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Adora's Search for Honor Part 2: Chapter 29

She-Ra Saturday is here, let's see what you may have missed.

Previously: Zombie Double Trouble is pretending to be She-Ra raising all manner of ruckus on Etheria... She-Ra and the Great Rebellion are trying to pick up the pieces from the recent attack by the blood hungry Pyres... Catra has been struggling with all sorts of concerns, she "killed" Adora and has been "seeing" her image. Catra has also been trying to understand human connection as well as figuring out who her mother is... Speaking up Maury Povich-sized paternity issues, Teela dragged her uncle Fisto back to the Eternos Palace and is now wanting to find out the ultimate truth, is her bio daddy Fisto, or Man-At-Arms? Also some Masters (Clamp Champ, Roboto, and Stratos) finally traveled to Etheria to save Prince Adam... Over in the Fright Zone a few newbies found themselves thrust into the Horde lime light: Scorpia, Peekablue, and Huntara. I wonder how these gals will be getting along with the rest of the Horde...

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 2
Chapter 29

Duncan, the current Man-At-Arms is leaning against a counter in his lab inside the Eternos Palace. His daughter, Teela, is pacing the room waiting for the rest of the party. The Sorceress is standing to the side looking solemn. She does not want to be a part of this. The entire experience is upsetting to her. She wants no part of this, but realizes there isn't much choice. She looks at Duncan, "How will this work?"

"In theory it should be pretty simple. I will take blood samples from Teela, Fisto, and myself and after comparing her blood to ours, I will be searching for specific similarities. Since Fisto and I are brothers, it will be difficult to find a perfect match between our blood, which is why we both need samples taken. There will be similarities between the three of us, but one sample should be the closest match once all three are compared with the equipment in the lab. Then we should know who the blood father is..." Duncan looks down at the ground. He hates this. "Teela?"

The warrior goddess looks up at the only father she has known, "Yes?" Her heart is beating too fast. The need for answers to her origins is greater than everything else, but it still isn't easy. Her recent anger at the adults in her life has subsided, at least in the way of Duncan. He has his faults and role in all this, but his lies weren't as great as my mother's... Teela thinks.

Duncan looks sad and sick to his stomach, "No matter what we find out, I will always be your father. Before I even knew I could potentially be your blood father, you have always been my child. From the moment the Sorceress said I needed to take care of you... I just knew. Adoptive or not, I love you. And I will be here for you..." His eyes are glassy, something that surprises everyone.

Teela wants to hug him, but her pride is too strong, "I know you mean well. But I still need these answers. So much as been kept from me." Teela glares towards the Sorceress. No matter the amount of excuses, Teela can not forgive her mother for keeping their connection a secret for so long. The Sorceress tries to reach out, "Teela, do you really need answers? Duncan has been your father for so long..."

Clenching her fists while trying to maintain her calm, Teela groans, "You don't get to say a word to me. I have tried to understand you, I really have. But your need and twisted sense of keeping secrets is mind boggling. The tricks you play on a person's mind, my goodness! I thought I had traveled back in time. I was feeling sorry for you! But you were just using your telepathy to try and feed me a story to paint you in a sympathetic light!" The Sorceress sighs, "I wanted to show you the truth. One day you will be in my position and you will understand why secrets must be kept. When you have your own child one day..."

Teela points a shaking finger at her mother, rage bubbling up, "Don't you dare try to tell me what I will do to my child. I will never have a child and give her away only to watch her grow up while I sit in the sidelines pretending to ignore the connections. And I certainly won't dupe a man into taking care of my child when he might actually turn out to be the blood father! Tell me something mother, what was it like to sleep with two brothers like a common whore?"

The Sorceress reflexes as her hand reaches out slapping Teela across the face. The mere act stuns both women. "Teela, I'm so sorry..." Teela spits out, "Well I'm not. I won't take back what I said. So go ahead and slap me again if it makes you feel better..."

Duncan barks out, "Enough! The two of you! Enough! I am tired of this. We'll start drawing blood now, I am done waiting for my brother." He must be drunk at a bar, Duncan bitterly thinks. Teela sits at the counter as Duncan preps her arm for the needle. She stares at it, amazed that a needle will be the gateway to all the answers she wants to know about where she comes from, "I don't like the idea of starting this without Fisto. I want to make sure that nothing is mixed up. After all the secrets that have gone on..." Duncan shakes his head and sighs, "Teela, there will not be a cover up. I promise. I will be doing this by the book."

Right as the needle is about to press into her arm, Fisto walks into the lab, "There is no need for blood work. Put the needle away." The three look towards Fisto. Sorceress is confused. Teela is trying to understand what is happening while Duncan is angry, "Look, I am done with games brother. What are you talking about?"

The Master with a giant fist smiles sadly, "I'm not Teela's blood father. You are Duncan. You always have been, even if you didn't know it." The news sinks in and causes everyone to look lost. "What do you mean? How do you know this?" Teela asks. Fisto looks ready to unload a heavy burden, "It is impossible for me to be your blood father Teela. I may have once been in love with your mother, but when I went off to war, I was gone for a long time. I came back a different man, while my younger brother followed in my footsteps to help end the war. Things between your mother and me ended once I found out the amount of love that had grown between Duncan and Teela'na. We loved each other, but we were never physically close, in that way... if you understand..."

Teela throws up her hand, "I got ya. I don't need to hear the details. Gross." She shakes her head wanting to avoid any thoughts of physical contact between the Sorceress and Fisto. Duncan shakes his head, "So then that must mean..."

The Sorceress speaks up, "We were involved when you were badly injured Duncan. I flew to you because I knew you were hurt. You didn't realize it was me. We made Teela that day..." Teela shakes her head, "Stop! I don't need to know all that!" She looks at Fisto, "If you knew this, why didn't you say anything? Why come back here with me and play along that you could be my father?"

Fisto looks at his brother, "Because I was angry. Once I knew of the feelings between Duncan and Teela'na I was filled with rage. I loved your mother, but I hated myself because I had become someone that was not good enough for her. So I joined you back to the Palace out of anger. But I know that was a mistake. Kid, when I look at you, I see a strong woman. You deserve honesty in your life. And that is what I am doing here. There have been too many lies and too much hurt. That ends now. Duncan is indeed your blood father."

