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Adora's Search for Honor Part 1: Chapter 12

Adora’s Search Honor
Part 1
Chapter 12

Previously: Upon Frosta’s return to Castle Chill she found out about some unexpected castle-guests; Sea Hawk, Netossa, and one of Sea Hawk’s crew members. She-Ra visited Light Hope in the hopes that she could make sense of her life and try to complete that difficult search for honor. Bow finally got to see Adora and it was evident that he was and currently is smitten by her. Poor Prince Adam was a victim of the Slime Pit and ended up having his memories wiped clean. Catra’s claws were out when she learned she’d have to pretend to be Adam’s lover. Also Entrapta’s hair still moves and is awesome. Finally She-Ra and her friends finally made it to the Midnight Lair on Beast Island to save Queen Angella from the blood hungry Pyres. Whew, now here we are on Chapter 12!

Chapter 12

Frosta stands in her room inside Castle Chill. The room is grand with opulent furniture. A large canopy bed is against one wall. Across from the bed is a vanity with an extravagant multi-way mirror. Frosta is staring at her reflection and thinking about her kingdom's future. Her thoughts are interrupted once Chancellor Vivi approaches her room. “Empress Frosta, dinner is ready.” Frosta nods as Vivi walks away. Frosta gives herself one last look and follows after her chancellor.

Entering the dining room, Frosta grimaces ever so slightly at Sea Hawk and his crew member, whose name Frosta conveniently keeps forgetting. She looks at the two men, “I am not sure I can quite get used to seeing you in my castle.” Sea Hawk smiles, slowly finding a seat at the table. Netossa soon walks in wearing a furry coat with golden accents and some furry boots. Frosta had given some clothes to Netossa, to accommodate the colder temperature. Frosta smiles, “I’m glad you are wearing the frosty fur Netossa. Such a fantastic fashion if I do say so myself.”

Netossa smiles, “Thank you Frosta. You have been more than hospitable to me.” Netossa fiddles with something under the coat and produces a sheer sparkly netted cape, “I made this for you.” Frosta blankly stares at the netting, “For me? Darling, you shouldn’t have.” Frosta does not quite understand Netossa’s affinity for all things made out of nets. Netossa continues, “Where I am from my mother designs the clothing for most of the town’s people. This is something that can be worn as a layer to your cape.”

“Charming.” Frosta says and takes the garment. “We should all sit, dinner is ready.” Sea Hawk claps his hands, “I am starving.” Frosta tersely smiles, “I hope what is being served will be to your liking. I can tell you it won’t involve cheap spirits and loose women.” Sea Hawk laughs, “Ah Empress you only got one of those correct. I prefer more expensive spirits.” Frosta glares at the pirate, “I do hope you are able to fix your ship soon.” Sea Hawk grins and grabs a glass raising it to Frosta, “Not soon enough.”

The dinner goes on, meals are brought out. Sea Hawk and his crew member devour the food. Netossa is thrilled to be eating a decent meal as opposed to the meals on the ship with the pirates. Frosta manages to get to know her guests more. She enjoys talking with Netossa and finding out where she comes from. Frosta is impressed that Netossa has been through so much, yet is still able to smile. Frosta even comments on the hope that Netossa can find her friend Spinnerella.

Sea Hawk shifts the conversation and begs a question, “Empress, I have noticed a lack of commotion around this castle. Where are your subjects?” Frosta pauses and lowers her fork to the table, “Your observation is keen. The people who live in this castle are someplace safe. I have worked on finding a safe haven. All that remains are my guards and staff. Once the threat of the Horde blows over everyone will be able to return.”

“Do you even think that is possible? The Horde is not going to give up so easily.” Sea Hawk says staring at Frosta. He feels sorry for her, even if she gets on his nerves. Nodding some more, Frosta looks at her plate, “This is true. However what would you have me do? Have everyone camping out waiting for the day when Hordak crashes through the gates? Or should we all form a militia and go up against the mighty Horde ourselves? Men, women, and children, armed with blocks of ice. Ha! Darling, I am doing my best to keep this place in one piece. I am trying to lead as normal a life as possible. Part of that is hoping that this castle will one day see a return to its splendor.”

