Thursday, August 23, 2012

Clip 'n Save Reader File- Sarah!

I have been hinting at a new feature for Diary of a Dorkette, and here it is! The Clip 'n Save Reader File! With all the posting I do, I have gotten the chance to come across many wonderful people that collect all kinds of fun and dorky stuff. For the longest time I never really talked to other like minded folk. I just sort of kept to myself and stayed busy stalking my local Toysrus.

A recent comment on this site helped spark an idea for a new way to get to know people in the dorky community, namely the wonderful folks who read this site! Starting off with a questionnaire and following up with some personal photos, get ready to learn about one of Diary's readers! So behold, Diary's brand new:

Clip 'n Save Reader File!

1. Name: Sarah
2. How long have you been collecting?: That's a tricky question, technically since I was a child, I'm 30 now, but more seriously as I got into my 20's.
3. What do you collect?: Childhood books, some were wrecked due to a garage/basement flood about 14 years ago, this includes many of my childhood favourites: Jem, She-Ra, Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, Sesame Street, Muppet Babies, Care Bears, and many, many more!I have kept my old Archie comics from when I was younger and now I collect the new Buffy and Angel comics that come out monthly. I also collect Sweet Valley High/University, I am only 12 books short of an entire collection between the two.
4. Any Toy Regrets?: Yes, giving away most of my toys when I became a "cool" teenager, no longer did I want any of my Jem or She-Ra dolls, and believe me, I had most of them, my Uncle worked at Toys R Us when I was a child so I always got great toys, and I was an only child till I was 9.
5. Favorite toy property (vintage or new) and why?: My Carebear, the orange Friend bear one, I've had it since I was about 2 years old, it sits on a shelf in my room, my Grandma bought it for me before I had my tonsils removed, she has since passed away.
6. If you collect, where do you normally shop for your addiction?: I like to look online and in any used book stores I see, or even stores like the Value Village or Salvation Army, etc, as they too have a book selection.
7. Any upcoming products that got you super psyched?: Yes, the new Jem dolls, I am very excited about these, I want one and I am not opening the box this time!
8. Hollywood is finally making a female centered comic/sci-fi/super hero movie, quick, who do you hope it is?: I know there was already a Buffy movie, I remember I begged my Mom to take me to the theatre to see it, and she did, and I am still a huge fan of the show, SMG, are you listening, there needs to be a new big screen Buffy movie.
9. Which toyline/cartoon would you like to see get a comeback?: She-Ra and Jem for sure, also, I loved Maxie's World, the doll/cartoon line that many never seem to remember.
10. Biggest thing that bugs you about collecting?: That if I had kept these things when I was younger, I wouldn't have to be paying more money now, but then again, it's hard for a kid not to open a doll box and not play with it!
11. Do you have a website and/or are part of a message board that you'd like to share?: Yours of course, I check it all the time, and this SVH satire website always gives me a laugh
12. Share your photos and discuss a brief bit about what we are looking at!: Well, here are my book photos,
A collection of Princess of Power books

Some more Princess of Power books

Jem book

Rainbow Brite

Strawberry Shortcake, The Get along Gang, and Rose Petal Place


Teddy Ruxpin

Cabbage Patch Kids

Care Bears

"This photo was of me at age 9 with what I always called my bestest Christmas, as you can see I got the Barbie Dream Home that I had been asking for along with furniture to go with it, Barbie dolls, and a NKOTB sleeping bag, with matching slippers that I had to immediately put on!"

"I've attached a photo from last Christmas of me and my 4 year old cousin, I found him a Thundercats sword when we were shopping in the States before Christmas (I live in Canada), anyways, it was the best 20 bucks I ever spent, he loved it, and I'm passing on the torch to a new generation, he enjoys the older Thundercats more so than the new version."
Awesome responses to the questionnaire! I look forward to checking out the Sweet Valley High link, I used to love those books. I wish I still had mine. I am also in agreement with you, I would love for a Buffy comeback in some form or another. I loved the old movie as well as the television show! I really enjoyed reading your answers.
Also, such wonderful pictures Sarah! I am in awe of your book collection. (Rose Petal Place! Wuzzles! Teddy Ruxpin!) I have one of the She-Ra books, but my collection of books like that are very small. Your book collection is great! I also love the Christmas photo, I never had a Barbie Dream House, but I did have the NKOTB stage. I was in love with those guys. I also think it is fantastic that you have been showing your nephew all the cool things from yesteryear! He looks thrilled to have the sword! That is just awesome and I really thank you for wanting to be a part of this!
If anyone else is interested in being featured with a Clip 'n Save Reader file, please email me at and we can get things started! The frequency of emails I get will depend on how often I post this feature! I encourage you to email me and take my questionnaire. It will more than likely evolve as this is the first time I've done anything like this. So I hope you all enjoy, and a big thanks again to Sarah for agreeing to do this!  



