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Adora's Search for Honor Part 2: Chapter 28

Previously: There was an epidemic of Pyres inside the Whispering Woods. Rolf killed Minwu, and nearly changed Perfuma, but the winged woman (Serina) saved the flower maiden. The rebels all put up a good fight, even Spinnerella got involved. Eventually Vampra and her minions were vanquished by Perfuma's powers with nature. The Pyres were sent all the way to the Fright Zone where Hordak was none to thrilled to see that the monsters were free from the Midnight Lair... Angella secretly worked with the Bright Moon guards to round up all the rebels who were bitten by the Pyres and put them in holding cells instead of being in the healing bay... Catra and Entrapta have become friends, but just how close they are remains to be seen... Horde Prime hurtled a test towards Etheria for Hordak... Prince Adam is still wandering around, lost as all get out... Teela wanted to know who was her daddy, and Man-At-Arms was busy finishing up a portal key for some of the Masters to head over to Etheria and find Prince Adam!!!

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 2
Chapter 28

Queen Angella stands over a table looking at old documents of Etheria's past. She is alone waiting for the arrival of Kowl. They are going to read over the handwritten passages that have managed to last over the flow of time. She is looking, searching, for something. The doors to the throne room open and the queen looks up as her daughter and Adora walk in. Angella greets them warmly.

"Mother, it is important that we talk." Glimmer earnestly says looking towards Adora for approval. Adora nods, "It has been a few days since the Pyres attacked, and there has been a great deal of questioning..." The young women look at Angella's face, they are searching for answers of some kind. Angella stands before them with a face that gives nothing away.

Glimmer walks closer to her mother, "Where are the victims? The ones who were bitten, they have family and friends that are looking for them. We have searched, they are not in the healing bay. They are not in their rooms or cabins. There was a group of people who were bitten. Mother, where are they?"

Taking a deep breath, Angella lets out a long sigh, "They are all safe. I have them in holding cells. A team of guards are looking after them." The answer is given matter-of-factly, a tone that surprises Glimmer and Adora. "Mother! You put them in holding cells? What was their crime? The holding cells are used for prisoners..."

Angella turns and walks to her throne. "No one has been held prisoner Glimmer. Have we forgotten what happens when one has been bitten by a Pyre? The cravings for blood, the potential for other innocent lives to be harmed, well, something needed to be done." Angella can see the looks of shock on their faces, "Please, do not look at me like that. You two have no idea what I went through as a real prisoner in the Midnight Lair. I know what happens to those who are bitten. My goodness, have we forgotten about Perfuma? No, I did what was best for this kingdom. You will be queen one day, you will then understand that there are times that call for difficult decisions."

"But mother! They are in holding cells, no one knows where these people are!" Glimmer shakes her head looking at Adora for help. Angella shakes her head, "I do not have them sleeping on stone floors Glimmer. I have outfitted the holding cells to make the experience comfortable for those who were bitten. Once the intensity of their cravings have subsided, then they will be free to go..."

Adora calmly interrupts the queen, "Angella, what happens when they are released? People will find out what has happened and they will possibly be furious that this was kept from them." Sitting on her throne and rubbing her head, Angella sighs, "What are you saying? What would you do?" Crossing her arms, Adora thinks before speaking, "I would be honest with the people. There are those who are already suspecting that something is not right, I think you should address the people of Bright Moon and calm any fears. Angella, this could get out of hand rather quickly."

Angella knows that Adora is right. "Oh I wish those blasted Pyres had never snuck in the Whispering Woods. Our lives would be so different right now." She pauses, "I will address the rebels, however, I will need Perfuma's help. She has been through this and she will be able to help explain. Find Perfuma, and we will address the people."