Netossa closes her eyes and thinks what that sort of life would look like, “I hope for all of us that our lives can become something better than being under the Horde.” Sea Hawk agrees, “It will. One day we’ll all be dead and then this mess of a world won’t matter.” Sea Hawk isn’t quite sure what he is saying.

“That statement rings true to me sometimes,” Frosta says, “I fight the dual nature of wanting to give up or fight tirelessly. A friend of mine recently reminded me how important it is to not give up though. And I won’t. Besides, it isn’t that entirely bad darling; you are having a nice meal in a castle after all.” Everyone nervously chuckles and raises their glasses for a toast.

Netossa suddenly hears strange noises. At first she isn’t sure if her ears are playing tricks on her. Soon the noises continue, “Do you all hear that?” Netossa asks looking at everyone in the room. Frosta’s smile starts to fade away as she listens for the noise as well, “What is that?” Frosta gets up. Sea Hawk looks at his crew member and neither knows what is going on.

Vivi rushes in and looks concerned, “Empress, you should stay inside for the time being.” Frosta’s skin grows colder than usual, “I will do as I please, now out of my way.” Frosta brushes past Vivi and heads to the courtyard, where the noises are louder. Netossa, Sea Hawk, and the crew member follow to the courtyard.

Outside the air has grown colder. Frosta contains a gasp as she stares at small lifeless animals. They have been catapulted over the castle walls and their remains litter the ground. Netossa looks horrified, “These poor creatures!” Frosta does her best to contain any disgust at the horrific scene before them all, “They are Selkies; one of the few animals that live in the Kingdom of Snows. Not much can survive in this climate.” Some of the animals are still whole, while others look as if they were slaughtered before being catapulted. Sea Hawk tries to avoid the mess, “What is the Horde doing this for?” Frosta crosses her arms, “To send a message darling: we are next.”


Meanwhile in the Fright Zone Catra is alone in her room. Filing her long nails, Catra finds her thoughts drifting towards her past. Bow’s image appears in her mind; he smiles and wants to hold her hand… Catra is brought back to reality when a guest knocks on her door. Entrapta walks in, ignoring the disapproving look from Catra. The tricky golden beauty sits on Catra's bed and says, “We weren’t properly introduced the other day. I am Entrapta.” Catra looks at her with an arched eyebrow, “And I could care less. You are bothering me.” Entrapta smiles politely, “I do apologize for that. You just seem like someone worth getting to know. I like those who can stand up to Hordak. Not many can.”

Catra shrugs, “He can only take so much.” Entrapta nods, “True. However that little dispute the two of you had would have resulted in most other people losing their limbs. He may be hard on you, but I can tell he values you.” Catra is unsure why Entrapta is in her room, “Did he put you up to this visit? Why are you here?”

Leaning back on Catra’s bed, Entrapta crosses her legs while her hair moves all over the place, “I told you, I wanted to introduce myself. I like you and think we could become important allies. Friends even.” Catra looks at Entrapta’s hair, “Your hair moves too much. What is that all about?” Entrapta tilts her head, “I’ll tell you one day…”

Mantenna walks in the room, his eyes nearly bulging out of their sockets at the sight of Catra and Entrapta in her room, “Oh it is nice to see you two.” Catra snaps, “Why does everyone just show up in here!?” Backing up a bit, Mantenna stammers, “I’m sss-sorry Catra. Hordak wants to see us all in Adora’s old room. The prince guy is starting to wake up.”

Catra groans, “Wonderful.” The three head over to Adora’s room. There is already a crowd hovering around the prince. Hordak is talking to Adam, “My son! My brave son, I’m so glad you woke up.” Catra is surprised to hear Hordak sound nice and caring.

Adam’s mind is incredibly fuzzy. He has no idea who all the people are in the room, he shakes his head, “Where am I again?” Hordak looks around the room, “You are in your room son. On Etheria.”
Adam is trying to understand, “And you are my father?” Hordak nods, “Yes. This is your mother.” Hordak motions towards Shadow Weaver. She approaches the bed.

“I don’t remember the two of you.” Adam says. Shadow Weaver whispers, “You will. In time.”
Adam sits up, feeling overwhelmed, “Let me try to understand what you have told me. I am a prince and you are my parents. There is a war going on and I was injured in battle.” Hordak nods, “Yes, and somehow your injuries have tampered with your memories.” Adam points to the other people in the room, “And who are they?”

