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Adora's Search for Honor Part 2: Chapter 27

Previously: Back in Part 1, Angella was being held captive by the vile and vicious Pyres. Led by Vampra, the Pyres were located in the Midnight Lair, exiled by Hordak. She-Ra and her friends dropped by saving Angella and enraging the Pyres in the process... Now on the Night of the Glitterbugs, Bright Moon seems to be besieged by the Pyres. Everyone is in their own minor predicaments while Vampra and her minions are thirsty for revenge...

And now...

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 2
Chapter 27

"What are you doing?!" Adora shouts while looking down at Sea Hawk. She is on top of him after they both took a tumble. The roguish pirate grins, "I don't know what you mean?" Adora quickly gets up dusting some dirt off her legs, "You kissed me!" Sitting up on the ground Sea Hawk can't help but chuckle, "I think we kissed each other princess." The pirate raises his arm awaiting Adora's help with getting up, Adora reaches to help him. She quickly pushes him back to the ground, "You are an ass! Get yourself up." Adora turns walking off towards Bright Moon.

Sea Hawk hurries up off the ground to catch up to Adora, "Hey, wait a minute Adora. What the hell was that about?" He reaches out to touch her and she quickly brushes him off, "I don't know where you get off thinking that you can just kiss me! Like I'm some item ready for your pleasure!" Adora keeps stomping through the woods making her way across the Whispering Woods. Sea Hawk is not understanding, "What the fuck Adora? If I'm not mistaken we both kissed each other and it felt damn good."

The problem for Adora is that Sea Hawk's statement is true, though she can't admit it, "Maybe it was good for you Sea Hawk, but I could care less. I have my own issues and problems to deal with in my life, I don't need you trying to screw things up." Sea Hawk is confused, "You aren't making any sense. Look I'm sorry for kissing you, I wasn't trying to be a dick. I just... wanted to. It won't happen again." Adora quickly turns around, "Good! Sounds perfect!" They both look at each other. Neither can explain the kiss nor the feeling they both experienced when it occurred. Adora is the first to break away from his gaze, because a loud scream pierces the air through the Whispering Woods. "That scream..." Adora says aloud and turns towards the sound. She runs off further into the Whispering Woods, heading towards the scream. Sea Hawk shouts out, "Wait up!" He runs after her, they head away from Bright Moon...

Inside Bright Moon, Angella stands tall in her throne room. She is blankly staring at Vampra, trying to make sense of what is happening. "You were exiled to the Midnight Lair, this isn't possible..." Angella grimaces as Vampra stands up, kicking the throne over, "And you my dear treat were supposed to stay with me for all of eternity. What was so wrong Angella, the food not good enough?"

"I was rescued. I did not belong there." Gritting her teeth, Angella continues to stare. Vampra smiles, exposing a row of sharp teeth, "That is right. Your little friends showed up making a mess of things. So I decided to find a way to escape the Midnight Lair too. Together with all of my minions, we are going to go about reclaiming this world."

Looking over her enemy, Angella notices that Vampra's face looks normal again. She must have regained a great amount of strength, Angella thinks. "Vampra, why come here though? Shouldn't you set your sights on Hordak and the Fright Zone? He controls Etheria. He put you in the Midnight Lair." The Pyre Leader twirls a lock of her blood red hair in her fingers. Smoothing a hand over her stringy black skirt, Vampra cackles, "Oh Hordak is going to pay for what he did to us. But you see my treat, I am not ready for him. I came here because I want to build an army. Oh, and what a glorious army it will be! So many Rebels tired of the oppression in their lives, ready to transcend their pathetic human condition into greatness. Perfection. We will feed on this planet forever."

Doom sets in Angella's heart. Of course. The Pyres are at Bright Moon to increase their numbers. "It all works out Angella. I get my numbers up to fight against Hordak all while getting my revenge for what you and your ilk did. Don't think I forgot what you and that bitch of a daughter did to me." Vampra trails a hand over her face, "I thought I'd never see my eternal youth return. Not to mention what She-Ra did to my good wing. I mean look at me! There is something you could do though. I so badly want to taste you..." Angella shudders at the thought. "You won't be anywhere near me Vampra."

