Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Adora's Search for Honor Part 1: Chapter 14

She-Ra week is gonna look more like Horde week with this special Horde centric chapter. It is also unedited with much juicer scenes!

Adora’s Search Honor
Part 1
Chapter 14

Previously: Angella’s return to Bright Moon was met with a lot of much needed rest. Glimmer caught up with her mom about the goings-on on Etheria. New problems popped up as well. For example the Horde has long been introducing slime from the Slime Pit into the water supply of towns surrounding the Fright Zone, thus turning the towns people into mindless fools bent on allowing the Horde to dominate over them. Double Trouble has taken it upon herself to find out how the Horde is exactly doing that and find the whereabouts of Kowl, who is still in custody by the Horde. (Double Trouble/Spira is a busy woman!) Meanwhile in the Fright Zone, Catra was preparing herself for an upcoming ceremony to induct her as the new head Force Captain of the Horde. Finally Catra’s wishes are coming true… As for the sweet smelling Perfuma, she was struggling with her cravings for blood. Adora and her friends were all concerned, but She-Ra swooped in and took Perfuma to safety at the Crystal Castle for the time being (No one wanted Perfuma to eat someone for a meal)… Oh yeah, Adam is still unaware of who he is thanks to a nice dip in the Slime Pit. It was pretty grody.

Chapter 14

The gloomy halls of the Fright Zone are lit with piercing laughter coming from Catra’s room. Inside the luxurious walls of deep purples and blood reds rests Catra and Entrapta. The two have become friendlier and are toasting to Catra’s triumph. Soon she will become the first ranking Horde Force Captain, and Catra couldn’t be happier. The title once belonged to Adora while Catra was second in command. The Force Captains ensure that Hordak’s plans are carried out and they are usually responsible for covering certain areas of Etheria along with any invasion that Hordak deems important.

Entrapta looks down at the outfit Catra will be wearing for the special event. Her hands glide over the furry grey skirt. The striped silver and pink leggings look almost like the skin of an exotic wild animal. Entrapta smiles, “What animal did you have to kill for this outfit?”

Catra throws her head back, letting her long black hair dance around her shoulders and back, “Who says it was an animal?” Catra looks at Entrapta and they both proceed to laugh devilishly. There is little they know about each other, but in the short time that Entrapta has been at the Fright Zone the two have enjoyed being around each other. Catra finds herself enjoying actually calling someone a friend. In the past there may have been moments where she could have called some people her friends. Adora, Bow, and the others from the Horde Academy come to mind. Catra shudders at the very thought of considering Adora a friend. With eyes closed Catra is thrilled to finally have Adora out of the picture. Thoughts about Adora are soon interrupted, “Catra, tell me, will you have any family supporting you as you become the new head Force Captain?”

Catra’s face becomes still, her eyes suddenly blank, “I do not have a family. From what the walls have whispered around here, my parents were nameless fools intent on fooling around with their bodies. They worked in the slave mines. Apparently, they met and through brief encounters eventually had me. My father bolted dying to be free, and my mother being a Horde slave, gave me up to the Horde. I then grew up in the Horde Academy. Constantly being told of my lesser known class and forever being reminded about how perfect other people in the academy were.”

Entrapta nods, “I see. Well it makes no difference about where you come from. The only thing that matters is where you plan on going. I have lived dutifully by those words. You, my dear friend, have been planning to go to all kinds of places haven’t you? What with your actions against that Adora woman…”

Catra breaks off Entrapta’s sentence avoiding where that conversation could lead, “What about you though Entrapta? Where a person is going may be important, but where have you come from? No one knows much about you.”

Entrapta crosses her legs as her hair moves around, eventually settling to her sides, “I do tend to keep quiet about my life. It is always nice to have an air of mystery. Of course I also hate most people so I have no problem staying silent.” Entrapta thinks back on her long life. Hatred has been her partner for a very long time. Catra looks up, awaiting for Entrapta to begin her story.

Where should she start? “I was born on the planet Ceras. A tiny little world tucked away in the corner of the universe. I was the youngest of seven, from such royalty. They were full of wealth but were incredibly simple minded. Content to stay put in their little nook. You see Catra, my world was a port. Ships from other planets and galaxies would enter our atmosphere and require resources or shelter. We were known for being a safe harbor.”

Catra wants to hear more, “How amazing. You must have seen so many different types of beings.” Catra thinks about what Entrapta’s experiences must have been like. Such an amazing life, to come from royalty and experience so many things…

Remembering her life on Ceras as if it were yesterday, Entrapta begins her story, “I saw many types of people and creatures. Growing up I had such an appreciation for what was possible. I wanted nothing more than to leave Ceras and travel the universe. My parents forbade any notions of leaving. We were supposed to grow old and maintain the integrity of our role on Ceras. I hated it immensely, always being so dutiful. Helping others. And then the Horde arrived. My life was forever changed.”

Her life truly began the moment the Horde had arrived on Ceras. Their intentions had been honest. Hordak wanted the planet’s magical energy. He was going to stop at nothing to achieve his goals. The simple action would have been to let the Horde have what they want.

“The infuriating thing about all of it was that my parents and siblings were ready to fight! Those imbeciles! They were willing to risk their lives for their precious land. Instead of just handing over what Hordak wanted.” Entrapta pauses to laugh about the experience. “Catra, they could have had everything. Unfortunately for them my own lust for a life beyond the stars would be their downfall. I secretly met with Hordak on his ship, begging to join the Horde and be done with that dreadful place.” Her desperation had no limits, and when Hordak asked for Entrapta to prove her willingness to join the Horde she did the only thing she could think of.

“What did you do?” Catra asks her friend, suddenly becoming aware of just how dangerous Entrapta really was.

Entrapta stands up and slowly walks around Catra’s room admiring the slight details and trinkets that may mean something to her raven haired friend. Entrapta picks up a little bottle with a heart at the end; she studies it wondering about its connection to Catra. Heart shapes and Catra don’t seem to mix very well. Suddenly Entrapta turns saying matter-of-factly, “I did what needed to be done. I delivered their heads on pretty golden platters to Hordak. He did seem rather pleased.” Entrapta smiles with a glint in her eyes. “I’ll never forget what my father said to me as he realized his most terrible fate, he said, ‘this world is doomed by you: the tricky golden beauty.’ I thought that was rather nice of him to say, don’t you think?” Entrapta laughs.

“You have certainly had a scandalous start of things. At least you got to see the rest of the universe. What happened next, how did you get your hair to move? Or have you always had that ability?” Catra wants to know everything about Entrapta.

Entrapta’s hair moves around her, “Oh I did get to see everything. I helped Hordak conquer other worlds. We traveled throughout the universe. My dreams came true. As for the hair, this is a more recent style. I have been instrumental in helping the Horde devise various weapons and other such tools to aid in our goals. One of my more recent machinations involved cybernetic rods being implanted into my skull. With a pinch of magic the rods have allowed me the control of my hair. Essentially the hair becomes a living extension of me. Truly remarkable isn’t it?” Her hair reaches out towards Catra, wrapping around her hand.

“Do you ever miss your family though Entrapta? Was it all worth it?” Catra may be vicious and is even willing to do whatever it takes to be the best; however she isn’t sure she could do what Entrapta did. Of course, Catra has never had a family to try that hypothesis out on.

