Saturday, August 16, 2014

Total Darkness: Pure Energy

Previously on All My Toys...

The evil vile Maleficent's plan to place a curse of darkness across Earth and the After Life came to pass after tricking poor Miss M into doing the villain's dirty work. With all hopes dashed that she'll ever return to her original body, Miss M struggles with living in a world still trapped in the body of Moth Lady! And now with the toy heroes trying to rally together to stop this madness, the story of All My Toys continues in Total Darkness!

April: This is April O'Neil for Channel 6 News reporting live in the streets of our fair and great city, on this, our 19th day in chaos. We are in total darkness. The Conference of Evil has continued. The gates of the After Life have come crashing open. The dead are among us. Stay tuned for my special one on one with Jessica Tandy. In the mean time, the world as we know it will never be the same courtesy of Maleficent. Heroes everywhere are struggling to find a way to reverse the cursed life we are all living.

April: With the power out in cities across the globe, many are finding more ancient ways to keep things lit. Rumors are also swirling that there are some people finding a source of pure energy in the city. Sadly, that is just rumor at this moment. However, there are a growing number of people though who are suffering from severe tanning loss. With no sun or electricity for tanning beds, people have resorted to stockpiling tanning lotions. Others are selling tanning lotions at extreme costs.

April: Follow me, here's a tanning survivor. Ma'am, please, talk to us. How have you been surviving in total darkness?
Debra: (full of shakes) I'm so cold. And pale. Why haven't we seen the sun? Where is it? I need my tanning bed!!!
April: Slow down. Breathe. It is going to be ok!

Debra: It'll never be ok! Never! Bronzer. I need bronzer!

April: As you can see, the city is in crisis. Maleficent has created chaos.

Sideshow Mel: April, we can stop with this now. You do realize this camera isn't actually recording? There is no power in the city. In fact, I haven't been recording you for the last week. Nothing is working.
April: I know Mel, but we have to keep up appearances. The news doesn't stop just because the lights are out, ya know?

Sideshow Mel: Actually, I don't know. I'm going home. Where it is safe. And you should too. It's not safe here anymore. It stopped being safe the moment we saw Beetlejuice terrorize that family in the parking lot.
April: Wait, that was real? I thought we were getting a sneak peek at filming for Beetlejuice 2.
Sideshow Mel: (rolls his eyes) Good night April. Oh, and before I forget, have you seen Megan Fox?

April: Gulp. Why no. I haven't.
Sideshow Mel: I seem to recall you telling me that she had left to attend a 90210 convention. I looked into it, but there is no such thing...

April: Geez. I have no idea where she could be. I'm sure she is fine though. Gotta go. It's dark out. See ya!

Sideshow Mel: Yes. See ya.

Meanwhile in the woods where it is sort of safe...

Miss M: Oh. My. Goodness. I am so tired of walking. I miss cars. I miss your Batmobile.
Batman: I do too, but we have to go for just a little further.

Miss M: Where are we going again?
Batman: The city is out of power. There are back up generators that I can get started again.
Miss M: All right. Batman, the city, hell, the world is in total darkness. There is no way you can make that happen.
Batman: I've got to try.
Miss M: Do I have to try with you? All this walking is a pain. We need people that can fly.

Batman: Superman has been taken, as have most of the other heroes who can fly. However, you do have wings. Be my guest. Fly us to the generators.
Miss M: Ha. Ha. Very funny. You know these are decorative.
Batman: Yeah. That's right. It's all decorative.

Miss M: (stops) Ok. We need to clear this out in the open. Obviously there is tension between us. I get it. But damn it, I didn't do anything wrong!

Batman: You did plenty! You snuck into my Archival Room. You took something for selfish reasons and now the world is in chaos.
Miss M: I didn't know Maleficent was going to do this. Do you think I like the world like this? And besides! You could have helped me. Instead I had to face near death in your crazy trap of an Archival Room! I mean, who keeps their stuff under such strange lock and key?
Batman: Don't question me. I have endless funds to do as I wish.
Miss M: Oh you are such an egotistical kooky rich douche.
Batman: Excuse me?