Screams begin to break out in the castle. Angella turns her head at the sounds of terror and horror. Pyres are attacking the people of Bright Moon. Vampra grins, "Do you hear that Angella? That is the sound of new Pyres being born..." Angella's heart sinks. She turns to leave the throne room and help her people. Having other plans entirely, Vampra swoops across the room and grabs hold of Angella's shoulders. "Not so fast." Vampra quickly tosses Angella across the room. The Queen of Bright Moon slides on the floor colliding with a wooden bench. "Oh Angella, my treat, just where do you think you're off too? I told you I wanted a taste. Freedom has made you positively mouthwatering." Vampra lunges towards Angella, baring sharp teeth that threaten to destroy her...

Pandemonium sets outside on the castle grounds. Rebels are running every which way trying to avoid being bitten by the blood thirsty Pyres. Some are not lucky, while others wish they could just be bitten. Instead they lose their hold on life. Mermista, Castaspella, and Frosta are doing their best to prevent anymore carnage. "How have they gotten here?" Frosta calls out freezing a group of Pyres. Castaspella raises her arms in the air, enchanting the magic in the air to do her bidding. Lightening bolts rain down from the sky electrocuting a few Pyres. "My goodness they don't give up!"

"We have no idea how to kill them. The only thing we know is that light exposes their true age. We just have to hold them off and save anyone from being bitten!" Mermista calls out releasing a bubble over a Pyre's head. The bubble makes a tight seal like a helmet. Unable to bite, the Pyre struggles as the inside of the bubble fills with water. Mermista grins, glad she can manipulate water. Frosta looks past her friends, "Oh good, we have more help."

Bow races from the woods charging towards the crowd. With arrows drawn, Bow shoots off multiple spark arrows making direct hits with a number of Pyres. "Do we know how many?" Bow looks over at Mermista as she helps a few Bright Moon guards save a young girl from a Pyre attack. "No Bow. They just descended upon Bright Moon, but now we are just holding them off." The Rebels continue to fight...

Inside the castle, Netossa turns to leave her room. Looking back at Spinnerella, Netossa holds up a key, "I'm locking the room. I think they will need my help." Spinnerella looks at her friend, "Be careful!" Netossa locks the bedroom door and rushes down the hall. People are running into rooms and making sure the doors are locked. Two female Pyres rush into one room after a group of people and Netossa jumps in casting a net that traps them.

"Leave them alone!" Netossa drags the two Pyres into the hall. Some Bright Moon guards help in the fray. "We are under attack ma'am, please return to your room." Netossa looks at the guard and shakes her head, "You need all the help you can get." Racing down the hall Netossa picks up a sword from a fallen guard. She isn't sure what they are up against, but she will fight...

In another room in the castle, Perfuma is shackled to her bed. She is staring at her crazed ex Rolf. Baring his sharp teeth, the Pyre licks his lips, "Perfuma, I am so happy to see you again." Shaking her head and trying to find a way to be free, Perfuma sighs, "You aren't supposed to be here."

Rolf walks slowly towards her, "But I am. The Pyres have been here for awhile. And now that your boyfriend is out of the way, we can finally be together. Forever." Rolf crawls onto her bed, sliding over her legs and straddling her. She can't move, "What do you know of Minwu?"

"I know that no one can be with you, but me." Perfuma cries out, "Did you kill him? Oh Rolf, what did you do?" She is sobbing trying to free herself. Rolf isn't letting her go, "I had to Perfuma. You belong to me. I felt it so greatly when I bit you. Ever since then I can't stop feeling you flow through me. I want to eat your thoughts. I want to consume all of you and when I have spent myself of you, I will do it all over again."

He is mad, he is going to hurt me, Perfuma panics. "Now open wide Perfuma, I want you to have my body. I will share this meal with you, and we will be as one." Pulling out a knife, Rolf cuts his arm as drops of blood fly into her mouth. Perfuma tries to close her mouth, but he is holding it open. The blood tastes cold and bitter, yet the part of her that has been craving it likes the taste. Her addiction is being set free, the binds are loosening. "That's right Perfuma, give in. It tastes so good, doesn't it? Just wait until you take your first life, and become a full Pyre. We will have forever."

