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Adora's Search for Honor Part 1: Chapter 17

Adora’s Search Honor
Part 1
Chapter 17

Previously: The Rebels managed to thwart some plans by the Horde. The underwater Horde facility that had been pumping slime into Lake Eerie was destroyed. With a minor victory for the Great Rebellion, a celebration has been put into place. Glimmer has also been crushing mad on Bow and feels like she might need to tell him. Sea Hawk has finally figured out where the ice diamond might be in Castle Chill, while Frosta is living on edge waiting for the inevitable Horde attack. Prince Adam also finally remembered who he was, after he threw up slime all over Catra and her bed. Now he has ended up a prisoner all over again in the Fright Zone. Poor guy can’t seem to catch a break now can he?

Chapter 17

Deep in the scary depths of the Fright Zone Catra, the most jealous beauty on Etheria, is screeching orders in her room. A day after the horrid scene with Prince Adam, Catra is demanding that her slime soiled bed sheets be removed. With her bed gone and her pride hurt, Catra screams at Multi Bot to finish cleaning up and leave. Multi Bot does one final sweep with a broom that folds up into one of his arms. The robotic Horde member rushes out fast.

The villainess looks around her room, had the past day actually happened? Adam had remembered everything. He had also been surprisingly strong, tossing Catra down the hall. Rubbing her head Catra mutters out loud, “Miserable man. I hope he finds his new living space accommodating.” Catra laughs out loud thinking of Adam in a dank prison cell.

Suddenly a voice calls out, “Catra, when will you ever learn? No wonder Bow always liked me more.” Catra pauses, her skin is covered in goose bumps, “What?” Catra turns and is looking at a bloodied Adora. Eyes wide open Catra whispers, “Not again. I killed you. I tossed you off the side of a mountain, why are you here again?”

Adora walks closer to Catra, “Come on Catra, you should know by now I’m not that easy to get rid of. I may be dead, but you’re stuck with me.” Catra clenches her fist, “I will never be stuck with you. Go away.” Adora walks closer to Catra, “I can’t. I’m in your head. It wasn’t easy killing me, was it? You may seem like some bad girl, but you aren't that much different from the rest of us. Your hatred for me may run deep, however even you didn’t know you had it in you. Of course nothing changed for you now did it Catra? You are still full of hatred. Bow will never care for you. Hordak finds you tolerable at best. Even Adam found you revolting. You just aren’t good enough. Just admit to me that you do want to be good enough. Free yourself of why you really hate me...”

Catra screams and hurls a sphere of dark magic towards Adora. The energy goes through Adora hitting the wall. Adora giggles and disappears into thin air. Catra continues to scream nearly blinded by rage. “Get out of my head.” Catra repeatedly chants to herself. Looking around the room Catra starts to panic, what is happening to her?


Elsewhere in the Fright Zone Spira aka Double Trouble is preparing to leave for the celebration in the Whispering Woods. By the time she arrives the party should be in full swing. The glamorous double agent has been working hard on finding information about the Horde and doing her best to find Kowl’s whereabouts. She is sure that her goals will be reached and she will soon be rid of this place once and for all. Plans are momentarily halted once Hordak stops to talk, “Spira, I am glad I found you. Going somewhere?”

Spira looks at the monster before her, “I was going to make some security rounds, ever since the events at Lake Eerie I have been nervous of another attack by the Rebellion.” Hordak snarls “Don’t worry about that. I have Entrapta working on security at the moment. I need you to finish something that has been going on for too long. I want you to go to Castle Chill. Bring Grizzlor and Leech with you. Begin the plans for the takeover.”

The orders stun Spira, “I thought we were going to ambush Castle Chill in a few more weeks. Why have the plans changed?” Spira had hopes of warning Frosta and getting help to Castle Chill in plenty of time before the attack. This will change everything. Hordak shakes his head, “Don’t worry about that Spira. Just do as I ask. I want you to leave immediately. Ever since meeting that blasted She-Ra I don’t want to leave anything to chance. The Horde needs control of Castle Chill. I will walk with you to find Grizzlor and Leech.” These new turn of events do not sit well with Spira. She maintains her composure and walks with Hordak, wondering exactly how she’ll warn the others…


In a chillier location on Etheria, Empress Frosta is sitting in her room relaxing. The Castle grounds have become quiet as the remaining few await the next steps in preventing the Horde from taking over the icy structure. A few taps at her bedroom door startle the Empress, “Come in.”

