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Total Darkness: Character Profiles!

While recently talking to my dear friend Derek, aka the Goodwill Geek, he brought up something really important. There are a lot of twists and turns with this epic toy soap opera called All My Toys. And since the toy soap event of the Summer has just started, there is a lot that you need to catch up on! Like, why does Miss M look like a vintage toy villain from the Golden Girl line? Or, why are there two April O'Neils? So dear reader, and fellow traveler of the dorky highway, click the link below and catch up on the ever growing cast of characters from All My Toys and prepare for Total Darkness!

Miss M/Moth Lady

The lovely heroine based loosely off the real Miss M, toy Miss M was a toy journalist interviewing the hottest toys around for her job at Diary of a Dorkette. One of her pieces (a Timeless or Trashy article on a one Velvet Sky) caused a domino effect that led the vile Velvet Sky to seek revenge. After many months and a growing romance with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Michelangelo, Miss M found herself dead in a sewer explosion at the hands of Velvet Sky and Hordak.

After a fun trip to the After Life where she made new friends, Miss M found herself in a debt to the evil Maleficent.

Full of tricks, Maleficent gave M a return trip to Earth with one caveat, Miss M was to find a special dragon figurine for Maleficent. Now very much alive, Miss M soon found herself in the wrong body. Yet another trick by Maleficent, Miss M was told she would return to her real body once the arrival of the dragon figurine was safely returned to Maleficent.

Sharing head and body space with the evil witch Moth Lady, Miss M tried her best to get her loved ones to believe who she was. No one did. After a near attempt at taking her life so that she could prevent Moth Lady from regaining control of her body, Miss M jumped off a cliff only to be saved by Batman.

Now with new friends and in total control of Moth Lady's body (thanks to Jean Grey) Miss M now greets a new version of Earth in Total Darkness. With the dragon figurine returned to Maleficent, and her powers at her strongest; Miss M and her friends must find a way to stop the evil Maleficent. Can they? And will Miss M ever find her way back into her own body? Read on as Total Darkness begins!

April O'Neil

Friend, mentor, and boss to Miss M, April O'Neil runs Diary of a Dorkette. With many contacts in the toy world, April makes sure that her staff interviews the best of the best. However, since the death of Miss M, April has had a hard time getting the Diary back on track. Older and a little jaded about the world, April isn't sure what she can do to save the future of Diary of a Dorkette. Armed with a dose of Botox at her side, April lives in a world of chaos as she scrambles to capture the news unfolding during the events of Total Darkness. She is married (her second time) to Casey Jones. Slightly jealous and angry that Megan Fox was picked to play the reporter in the upcoming biopic about April's life with the Ninja Turtles, April is also keeping Megan Fox trapped in a Silence of the Lambs like pit. With age comes desperation.

Irma Langinstein

Friend to both Miss M and April O'Neil, Irma was picked to be the latest writer for the Diary. Her skills in being boy crazy and a dork have helped her to talk to the hottest heroes. With a fashion sensibility that makes April cringe, Irma has become a solid rock of friendship for April. Especially with the events of Total Darkness.


The party turtle who eats pizza like it's nothing and loved Miss M with all his heart. Still mourning the loss of Miss M, Mikey spent most of 2014 in a funk. Having reopened old wounds courtesy of the crazy Moth Lady (who is really Miss M) Michelangelo has been working at finding himself again.

Thanks to a new friendship and flirtation with Mona Lisa, Mikey just might be feeling like his old self again. Though, with the events of Total Darkness looming large, what will happen to the beloved party turtle?

The Cat Ladies

A group of the best femme fatales on Earth, the Cat Ladies consist of Catwoman, Catra, Tigra, Cheeta, Cheetara, and Black Cat. Together they work in finding out the mystery of Miss M's death. What was once thought of as an accident is now proven to be very real, someone killed Miss M and they won't stop until they find the culprit!


The Princess of Power is the ultimate hero. Strong, smart, and caring, She-Ra grapples against the forces of evil on a regular basis. However, it is matters of the heart she struggles with most. Having saved Sea Hawk from the clutches of numerous evil characters, She-Ra found herself in a most strange situation. Not only was she struggling with a chemistry with Sea Hawk that could threaten her relationship with Bow, but she has now joined forces with the Cat Ladies to solve the mystery of who killed Miss M.

Velvet Sky

A wrestler with interesting tastes in clothing, Velvet Sky's original goal in life was to rule the world of female wrestling. She was set to face off in a match to end all matches, but the rug was pulled from under her once her opponent blasted an article about Velvet for the world to see. Directing her anger at the person who wrote the damaging article, Velvet Sky plotted her revenge on the clueless Miss M.

Having formed alliances with many evil toys, Velvet Sky eventually settled upon forces with Hordak and together they brought down the sweet dorkette. Now, commanding the spotlight of wrestling once again, Velvet Sky is planning on taking over the world of wrestling, but she needs the finances to do so...

Mila Rosnovsky

A rich socialite, Mila was hired briefly by April O'Neil to write for Diary of a Dorkette. She was a disaster and damn near made a mockery of the Diary. After being canned by April, Mila began to plot her own rise to financial power. Her enemies include April O'Neil, and Sydney Rutledge, a girl Mila went to school with in Swans Crossing.