I don't want forever, she thinks. "No, please..." Perfuma struggles. Suddenly Rolf's knife is ripped out of his hands. In a moment that flashes by so quickly, Perfuma notices someone behind Rolf. The knife goes through his chest before he is tossed across the room. Rolf is stunned and Perfuma smiles. The winged woman from the cocoon is there, ready to help.

Rolf quickly jumps up and lunges towards the woman. She grunts, "Leave. Me. Alone." Her wings flutter quickly releasing a flurry of glittery light. The pieces hit Rolf hurting him badly. The light flecks eat away at his flesh and even travel into his mouth eating away the insides of his throat. Still, he fights. The woman uses her wings to fly backwards, dodging his attacks. Sweeping him to the floor, she rams her knee into his face. Perfuma looks on in awe.

Grabbing the Pyre in a flurry of kicks and punches, the winged woman twists his head around. Gurgling and trying to fight back, Rolf finds his face being dragged across the bedroom stone wall before collapsing on the floor. The woman rushes towards Perfuma and shatters the shackles. Finally free Perfuma looks at her friend, "Oh my goodness. Thank you!" The woman smiles, "You. Are. Welcome." The two women leave the room and observe all the chaos. "Oh poor Bright Moon! Come on, we need to help." Perfuma grabs hold of her friend's hand and they rush down the hall. Eventually they come across Netossa and the three fight their way through the castle. Helping when they can, the Rebels eventually make it outside to their friends...

Deep in the Whispering Woods Glimmer is screaming. A Pyre jumps out at her. "Go away!" Glimmer uses her light staff to release a burst of light. Then she runs. What is a Pyre doing in the Whispering Woods? Oh I have to hurry back to the castle, Glimmer panics. She hears sounds behind her and finds herself stuck.

Two Pyres step out in front of her while the one she just met runs up from behind. They hiss and growl. "Mistress Vampra will be happy when we bring your carcass to her." Glimmer gulps and let's out a piercing scream, "You'll have to catch me first!" She jumps in the air, grabbing a tree limb. Glimmer knows the woods. They have been her home her entire life.

Trying to escape, Glimmer shouts as a Pyre jumps up grabbing her by the ankle. Throwing her to the ground, Glimmer rolls over looking at the monsters. This is it, she thinks. Suddenly there is a swirl of light. One Pyre is taken down while the other two aren't sure what is going on. Glimmer smiles, "The Glitterbugs..."

The swirls of light continue to grow and quickly zoom furiously around the Pyres. The monsters try to fight the light, but it is of no use. The Glitterbugs swarm the Pyres so fast. The light chases away the eternal youth of the Pyres, exposing the Pyres to their true withered age. Glimmer watches in awe as the Glitterbugs essentially decimate the assailants, until they are sawed down to nothing. The Pyres are gone in an instant.

Standing up, Glimmer looks at the Glitterbugs, "You all saved me." They swirl in a pattern that seems to be communicating with her, "Can you help me?" Glimmer asks. She is glad to finally have a solution to the foul Pyres. The defense system of the Whispering Woods is going to make sure the Pyres never come back.

Preparing to head towards the castle, Glimmer jumps as Adora and Sea Hawk jump out at her. "Glimmer, are you alright?" Adora asks full of concern. Glimmer explains what she just went through and how the Rebellion has a fighting chance with the aid of the Glitterbugs. "Fantastic. We need to hurry to the castle. Sea Hawk and Glimmer, you two go on ahead, I'm going to see if there are anymore survivors in the woods."

"Are you sure?" Sea Hawk asks. Adora gives him a look that even Glimmer notices. I bet there's a story with all that, Glimmer thinks. "I will be fine, now hurry!" Adora exclaims. Glimmer and Sea Hawk run off with the Glitterbugs swirling behind.

Making sure the coast is clear, Adora raises her sword towards the night sky and says, "For the honor of Grayskull! I am... She-Ra!!!!"


The Rebels fight their way into the courtyard of Bright Moon. No one has seen Angella, but the Pyres all have them surrounded. Bow looks at his friends, hoping that everyone is alright. Madame Razz and Kowl are helping people to safety. Some have been bitten and Madame Razz hopes she can get them to the healing bay.

In the courtyard a Pyre tries to grab hold of Frosta, "Darling, I'm not your type!" She freezes the Pyre. Netossa and Perfuma try to hold on. They are very outnumbered and the Pyres are growing closer to attacking. It will be easy pickings. A few Pyres head in for a kill, but are suddenly distracted.