Teela flashes a look to her father, tears beginning to form in her eyes. Fisto goes on, "And don't hate your mother Teela. The lies she weaved were done so to truly protect you. If the Evil Warriors or the Horde knew that you were the blood child of the Sorceress and Eternia's Man-At-Arms, your life would have been in even more danger than it has in the past. Please know that." Teela listens to everything. But all she can do is run to her father. Duncan and her both have tears in their eyes. "Father?" She looks at him. He looks back, "I'm sorry."

"You didn't know. You have always been my father, blood or not, I am sorry for being so head strong." They hug each other tight. Duncan sighs, feeling like the relationship with his daughter can be calm again. Her quest for answers to her origin are now over. Fisto nods his head and walks out. He wants them to be alone, he heads to the bar.

The Sorceress looks on at the happiness between Teela and Duncan. She wants to join in on the celebration, but she can't. Teela is not ready to welcome her. Quietly slipping out of the lab, the Sorceress follows Fisto to the bar. She spots him drinking by himself.

Sliding next to him, the Sorceress looks at him, "You could have let the truth unfold back there. Why didn't you?" Taking a shot of a clear liquid with a strong stinging smell, Fisto grimaces slightly, "Don't get to excited. I didn't do it for you. Or me either. I did what I did for Teela. That kid has been through enough, I wasn't about to shatter her world with the truth. She deserves a good father, and Duncan has always been just that."

"But Fisto, she will never know the truth. Can you live with that?" The Sorceress looks at him, studying him. She can hear the pain in his mind, loud and clear. "I have lived with much Teela'na. I will be fine."

"So what happens next?" She asks as he grabs another drink. Fisto shrugs, "I'm not goin' back to my shack in the mountains if that's what you think. I'm stickin' around. I would like to get to know my niece..." The Sorceress places a hand on his shoulder, "She will like that." Fisto gruffs, "Yeah, well I know that."

The Sorceress looks out a nearby window, "I should be going. I have been away from Castle Grayskull for too long. I must return." She slides off the bar stool and prepares to walk away. Fisto calls out, "Teela'na... do you ever get tired of protecting that place and all its secrets?" The Sorceress looks at him and beyond, a faraway look in her eyes, "Every day..." Turning to be alone, she transforms into a bird and flies off while Fisto continues to drink.

Far away from Eternia, the Fright Zone is preparing for lunch in the Fright Zone. The mess hall is busy with much activity. Mantenna, Grizzlor, and Leech are holding court at a table. While in deep conversation about their card game, Mantenna quickly pauses as the Horde Members look on at Modulok. Carrying a tray, the beast stands around looking for a seat. Modulok eyes a spot at a table with Catra, Entrapta, and Scorpia.

Mantenna quickly calls out, "Hey! Don't sit over there. The girls may be pretty, but they are deadly. Sit with us. You'll live longer!" Grizzlor burps out an agreement as he goes back to eating. Modulok pauses and ultimately decides to join the motley crew.

"Your name is Modulok, right?" Mantenna asks looking over at him. Mantenna notices some differences, this time around Modulok is missing a second head and a few extra limbs. Modulok nods, "Yes. That is the apt designation." Grizzlor pauses between bites, "You talk strange." Leech agrees while trying to keep his special deck of cards clean from any spit that is flying freely from Grizzlor. "Come on Grizzlor! This is a new deck!"

Mantenna looks over Modulok, "I didn't know you could talk. I thought you were this scary beast thing... I've seen you do some damage around Etheria." Modulok sets his silverware out and places a napkin on his lap, "Yes, well I have been learning how to be more civilized. Entrapta has been teaching me a finer way of living." Leech slurps up some of his green soup. Grizzlor keeps smacking and gnawing on his food. Mantenna raises an eyebrow, "Civilized? Here? In the Fright Zone? So where is your second head? I thought your whole gimmick was that you had multiple parts and stuff."

Modulok takes a small bite of his food, relishing the morsel. "I do have multiple parts. My other head is currently offline at the moment." Leech stops slurping, "Offline? What does that even mean?" Modulok shrugs, "I am not entirely sure. Entrapta told me to say that as it sounds civilized. But I keep it right here." Modulok reaches a hand into his chest. The hand easily goes through the flesh and pulls out his second head. The head looks to be sleeping. Grizzlor stops eating, "Not cool. That is gross."

"My apologies." Modulok shoves the second head back into his chest. Leech softly nudges Mantenna in the side. The two look at each other, an unspoken conversation occurring between them. Mantenna nods and looks back at Modulok before asking a question, "Do you play cards?" Modulok shrugs, "Entrapta has only worked so much with me on civilized affairs. The act of social enjoyment with parlor games has not been addressed yet." Leech isn't sure what to say, "Well... we could teach you." Modulok nods, "That could be amusing. And I would think very civilized."

Grizzlor grabs a drumstick of some sort and waves it at Modulok, "Now wait a minute! If we let him in on our special card game, how many hands does he get dealt? Because I don't think it'd be fair for his multiple parts to each get a hand. He'd win for sure!" Mantenna shakes his head, "Excuse Grizzlor. He is a sore loser. Obviously Modulok would only get one hand! Use your brain Grizzlor!" Leech chuckles, "If he can!" Grizzlor takes a big bite of the drumstick and with a full mouth mumbles, "Why don't you use your brain?!" Modulok smiles to himself. So this is what being civilized is like, what making friends is like... he likes it. Making these new friendships helps him to forget about the raging anger that is hidden below the surface of his blood red skin, offline.

Across the mess hall, Catra and Entrapta talk while Scorpia struggles to use a fork with her pincers. "Screw this! I give up!" Scorpia huffs. Catra rolls her eyes, "Do you ever stop whining? Keep at it, you'll get the hang of it." Scorpia sighs feeling her skin grow hot with annoyance. She tries to pick the fork up with her pincers, missing the use of her hands.