Sea Hawk walks into the room with a tray containing an icy cool beverage, “I thought I’d bring in your usual drink of choice.” Frosta rolls her eyes, “My Chancellor usually brings me an icee. Why are you doing that?” The tray is placed on a nearby table. The pirate looks at Frosta, “I thought I would take the work load off of Vivi for once. Besides I wanted to stop by to thank you for your hospitality. Lir and I will finally be leaving, the ship is completely fixed.”

Frosta gets up and grabs a drink, pausing slightly before taking a sip, “It is about time darling, I never thought you’d leave. I should bill you for all the food you and your wretched crew member have devoured. The only positive thing about your stay here was that you brought Netossa. I am glad she is staying. I’m going to do something gracious and help find her friend, Spinnerella.” Sea Hawk shakes his head, always amazed at the words Frosta says. “Frosta I’m glad to see that you will get your weekly charity check mark for your good deeds. I’m sure you feel all warm inside.”

Frosta grabs her drink and takes a gracious sip, “Oh darling don’t even talk to me like that. My good charity deed was having you stay in my castle. Netossa has become a friend and I am helping her…” Frosta closes her eyes for a second and goes on, “Just leave me alone Sea Hawk. This conversation is exhausting me, and I would like to be left alone.” Sea Hawk nods and says a final good bye to the Empress before exiting her room. As the door slams shut, Sea Hawk hovers around. “Alright darlin, let’s hope your drink gets you to sleep soon.” Sea Hawk whispers to himself.

In another area of Castle Chill, a captivating beauty heads down a flight of stairs to the castle’s basement. Netossa looks around and calls out, “Lir? Are you here? I’m here like you asked…” Netossa enters the basement. Lir had asked for some help from Netossa, only he was nowhere to be found. Netossa walks deeper into the basement; the room is the coldest spot in the castle. Looking over the boxed heirlooms Netossa wonders what will become of this place. She has high hopes that Frosta will overcome any destruction by the Horde.

The basement doors slam shut, scaring Netossa, “Hello? Lir, is that you?” Netossa rushes back to the basement entrance, doing her best not to trip over anything as the lighting is incredibly dim. “Lir?” Netossa finds the basement doors locked; she bangs loudly, “Hello? Lir? Is anyone out there? I’m locked in the basement! Lir! Hello, anyone!” Netossa looks around the empty basement. Slightly anxious Netossa tries her hardest to open the door, it won’t budge. “Just breathe, everything will be alright.” Netossa feels the cold air seeping into her bones. The night is falling outside; soon whatever remaining light is left in the basement will be completely gone. Netossa does not want to be alone…

Back upstairs Sea Hawk has his ear glued to Frosta’s bedroom door. He hears a loud thud and hopes the noise is the Empress. Sea Hawk slowly opens the door and grins; Frosta is unconscious on the floor. Before entering the room Sea Hawk takes one last look down the hall. No one is around; the plan is going along perfectly. Sea Hawk quickly shuts the doors behind him and looks down at Frosta, “Who’d a thought the only way to shut you up was slipping a heavy sedative in your drink? Sorry Empress, I had no other choice.” Sea Hawk bends down to lift the sleeping Frosta in his arms. He gently places the icy woman on her bed. “I need something of yours that will finally get me out from under Hordak’s grip.” Sea Hawk removes a knife from a side pocket by his calf, “I have looked and looked, never realizing that the ice diamond was right in front of me this whole time.”