From a balcony above, Spinnerella screams and jumps into the air. Spinning gracefully with streams of ribbons around her wrists, the dancer twirls and spins in the air heading towards the courtyard. It is as if she is dancing in the air. Frosta looks on in disbelief, "Who is this?" Netossa grins, "That is my sister!"

Spinnerella twirls making a perfect landing on the ground. In a flurry of movement she wraps the ribbon around a few of the Pyres. The confines are tight and allow just enough room for the Rebels to have a fighting chance. "Things are back on Rebels!" Bow shouts as he draws another shock arrow.

Inside the throne room, Vampra and Angella are continuing to fight. "I will never give into the likes of you, Vampra!" Angella shouts as the two fly around the throne room. Finding a hidden panel in the wall, Angella grabs hold of a spiked club. She lashes out at Vampra, swooping for a direct hit. Vampra dodges the attack. "Don't fight me Angella, you can't win. I've been stalking this world long before your ancestors ever came into being. You won't be able to stop me!"

A voice calls out, "But with me, she just might be able to!" Angella turns and smiles,"She-Ra!" The Princess of Power jumps in the air tossing Vampra to the ground. The Pyre leader screams, clawing her way towards She-Ra, "You!!! I will kill you!"

She-Ra and Angella work together to fight against Vampra. Angella flies into the air, over Vampra's head, and plants a kick to her back. Vampra lurches forward as She-Ra turns to the side raising her sword in the air. With a quick slice of her sword, She-Ra cuts Vampra's remaining wing off. The mere act rocks Vampra to her core.

Screaming in agony Vampra stumbles to the ground. Getting up, Vampra grabs hold of a bench and throws it at Angella. The large wooden bench knocks Angella to the floor. She-Ra grabs hold of the enemy and they both collide into a nearby stained glass window. They tumble outside near the courtyard.

The Rebels notice what is going on. "Oh am I glad to see She-Ra!" Mermista says. The Pyres close in on everyone, with Rolf staggering into the middle. He is ready to end this. Glimmer and Sea Hawk quickly approach the sidelines. "Nobody hurts another person, or else!" Glimmer shouts and unleashes the Glitterbugs across the Pyres. Vampra looks at a losing battle and screams.

Together with Rolf they both try to stop Glimmer. Some Pyres are being destroyed into thin air, while a few rush to join Vampra and Rolf. He looks at Perfuma, with much hatred in his eyes. She-Ra helps Angella into the courtyard. They watch as the Glitterbugs make a dash towards the final Pyres.

"I don't think so." Vampra screams as her stringy cape with inky black material swoops around her body, creating a void that the Glitterbugs fall into. Glimmer screams, "Stop! Don't fly towards the Pyres!" She runs trying to stop the Glitterbugs.

Angella shouts for her daughter to stay away. Lunging towards Vampra, Glimmer makes contact with the black cape wrapped around Vampra. The princess of Bright Moon touches the inky void and looks inside. It is as if she is in another dimension. There is darkness but she can hear the sounds of deadly creatures coming for her.

Glimmer screams and can feel hands pulling her out, away from Vampra's cape. The Glitterbugs stop their assault and the remaining Pyres grin. The battle is not over and they still plan on winning this fight. "Alright my dear minions, let's eat!" Vampra hisses.

Perfuma starts to shake. It is already painful that she lost Minwu. She will not lose anyone else. Her communication with the planet echoes in her mind. She is searching and reaching, hoping the planet can hear her. Etheria does. Roots and vines reach up around the Pyres feet. Rolf looks down and instantly realizes what is going on. He glares at Perfuma and tries to reach for her.

"You will never have me Rolf." Perfuma concentrates and unleashes her power. The vines and roots grab hold and begin dragging Pyres into the ground. They scream and try to free themselves, but it is of no use. Rolf spits blood towards the flowermaiden before he is quickly taken under. The only one left is Vampra and she is holding on with everything she's got. Almost pulled under, Vampra's arms hold onto the ground.

