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Adora's Search for Honor Part 1: Chapter 13

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She-Ra week is still on. How have you all been enjoying it? If you find the She-Ra fanfic to be a bit much have no fear. The week is almost over with. Next week I will resume the other fantastic features like Toy Chest and all the other great dorky stuff on here. And if you are enjoying Adora's Search for Honer, then great! It only gets better. So now, welcome to Part 1: Chapter 13!

Adora’s Search Honor
Part 1
Chapter 13

Previously: Frosta and her castle guests were given the rude gift of dead Selkies flung over the castle walls; courtesy of the Horde. Prince Adam woke up to a whole new life, new parents (Hordak and Shadow Weaver) a sister (Entrapta) new friends (Mantenna, Leech, and Grizzlor) and a new lady love (Catra). I wonder what Teela would think? Good thing she has no idea that the loveable prince was brainwashed under the Slime Pit. In other news She-Ra and her friends approached the Midnight Lair with fierce plans to redecorate. They put Vampra’s go-to-gal Celadon on the chopping block. Vampra and the Pyres had an old fashioned bloodbath fight against She-Ra and the Rebels. Perfuma ran into her ex who bit her, thus putting her on a path to become a Pyre. (Don’t worry, her fist bit him right back.) Vampra also got a new face thanks to the mother/daughter duo of Angella and Glimmer. So Angella was saved but the same might not be said for the fate of Perfuma…

Chapter 13

There is calmness in the air as Glimmer and Spira/Double Trouble enter into Queen Angella’s room. Angella is sitting up in her bed, resting from the events of the Midnight Lair. Angella smiles at her daughter, she never thought she would see Glimmer again. Angella reaches out to hug her daughter.
Smiling after the hug, Glimmer sits next to her mother, “How are you doing? You look better. I am surprised that your hair color is no longer that brilliant shade of golden yellow anymore. I don’t know that I can get used to this slight strawberry blonde tint.” Angella nods looking at her hair, “I’m afraid that is a gift from my stay with the Pyres. I do feel a little weak, my dear daughter, but it is wonderful to rest in my own bed.”

Spira decides to say a few words, “I can’t believe you are finally here. How were you able to survive?” Angella closes her eyes and recalls the horrors she had to endure, “Vampra may not have given me the best accommodations; however they weren’t going to let me die. The Pyres needed me alive.” Glimmer is angry, “So they could use you for food. Such monsters! I never want to see another Pyre again. No, I take that back. I want to round them up and kill them one by one!”

“Let it go Glimmer. I am here now. That is all that matters.” Angella touches her daughter’s hands, “I tried to escape a few times and they could have easily killed me. They wanted me alive, and luckily for us their own desires and thirsts kept me alive long enough to be saved. I am here, and will not be going anywhere.” Glimmer is fighting back tears; she is overcome with so many emotions, “How did this even happen to you? What were Kowl and you up to? I was there when you were rounded up; Bow and I were following you. What would possess you to travel to those towns on the outskirts of the Fright Zone?” Glimmer has been wondering about this for a long time.

Angella looks at Glimmer and Spira, “Kowl and I were researching something. Originally we were trying to find recruits for the Rebellion. We figured that if a large amount of people joined together the Horde would not appear so imposing. The towns surrounding the Fright Zone seemed like the best place to find those people. What we found was very confusing though, no one wanted to join us. It was as if the people were content to live in such dire circumstances.”

“Maybe the people were too afraid to do anything to disrupt Hordak?” Spira offers a suggestion. Angella shakes her head, “No, we thought it was fear at first too. It certainly made since at the time. If fear was instilled in the hearts of so many people, who would want to stand up and question the tyranny of the Horde? It was more than fear.” Angella recalls her story as if it were yesterday, “Kowl and I would hide and watch the Horde round up certain people and take them away. No one would do a thing, it was commonplace. After the Horde would leave with new slaves, we would talk to the people who were left behind, and it was terrible, no one had a reaction. Their faces were blank.”

Glimmer is in disbelief, “Mother I don’t understand. How could these people not care at all what was happening around them?” Looking at her daughter in the face, Angella is grave, “They were being poisoned my dear daughter. Kowl found out that the people living around the Fright Zone were being poisoned with slime from the Slime Pit. With this idea in place we searched and figured out that the Horde was somehow slipping small amounts of slime into the town's water supply. Don’t you see? It had nothing to do with fear. The slime was controlling the people, turning them into mindless forms of flesh. No more than prey for the top.”