Entrapta looks over at another table, observing Huntara sitting alone with her food, "What do you think she will end up doing? Do you think she can get rid of She-Ra?" Catra listens to Entrapta and studies Huntara with a sharp eye, "How should I know? She'll probably screw things up. After all she was a prisoner of the Horde. I can't believe how desperate Hordak can be. If he'd just trust us, we could easily get rid of She-Ra."

Swirling her fork on her plate before taking a bite, Entrapta chews slowly. Scorpia notices this act and is entirely jealous. Scorpia longingly looks on as Entrapta swallows her food and continues, "Well if Hordak thinks Huntara can kill She-Ra I am willing to give her chance. That blonde muscle bound female is causing quite a mess of things for the Horde." Catra nods, continuing to stare at Huntara. Her gaze lingers a little too long and Huntara catches her looking. Catra looks the other way and changes the subject, "Has anyone seen Octavia lately?"

Scorpia screams, "I don't give a shit! I can't use this fucking fork! I'm starving! I want my hands back!" The outburst annoys Catra, "Yeah?! Well Grizzlor wants less fur when it is hot out. You think you've got problems? Deal with it! Be glad you even have the pincers! Hordak could have just killed you! Instead he let your miserable ass join the Horde! And for what? So you can whine about not using a fork and being hungry? Go play in the slime pit bitch!" Her green eyes are in a searing blaze. Entrapta isn't sure what to do. Scorpia is shaking, but not in fear, she is shaking in anger. "FUCK YOU!" Scorpia screams and lashes her segmented tail out from over her head. The stinger at the end of her tail reaches down, plucking a piece of food up and into her mouth. She relishes every bite, relaxing just a bit. Catra looks on impressed, "Well there ya go."

Sitting alone, Huntara notices the commotion between Catra and Scorpia. Once things have settled down, Huntara continues eating silently. She hates being in the Fright Zone. Suddenly the warrior woman notices a shadow standing over the table. She looks up to see Peekablue standing in front of her, "I... I... I don't mean to bother you, but could I sit with you? I've been given a chance to leave my cell and eat lunch, and I don't have a place to sit." Huntara stares at Peekablue blankly. She silently motions for the green haired beauty to take a seat.

Sighing with relief, Peekablue quickly sits. "Thank you!" She says smiling and Huntara barks, "I didn't say you could talk to me." Peekablue shrinks back and quickly goes about trying to eat. She isn't sure when the Horde Troopers will arrive to take her back to her cell. She looks at Huntara and can "see" so many things. "Please don't kill my friend."

Huntara takes a sip from her cup, "Who is your friend?" Peekablue is glad Huntara didn't tell her to shut up. "My friend is She-Ra. The woman that Hordak wants you to track." Huntara grunts, "I don't care of your connection. This She-Ra woman is as good as dead." Peekablue almost chokes on a piece of fruit, "But you don't understand! She-Ra can help you. I don't know what Hordak has fully said to you, but he is using you."

Grinning at the woman before her, Huntara spits, "And who says I am not using Hordak? Bird woman, I do not need you to share such silly concerns." They both stop talking as Hordak calls out to them. He is walking by carrying a tray of food. Peekablue groans to herself, oh please don't sit here. I can't eat with him next to me. Hordak snorts, "I see you two are getting along well. That is perfect." He stands at their table, "Huntara, your tracking abilities may be superb where you come from, but Peekablue will be the perfect one to help you find She-Ra. Won't you Peekablue?" He looks down at her. Peekablue is silent, begging for a way to be done with this place. Hordak continues looking at Huntara, "Peekablue is so shy isn't she, Huntara? Don't worry, Peekablue will help you, because if she doesn't... she'll live to regret it." Hordak walks off leaving the bustle of the mess hall.

He travels towards a special section of the Fright Zone, a place that houses a rather unique prison cell. There is light shining through various barred openings. Some of the walls are made of mirrors. In the middle is a frail old woman in the center of the floor. Hordak snorts out, "Vampra! I brought you some lunch."

Vampra crawls up to look at Hordak. Her vision is blurry, but she knows to avoid looking at certain walls. With the mirrors awaiting her vision, Vampra refuses to give in and see her true self. She chokes out, "If you have not brought me blood, than I am not hungry." Sliding the tray into the cell, Hordak laughs, "Amazing that as my prisoner you still think you can give me orders. Oh poor Vampra. You broke our deal. You never should have left the Midnight Lair. Now you get to experience the sun every day. I've heard the aging process is dreadful. A shame you get to relive it daily." Vampra screams at her fate. Once the sun falls and night greets the cell, she will regain her youth. Her skin crawls thinking of those first rays of a new day, "When I get out of here, I will kill you Hordak."

Snorting out loud, Hordak grins, "Get in line my dear. Do you have any idea how many people would love to kill me? The problem is that you can't kill me. I'm at the top. I'm in charge. Everyone else is just weak minded fools believing they have what it takes. But I hope you try one day. I do love a good show." Vampra snarls. She loathes him beyond comprehension, "Where is Rolf?"

"Your pathetic sidekick? Rolf the utter definition of pure waste? He is in a better place. He wanted to be a creature of the night, and now he has truly gotten his wish. The other Horde members have affectionately been calling him Batros. Quite amazing really." Slumping to the floor, Vampra is quiet. She is not sure how she will be free of this place, but she vows that she will find her way out. Hordak says his goodbyes and leaves her alone. In misery and old age.


The day passes as the Horde finds themselves settling in for the rest of the day. Mantenna, Leech, Grizzlor, and Modulok start an epic game of cards. Peekablue sits in her cell, peeking in on her friends in the Great Rebellion. It is hard for her because she can see them so vividly, but they can't see her. Entrapta is working with Multi Bot on various lab experiments while Hordak is feeding his undead pet, Double Trouble.

Meanwhile, in another part of the Fright Zone, Catra is restless. She is alone in her room, trying to nap. Hoping for a chance to rest. The rest does not come easily. A noise is made in the room and she sits up hoping to see Bow. She has to tell him something, but no one is there. "Get a grip Catra." She says out loud. Another voice calls out, "Bow may not be here, but I am. I am always here."