Angella walks towards Vampra. The evil Pyre looks at Angella, "You haven't won. Far from it. Oh Angella, my treat, we have forever changed this place!" Vampra cackles loudly before the vines and roots of Etheria quickly take hold pulling Vampra under the ground. Perfuma is shaking with the amount of power running through her. She can feel the Pyres traveling under ground.

"Perfuma, what is going to happen to them?" She-Ra asks. Stumbling to the ground, Perfuma shakes, "They are being taken to a new home." Everyone takes an assessment of the damages. Glimmer is shaken up, but she is glad to see that the Glitterbugs are safe. Mermista, Frosta, and Castaspella try to help the injured. Angella looks at some guards and gives some secret orders, "Make sure that those who have been bitten are removed from the healing bay. I would like them to be taken to the holding cells. And please, let's keep that between us."

Netossa hugs Spinnerella, "You were so amazing!" Spinnerella weakly smiles, "That took a lot out of me." The two friends head back towards their room. Bow and She-Ra walk off into the woods looking for any remaining Pyres for survivors. Perfuma looks at her winged friend, "I'm so glad you can talk. Do you have a name?" The winged woman looks lost, "Don't. Remember. My past. They did say. Serina. Does not. Feel. Like. Me. Now." Perfuma hugs her, "Well we just need to make up something new. You can certainly flutter with those wings. You saved my life." Serina smiles, "You. Are. Friend." They walk off to check on Madame Razz and Kowl. Sea Hawk sticks around and surveys the damage, "Never a dull moment in this place..."


High atop one of the towers of the Fright Zone, Catra uses a long range telescope (dubbed the Catscope) to observe some activity that has been going on in the Whispering Woods. Entrapta is with her, "Anything interesting?" They both have lounge chairs out each with a night cap. Entrapta takes a sip from her glass and relishes the strong drink.

Catra turns and shrugs, "For a while it looked like the Whispering Woods was completely lit up." Taking a seat next, Catra reaches over for her drink too. She wonders what could be going on in the Whispering Woods. What are her old friends doing? Bitterness at the past crawls on her skin as she thinks about those times long ago. Tossing back a big sip from her glass, Catra feels warmer as those past thoughts drift away.

"Who cares about the Rebels right now anyway? I'm more interested to hear what you think about the new girl?" Entrapta asks leaning back in her chair as her healthy ponytail goes about fixing the damaged one from She-Ra. Nearly fixed, Entrapta misses the mobility of her deadly locks.

"Which new girl are you referring to Entrapta? The one with the feathers that Hordak just kidnapped for some odd reason? Or are you meaning the one with the pincher's and bad attitude? Everyone is calling her Scorpia. I don't have an opinion on either. I especially could care less for Scorpia. She seems so ungrateful." Catra purrs. Entrapta laughs a little, "Well come now Catra, the woman did go through a painful transformation. She doesn't even have hands anymore."

Snapping and shaking her head, Catra groans, "That is not my problem." Getting up from her seat, the ferocious vixen pours them both another drink. Plopping back down on her chair, Catra leans back, "I wish life could be like this all the time..."

"Why? Where would the fun in that be?" Entrapta asks looking quizzically at Catra. Shrugging, Catra sighs, "I don't know. It is nice to just relax, and get a nice buzz in the process." They sit in silence. Catra thinks about certain things, topics that she would like to talk about. However the fear of beginning those conversations is too much for her. I won't look like a fool, she thinks. But at some point she knows she will need to talk about the thoughts that are setting up a comfortable living space in her mind. She wants them gone.

Entrapta breaks the silence, "Have you heard the latest on Double Dead Trouble?" Catra shakes her head, "What?" Sitting up, Entrapta looks over at Catra to spread a bit of gossip, "Well, now that Hordak has found a way to control the undead beauty, his next plan of action involves giving her a means of transportation. Looks like your old horse Storm will be going through a new change..." Catra hears the rest and rushes off towards the Horde Labs.

Catra knows she shouldn't care about this, but Storm was her first horse. Before Clawdeen came into the picture, Storm was for Catra. The jealous beauty barges into the Horde Labs and finds Hordak working with Multi Bot and Leech. She growls, "What is going on?" Her gaze travels to the gray and silver horse with black hair named Storm. Multi Bot is surgically attaching metal wings to the horse.