Spira is at a loss and thinks about the spying she has done in the Fright Zone, “I never knew that this was going on. It makes so much sense though. Were you ever able to find how the Horde was introducing the slime into the water supply?” Angella shakes her head, “Sadly we were caught before any of our questions could be answered. However if we could find out where the Horde is affecting the water supply, we could save these people. If they could regain their freewill they might be able to rise against the Horde. If not, well we all know what happens when one is exposed to prolonged exposure to slime. At this rate the Horde will get whatever they want from this planet and leave with a large pile of dead in their wake.”

Glimmer shakes her head frustrated that this is the world she lives in. Spira stands up, “I am returning to the Fright Zone. I will see what I can find.” Angella is concerned, “Spira, dear you can’t. I am here, finally safe. You can’t continue spying on the Horde.” Spira smiles, she is Double Trouble and can handle this, “My job is not over yet. Kowl still needs to be found and we must find out how the Horde is destroying people’s minds with the slime. I am not ready to give up.” Spira hugs her cousin and aunt. Angella whispers into Spira’s ear, “Your parents would be so proud of you dear.” Spira turns to quickly leave before they can see the tears fall down her face. She is growing tired of this double life and is uncertain how much longer she can take…

Alone in the room, Glimmer and Angella both address their concerns about Spira and her double duties as a spy. Angella also asks Glimmer a more personal question, “You seem present yet somewhere else daughter? Are you alright?” Glimmer nods, “Yes. Mother I am more than fine, you are here!” Raising an eyebrow, Angella smiles warmly, “I feel that your heart is hurting. Is someone responsible for this?” Glimmer lowers her head; she is caught, “Maybe. My heart is not hurting mother, it is merely longing for someone. And I am not sure if his heart feels the same way about me.” Glimmer thinks of Bow and wonders if she will ever have the strength to tell him how she feels.

Angella nods, “Glimmer, you are a gorgeous young woman. I am not sure what this man’s heart may or may not want, but I know that you are deserving of all the love a heart can give. Remember how bright you can shine.” Glimmer hugs Angella and smiles to herself, “Thank you mother.”


Elsewhere in the Whispering Woods Mermista is involved in a conversation with Adora and Madame Razz. They are sitting around a table and sipping from some sweet cider. The talk is about Perfuma and the tragedy she has gone through at the Midnight Lair. “I was so scared for her. There was so much blood. For a split second I thought she would be the casualty that Peekablue had foreseen when we visited her in the Crystal Sands.” Mermista shakes her head and takes a sip. Everyone is soberly aware that Peekablue’s vision of the future has spelled doom for one of the Rebels.

Adora nods recalling what it was like, as She-Ra, to see Bow carry Perfuma’s near lifeless body back to the Sea Harp, “I can’t imagine what that must have been like. Who would’ve thought that Rolf would do that?” Mermista shudders at the mention of his name, “He has forever changed our friend.”

Madame Razz thinks about Perfuma’s condition, “Does anyone know how she is doing? She’ll have strong cravings, but they will eventually go away. She’ll just be dealing with a struggle; we can’t let her drink from anyone. We can’t lose Perfuma to that way of being.” Mermista closes her eyes and slams her hands to the table, “This is crazy! I can’t believe this is happening to Perfuma! She is the sweetest person. How is she going to get through this?”

Adora has no answer, “I’m not sure. She is lucky that she has us though Mermista. We are going to be here for her.” Adora thinks of something, possible ideas to help Perfuma, “Have you seen her lately? I need to talk to her, to see how she is doing.” Madame Razz taps a finger on her chin, “Dearie you might want to try the gardens. That is the only place I can think of. But be careful Adora, I tried talking to her earlier and she wants to be left alone.” Adora nods heading towards the gardens…


Perfuma’s breathing is loud in her own head as she wanders around Castle Bright Moon. She feels as if she is losing a grip on reality. Steeped in confusion her mind is racing and she is experiencing an intense hunger. This hunger is painful as it burns inside of her, reverberating throughout her entire body. There is sensitivity in her teeth. Perfuma wants to bite into something, anything. Her breathing becomes louder as she finds herself in the healing room, looking at the survivor from Poft, the dancer. Perfuma was careful and waited for Minwu to leave on a break. The dancer has yet to wake up from her injuries at Poft and Perfuma’s hunger is becoming demanding.