Outside in the courtyard, Perfuma looks over a mound of flowers. She waves her fingers in the air as more flowers sprout from the mound of blooms, "Oh Minwu, I wish it was different." She thinks about the ceremony they had for Minwu. Fond memories were spoken on his behalf. Perfuma smiles, "I think you would have been shy with all the attention that was paid to you. Oh Minwu, I hope you know how much I loved you..." The flower maiden hangs her head in sadness. She is not sure how much more she can take. "I miss being happy and care free..."

Perfuma feels someone approach from behind, she turns to see Adora. The two friends hug each other. "Oh Perfuma, how are you?" Adora looks at her friend blinking back tears, "I'm just tired Adora. I'm very tired." Nodding, Adora consoles her friend.

Eventually Perfuma listens to Adora address the growing concerns of the rebels and what is happening to those in the holding cell. "Of course I will help Angella address the crowd. They must know. Those who were bitten, they will need all the love and support they can get. They are on a journey that will have them questioning who they are, and craving everyone."

A crowd of people with mixed emotions gather round a makeshift stage. Angella and Perfuma are on the stage slightly above the crowd so as to see everyone. Frosta, Mermista, and Castaspella are to the side. Bow and Madame Razz are in the crowd. Glimmer and Adora are in the back, trying to show people where they can stand or sit. Kowl is flying about. Serina is looking on to the side, trying to fit in and finding it difficult with her large colorful wings, she notices a few people staring too much. Sea Hawk is passed out in his room, dead to the world. Netossa is sitting with Spinnerella inside the castle, they have a spot by a window looking down at the unfolding speech.

"My dear rebels, great people of Bright Moon. We have suffered many losses as of late, the most recent being the attack that occurred a few nights ago during the Night of the Glitterbugs celebration. As your Queen, I wish more had been done to prevent a disaster like this from occurring. It was not. We lost lives. We also have those who are injured." Angella is about to speak when someone from the crowd yells out, "Where are the injured?" Another voice shouts, "Where is my son? I want to see my son!" A murmur begins in the crowd. Angella looks at her friends, and realizes she must take the brunt of this.

"Please, everyone, let's remain calm. I have a great deal to explain. Those who have been injured are being taken care of, but due to the number of people and the extent of their injuries, the healing bay was no longer a safe place. As Queen of Bright Moon, I made the difficult decision to place them in the holding cells." She is quiet as the crowd erupts in raised voices demanding answers. "What gives you the right to lock your own people up!" An elderly man gruffs, "This is something the Horde would do! I thought we were better than that!"

"Please, please listen! Calm yourselves!" Angella shouts, still managing to command a crowd. "I know you are hurt and angry. I accept responsibility. But please, listen to me first. You all must understand that no one is a prisoner. The holding cells have been furnished to accommodate the injured." The voice of a woman shouts, "I want to see my husband!" Raising her hands in the air, Angella goes on, "The injured are trying to heal. You all must understand, they were bitten by Pyres. As of right now they are going through something that is painful. Believe me, I know this because I was a prisoner of those monsters for all that time in the Midnight Lair. Some of you may also know about what happened to Perfuma. She was bit recently, and I would like her to talk a little about her experience, so as to give you all a bigger picture at what we are dealing with." Angella looks over at Perfuma as if to say, "Are you ready?"

Perfuma isn't sure that she is ready, but she looks out at the crowd anyway and tells her story from the beginning. Of how Rolf left her to become a Pyre and how their reunion would leave her with a bite that only the death of another could cure. She is blunt about her cravings for blood and how that addiction nearly consumed her. The crowd is listening intently, at once amazed and then horrified at the experiences she is detailing. Perfuma remarks of the kindness from She-Ra and how being away from other people helped her work through the intense cravings. "It will pass. I have been bitten, but I have not given in to the craving. I refuse to harm someone only to turn into an ageless monster. I know that what Angella has done has not been easy to hear, but believe me, she did this to protect us all. Your loved ones will get better, but they must be safe. We all must be safe."