“Catra, they weren’t my family. The Horde is my family. My actions were worth it because now I have a purpose and the life I have always wanted, a life that continues to astonish me. Now I have rambled on quite a bit, tell me something. Since we seem to be sharing things girl-to-girl, why don’t you tell me what you really did to Adora.”

“I’m not sure there is much to say. If you had known Adora you would have understood what I needed to do.” Catra is trying to control her emotions. The mere topic of Adora is sometimes all it takes to put her into a feral rage. Entrapta’s hair starts to tighten around Catra’s hand, “Tell me everything. Honesty is so very freeing. I have heard rumors about the infamous feud you had with her, but let me hear it from you. She was Hordak’s favorite wasn’t she?”

Catra screams, partly from anger and partly from the pain of Entrapta’s hair squeezing her hand, “Everyone loved her! She didn’t have to do anything to have others hang on to every word and action she emitted. I have loathed her with every fiber of my being. She had everything I ever wanted. You spoke of wanting to see the universe; well I wanted to be the best. I wanted power. I wanted to become the Horde Force Captain. I wanted Bow. I wanted everything that seemed to easily fall into her hands.”

The hair around Catra’s hand loosens up a bit. Entrapta is noticing a few things about Catra that are surprising, “Bow? Is this someone you liked?” Catra shakes the hair off of her and looks over her outfit for the ceremony, “I do not need to talk about him. I am getting what I want; I will be the head Horde Force Captain! I saw a chance and I took it.”

“What chance is that?” Entrapta asks as Catra finally admits to her deeds. “You want to know everything Entrapta? Here goes. For awhile Hordak has toyed with the idea that there was a double agent in the Fright Zone. Nothing ever really panned out with it, so we all went about our normal activities. Until the day that I started to notice something strange and certain evidence made it seem as if Adora was spying around for the Rebellion. Never seeking out the real truth, I used it all to my advantage to report her to Hordak. I knew he would be so enraged with the information that killing her would be the only solution. So that is what I did. I killed her and now everything is going to be mine. I have long been looking forward to the moment that Hordak appoints me the Force Captain in front of everyone. It will be perfect.”

Entrapta smiles at Catra. She is proud of the honesty from her new friend, “I am happy to hear you finally say the truth. I am thrilled that you sought out your own ambitions. You won’t have everything though. This Bow character, whoever he is, you should leave alone. Where you are going Catra, love will just be in the way. Believe me, after everything I have seen in my life, I have found that there is more than just love. There is power and the chance to rule the universe. This is an idea that very few can truly comprehend. Let simpletons seek the pleasures of romance, you need to seize the opportunity to have everything at your finger tips.” Entrapta and Catra both look at each other. They break into smiles and laugh some more. These powerful women are both thrilled at what lies ahead of them.


Away from the laughter and along a darker portion of the Fright Zone heavy footsteps can be heard echoing down the halls. Hordak is walking with a purpose and Shadow Weaver is floating silently beside him. Magically next to her is a conspicuous floating bag. Hordak is planning on taking a quick leave of absence.

“Mighty Hordak, it just seems strange for you to leave right before the ceremony for the Force Captain. This is an important moment for Catra and the entire Horde. How can you miss this?”

Hordak has no time for trivial matters, “Shadow Weaver, this whole ceremony is meant to keep up appearances. We all know how Catra came about this positon. Regardless of her goals, I have more pressing matters to deal with. I have to go back to Eternia.” Per Horde Prime's orders, Hordak has to begin the process of taking what the Horde needs from Eternia and Etheria. Shadow Weaver seems appalled at this news, “For what reason? Why would you go to Eternia by yourself?”

“I need to speak with Skeletor. Time is running out for my master plans. Skeletor has a debt that he needs to pay, and now is his chance. I shall return soon.”

Shadow Weaver feels as if she is in the dark, but she surely has no desire to discuss Skeletor. “What would you have me do while you are gone?” Shadow Weaver is always prepared to deliver any orders from Hordak, even though he has not always held her best interests. Hordak seems to work for a higher power.

“Continue with the ceremony Shadow Weaver. Invite some of the Horde slaves from the mines and slave cells. Let them see what a change in power can do for the Horde. I also have Entrapta looking into a few things for me, so make sure that she has access to any information she needs. I believe there is a spy among us still, and it is important we find out who that is.” Shadow Weaver nods with this information and walks away as Hordak opens a portal and disappears to Eternia with the large bag. She walks away thinking about Skeletor on Eternia. Memories swirl around in her mind attempting to activate some emotion that may have once existed, but now there is nothing.


Time slowly passes by and Double Trouble, with her Horde-face on, sneaks into the Horde Database. Located near the Horde Labs, the Horde Database is a room filled with various information regarding weaponry, building plans, and other various pieces of information that help the Horde work efficiently on Etheria. Double Trouble is looking for information on any structures that could be releasing slime into the water supply around the Fright Zone.

There is a great deal of information to look over and thankfully Double Trouble is quick and able to find various maps and papers. She remarks to herself how easy this all seems to be thus far. She finds a file on an underwater structure built by the Horde that may be helpful. Another particular file makes itself known that causes her quest to halt momentarily. Double Trouble looks over the file and mutters to herself, “The Doom Dispenser? What is this?” Double Trouble reads as much as she can, and is worried, “The Horde is planning on building a device that will work on magic to burn the Whispering Woods down? This can’t be!” Double Trouble is trying to capture as much information that she can, until a sound is made behind her.

Turning around, Double Trouble is face to face with Entrapta. Entrapta’s two large braided ponytails are moving quickly all around her like brightly colored snakes, “You are Spira correct? I’m Entrapta, we haven’t really gotten the chance to talk much. What are you doing down here, all alone?”

Double Trouble nods, “Yes, I am Spira. I have just been looking for some specifics on weaponry for the assault on Castle Chill. The process has taken longer than expected, and Hordak wants to descend upon the Kingdom of Snows in a few weeks.” Entrapta nods taking precautions, “Yes, I have been caught up on the events up north. You have been dealing with a lot on your own. Must be challenging.”

Shrugging, Double Trouble tries to stay calm, “It comes with the territory for being a third rank captain right?” Entrapta smiles, “It seems you’ll be moving up in rank, after all, Catra is about to be the new head captain. She’ll be leading all divisions, wonderful isn’t it?” Double Trouble has had enough and prepares her exit, “Yes, absolutely wonderful. I am proud of Catra. She is one independent kitten that manages to go after what she wants. If you don’t mind, I have what I need. Nice talking to you.”

Entrapta blocks her way, “Not so fast Spira.” Entrapta’s hair moves around Double Trouble taunting her, “I think you should know about the problem within the Horde. It seems there is a double agent.” Double Trouble swallows and maintains her calmness. She realizes that every second she is in the Fright Zone the more danger she is in, “I am confused Entrapta, I thought the double agent was caught and killed? By Catra no less.” Entrapta nods, “Yes Spira, well now it appears that Adora’s death was a mistake. The real double agent is still roaming around the Fright Zone. Has anyone appeared suspicious to you?”

Pretending to think of any possible suspects, Double Trouble says, “No, but then I am hardly around the Fright Zone. If there is anything I can do, let me know. My eyes and ears will be paying attention for anything that seems strange.” Entrapta is not quite sure what to make of the conversation, but she knows there isn’t much that will happen now, “Thank you Spira. Hopefully we can get to know each other more.”