Hordak nods towards Leech, Mantenna, and Grizzlor, “These are your friends. They helped you in battle.” Leech waves. Hordak pretends not to notice, though he is seething on the inside. Shadow Weaver brings Entrapta closer to Adam, “Here is your lovely sister.” Something triggers Adam and he feels a warmness fill his chest, “Yes, something just came to me. I have a sister!”

Entrapta smiles sweetly, “Oh dear brother! You are awake!” She is having fun with the whole situation. In the past, her attempts to help Hordak conquer a world never required such an unusual approach. Adam smiles, “I don’t remember much, but I know you exist. I want to remember more.” Adam says and hugs Entrapta. Catra’s eyes bulge out more than Mantenna’s. Catra cannot believe this is happening.

Hordak grins, “This will all make sense. For now you need to rest.” Hordak gets up and takes a quick look towards Catra, “Before we go though Adam, there is one more person that wants to see you. She has been sitting by patiently hoping to see you again.” Adam looks at Catra, she is pretty and mysterious, “Who are you?”

Catra mumbles her name. Hordak laughs out loud and pushes a resistant Catra towards Adam, “Don’t be so shy Catra. Your love has returned, go ahead give him a hug.” Catra is pressed into Adam’s arms, trying not to scream. She quickly backs away refraining from scratching Hordak. Adam looks at Catra, “We are in love?”

Catra dryly says, “It would appear so. I have suddenly become flooded with emotion; I can’t believe you are here.” Catra turns, quickly darting out of the room. Adam is even more confused. Entrapta sits next to him and rubs his head, “Don’t worry about her brother. She just thought she’d never see you again. None of us did. That awful Rebellion has tried to rip this kingdom apart. Now that you are back though, that will all change. Right father?” Entrapta asks, looking at Hordak with a glint of evil in her eyes. Hordak grins, “Yes. Now that we are all reunited, the Rebellion won’t stand a chance.”


Elsewhere on Etheria, a group of heroes are on Beast Island preparing to enter into the Midnight Lair. She-Ra walks into the dungeon first, with Glimmer, Mermista, Perfuma, Double Trouble, and Bow close behind. The dungeon is made up of various types of stones and bricks. Every few yards there are torches on the walls that emit magical blue flames. Glimmer also provides some of her own powers harnessing light to help guide their way. Perfuma looks at her surroundings. She hopes that Rolf won’t be there. Seeing her ex would be terrible. Mermista asks about the blue flames.
She-Ra observes the flames, “I am uncertain. I have never seen a blue flame before.”

Glimmer tries to shed some light on the topic, “I would be willing to guess that the blue flames are a type of magical light. If these Pyres want to stay away from natural light, they would still need a way to see in this dark place. Magical light would be the way to go.” Double Trouble thinks about this topic, “Glimmer may be right. Let’s remember about the issue of light. I think it is best that if we see the Pyres, Glimmer should refrain from using her light powers at first. This way they might not be concerned about her if we get into trouble and we will need Glimmer's powers. We have no idea what we are going to be up against.”


Further down into the depths of the dungeon, Vampra is sitting in front of a pit of blue flames. She is observing the flames carefully, trying to understand something... A muscular woman with a shaved head and light green skin approaches the flames as well. Her name is Celadon, and she is pure brute force. Celadon grits her teeth, “Vampra, we have visitors.” Nodding slowly, Vampra stares into the blue flame, “I can see that Celadon. Why don’t you be polite and say hello?” Vampra grins, baring her teeth. Celadon rushes off…


The heroes are still walking through the long corridor of the Midnight Lair. Perfuma is exasperated, “Are we even sure that anyone lives here? The closest thing we have seen to another living thing was a bug.”

“Patience Perfuma. We will have to find what we are looking for sooner or later.” She-Ra says. Bow looks around with an arrow ready. The group heads deeper into the lair, the torches becoming more spaced apart. Mermista wonders how everyone will get out of there. Double Trouble is starting to wonder if she guessed the right place from Peekablue’s vision.