There are various mutterings in the crowd. Some are glad to know the truth. Others find it sad that Perfuma got special treatment in the Crystal Castle while so many others are in the holding cells. Another few are worried about their safety in the Whispering Woods. Angella tries to answer as many questions, "Look, Perfuma was able to get help inside the walls of the majestic Crystal Castle. But we can't expect She-Ra to gather everyone up there. Those who were bitten are getting remarkable treatment here. I assure you. In a few days it will be safe to visit the injured. As for overall safety, I am not exactly sure how the Pyres managed to sneak into the Whispering Woods undetected, but our defenses are still strong. They won't be getting in a second time. Please, I know things have been scary as of late. But we must stick together. I have always said this life will not be easy. Being a Rebel requires much sacrifice. We are fighting for freedom and that will not be given to us easily. We will prevail though. The Great Rebellion will not fall at the hands of the Horde, Pyres, or any other threat. Please stand with me rebels, this is our chance to fight back. For freedom." The crowd shifts. There are claps and shouts.

The people of Bright Moon are shaken, but they are not giving up. They will fight with their Queen. After all, they have She-Ra. Even in their despair, they still have a tremendous amount of hope on their side. Adora looks around the crowd and smiles.


The Fright Zone is a bustle of activity. The day is moving on and two particular members of the Horde are managing to take a break. Sitting in a lounge area in one of the Fright Zone Towers, Catra and Entrapta find time to mix a few drinks. Sipping a bubbly concoction Entrapta grins, "I don't know where you have found the time to do this, but you really know how to make a nice drink." Catra purrs, "I stole some recipes from a book in Horror Hall when Shadow Weaver was teaching me how to use magic. Believe me, with some of the things we deal with around here it is important to be knowledgeable in making nice distractions." She takes a sip, relishing the carbonation and taste of liquor.

"I have really enjoyed these little moments Catra. I feel like we are becoming friends." Entrapta is serious, there is no angle, which surprises the tricky golden beauty. Listening intently, Catra wants to admit the same thing, but she doesn't. Instead she asks a question that has been on her mind for some time, "Have you ever been intimate with someone Entrapta?"

Massaging her scalp that protects the cybernetic rods in her skull, Entrapta pauses, "Intimate? What do you mean?" Catra continues avoiding eye contact, "I mean physical intimacy. Sex. Have you encountered such experiences. How do you make sense of that?" Entrapta is quick to answer, "I don't make sense of it, because I do not require something so common. Catra, I have flown among the stars. I have helped to conquer entire galaxies. When one has achieved that level of power and experience, well... sex is nothing but an act of common fools thinking that they are reaching the pinnacle of something. They are merely reaching nothing."

"But what of those who have sex for fun? As a release?" Catra is trying to understand a concept that is unknown to her. Entrapta swirls her drink in her hand, "Oh Catra. Fun is watching an empire crumble. Fun is roaming the vast area of space. You will understand once we are done with this place." Catra wonders what Entrapta means by that.

Finishing her drink, Entrapta grins, "Now why are you asking such a great deal about sex? I'm intrigued. Have you been fantasizing about someone?" Her grin is hard to read for Catra. The jealous beauty is not sure how friendships work so Catra is unaware of Entrapta's intentions of the question. Is she mocking Catra? Is she really interested? Or will she judge? Catra remains silent. This only feeds Entrapta's curiosity, "Oh, there is someone! Let me guess, Bow? He seems important to you..." Entrapta studies Catra's face hoping for an answer. Catra is still silent. "Hm, is it someone in the Horde? Grizzlor perhaps?" The mere mention of Grizzlor causes Catra to nearly choke on her drink. Entrapta laughs, "I guess not."

Thinking of a plan to suss out any gossipy information, Entrapta smiles, "Since we are friends, we should do what friends normally do: share a secret. How about I tell you something that I have not told anyone, while you tell me something in return? We are friends, right?" Catra shrugs, "I suppose we are. You go first. What secret do you have?"

