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Adora's Search for Honor Part 1: Chapter 18

Adora’s Search for Honor

Part 1

Chapter 18

Previously: Catra started losing her mind after seeing Adora in her room. This was a problem because Catra killed Adora, only the faithful reader knows that Adora is very much alive… While at Castle Chill, Sea Hawk finally found the ice diamond. (It was an adornment on Frosta’s top.) After drugging the chilly empress, Sea Hawk grabbed the ice diamond and bolted with his crewmember Lir… A ball went underway at Castle Bright Moon. Glimmer almost told Bow her feelings, but he spoke first and told her about his feelings for Adora. Glimmer was heartbroken. Bow and Adora danced. Peekablue saw a crappy vision… The crappy vision being that the Horde moved up their assault date on Castle Chill. Frosta and Netossa both are in big trouble as their captors figure out what to do with them…

Chapter 18

Alone with Frosta in a bare room inside Castle Chill, Spira does her best to make sense of the current problem, “Frosta, please be reasonable. I did not want this to happen.” Tied to a chair, Frosta glares at the double agent and huffs, “Darling, look at me! I am tied to this heirloom. There are Horde members ransacking my home! You’re plan has blown up all over this place! We are losing, and I am starting to think you like all this.”

The statement rattles Spira, “What does that mean?” Rolling her eyes while trying to get comfortable, Frosta groans, “It means that I’m not so sure you know which side you are really on. If you ask me, I think you have grown to like being a Horde Force Captain. That sense of power has gotten to your head, darling.” Frosta spits out.

Closing her eyes while trying to gain some composure, Spira whispers, “I am on the Rebel’s side. I have always been. Frosta, for the last time, this was never part of the plan. The assault was not supposed to happen for a few more weeks. Hordak gave me no other choice; he had other Horde members join me to leave here.” Shaking her head in disbelief Frosta smiles, “We always have a choice darling. Always. Your choice was just a lousy one, that’s all.”

In her heart Spira knows there was no other choice, “What would you have had me do Frosta? Give myself up as a double agent? Break free from the Horde to warn you, while missing out on other important information I need from the Horde? My job as a double agent cannot be over yet, not until everyone is safe.” Frosta laughs at the statement, “None of us are safe, you miserable fool!” Frosta is ready to speak up even more, only Spira motions for the Empress to be quiet.

Grizzlor and Leech soon enter the room with a report. Leech addresses Spira, “Captain Spira, we have not been successful in apprehending the dark skinned woman. Mantenna is still looking for her as we speak.” Frosta interrupts, “She has a name; it is Netossa you jackal!” Leech walks up to Frosta and threatens, “I don’t care what her name is, you would do best to shut up.” Ready to strike her, Spira stops the Horde member from any harmful actions, “Leech, leave the Empress alone. She is already suffering. I want you to go back and help Mantenna find Netossa. Grizzlor stay here and watch over the Empress.” Leech follows his orders and exits the room.

Grizzlor looks at Spira, “What are you going to do Captain Spira?” Holding her breath, Spira goes on, “I am going to head outside to the Horde post. Soon we will have a visitor.” Everyone knows she means Hordak. This is actually happening, Frosta mutters to herself. Wanting to stay and free Frosta, Spira makes the choice to leave the room. The double agent is sick in the stomach with dread at doing this. However she is not ready to cross the Horde, not with so many loose ends (such as finding Kowl and plans for the Doom Dispenser.) Spira can only hope that everything will work out.

Alone in the room with Grizzlor, Frosta mutters, “Of course I’d be left with just you.” Grizzlor barks, “I’m not thrilled either. Your attitude is appalling.” Glaring at the furry Hordseman Frosta glares, “Darling, when I am free from these constraints I will do my best to skin you alive. Then I will turn you into a fabulous fur.” Having had enough Grizzlor walks towards Frosta, pointing a machete at her, “Not unless I skin you first.”

Grimacing as the hairy beast hovers over her, Frosta manages to bat her eyes, “As riveting as that sounds, what would you say to our having a bit of fun first?” Perking his head up Grizzlor mumbles, “Fun? What kind of fun?” Pursing her lips as if begging for a kiss, Frosta pants, “The type of fun I have not enjoyed for quite some time. Darling, as repulsing as you are, I can’t help but want to have a bit of fun with you. If I’m to die, shouldn’t we both get something out of it?” Grizzlor is unsure what to believe.