Hordak turns, "Ah, Catra. So nice to see you. We are fixing Storm." Catra is rarely disgusted in this life, but she is bothered by what is happening to the horse. "You can't just do that! Why are you giving Storm wings!?"

Groaning in impatience, Hordak looks over at Catra, "Don't ask me questions. My plans will be revealed. Storm will be better this way. Just look and see what the Horde will be capable of." He motions for someone to come forward. Catra turns in the direction of a shadowy corner. Double Trouble slowly lurches forward, gurgling and moaning.

Catra takes a cautious step back, "Why is she not chained?" Hordak snorts, "Because. When given a balanced diet of brains and other various body parts, this little piece of chaos can actually be controlled very well. Here, watch this Catra." Hordak walks up towards Double Trouble, he grazes her cheek and whispers something into her ear. Suddenly the undead beauty tilts her head back and forth. The sound of her jawbone snaps.

Looking on in horror, Catra watches the make up of Double Trouble's face change. The bone structure crunches and slowly grinds into a new shape. A new face. "Is that?" Catra asks trying to make sense of what she is looking at.

Hordak steps back and marvels at his plans, "Yes. This is our ticket to regaining the terror and fear of Etherians everywhere. I've jokingly named this face, Fake-Ra." Catra stares at Double Trouble. It is not a perfect copy, but standing before Catra is a decayed looking version of She-Ra. Catra isn't sure who she hates more, the real She-Ra or this copy. "What is she going to do Hordak?" Catra purrs. Hordak grins, "You will just have to wait and see." He rubs Double Trouble's shoulders as Leech places a shiny silver tiara on her head. Catra turns and leaves, quickly distancing herself from the freak show.

Gliding past Horror Hall, Catra does not notice a conversation going on between Shadow Weaver and Peekablue. Sitting in a room full of magical books and spells, with a few creatures trapped in cages, Peekablue tries to remain calm. Shadow Weaver glides towards the feathered woman and rasps, "I want you to look again."

Biting her lower lip, Peekablue sighs, "I keep telling you, the only thing I can see right now is trouble heading towards the Fright Zone." Clenching her fists, Shadow Weaver screeches, "What kind of trouble!? What do you mean?!" Shaking her head and apologizing, Peekablue wants to cry but stays strong, "My powers don't always make sense. I can only tell you that I saw trouble. Trouble is heading to the Fright Zone." Shaking her head, Shadow Weaver sighs, "I think Hordak made a mistake taking you."

Suddenly alarms go off in the Fright Zone. Shadow Weaver looks up at the ceiling, the lights in Horror Hall begin to dim. "Come with me child, something is going on." Shadow Weaver grabs Peekablue and they travel through the Fright Zone. They can both hear Hordak cursing loudly. "This way." Shadow Weaver says dragging Peekablue with her.

Peekablue looks around the Fright Zone. The entire place scares her. As they walks down the halls though, Peekablue catches a familiar site down one of the halls. With the use of her powers, Peekablue can see that there are some flowers that have been growing on the dank cold stone walls. Perfuma must have done that, she thinks smiling to herself. The simple act that Perfuma did awhile ago, brings some comfort. Peekablue doesn't feel so alone.

Eventually Shadow Weaver finds Hordak in a storage room. "Sit here." Shadow Weaver orders Peekablue. Taking a seat, Peekablue notices that the ground seems to be messed up. There are people laying on the ground. Some are dazed while others are unconscious. "I don't believe this shit!" Hordak booms. Mantenna and Leech are there, trying to see how the people are.

Shadow Weaver rasps, "Mighty Hordak, what is this?" Hordak turns and snorts, "Pyres! Fucking Pyres! I locked those imbeciles in the Midnight Lair. And now here they are." He leans down to the ground, lifting a woman with bright red hair up from the floor. Peekablue knows her, she has seen the Pyre with her magical vision. Hordak sneers, "Vampra. How did you end up here?"

