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Adora's Search for Honor Part 1: Chapter 16

She-Ra Week is almost at an end! Are you just thrilled with excitement for what will happen to She-Ra and her friends? Well I was thrilled until the battery died on my laptop. In my battery's defense it had been telling me for months that I needed a new one. So the last two chapters will be posted from other folk's computers. Thanks for being patient as the remaining chapters get posted!

Adora’s Search Honor
Part 1
Chapter 16

Previously: Sea Hawk was trying his best to find the ice diamond at Castle Chill. Frosta and Netossa are both unaware of what the pirate is up to. In the Fright Zone, Hordak is trying to get Adam to unleash the powers of his sword. Still experiencing memory loss from the Slime Pit, Adam can’t remember anything, though he has promised Hordak that he will let him know immediately if that status changes. The Rebels made a journey to the underwater Horde facility to stop the Horde from poisoning neighboring towns with slime infested water. Mermista swam alone to enter the facility and disable the power. However she got a little tied up by Octavia and could potentially be fish food. And across the galaxy on Eternia, Teela shares some personal events with Sy-Klone, her ex. These personal events are important to know, she has been two timing on Adam with He-Man and she has found out that the Sorceress is her mother. Oh, and Teela totally hates her…

Chapter 16

On Eternia, Sy-Klone and Teela are continuing their conversation. There is silence in the room as Teela’s words float in the air. She hates the Sorceress, who happens to be her mother. Everything happened so fast for Teela. The truth had been shocking, and Teela was still reeling from the information. “How did you find out?” Sy-Klone asks Teela, his eyes full of concern. He has never stopped caring for her. The relationship they had ended abruptly, but they have still managed to develop a friendship.

A laugh of sarcasm escapes Teela, “I overheard them. After Adam left to find his sister on Etheria, Duncan and the Sorceress became embroiled in a conversation. I had already left. I wanted to be alone to deal with Adam being gone. Of course that didn’t work. I had forgotten something in my father’s lab and as I was walking back I could hear their voices. It was as if their voices were in my head. I could hear the whole conversation. She was talking about me, caring about how I was feeling with Adam being gone.” Teela chokes up, everything still fresh for the warrior goddess, “I heard her mention the word daughter. It took me a few moments to understand that she was referring to me. There were so many emotions Sy-Klone, I didn’t know what to feel or think.”

“Teela, what did you do? Did you talk to them?” Sy-Klone can’t imagine what she must have been going through. “Of course I talked to them. I confronted them both. They seemed so surprised. At first they were trying to deny what I had heard. But I knew I had heard the words, I wasn’t making anything up. There was no more denying. The truth came out. My mother is the Sorceress. She gave me up. I never imagined that my mother would give me up.” Teela’s eyes brim with tears.

Sy-Klone reaches out to touch her hand, he wants to comfort her. “Teela, I know you are hurting, but surely there is an explanation for why the Sorceress would do this?” He can’t understand. Why would someone give up their daughter and then end up interacting with her throughout the years, all the while remaining silent?

Teela rolls her eyes and stands up. She starts pacing around the dining table, “That woman is unbelievable. Do you know what she told me? She gave me up to protect me. That was what she said. The secrets of Grayskull needed to be protected and there was no other choice for her. She had to safeguard Grayskull and Eternia; she could never have a normal life. I was expendable. Eternia’s enemies could not find out about me, or I’d be put in danger.”

Sy-Klone nods, “It sounds like she had a tough choice to make.” Teela’s eyes widen, “Oh don’t you start taking up for her. She lied to me, her reasons make no sense. Look at our lives, when have we not been in any danger? This whole idea of her wanting to protect me and Eternia by surrendering herself to Grayskull… I’m not buying it. When was she going to tell me? How many times have I nearly been killed? What would she have done then? Would she have been content with her actions if I’d been killed and never knew of our connection… I can’t stand her.”