Frosta looks at the ferocious figure of fur, beckoning him to lean in for a kiss. Puckering up, Grizzlor gives in to the wild idea. After all, what can she possibly do? This never happens, Grizzlor exclaims to himself. Manipulating her powers of ice, Frosta creates a hardened ice patch on her head. Quickly tossing her head back, the Empress slams her hardened head into Grizzlor’s face, rendering him unconscious. Grizzlor falls to the floor with a loud thud. Wincing in pain, Frosta looks down at the mound of fur, “See, that’s your problem darling, everyone has their own definition of fun.” Laughing to herself, Frosta looks around wondering how she will get free. She also wonders about Netossa, “I do hope you managed to escape.”

In another part of Castle Chill, Netossa is running from a group of Horde Troopers. Confident that she has lost them, Netossa takes a moment to catch her breath. She is tired. I must get to Frosta though, I can’t leave her alone in this place, Netossa tells herself, getting ready to run again.

Slowly walking down an open entryway, Netossa stops. Before her is the group of Horde Troopers. They seem lost, unsure of which way to look. Sneaking behind one of the troopers, Netossa pulls out a dagger. Stabbing the dagger into the back of the metal trooper, Netossa holds onto the dagger and runs down the entryway. Using the trooper as a shield, Netossa manages to avoid any shots from the very angry Horde Troopers.

Traveling further into the castle’s hallways, Netossa tries to recall the pathway to the room that Frosta is in. Suddenly out of a dark corner, Leech jumps out. Screaming in terror, Netossa throws out a punch while dodging the Horde member. Running away from Leech, Netossa comes across Mantenna. His eyes bulge out, sending out a shocking burst of light. Turning her head, Netossa dodges any blinding light. “They are everywhere!” Netossa screams and while thinking quickly the captivating beauty slides across the icy floor under Mantenna’s legs. Mantenna and Leech both curse out loud as Netossa gets away.

Problems quickly mount for Netossa as she starts running out of breath. She has been running all over the castle doing her best to avoid the Horde. While on empty, Netossa stumbles to the ground. Get up! Get up! Don’t let them get you, Netossa screams to herself. Numerous footsteps come charging towards her. Preparing for the worst; Netossa looks up to see a group of unfamiliar people standing near her. There are many women and a single man looking down at her. Netossa cries out, “Are you part of the Horde too?” A tall blonde woman steps forward and smiles, “No, we are not part of the Horde. I am She-Ra, and these are my friends from the Great Rebellion. We are here to help.” Netossa cannot stop crying.

Back in the bare room, Frosta is looking down at Grizzlor’s unconscious body. She is not sure if he keeps twitching or not, but she keeps hoping that he does not wake up. Her little head butting stunt won’t happen a second time. Frosta’s thoughts drift to her life. Why is this happening? How am I going to survive? I just want to be somewhere else, somewhere safe. I am worn down, Frosta quietly thinks.

Loud noises can be heard down the hall and Frosta groans expecting the worst. The doors fly open and to her surprise, Frosta is looking at her friends. She-Ra, Netossa, Glimmer, Angella, Bow, Castaspella, and Peekablue are all looking back at her. Frosta stares at Peekablue, groaning, “What is that crazy woman doing here? I do not need any more visions of death.” Peekablue blushes. Castaspella speaks up, “You should actually be thanking her Frosta. If it wasn’t for Peekablue, no one would have ‘seen’ the assault on Castle Chill.” She-Ra agrees, “We came as soon as we could.”

Frosta laughs, “Well I suppose Peekablue isn’t that crazy. You are all just in time. Someone untie me please.” Castaspella whispers to Peekablue, “That’s the closest thing to an apology from Frosta.” Peekablue is shy and nervous, “I’ll take what I can get.” Bow goes about freeing Frosta. The icy Empress looks at Castaspella, “Darling, why are you here? Aren’t you worried what the Horde will think when they see you?” Castaspella knows that her allegiance to the Rebellion will be fully known if the Horde sees her, but Casta does not mind, “I am not worried. Hordak is going to come after Mystacor at some point. No one is safe.”

Finally free, Frosta says proper hellos to everyone. She finds out that She-Ra and friends helped Netossa. In a matter of seconds, Netossa became a member of the Rebellion. Glimmer jokes, “I think Netossa has been the fastest member to ever join the Rebellion.” Frosta rolls her eyes and looks around her friends, “Wait, where is Mermista?” She-Ra nods her head, “Mermista was injured during a recent mission. Don’t worry, she will be fine. She is just recuperating.”