Laughing to herself, Entrapta thinks, you have no idea. Instead the devious woman grins, "I was originally told to spy on you. Orders from Hordak." The news rattles Catra. "Why would Hordak want you to spy on me?"

Crossing her legs, Entrapta smirks, "Because he thinks you are unpredictable. He wanted to make sure you weren't a danger to his plan." Catra is fuming, "He doesn't trust me? I have given my all for the Horde. What have you told him?" Catra wonders what Entrapta has on her, "How can I be your friend, if you have been spying on me?" There is a hint of evil brewing in Catra's eyes. Entrapta tries to be reassuring, "Catra, calm down. I never said anything bad about you. Honest. I have truly come to think of you as a friend..."

Catra snaps, "You murdered your own family. Why should I remotely think you would be looking out for me?"

"Because. If I truly disliked you, I would have told Hordak about the odd behavior you sometimes exhibit and you'd more than likely lose your title as Head Force Captain. Believe me, I am looking out for you. I am telling you this because I want to be honest. I don't usually care to have friends, but with you, I really do think of you as a friend." Entrapta sits there, hoping that Catra can believe her. Catra is confused by so much.

"Does Hordak not trust me? I don't understand." The two women look at each other. Entrapta lets out another sigh, "Well it looks like I will be divulging some more secrets. Have you ever wondered what the next plan is? Surely you are aware of why the Horde is here? Hordak is trying to funnel magic energy to Horde World."

Catra purrs, "Horde World? That sounds like a ridiculous place." Standing up and tapping her golden heels on the floor, Entrapta pours herself another drink, "Horde World is more than anything you could imagine Catra. It is home to Horde Prime, the supreme leader of the Horde. And once Hordak has taken what he needs from Etheria, we will leave. Hordak will want to know who should leave this place and continue on with the Horde. I have to say, not everyone will leave this place. I hope though, that you will get to join us. It is one thing to start out as a member of the Horde, but quite another to travel the universe."

"I have never heard this much information." Catra is suddenly curious about a great deal of things. "Who is Horde Prime? And what exactly is Horde World?" Smiling, Entrapta begins, "Horde World is a floating chunk of rock, but that is not the beginnings of the Horde. Many generations ago the Horde lived on their own planet, Hecca. They were a highly advanced civilization on the cutting edge of many advancements. No one had a need or want that couldn't be fulfilled. The Horde was actually a peaceful group. There was no disease. There was an abundance of magical energy that provided the perfect conditions for all the Horde. Hordak had an older sister, her name was Anilla."

Catra purrs, "Hordak has a sister?" Entrapta nods, "Yes, and when their parents died it was a slight race to become the ruler of the Horde. Anilla would be Queen if only she could find a King. If no such action was to occur, than the leadership would go directly to Hordak. Anilla ended up finding a king though, a member of the Horde named Heron. Anilla and Heron proceeded with a ceremony to unite them as king and queen. Hordak would not become the leader of the Horde. Needless to say Hordak despised Heron. Even more so when Heron began calling himself Horde Prime and labeling himself as the supreme leader of the entire Horde Empire."

Trying to keep up with the story, Catra awaits for the moment where things change, "So how did the Horde end up on a floating rock in space?" Entrapta smiles, "Pour me some more, and I will tell you..." Catra grabs a pitcher and fills Entrapta's glass. The story continues, "Hordak and Horde Prime never got along. Fundamentally they were two different people. They both had differing visions for how the Horde should continue to thrive. This annoyed Anilla, because she wanted her brother to get along with her king. Of course the petty discrepancies between the two would not matter in the end, because a group of space travellers would land on Heron. They would later be called the Space Invaders. At first the Horde had no idea what to make of these visitors. Horde Prime wanted to welcome them while Hordak was distrustful."