Catra turns and stares at Adora. "I'm not scared of you anymore. I know you aren't real Adora. I killed you." The image of Adora smiles, "Yet I am still here. Why don't we talk?" Crossing her arms, Catra purrs, "And what shall we talk about?"

"We could talk about guilt. Feeling guilty for all sorts of things..." Adora looks down at the floor. Narrowing her bright green eyes, Catra spits out, "I feel no guilt for what I did to you." Adora nods, "I know, but what about my guilt? I wasn't aware of the things I had done, and the effect it had on you..." Catra looks away, "I don't know what you are talking about..."

Adora reaches out to Catra, "Yes you do. It is something that has been with you for a very long time. We were both in danger on that old mission. Remember? We were young. You were so angry at me for everything, but in that moment where we both thought we were going to die... and I kissed you... I'm sorry for that." Catra closes her eyes, "Why did you do it? Why did you expose me to that sort of connection?" Catra remembers the event as clear as day. Adora sighs, "I'm not sure. I thought we were going to die and I wanted to share something with someone, and you were there. I thought we were so close. I never meant to hurt you..." Catra shakes her head, "But I have been hurt! You exposed me to my worst nightmare! That I might actually care about someone! You cracked that door wide open Adora! Are you happy?! You managed to make me want to feel all of those things, and then you just changed."

Looking sad, Adora says, "We survived. We made it out of that mission alive. I hadn't realized that the kiss would have meant something so special to you. I'm truly sorry Catra, believe me." Adora holds onto Catra's hands. The hardened Force Captain looks at Adora with tears in her eyes, "What have I done? Oh no!" The gravity of certain actions hit Catra, "I killed you! Oh no! Adora! I killed you! My anger was so great... I'm sorry too. I'm so sorry..." Catra can't believe what she is saying. This is unexpected. Adora places a finger over Catra's lips, "Shh. It's ok Catra. I'm here right now. I'm with you, always." Adora leans over and kisses Catra. The kiss is electrifying. Her lips are soft, almost as if they aren't even real. They aren't real, you killed her.

She gives in to fantasy. She gives into herself and her wants, her need for connection. The walls crumble down around her as they both collide together, sliding their bodies together. Catra's hands roam across Adora's body, touching her breasts sliding her hands across her curves. Catra is happy, a feeling she has never truly felt. There is no anger, just two women exploring each other's bodies. Rubbing and caressing. Kissing and groping. Catra is against her bedroom wall, touching herself unaware that someone is watching.

Huntara is staring through the creak in the door. Is she mad? She is talking to someone, making love to someone, but there is no one there, Huntara says to herself. Nothing makes sense, but Huntara continues to watch unsure if she should knock. The warrior woman had plans to talk to Catra, but instead is looking in on a very private moment.

Catra is moaning and in a daze. As her head drops she opens her eyes to see Adora, but Adora is not there. Instead something catches her sight. A flash of light purple skin at the door. Catra focuses and realizes that someone is watching her: Huntara. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!!!" Catra screams. Huntara is stunned but quickly runs off. Catra races to the door, throwing it open, "How dare you! How dare you!" Catra is shaking and continues to scream.

Through her screams, Catra can hear laughing. Catra turns to stare at Adora. The blond woman is pointing and laughing, "Oh Catra you fool. Look at you, opening up to what? You are pathetic. Every aspect of who you are is pathetic. And now everyone will know. Everyone will know what you are." Adora continues to laugh as Catra falls to the floor. She is screaming with tears raining down her face. All she can do is claw at her chest. It is the only thing that feels good. In fact if she could, she'd rip her own heart out, just to end the madness.

While sitting on the floor with blood dripping down her chest, Catra looks up as Shadow Weaver glides into the room. "Catra, what happened?" The raspy witch kneels down, wiping away the blood with a sheet. Catra is shaking and looks up at the robed woman, "Leave me alone..." Shadow Weaver shakes her head, "No. You're doing it again, you must stop this scratching. Leave your claws for the Rebels, don't take aim at yourself."

Wiping tears from her eyes, Catra knows she should be embarrassed, but she isn't. Shadow Weaver is actually taking care of her. This is yet another odd moment in her life. Catra purrs, "Shadow Weaver?" The witchy woman looks down, "Yes?" Biting her lower lip, Catra's eyes dazzle with curiosity, "Have you ever been in love?" Pausing before answering, Shadow Weaver nods, "I was in love once." Catra asks who it was and Shadow Weaver opens up to her past, "Hordak had an apprentice. We cared for each other deeply." Catra nods, "I know who you are referring to. His name is Skeletor, we came across him during the recent trip to Eternia." This information sinks into Catra, something doesn't seem right. All she can do is think of the way Shadow Weaver has treated her. Catra wipes her eyes and asks, "Are you my mother?" Looking away unable to fully answer, Shadow Weaver rasps, "There will be time for answers, but not now. You must rest and heal. You can't keep hurting yourself like this Catra..." The Force Captain of the Horde nods. Catra knows Shadow Weaver is correct, but the problem is that Catra isn't sure how to stop hurting...


Back on Eternia, King Randor visits Skeletor. The king stands on the outside of the cell, looking at the man that was once his half brother. Skeletor stares back in his confines, he slowly walks towards the barred door of his cell. "Well, are you planning on staring at me? Or is the mighty King Randor going to speak up?" His skull face stares on menacing, waiting for Randor to speak.

The king looks on trying to make sense of things, "You will not be getting a trial. The people of Eternia have spoken, there will be no trial." Skeletor tilts his head back cackling, "And here I thought your kingdom believed in being fair and balanced. Aren't I worthy of fairness? A trial would be just." The statement upsets Randor as he thinks of the trouble Skeletor has put him through, "Fairness? You want to be treated fairly? You participated with the Horde in kidnapping my children! I lost my daughter!"

Skeletor shrugs, "Well you got to keep your son. What's the big deal?" He grins showing his decaying teeth. Randor growls, "Both of my children are important to me. One life is not better than the other. They were your family too. How could you conspire with Hordak to kidnap them? They were just babies..."