Perfuma looks down at the purple haired sleeping beauty, “You will never wake up. I can tell. You’ll just waste away in this bed. I think it would be better for you to help me. I am so hungry.” Perfuma lifts the dancer’s left arm up and looks at the flesh, imagining what it would be like to bite into her wrist. “No one is going to miss you; no one has stepped up to even claim you. We don’t even know your name. You would be helping me dancer.” Perfuma says and smells the skin around the wrist, the act electrifying. Perfuma’s senses are on overload and she is preparing to sink her teeth in...

“Perfuma? What are you doing?” Minwu interrupts, concern in his eyes. Perfuma stops and stares at Minwu with eyes wild. She is stunned and looks down at the dancer. Thoughts are racing through Perfuma’s head, the loudest one being that she was about to drain a human life of blood. She would have killed someone. Perfuma shakes her head, scared, “I haven’t even gotten the chance to hear her speak.” Perfuma panics, looking at Minwu, “What is happening to me?” Perfuma rushes past Minwu pushing him into the wall. She turns, running down the hallway. Minwu calls after her, he cares about her. Perfuma just runs. She keeps running until she can smell the flowers from her garden.

The sunlight feels funny on her skin, like it is trying to reveal some hidden secret about her. “I want to just wither and die!” Perfuma screams to herself in the gardens. Adora steps into the garden and walks up to her friend, “Perfuma? Are you ok?” Adora reaches out to Perfuma. Brushing Adora away from her, Perfuma screams, “Stay away from me Adora! I mean it! I am dangerous!”

Adora is worried, “Perfuma, you aren’t dangerous. Everything is going to be ok. We are here to help you.” Perfuma licks her bottom lip and flings herself at Adora clutching her by the shoulders, “No one can help me Adora! Don’t you see? I am fighting this hunger that won’t stop. I can’t be helped. I am so hungry! All I want to do right now is rip your neck and drink as much as I can. Don’t you understand Adora? I want to kill you right now, just so I can stop this hunger.”

Adora is calm, “Perfuma, listen to me. I understand that you want to feed off of me, but I know you. We have been friends for so long. I know I have been gone for awhile, but I am serious. We can help you. Please, let us help you. You can fight this." Perfuma shoves Adora to the ground, “What has Rolf done to me?” Jumping back, Perfuma shakes her head, “I’m so sorry Adora!” Perfuma covers her mouth and runs off. As Perfuma exits the gardens she rushes past Bow. He is carrying his harp and is stunned for a second.

“Wait Perfuma! Where are you going?” Bow calls after her. He looks at his harp, “I thought you’d like to practice some music.” Bow looks down at the ground and talks to himself, “I wanted to help you.”

Adora dusts herself off and walks towards to Bow, “I don’t know how we can help her Bow.” Bow is happy to see Adora even if he is worried about Perfuma, “What can we do Adora? I am at a loss. I thought if Perfuma and I could play some music that it’d help.” Adora looks sad, “I don’t know Bow. She seems to be fighting the cravings though.”

Bow asks how Adora is doing. Adora admits she is fine, just trying to understand what is happening to the Rebellion. Bow understands, “We do have Angella with us, something good has come out of the trip to the Midnight Lair. I am glad you were here in the Whispering Woods, away from the danger.” Adora laughs to herself at the irony of that statement, “Though it is nice of you to be concerned for my safety Bow, I think I would have been fine.” Adora looks at Bow’s harp and smiles, “You still have that harp, from the festival!” Remembering the experience at the festival so long ago, Bow grins, “I can’t believe you remember this old thing.”

Adora laughs with a bit of joy, “I don’t think I could forget. You used every coin you had saved in the Academy to purchase that harp. Music was always such a passion of yours.” Bow recalls the day he bought the harp, “We were all so excited to have a break from the Horde Academy. We promised Hordak we were going to monitor the events at the festival…” Adora continues, “But we just wanted to have as much fun as we could. That was such a great time. I still have the picture that the artist drew of us.” Bow is surprised, “You do?”