“I understand Teela, but she is still your mom. Maybe now something can be changed.” Sy-Klone says. He doesn’t like seeing Teela so angry. Her eyes widen. With a tightened jaw Teela glares at him, “The damage has been done. I want nothing to do with her. Sy-Klone this is only a taste of what she has done! I have grown up believing that Duncan was my adoptive father but now he might be my birth father. You see Sy-Klone; my mother used to be a very busy woman.” Teela spits out. Completely reliving the experience, her body starts to shake.

Sy-Klone gets up, he tries to hold her. Teela almost starts crying into his shoulder, but she composes herself. Clearing her throat Teela bluntly says, “The Sorceress slept with two different men. One of them was Duncan. Ha. Grayskull isn’t the only place full of secrets. It seems everything around Eternia has been built on secrets and lies.” Sy-Klone frowns, he isn’t used to Teela sounding so defeated, “Two fathers? Did Duncan know any of this?” Teela shakes her head, “Well yes and no. Duncan knew all along that the Sorceress was my mother. He did not know though that he might actually be my birth father.”

“Do you know who the other person is?” Sy-Klone asks. After everything they have been through: battles with Skeletor and men made of snakes, this current drama seems to be the craziest. Teela thinks about the possibilities, “I am not sure, but I have an idea. Duncan has a brother.” Sy-Klone recalls hearing about Man-at-Arm’s brother, “Yeah. Duncan’s brother was a Master right?”

“Yes. My uncle was a powerhouse; however he left the palace when I was little. I haven’t seen or heard from him in a very long time. I am curious if he has any answers. I have to know the whole story.” Teela looks away. It wasn’t so long ago when her life seemed normal, or as normal as life could be on Eternia.

“What are you going to do now Teela?” Sy-Klone asks. The warrior goddess holds her head high, “I am going to find my uncle. I plan on embarking on a journey to find answers that have long been kept from me.” Admiring her determination Sy-Klone smiles, “You seem to have it worked out. When do we go?” He wants to help her. Teela shakes her head, “I’m sorry Sy-Klone. I thank you for wanting to join me, but I need to do this on my own.” Sy-Klone is concerned for her safety. Teela reminds him of everything she has been through. Nothing is going to stop her now, “I will be back before anyone can even start missing me.”

“Do you even know where your uncle lives?” Sy-Klone doesn’t know much about Duncan’s brother. Teela knows nothing either, “Not really. But I plan on finding out real soon…” Teela and Sy-Klone talk for a little longer. After their conversation is over, Teela sits at the dining table. The next goal just needs to be mapped out. She knows Duncan will have some idea where her uncle is. Thoughts eventually drift to Adam though, as thoughts normally do. Teela misses him, she hopes he is safe. “Come home soon Adam.” Teela tells herself as she holds onto a locket that he gave her some time ago. The locket is the only thing she has left.


Meanwhile, on Etheria, Mermista is trying to hold on to her life. Deep under Lake Eerie, Mermista continues to struggle free from the empty barrels of slime that Octavia tied her to. Still bleeding freely from the wounds that were inflicted upon her, Mermista is losing steam. The large sea monster is swimming closer to her, opening a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. Mermista does her best to telepathically communicate to the sea creature; however the beast is in a feral state of hunger. The mist-i-fying mermaid finds herself giving up. Many thoughts are racing through her mind. She isn’t ready to die. Although she has a fleeting thought, if she does die, at least she’ll get to see her family soon…

With eyes closed awaiting the first bite, Mermista waits. Nothing happens. The sea creature lets out a large noise and starts thrashing about. Mermista’s eyes flutter open; it seems that someone is attacking the sea creature. After a few tense moments the sea creature swims away. She-Ra is the one still standing, or rather floating. Mermista smiles as she sees her friend. Rushing to untie Mermista, She-Ra looks at her friend to see if she is alright. Mermista smiles the best she can and they both swim towards the Horde facility.

Inside the Horde facility Octavia exits the room that leads to the bottom of the lake. She motions towards some Horde Troopers, “Guard the open hatch into the lake. Shoot anything that swims up. I need to contact Hordak. We are being ambushed.” Octavia walks off to the head control room. Back-up will be arriving soon.

A few Horde Troopers stand guard around the hatch that leads into the bottom of Lake Eerie. They have no idea what to expect, though they are about to. She-Ra and Mermista swim towards the facility, spying the open hatch. The two women communicate with each other to be careful.