“I would like that a lot Entrapta. I should get going, after the upcoming ceremony I will need to head back to the north.” Double Trouble walks away slowly and heads towards her room, paying attention to Entrapta’s gaze following behind, until she is able to turn a corner. Double Trouble quickly heads to her room and throws up in her restroom. She can feel her heart beating ever so fast. With Adora in the Whispering Woods, Double Trouble feels incredibly alone in the Fright Zone. She is a member of the Great Rebellion, alone, in a building full of monsters.


The clock is ticking towards the ceremony and Entrapta makes the choice to talk to her fellow Horde members to capture their feelings about Catra becoming the new Force Captain. She approaches Mantenna, Grizzlor, and her “brother” Adam. Entrapta finds herself annoyed by all three, though she understands that they all work together and therefore should be given a chance. She supposes. “Hello everyone!” Entrapta says with a forced smile. Adam hugs her. She refrains from gagging and looks around, “Are you all ready for the ceremony?”

Mantenna shrugs, “I guess. Catra is kinda mean though, so I don’t know. Honestly I’d rather play our card game.” Entrapta is protective of her new friend and finds Mantenna’s comment rude, “How is she mean? From what I understand we aren’t meant to be sugary sweet. We are Horde members.” Entrapta says. Mantenna shakes his head, “Look I am all for being mean, especially to the annoying Rebellion. But I try not to be mean to other members of the Horde. She always calls me a bug eyed fool!”

Entrapta raises her eyebrows, “But you have bug eyes.” Mantenna throws his arms up in the air, “That may be true, but I am not a fool! I am pretty smart! I haven’t fallen down the trap door in awhile! There is no reason for Catra to always hate me so much.” Grizzlor jumps in, ever ready to include his opinion, “This is true. She tried to shave me once!” Entrapta grimaces, “You are rather hairy. I’m sure Catra wanted to do a simple favor.”

Adam laughs, getting used to these new people, “Well I think Catra is just rough around the edges. I mean she loves me right? I don’t really remember how we fell in love, but if she is capable of love she can’t be all that mean. I am really proud of her; I just wish I could remember.” Entrapta does her best not to roll her eyes, how she is able to deal with the brainwashed prince is beyond her. Adam looks at who he thinks is his sister and asks, “I have a question Entrapta, if we are siblings how come my hair doesn’t move like yours?”

Entrapta blankly stares at Adam. She is highly annoyed about the curiosity with her hair. Without an answer she shrugs and points at Grizzlor, “Fur Ball, what would make Catra nicer?” Grizzlor lets out a low growl, “My name is Grizzlor.”

“Whatever. Just answer the question.” Entrapta crosses her arms, she has no idea how Hordak handles them. Mantenna shakes his head, “Don’t answer her Grizzlor! How ‘bout you answer our questions! What’s up with your hair? It moves.” Mantanna crosses his arms, mocking Entrapta. Fed up, Entrapta’s hair pushes Mantenna out of the way, “Look, I am not here to play games. If you can’t answer my question just say so. I will be glad to leave you all alone.”

Rubbing his head, Mantenna grumbles that he is not very fond of Entrapta. Grizzlor decides to answer the question, “The problem with Catra is that she belittles us all. Like you Entrapta. We know our features may be different than yours, but it would be nice if we could be respected. Maybe play some cards with us or something.” Mantenna smiles remembering Adora, “Yeah like Adora used to do! She could go out and be terrible to those in her way but she could also have fun. I miss Adora sometimes.”

The mere mention of Adora triggers something within Adam, suddenly he feels odd, “Who is Adora?” Adam asks and looks at his friends. The realization that Adam’s real sister was just brought up does not faze anyone. Entrapta’s eyes widen as her hair reaches out trying to wrap around Mantenna’s neck. His arms suddenly become very busy trying to swat the hair away, “Err, Adora is nobody Adam, just a traitor to the Horde, a real wench if you know what I mean!” Mantenna nervously laughs with a high pitched insectoid squeal, hoping that a diversion can be made, one that does not involve being strangled by Entrapta.

Out of nowhere Leech and Multi Bot walk in with barrels of slime from the Slime Pit. Leech interrupts the conversation, “Coming through, we need to get these sent to Octavia.” Leech tries to walk past Mantenna. Seeing a chance to escape, Mantenna calls out, “Wait Leech! Let me help you.” Mantenna grabs hold of a barrel of slime and tries to walk off with it.

Leech struggles to grab it back, “What are you doing Mantenna! Multi Bot and I have this under control!” Mantenna shakes his head, wanting nothing more than to be away from the problem at hand, “No Leech, let me help! I have four legs; I’ll get the barrels there quicker!”

Multi Bot’s two heads look at each other. Both heads say, “What is going on?” The blue head mutters, “I do not know, this is why we should just stay in the Labs. I told you we needed to stop doing favors for everyone.”

Leech and Mantenna struggle over the barrels. Entrapta shakes her head, “Will you two stop! My goodness you are worse than children!” The struggle continues as Catra approaches the group. Decked out in her new scratchin hot outfit for the ceremony Catra has no idea what the ruckus is about, “What is all this commotion!” she hisses. Mantenna finally grabs the barrel from Leech and in the process stumbles on his four feet. In what feels like slow motion Mantenna loses his grasp on the barrel of slime and it spews all over Catra and her shiny new outfit. Screams reverberate throughout the Fright Zone as Catra stares at the green ooze all over her, “What have you done you bug eyed fool!!”

Mantenna stands up straight, “See, she always calls me that! It was an accident Catra!” Mantenna tries to help her, only making things worse as he slips on the spilt slime and takes Catra down with him to the floor. Slime is everywhere and the smell is putrid. They both make choking sounds as they do their best not to throw up. She composes herself and continues to scream, “This is not supposed to be happening! I have slime all over me!! My outfit is busted! By slime!” She stands up furious. The ceremony is supposed to start soon and everything is ruined. The sight of her though causes a ripple of laughter to start with Grizzlor. It becomes contagious and soon Leech, Multi Bot, and Mantenna are all joining in the comedy. Entrapta is trying to stifle a laugh and Adam is simply lost. He is not sure how to react to his complex girlfriend. Soon Catra’s eyes form little slits and a dark purple circle of electric energy is released from her hand, knocking Mantenna back to the ground. He is still laughing but slightly nervous once everyone in the room witnesses Catra’s use of magic. First it was going to be death by multi colored moving hair and now it might be by something far worse, Mantenna says to himself.

Enraged Catra storms off screaming and clawing anything in her sight, curtains, Horde wall symbols. She is leaving destruction in her wake. Adam looks at everyone, “I will try to calm her down.” He rushes after her.

Still screaming, Catra charges into her room, and flings off her grey furry skirt that is soaked in slime. With her feet slipped out of her boots, she begins to claw her leggings off. The leggings are ripped to shreds, a mess all over the floor. Standing alone in her room with most of her new outfit destroyed Catra tries to gain composure. Her heart is beating rapidly while her skin feels hot. She begins to wipe away whatever amount of slime is left on her. Suddenly she finds herself staring at Adam. 