Adora nods, “Yes of course! I would look at it all the time, thinking of how you were all doing. Luckily for me Double Trouble snuck it out of my room after I was presumed dead. Everyone from our class was there. Even Catra. I can’t believe where our lives have led us now.” Bow agrees, “Well at least you are here now. We have missed you. I have missed you.” Bow looks at Adora with such warmness in his eyes that Adora blushes. She isn’t sure how she should respond to him. She walks around him and touches his harp, “You know you promised me a song.”

Bow takes a step down to reality and looks at Adora, “Excuse me?” Adora laughs, “Oh don’t tell me you have forgotten! You purchased that harp and were set to play all these songs. You even promised me you’d write me a song and play it for me. Remember?”

“Yes I remember, but to be fair, you have been gone for awhile. I have lost some motivation to write that song.” Adora bites her lower lip and stands in front of Bow. She looks at him. His eyes are inviting and Adora wouldn’t mind staring into them for a long time, “Well maybe you could recapture some of that motivation. I’d love to hear you play.” Bow keeps his gaze into Adora’s eyes wanting to hold onto this moment as well, “I’ll see what I can do.”

Adora breaks the contact and playfully pokes Bow’s right shoulder, “I won’t hold my breath!” Adora laughs and walks off. She has suddenly realized an idea on how to help Perfuma. This gives her the opportunity to walk away because she is a tad confused about her interaction with Bow…


In the hidden corners of the Fright Zone Mantenna, Leech, and Grizzlor are busy teaching their new friend Adam the card game they have enjoyed playing for the past few months. The Horde Members treat the game with a mix of fun and strong competiveness. The game provides them with a relief from Hordak or any chances to do something wrong and wind up down the trap door. Mantenna laughs, “I think Adam is getting the hang of it.” Grizzlor throws his cards on the makeshift table, “Yeah that is just great. Now I have to learn how to beat another person.” Grizzlor plays the best he can, though he typically loses miserably.

Adam grins, “It’s alright Grizzlor. No one will think any less of you for losing.” The group laughs. The Horde Members find themselves surprised at how easy it is to hang out with Adam. They all realize that he is technically the enemy, however since the slime has given Adam a clean slate everyone has gotten to know him differently. Leech notices Catra approaching the group and mumbles for the guys to stop laughing so much. Mantenna waves and calls out to Catra, “Hey Catra! Don’t you want to stop and play some cards with your boyfriend?”

Catra stops in her tracks and growls “Leave me alone you bug eyed fool! I am busy!” Adam chuckles, standing up, “Come on now Catra, don’t you want to take a break?” Catra refrains from yelling and simply stares blankly at the group. Leech mumbles, “She is gearing up for her award ceremony. She is going to be the new Head Force Captain.” Adam smiles, “That is wonderful Catra. I’m glad to know that you are getting promoted.” Adam means that, even if he can't remember being in love with her. Catra rolls her eyes and walks off.

Adam is confused; he is having trouble remembering these people. They are supposed to be important to him though and he wants to work on getting to know them more; even the prickly woman that is his lady love. “Hey Catra, wait up! Stop walking away so fast!” Adam calls out, finally catching up to the fearsome vixen. “What do you want Adam?” Catra brushes away from him.

Throwing his hands up, Adam sighs, “Ya know I don’t understand you. We are a couple correct? I’ve been thought dead, and here I am very much alive. You act as if I have destroyed your life. I am happy for you, from what everyone says this position is what you have wanted for a long time. I would like to share that excitement with you.”

“Ha! Share what exactly? You do not remember me, silly man! It is best we don’t get too close. Try back another time when you can actually remember me.” Catra realizes he’ll be trying to remember for a lifetime, and she is perfectly fine with that. This whole charade with an amnesiac prince has become way too much for Catra to handle. Her biggest concern is making sure that she becomes Head Force Captain. Adora is dead, nothing is in Catra's way. Everything will be official after the ceremony. This is what she has wanted most…

Adam interrupts her thoughts, “Could you at least tell me how we met and fell in love? I’m serious Catra, I want to try and remember.” Catra pauses. The idea of love is something Catra has always been unfamiliar with. Especially when having to explain a love story involving a man she has never really known. This process perplexes her. Catra studies Adam carefully. She would guess that he is not completely unattractive. Adam is no Bow though, and if Catra were to ever become entangled with anyone, it would be Bow. There is no reasoning behind her obsession with Bow, all Catra knows is that she has longed for him. She recalls how Bow and her first met. This memory decides to inform her of how to handle Adam and “their” love story.