Mermista is the first to jump through the hatch. Flipping in the air her fins turn into legs as she firmly lands on the floor. Forming water bombs, Mermista takes aim at a few Horde Troopers, short-circuiting them. She-Ra jumps up next landing near and disabling two Horde Troopers with a swift swing of her sword. The two women are quick to dispose of the Horde Troopers. Before the heroes leave the room, Mermista grabs She-Ra’s arm, “Thank you for saving my life She-Ra. I was close to being eaten alive.”

She-Ra smiles, “I knew something was wrong. We were briefly attacked by some Horde Troopers on land, but Bow and Glimmer took care of them while I jumped in to see how you were. What happened?” She-Ra asks looking at the bleeding wounds on Mermista. Shaking her head Mermista goes on, “I can tell you later, come on we need to finish this!”

Running down the halls of the Horde facility, She-Ra and Mermista make it to the generator room. “What do we do now?” Mermista asks. She-Ra looks at the generators and all the machinery, “We destroy it. Make some water bombs for me Mermista.”

“Coming right up She-Ra!” Mermista grins and lobs numerous water bombs towards the generator. Sparks start to fly. She-Ra slices her sword into the side of the generator, avoiding the sparks. Aiming the gem on her sword, a beam of light burns into the inside of the machinery. The process has begun, “Alright Mermista, this generator is going to blow up soon. We should hurry out of this place.” They both rush off, trying to find the way out.

Dodging and fighting past Horde Troopers, Mermista slightly stumbles to the floor. Her wounds are hurting. She-Ra helps her up, “Are you ok?” Mermista nods, “I think so, I’m just slightly dizzy.” The mermaid princess has lost a lot of blood. “Hang in there Mermista, we are almost out.” She-Ra says helping her friend up.

Part of the generator explodes from the damage. Alarms go off and the facility rattles a little bit. She-Ra and Mermista hurry faster, making their way to an elevator. They hope the elevator will lead them out of the lake and onto the landing platform atop the water. “Just a few more steps.” She-Ra says to herself and as a reassurance for Mermista.

There is another explosion, bigger than the one before. Both women stumble to the ground. Something wraps around She-Ra’s ankle and starts to drag her away from the elevator. She-Ra turns to see Octavia. Being lifted in the air by Octavia’s tentacle, She-Ra swings towards the Horde member. Planting her free foot into the Horde General’s chest, She-Ra feels the tentacle loosen up around her other foot. Octavia grunts and falls back to the floor.

The facility rattles again. She-Ra notices that the walls around them are starting to leak water from the lake. Octavia jumps up. Her tentacles release some knives, “If you want this place destroyed, you will flood with it!” Octavia rushes She-Ra. The princess of power dodges the move.

Mermista tries to help, but is too weak from the wounds. One of Octavia’s tentacles sneaks around Mermista’s neck. Octavia cackles, “I see you can survive a lot mermaid. Do you think you can survive me slitting your throat?” Mermista tries to free herself. She-Ra panics, “Let her go Octavia!”

The water starts leaking faster into the hallway. Time is running short. She-Ra thinks fast and is about to make a move until she notices something. The elevator door opens from behind Octavia and Mermista. She-Ra smiles to herself.

Bow and Glimmer appear behind Octavia. A stun arrow is shot at the Horde woman. Octavia screams and drops Mermista. The Horde general knows she is outnumbered but she still fights anyway. Her tentacles are in a frenzy trying to stab any Rebels that she can. She-Ra flips in the air and slices into one of the tentacles. Bow calls out, “Hurry, get into the elevator!” Octavia is reeling from pain as more water forms on the floor. The Rebels are in the elevator as Bow pulls out an elec arrow. He aims it at Octavia. Making a direct hit, the shock from the arrow electrocutes Octavia. She falls into the charged water, motionless.

More explosions start to occur. Destroying the generator turned out to be a bigger deal than the Rebels thought. As the elevator doors shut and the Rebels make their way to the surface, Glimmer looks at Mermista, “Are you going to be ok? You are bleeding a lot.” A pale Mermista closes her eyes, “I’m just tired. I didn’t realize how bad my wounds were.”