Miss M: Why don't you just admit what this is really about? You have feelings for me and I don't feel exactly the same way. So now you want to punish me and make me feel like shit, when the truth is, you can't handle being rejected. News flash! I didn't reject you! It's just that my heart belongs to someone else.

Batman: My feelings about you might be slightly involved, but I am capable of putting my feelings to the side. The fact remains that the dragon figure you gave to Maleficent was used to create the mess we are all in. And you did it for the hopes that you'd return to your former body. You are vain. And that vanity has cost people their lives. Our heroic friends could be dying at the hands of various evils. Too many to count.
Miss M: I don't really see how anyone can die right now. The After Life and Earth are as one. We're all screwed. I'm sorry. What else am I supposed to say?

Batman: Come on. Let's just get to the generators.

Across town in an abandoned arcade...

Mona Lisa: Mikey, I think given the circumstances, we don't need to worry about beating our score.
Michelangelo: Ya right! Come on, we'll get these arcades to work.

Mona Lisa: Mikey, it's not going to happen. We've been at this for days.
Michelangelo: I know dudette. What date is this?
Mona Lisa: I've lost count. Since the world has been plunged into darkness, it's hard to keep track of the days. I've really enjoyed my time with you though.

Michelangelo: Me too. You've been a bodacious babe. I really don't know what I'd do without you right now.
Mona Lisa: Me either Mikey. Let's get out of here. Where should we go next?

Michelangelo: (thinks for a second) With everything that has been going on between us, I think it's time I say some gnarly good byes. Come on dudette. Time to meet the maker.

Mona Lisa: Excuse me?
Michelangelo: We're going to the cemetery. Totally wicked, right?

Mona Lisa: I see. Yes, let's go to the cemetery.

The two leave unaware that they are being watched.

Foot Soldier: (on a device) Come in Shredder. I've been following the dumb one. He's heading to the cemetery with some chick. Now's our chance. We'll strike soon.

In other parts of the world, two people that don't belong on a farm are actually on a farm...

Velvet Sky: I hate this Total Darkness event. What kind of crap is this anyway?

Mila: I know, right? I'm, like, totally bored with this. The mall is shut down. I can't even watch my shows on TV.
Vevlet Sky: Even my matches are on hold until this stupid mess is all cleared up. How am I going to run the world of wrestling if I can't even wrestle?

Mila: Well have no fear sis. I've been working on a plan. We'll be getting even more money soon.

Velvet Sky: What are you planning on doing?
Mila: I'm like, going after two birds with one gem stone.
Velvet Sky: I don't get it.

Mila: Just sit back in your trashy couture. We're, like, totally going to rule the world. And when I'm done, Sydney Rutledge and April O'Neil are both going to regret crossing me. (laughs maniacally)

At the office of Diary of a Dorkette...

Irma: Guy Friday, how are we supposed to do our work? Readership is way down. There are no interviews to be had. Most of the Heroic Hotties are captured by Bodacious Baddies. I don't even know where April is.

Guy Friday: Yeah. I'm just glad we are safe in here. Although, do you hear a faint scream?

Irma: No, not really.

Guy Friday: Be quiet. If you listen carefully, I swear you can hear someone calling for help.

In another section of the office...

Megan Fox: Heeelp! Can anyone hear me!? I am trapped with a basket of lotion! I need help!

At the Cat Lair of the purrfectly cool Cat Ladies...

Black Cat: Have we been able to find any information on the woman we think killed Miss M?
Catwoman: Nope. All we know is what Double Trouble found out at the Conference of Evil. The alleged killer is a wrestler named Velvet Sky. But that isn't her real name, it's a stage name.
Black Cat: So we need her real name?

Catwoman: Yep.
Black Cat: Hmm. I wonder how we can make that work. Wait, where are the other Cat Ladies?
Catwoman: Have you been living under a box of liter? Everyone is out trying to save the world. It's fallen into complete and total darkness.

Black Cat: Oh yeah. That's still a thing?