Glad to hear the information, Frosta shrugs, “Well I’m glad I asked. No one ever tells me anything. Now let’s go free my guards and get out of here.” Frosta is ready to leave and find the remaining guards that are still alive. Bow looks at everyone, “Umm, Frosta? Don’t you want to take a stand and protect your home?” Crossing her arms, Frosta huffs, “Honestly darling, I can’t deal with this anymore. We are facing the Horde. They will be beating down the castle gates at any moment. I’m sorry; I can’t stomach watching them destroy this place.”

She-Ra shakes her head, “But Frosta that does not have to happen. Our numbers may be small, but we can’t just let them win. We have to fight, to show them that Etheria is no longer going to be oppressed.” Glimmer and Angella agree. Frosta groans, “Well isn’t that just a nice sentimentality. I could give a crock. I want to be far away from the Horde. My family heirlooms are safe and walls can always be rebuilt. I want to leave.” Frosta thinks about how lucky she is to have the chance to leave. Her thoughts travel to Chancellor Vivi, his murder was senseless. Frosta does not want anymore death.

Peekablue closes her eyes, “I’m afraid leaving will be out of the question. Horde Troopers are marching towards the Castle as we speak.” The group heads outside towards the gate tower. Much to everyone’s dread, the Rebels notice a large mass of Horde Troopers quickly traveling towards the castle. Some Troopers are on sleds while others are charging rather quickly. Frosta spits out, “I just bet Spira is loving this.” Glimmer looks at her friend, “What does that mean?” Shrugging the question off, Frosta groans, “Somebody must find the remaining guards in this place, they should be held captive in the courtyard.” Frosta looks at her friends with more orders, “Angella, there are ice spears along the front curtain wall. I trust you know what to use them for.” Angella nods flying off. Glimmer and Netossa run off to help free the surviving guards. She-Ra looks at Frosta, “If the Horde wants a war, I will send them a message of our intentions.” Racing off Frosta looks at Castaspella and Peekablue, “Do either of you have any experience with catapults?” Castaspella and Peekablue blankly look at each other.


Across Castle Chill, the Horde Post stands tall. A building of steel, it looks odd in the middle of icy barren land. Hordak is inside barking out orders. A wave of Horde Troopers has already been sent out. Catra and Entrapta have just arrived. Spira is filling everyone in, “The Empress is held captive. I have Grizzlor watching her.” Hordak snorts, “Good. Then she is probably already dead.” Spira shakes her head, “Excuse me? I thought you wanted her alive for when you arrived at the castle?”

“That was the plan. But I like multiple plans Spira. I gave Grizzlor orders to kill Frosta if he found himself alone with the annoying Empress. With her gone, we will be able to take over the castle and move one step closer to complete and total domination of this world.” Hordak claps his hands snorting again. With the odd recent run of bad luck, Hordak can feel the tides changing in the Horde’s favor.

The group is perched on a balcony looking out at Castle Chill from a distance. Spira is full of dread, maybe Frosta was right. I’ve made the wrong choices. Now my dear friend is dead… Spira clears her head and looks at Entrapta. Her gaze then falls to Catra. They all seem so confident and mad. Their rage to destroy life is horrifying.

Catra motions for Hordak, “Look Hordak! Out in the distance, something is coming this way.” Taking out some binoculars, Catra looks even further and gasps. They had incoming. Catra screeches, “It is She-Ra!!!” Having never met She-Ra, Catra has heard just enough to know what the blonde powerhouse looks like. Hordak snatches the binoculars from Catra and tries to look. He sees nothing, “Catra, your vision is lousy. There is nothing there.”