Thinking of her experiences with Bow, Catra tells Adam a story, “You and I met when we were younger. I was annoyed by most people and decidedly stuck to myself. I liked it that way. You were always trying to get me to talk or be friendly with our classmates in the Academy.” Adam nods, “I was? Did I do anything that worked?”

Catra smiles recalling how Bow treated her, “Yes, there were some things that did eventually work. I never made it easy, but you wanted me to enjoy the time with the other people in the Horde Academy. I typically enjoyed focusing on my training and other such things. However you always managed to include me on trips to festivals or other silly experiences. I came to like you and trust that you were caring. In this place it is unheard of for someone to care about much of anything.” Rattling this off, Catra finds herself feeling odd for being so honest to a man that she is also lying to.

Adam raises an eyebrow to Catra's last statement, “What do you mean, no one cares about anything?” Catra realizes she must tread carefully. She can't tell him the real truth about the Horde, “What I meant to say was that with the vile Rebels trying to destroy the livelihood of the Etherian people, it became difficult to care about the pleasures and free times of the world. Discipline and hard work were what needed to be focused on. Upon growing to know you more I learned that there could possibly be other ways of living…” Catra thinks about the possibilities she could’ve had with Bow, before Adora seeped into his heart. Catra’s face starts to change and she looks angry. Adam picks up on this and takes a step back, “Catra, are you alright? You look angry.”

As quickly as possible her face changes to an eerie calm, “I’m fine Adam. Perfectly fine.” Adam isn’t sure he believes that, but Catra continues her story, “We ended up falling in love; childhood friends that grew up to care deeply for one another. Then you went into battle. I’m very happy you are alive.” Catra hugs him as a sign that she is feeling better and walks off. Adam watches her leave and shakes his head. For some strange reason he does seem to recall falling in love with his childhood friend.

Mantenna quietly approaches Adam, “Don’t worry about her. She is mostly attitude. Catra will warm up to you eventually.” Adam looks at his friend, “Yeah, I sure hope so. She seems very complicated.”
Mantenna lets out a shrill insectoid laugh, “You have no idea my friend!”


A ways away from the Fright Zone there is an unfolding drama in the Whispering Woods. Perfuma is missing and the Rebels have grown very concerned over her whereabouts. Mermista, Glimmer, Bow, and Madame Razz are a part of a group searching for their sweet smelling friend. “Minwu says that Perfuma didn’t harm the survivor from Poft, yet there is no telling what she would have done had he not shown up when he did.” Glimmer says walking next to Bow.

Mermista is crestfallen, “This is so sad. And now she is just gone. What if we never see Perfuma again?” Bow won’t listen, “That is not going to happen. Perfuma is in trouble and we have to be there for her.”

Madame Razz lets out a sigh, “Dearie, we may not be what Perfuma needs right now. She could have killed someone, we can’t forget this. I care about that girl, but she is a danger to herself and others right now.” Mermista has a hard time believing that Perfuma could kill anyone, “No, Madame Razz, this is Perfuma! She isn’t capable of killing anyone.”

Understanding perfectly what Mermista is saying, Madame Razz says, “Dearie, I know what you mean. This is not the Perfuma we know though. She is fighting something mighty fierce within her, and she could be capable of anything.”

The group stops in their tracks when they hear someone calling out their names. A Rebel member runs towards the group, “This was left behind in Perfuma’s room! You need to read it!” Bow takes the paper and reads aloud a letter written by Perfuma. She explains that she cannot be around anyone right now, she is too dangerous. She has left to solve what has happened to her and hopes that she will be able to return. If she does not she will have become a monster. Bow is upset, he did not want things to turn out like this. Mermista starts to cry for her friend. Glimmer is lost, tired of the continuous struggle that the Rebellion seems to constantly face. Madame Razz walks away, something doesn’t seem right. Madame Razz says to herself, “Where is Adora?”


High above the clouds She-Ra is flying on Swift Wind, heading towards the Crystal Castle. Perfuma is sitting behind She-Ra, feeling the wind whip across her face. Her hair is flowing freely. Perfuma can smell traces of rose on herself, “You aren’t afraid of me She-Ra? We are high up in the air, I could hurt you and there would really be no where to go.” She-Ra smiles, “My dear friend, you are not going to hurt me. I am not worried. What matters most is that you are going to be safe.”