The pirate points the knife towards Frosta’s chest. Frosta has been wearing the ice diamond on her strapless top this whole time. Sea Hawk starts slicing through the material around the sparkling gemstone. “You have no idea what it is like being controlled by Hordak. At first I was perfectly fine delivering the items and making nice coin, that all changed once I met Netossa.” Netossa’s story of survival went a long way in changing Sea Hawk’s view of the world and what the Horde has been doing to Etheria. This was his last job and then he would be free. With the ice diamond removed and Frosta’s modesty still intact, Sea Hawk gets up to leave giving one last look to the proud stubborn woman, “Until we meet again Empress.” He rushes out of the room bumping into Lir.

“Hawk! Did you get it?” Lir asks, as Sea Hawk nods, “Yes Lir, I did. What about Netossa? Is she ok?” Lir looks guilty, “Yeah, I locked her in the basement. I am sure someone will find her soon. Did we really have to do that to her though Hawk? She’s a part of the crew, I just don’t think…” Sea Hawk cuts off his crewmember, “Lir, don’t worry. You did the right thing; we couldn’t have Netossa stumbling upon what we were doing. She may be one of us, but she wouldn’t agree with what we are doing. If only she could understand. Hopefully I will explain it to her one day, but for now we need to go.” Lir nods and the two pirates rush off leaving the castle and heading out into the cold night. Their destination is Hawk’s ship, which has been patiently awaiting departure for weeks…


A lavish ball is under way at Castle Bright Moon. The celebration is in support of the recent victory against the Horde. With so much despair hanging in the air, the citizens of Bright Moon are relishing this joyous occasion. Their Queen has returned. The Horde’s plan to poison people has blown up and everyone is thankful for She-Ra, the most powerful woman in the universe. There is a renewed sense of hope and pride. For once the people of Etheria feel that they will be able to reclaim their home. Angella is visiting with people, reconnecting with so many that she has not seen in years.

Glimmer looks out across the revelers and quietly sneaks away to find Bow. For far too long Glimmer has been holding onto her feelings for the archer. Scared and unsure how to say anything, Glimmer has become brave enough to finally start the process of telling Bow the truth. After all she has recently dealt with being held captive by the Horde, fighting off evil Pyres and a crazed woman with tentacles. Telling a dear friend that he means something to her can’t be that difficult.

“Bow, is it alright if I come in?” Glimmer asks peering into Bow’s room. Bow is sitting by his window, looking at the night sky playing his harp, “Sure Glimmer, come on in.” Glimmer smiles and studies Bow, she loves that he plays music. “Why aren’t you downstairs celebrating with everyone?” Glimmer asks curious to know why he has been in his room all alone.

“Oh I will be down in a little bit; I was just practicing a song I have written.” Bow gets up and walks towards Glimmer, “You look amazing Glimmer, just stunning.” Glimmer blushes and says thanks, “Bow, I’m actually glad you are in your room. I needed to talk to you about something.” Bow puts his harp by his nightstand, “Sure Glimmer, what’s on your mind?”

Glimmer gulps and finds that she is searching for the right words; she has never opened up and told someone she was falling in love… “Bow, I don’t know where to start. I guess I should just say it, I have feelings for someone. I also have no idea what to do about it.” Glimmer lets out a nervous laugh. She tries not to make eye contact with Bow, but can’t help it. Her eyes are pleading for help and hope that Bow will intuitively know what is on her mind. Bow smiles a knowing look, “I can totally understand Glimmer. I have feelings for someone too.” Glimmer pauses, “Wait, you do?”

Bow nods walking closer to the princess, “Yes and the funny thing is that this person has been in front of me this whole time, I just never knew I could do anything about it. How do you tell someone you care about them?” Glimmer nods, “Exactly Bow! How do you say that?” Bow smiles, “I think you just need to say it. Don’t be scared. You aren’t alone.” Bow steps forward and reaches out for Glimmer’s hands, “Glimmer, I am in love.” Glimmer’s heart stops a beat, “You are in love?” Bow nods and hugs Glimmer tight, “Yes Glimmer, I am in love. With Adora.”