Standing in her doorway, Adam’s eyes are wide open as he gazes upon Catra in a red strapless one piece. Catra snaps at him, “Are you going to continue to stare at me like that?” Adam looks down and blushes, “I’m sorry; it’s just that you don’t have much on.” Wanting to scream, Catra stops her self. She slightly grins, unable to stop. She has never seen a person react this way to her. It is sort of new and different, “Well Adam, you don’t have to be too embarrassed. We are in love, right?” She is wanting to find some control in all the madness, and the look on Adam's face is good enough.

Nodding, Adam looks at the ground, “I know, but I don’t remember anything Catra, and it just seems weird. I’m sorry. I just wanted to see how you were doing.” Catra slowly walks towards him, “You were worried about me?” Adam looks up at her face, he is dazzled by her green eyes, “Yes, I was worried. You had that green substance all over you. I don’t want you to be hurt.”

Catra is feeling funny almost as if there is something tickling the insides of her stomach. She wants to be revolted at this moment of personal connection. Her breathing is different, “No one has ever said that before.” Adam gives a goofy grin, “I am sure this is not the first time I have said something like that to you. Who seems to be having trouble remembering things now?” If you only knew, Catra laughs silently.

Adam and Catra look into each other’s eyes. They are both overcome with emotions that neither truly understands. Something about all of this seems so wrong. Catra decides to let her gaurd down slightly, to experiment with finding a connection with another person. She kisses Adam. The kiss is shocking and primal. Adam can’t control himself and turns her against the wall. Their bodies press against each other. Catra opens her eyes and somehow sees Bow, kissing her, bringing his lips to her neck. She is about to call out Bow's name, but stops. Instead she loses herself in the moment.

Catra moans out loud as part of her top comes undone. Adam moves his hands across her body, stopping to feel her breasts. Her hands travel over his arms, wanting to melt into him. They can't stop. He presses himself against her, a feeling that is utterly new for the Horde beauty. Catra is unsure what to make of it. She just wants to go further. Is this what it is like to be close to someone... Catra ponders. They stumble towards her bed.

While laying on her back and still thinking of Bow, Catra opens her eyes and almost jumps. Adora is hovering over her, Catra moans, "What is this..." Adora smiles and whispers, "It's ok, let yourself go. Enjoy this, I can tell it is what you want, to feel connected..." Catra purses her lips wanting to scream. This seems unnatural, all of it. Why is Adora hovering over her? Why does it feel good to have Adora touching her inner thighs?

With eyes closed, Catra continues to lose herself in the moment. I don't want this to end, Catra thinks to herself. Suddenly Catra feels something wet dripping on her exposed breasts. Her hands instantly clutch her chest, rubbing the liquid across her skin. It is sticky and has a metallic smell. Looking down at her chest, Catra stifles a scream. She is covered in blood.

"No." Catra says shaking her head. Looking up, Catra is horrified to see a bloody Adora straddling her. There are cuts and open wounds on Adora's face and body. Blood is dripping everywhere. Adora looks down at Catra and groans, "What did you do to me? What did I ever do to you? You killed me..." Turning her head, Catra closes her eyes wanting this nightmare to end. She can't stop shaking. What is happening to her?

Adam is still kissing her, loving her, unaware what she is going through. He never thought he could enjoy this experience. He is almost naked, on the verge of having sex with her. He goes back to kiss her lips while fully removing his clothes. Giving another hard kiss, Adam pulls back to look at Catra. Only there is another face looking back at him, a woman with red hair. Adam jumps. He is startled, who is this woman? Adam quits what he is doing. Catra picks up on this and asks, “Why did you stop?" The prince shakes his head, rubbing his neck, “I’m not sure. I just felt weird.” He does not know who he just saw, but refrains from sharing his experience with Catra.

Catra sits up trying to hide her embarrassment, she wonders if he somehow could tell that she was imagining other people in bed, “Weird? We are in love, what is so weird about us kissing and touching like this?” Catra finds herself secretly glad that they have not gone any further, but she is also hurt at the same time. They nearly had sex, and for Catra it was new and terrifying. She had fantasized about Bow and (of all people) Adora. Adam realizes he has offended Catra, “No, I don’t mean that to sound bad. You are right; there is nothing weird about kissing each other, I just, well maybe this is all too fast. It’s not you, it’s just me.” How else is he supposed to tell her he saw another woman, especially a woman that seems to be a complete stranger? Adam has no idea what is going on.

Catra opens her mouth in disgust, “That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Leave. Now.” Catra is livid and hurt. She can lick her wounds at another time, for now the mere presence of Adam in her room is making her angry. This is the last thing Adam wanted to do, he wants to make this up to her, “Catra, I am truly sorry. I did not mean this. Please just listen to me.” Adam tries to approach her, reaching out to her. Catra lashes out and cuts his arm. She grabs Adam by the shoulders and shoves him out of her room, “Get away from me! For the last time!” The door slams shut on Adam. Catra looks around her room. Her eyes feel wet and her heart is beating fast. A primal scream escapes her mouth and she begins throwing her belongings every which way. For a split second she thinks she sees Adora standing by the bed, laughing at her…


Meanwhile the Horde is preparing for Catra’s ceremony. Entrapta is helping Multi Bot with a large structural throne piece that Catra will be sitting on as she enters the ceremony. Multi Bot and his various robotic parts start working in overdrive, both heads begin talking over each other. Entrapta is trying to understand how to talk to Multi Bot, “Alright, explain to me who I should address. The double head thing is weird.” The two heads look at each other and speak in unison, “We have never thought about that.” The blue head tries to explain to Entrapta, “We may be composed of various parts; however we both operate as one.”

Entrapta shakes her head, “Yes, I see that. What a lovely life you must lead, but you have two heads. I don’t know who to talk to. I see this experience potentially infuriating me in the future.” Both heads look at each other, “What should we do?”

Dropping what she is doing, Entrapta rubs her temple, “Hordak really needs to think about who he hires on for help. It is a rather simple solution; I will call one of you Multi and the other Bot.” The yellow head takes a turn to speak, “I think that is rude and ever so disrespectful. We may be machines, but we contribute a great deal to the Horde!” Entrapta smiles, ignoring the machine's feelings, “I know you have worked hard on new experiments for the Horde.” Her left ponytail points at the yellow head, “You will be Multi,” her right ponytail taps the blue head on the nose, “And you shall be Bot. There, my stress is already lowering!” The two heads look at each other and say, “But we already are Multi Bot.” Entrapta simply shrugs helplessly and continues working…


The moment finally arrives; the ceremony to induct Catra as the newest head of the Horde Force Captains is ready to begin. Everyone is gathered around a large room in the Fright Zone. Prisoners and slaves from the mines have been placed in sections to view the event. Horde Troopers are in abundance to watch over the crowd and Catra’s arrival. Shadow Weaver is in the center on a makeshift platform awaiting Catra’s entrance. Surrounding the platform is Entrapta, Adam, and Spira. Spira can’t keep her eyes off of Adam; she is trying to understand who he is exactly.