Entrapta pauses for effect, and to take a big sip of her drink, "Oh my goodness this drink is superb. Anyways, the Space Invaders left Heron upon realizing that they had essentially started a civil war. But before they left, they released a techno organic virus upon the Horde. People were dying left and right. Hordak and Horde Prime put aside their differences, especially after Anilla and Horde Prime became infected with the virus. Anilla died. Her dying wish was for her brother and king to work together, which is what happened. Hordak went about creating a massive cybernetic structure to house a sick Horde Prime in. Hordak also managed to create a free floating eco-system out of a chunk of Heron, thus Horde World was born. Only a select few were able to leave, and that is what happened. The Horde left their planet and flew among space, searching for magical energy to help fuel the floating chunk of rock as well as the structure that keeps Horde Prime alive."

Catra shakes her head, "So that is why the Horde takes magic energy from planets..." Entrapta nods, "Precisely. At first the Horde would travel and ask nicely, however when you begin to build a massive empire, sometimes asking for something becomes silly. Generations upon generations have come and gone, Hordak's attitude evolved. The Horde soon realized that descending upon a planet and taking it over would always yield the best results. Along with the largest amount of resources. This will all make sense once you leave this shitty planet. Believe me Catra, there are bigger things out there for you than being some Force Captain on Etheria."

They both sit there. The story sinks into Catra. Suddenly many things become clear. There is a reason for everything, isn't there? This whole time I thought Hordak was evil for the sake of being evil... but it became a part of his own personal evolution. What will be my evolution? Catra wonders. Bringing the topic back on track, Entrapta grins, "Alright, your turn. I've been telling you all kinds of secrets. Time for you to share. It is a part of bonding, isn't it?" Waiting with full curiosity, Entrapta hopes that Catra shares who she fantasizes about. There is something titillating about it, Entrapta isn't sure why.

Instead, Catra decides to share another secret, "I think Shadow Weaver is my mother." Almost dropping her glass, Entrapta laughs, "Did you just say you think Shadow Weaver is your mother? What would give you that idea?" Catra shrugs, "I am not sure. Shadow Weaver took a great interest in teaching me how to harness my own magical abilities. She also has alluded to knowing a great deal about my past. I feel as if she knows more about me than I know about myself."

Leaning back in her lounge chair, Entrapta folds her arms over her chest, "Well what are you going to do?" Catra thinks about that question. She is not sure, but eventually the ferocious beauty purrs, "I'll think of something..." Entrapta tilts her head, "Alright. Now, girl to girl, have you been intimate with someone before Catra?" The jealous beauty stares at her friend, her green eyes dazzle with the memory of a long ago kiss... "Once. Something happened once, but never again..." Catra does not look back, she will only look forward...

In another part of the Fright Zone, Hordak is trying to be calm with his latest prisoner: Peekablue. "What do you mean by seeing trouble?" He sits there looking across at the lovely Peekablue. She is not sure what is wrong with her senses, usually she can peek in on various events on Etheria and see everything rather clearly. "I'm so sorry Hordak, I do not see a specific thing, I just can see that trouble is coming. Please don't hurt me."

"You are far to valuable to harm, I just don't understand how you can see trouble yet see nothing at all. I need you to do better!" Hordak slams his fists on the table next to them. He calls out for Shadow Weaver.

The mistress of dark magic floats in, "Yes mighty Hordak?" The Horde leader asks for Shadow Weaver to change her image into Adam. With the wave of a hand, a cloud of smoke billows around Shadow Weaver, transforming her into the image of Prince Adam. "Now Peekablue, I need you to focus even more. This man is somewhere on Etheria, I need you to tell me where he is at..."

Peekablue does not want to do that, but she knows if she doesn't, she will be killed. She uses her powers of magical sight to reach out and find this man. She opens her eyes, "I can see him. He is right here." She looks towards the visage.