Vampra rolls her head and slowly opens her eyes. She spits in his face, "This is the last place I wanted to end up, but I had no choice." Hordak throws her to the ground. "Get her out of my sight. Put her in the deluxe special. That should teach her a lesson." Hordak steps over some other Pyres, "Take care of them, they'll make perfect slaves since they will truly work forever. And what do we have here?" Hordak spots Rolf on the ground. The Pyre is trying to get up, but can't move as Hordak picks him up, "Looks like you just can't escape the Horde my boy." Hordak studies him, "You should have just stayed with us. Now you will learn." Hordak looks over towards Shadow Weaver, "Take him to the Horde Labs. He wants to be a creature of the night. So we will make him a creature of the night." Rolf screams as he knows his fate will be worse than anything he could possibly experience...


Deep in space on Horde World, Horde Prime is speaking to the Horde Corporal Romeo. The Corporal does not look like a hybrid of some sort, he is actually human. "You summoned for me Horde Prime?" The massive structure that is clouded in smoke and machinery speaks, "Yes. I need you to release one of the Horde's prisoners. Prisoner #45." Romeo nods, "Where should I release #45?"

Horde Prime speaks, a slight echo in his voice, "Send the prisoner to Etheria." Romeo is slightly confused, "But Horde Prime, Hordak has not finished acquiring the magic energy from Etheria. Prisoner #45 is deadly, she will be bent on destroying him. I do not understand."

A techno-organic hand forms a fist dropping to the ground, "Hordak must learn! He has been taking far too long on this mission. He might be... too old for the job. Prisoner #45 will be his test. If the prisoner destroys Hordak then I will know that someone will need to replace him. If Hordak can stop #45, than I will know the mission is almost over."

Romeo nods, wondering if this is the best course of action, "When do you want me to do this?" Horde Prime chuckles, "Immediately."

Romeo turns to leave heading across the floating rock to the prison ward. The prison ward is sleek with clean lines and metal finishes. Each prison cell is capable of turning into a space pod in a moment's notice. Romeo walks down the corridor heading to #45. He looks through the window and spots the prisoner. She looks strong and menacing. Pressing an intercom button, Romeo startles her. "Prisoner #45, you have been ordered by Horde Prime to leave this ward. The escape pod will give a count down before releasing you into space."

The woman gets up in a rage. She is furious and tries to attack the cell door, "Lead me to him! I want to destroy Horde Prime!" Romeo shakes his head, "I'm sorry, your chance to harm Horde Prime will not come to pass. Instead you will be landing on Etheria, a planet occupied by the Horde. Good journey, Huntara." Her eyes widen at the sound of her name. She can't remember the last time someone called her by her name. Before she can say anything else, Romeo sets the course for the cell and releases it into space...


A new day dawns on Etheria. Villagers in a small town go about their work. The sun shines bright as a cart full of fruit rattles through the town delivering breakfast for those who don't have anything to eat. An old man with rosy cheeks pushes the cart and stops to talk to a family, "Here, take some of this for the children." The mother grabs some berries, "Oh thank you for being so generous Mr. Smith. Where have you gotten all this food from?" Mr. Smith smiles, "Ever since She-Ra, our lives have been so much better. She brings supplies to every town." The woman smiles, "Of course! I feel like she will free us all from the Horde. What was like before She-Ra?"

Mr. Smith nods and talks a little bit more to the family before moving his cart to the next home. As he is handing out food to the people, a commotion is made in the small town square. "She's here!" "She-Ra is visiting us!" People come out of their homes to catch a site of the the most powerful woman in the universe. Mr. Smith leaves his cart to join in the excitement.

A small crowd gathers before her. "She looks beautiful!" A woman in the crowd says. Mr. Smith squints his eyes, something is not right. The majestic woman lumbers off her horse, staggering a bit towards the crowd. Mr. Smith gazes at the Pegasus with giant metal wings. He looks at She-Ra and sees a face that doesn't seem quite right. He whispers, "This is a trap..."

Two children tug on their parent's shirts, "Momma, can we go say hi?" The mother looks down, "Of course! Say hello to your hero!" The children run towards She-Ra, with arms wide open. They don't see it, and why would they? Double Trouble gurgles and looks at the children running towards her. She shuffles her walk towards them, very hungry.

Mr. Smith looks on in horror, "Let me through! Let me through, those children are in danger!" He pushes through the crowd, stepping on toes. People are angry at his rude behavior. "Someone get the children!" The children are close, and their parents hear the noise coming from Mr. Smith. The crowd is confused.