Perfuma shrugs, “I need to be safe from myself.” The flower maiden knows she as the potential to kill for her hunger. That is something she never thought she'd ever deal with. Killing one of her friends or any other living being would shatter Perfuma. Being away from other people is the only way Perfuma will get the help she needs.

The two fly towards Sky Dancer Mt. and rise up towards the Crystal Castle. Perfuma is at a loss of words once her eyes set on the magnificent castle. She has never seen such a beautiful building. Swift Wind lands and the two women hop off. “What is this place? Is it your home?” Perfuma asks, looking at the shiny crystal structure. She-Ra walks with Perfuma to the main doors, “You could say that. This is the Crystal Castle; one of the last safe places on Etheria. You will be staying here for awhile Perfuma. I want you to meet my friend, he will help you.” She-Ra leads the way and Perfuma marvels at the beauty all around her.

The three familiar sparkly sprites float towards Perfuma. She looks at them and smiles, “Who are you?” They smile and wave before flitting off. Perfuma looks at She-Ra, “Did I do something wrong?” Perfuma fears that the three sprites can tell that she is a monster. She-Ra can tell that Perfuma is self-conscious. Trying to lighten the mood, She-Ra tries to laugh, “No Perfuma. They tend to do that. Even to me.”

Light Hope emerges from a room, “Pay no attention to them. The Twiggets are incredibly shy. Hello, you must be Perfuma. I am Light Hope.” Waving hello, Perfuma is stunned. Light Hope is a human form of moving dazzling light. She has never seen anything like this. She-Ra sheds an explanation, “Perfuma, Light Hope protects this castle. He used to be a protector of Etheria and will help you. He already knows what has happened in the Midnight Lair.”

Light Hope adds, “I also know what you will need. The cravings you are experiencing will eventually go away.” Perfuma nods. Everything sounds promising until a question comes to her, “What if I hurt you or even the Twiggets?” Perfuma is terrified at what she may be capable of. This pains She-Ra, I hate seeing my friend like this. Perfuma has always been the first to make anyone laugh or feel good. I wish this had never happened to her.

Gliding his hand across Perfuma’s face, Light Hope beams, “My dear, the Twiggets and I are in between worlds. There is nothing you can do to harm us, I promise. This is truly a safe place for you.” Perfuma fights back tears in her eyes. She has no idea what is going on inside of her body. She feels at a loss. Completely adrift unaware of where she will end up. Human or Pyre? Light Hope shows her around the various areas of the castle. She-Ra follows noticing how Perfuma eventually begins to relax more and more.

She-Ra realizes it was slightly misleading to swoop in and take Perfuma away from the Rebellion with just leaving a note behind. Something needed to be done though, before Perfuma took someone’s life. This is the only plan that made the most sense.

Light Hope finishes the main portions of the castle tour; Perfuma is blown away by the grand room and the various rooms throughout the second floor. Light Hope excuses his self so that Perfuma can say her goodbyes to She-Ra. Looking at her friend, Perfuma says, “Thank you She-Ra. Thank you for bringing me here. I do feel like this is the best place for me.”

She-Ra nods, hugging Perfuma tightly, “Perfuma take this time to rest. You have been through an experience that no one should ever have to deal with.” Rubbing her neck, Perfuma feels Rolf’s teeth marks. She still feels his mouth biting into her, the blood pouring down her chest. She recalls the sound of her blood dripping on the ground inside the Midnight Lair. Perfuma starts to cry, “She-Ra, will I ever be the same?”

She-Ra’s heart aches; she is not sure how to answer that question. She-Ra gives it a shot anyway, “No. Perfuma you aren’t going to be the same.” Perfuma’s eyes widen. She-Ra continues, “You will be stronger. What happened to you in the Midnight Lair is going to be a minor mark in the course of your life. You are going to come back to us and you will be brave and ready to face whatever this life has to throw at you. Perfuma you are an amazing woman, do not ever forget that. Take care and get some rest. A lot of people care about you.” The two friends hug each other. She-Ra leaves on Swift Wind as Perfuma looks around the castle. Perfuma walks towards a terrace and breathes in the mountain air. Her thoughts drift to her friends and beautiful flowers. Always beautiful flowers…


Under the dark depths of Etheria Hordak, Entrapta, and a few Horde Troopers make their way into the heart of the Midnight Lair. Vampra is waiting with some of her Pyres standing behind her. Vampra’s face is still healing from the light blast granted by Glimmer and Angella. Hordak grimaces at the sight, “Your face looks awful. If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were related to Skeletor.”

