear in one of the versions of the story-and maybe it was just a story book I read-both swords were important to Grayskull.
    At first I thought you were making a nod to that. but I could not remember if you talked about Skeletor's sword yet. So I thought maybe Hordak had it and knew how to use it. The Chaos sword does kinda have a ring to it like the "Havoc Staff"- well, I'm sure all this will make more sense when Scare Glow shows up!(kidding, but I still want to see him!)
    You should try to work in the toy version of the fright zone though. That always needed to be brought into this more Filmation-like universe.
    And one of those stones Adora took from Sea Hawk belongs to Frosta right? I think there is an ice one.
    Also-off topic-what do you think about Felicity Smoak being added as a series regular for season 2 of Arrow? Since she is really a Firestorm character and not a Green Arrow character (hence her last name) I was initially reticent about her being in this show-but I must admit, the actress makes her very very cute.
    I know what you are going to say though-"I just want them to do Black Canary! Any other girls will make that take longer!" No-I think they have a plan for Black Canary, and they already know when they plan to unleash her.

    1. Well I think for those that don't like Netossa it is more than likely because they find her name silly, or her gimmick silly, or the way her outfit looks. I would hope that her skin color would not be a factor into why someone would not like her.

      And I seem to recall something about Skeletor having a half of a sword or something. I mostly just know that He-Man and She-Ra's sword came from the same source. Like her sword was cloned or something from the Sword of He. I always get confused with the various backstories of things. I mean there is the mini comic, the various animated cartoons and bios on the toys. It can sometimes be a lot to keep track of. But as for the Chaos sword, I sort of got the idea of it from the Final Fantasy series. Some of the games always have like a sword of light or a sword of darkness, or an arcane sword, or whatever. So I kinda wanted that to be in the story. But this sword has nothing to do with Skeletor. Though there will be a further explanation.

      And yes, one of the stones Adora took from Sea Hawk was Frosta's stone. It was the Ice Diamond, and it was the stone on her chest piece. Sea Hawk took it from her back in Part 1 I believe. So the Eye of Fire belongs to Netossa and Spinnerella's village and the Lunar Stone belongs to Bright Moon.

      I don't mind Felicity Smoak being added as a series regular on Arrow. I like her character. I think she is a fun actress, and I am all for more actresses being on that show. I think it is nice to see a super hero story with so many wonderful female roles on it. But yes, I am really really wanting Black Canary to show up. We've already seen Laurel kick some butt already, so I just want to see her show up as BC. And I know they are wanting to do that too, because there are so many preview shots that make it seem like something is going to happen.