Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Technical Difficulties

Dear Readers,

I realize that at this very moment dorks near and far should be reading the latest exploits from the toys of yesteryear in a new Toy Chest Tuesday. However there will be a slight delay in all the dorky goodness. See dear readers, I have fallen off the grid. My laptop battery died on me. In the battery's defense, it had been telling me for months that I needed to replace it. I was just busy... or something.

Either way I eventually got a new battery (thank you Amazon) only to have the battery not work. Well turns out I also needed a new power charger. Go figure. So now I am waiting for yet another purchase by mail, because I refuse to spend $60.00 dollars on a universal power cord at Best Buy. (I love you Best Buy, just not that much.)

As I said, I have been off the grid living like those people in the woods, avoiding humanity at all costs. Funny note, high heels do not work off the grid. I'd rather this whole escapade feel more like a Tron movie, however it is what it is. So until I can get my laptop back up and running with all its awesomeness (and Toy Chest Tuesday pictures) there will be no new posts until then.

Please, refrain from jumping off of any tall buildings or eating multiple rolls of cookie dough. I will be up and running again in no time. You can't keep a good dorkette down! But I must get going, I'm being told that this is not my laptop and I should quickly drop what I am doing and leave the building at once. I'm apparently trespassing or something. Whatever. Until next time!!

Miss M

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