Rattling the bars, Skeletor screeches, "When will you learn?! I belong to no one! Your brother is gone. Those little brats meant nothing to me. Nothing! Do you hear me?" He snarls staring at Randor with pure hatred. The king calmly states, "I hear you. Now hear me. You will never leave this cell. I had thought a lifetime of confinement would be enough," Randor produces a laser gun, "But I've come to other realizations. You aren't my brother. You are something worse. Therefore you must be put down." He takes aim.

Skeletor cackles, "Funny isn't it? Shoot me Randor. Go ahead. You won't kill me though. If I'm gone or not, it will never change the true fairness and balance of this world. Evil versus good. Good versus evil. That is the true balance of the universe. We can't exist without each other. You and I are the same, we both think we are good while the other is evil."

Randor spits out, "You are evil." Skeletor laughs, "Evil is just a matter of perspective. So go ahead. Shoot me." The laser gun is ready to shoot, Randor looks at the monster before him, and can't do it. He puts the gun down. Skeletor laughs, "Guess you couldn't do it huh?" Randor turns, "No, I can't. But it doesn't mean you still won't pay for your crimes." Randor leaves the room wanting to be far away from the cells. As he is leaving he notices a commotion down the hall.

Man-At-Arms, Teela, Sy-Klone, and Mekaneck are escorting a cloaked Evil-Lyn to the cells. Randor looks on, "What is this?" Teela looks at the king, "We have finally captured Evil-Lyn." Skeletor's main hench-woman looks on with a steely glare. Mekaneck looks over at the king, "That leaves us with just Tri-Klops and Spikor left."

The king walks towards Evil-Lyn, "They should be easy to apprehend. Put her in a solitary room and cell. I don't want her near the others." Evil-Lyn smirks as Man-At-Arms removes her helmet revealing a short cropped cut of platinum hair. Teela stares on, not used to seeing Evil-Lyn without a helmet. Evil-Lyn smirks, "What Teela? Wanna brush each other's hair? I'd love to get near you with some shears."

Teela shakes her head, "Get her locked up. You lost Evil-Lyn." As Mekaneck and Man-At-Arms lead Evil-Lyn down the hall she whispers, "Right." King Randor follows the Masters as Teela and Sy-Klone stay behind. He looks at her, "How are things? You seem different..."

Nodding and thinking about the events from earlier in the day, Teela smiles, "I finally got answers to where I came from." Sy-Klone looks at his friend, "Seems like things are good then." Teela smiles, "Yes. Things are finally getting better. Now if Adam could just come back home..."

On Etheria, the sun is starting to set. Clamp Champ and Roboto are walking down a path through some fields of grass with colorful flowers. Stratos is flying in the distance. The Champ looks over at Roboto, "I hope Stratos can find something up ahead. We have been walking for far too long." Roboto nods, "Yes. But we are walking in the right direction. Adam's signal is weak, but not completely far off. In a few days we should make it to him."

Stratos lands ahead of them. Walking towards the two Masters, the winged man smiles, "Good news. There is a village up ahead. I didn't see much movement, but it doesn't appear to be abandoned." Clamp Champ nods, "Wonderful. We will have a chance to rest and recharge." Roboto lights up, "I actually need to recharge. For real." They chuckle and walk closer to the village.

Night is descending more and more, and as the Masters walk into the village they immediately notice something odd. Clamp Champ looks around, "Stratos, are you sure this village isn't abandoned? The doors and windows are all boarded up." They continue to walk, ever more cautiously as they notice that the buildings are locked up and everything is eerily silent.

Roboto soon notices a person standing alone near a white building. Clamp Champ walks towards the form taking it for an older woman, "Madame? Could you help us?" The Masters take a step back once the realize that the woman is a dummy. "Why would there be a decoy of some kind?" Stratos asks. Roboto makes some beeping sounds, "There are people here. I am getting readings."

Suddenly the sound of a door creaks open and a slight whisper is made. The Masters turn to see a young frail man motioning for them to enter the building. Clamp Champ nods and they hurry inside. The man locks the door as the Masters look inside the small home that is full of people who look scared. Clamp Champ smiles warmly, "Do not worry, we are not hear to hurt anyone. Why are you all cramped in here?" The man that helped them goes to light a fire.

An older woman walks out of a side room, "You shouldn't be here." Stratos nods, "I agree. We are actually from another planet. We are searching for someone. Why are your buildings all boarded up?" The older woman looks at the door fearfully, "She will be here soon" The Masters ask who she is talking about.

"She-Ra. She will be here and we must hide." The Masters feel like they are pulling teeth for answers. The woman goes on, "She-Ra was meant to be our savior. She fought against the Horde and helped deliver resources and a message of peace to the villages throughout Etheria. But something changed. She became different, her face... she became a monster. Now we run from our savior because she kills us. She hunts us down..." Another voice from the group of people speaks up. A shaking young woman screams, "She feeds on us! Sh-sh-sh- she feeds on us!" The woman breaks down sobbing. The older woman looks at the Masters, "She-Ra killed her family." Clamp Champ listens carefully, "And this She-Ra woman, she eats people?"

The older woman nods, "Yes. Her pallor is sickly with flesh that is decaying. She tears into flesh like you or I would tear into a piece of bread. Assuming you eat bread. The villages in the area are on edge and high alert. We don't leave our homes unless we have too. But once we know she is coming..."

As if on cue a loud screeching wail can heard outside. Everyone begins to panic. The older woman motions for everyone to be quiet and hide. The Masters walk away and peer out the boarded windows. They see nothing at first until out of the night a horse with giant metal wings swoops onto the ground. Clamp Champ notices a woman atop the horse. She seems a bit off. Letting out a wailing scream, she steps off her horse and lumbers around the grounds.

Suddenly two men from another building rush out of their home waving weapons. Stratos looks at the older woman, "What are they doing?" The older woman looks through the boards, "Oh no! That is the Guffries. Father and son. They are hot headed, what do they think they will do?" Roboto beeps, "Champ? Should we go out there?" Clamp Champ nods, "Give me a second, I want to see what this woman is capable of."