Catwoman: It would appear so. We can handle it though. You and I... we're both used to the darker side of things. Come on Felicia. Let's take a walk on the wild side. Forget Miss M's murder mystery for a second. The world is in chaos and we can make a lil mischief.

Black Cat: OK. Let's do it. Who knows what's waiting out there for us?

Darkness unfolds even more as another group finds safety in the woods...

Miss Elizabeth: Come on Angels. And Ed. We must find those who can aid us in our quest to stop Maleficent.

Angela: How will we do that?

Ed: Yeah. I'm wondering the same thing.

Miss Elizabeth: We try our best to stop the evil that Maleficent has wrought upon us.

Tiffany: So basically we keep wandering around with no plan and no idea what the hell we are doing. This sounds great. Just great.

Miss Elizabeth: That's the plan. It sounds stupid, but it is what it is. We're going to find our way out of this darkness. Eventually we're bound to bump into something.

Cosmic Angela: Let's just hope we won't be bumping into Widow Maker...

High above the stars in the middle of the After Life, darkness spreads across the magical castle in the center of all the drama...

Maleficent: Look at this place. It is all mine. I've created the perfect world. Look at those pathetic fools, running around on Earth. Trying their best to find a way to rid the curses plaguing them. This is my perfect comeuppance. Now the world can truly see how magnificent my power is. No one will ever think twice about uninviting me to a party. Ha. I've created my own party, of never-ending darkness!

Dark Fluttershy: Mistress Maleficent, there is still light in the world. I can see it searing my brain. May I please be set free?

Maleficent: Curses! You are correct. There is still light in the world. (calls out) Widow Maker!

Widow Maker: Yes Mistress Maleficent?

Maleficent: You never killed Miss Elizabeth and her pathetic Angels. I need you to finish what you started.

Widow Maker: Yes Maleficent.
Maleficent: Bring me the head of Miss Elizabeth. End her quest for the light. No one will stand in my way.
Widow Maker: As you wish. Miss Elizabeth and the Angels will not survive this time. On my life.

Maleficent leans back content with the state of the universe. Nothing can stop her.

Or can it?

In a secret remote location on Earth...

Starscream: Megatron. They are coming from miles away. They are seeking our power source.

Megatron: Of course they are Starscream. Maleficent's plan to usher in the ultimate blanket of darkness has created a new market. Pathetic Earthlings are scrambling to find energy for their cars and Frigidaires. We have our own pure energy to keep things running. So let them come. Let these pathetic insects of Earth crawl towards us begging and paying for their precious energy. We'll turn them all into our slaves. And when we've garnered enough, we'll be the ones ushering in our reign. Long live the Decepticons! Not even that evil Disney fairy will stand in our way.

Starscream: Yes Megatron. Your plan is sure to succeed. (whispers silently) I will have this planet for myself. One day. Sniff.

Megatron: Now, onward Starscream! We must find a way to take over the universe! It's the dream of every villain, regardless if they know it or not!

Looks like some things never change. Stick around as Total Darkness continues!


  1. Chaos....just chaos....can't wait to see what happens next.

    1. lol Yeah. There's a lot going on all at once isn't there John? lol It will all make sense! I promise. Hope you are doing well!

  2. nice figured that sooner or later some of the other baddies would want to rule and be a new threat to malicifient . and interesting its megatron . and can't wait to find out what mila ment by killing two birds with a gem maybe the key to undo the mess.

    1. I've long wanted to feature Megatron in this story and I figured with the new Transformers movie out it would only make sense that he'd show up. I have so much fun stuff in store for this month. I hope it will be highly entertaining. Also, Mila will be up to no good! lol I hope you are doing well. Thanks for always reading. I'll talk to you later!

  3. Hey, if they're making a movie about the cast of "Saved by the Bell", it stands to reason that there could be a 90210 convention as well.

    I suspect the castle here contains many of the toys you'll be discussing for our Villain Toys episode on Geek Fallout this Tuesday.

    1. Ya know, as I typed that I wasn't even sure if there was a 90210 convention or not. I would imagine there'd have to be one. I mean, there are still 90210 fans. lol I think.

      And that top five was not enough to discuss all my favorite toy villains. lol