Hearing the name sinks Glimmer’s heart. Adora? Had she heard correctly? “You’re in love with Adora?” Glimmer asks hoping she had heard wrong. Bow nods, “Yes. I have been in love with Adora since we were younger, I just never thought we’d be in each other’s lives again. But now Adora is rid of the Horde and a proud member of the Rebellion. Now I just need to tell her, but I don’t think I can. It is hard to open up. I completely understand your predicament.” Glimmer nods wanting to run out of the room or at the very least scream that Bow simply cannot understand her predicament, “Yes it is hard to discuss those things. I’m sure you will be able to tell Adora. Come on let’s go to the party!” Glimmer hurriedly says and turns to leave as Bow reaches out and grabs her hand, “Hey wait a minute Glimmer. You had something to say too, about your feelings for someone.” Fighting back tears and feeling her skin grow hot with nervousness Glimmer shakes her head, “Oh no, there is nothing to say right now. I think we need to go to the party!” Bow nods and hugs his friend, “You are such a good friend Glimmer, I am so glad I can talk to you.” Forcing a smile Glimmer nods, “I’m glad you can tell me anything Bow.” Glimmer wants to leave immediately; she wants to be able to breathe.

In the grand ballroom Castaspella walks in with a surprise guest, Peekablue. Angella, Adora and Mermista smile and wave. Castaspella and a cautious Peekablue approach. “Castaspella you brought Peekablue!” Adora exclaims, “It is very nice to meet you.” Adora has only met Peekablue as She-Ra, so she instantly has to be careful of what she says. Peekablue nods, “Yes it is nice to meet you too. I have never been to a celebration like this before.”

Castaspella steps in, “Yes it took me some begging to get her here. She never leaves the Sun Tower. However I told her that this would be a safe place.” Peekablue looks around the room trying to take everything in, she has never seen this many people in person. For many years she has “peeked” in on people, observing the various goings-on in Etheria, however it was entirely different to actually be in the same room with real life people. Her heart beats ever so faster.

Angella smiles warmly at Peekablue, “I am very glad you are here with us.” Glimmer and Bow walk up to the group and say hello to Castaspella and Peekablue. Castaspella smiles and looks over at Mermista, “How are your wounds?” Mermista looks at her bandages, “I have felt better, but I will be alright. Minwu has been helping me.”

“Did someone say my name?” Minwu turns to the group and says hello. Everyone laughs. Minwu takes Peekablue’s hand and kisses it, “I am glad to meet such a ravishing beauty. I have heard so much.” Peekablue blushes while everyone is slightly surprised by Minwu’s attempts at being charming. Madam Razz has been observing the group and stumbles towards everyone, “Ok dearie! Let me introduce you to some people.” Madam Razz grabs Peekablue by the hand and rushes off. Minwu looks off longingly. Confused at the way Minwu is behaving, Mermista and Castaspella both look at each other, “Well Casta, are you sure it was smart bringing an extremely shy woman to an event with a huge amount of people?”

Casta laughs, “Believe me, she needs to get out.” Minwu nods and takes a sip from his drink, “She sure does.” He quickly follows Madam Razz and Peekablue. “What’s with him?” Angella asks. Mermista shakes her head, “He misses Perfuma so now he is making a fool of himself.”

Adora looks over at Bow and Glimmer, “How are you two? Enjoying everything?” Glimmer nods in silence and Bow looks at Adora, “The night is fantastic. You look gorgeous Adora.” Adora smiles, “Thank you Bow.” Mermista grimaces in pain as a reveler bumps into her. Adora reaches out to her friend, “Mermista, are you ok?” Mermista rolls her eyes, “I was turned into a pin cushion by Octavia. I nearly died; I am doing my best to hang in. I feel silly for wanting to celebrate right now.”

Castaspella looks around the party and back at Mermista, “Look around you Mermista! People are having a fabulous time. We need this; we need to hold on to every victory. You should know this more than any of us, I don’t know what we would have done if we would’ve lost you.” Adora grabs Mermista’s hand, “Mermista I know you aren’t feeling whole, but this is our chance to enjoy how far we’ve come. I know I just recently joined the Rebellion, but I am with my friends again.” Mermista nods, “I know, I know. I think I am just down. I wish Frosta was here.” Angella smiles, “Yes we are missing a few people. Frosta and Double Trouble should be here, but that is why we must celebrate for them. And hope to see them soon.”