Breaking through the crowd, Mr. Smith runs to the children. He isn't sure his old bones can make it in time, but he pushes himself. Grabbing hold of the children he pushes them away, "Run back to your mother and father! Now!" The children are scared and crying. People in the crowd are slightly angry that the old man would ruin the children's moment at meeting their hero.

Mr. Smith turns to look at the impostor. Her face is decaying. Mr. Smith asks, "What are you?" Double Trouble, with She-Ra's face, gurgles and groans. Her focus seems to be everywhere, until her black empty eyes focus on the old man. She let's out a loud piercing scream that sounds horrific. She lunges forward biting into the man's neck. He screams in agony as the undead beauty rips into his flesh. Falling to the ground, Mr. Smith lays there as Double Trouble begins feasting upon his body.

The crowd breaks out in screams. People run into their homes locking the doors while others take what they can and just leave town, hearing the screams in the distance. No one knows what is going on, but their hero is a monster.

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  1. nice vampirs and one zombie. aka double trouble. wonder plus horde prime seems to be showing by sending huntara that he does not trust Hordak if he wants to test him and risk him destroyed. plus love how peekablue gave shadow weaver a fit.

    1. Thank you Demoncat4! I thought it would be fun to have some monsters of a different kind in this story. And Horde Prime is just getting fed up with the waiting. Hordak does his best and strongly believes in the Horde, but it will be interesting to see how Hordak responds to all this. I like to think of Horde Prime and Hordak as both viewing themselves as the leader of the Horde, but Horde Prime is unable to be as mobile as Hordak. So they both have different ideas on how things should go, but that will also make more sense. And I love Peekablue. Her powers make sense to her, but they will be hard to explain to other people, especially to the Horde who expects answers immediately. Thank you for enjoying the story, I hope it can only get better!

  2. I see "fuck" has made another appearance. It doesn't surprise me that Sea Hawk would say it. I love picturing this story animated in Filmation style and seeing the characters say Fuck. I would pay good money to see Filmation animate this!
    And I think all guys out there have felt like Sea Hawk once in a while when a beautiful girl flirts with you and then seems to hate you. It's painfully reminiscent of life.
    I hope the pyres aren't gone for good-but I've watched enough cartoons and soap operas and read enough comics to know that that was not a conclusive enough ending for the characters to bench them for the story. Hell, actual death isn't even a sufficient enough ending for most characters in most of those medium to keep them gone for good. Being dragged somewhere ambiguously by a vine can only mean they'll be back.
    Can you draw? If so I would appreciate a drawing of Vampra, or possibly you get someone else to do one.
    "Zombie She Ra" should be interesting. I would think the villagers could tell the difference between her and the real deal, but in this universe people can't tell the difference between a blue he-man and a real he-man so you never know.

    Hope you feel better from the injury you mentioned in the other post, and are not strapping your feet into torture devices (unless your into that!the, by all means..) -I had my wisdom teeth out a couple weeks ago and I find I draw more pages of comics when I'm on Vicodin. Just pop some Vicodin and throw some Ultra-7 or Johnny Socko and his Flying Robot in the DVD player and I'm at the drawing table mindlessly for hours making pages to the soothing sound of guys in rubber monster suits punching the crap out of each other.
    Good luck on "Night of the Living She-Ra"!

    1. Yeah I liked Sea Hawk's language in this chapter, particularly because I feel that a decent number of men would have responded in the same way. And the Pyres are not finished, now that they are in the Fright Zone all kinds of interesting things will be happening to them. I can sort of draw, but I am not that good at it. I did try to draw a picture of Vampra, but I need to go back to the drawing board. In my mind I know what she looks like, but I just can't place it on paper.

      As for zombie She-Ra, since Etheria is not completely familiar with She-Ra, I like to think that the townspeople are just slightly clueless. However their cluelessness won't stick around for long, because they will eventually realize that their savior is dangerous, but it will be explained later. I really wanted there to be a fake She-Ra in this story. It only makes sense, He-Man got his fight with Fakor, and what makes the story so juicy is that the fake She-Ra is really zombie Double Trouble using her powers of changing into anyone. It is just a lot of fun to write.

      As for my foot, it has been getting better. Whatever I stepped on finally worked its way out. I stepped on a piece of sharp plastic. So now I am just riding out my anti biotics. Hope all is well!