Swooping overhead on Swiftwind, She-Ra calls out, “You don’t mind me dropping by… do you Hordak?” Twirling a bulky net in the air, She-Ra tosses the mass towards Hordak. “Blast you She-Ra!” Hordak screams as She-Ra flies off. Entrapta looks at the bulky net, “What’s in there?” Mantenna pokes his head out from the net, “We tried Hordak… we really tried.” Leech and Grizzlor struggle to get out from the net as well. Kicking the net, Hordak snarls, “Get ready. We are destroying that castle along with that miserable She-Ra too.” Spira looks on, secretly smiling to herself, with She-Ra there, everyone will be safe…  


Along the front curtain wall of Castle Chill, Frosta is laughing with glee as numerous catapults launch massive blocks of ice upon the Horde Troopers below. Bow, Castaspella, and Peekablue each launch a new block as soon as Frosta has them formed and ready to go. Above the sky, Angella is swooping around taking direct aim with ice spears at that Horde Troopers. Their plan is working for the time being. Frosta calls out to Bow, “Bow, you were all correct! Fighting for this castle is the best plan. Thank you for getting me out of my mood!” Frosta laughs even louder as a huge block of ice launches past her. She-Ra arrives and begins tossing blocks of ice with her bare hands, “We’ve sent a message to Hordak. He isn’t pleased.”

“Ha! Wonderful darling! Let Hordak know exactly who he is dealing with!” Frosta smiles as she looks out at the chaos in front of the castle. The Horde Troopers are unable to get very far. Netossa is busy gathering supplies and various types of nets. After her large net was used to deliver Mantenna, Leech, and Grizzlor back to the Horde post, she wants to make sure the Rebels are ready for anything else. The castle guards are preparing their weapons. Glimmer walks up to Frosta and whispers, “I have a spot ready for your Chancellor, Frosta.” Trying to hold onto her composure, Frosta nods, “Thank you. We will properly bury him once this is over.”

Angella flies back to her friends, “I’m going to need a bigger spear. We have trouble heading this way.” Everyone looks past the wreckage of Horde Troopers. “That bastard!” Frosta shouts.

Across the tundra, a new wave of Horde members is quickly making their way to Castle Chill. Catra is charging in on Clawdeen. Entrapta is driving a sleek three wheeled vehicle. She is sitting in the middle. One of her ponytails is steering while the other is operating a large canon on the side. Her hands are holding two laser guns, ready to aim at anyone in her sight. There are a few more Horde Troopers on sleds and even jetpacks. In the middle of all this is Hordak standing tall in a black chariot with a Horde bat symbol on the front. The chariot is being pulled by four horses made of flames. The chariot is racing across the ice, scorching the ground.

Castaspella looks at her friends, “Alright, any ideas?” Frosta places her hands on the cold ice of the castle, “Keep launching the catapults. I’ve got a little something extra for our unwanted guests.” Frosta keeps her breath centered. Concentrating on her powers over ice, she sends out a small wave of energy. Out on the expanding field, large spikes of ice come forth from the ground. Some Horde Troopers are impaled. Clawdeen leaps over one spike of ice, continuing to charge towards the castle. Entrapta swerves around various forming spikes. Hordak snarls as he blasts through the chunks.

Glimmer and She-Ra notice that Frosta is shaking some. Trying to help She-Ra says, “Frosta, are you over exerting yourself? Maybe you should stop…” Shaking her head and concentrating even harder Frosta gasps, “I just need to focus. They won’t make it to the castle walls, I won’t have it…”

The Horde does though. Entrapta fires various bombs from the canon. She is also shooting at the castle gates as she drives across to the left side of the castle. Catra and Clawdeen ride around towards the back. Hordak raises his arms, magically releasing the flamed horses towards the front castle wall. The chariot rises up becoming air born while the horses made of flames collide into the walls made of ice. Castle Chill shudders ever so slightly.

“Guards, get ready!” Frosta calls out. Preparations lead way to the real thing as everyone embraces for the fight. Bow gets to a high corner, shooting arrow after arrow. Horde Troopers swarm into the castle, blowing past the destroyed gates. Glimmer and Angella team up releasing bursts of light. Castaspella enchants a spell to confuse the Troopers around her. Netossa captures some Troopers in a net, while fighting in close combat with her dagger.

Entrapta drives the vehicle through the side of the castle, crashing into the main bailey. Jumping out, Entrapta shoots at some of Chill’s guards. She-Ra takes off on Swiftwind, flying towards the back of the castle. Netossa is kicking and fighting through more Horde Troopers. Peekablue is doing the same, but finds herself outnumbered. A few Horde Troopers take aim. Reacting quickly to the threat; Peekablue’s feathers fold over the heroine, shielding her from the blasts. Still shielded, Peekablue runs towards the troopers, able to fight easily. Though her eyes may be covered, she has other ways of seeing her targets. A few kicks and flips later, Peekablue comes out from her feathers, “Did I just do that?”