Madam Razz and Peekablue make a few rounds, meeting new people. It is all overwhelming for Peekablue, but she is starting to feel more comfortable. “Listen dearie, I know you aren’t used to these things, but it looks like you are having fun, yes?” Peekablue smiles, “Yes Madam Razz, this is so new for me, though it is all incredibly beautiful. Who was the man that kissed my hand just now?”

“That is Minwu, a glorious healer. He is usually shy, though not as shy as you, so I am surprised he even kissed your hand. I guess even I can still be surprised.” Madam Razz grabs some food from a table and offers some to Peekablue. Minwu walks up to the two ladies, “Peekablue, do you mind if I have this dance?” Peekablue gulps; she has never had a man ask her to dance. Madam Razz almost chokes on her food, “Better go for it dearie.” The witchy old woman pushes Peekablue towards Minwu. Peekablue freaks out, but starts dancing with the healer.

“For someone who has never been to a dance, you certainly know how.” Minwu says. Peekablue smiles, “This may be my first real dance, but I have observed a few. Practice always makes perfect.” Minwu and Peekablue talk a little more. He finds out about her unique abilities to magically “see” what is going on in other parts of Etheria and even the rare chances to even peek into the future. “So you can see anyone, at anytime?” Peekablue nods, “More or less. Is there someone you would like me to find for you?” Minwu pauses, “Yes I would.”

Mermista and Castaspella toast a drink, “To the future of the Rebellion!” Castaspella adds, “And to having our dear Angella back! You have never looked better!” Angella smiles and observes her daughter, “Glimmer, are you alright?” Glimmer nods silently.

A beautiful song begins to play and Bow looks over at Adora, “Would you like to dance Adora?” He reaches out a hand. Adora takes hold, “Sure, why not?” The two laugh and walk through the crowd to dance. Glimmer looks at them both, it is not easy. Her heart is beating so fast. “Excuse me, I need some fresh air.” Glimmer rushes past her friends to the balcony, overlooking the stars. Tears are streaming down her face, how could she be so wrong? She really thought that Bow would have feelings for her. Now what does she do? “Glimmer? Glimmer! There you are!” Angella calls out after her daughter. Turning away from her mother, Glimmer quickly wipes her eyes. “Glimmer, are you alright?” Angella reaches out to her daughter. Turning around, Glimmer puts on a brave face. Only it doesn’t last long. Angella looks at Glimmer, nothing is said. There is enough spoken with just a look. Glimmer starts to cry and Angella reaches out, “Oh my dear daughter. I am so sorry.”

On another side of the balcony under the starry sky, Peekablue and Minwu are talking. With feathers fanned out Peekablue looks at her new friend, “I have met Perfuma; Castaspella has also talked a great deal about her. I should be able to look in on her. She must be really important to you?” Minwu chuckles, “Yes, though I am not sure she knows how important she is to me. She was recently hurt, and has been away. I would do anything to take her pain away. I just miss her. Hiccup!” Minwu has had a few too many drinks, drowning his sorrows over the scent-sational Perfuma.

Peekablue closes her eyes and starts to see things, traveling over Etheria. Her sight rests upon Perfuma in a building that Peekablue has never seen. The walls appear to be made of crystal. Completely unaware of what she is looking at, there is much that Peekablue is finding out. “Minwu, I can see her. Perfuma seems happy. Very content. She is healthy, a rosy pink in her cheeks. There are flowers all around her.” Minwu smiles, “She loves flowers. I wish I could talk to her.”

“Love is strange and funny, isn’t it? Minwu, I think when you see her again, you should let her know how you feel.” Peekablue smiles. Minwu recalls the kiss on his cheek from Perfuma; he can’t believe he feels this way. “Peekablue, have you ever been in love?” The question makes her smile, “I have seen many people fall in love, but I have never experienced it. That is my story.” Peekablue wonders to herself, when will I become an active participant instead of the casual observer?