“We need to hurry and get her to Minwu.” She-Ra says. Bow nods in agreement, “Swift Wind and Angella are circling around outside, they’ll get us back to the ground.” The Rebels are concerned. In what feels like forever, the elevator finally reaches the landing pad on top of the lake. As the doors open She-Ra’s heart sinks. Glimmer gasps. The Horde has arrived.

A Horde airship is over the landing pad. Greeting the Rebels are Hordak, Leech, Mantenna and a slew of Horde Troopers. The Rebels are far outnumbered. Hordak has his arm cannon aimed and ready. He looks at She-Ra, “So you do exist. Fascinating.” She-Ra stands tall, “I’m surprised Hordak, you didn’t bring enough reinforcements.”

“My dear, your adventure ends here. You can surrender to the Horde or we can slaughter you. The choice is yours to make.” Hordak sneers as his Horde members giggle. Mantenna has a laser gun in hand, ready to shoot Glimmer.

Bow looks at She-Ra, “We did it this time huh? Any ideas?” She-Ra shrugs, “You all stay here. I will surrender.” Glimmer’s heart stops, surely She-Ra isn’t seriously going to surrender? “Don’t do this She-Ra!” Glimmer says. She-Ra turns to her friends, “Don’t worry. Just hold on to something.” She-Ra walks towards Hordak. The Rebel members look at the bare landing pad and then at each other, “What are we supposed to hold on to?” Mermista chokes out.

She-Ra talks to Hordak, “I will surrender to you Hordak, but leave my friends alone.” Hordak snarls, “It won’t work that way. No one is leaving free. Now hand over that sword.” She-Ra nods and slams it into the landing platform. The powerful act causes a line to form, splitting the landing pad in two. She-Ra is on the part with the Horde as the Rebels scream.

With the landing pad split in half, both sections start to separate. The explosons underwater are causing everything to become unstable. She-Ra quickly raises the sword and creates a rift in the water that pushes the two pieces further apart. Glimmer screams, “She-Ra!” Bow has arrows armed and ready, “Get down ladies. The Horde Troopers are shooting.” The Horde members take aim and start firing at the Rebels.

She-Ra looks at Hordak, “On second thought maybe I won’t surrender.” Hordak growls and fires from his arm cannon at She-Ra. She jumps over him, kicking him into the water. Leech tries to drain She-Ra of her energy. He almost has her but she slides under Mantenna’s legs. Letting out a loud whistle, She-Ra calls for Swift Wind. Battling her way through Horde Troopers and dodging laser blasts, She-Ra runs to the end of the landing pad. Swift Wind descends from the sky as She-Ra jumps up, “Thank you Swifty, I am glad to see you!”

Hordak gets out of the water, Leech and Mantenna struggle to get him out, “Hurry you two fools! They are getting away!” Hordak won’t let them win.

Swift Wind and She-Ra fly towards the other part of the landing pad with the Rebels. Bow and Glimmer are smiling and cheering, Mermista is starting to close her eyes. Unknown to the Rebels, a tentacle slides across the landing pad. Holding a knife, the tentacle is close to stabbing Mermista. Glimmer notices and shouts, “Bow, help me!” They quickly slide an unconscious Mermista out of the way. From the sky She-Ra spots Angella, “She-Ra we have to get out of here!” Angella calls out. She-Ra nods, “Yes, let’s get everyone else and we will be rid of this place!”

Octavia jumps up from the water. Brandishing knives and a sword, Octavia staggers onto the pad. Gunning for Bow or Glimmer, Octavia smiles, “I’m not that easy to kill Rebels.” Bow and Glimmer try to fight Octavia off all the while trying to protect Mermista. Angella swoops in and shoots a burst of light in Octavia’s eyes. Momentarily blinded, Angella grabs Mermista, “I will take her to Bright Moon!” Glimmer thanks her mother.