Perfuma hears a sound, “Was that one of you?” She-Ra motions for everyone to stop, “No, I don’t think so, but I heard something too.” Glimmer dampens her light powers as everyone looks ahead towards the noise. The blue flames start to go out one by one. No one can see anything. Soon it is entirely dark, and She-Ra calls out to Glimmer, “Alright Glimmer, I think we may need some light.”

Glimmer taps her staff lighting up a portion of the corridor. Standing behind Double Trouble is Celadon, carrying a large sword. She growls and throws Double Trouble towards Glimmer knocking the light out. Mermista feels herself being lifted, she tries to fight back, but is thrown down the corridor. Perfuma thinks she has an idea where the enemy is at and throws some flower bombs towards the shape. The flower bombs make contact and Perfuma hears a shout, she hit Bow. “Oh no! Bow! I’m so sorry!” Perfuma tries to find Bow. Suddenly she is kicked in the back and slams into the wall.

Celadon snaps her fingers as the blue flames return. She looks around at the damage she has done and smiles to herself. She knows there is one more person she must take care of. She-Ra is behind her with her sword raised.

The Pyre quickly turns, slamming her sword down towards She-Ra. She-Ra dodges the attack and elbows Celadon in the side. Celadon grimaces, throwing out a punch that hits She-Ra in the chest. The two begin fighting with swords and fists whenever they can. Bow is able to shake off the effects of the flower bombs and quickly fires an arrow into Celadon’s back. Celadon turns to Bow, “You will regret that silly man.” Celadon is about to cut into Bow until She-Ra jumps over the Pyre.

Before Celadon can do anything to Bow, She-Ra stabs the Pyre with the Sword of Protection in the chest. Celadon’s body is tough so the sword cannot go all the way through, however the sword is able to do instant damage. Due to the power of She-Ra’s sword it is as if She-Ra has harmed Celadon with pure light. From the inside out Celadon’s body quickly ages and she appears very frail. The change is astonishing. Mermista, Perfuma, and Double Trouble are dusting themselves off and watching the exchange. Glimmer is sitting up rubbing her head.

She-Ra looks down at Celadon’s withering body. Celadon chokes out, “Please. Please help me. Help me end this madness; my life is such madness…” She-Ra feels sorry for the Pyre; this is clearly not a glamorous life. Wanting to help, She-Ra nods, “Tell me what to do.”

Celadon looks at She-Ra and grabs hold of the exposed sword, she starts sliding the sword through her chest even further, “You can start by giving me your blood!” Celadon chokes out an evil laugh and slides the sword through her body in her quest to reach She-Ra.

She-Ra thinks fast and quickly removes the golden axe Light Hope had given her; and in one fell swoop She-Ra lops Celadon’s head clean off her body. The head rolls away as Celadon’s body slumps to the ground. She-Ra removes her sword. Everyone is slightly unsettled. Mermista stares at the axe, “Wow that is a powerful axe.” She-Ra tries to make a joke to calm everyone’s nerves, “It also doubles as a brush.”

“Eww.” Perfuma says. No one knows if they should laugh or be grossed out. “It was a joke Perfuma.” She-Ra says, realizing she may need to work on her comedic timing.

Bow asks if Glimmer is alright, she has some cuts and scrapes on her cheeks and arms. The group takes stock of any injuries they may have. Glimmer notices Celadon’s body start to move, the arms seem to be searching for something, “Hey, we need to get going, before our friendly Pyre finds her head.” Everyone notices this. “Let’s hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.” Double Trouble says as they quickly head further into the lair. “If it is, we will be better prepared.” She-Ra is looking around the lair for any other surprises.

The air soon changes, “The lair is going further underground. There has to be an end point soon.” Mermista says. Perfuma looks at Bow, “I’m sorry about earlier Bow, I didn’t know I would be hitting you with the flower bombs.” Bow winks at her, “It is alright Perfuma. Just be more careful with your aim next time.” Regardless of her bad aim or not, Bow could never be upset with her. Perfuma is one of the sweetest people he knows.

After a long and arduous journey through the Midnight Lair, the group heads to an intricate archway. She-Ra leads the way. Before the heroes is a large cavernous room. There are various stairways that lead to entryways throughout the structure. Parts of the entryways are made of stone while other parts of the room contain exposed dirt. Glimmer looks up and can see that the large room continues a long way up. She realizes that her mother might be in one of those entryways. The heroes can hear the moans of other humans that are imprisoned in the Midnight Lair, their punishment to be merely fed upon by the Pyres.