The Guffries start cussing at zombie Double Trouble, "Come on She-Ra! You crazy bitch! Come on over this way! We got somethin' for ya!" The undead beauty slowly staggers towards the two men. The Guffries son has a large pitchfork. "Paw! Paw! I'm gonna rip her head clean off!" The son takes aim, but misses. Zombie Double Trouble dodges the attack and swoops to the ground. Snapping backwards "Fake-Ra" drags the son to the ground preparing to bite into his flesh. The Gruffries son begins to scream and the dad looks on in shock and horror. He can't do anything as his son is devoured.

Clamp Champ nods, "Damn it! I didn't think this was actually true. Alright Masters. Let's go." Roboto looks over at the Champ's weapon, "Need help with your weapon?" Clamp Champ grins, "Only the Champ can pick up the Clamp!" He grabs his massive clamp weapon and the Masters rush outside. The older woman begs them not too, but quickly locks the door behind them. The Guffries father is screaming for his son. Clamp Champ barks out, "Sir, head back to your home. Lock the door." The man looks at the Masters, "Who the fuck are you clowns? I just lost my son!"

Stratos nods, "And you are about to lose your own life! Get inside now!" The undead beauty lunges for the father as Stratos uses his flight pack to swoop in and move the father out of the way, "Please, hurry inside." Zombie Double Trouble looks at the three Masters. She makes hideous gurgling sounds. She pulls out a tarnished sword.

Clamp Champ sighs, "Madame, please put your sword down. You do not want to go up against us." The undead beauty does not understand a word that is being said. She is just hungry, very hungry. Roboto bleeps, "Champ, allow me." Noises are made as shields and panels open on Roboto's arms and legs revealing an arsenal of weapons. The robotic Master fires rounds of bullets and lasers that rain down upon the monstrous woman.

Once the smoke clears, the Masters step back as the zombie Double Trouble still lumbers towards them. She is hissing and wailing a loud scream. Clamp Champ walks towards her. "She appears drunk!" Clamp Champ calls out. Double Trouble snaps and slides her legs apart falling to the floor. She lunges for his feet. Clamp Champ steps back swinging his clamp towards her back, pushing her away. She rolls up taking out her sword. Bringing it down with a zig-zag accuracy, Double Trouble nearly slices into Clamp Champ's arm. Stratos zooms over flying as fast as he can. He slams into her, but she feels weird to the touch.

Planting a fist into Stratos's chest, Double Trouble tosses him into a building. Clamp Champ makes his move and gets the jaws of the clamp around her neck. He prepares to tighten the clamp. She is angry and hisses. He stares into her face and is disturbed by her deep black eyes. "There is nothing there." He mumbles. Catching him off guard, Double Trouble snaps her neck, loosening bone and skin. She slides her way out of the clamp, peeling flesh off her face as she slides out of the clamp. Falling to the floor, her body twists up.

The winged horse glides by as she jumps on. Letting out a piercing scream, the fake She-Ra flies off into the dead of the night. The Masters gather near each other, "What was she?" Stratos shakes his head, "I don't know. I have never seen anything like that." Roboto observes Clamp Champ's weapon, "Some of her tissue remains. I will gather it up." Clamp Champ nods, "Alright. Hopefully we can find out what we are dealing with. For now let's try to rest." Stratos nods, "What a night. Etheria is one strange planet." The Masters talk to the villagers as the town tries to pick up the pieces from the recent horrifying events.

On Eternia, Evil-Lyn sits up on a small cot in her cell. Her head leaning against the wall, Evil-Lyn's right hand roams across her stomach, travelling to her side. Her fingers graze a cut in stitches. Her lips purse as her sharp nails start to loosen the stitches. Grinning with an arched brow, Evil-Lyn turns a ring over on her finger. Rubbing the ring across her reopened wound stirs something inside. The ring acts like a magnet, pulling forth something that is inside her. Trying to refrain from screaming, Evil-Lyn bites down on her lip drawing blood as a round object rises to the surface. Digging her fingers in her wound, Evil-Lyn pulls out a metallic orb.

Recalling the makeshift cut and stitches to place the item inside her, Evil-Lyn is glad she now has it out. Pressing down on one side of the orb, it slowly begins to light up. "Alright Hordak, let's put the plan in motion." The orb flies out of her hand and out the cell. Pulling the stitches tightly back together, Evil-Lyn stands at the gate. Mekaneck is watching guard looking away at some work. He has no idea what is about to happen. "We will be free." Evil-Lyn calls out as the plan to free Skeletor begins. Her cell door opens. No alarms sound. She grins, "It worked."

Mekaneck turns from what he is doing at the sound of Evil-Lyn's footsteps, "Hey! You aren't supposed to be out!" He awaits the sound of the alarms, but there is nothing. Suddenly he feels his neck twitch. Unable to stop, Mekaneck feels his neck extend tall, slamming his head into the ceiling. His body crumples to the floor. Evil-Lyn side steps over his body, "Fool. Tri-Klops and his little tools just turned this technological palace into our little toy. The Evil Warriors control everything now..."

Outside by the Palace gates, a guard stands watch. He notices a man hobbling around, as if lost. "Sir, it is late out, do you need help returning home?" The man mumbles about needing help. The guard leans against the man to help him walk, "Had too much to drink huh? Here let me help you." The man flashes a toothy grin, his purple skin gleaming in the moonlight, "I wouldn't get too close. I'm untouchable." In a matter of seconds, sharp spikes emerge from the man's body, stabbing the guard to death. Removing his cloak, Spikor looks around. No one has yet to notice and the alarms are still off. Turning to the Palace gates, Spikor begins the process of opening them.

With the recent events, security has been tight around the Palace. Spikor smiles at how loose things are about to get. With the gates open, Tri-Klops walks through with shadows that move...

Evil-Lyn slinks her way into the main prison cells. The other Evil Warriors have already noticed that their gates are opened. She is looking for Skeletor. In the middle of the crowd, he stands tall. "Evil-Lyn. I don't know if I should kiss you or kill you, you traitorous wench." Evil-Lyn tilts her head, "Don't make me regret this little man. Come on, the Palace awaits."