Walking through the main building, Frosta enters back into the madness wielding her staff with snowflake spinner on top. The spinner is made up of blades that resemble the unique design of a snowflake. A group of Horde Troopers come racing towards her, “How about a lil chill, hmm?” Frosta spins the top, while also tossing a few chunks of ice through the blades. Pieces of crushed ice fly towards the troopers, pelting them like the strongest hail.

She-Ra and Swiftwind land towards the back of the castle. Looking for Catra, She-Ra walks around the grounds. <I don’t really see anything> She-Ra telepathically communicates to Swiftwind. <Be careful though She-Ra> Swiftwind responds.

She-Ra knows that she should be helping with the ensuing battle inside the castle; however she saw Catra sneaking off. The princess of power wants to make sure Catra isn’t planning something. She-Ra hears a noise and turns; she is face to face with Catra. The jealous beauty looks on, observing She-Ra. Catra purrs, “We finally meet She-Ra. Though, I must say, it feels like I have known you my whole life.” You have no idea, She-Ra says to herself. She-Ra stares at Catra, “That doesn’t seem very fair, you know who I am, but who are you?”

“I am Catra, Head Force Captain of the Horde. It would be smart to remember that. I will be the one that kills you.” Catra pulls out her sword. She-Ra remembers her fight (as Adora) with Catra on Skydancer Mountain. There would be no repeats, “I’m pretty tough to kill Catra.” Tilting her head and observing She-Ra, Catra smirks, “You don’t look like that much of a big deal.” She-Ra grabs hold of her sword, ready to battle.

Suddenly the loud noise of a machine can be heard above them. Both women look up to see a large airship preparing to land in the castle. A rematch with Catra will have to wait, She-Ra calls out, “I guess that is my cue. Until next time, Catra.” She-Ra runs to Swiftwind taking off into the air to see who else has arrived for the party. Full of anger and hate, Catra looks at She-Ra fly away.

Inside the castle walls, the Rebels and Horde members pause their fighting as a large airship hovers in the air, Netossa smiles, “He came back.”

Aboard the ship, Sea Hawk looks at his crewmembers, “Alright boys, let’s make it right.” The crewmembers all hoot and holler as they all jump off the airship. The crew was not happy that Sea Hawk left Netossa alone in Castle Chill. Brandishing swords and tiny laser pistols, the pirates join the Rebels in fighting the Horde. Lir is piloting the airship and flies it out of harm’s way.

Bow is continuing his fight, while also looking over at the cavalry. Glimmer, Angella, and Castaspella get some much needed help from She-Ra. Frosta looks over at Sea Hawk, “I thought you had left.” Sea Hawk grins, “What can I say; a pirates work is never done.” Netossa joins the group, “Where have you been?” Sea Hawk hugs Netossa, “I’ll explain later ‘Tossa.” Sea Hawk pulls out a sword and begins fighting for Castle Chill.

Hordak is flying around in his chariot, laying waste to the castle. His arm canon has become a flamethrower, “This place will fall!” Angella flies up to him, “You will not win Hordak!” Angella tries to knock Hordak off with an ice spear. Hordak curses at Angella, “Don’t test me woman! I can imprison you all over again!” Hordak presses a button on his chariot that shoots out a laser beam. It hits Angella. The winged queen of Bright Moon falls to the ground. Glimmer and Bow rush to help.

She-Ra is fighting off more Troopers. She feels something wrap around her foot, dragging her to the ground. One of Entrapta’s ponytails has She-Ra by the ankle. With the blink of an eye, Entrapta tosses She-Ra into a wall. Dusting herself off, She-Ra looks at Entrapta, “What kind of weapon is that?” Entrapta laughs, “I like to whip my hair. Back and forth.” Both ponytails whip out at She-Ra, taking hold of her wrists. The two women struggle for control. Entrapta tosses She-Ra across to another wall, the ponytails still tightly wrapped around her wrists. Bow and Sea Hawk both notice what is happening and head over to help.

Standing up, She-Ra shakes her head, “I’m done.” Yanking her arms down, She-Ra pulls the ponytails to the ground. Entrapta loses her balance, landing hard on the ice. Finally free from the deadly hair, She-Ra dusts herself off as Bow and Sea Hawk come running towards her. “Are you ok?” Bow asks full of concern. Sea Hawk is speechless; he has never seen a more beautiful woman. She-Ra looks at the two men, “I am fine, though I’m not so sure about her.” She-Ra points to a dazed Entrapta.