She-Ra looks around the room and her eyes narrow once a shadowy figure emerges from one of the entryways. A tall woman with a flawless young face appears, her stringy black outfit swaying with each step. Vampra walks towards the group and stops halfway. She observes the group standing before her and studies them, “Isn’t this nice? I wasn’t expecting a dinner delivery.”

“We are looking for someone.” She-Ra says, trying to make this as easy as possible. Vampra pouts out her lower lip, “Oh my little treat, no one else seems to be home right now.” The heroes know this is a lie. They can feel the pain and suffering from those who are being tortured by the Pyres.

“Mighty big place to be all by yourself.” Bow says casually looking around. Vampra raises her eyebrows looking at the heroes, “Well I’m not really alone anymore now am I? Who might you all be anyway?” She-Ra looks at her friends, “I am She-Ra, and these are my friends. Who are you?”

Vampra’s eyes widen with disbelief that this She-Ra woman does not know who she is, “I am Vampra. Leader of the Pyres. This is my domain; surely you know something of me…”

“We know enough. We also know that there is someone here we are looking for. Her name is Queen Angella of Bright Moon.” She-Ra calmly says. Vampra taps her index finger over her lips, her nails are long and sharp, “Hmm, I am sorry but there is no one here by that name.” Full of anger, Glimmer has had enough, “Liar! You know exactly who we are talking about! Tell us where Angella is now! Or I will personally tear this place apart!”

Vampra cackles and sneers at the feisty pink haired princess, “My dear treat, you are something special aren’t you? This Angella person must be important.” She-Ra whispers to Glimmer, “Don’t say anymore, we are being played.” Glimmer tries to calm herself but she is having a difficult time, she knows her mother is there. Double Trouble steps forward, “Would it be alright if we searched around?” Vampra cackles again, “You are all so interesting, such brave morsels of flesh, to enter into a Pyre’s den. You all have no idea what you have just done.”

Towards the upper area of the room in an entryway, Angella has her head lowered. She is still chained and can hear the commotion down below. Her daughter’s voice travels up to her and Angella has no idea if her mind is playing tricks on her or not. Angella calls out softly at first, “Glimmer?” Angella keeps calling out her daughter’s name until she is screaming out, “Glimmer! Glimmer!”

Down below Glimmer can hear her name along with everyone else. Tears are in her eyes as Glimmer looks upwards, “She is here. My mother is here.” Glimmer is furious and looks at her friends trying to see what can be done.

She-Ra wants to have everyone remain calm. Only that is not going to work as Glimmer strides towards Vampra for a confrontation. Bow rushes to grab her and picks her up. Glimmer is kicking the air, “Let me go Bow! You wretched woman, tell me where my mother is!!” Glimmer screams at Vampra.

Vampra tilts her head back and laughs again, “Ah, yes, now I seem to remember who Angella is. She tastes so delightful.” Glimmer tries to fight free from Bow, he won’t let go. She-Ra looks over at Mermista, Perfuma, and Double Trouble, she motions that they need to be getting ready for some fireworks. She-Ra draws out her sword and the axe, “Vampra, we will need to take Angella with us. It would be smart of you to let us get her and leave.”

Scoffing, Vampra grins bearing sharp teeth, “Really? You think I will just hand over my free meal? Well, it was nice meeting you my tasty treats, but now I feel you should meet some of my friends,” Large numbers of Pyres start to come out of the entryways. They all look different, some wear tattered clothes while others wear fancy gowns. Most are female. Vampra continues, “None of you will be leaving this place alive.” She-Ra calls out to her friends, “Get ready.”

Vampra raises her left arm up and aims her fingers at She-Ra’s face, “Pow.” The other Pyres all descend upon the lower level of the room. Double Trouble flips into the air over She-Ra and hits the ground sliding towards Vampra. Double Trouble swiftly kicks the Pyre leader to the floor while also pulling out a freeze ray and shooting as many Pyres as possible.