Behind the scenes Mantenna, Leech, Grizzlor, and Multi Bot work together to lift the large throne base that Catra is already sitting on. The plan is for them to carry her out in front of the crowd. She will make her way to the center where she will be deemed ready to be the new Force Captain. She looks down at her fellow Horde members and points a clawed finger to Mantenna, “You drop me and I will remove your bug eyes.” Mantenna feigns surprise, “What a shocking thing to say. Don’t worry, I have already messed up your day enough, I won’t be doing anything else to you Catra. You look really beautiful though.” Catra is secretly glad to hear that, “I know.” She is too proud to accept the kindness. Blood red curtains are about to be drawn, ready for the Horde to see Catra. Before the walk begins, Grizzlor calls out, “I hope your moment is perfect Catra.” Catra smiles, her eyes gleaming with excitement behind her silver cat mask. This is her moment. She thinks about the amount of time she has been waiting for Hordak to honor her in this way. Finally for the first time, Hordak will be telling her in front of the Horde that she is a fighter at the top of her class. She is on the edge. The curtains open. She feels as if she is floating. Her fellow Horde members walk her towards the center of the room. The crowd is screaming. Some are thrilled others are afraid.

Behind the silver cat mask, Catra's eyes dance around the large room. There are so many people witnessing this glorious moment. Her eyes scan towards the center of the room. Hordak is nowhere to be found. Where is he?, she thinks to herself. This is an important moment in her life. Catra feels the wetness in her eyes again, irking her. She is not going to let this affect her. Nothing can affect her, she has everything she could ever need.

Shadow Weaver is standing in the center, waiting. The throne is lowered and Catra descends. She climbs the stairs walking past Spira, Adam, and Entrapta. Adam tries to make eye contact but Catra ignores him. She has smiles for Entrapta followed by a question for Shadow Weaver. Shadow Weaver answers, “He isn’t going to be here. He had something that needed to be cared for. Shall we begin?” Catra can do nothing but nod. What other choice does she have? She recalls what Entrapta said earlier, it makes no difference about where you come from. The only thing that matters is where you plan on going. And where Catra plans on going will change the course of many…


Elsewhere in another part of the galaxy on the planet called Eternia, Hordak walks through the corridors of Snake Mountain. His portal did not take him exactly where he had hoped, but he would be at Skeletor’s throne room in a matter of moments. Time has also gone on longer thanks to the large sack that Hordak is dragging on the ground.

Walking throughout the various tunnels and passageways in the mountain, Hordak is completely aware of the mountain’s history. Hordak can never understand why Skeletor has called this place ‘home.’ This place is a ticking time bomb, Hordak mutters to himself. Finally reaching the location he has been heading for, Hordak finds himself a third party to an exclusive event. Pressed against a wall is Evil-Lyn and Tri-Klops.

They are both in the throes of passion. Partly clothed, they are unaware that Hordak is watching them. Staring for a few moments, Hordak decides to break up the heated lovemaking. With a sharp grin, Hordak drops the sack he is holding on the ground, “My, my, my. When ‘ole skull face is away, his lackeys will certainly play.” Evil-Lyn and Tri-Klops both curse and try to cover themselves up. Hordak continues, “I was never aware of the hard work ethic Skeletor instilled in his evil warriors. I wonder what he would think if he saw the two of you in such a salacious,” Hordak looks over at the rocky wall, “and uncomfortable position?”

Evil-Lyn is done with the games knowing full well that a visit from Hordak is never a pleasant one, “What do you want Hordak?” Hordak walks closer to the two, “I am looking for Skeletor. Does he know about the two of you?” Evil-Lyn crosses her arms, “No he does not. Not that any of it really matters. After all, I do recall the various positions he found himself in while being your apprentice with that witch.”

“Ah yes, Shadow Weaver. Speaking of, Shadow Weaver says hello and gives her best.” Hordak smiles. He knows exactly the correct buttons to push. Evil-Lyn glares at Hordak with fury, “Don’t ever mention her name to me again!” She is ready to conjure up any known spell she can to melt the face right off of the ruthless Horde leader. Laughing, Hordak shakes his head, “I do apologize Evil-Lyn. I forget what a touchy subject that has been for you. Now on to the important things, where is Skeletor?”

Evil-Lyn has no other choice but to tell the truth, “Skeletor isn’t here.” Hordak prepares to stick this one out, “I will just wait. I came all this way after all.” Tri-Klops grunts a noise and starts sharpening one of his knives. Evil-Lyn shakes her head, “Hordak, you will be waiting a long time. Skeletor won’t be returning anytime soon. He is a prisoner at the Royal Palace. The Royal Guard and the Masters had help from their muscle headed friend He-Man. After a long complicated battle good prevailed and finally captured the sinister Skeletor. It all sounds like a child’s story really.”

This news does not sit well with Hordak, “What of everyone else? Surely you fools have tried to free him?” Evil-Lyn laughs, “Free Skeletor? What a novel idea, I wish we had thought of that.” Rolling her eyes, “Being the leader of the Horde must fry your brain sometimes. Of course we have tried to free him! It was a disaster that landed Beast Man, Two Bad, and Whiplash in a prison cell right next to Skeletor.” Hordak can already feel the pressure mounting on him, “What of everyone else?”

Evil-Lyn shrugs, “Everyone basically scattered. Trap Jaw went rogue to settle old scores with a few Masters. He will probably end up next to Skeletor as well. Webstor has been missing since the Snake Men tried to recently take over Eternia. Mer-Man and Clawful retreated back to the sea to try and reclaim the undersea kingdom from the Mer-King and his people. Tri-Klops and I have been…” Hordak cuts her off, “I am aware of what Tri-Klops and you have been doing. This is a disaster.” Hordak walks around trying to figure out a plan. He kicks the sack he brought with him in frustration; a loud yelp comes out.

Evil-Lyn and Tri-Klops both look at the sack. “What’s in the bag?” Tri-Klops asks. Hordak shakes his head, “One more evil warrior for you. I am returning Spikor to you. I have no use for him anymore. You may want to get him out of the bag; he is probably hungry or searching for air.” Tri-Klops goes about setting Spikor free. Evil-Lyn is looking for the bottom line, “Alright what do you want Hordak? Your visits to Eternia are not typically for tea and treats. And you are here without your silly Horde members, so what is this visit all about?”

Hordak pauses, how much should he divulge? “I tell you what Evil-Lyn, you find a way to free Skeletor. Time is ticking and he promised he’d have control of Eternia by now, it was part of the deal he made for coming back.” Evil-Lyn nods, “I know all this already. Hordak I don’t know how we are going to free Skeletor from the Royal Palace! The Royal Guard, Masters, and the insufferable He-Man will surely stop us.”

“I understand it won’t be easy. Believe me; I think I may have my own powerful problem to deal with on Etheria. However you are a very resourceful woman. You can do this. If not, I will take matters into my own hands, and believe me, Skeletor will not like that. Do as I say. Or we are all dead.” Hordak quickly opens a portal and leaves back to Etheria. Evil-Lyn stands there with a lot of questions. Spikor is dusting himself off and curious about what Hordak exactly caught Evil-Lyn and Tri-Klops in the middle of.

“What does he mean?” Evil Lyn asks out loud. She looks at Tri-Klops and a queasy Spikor. How are they going to free Skeletor? How will everyone be dead if Skeletor doesn’t gain control of Eternia? There are many thoughts running through her mind. One thought that seems to be running the fastest is the one that involves Skeletor and Shadow Weaver and their time together on Etheria. Evil-Lyn tells herself to focus. “I really hate it when Hordak shows up. Come on, we need to devise a plan on breaking into the Royal Palace and saving Skeletor.” Evil-Lyn says, walking off. Spikor and Tri-Klops look at each other. Spikor tilts his head towards Tri-Klops, “Were you two…” Tri-Klops shakes his head and follows after Evil-Lyn, “Leave it alone Spikor.”