Chaos quickly spreads across the Palace. With no alarm system and the darkness of night cloaking the enemy, the kingdom soon starts to fall apart. Man-At-Arms is trying to find as many Masters as possible. Guards are struggling against ferocious Shadow Beasts. Teela and Sy-Klone fight while trying to save people's lives. Orko and Cringer hide about doing whatever they can to help people to safety. King Randor and Queen Marlena both grab their swords and prepare to save their kingdom.

Buzz-Off and Rio Blast try to take down Clawful and Mer Man. Fisto helps his brother against Beast Man and Spikor. Tri Klops is causing damage in the sidelines but is quickly stopped by Sy-Klone. Trap Jaw nearly has Teela, but Man-E-Faces shoots him in the back. Evil-Lyn hurls magic energy towards Teela. Man-At-Arms demands that Teela leave, "Find a way out now!"

Teela dodges the evil magic energy and plants a kick squarely in Evil-Lyn's chest, "I'm not leaving you here father!" Duncan yells, "Teela, go now! We are outnumbered. Head to Grayskull, hurry!" Teela won't listen, but soon has no choice as Sy-Klone swoops by. Grabbing her by the waist, Sy-Klone whisks her away. She yells and tells him to put her down, however before she knows it they are already on their way to Castle Grayskull. Orko and a terrified Cringer follow after Teela to make sure they will be safe. Orko looks on at Cringer, "Stop being so scared! Adam would want us to make sure his lady love is safe!" Cringer can only shake and yelp.

Inside the Eternos Palace, the king and queen fight their way through Shadow Beasts and soon come across Whiplash. The Evil Warrior whips his tail, knocking Marlena to the floor. Randor rushes to her, "My dear, are you ok?" She nods and then screams, "Randor! Look out!"

The king turns just in time to see Skeletor grab him by the waist, tossing him across the stone floor, "Oh Randor. You should have gotten rid of me earlier. But now here we are. I'm a free man." Skeletor kicks Randor while he is down. Marlena screams and rushes to help, but is quickly held back by Whiplash. Beast Man soon enters the room too, helping to hold Marlena back.

Randor chokes out, "Leave my wife alone!" Skeletor kicks Randor in the side, "I'm not interested in hurting her. I want to hurt you!" Skeletor draws his sword, "Get up. Let's see what you can do."

In another part of the Palace, a group of Shadow Beasts surround Man-At-Arms, Man-E-Faces, Buzz-Off, and Fisto. Neither know what to do, until they hear some thundering footsteps. Ram Man barrels through the Shadow Beasts knocking them every which way, "Those assholes are pretty weak." The Masters turn as Rio Blast meets back up with the group, Mekaneck is with him. His neck is damaged. Man-At-Arms tries to assess the situation, "I wish He-Man was here." Man-E-Faces looks around, "Where is Skeletor?" Man-At-Arms gasps, his face growing pale, "The King. Hurry."

Skeletor and Randor are fighting each other. Their swords clash with such ferocity, Marlena swears she can feel Eternia move. She continues to struggle free, but can't. It is no use. She looks on in horror as Skeletor's sword hits hard, leaving Randor defenseless. Ducking a fatal blow, Randor rolls out of the way, trying to pin a strong hit on Skeletor.

His time in the prison cell has only made Skeletor stronger. His rage and animosity towards his half brother fuels him. He knows that the palace will be his. In the blink of an eye Randor loses his footing. The other Masters rush into the room, but it is too late. Marlena screams as Skeletor slams his sword into Randor's side, drawing blood.

Randor falls to the floor. Marlena fights free and rushes to her husband. Skeletor looks on with glee, he looks at his Evil Warriors gathering, "Run. Tell everyone the good news. The Palace has a new King." Randor is still breathing, though faint. Marlena looks at her husband, "Randor, take my hand." The king looks up at his queen, "Marlena..." He closes his eyes. She thinks he is gone, but can see he is still breathing. He is badly injured. She looks up at Skeletor, "Help him! He is your brother! Help him!"

Skeletor looks down, "I will help him. To a new way of living. Take them to the cells, make sure Randor lives. I want him to see the new face of Eternia. For now we have the Palace. But up next will be the glorious prize of them all: Grayskull." The Masters quickly spread out, avoiding any fights at all costs. Man-At-Arms wants them to meet up at Castle Grayskull. Fisto looks at his brother, "What of Randor and Marlena? We can't just leave them there!" Man-At-Arms hangs his head, "We are out numbered. I don't want to risk anyone else getting hurt. Hurry, we have much to do." The Masters disperse into the night, becoming the hunted, as the Evil Warriors begin taking what they have wanted for a very long time.

Next Time!

Rebels will frolic in the Crystal Falls...
Catra will still seek answers...
and someone falls down the trap door...

Be back in two weeks for the next chapter of Adora's Search for Honor Part 2: Chapter 30!



  1. Well I have a lot to say about this one( it was four hundred pages long after all!)This was like one of those jam packed shows like "Vampire Diaries" or "Suits" where one million important things happen in one episode. So many that you forget some of them. Firstly the Catra is out of the bag! Or should I say out of the closet! My first question on that is: did you decide to go in that direction because I inspired you to? or were you just being tricky and lying to me when you said that you weren't planing on exploring that dynamic? Either way, I applaud you for going there and actually, you've sort of done a cultural allusion to the classic film "Ben-Hur" with Charlton Heston. heres some of the plot:" Judah Ben-Hur (Charlton Heston) is a wealthy prince and merchant in Jerusalem. His childhood friend, the Roman citizen Messala (Stephen Boyd), is now a tribune. After several years away from Jerusalem, Messala returns as the new commander of the Roman garrison. Messala believes in the glory of Rome and its imperial power, while Ben-Hur is devoted to his faith and the freedom of the Jewish people. Messala asks Ben-Hur for the names of Jews who criticize the Romans. Ben-Hur refuses...." you can already see parallels with the Horde Adora and Catra-but anyway, Gore Vidal, the writer intended Messala and Ben Hur to have been gay lovers when they were young. This explained the rage Messala has towards Ben Hur.He acts as a spurned lover. Funny story,the director asked Gore Vidal if the gay vibe was what he intended-and of course Charlton Heston is a notorious conservative, so Gore vidal told the director "yes, I wrote them as if they had been gay lovers..but don't tell Chuck!"
    So I love the Catra stuff and hope one day she gets to slime Adora so she can at least briefly have a gooey love slave.
    Also, Batros. I looked him up and I totally want him to be a motu classic figure! He looks awesome!
    Did the Fisto being Teelas father thing happen on the 2003 series? I forget now.
    Skeletor and Shadow Weaver is a new angle.But in the previous fiction wan't catra like a "magicat" or something?
    Like the modulok stuff of course.
    You have said fuck a lot in this story now but every single time makes me laugh because I am picturing filmation characters saying it.
    and finally, did Adora kiss catra in a passionate way or in a "kiss on the cheek we're like sisters" kind of way? seems like it must have been passionate to affect Catra the way that it did.