She-Ra and Swift Wind land on the pad, “Hurry Bow and Glimmer, hop on. I’ll take you to Arrow.” Octavia starts to scream as she blindly thrashes about. On the other pad Hordak is preparing to take aim at She-Ra. Mantenna starts to feel a rumble under the platform, “Umm, Hordak? Something is going on.” The large sea creature from earlier rises up and slams against the landing pad shaking the Horde members. Hordak fires a shot but it is misdirected. He curses as She-Ra flies off with her friends. Looking at the sea creature, Hordak calls out, “Kill this thing!”

Landing safely near the lake, the Rebels hop off. Bow looks back at She-Ra, “Wow we made it!” She-Ra smiles, “Yes. We need to hurry back to Bright Moon though, before Hordak catches up.” The friends say brief goodbyes. She-Ra and Swift Wind fly off while Bow and Glimmer jump onto Arrow. Glimmer hugs Bow tightly, “Oh Bow I can’t wait to be home.” Bow nods, “Me too Glimmer.” The Rebels rush off.

On another side of Etheria in the Sun Tower, Peekablue looks at Castaspella and sighs. “My vision has shown me that they are fine.” Castaspella smiles, “Oh that is wonderful. Can you see how Mermista is Peeka?”

Peekablue closes her eyes as her feathers glow, “Mermista is weak, though I believe she will survive.” Castaspella is happy to hear this news; she can’t imagine what it would be like to lose one of her friends. Peekablue has one more thing to say, “It seems that there will also be a celebration for the destruction of the underwater Horde Facility. Bow and Glimmer are discussing something right now.” Castaspella perks up, “With everything the Rebellion has been through, getting Angella back, and this recent event to stop the polluting of Lake Eerie; we finally have some reasons to celebrate!” Castaspella smiles, she feels like the war is finally changing in their favor…


Back on Eternia, Man-at-Arms is in his lab working on the teleportation device to lead to Etheria. He is aware that time is of the essence and that Adam needs help rescuing his sister. The work is halted though once Duncan realizes he is not alone. Looking up, he is caught off guard to see the Sorceress.
Duncan stands and walks to the other side of his lab, “What are you doing here?” The Sorceress follows him, “Duncan we need to talk.”

Shaking his head Duncan calmly states, “I have nothing to say to you.” After everything that has occurred between these two, Duncan has lost the energy to deal with anymore problems. He had been willing to keep the secret about Teela’s birth mother; in fact he even understood why the Sorceress did what needed to be done. However he has been having a harder time with the sudden news that the Sorceress was involved with him as well as his brother. Now the reality that Duncan could really be Teela’s father is something he wishes he could have known from the beginning.

“Duncan, this is about Teela. Please. I know you are mad at me, and I’m not asking for you to forgive me. I have lied many times. Please don’t shut me out though when it comes to her.” The Sorceress is pleading. No one can truly understand her reasons for everything she has done. One thing is for certain though; she does love Duncan and Teela.

“What about my daughter?” Duncan asks, knowing that his statement stings ever so slightly. He looks at the Sorceress. He wants to love her like he always has, but his anger is greater. The hurt is greater. “Teela is about to do something serious. It will change everything.” The Sorceress says. Their attention is shifted though once Teela walks in the room. Teela smirks, “Reading my mind Sorceress? How nice of you to warn Duncan, but there is nothing you can do. I am going. You have no right to stop me.” The Sorceress is crestfallen, “Teela, you don’t know what you are doing.” Duncan is confused, “What is going on? What are you going to do Teela?”

“I am going to find the other man that this woman slept with. I want answers about where I came from. And since you two know more than me, I am here to ask for the whereabouts of my uncle.” Teela says determined as ever. Duncan’s mouth drops open, “Fisto? My brother? You want to seek him out? Absolutely not.” Teela shakes her head, “No, you don’t get to tell me that. You both have been dishonest to me my whole life. I deserve to know.”

The Sorceress pleads, “Teela, you don’t understand what you will be getting into! This is something that needs to stay in the past.” Teela is disgusted, “I can’t believe you are my mother. Look, I am an adult now. I will be fine and if you two won’t help me I will find my own way.” Duncan sighs, “She is right. There is no point in standing in Teela’s way.”