Spikor quickly follows, “I go away for just a little while, and I miss a whole lot! Is there any food around here?" Spikor calls out after Tri-Klops rushing to catch up, "Tri-Klops, stop walking so fast! You don't know what I have been through! Being a member of the Horde is just awful, let me tell you!"

Up Next!
Octavia is going to tangle with a beautiful sea maid real soon…
Catra and Adam may heat things up again…
And what about Teela? How is she handling her life with Adam away?


  1. I was in a hurry so I had to just skim this story for now-haven't read the latest chapters yet-but WOAH! Someone is a dirty little dorkette!
    Writing near porno she-ra fan fiction is a skill every girl should have, and I dare say if you only drank coffee you would be the perfect girlfriend!
    That scene with Catra thinking about Adora while she's with Adam-yum! I hope that fantasy gets explored further! (perhaps if catra slimes adora she can make her fantasy come true! wink wink) Anyway, it seems like Catra must be your favorite character-the stories seem to be centered around her. I like that because I always had a crush on her as a kid. ( though the turning into a panther thing freaks me out a bit -as I would not be up for a bout of accidental beastiality in the middle of the "act") I'll have to read the rest of this later but keep up the good work.

    p.s have you been practicing your nervous gulps?

    1. Well I wouldn't say I'm that dirty. I know it may seem like the story is going to have sexual fantasy plots and what-not, but this story won't be a Fifty Shades of She-Ra type thing. lol

      The moment between Adam and Catra was meant to be sexy but also incredibly bad for them. Adam can't remember who he is and that he is really in love with Teela and about to do something really big to change that and Catra... well the way I have envisioned her is someone who dislikes all manner of human connection, and so in the moment of wanting to surrender to sexual needs, she would be going against her own belief of being alone. This being a new experience, all of these images were coming to her, like Bow and even Adora. The question will be if she wants those images or were those images just randomly showing up in her mind. It is all setting up a bigger picture for Catra and who she is and just why she is such a villain.

      Catra is one of my favorites if only because I have always been curious about what her anger and hatred for She-Ra means and what her story really is. Adora/She-Ra is somewhat simple, she wants to do the right thing. She has been on the side of bad, but really wants to find connection with her friends and a family she has never met. So look for more interesting dynamics between Adora and Catra. And don't worry, Catra will not be turning into a panther in the wrong moments. As for the nervous gulps, lol I am just not that good at it. Thank you for continuing to read!

  2. Your description of adora making catra bleed is fascinating to me. I wonder if Catra was in a relationship with adora if she would be the submissive or the dominant one in the relationship. Many powerful women fantasize about being dominated in bed, even if they are in complete control of their real lives. I know catra with all of her twistedness would probably be kinky becasue she is so sexually confused. What would also be cool is if it turned out that Adora-who is very kind and sweet-would be a sexual sadist in the bedroom towards catra. Maybe as a way to escape the restrictions of having to be goody goody all the time in life. I would be very interested to see what their relationship would be like and which one of them would wear the pants -or I guess in this case-which one of them would get to have their hand on the trapdoor button in the relationship.
    I suppose the fright zone would be an awesome place to carry out a kinky romance like that-they could always take turns throwing each other in the dungeon for bondage fun!

    1. Well actually Adora doesn't make Catra bleed, the blood on Catra was dripping from the wounds on the Adora hallucination. So technically there was no blood, it was all in Catra's mind. And your idea about the connection between Adora and Catra is interesting. I don't know that I will be doing all that with the story I have in mind (I only have Parts 1 and 2 written out thus far, and a map of Part 3) but there will be all kinds of exciting things occurring between these characters. I hope you will still find it interesting without the heavy emphasis on a kinky type of relationship between the two! Thank you for your comment, I hope all is well.

  3. That's fine as I plan on doing some fan material about the two of them. I feel like someone should explore it. They would ceratinly be a beautiful couple and catra's love for adora might be what it would take to bring catra to the rebellion.
    But I would like you to send catra down the trapdoor again. That was excellent! So much better than Mantenna!
    Did you ever imagine how terrible it would be to have to stand in front of hordaks throne when you were a kid? Would you have tried to stand where there wasn't a trapdoor or do you think the floor would be too filled with them to avoid?
    like did you ever see that porky pig cartoon where he is auditioning talent acts and no matter where they were standing in his office a trapdoor would open under them? I thought the fright zone was like that.

    1. Ya know I was going to ask if you had any plans to write anything. I think you have some great ideas and you should totally write them out! And some people might get some more trips down the trap door.

      I was always terrified of the trap door as a kid. I would try to imagine what I would do, and I think my thoughts were always like, "I just wouldn't go to the Fright Zone!" And I would guess that in Hordak's chambers the trap door would be a big section of the floor. Maybe different door opening depending on the location. lol

  4. I want to write some fan fiction-but I also have a huge array of original characters I've created over time.(I'm actually a cartoonist as well as a writer) Anytime I work on existing characters that I know I'll never be able to get the rites to I feel frustrated ,and I feel like I'm neglecting my own library of creations. (although many of them are clearly inspired by the filmation style, albeit in a more "campy on purpose" funny way. ) I hear Joss Whedon feels the same way about the Avengers. Even though it was a big awesome movie and a huge success , and he used the characters wonderfully, he was still haunted by the fact that the characters weren't "his"-that being said, if I can devote some time to fan fiction She-Ra stuff will be high on my list.Particularly Catra and Adora stuff. Do you have your own characters that you've invented? I could totally see you making a line of she-ra type heroines to use in stories in this vein. If you made up some stuff you could maybe even sell it to some company. there hasn't been a "Jem" or a "she-ra" type thing in culture for girls in a while.

    also, would you hide your eyes when the trapdoor happened? I remember when I was super young I would hide my eyes when kids got "green slimed" on you cant do that on television and my cousins would tease me. They would tell me the scene was over, and I would look and the slime was still there! The slime pit as well as ghostbusters helped me deal with that fear.

    1. Well I do happen to have a few stories of my own invented characters. I have yet to actually write them down in a more story-type setting, but I have them mapped out. I hope to one day have those stories completed. I feel like there are not enough strong female centric stories featuring super heroines and whatnot. There is need for it.

      As for She-Ra fanfic, it is hard because I did not create these characters nor do I have the rites to them. But in terms of She-Ra, there has not been an actual story, comic, cartoon, or movie featuring these people. And when I think of She-Ra this is just one of the stories that comes to mind for me. I just adore these characters, and though they aren't mine, it is fun to put dialogue in their mouths and to explore who they are in a different way.

      As for closing my eyes, I don't think I closed my eyes when folks got slimed, but I certainly cringed. Like, I never would have been on Double Dare for example. lol I was just to grossed out by it all. Let alone putting my toys through all that. Though I did have a brief love affair with Gack or however it was spelled.