    1. Well there was a lot of stuff in here. I had contemplated breaking it up, but the next chapter is going to be really good and I didn't want there to be anything left over. And the length would have been longer, because the final part with Skeletor getting free was going to be much longer, but I kinda rushed it along because either way we all know the implications of the Evil Warriors running amock with He-Man on another planet.

      And I was tricking you ever so slightly. I had long planned to tell this story with Catra, and even though this chapter was big, the story is going to become really big in the third part. When I had started writing this story I had thought about what would these characters think about sexuality? What would they do if they found themselves attracted to someone of the same or the opposite sex? So it made sense that Catra would go on that journey especially because she seems like the last person that would even want to have a connection with anyone. Now the Bow connection will start to make sense later on. So now that the cat is out of the bag, she is attracted to Adora. But it isn't some, "I'm a lesbian now!" Catra is going to be struggling with a lot, especially with the ideas of, "Hey, I think I may want to actually care about others, not to mention I totally killed the person I actually care about." Or so she thinks. Don't expect to see some love affair between Adora and Catra though. This part of the story is really going to be about Catra finding herself and coming to terms with the fact that she might not be as evil as she thought. Though I do have a love interest in mind for her, which is something I had not originally planned.

      As for the kiss, I would say it was important to Catra, but I don't think it was important to Adora. And it was a kiss on the lips, but not a sloppy tongue kiss. It was just one of those moments, two people thought they were going to die and they kissed on the lips. It was a moment that stood still for Catra, but for Adora it was, "I just want to hold onto something, to feel close to someone." If that makes any sense. Because Adora will have no idea that Catra was so emotionally rattled by that experience.

    2. And I never thought about the Ben-Hur parallels, but I can certainly see them. (I may need to netflix the movie, it has been a long time since I've seen it) The interesting thing with Catra though is that as she peels away her layers and finds out more about herself, her thoughts are going to change about what she thought she was supposed to believe in. I am thinking of it as someone who is so caught up with a particular mindset that they can only see one way of being. And when they end up seeing things a different way, their perspective shifts. With the bigger picture, storyline wise for me, I likin Etheria to the troubles of our world. People who are oppressed fighting to be free and equal, and wanting something tangible to believe and help them, like the villagers do with She-Ra. Well, not when they are thinking of Zombie Fake-Ra, but I hope you know what I mean. lol

      Now Batros is an interesting character. Fans are divided. Some see him as a Horde character while others see him as a solo badguy from Eternia. In the cartoon he was a villain towards He-Man and was a solo villain, but since he looks like he could be Horde I am making him Horde for the story. Of course Rolf wanted to be far away from the Horde to begin with...

      The whole "who is Teela's daddy" story was hinted at in the 2003 cartoon, but I don't think it was fully explored. So this was my nod to that story, because that was one of the story lines that interested me most from that cartoon.

      Catra was not a Magicat, though she tried to dupe the Magicats. Her mask actually belonged to the Magicat Queen, and when Catra and She-Ra found themselves in the Magicat land, Catra pretended to be the queen. And the relationship between Skeletor and Shadow Weaver has been hinted at in previous chapters that I have written, but this was the chapter where it was actually said. I really like the stuff that Shadow Weaver knows, but hasn't told Catra yet. It will hopefully make for an interesting story.

      I love Modulok. I have some fun things planned for him and this new "civilized" person he is trying to be.

      And the sprinkling of the word "fuck" is due to you. I am trying to add some cursing when it seems like it would be organic. And poor Scorpia being unable to eat with her new "hands" totally required some curses. lol

  2. I think Batros is Horde, but only because he has the symbol. did they make his character design before they came up with the Horde concept? He was on Motu not PoP right?
    Modulok also seems to be going down the Data road in your story so now it seems you have a Data (in Roboto) for the good and the bad-but that's good cuz I never get tired of those characters. Data was kind of based on Spock anyway and Modulok character design and ears were designed based on Spock so-it all works out.
    I hope your other readers are into your fan fiction as much as I am. I always see a lot of comments on your toy articles but not as much on your stories which is a shame. I think the stories deserve a big audience. I can't wait to see the
    trapdoor action in the next issue!
    P.S:I just drunkenly watched the 1990 TMNT live action movie on VHS! With all the old family home video commercials! How awesome am I?
    and are you going to include Sea Hawks mouse? Or did u already do that and I forgot? Sorry, much like sea hawk I have been drinking.

    1. Yeah I like Batros being Horde too. The bat symbol just looks like Horde. He was on motu, but I do not know his original concept or what the creative scoop was on him. I have read some things, but I need to double check on that. And Modulok is kinda like Data, there are some similarities. But I also have ideas for him about his origins being this beastly horde created creature, can he ever be truly civilized? Or will he revert to a more savage nature. There are many characters in the comic world like that.

      And thank you for your comments. I think people read the fan fiction, but I do hope that more people read it. And not because I'm trying to tell the best She-Ra story or something, but more because I want people to see all the possibilities that a She-Ra story could have. This is just my perspective and spin on it, there are many stories that could be told about She-Ra and her friends. And I want people to get excited about that.

      I have the TMNT movie on vhs too! At least I think I do. I can't say Ive ever watched it drunk, but I bet that is a funny experience. lol

      Oh, and Sea hawk's mouse. I have not used him yet, I tend to forget about all the characters, but that doesn't mean his mouse wouldn't make an appearance in some way.