Vampra glares at the Horde member and lightly touches her face, “It is taking awhile to heal Hordak. You don’t know what we had to endure down here.” Vampra hates being in the Midnight Lair, her wish is to roam free with her clan across Etheria. The hopeful plan is that Vampra might have that chance with the latest visit by the Horde. Vampra has her Pyres set in place, ready for an attack. She can taste her freedom.

Hordak grins, “So enlighten me, explain to me how my special prisoner managed to escape.” Hordak is seething that Queen Angella is no longer being held prisoner. Entrapta agrees, though seh finds the entire Lair to be dirty. I do not understand why Hordak would want to work with these creatures, Entrapta says to herself. She senses a Pyre sneaking quickly behind her, as if to attack. Her hair whips around and wraps around the Pyre’s neck. Squeezing her hair as tight as she can, Entrapta flings him across the room. Entrapta grimaces, “Tell your pets to stay away.”

Vampra is annoyed and motions for the other Pyres to back off. The plan is not working. Hordak is growing impatient, “Give it up Vampra. Like it or not, this is your home. We are here for information; do not try to stop us.” Vampra screeches, “I want out of here you miserable man! I deserve my rightful place on the outside!”

Hordak steps up in front of her withered face, “You and your kind are going to stay down here! The deal was already made long ago; don’t even think about changing it now.”

“Well how am I supposed to stay down here when my meals are gone?” Vampra asks. “Figure it out, there are other humans in here. Now get back to the story Vampra, I am not in the mood.” Hordak says. Narrowing her eyes, Vampra spits out, “Fine. Angella was rescued by a group of people. Rebels I presume. The prisoner’s daughter was there along with a woman calling herself She-Ra.”

Hordak perks up, “She-Ra you say?” Vampra goes on, “Yes, She-Ra. She is a real force to be reckoned with. I don’t know of the others, but they all put up a good fight.” Hordak is furious, “This She-Ra seems to be causing a problem for me. Are you sure you didn’t recognize anyone else?”

Vampra shakes her head, angry that the Pyres will still be stuck in the Midnight Lair, “No Hordak, I did not recognize anyone. Since I have been stuck in this prison, I don't get out much to meet all these new people." Vampra glares at Hordak trying to come up with another plan of attack, when she recalls something else, "Wait a moment; now that I think about it, one of my members might be able to help you.” Vampra calls out for a Pyre to come forward, “Rolf! Where are you?” Rolf stumbles out of the darkness agitated. Vampra grins, “Hordak, I think you may remember this one…”

Hordak is full of disgust; Rolf was once a member of the Horde Academy, “Yes I remember this cretin. He ran away with some of my soldiers in training. It would seem he ran from them too. I’m glad to see you found your true calling.” Rolf is surprised to hear Hordak say that, “Thank you Hordak.”

“It wasn’t a compliment. Now talk. Who were the rest?” Hordak says. Rolf laughs, “Oh let me think of this. They may have seemed familiar.” Rolf continues to laugh which only enrages Hordak more. Hordak pulls out Adam’s sword and rushes up to Rolf, pointing the sword at his chest “You aren’t the only one that can spill blood, Pyre.” Hordak sneers at Rolf.

Rolf throws his hands in the air, “Ok Ok! Of course, I can’t even bleed, but I do remember. The visitors were some of your old students from the Academy. They are now members of the Rebellion. You know the usual rebel rousers: Bow, Mermista, the sweet Perfuma.” Rolf laughs again, “That girl certainly can leave a mark.” Rolf rubs his face thinking of his ex lover. He hopes to cross paths with her again. They have unfinished business. Hordak is tired of the games and stabs the sword through Rolf. Light begins to emerge, turning back the time on Rolf's youthfulness. Rolf suddenly realizes he can bleed, just not in the way he thought.

Hordak is furious, “Anything else?” Rolf no longer wants to toy with Hordak. He quickly recalls something, “Oh, there was someone else. Her face was covered, but I am sure I knew her. She’s related to the Rebel Princess Glimmer. They are cousins I believe.” This is news to Hordak. He pulls the sword out of Rolf and snorts, “I have never heard of this cousin. Go on, tell me more…”

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