There are Pyres everywhere. A few try to gang up on Mermista but she breezes by them creating strong forces of water pressure that build up from the ground. The water flings the Pyres everywhere. Perfuma is preparing some flower bombs when a hand covers her mouth and drags her away…

She-Ra covers Glimmer as they head towards Angella’s screams, defending themselves from any unwanted attacks. Mermista calls out to Bow, “Hurry Bow! Light this place up!!”

Vampra and Double Trouble are fighting each other with swift kicks and dodges from each other’s fists and nails. Glancing quickly at Bow, Vampra yells, “Stop that man, he is dangerous!” A group of Pyres rush towards Bow but are too slow. He shoots out a spark arrow that lights the room up with natural light. A number of Pyres recoil from the light and rapidly age before the heroes.

Vampra’s stringy cape whips around her body protecting her from the light. The material essentially absorbs the light before even reaching her skin. While shielding herself, Vampra catches a glimpse of Glimmer and She-Ra rushing upwards towards the entryway that has been Angella’s prison.

Bow is ready to shoot off another arrow, but gets cornered with Mermista and they both have to fight against a group of Pyres. Double Trouble takes hold of Vampra and the fight continues between the two of them. Glimmer and She-Ra are rushing as fast as they can.

Perfuma is taken to another section of the room away from all the fighting. She struggles free and is able to see who dragged her to the area. Her heart skips a beat, “Rolf? Is that you?” Her ex-lover nods and takes a moment to look her over, “Yes Perfuma it is me, and can I just say, you look really good.” Rolf licks his lips. Perfuma shakes her head in disbelief that this is actually happening, “No, no. Wait a minute. What are you doing here? Please tell me you have been held against your will all this time.”

Rolf glides closer to her, his dark violet hair still the same as she remembered it. Upon closer inspection she can see he is wearing the same clothes she last saw him in, a blue body suit with armor pieces that were once white. The pieces now appear dingy and gray. Perfuma looks at him and finds herself thinking, he still looks handsome. Perfuma tries to shake those thoughts off, but it is difficult.

“I am not here against my will Perfuma. This is my home.” Rolf says and looks at her with longing in his eyes. “I don’t understand, why would you want to live here?” Perfuma says afraid of the answer. For a brief moment she just wants him to leave with her, to say he never stopped loving her. Perfuma isn't sure if this is her usual optimism or if she is losing her own senses.

He smiles showing his sharp teeth, “I wanted to become one of them. Remember?” He stops and takes her in again with his eyes, “I can’t believe how good you look. Your hair is so long.” Rolf runs his fingers through her hair, pushing it away from her neck. Rolf caresses her cheek, “I have missed you so much...”

Back in the main portion of the Midnight Lair, Double Trouble kicks Vampra hard in the chest, throwing her to the ground. Vampra is growing tired of the games and quickly jumps up. She reaches out grabbing Double Trouble’s throat, digging her nails into the skin. Vampra lifts Double Trouble up and slams her to the ground, “Stay down!” Vampra looks over at Bow and Mermista. The Pyres are busy trying to stop them both.

Smiling at all the chaos, Vampra looks up and finds Glimmer and She-Ra. The two women are close to Angella’s location. Vampra shakes her head, “This will not do.” Throwing her head back, Vampra closes her eyes. She rolls her shoulders back and forth. The skin around her shoulder blades starts to tear and rip open. Large wings with a decaying form of flesh span out, looking like angel wings. Drinking Angella’s blood has given Vampra a special gift…Vampra takes flight, heading towards Glimmer and She-Ra…

In a dark corner away from all the commotion, Rolf’s information sinks into Perfuma, “So you are one of them?” Rolf nods and Perfuma feels lost, “Why would you do that Rolf?”

“Honestly Perfuma, I wanted the power that comes with being a Pyre. I have never felt more alive. Leaving you was difficult I admit that. However I worked hard and finally ended up finding the Pyres. At first Vampra wanted me dead, there aren't a lot of male Pyres. I was saved though and she eventually realized how important it’d be to have me as a Pyre. The only thing I wish I had was you with me.” Perfuma shakes her head, “I don’t think I am welcome here.” Rolf laughs, “My love, you can join us. I can turn you, and we can be eternally together, never having to worry about aging or dying. Perfuma, I have never stopped loving you.” His words seem special and important. Perfuma always wanted Rolf to feel this way, “Rolf, I don’t think I can give up everything. My friends. My life on the outside. I don’t even think I’d be able to grow any flowers or plants in this darkness.”