  5. I still can't believe they haven't made a Wonder Woman movie yet. As far as other strong female charcters in the media Buffy is the only one I can think of that was really good. I guess there was Xena too but I never watched that.
    As far as cartoons the closest anyone has come since the 80's is probably in anime. I used to love Sailor Moon as a teen (still do) and had a huge crush on Sailor Mars ( though I wouldn't have kicked moon or venus out of the bed either) Speaking of trapdoors the Excel Saga has a female main character (who constantly gets trapdoored by her boss) but she is kind of a bad guy and she is very stupid so it isn't exactly empowering. But its very funny.
    I really wish someone would reinvent the Masters of the Universe movie franchise. The movie they made in the 80's ( while it is a classic example of 80's cheese, and is fun to make fun of) was a terrible interpretation of the story. He-man is never even seen as Adam and most of it takes place on earth! But the toy line was biting the dust by the time they made that and it had a lot of production problems. A new movie could be really awesome. I mean the story itself is a LOT better than the transformers story. And skeletor -if done well-could be a kick ass villain. ( like he was in the 2002 version of the cartoon "I do hope you don't bruise easily He-Man!" haha) plus you can do a snake men movie and a horde movie and you've got a whole epic trilogy right there. Then maybe we'd see a live action she-ra. Any suggestions on who could play her or any of the others? I'd love to see a live action catra.
    As for your your characters can I ask what kind of stories they are? I mean outer space fantasy-sci fi like she-ra with princesses and such? or more earthbound situations? I have two female comic characters. One is sort of a sailor moon type character but the other is a cave girl in modern times with super powers! haha its strange.

    1. I never really watched Xena either. I had always liked the idea of that show, I just never got around to watching it. I did watch Buffy though. Oh my goodness Buffy was 'it' for me in the '90s. I would also love for them to finally do a Wonder Woman movie. I can't believe it has taken them this long, and probably even longer. I also liked some Sailer Moon, though I didn't watch it a lot. I hate that I never had the toys.

      The '80s He-Man movie was pretty bad. I remember being so sad as a kid because it was nothing like what I had hoped it would be. A new one is totaly in order, I wish Mattel would make it or say they are gonna make it or whatever. I think there is so much that could be done with the MOTU property. As for She-Ra, well I always have hopes that She-Ra could have her own movie or something.

      And as for my own characters, I have a few different types of stories. One is a horror type story involving a young woman and a small town. It doesn't have that much science fiction in it, and is more of a short story. The other story has a character from Earth and she ends up with powers and travels to other worlds with a group of similarly powered people. It is more of a songer story. I also have two other stories but they are more funny and do not involve any science fiction stuff.

      But your two female comic characters sound so cool! You will have to keep me updated on the progress of your work, it sounds really cool.

  6. I tend to try not to get to specific when talking about ideas so as not to reveal my true identity -but lets just say if you ever see a character get popular who is a super powered girl who works at an outer space themed ice cream shop and has to fight aliens in her spare time -or one who is a hot cryptozoology student that transforms into a super powered cave woman to battle dinosaurs by using a magical spear she was given by yetis-you will know that its my work. I also have a female villain character with devil horn shaped hair and she tends to trapdoor her minions quite a bit. Oh, and one girl villain who is a sexy gorgon if you can imagine that!
    I just purchased all the Buffy seasons on dvd cuz its been so long since I saw it. Watching the Vampire Diaries inspired me to rewatch Buffy. Buffy more or less followed me through high school because I was in 8th grade when it started and I was sophomore in college when it ended. I was like a Spike super-fan . Probably cuz I listened to punk and he was like the punk rock vampire. I think he remains my favorite vampire of all time. Were you team Spike or team Angel?

  7. I loved me some Buffy too! I was in highschool when it aired on the WB, but I remember going crazy over the movie and even more so when the show came on. I liked Angel at first, but then I grew to adore Spike as the seasons wore on. I loved that show so much. I also really like the Vampire Diaries, I loved reading L.J. Smith when I was younger. So much fun.

    As for your characters, they all sound good! it is about time a sexy gorgon comes on to the scene! I hope to see your characters one day. It sounds like you have some really cool and creative ideas.

  8. I never read the Vampire Diaries books. I just started watching it cuz it was on the W.B and I am a big teen soap fan-and no I'm not gay. But I grew up watching soap operas with my grandma and I find them engrossing, especially when I'm not dating anyone I can live vicariously through the charcters. But the same situation happened with Gossip Girl. I got into the show so I never wanted to go back and read the books because I heard they were totally different, and I can't imagine the characters any other way. But the shows I love. Damon is my favorite character in the show and I hear he is more of a villain in the books instead of the anti hero he is on the show and I don't think I would like that as much.
    As for Spike getting more lovable as Buffy went on-I agree-but I do love his early bad ass stuff too. I did think some of his edge was lost as the series went on-although I loved the concept of him getting a soul for Buffy.Thats why I think he deserves her more. Angel had a soul thrust upon him, but Spike sought it out and fought for it. I loved how Spike didn't follow any of the rules of the vamp and demon hierarchy either. Killing off "the master's" prodigy so he could run things himself.( though he did work for "Adam" briefly but that was only so he could get his chip out.) In that way he reminds me of Skeletor going against the Horde AND the good guys. When I was a kid I thought Hordak was cooler because-well he looked cooler-but as an adult I have grown to like old skull face more. Skeletor and his forces are kind of a minority in the universe of motu when you think about it. They go up against the He-Man crew -who are the dominant force on Eternia, and they also are against the Horde, who seem to be the dominant force on every other planet in their universe! Skeletor and his gang are the real underdogs of the series and there is something inherently cool in that. Although you seem to be using him a bit differently in your fiction.

  9. Well the Vampire Diaries books are very different. I haven't read that many, because I read more of the Otherworld series by L.J. Smith, which was a really cool story encompassing more of the witches and other monster type creatures. In terms of guys watching soaps, I never would have assumed you were gay for watching teen soaps. My best friend is gay and he hates them. Well, some of them. But I think a lot of straight guys enjoy soapy stuff too, most just probably don't readily admit it.

    I like characters like Spike from Buffy and Damon from Vampire Diairies for the whole anti-hero thing. There is something fun about watching a character really be this jerky type person and then softening up just enough that they really become someone you end up liking and rooting for. I like Damon far more than Stefan. And, in the end I did like Spike more than Angel. Everything changed for me once Angel changed after making love to Buffy. But my goodness that was a good story arc though!

    Skeletor is an underdog in many ways. I agree with you. He hasn't been featured much in my fanfic, but he certainly has a role and it will become bigger in the second part. I see him as someone who wanted power, lost it, and got a second chance by the Horde. This is all like the original story, but Skeletor is conflicted. He wants to do his own thing, but he owes Hordak for what the Horde was able to do in terms of bringing Skeletor back. The relationship with Skeletor and the Horde is complicated and that is not even counting what went on between Skeletor and Shadow Weaver. I have a really good story about the things that went on between the two of them, when Skeletor joined the Horde as Hordak's apprentice. But that is all coming up later on in the second part. But yeah, Skeletor has a big role in all this. The basic chain of events are that he was finally caught on Etheria and apprehended. His quest for power is over. For now.