“Thank you. Now tell me where I will need to go.” Teela crosses her arms. The Sorceress refuses to help. Duncan tells his daughter where he believes his brother was last known to be living. Teela takes the information and walks off, saying nothing to either of them. Tears sting her eyes. She isn’t proud of the way she has been talking to them. These recent events have turned Teela into someone almost unrecognizable. Teela holds onto her locket, she misses Adam more than ever. For all his faults, he was someone she could ultimately count on. She needs him more than ever.

Back in the lab the Sorceress looks at Duncan, “What did you just do Duncan? She can’t do this.” Duncan shakes his head, “I did the right thing. Teela needs these answers. The real question to ask is this Sorceress, what have you done? Think long and hard about that.” Duncan leaves the lab. The Sorceress stands all alone, tears running down her face…


Returning to Etheria... the Fright Zone is bustling with energy and activity. Hordak and his crew have returned from Lake Eerie. Word has slowly started spreading about the events on Lake Eerie. Word on the very real existence of She-Ra spreads slightly faster.

Adam is walking towards Catra. He wants to see his girlfriend. The physical events that they have recently experienced have confused him. The amnesiac prince has grown to care for the prickly and moody Catra. Her beauty is beguiling. Walking into Catra’s room, Adam looks around. No one is there. “I wonder where she is at.” Adam says aloud. He decides to wait for a little while. Looking over her stuff, Adam comes across a drawing. The drawing captures a group of people appearing to have fun. Adam immediately notices Catra in the picture. The other people are strangers to him, though for some reason Adam’s eyes stay on one of the people. He looks at this young woman with blonde hair. Something within Adam feels strange, like he should know who that woman is. Nothing makes sense.

Catra walks into the room, “What are you doing in here?” Adam puts the drawing down and looks at Catra, “I wanted to see you. I would like to talk to you.” Catra shakes her head and purrs, “Now is not a good time. Hordak is furious and taking his anger out on anyone in his way. I sometimes wish I could scratch the sneer off his face.” Adam is slightly offended, “That’s my father Catra, he may be rough around the edges but do you have to be that rude?” Knowing the real connections that Adam has with Hordak, Catra wants to scream at him.

The “couple” soon falls into an argument. Catra insists Adam knows nothing about life and Adam shouts that Catra can’t bother to enjoy her own. Tensions mount and before the two can even realize what is happening they are passionately kissing. Adam lifts Catra up and they collapse onto her bed. Catra hates Adam immensely, but she feels so good in the present moment. Sex and whatever meaning it may have confuses Catra. She yearns for connection but despises it at the same time. Everything is very confusing for her.

Their hands are roaming across each other’s bodies. Her hands travel down his chest, below the band of his pants. She pauses, unsure what she is wanting to do. Their kisses continue growing stronger. Adam finds himself feeling dizzy with the experience. Something flashes across his mind though, an image of a woman with red hair. He has seen this image before. However Adam ignores the vision. He wants to focus on Catra. They are about to fully embrace each other in an intimate sense, neither can believe that this is happening. Catra is repulsed but thrilled at the same time. Unlike the last time, she is also focusing on Adam and trying to block out any other images of other people.

Adam still sees the red haired woman again, she calls his name out. Adam stops what he is doing. Catra groans, “Oh what now Adam?” Adam shakes his head. He is starting to feel sick. He holds his head, “I’m sorry Catra. I have this headache.” Catra sits up, “What do you mean?”

The prince looks at the jealous beauty. He starts gagging and heaving, like he is going to throw up. Catra stares, “What in the…” Before she can finish her sentence, Adam doubles over and this green substance starts spewing out of his nose and mouth. Adam is coughing and throwing up slime. The slime is all over Catra and her bed. Catra howls in disgust. Adam has no idea what is happening.

For Adam it is like a cloud is being lifted. Memories are flooding in as the slime is pouring out. Shaking Adam stands up, he is disoriented. But he remembers. It is in his eyes. He knows who he is. Hordak and Shadow Weaver are not his parents. Catra is not his girlfriend. Etheria is not his home world. He came to Etheria for his sister. His sister. Adam has to find his sister. A slimed Catra looks at Adam. She knows what has just happened. Adam looks at her, “You. Where is she? Where is my sister?”