Hordak groans, "No you half wit! I know 'he' is here right now, that is really Shadow Weaver in disguise. I need you to find the real Adam! Fool!" Peekablue begins to shake, she can actually see the real Adam clearly, however she does not wish to say anything. She pretends to play dumb, which she can only hope she is doing well at. Hordak grows impatient, "Get her out of here. I am done with her for today." Shadow Weaver and a Horde Trooper pick the shy and scared woman up from her seat and prepare to take her to her cell. Before they exit, Hordak calls out, "I'd start being more helpful Peekablue. If you can't give me what I want, I will have no problem disposing of you. Believe me, those feathers would look good mounted on a wall."

The woman stands there shaking. Peekablue nods, "I understand." She is about to be led to her cell when alarms go off. She panics, "I didn't do anything." Hordak stands up furious, "These alarms have been going off with too much frequency. If this is another drop-in by more Pyres, I will be pissed." He storms out of the room, searching for the problem.

The problem is Huntara. She is laying waste to a number of Horde Troopers. "Get out of my way!" She screams and slams two Horde Troopers into a stone wall. Grabbing a freeze ray, Huntara takes aim at a few other Horde Troopers.

Mantenna, Grizzlor, and Scorpia rush in trying to stop the new threat. Mantenna shrills, "Where has she come from?!" Grizzlor raises his machete in the air for a quick swipe, but Huntara upper cuts him. Scorpia is up next swiping with her pinchers. The newly minted Horde member screeches and groans as she tries to fight. Scorpia's anger helps her slightly, until Huntara shoots her with the freeze ray.

Soon an audience has gathered around the scene. Catra and Entrapta are in the sideline observing the quick footed Huntara. Mantenna is soon thrown into a wall. Leech tries his best to drain the strong woman of her strength, but is quickly knocked out. Huntara stands among the members of the Horde, looking to see who her next match will be against.

Hordak walks towards the woman. Shadow Weaver and Peekablue quickly follow. Snorting Hordak grins, "Now what is this?" Huntara looks at Hordak and sneers, "I've been looking for you!" She races towards him ready to strike; ready to finally gather her revenge against the Horde.

But she does not get the chance. Before she can strike, Shadow Weaver magically summons two pieces of metal that fly together around Huntara's neck. The warrior woman struggles after feeling something beep around her neck. Not giving up she takes another step towards Hordak, only to feel an immense pain shoot into her head. She can't do anything, "What have you done to me?!" She screams.

Hordak motions towards her, "Well I can't talk to someone who is wanting to kill me, now can I? Don't worry, the collar around your neck won't kill you. Unless I want it to. Now tell me, who are you?" Knowing there is nothing she can do at the moment, Huntara spits out, "I am Huntara. From the Planet Silax. Or what is left of it. You and your Horde destroyed my people. I was taken prisoner by Horde Prime. I was set free and this is where I have landed. Searching for you, I will begin by destroying the Horde." She wails the cry of a warrior and rushes towards Hordak again. He snaps his fingers and a bolt of shocking energy is released from the collar around Huntara's neck. She falls to the floor howling in pain. "Stop fighting me warrior! I can send the right amount of energy to your brain, frying it to nothing. You seem very strong, but maybe not so bright. Why would Horde Prime send you here?"

Huntara coughs spitting blood on the floor, "Why don't you ask him?" Hordak turns to look at Shadow Weaver. He knows why Huntara is here. This is a message meant to say, hurry up, finish your job. Hordak knows Horde Prime all too well. "Hm. Everyone go back to what they are doing. Shadow Weaver, stay with me. We need to talk to our new friend." Shadow Weaver nods. Peekablue remains and is placed in the shadows. Catra observes Huntara before leaving. Her eyes glide over the light purple skin and strip of white hair on her head. Catra isn't sure why she is looking over Huntara so intently, but Huntara catches her.

Looking away, Catra rushes off with Entrapta. The other beaten members of the Horde slowly make their way to other parts of the Fright Zone. Hordak walks over to Huntara, "Horde Prime thinks he can get the best of me, but this test has not worked. You won't be killing me. Not at all." Huntara growls.