Without warning Peekablue’s vision shifts to something else entirely. A colder area of Etheria comes to her. People are in danger. “Oh my goodness!” Peekablue stands up shaking, what is this? What is she seeing? Minwu is concerned, “Peekablue, what is it?” The eyes on her feathers begin to light up erratically, “OH!” Peekablue screams, the image slicing through her mind like a knife. She falls to the floor.

Back inside the grand ball room Adora and Bow are continuing their dance to the slow song. His heart is beating so fast, he can’t take his eyes off of Adora, “You really do look so beautiful tonight Adora.” Adora smiles, her bright blue eyes looking at Bow, “Always so kind. How is the song?” Bow looks slightly confused, “It is nice, the perfect song to dance to.” Adora shakes her head and laughs, “No Bow! The song you were going to write for me. Remember?” Bow sheepishly smiles, “Yes, of course I do. It is almost finished. I look forward to you hearing it.” It is the truth; the song he has written will convey exactly how he feels. Adora smiles, “I can’t wait Bow.” Madam Razz looks on at Adora and Bow’s slow dance. Smiling she says to herself, “Young love!”

Screams ring through the ball room, catching the attention of everyone. Minwu looks frantic, “Adora! Bow! Come quick!” Angella and Glimmer are helping Peekablue on the balcony. Adora, Bow, Castaspella, and Mermista come rushing out. “What happened?” Casta asks. Minwu explains what they were doing out on the balcony and how Peekablue saw something that upset her. “What did you see Peekablue?” Adora asks, worry on her face. The last time this happened to Peekablue she saw a possible future involving the death of one of the Rebels. Everyone was concerned.

Peekablue’s eyes flutter open, “They aren’t alone! They are in danger!” Mermista looks at Peekablue, “Who? Take a moment, gather your thoughts. Who is in danger?” Peekablue starts to shake, “Frosta. The Horde is there, they are going to kill her…”


As the Rebels prepare their plans to make it to Castle Chill in the swiftest way possible, Netossa finally manages to get out of the basement. There is a strange silence around the castle’s frozen walls. Netossa slowly walks up the stairs, ready to yell at Lir for locking her in the basement. Walking through the castle Netossa begins to realize that there doesn’t seem to be anyone around. “Hello.” Netossa says out loud. “Where is everyone?” She asks herself.

A few noises ring out in the courtyard. Netossa feels a sense of dread in the air. It is too quiet, the noises sound so loud. Approaching the courtyard, Netossa quickly ducks between an archway and looks around. The starry night sky dazzles the white snowy ground. There are people standing in the center. Netossa narrows her eyes and nearly lets out a scream. There are two Horde members standing over Chancellor Vivi.

Leech is holding Vivi back while Grizzlor is looming above, “Tell us where the Empress is.” Vivi looks up at the beast, “I will never tell you where she is.” Leech gurgles, “Fine. I hope you can live with your error in judgment.” Grizzlor raises his machete up in the air, and swings it down across the Chancellor’s neck, blood splaying across the snow. Netossa throws her hands over her mouth as Vivi’s body slumps onto the cold ground. Tears stream instantly down her face, the horrors of Poft were happening all over again…

In the air, Sea Hawk’s ship is flying away from the Kingdom of Snows. The crew looks somber and even Sea Hawk is feeling strange about his choices. “It’s not right Hawk. We shouldn’t have left Netossa alone in the basement, what if no one finds her?” Sea Hawk grits his teeth, “Damn it Lir, the castle is full of guards. Someone will find her.” Lir groans, “That doesn’t make it right.” Sea Hawk crosses his arms and looks across the sky. “Fine. We’ll go back and unlock the basement doors. I’ll let you come up with the excuse though for why we returned and why Frosta is missing her ice diamond. This is going to be a huge mistake.” Lir smiles, “Maybe Hawk, but we don’t leave our own like that. And Netossa is our own.” The ship begins to turn around heading back towards Castle Chill. The pirates have no idea what they are in for…

Frosta moves ever so slightly on her bed. Her eyes slowly open. All of her senses are groggy. She has no idea what happened to her, but she feels as if she has been sleeping for a long time. One of those deep sleeps that takes a lot of energy out of you. Frosta also feels like she is not alone. Looming over the foot of her bed is Grizzlor, staring silently over the Empress.