Also, Mila and Velvet Sky are sisters! Mila is secretly channeling funds to Velvet Sky's wrestling operation. No one in the story is aware of that tidbit though.

Guy Friday

April's right hand man in the office, Guy Friday makes sure everything runs smoothly at the Diary. He longs for his own adventures, but not as much as he longs for the hand of Irma Langinstein.

The Turtles

Michelangelo's other brothers, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles band together to support Mikey in his time of need. The brothers have not factored into much of the story so far. They have however been trying to stop the dastardly events going on throughout the city. Raph is also maybe slightly annoyed that his brother is hanging out with his ex Mona Lisa.

Casey Jones

Ass kicker and faithful husband to April O'Neil, Casey is thrilled to have married his blushing bride a second time. Ready to do whatever it takes to protect his family and friends, Casey charges into Total Darkness with an assortment of sports related weapons at his disposal!


Hurt and betrayed by her curse put upon a princess, Maleficent spent her days in the After Life longing for a chance to return to Earth and prove to the world just what a threat she really is. With magic on her side, the mistress of darkness traveled to Earth for limited periods of time, usually when evil activity was at its highest.
One such time was during the 2013 Conference of Evil when Maleficent saved a sweet dorky girl from trouble. Having planted the seeds for future payback, Maleficent found the perfect opportunity to exploit sweet Miss M in the After Life.

Seeking a rise to power in the hopes of cursing everyone who crosses her, Maleficent seeks to show the world what she is capable of. Now that her games have worked and the dragon figure has been returned, Maleficent has unleashed Total Darkness across the world. The After Life and Earth are now free to cross each other. Mayhem and chaos ensue as people find themselves cursed for a life filled with darkness.

Miss Elizabeth

A strong force in the After Life, Miss Elizabeth helped guide Miss M through the ropes of being dead.

Now that Total Darkness has occurred, Miss Elizabeth works with the Angels to find a way to bring Maleficent down!


A goofy dorky guy that became friends with Miss M in the After Life. When he was alive, Ed was a bit of a free spirit living for Taco Bell and video games. He worked in the mall food court for an Asian Cuisine restaurant where he spent his days dressed in a Panda suit passing out food samples to mall rats. After a stampede of tween girls trampled him to death to make it to a Hot Topic Twilight event, Ed thought he'd live his After Life peacefully. Everything changed once Miss M came into the After Life. Though their friendship was cut short once she returned to Earth, Ed has never forgotten about her. Now that the After Life and Earth are as one, Ed plans on spending his time in Total Darkness searching for the woman who makes him remember what it was like to have a beating heart.


The cool mysterious hero of Gotham City and the neighboring city that All My Toys resides in, Batman swooped in to save Miss M from falling to her death. He finds her to be a strange woman, but there is something captivating about her. He has grown to care about her and wants to make sure she is safe. He is also one of the few people to believe that Miss M is truly alive and in the body of Moth Lady. Also, it was from his Archival Room that Maleficent's dragon figure was found. With the world in Total Darkness, can the Dark Knight thrive or find himself in as much trouble as everyone else?

The Ponies

The cute bubbly ponies from Ponyville travel in spirit form as Spirit Ponies to help those in need. 

Some have been taken into the fold of darkness courtesy of Maleficent.

Others, like Pinky Pie, help guide Miss M in the real world. Or rather, she tries to. When she isn't busy planning a party.

Megan Fox

Even celebrities find themselves in Total Darkness! While trying to do re-shoots for the Ninja Turtles movie, Megan Fox crossed paths with the real April O'Neil. With eyes on nabbing an Oscar, Megan shadowed April O'Neil with the hopes of really getting inside her head and going all method. Ms. Fox's goal was simple, she'd deliver the performance of her career and rake in during awards season. She bit off more than she could chew though as April turned on the celebrity.

And now poor Megan Fox is trapped in a pit with nothing but lotion for her skin.

The Evil

With the world in Total Darkness, evil (both dead and alive) is now running free. Many agendas abound.

Skeletor and his Evil Warriors are in space.

Shredder and Dr. Blight have been cooking up a plot to takeover the city.

Hordak and Velvet Sky may still have plans of their own.

With the Arkham Asylum outbreak from a few months ago, many known villains are now running free. The world is no longer safe, and Maleficent is sitting high in her castle looking at her chaos with a grin. Can good prevail? Will there be any casualties? Find out with Total Darkness!

And again, calling all fellow bloggers! As the world of All My Toys enters into the world of Total Darkness, you can contribute to the story. Gather up your favorite toys, take some pictures, and write your own one shot piece that takes place in this same universe. It can occur on Earth, the After Life, wherever! Let your imagination soar! All you have to do is title your story- Total Darkness: (whatever title you choose) and just make some sort of mention in the post about what this event is with a link to the Diary so that everyone can keep up with each story. Once you have something posted to your blog, let me know by either leaving a comment or emailing me at missmermista@gmail.com so that I can post the link here and share the stories with everyone too. This event will be going on until August 29th, so you have plenty of time to contribute! Also, feel free to email me with any questions! Take care everybody!

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