"Oh stop that Huntara. For a warrior such animations look foolish. You aren't going to stop me. I won't ask you to join the Horde, and I'm not going to imprison you either. You are very strong. So let's make a deal. I seem to recall the warriors from Silax. For a price, a Silax warrior would be willing to do just about anything..."

Kneeling on the ground, Huntara says calmly, "No amount of money will get me to do anything for you..."

"But what about your freedom?" Hordak asks. Huntara laughs, "Freedom? The only freedom I seek is destroying the Horde. I have nothing else. The Horde has taken everything." Crossing his arms, Hordak grins, "Or so you think. Shadow Weaver, see if you can show this warrior her people. She seems to think she does not have a home."

"Yes mighty Hordak." Shadow Weaver conjures a spell of smoke and mirrors, an image appears of the planet Silax. Huntara's humanity is shown before her eyes. The strong warrior gasps, unsure how she can see her home world. "What trick is this?"

"I assure you, this is no trick. I don't know what you have been told about Silax, but they are all still there. Your freedom can actually mean something. But it will come at a price." Huntara continues to look at the vision and spits, "How do I know to trust you?"

Hordak snorts, "You don't. I can kill you at any moment, but I believe in helping my fellow warrior. I want to see you return to your home, if only so you can be gone. I have a very busy schedule." Hordak laughs at his own joke. He continues, "There is a woman on this planet that I need you to track down. This should not be difficult because it is in your blood to hunt and track down a mark. I have been trying to stop this woman who is incredibly powerful. If you can stop her, and kill her, I will set you free. Not as a prisoner to Horde World, but a free person to Silax where you can reunite with those who are still alive. What do you say?"

The urge to fight Hordak no matter what is around her neck is strong for Huntara. She wants him gone, obliterated. But she can't help but believe that she will have her freedom. All she has to do is hunt some woman? This will be too easy, Huntara thinks. And if it is a trick, Huntara vows that she will kill Hordak no matter it takes. "I accept your proposition Hordak. I will hunt this woman down. What is her name?"

Hordak snorts, a glint of evil in his red eyes, "She-Ra." Huntara nods. Hordak motions for some Horde Troopers, "Take Huntara to a vacant room. She is a guest of the Horde. Find some time to rest. Eat something. Look around the Fright Zone. If you can trust me, I will trust you." Huntara thinks he is full of shit, but she plays along. Horde Prime made a mistake freeing me, she smiles to herself.

Shadow Weaver grabs hold of Peekablue and prepares to walk away, she turns to Hordak, "Are you really going to give Huntara her freedom?" Hordak snorts, "Of course not. But that warrior is strong. And if she can get rid of She-Ra, than it will have been worth it. Eventually one of my plans will stick. I will see She-Ra die. As for Horde Prime, I will drain this planet of its magical energy on my own time. He should know not to rush me. My sister made such a mistake betrothing herself to him. He'll pay though. Anyone who steps in my way will eventually pay..."

Peekablue listens to all of this and wants to cry. She is trapped in a nightmare. Shadow Weaver motions for her to keep moving, "Come now child. You have to return to your cell. I suppose you were right, trouble did just arrive on Etheria." They walk in darkness, the sounds of screams and groans echoing throughout the Fright Zone.


In another part of the galaxy, on Eternia, the current Man-At-Arms, Duncan, is debriefing three of his fellow Masters. Clamp Champ, Stratos, and Roboto are sitting in a lab looking at a portal key. "Does anyone have any questions on how this key will work?" Duncan asks looking at his friends. The portal key is finally finished and Clamp Champ will be leading a team to Etheria.

Clamp Champ looks at the key, "Nah Duncan. I think we got it. We just can't lose it. How will we find Adam though?" Duncan nods, "Yes, well Adam should have a tracking device on his family crest buckle. Hopefully it will be working."

Roboto speaks up, "I will be able to monitor any signs of the device." Duncan nods, "Great. And Stratos, your flight skills should hopefully come in handy while looking for Adam from above. I feel as if we have been over everything, are you ready?"