Glancing over at the hairy beast, Frosta rubs her eyes. With everything in focus Frosta jumps up as Grizzlor slices his machete through her mattress. Frosta screams and shoots ice dust into Grizzlor’s face. Leaping out of the way, Frosta crashes to the floor and races to get up. A firm hand grabs her shoulder while Frosta slams the heel of her boot into Grizzlor’s foot. He howls in pain and Frosta rushes out of her room.

Racing down the hallway Frosta is screaming for help. What is going on? How come the Horde is attacking? There was supposed to be a warning. Nearly at the stair case, Frosta pauses. Leech is racing up the stairs towards her. “Oh no you don’t!” Frost shouts. She creates a wave of ice that forms a slide over the railing. Frosta prepares to slide down, until Grizzlor lunges at her. They both go over the railing sliding down the ice.

Gliding across the floor Frosta slams into a wall. The thud disorients her. Grizzlor grabs her ankle and pulls him closer. “Darling, no one touches me like that without making me dinner first!” Frosta kicks him in the chest and is ready to run. Leech is behind her, placing his hands on her back, draining her of energy. “Oh!” Frosta calls out. She is losing steam.

“Enough!” A voice calls out. Netossa jumps in and tosses a net over Leech. The net is heavy and digs into Leech’s flesh. He recoils in pain and struggles to free himself. Grizzlor charges Netossa, she quickly moves and floor sweeps him. On his back Grizzlor looks up as Netossa swiftly kicks him in the head, rendering him unconscious. “Come on Frosta, we have to get out of here!” Netossa helps her friend up and they race towards the castle gates.

Frosta is slowly getting her strength back, “Thank you Netossa, where is everyone else?” Netossa shakes her head, “Not now Frosta. You don’t want to know.” Frosta closes her eyes, this can’t be happening. The two women are close to freedom, ready to exit the castle, until they come face to face with Spira and a slew of Horde Troopers.

“Spira!” Frosta is glad to see her friend. Spira steps forward “Don’t move any further Rebels.” Frosta and Netossa stand still. “Darling, very funny. What is going on?” Frosta asks looking around, giving Spira a look. “Empress Frosta, the Horde is taking over Castle Chill. You can either become our prisoner willingly or we will use force.”

“What are you talking about?” Frosta asks, irritated with Spira. “You imbeciles have already used enough force.” Spira stands tall, “Frosta, don’t make this difficult.” Frosta is livid, and looks at Netossa, “Tossa, run. Now. Find another way out of this castle.” Netossa shakes her head, “I’m not leaving you!” Frosta pushes Netossa away, “Go! Now!” Netossa turns to run as Horde Troopers take aim.

Spira raises her hand, “Let her run. Grizzlor and Leech will find her. Troopers, look over the castle to see who else is alive.” The Horde Troopers scatter off leaving Spira alone with Frosta, “You want to tell me what is going on Spira?”

“I’m sorry Frosta, I had no other choice. There is a way out of this; you just need to play along.” Spira reaches out to Frosta. Pushing the double agent away, Frosta glares, “Whose side are you really on darling? I knew you should have never been trusted.” Spira hangs her head, “Frosta please, this was not supposed to happen.” Frosta laughs, “You couldn’t be more right. This was never part of the plan. So what now darling?” Spira aims her sword at Frosta, “Now you will be my prisoner. Don’t fight this.” The words strike a nerve in Frosta and she lunges at Spira, punching her in the face, “Wench!” Spira fights back and stuns Frosta with a small handheld device. Frosta falls to the floor. “I am so sorry Frosta.” Spira says and calls for some Horde Troopers to take the prisoner to the courtyard. How was Spira going to get out of this one?

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