  10. Do you ever notice though, that all those really great anti-heroes have origins that reveal that they are really vulnerable softies? Spike was a soft spoken poet mommas boy that everyone made fun of and Damon was the less liked of the two salvatore brothers that people seemed to make fun of and whom just wanted the love of a girl who loved his brother. Hell, even Klaus has a background like that of being picked on. Its the whole adopting the jerk visage to overcompensate for what lies beneath thing and I love that! I even like Klaus though he is a villain instead of an antihero, but maybe that's because of how awesome Joseph Morgan is in the role.
    Did you ever get the feeling back in the day that every other planet in the motu universe was ruled by the horde except Eterna? I always thought it was a galactic empire thing where they were the evil bosses of the universe but the one planet they couldn't conquer was the one with He-Man on it because he is the most powerful being in the universe.Which made He-man such a bad ass! (even if he does where purple tights in his spare time) And only skeletor, with his arrogance, would be full of himself enough to stay on that world and try and defeat him.

  11. Yeah there is usually some bit of softie mush under the anti-hero. That is one of the reasons I like them. They come off all bad but they aren't as evil as the villains. It gives a story something fun when the character is multi faceted. Not that pure softie goodies are lousy either, I just think it is great to have a variety. And Klaus was a good villain, but I did kinda liked his blooming romance/flirtation with Caroline.

    And yeah, I always liked the idea that the Horde was roaming around space and taking over other planets and stuff. And Skeletor would totally be arrogant to want the power for himself and to do his best to take over Eternia, even though He-Man is kickin butt and takin names. It is such a good story, I wish it'd become a movie again, sort of like a do-over from the old one.

  12. You don't have to "did" like Klaus and Caroline-because it wasn't that he "was" a good villain-his "is" still a good one. Did you see the finale? He switched bodies with Tyler because of Bonnie. How much do you wanna bet next season he does Caroline while he's in Tyler's body? And does that count as rape?
    Rape is so sketchy in these fictional universes. Did Damon rape the girls that he had compelled? If you'll notice they take extra care to make sure the characters he compells already have crushes on him, so they do already WANT to have sex with him-but its still wrong because he is more or less enslaving them. But a lot of girls hate it when the vamps do thatin the show.I guess it would be like catra having sex with a slimed Adam, where do you stand? Is it "rape" or is just kinda "wrong"? What spike tried to do to Buffy was real rape-but what showed his character was that he stopped and felt real remorse-no other vamp in the buffyverse would ever do that. Angelus would have raped her, killed her, and then picked his teeth with her bones-he was a sick bastard. I always thought spike (and some of the writers for the show confirm this) was supposed to be an odd-duck among buffy vamps to begin with because he had so much love in him, like he was a little bit good even without a soul.
    The VD vamps though-they get the hypnosis so the "rape" scenes are sketchy as to if its rape or not. And also, where do you stand on the classical literary rape archetype? It happens in great books -even ones written by women-like "the fountainhead"-it is obviously wrong to do in real life-but what about in the conventions of storytelling? should the whole heroes raping the heroines thing be outlawed? I don't like it myself but I still like some of the books where it happens. (must confess I did like the fountainhead) Just curious cause you are a girl and a writer, and you have done a scenario that could be construed as rape-but it was a woman who was evil doing it to a man.

    1. Well I have a lot to say about this comment! First of all, I completely forgot about the Klaus/Tyler switch-a-roo on the season finale. I was a bit confused by all that because they had been doing it throughout the season and it was starting to get confusing. I for one get way too confused on plot points like that. If I'm not keeping a score card, I miss who is in who. Plus I was still more shocked by the whole ending with Elena. I had no idea they were going to go in that direction.

      As for the concept of rape with these vampire shows. I do feel that when Damon or any of the other vampires hypnotizes a woman into sex or food, that it is a form of rape. I mean it all depends on what the woman would do if she wasn't hypnotized. If a woman was down for sex with a vamp and a few bite marks, that would be different, but Damon and other vampires don't even find that answer out. They just take what they want. But, if Klaus is in Tyler's body and he sleeps with Caroline without her knowing that detail, I would say it is rape. Because no one knows what her decision would be if she had all the facts.

      In terms of classical literary archetypes, I have mixed feelings. I think some of those stories are so good and then there is something like rape thrown into the story, and I just don't know. I think it all depends. If rape is going to be introduced into a storyline, I want to see the concept explored. I want the impact to carry on long after the act has occured. Does the hero feel any remorse? Is there any concept of what has happened, what does that act mean? I don't like rape being used in a story that is meant to be for shock value or to try and elicit something sexy. Because I think a storyteller walks a very dangerous line with that device in a story.

      Now with Catra and Adam, things are very tricky. In this instance I think of it as rape, if it had come to completion. They were both on the verge of having sex, but Adam stops after seeing a vision of Teela, who he does not realize is Teela. If we forget that he does not have his memory tampered with, in that moment they are both wanting to have sex. But I would classify it as rape if the act had fully transpired. I would also go so far as to say that it would be a rape for both of them. Because Catra does not want connection with anyone, but she is also lost and unsure of what she wants, so she is willing to go to that level, even if she doesn't want it. And of course Adam may physically be responding to it, but mentally he has no idea what he is about to do, until on some level he does. Plus the interesting thing about this, is that I don't think Catra would see her actions as being rape or anything like that, because this is someone who has no concept of being involved with another person. So for her rape does not exist, as a concept. That doesn't make it right, but it creates another dynamic, because she is pushing her own boundaries and does not care if other people are damaged in the process.

  13. did you read the news? Elena is going to end up being like a vampire super heroine next season! Like, you know how your human emotions get amped as a vamp? Well her compassion will be her big emotion. She's gonna protect and rescue folks. I kinda like that- I always thought she was way cooler and tougher than the twilight girl.
    But Nina Dobrev is just -ggrrrr HOT! yum. And I think I may be more into her as Katherine. Maybe cuz I dated a girl named Katherine and she was gorgeous too-or maybe cuz I like bad girls. You know I love catra. But I dunno-I would be torn about which girl to like better-the goodness is kinda sexy too. Maybe it's a she-ra catra question. Why is it that girls are painted so much more black and white than guys? it's like catra=evil adora=good but Damon =gray area Stephan=good with a gray area. Is it a double standard in fiction?
    I still can't tell if you plan to paint catra in any kind of flattering light. But at least u are giving her depth, Katherine has some depth, but they didn't explore her enough. Like, she turned around mid-way thru the season and was willing to save Damon and sacrifice her life for it, but in season 2 she didn't seem to give a shit about him and only cared about Stephan and herself.
    but the big question is: is the Dobrev better as a bad girl or a good girl? I would like your perspective because you aren't sexually attracted to her, and are therefore not biased.
    And what would an Elena Katherine vamp fight be like? hmmm

    1. Well I love knowing that they will be doing that with Elena! I am sooo happy to read that! I personally enjoy Elena more, if only because I feel like she has changed and grown and I am curious to see where this journey will take her. I do like Katherine, but for awhile it just seemed like she was playing puppermaster over Damon and Stephan. If she comes back, I'd like to see more of her character and not just devious plots.

      And Catra, well just wait for Pat 2. I have mapped out so much for Catra that will show many sides to her and why she is the way she is and I hope to also push it even further than just looking into what made her so evil. I love nothing more in stories where someone who is seen as being so vile can find a way to be redeemable. But, I must say, Catra will be doing some really awful things before that happens.

      As for Adora, I hinted briefly at her role as a member of the Horde, but I like the idea of exloring this person who is now so good and can become She-Ra, but has to live with her actions. Because Adora is not a villain, but she hasn't always been innocent either. It is all leading up to a great story that I really hope people will stick with.

      I'm also so excited for next season's Vampire Diaries!