Hatred has filled Catra's veins once again. This is what she is used to. Catra grins, chaos dancing in her eyes, “She is dead Adam. I had the honor of flinging her off the side of a mountain.” Catra quickly reaches for a knife under her bed and tries to stab him. He dodges the attack and lifts Catra up, “I don’t believe you.” He throws her down on the bed, slamming her into more slime. She screams.

Adam leaves the room rushing down the hall. He needs to find his power sword and remembers, Hordak has my power sword. As Adam is racing down the hall, he turns as Catra screams again. Catra is charging after him, she flips her mask down. Leaping into the air Catra transforms into her panther form. Growling, she tries to knock Adam down. Falling to his back, Adam struggles with the large cat on top of him. Catra tries to tear into his neck. Sweeping a leg up, Adam lifts the cat over his head. Catra is thrown into the side of the wall.

In a moments time Adam is free and racing farther away from a disoriented Catra. Walking through the Fright Zone Adam tries to remain calm so as not to draw any attention. Adam makes it to Hordak’s main chambers. He spots Mantenna and Leech leaving. He knows that Hordak is alone.

Adam enters into the chambers. Hordak looks at his new guest, “My son, how nice to see you. I would really like to be alone though right now. The Horde took a beating earlier today.” Adam nods, “I have heard father. I don’t want to bother you, but you did tell me that if I remembered anything about the sword, to come to you immediately.” Hordak remembers. Suddenly Hordak feels like the day will get better; he is now going to learn the secrets of the sword, “Yes. That is correct. So tell me, what do you remember?”

Adam looks blankly at Hordak, “I remember everything.” The statement is clear. Hordak’s eyes narrow, “Everything hmm?”

“That’s right. I remember my life. I remember what you did to me in the Slime Pit. I remember my parents. I remember why I came here. Now give me back my sword, so I can finish what I'm here for.” Adam is showing an extraordinary amount of bravery.

Hordak laughs at the prince, “I will be giving you nothing. This is so sad really; I thought I’d get the most out of you for a son. I always wanted a son, better than a daughter, right? Adora proved to be such a waste. Either way, your sword is mine. This can go very easily though, tell me what you know and I will let you live. I’ll even let you join the ranks of the Horde. This is an offer that will make your life even better Adam. Just think of the possibilities.”

Adam shakes his head, “I will be taking that sword from you.” Adam charges towards Hordak. Reaching for a nearby by statue, Adam uses the piece as a weapon. Hordak laughs and changes his arm into a trusty cannon. Taking aim, the blast knocks the statue to pieces. Adam is thrown back to the ground. “Oh you silly Prince. Fighting me unarmed. Not a smart move. Maybe I had made the right choice by kidnapping your sister. She was a better fighter.”

Adam shouts, “Don’t mention my sister ever again!” Getting up, the Prince is getting ready for another round, until he hears his name. Adam turns to see Man-at-Arms rushing into the room, “Adam, the cavalry is here!” Grinning from ear to ear Adam says, “I never thought you’d find a way here! I’m glad you did.” Adam looks towards Hordak, “It’s over Hordak. I may not have any weapons on me, but he sure does.” Adam points towards Man-at-Arms as the Master pulls out a large club. Man-at-Arms walks towards Adam and Hordak. Raising the club high, Man-at-Arms swings the club across Adam’s head, knocking him out.

Adam crumples to the floor as smoke billows around Man-at-Arms; Shadow Weaver is in disguise. Hordak laughs, “Very good Shadow Weaver!” Shadow Weaver nods, “Yes mighty Hordak. Catra quickly told me what was going on after she tried to stop Adam. What do we do now?”

Hordak looks at Adam on the ground, “Well our prince is now going to be our prisoner. Get some help from Leech and Grizzlor. Have them bring him to a cell. Lock it up tight; we don’t want him getting away. I will find out the secrets of his sword.” Hordak goes back to his throne and sits looking on as Adam is eventually carried out. Peals of laughter erupt from Hordak, they echo throughout the Fright Zone.

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