Destruction is occurring all around. Frosta stands in the middle of it, looking at all the fighting. Her castle is crumbling. All the fighting and energy is only making it worse. Parts of the castle are on fire. “No.” Frosta says. We were supposed to win, Frosta sadly thinks. Her attention is brought to Hordak, who has managed to be in a safe distance from all the fighting. He is walking towards the keep, pausing to create flames in his path. Frosta marches after him, determined to make him finally pay for his actions.

Inside the keep, Hordak is looking around for any sort of item that might be of use to him. He notices that many wonderful things are missing. Walking further down a hall, Hordak turns when he hears his name. Frosta is in front of him, “Look at this, alone at last.” Grinning, Hordak snorts, “Love the new decorating Frosta, but where is all your stuff?” Looking around the bare walls and rooms, Frosta shrugs, “Darling, we are living in grave times. I needed to sell a few things to keep this place up. Were you looking for anything in particular? Perhaps an exit?”

Snorting again, Hordak shakes his head, “No, not an exit. Frosta, let’s make this easy. Stop all this fighting. Just give me what I want.”

“And what would that be?” Frosta asks. “Everything.” Hordak replies. He is ready to kill the Empress, “Frosta dear, I enjoyed having your parents killed. But I think killing you with my own bare hands will feel even better.” Frosta feels her chest getting hot, fury burning inside her, “I am going to end you.” In quick reflex, Frosta forms a thick shield of ice on her right arm, as a sharp blade of ice forms in her left hand, “I’m curious Hordak, have you ever been stabbed by a blade of ice?” Hordak stares at the Empress. She goes on, “It burns worse than any pathetic flame you can conjure.” Frosta lunges towards Hordak, planting a kick into his chest. A fist to the face follows.

Blocking off another attack from Frosta, Hordak turns both arms into swords. The two fight in the cold hallway. Frosta dodges a few attacks and goes in with her sword. She misses while Hordak shatters the ice. Hordak creates a flamethrower arm and releases a stream of fire towards her. Raising her shield up, the flames dissolve against the sheer power of the cold. “It’s too cold in here.” Hordak says as he lights up the walls around them. Soon Frosta look around, four walls of flame have contained the two into a square shaped space.

Outside the keep, the Rebels are making great headway in the battle for Castle Chill. Entrapta and Catra have retreated. A few Horde Troopers have left as well. She-Ra looks at her friends, “I think that is about it.” Angella is alright from her fall. Glimmer looks at Peekablue, “For someone that doesn’t get out much, you sure know how to fight.” Peekablue blushes. Castaspella pauses, “Wait, where is Hordak? He didn’t really put up much of a fight.” She-Ra looks around at all the destruction, “True, but even more, where is Frosta?”

Inside the walls of flames, Frosta is holding her own against Hordak. She is feeling herself weakening though; her communication with the cold is not as strong. The flames surrounding them appear to be magically based, because they are incredibly strong. “What’s wrong Frosta? The heat getting to you?” Hordak spits out, punching the empress in the stomach. Frosta coughs out, “I’m perfectly fine. Never better.”

She-Ra and friends make it into the keep; they see the wall of flames in the hallway. Glimmer screams, “Frosta!” Through minor breaks in the flames, everyone can see that Frosta is struggling to fight Hordak. Looking at the Rebels, Hordak snarls, “Welcome Rebels, just in time for the death of the Empress.” Castaspella worries, glancing over at Peekablue. Is this the vision of death that Peekablue saw, Castaspella wonders. Bow shouts, “We need to get through those flames!”

A step ahead, She-Ra tries to create a whirlwind with her sword to dissipate the flames. The flames flicker for a moment, only to swell back up. Shaking her head, Castaspella cries out, “Those flames are too strong. Let me try some magic.” Castaspella fails; her magic can’t make a dent to the magical flames. Everyone starts to panic. Frosta is growing very weak.

Sea Hawk thinks of a plan, “I’ll be back!” He runs off, heading to the stairs. The pirate runs up to the second floor of the keep, approaching the floor that should be right above Hordak and Frosta. Using his sword, Sea Hawk begins cutting through the ice. Hordak notices this and shoots out another wave of flames that burn across the ceiling. Sea Hawk jumps away as the floor starts to burn.