Rolf smiles as his hands roam across her body, starting at her neck and traveling down to her chest. He can feel her heart beating and whispers in her ear, “Forget your flowers Perfuma. There are other things that can grow in the darkness. Here let me show you.” He kisses her. They embrace. She feels light and dizzy next to him. The experience is intoxicating for her. Perfuma forgot how great it was to kiss him, We were so in love. Once. Then he left me to become a monster, and he wants me to stay in this prison. I'm in a prison. Perfuma opens her eyes and starts to fill Rolf’s grip tighten around her, she suddenly feels trapped, “Rolf, I can’t do this. I can’t become one of you. Please let me go.”

Rolf won’t let go. His kisses become forced until his lips move away from Perfuma’s. Bearing his fangs, Rolf buries his teeth into her neck. Perfuma screams struggling to break free. She can feel her blood flowing from her neck and down her chest. She continues to scream in agonizing pain…

Towards the top of the Midnight Lair, Glimmer and She-Ra are finally close to the entryway where Angella is at. First they must cross a thin sliver of rock that is a makeshift bridge to the pathway that leads to Angella. Glimmer calls out, “We are almost near you mother!” Looking down, She-Ra notices they are about to have company, “Glimmer, hurry across. Vampra is approaching.” Glimmer looks down and panics. Vampra is quickly flying towards them. She-Ra motions for Glimmer to move quickly. Starting to walk across the boulder, Glimmer turns in shock as She-Ra jumps off heading to Vampra. Glimmer shouts for She-Ra to be careful.

She-Ra collides with Vampra. They both begin falling towards the ground. The two struggle to gain control. Vampra is still able to fly while She-Ra lands a punch in her face. Vampra slices She-Ra’s back with her nails. She-Ra won’t let go. Glimmer is almost across the boulder, when Vampra flies up nearly knocking Glimmer off. Shouting, Glimmer loses her balance almost slipping off the boulder. Vampra circles around again still struggling to get She-Ra off of her. Vampra lashes out, “You will not save her. Give up now!”

She-Ra won’t and looks at Vampra’s wings, “Those are not yours.” She-Ra reaches over Vampra’s left shoulder and with all her might rips the wing from Vampra’s shoulder blade. Screaming out in pain, Vampra throws She-Ra towards an entryway. No longer able to fly, Vampra falls towards the ground.

Glimmer is watching all of this and helps She-Ra back to the bridge. They quickly cross through and head towards a chained Angella. Glimmer stops and drops to her knees in front of her mother. Angella lifts her head and smiles, “My daughter. You are here. I am so happy to see you.” Glimmer hugs her mother while She-Ra goes about removing the chains…

Down at the base level of the Midnight Lair, Double Trouble helps even out the playing field with Bow and Mermista. She uses her freeze ray to stun some Pyres while Bow creates enough light from a spark arrow to have the Pyres scatter into their dark corners. Double Trouble looks at her friends, “Where is Perfuma?”

Meanwhile innocence is lost in a dark corner. Rolf lets go of Perfuma as she stumbles to the ground. He begins to laugh with her blood around his mouth, “Don’t be so sad. You needed this Perfuma.”
With tears in her eyes, Perfuma covers her hand over the neck wound, “How could you do this to me? I thought you cared about me!” Perfuma looks at her hand with the blood from her wound and it dawns on her that she has been bitten by a Pyre. Her life is now forever going to be changed, “What have you done to me? What have you done to me?!” Perfuma screams.

Rolf raises his arms and grins, “Relax Perfuma. It will wear off, if you can fight the hunger that is. You’ll see, once you taste it, you’ll love it. Welcome Perfuma.” Rolf smiles. Perfuma shakes her head. Her arms rest by her side. With her nature based powers, Perfuma starts to create these vines that wrap around her hands like gloves. The vines start to quickly grow sharp thick thorns, “I will never become like you Rolf. Never.” Perfuma spits out and charges at him screaming as loud as she can. She slams her thorn gloves into his face. The blow, though non-fatal, catches him off guard. Perfuma raises her right arm and slashes down his chest, ripping through his armor. Perfuma continues to bash his face and chest with the thorns. The actions prevent his healing from working quickly. Soon he falls to the ground unable to fight back.