  1. Cool i can't wait to see more of these as it is fun to read about other collectors that are out there. : )

    1. Yes! I hope this becomes a great way for collectors to share about their interests and what-not. I know there are so many blogs and websites where collector's share their interests and hobbies, but it never hurts to always learn more.

  2. Great job, you added in all my pictures and stuff really nicely :)

    1. Thank you Sarah! I'm glad you like what I did. And thank you so very much for helping me with this idea!

  3. Wow that's nice!
    I really enjoy reading that questionnaire. It's cool to know other people with that love for the toys in common. And the Christmas pics and experiences are great!
    I think all the toy lovers we're a big and nice family. :)

  4. What a great selection of books! I too collect a decent amount of vintage books such as He-Man, some She-Ra and an assortment of awesome 80's others. An ebay seller is offering up a ton of NEW vintage Golden Books such as coloring and Little books. (I guess they bought Golden's stock)?
    My last giant purchase consisted of a few He-Man coloring books that I had when I was young, a few story books from She-Ra and a few other coloring books such as Wheeled Warriors and Inspector Gadget.
    I have some great books, but Sarah here, has the cream of the crop! Jem, Cabbage Patch and even Rainbow Brite, how awesome it that!

    Really cool, it seems Canada doesn't just have a great selection of cartoons, but collectors too!


    1. Sarah does have quite the collection of books. I am happy she wanted to share all that with us. These books and coloring books (for certain brands) are still easy to acquire.

      But yeah, Sarah's collection is impressive.

  5. I think I might want to do one of these.
    -but I don't know about divulging my name (though just the first name is probably ok)
    -or pics of me as a kid(though I do have this rad one of me with my He-man toys!)
    Mainly because I am a writer on another website. Luckily I'm not famous enough to have anyone recognize me, and I'm not concerned about people finding out I'm dorky-they know that if they read my column.
    I just always post anonymously on other peoples sites cuz its not about getting fans or being "me" its about talking about the stupid crap I love to people who love it too.
    I will do one though if you want me to-it seems relatively anonymous. And if that's your real e-mail I will e-mail you and tell at least you who I am and where you can read my column. After all, it's unfair that I've been reviewing your work and you can't tell me what you think of mine!

    1. Well you certainly do not have to give your name. You can give the name you use for positng comments, it is totally up to you! Sarah was comfortable using her name, and as for pictures, that is totlly up to you! You do not have to post pictures of your childhood or anything like that! It is totally up to you!

      And yes, that is my email address, so feel free to email me! I can explain more.

  6. Thanks guys, I'm glad everyone likes the books, I also have a ton of Sesame Street ones, you bought the first one at the grocery store and then sent away and got one in the mail each month, so my parents did, my Dad read to me every night when I was a kid, it's one of my fondest childhood memories, and yes, he even read the She-Ra, Jem, and Rainbow Brite books!

  7. I still have my Teddy Ruxpin and Grubby Sarah. This is probably because I never gave anything away because I was never a "cool" teenager. Well, I was by my and my friends standards, but not by the standards of the chicks I wanted to date..but I digress.
    Teddy and Grubby's cold lifeless eyes stared at me from atop my dresser for many a year..I still shudder thinking about it.
    Anyway there probably will be a Buffy movie but it's not going to be Joss Whedon and it's not going to be SMG. Unfortunately, I forget which studio-but one of the studios owns the rights to the franchise. They have the right to "reboot" the franchise. SMG has expressed an awesome hatred of this idea saying to the press that "if it's not Joss Whedon it's not Buffy"
    Actually Candice Accola from Vampire Diaries has said that she's interested in portraying Buffy, claiming that she liked the original movie but never saw the TV show. This makes me like Candice Accola one thousand times less than I did. (But I can't hate her because she's on Vampire Diaries.)
    Anyway, now that Whedon has some extra moola from the Avengers heres hoping he buys back the franchise! Then lets bust out some makeup to make James Marsters look younger and get a Spike movie going already!

    1. Yeah, I don't know that watching a new Buffy without SMG would work for me. She is Buffy. Joss Whedon would have to also be a part of it. I mean if not, than just make up a whole new show with a different name, because it wouldn't be Buffy.