Trying to take aim with an arrow, Bow looks for a clean shot through the moving flames, “Damn it! I can’t get a good shot!” She-Ra looks around, what are they going to do?

Hordak knows he has won; he lifts Frosta up and throws her to the ground. Coughing, Frosta looks at Hordak, “That was weak. Darling.” Snarling Hordak wraps both of his hands around her neck and begins to choke the life out of the icy Empress. She-Ra and everyone else watches on in horror has Hordak strangles Frosta. Castaspella screams. Glimmer is crying, trying to do something. Netossa has her face in her hands, she can’t watch this. She-Ra is preparing to run through the fire.

Frosta is looking up at Hordak, feeling his grip tighten harder around her neck. She can’t breathe. But she focuses; flashes of her parents and Vivi race across her mind, all of her friends smiling back at her. And then coldness. Somewhere deep in her chest, Frosta feels this coldness wash over her. It keeps building, pulsating. She has never felt this type of cold before. Screams and cries ring in her head as Frosta’s friends watch Hordak choking her. Frosta remains focused on the cold.

Drawing upon untapped energy and power, Frosta feels Hordak’s fingers and hands start to grow cold. Hordak notices too, and before he can react, a pulsating wave of cold energy flashes out of Frosta. The wave provides a mini blast of energy that tosses both Hordak and Frosta across the hall, crashing them through brittle walls of ice. The magical flames are extinguished. She-Ra and everyone else are knocked to the ground.

She-Ra is the first up and rushes to Frosta. Lying on the ground motionless, She-Ra sits Frosta up, “Frosta, can you hear me? Are you there?” Her eyes slowly open. Frosta is alive. In the distance Hordak stumbles up and looks around. Rocket blasts form on his feet and before anyone can stop him, Hordak blasts off.

Looking at She-Ra, Frosta rasps, “Why are you helping me. Go after Hordak before he gets away.” She-Ra shakes her head, “We can get him next time. I was more concerned about you.” Frosta smiles, coughing, “Well that is just stupid, darling.” They both chuckle, as Frosta slowly sits up. Everyone rushes up to Frosta. “We thought you were dead!” Glimmer says. Frosta nods, “As did I, but I refused to give that monster the satisfaction of killing me.”

The Rebels walk outside and look at the destruction all around them, “What next?” Castaspella asks. Angella, “I think Minwu needs to check out Frosta.” She-Ra agrees, “Now we just need to hurry back to the Whispering Woods.”

Everyone turns to look at Sea Hawk, “What are you all looking at me for?” Netossa steps forward, “Can your airship get us all there?” The pirate leader looks at the worn down Rebels in front of him, “I guess ship can handle the extra cargo. Does this mean I am a Rebel now?” She-Ra walks up to Sea Hawk. As Adora, She-Ra knows all about Sea Hawk and his role on Etheria, “I don’t know, do you want to be a member of the Great Rebellion?”

Sea Hawk rubs his shoulder, “Don’t know lady. I guess I don’t have much else to do…” Frosta groans, “Oh shut up and say yes you annoying man.” Grinning from ear to ear, Sea Hawk and his band of pirates become members of the Great Rebellion. He only hopes that Frosta doesn’t realize he stole her ice diamond for Hordak though.

In a matter of time, everyone is soon on Hawk’s airship. The massive ship prepares for flight. Frosta gives one last look at the remains of Castle Chill, I will return to rebuild my home. Frosta wants to cry at her loss, but the castle was just frozen ice. Frosta has her friends with her and wonderful memories of her life in the Castle. That will just have to suffice. Wiping away some tears, Frosta talks with Netossa and Glimmer.

Lir can’t believe this many people are able to fit on the ship. The Rebels and a few surviving guards. Not to mention a flying unicorn, “What’s his story?” Lir asks pointing to Swiftwind. She-Ra smiles, “That is my ride.” Sea Hawk walks over to She-Ra, “We weren’t properly introduced earlier. I’m Sea Hawk.” She-Ra reserves a hello for later, “I am aware of who you are.” She-Ra hops on Swiftwind, “I will meet you all in the Whispering Woods later.” As the airship is flying, She-Ra takes off with Swiftwind waving goodbye. They fly off into the air.

Sea Hawk looks on in wonder. Bow nods, “That was She-Ra: The most powerful woman in the universe.”

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Someone returns…


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