“You will never hurt me again! You will never! Never!” Perfuma keeps screaming until she feels hands on her. She can see Mermista, Double Trouble, and Bow trying to help her. They try to calm her down. Rolf is alive but motionless. Mermista takes Perfuma’s face into her hands, “Perfuma! Perfuma, look at me! Come on, we need to get out of here. It is going to be ok.” Picking Perfuma up, Bow carries her out into the main room. They are waiting on She-Ra and Glimmer to return with Angella. Double Trouble looks at her friends, “They must hurry. We don’t have any more time.”

Back in the entryway at the top of the Midnight Lair, She-Ra is working on the chains while Angella and Glimmer talk. Angella looks at her daughter, “How did you know I was here?” Glimmer smiles, “I can explain that later. For now are you going to be ok? It looks like you have been chained here for a long time.” Angella slowly nods, “I may need a little help walking, but I managed to find ways to stay healthy so I should be fine.”

“Is Kowl here?” Glimmer asks. Angella shakes her head no; she has no idea where the Horde placed Kowl. She-Ra is almost finished removing the chains when they hear a cackle down the entryway.
The women look up to see Vampra lumbering towards them. She only has one wing and looks worn down. She calls out to them, “I said it before. You will not leave this place alive.” She-Ra looks at her friends, “I will take care of this. Glimmer finish with these chains.” She-Ra heads towards Vampra, “You should just give up Vampra.”

Lunging towards She-Ra, Vampra spits out, “This is my stomping ground, and you are finished.” Vampra lashes out at She-Ra. The two struggle again. Vampra kicks She-Ra against the wall and flings the Princess of Power back towards the small stone bridge. It appears that She-Ra has fallen off while Vampra heads back to Glimmer and Angella. Glimmer is hurrying to free her mother, but is lifted up by Vampra. “You are a very bad girl.” Vampra says to Glimmer and pins her against the far side of the room. Vampra licks her lips, “I don’t like people playing with my food. You did a good job, but it ends now.” Vampra trails a finger down Glimmer’s neck, “I wonder if you taste as good as your mother.” Grinning, Vampra prepares to bite Glimmer.

Before Vampra takes a bite, the Pyre notices Glimmer has a strange grin on her face. Vampra pauses and stares at her, “Why are you smiling? I am about to kill you and yet you smile.” Vampra tilts her head to look at Glimmer, waiting for an answer.

Glimmer stops smiling and focuses on breathing, “I smile because you are correct, it will end now.” Glimmer raises her hands and touches the sides of Vampra’s face. Angella is standing behind Vampra and quickly touches Glimmer’s hands. Vampra’s face contorts in confusion as she quickly realizes she has been fooled. Mother and daughter both unleash a bright burst of light that surrounds the Pyre’s head.

Vampra tries to scream but all that can escape is a slight gasp. The femme fatale struggles free and drops to her knees. Her hands reach out and touch a withered ancient face, where a youthful one once was. Clumps of her red hair start falling around her. Vampra can’t see, her vision aged away. She can feel and realizes her face must look hundreds of years old. She tries to scream in anger. Nothing comes out. Vampra starts to choke on her own bile.

She-Ra approaches and witnesses what Glimmer and Angella did, “Come on. Everyone is down below. We can finally be free of this place.” Angella hugs her daughter. The two have so much to discuss and catch up on. That has to wait though as She-Ra, Glimmer, and Angella make their way down to everyone else. There is a mini reunion as everyone is thrilled to see Angella. Double Trouble breathes a sigh of relief that they have found the Queen of Bright Moon. Mermista grabs Glimmer’s hand, she is very happy for her friend. Bow is still carrying Perfuma who is in shock. The weary heroes eventually make their way out of the Midnight Lair. As they leave She-Ra realizes that there may be other people held prisoner in the Midnight Lair. Prisoners whose fate is to be fed upon by blood thirsty monsters. The idea upsets her and She-Ra adds yet another item on her list of ever growing things to do. She will return one day and save anyone who is still held captive in this terrible place…

Next up!
Angella has important information for the Rebellion…
Adam gets to know his family a bit more…
Perfuma has some cravings, and not for pickles and ice cream…

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