Stratos nods, "As ready as we can be. Hopefully this portal key will work." Clamp Champ nods, "Yes, I don't want to end up spliced into the time continuum. The missus would be devastated." Roboto's visor lighst up, "But Clamp Champ, you don't have a missus."

Clamp Champ laughs, "It was a joke Roboto. Alright gentlemen, are you ready?" The Masters nod. Duncan places them in the portal radius, "Good luck everyone. Hurry back." Clamp Champ nods, "We'll find Adam." He presses a button on the portal key. It releases beams of energy that create a swirling portal. The Masters stare into the portal. They have never seen something like this up close before. It is beautiful. "No time like the present." Stratos says and walks through. Roboto makes a gesture, "I would do a happy dance, but I am not sure what we will find on the other side." Clamp Champ nods, "Let's find out!" They jump through the portal and it quickly dissolves away.

Man-At-Arms looks on, still amazed that his friends were just there in front of him, and now they are gone. Hearing a slight sound, Man-At-Arms turns to face Teela. "Do you think they'll be alright?"

"I have to believe they will Teela. There is a great deal riding on this mission." He tries to smile at his daughter. Things have still been so strained between the two. He misses his daughter and her happiness. "Is there something you need Teela?"

She nods, "Yes there is actually. The time has come. I need your blood." He hangs his head, dreading the process that Teela is wanting to start. "Teela, I'm not sure that we will be able to look at our blood and see if there are any similarities or discrepancies."

Teela walks into the room looking around at everything, full of resolve, "We still need to try. Fisto is ready. I am ready. I will find out who my father is, so let's get this started already. I think I have waited long enough." Duncan knows she is right, but he dreads it. The results of this process could go either way. Regardless of what the truth is, nothing will ever be the same...

Up Next!

Lots of Horde!
Lots of Eternia!
Lots of crazy as the Champ searches for Prince Adam!


  1. Wait, did I miss a chapter? Wasn't Double Trouble terrorizing the townsfolk at the end of the previous one? Did I space out A.D.D style and miss what happened there?
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    1. Well, the last chapter sort of ended with zombie Double Trouble attacking the town, but that was really it. You didn't miss anything. It was always meant to be one of those terrifying endings, but there will be some explanations later on.

      And I featured Clamp Champ because I do like the character but I also like the idea of representing some other skin tones. Netossa is the only black female from POP and I have always wanted to see her featured more, so I try to do that with this story. I also had plans for using Clamp Champ long before his bio got even more interesting with the MOTUC toyline. (according to the bios he becomes the next Man-At-Arms.) Either way I think he is a fun character and I also know that there are some fans of his that read the chapters too.

      The story of Horde Prime being Hordak's brother-in-law and Hordak having a sister was something I completely made up. I know what has already been established of the characters, but I wanted to tell something different. And I think it will hopefully make for a very good story. As for Huntara, well I have many reasons for wanting her in this story. She was only featured in one episode of the POP toon, but Filmation had actually more stories planned for her. And I think you will like the next chapter, it is more of a focus on the Horde! Some things will make a lot of sense!

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    1. Oh I made a mistake, it was not Clamp Champ's bio because he has not been released yet. I should have said Clamp champ was mentioned in another bio, I believe it was Snake Man-At-Arms bio where it is revealed that Clamp Champ will be the next Man-At-Arms, or maybe it alluded to that effect. i can't remember now! I need to go check that out, because I hope I didn't just make something up.

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      Rio Blast has not been made yet. And I think it was Admiral Blast, but I am not sure. There are some characters I lose track of. Like your previous comment with Prince Zed, I wanna say that was Horde Prime's son and Hordak's nephew. I am not sure he will be factored into the story as of right now, but I do have ideas for a Part 4. Maybe. lol And I really really like the next chapter! The Horde parts are a lot of fun.