Monday, May 19, 2014

Now We're Playing With Power

Ok, in the race to make this past week less insane, I have been continually behind on everything. Have no fear though, I am working on some wonderful little stories that are sure to help the month of May go by with a ton of fun before the heat of summer threatens to drive us all crazy.

Before I get to all the wonderful stories I want to share regarding toy Miss M and the evil that Maleficent does, I wanted to share with you all something I have been wanting to talk about for days now.

Most of you are probably aware of the Kickstarter campaign for the IAmElemental action figures for girls that seeks to be one of the coolest toy lines for girls (and even boys) of all ages. If you are not familiar, head on over to the Kickstarter page and read up on it. You can click here to learn more. Go on, head on over and come right back. We'll talk in a bit.

All right, you saw it right? Did your mind just explode with the awesomeness that Julie and Dawn are trying to accomplish?

As a female collector this is a toy line that I so want to see made and sold in stores. I love the idea of an entire line being made of female action figures that are waiting for their stories to be told. The design and look of these figures are amazing. There is plenty of articulation for a 4 inch figure and there is even hope that they will expand the line and add 6 inch figures eventually. (Which I would personally love.)

Just look at this line up!

I want them all.

I like the colors used for each figure. There is a nice super hero feel to this line. These figures look like they could be a part of the same team or could even exist in a world where everyone has this look to them, and it is the designated element that they already have within themselves that makes them special.

The Kickstarter campaign has successfully met the goal, and there is still a good number of days left to pledge. I am pledging to this action figure movement because I want to see these figures made. IAmElemental has partnered with the design group from Eleventyplex (they make some really cool stuff) so these are poised to be some really exceptional figures.

I also like that this line exists not just for girls but for boys too. I am a strong believer in kids of all ages getting to play with whatever toys they want to. I love the idea of a toy store never having to worry about a blue or pink aisle, that it can just be one big section of imaginative fun for everyone.

Of course, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that lines that are traditionally aimed at the "pink" aisle are booming right now. My Little Pony, Monster High, and Lego Friends are highly popular toy properties. I can't help but imagine that this line is going to continue that level of excitement and celebration while also bringing something new to the idea of what girls want to play with.

Don't get me wrong, I love fashion dolls and doll hair, but I also like the idea of a toy line expanding a person's imaginative experience. If I had children I would want them playing with this toy line. I am a firm believer in people creating their own stories and expanding their possibilities and innate resources. My goodness, anyone who has read at least one of my toy interviews knows I love jumping into a good story.

So check out the Kickstarter for IAmElemental as well as the actual website IAmElemental. I think you will be thrilled. And if you already know about this, let's talk about it! I am dying to talk with you all about this. For example I personally love the Honesty Element, those wings are so cool. But I also like Fear and Persistence. I am not sure I can pick a favorite, and this is only the first series! Oh goodness I love collecting way too much.

Anyways gals and guys, I wanted to mention this bit of information. Stick around though, I've got some wonderful stories typed up. They are simply awaiting the process of pictures and all that fun stuff. I will share some hints though about upcoming plot points:

Toy Miss M finds herself settling in quite nicely at Wayne Manor.
All is not well in the After Life.
The May 2014 Heroic Hottie might be late for his interview.
The May 2014 Woman of Wonderosity might be the only one to help Miss M.
And there might be some major drama and action unfolding during the May 2014 Bodacious Baddie!

This is all leading up to the event of the summer that will find me relying on all of you for help in all the fun! So stick around. Hope all is well everybody!


  1. The figures look to be awesome and fun Miss M.

  2. I want to like these figures but the more I look at them I just don't. They have the look of all those mid to late 90's female indy comic book figure that flooded the market and can still be bought for almost nothing like the skybolt Sinthia, Nira X, Hellina , Double Impact China & Jazz ,Cynder...just to name a few.

    1. They do have a minimalist 90's look to them, which I like. I don't mind it. The only difference is that they don't have the hyper-sexualized looks of those characters from the 90's. I remember those comics and toys a lot. It is really funny how they were so expensive back then and are so cheap now.

  3. I'd heard of "I Am Elemental" around the Internet, but because of the name I thought it had with the environment or something like that.

    I dig these designs. They're simple, yet effective. Each one even has a different hairstyle. Neat!

    I'm right there with you on Honest (the wings are certainly an eye catching feature) and I also like the look of Fear (the animal headed shoulder pads feels like something straight out of Power Rangers/Super Sentai). Enthusiasm also has a practical breastplate. Good good.

    1. I know, I had friends telling me about this on Facebook all week and I was really excited about it. I do like the simplicity of the figures. It reminds me of a Playstation game or something.

      And I was thinking of Power Rangers too when I saw these. Though not exactly like the Rangers, there is a theme that had a feel to it.

  4. This looks incredible! Looks they've blown WAAAY past their goal and still have 23 days to go! That's incredible. I wish I had the 65 to drop on the complete set and the carrying case!

    And I can't wait to see what the big summer event entails!

    1. I know! It is crazy that they went through the goal so quickly. I know what you mean about the 65 dollars. The carrying case sounds really cool.

      And the summer even will hopefully be something that brings everyone together! lol

  5. I think the figures are interesting, however, they lack color detail or humanity for that matter...but, that is just how I see things. Each of them has silver armor and red skin; if its to make girls feel good about themselves, then they should have been different nationalities--however, the single red, makes them whatever you want them to be.

    I don't know how to put it...I like the one with wings though, I think that is cool. I just feel that even with different hair and what-not, they all look the same; but they are about burning the candle at both ends!

    I saw that they have almost triple the funds for production, so we'll see which Chinese sweat shop gets to mass produce them.

    I'm really putting a kill on your excitement aren't I? It's not intentional, I'm just thinking of the reality of the world.

    So, because I'm being long-winded, I'll say this, I like them, but I don't either. Either way...when you get your batch, put the article on NS okay? Thank you...LOL!!!

    1. lol You are not putting a kill on my excitement. You know me, I am woman enough to embrace all opinions and thoughts on any topic. Nothing gets me down except for a bad hip.

      For me, these do have color detail and humanity. Some have red skin, some have reddish orange, others pink, and purple. I share the same love for a group of figures with different nationalities being represented, but I think that would not work for this line because I could see it being strange attaching a nationality to each element. This way it leaves it more ambiguous and up to the person. There is a uniformity with their looks, but for some reason I like it with this line.

      I also like the mystery behind each figure. There is no bio, they are blank slates that I totally want to create a story for. Do I want to see every toy line look just like this? No. But for what they are trying to do, I like it.

      And I will put the article on NS, after I put it on here! lol

  6. Well, you know me, I love the twig stomachs and big boobs that comic girls and figures have, because, it may be fantasy, but it is a hot fantasy!
    It doesn't mean I expect girls I date to look like that though. But when girls complain about it, it just falls flat for me. I mean, when I was a kid, my favorite toyline was He-Man, and the Masters of the Universe. He-Man, a character I could never look like,ever, ever, EVER, was my hero. I suspended my disbelief. I still think in fiction it is OK to make characters look good.
    The other day my mom complained because I showed her a cartoon I had drawn for an art challenge. The challenge was to do Swamp Thing-and I had Poison Ivy there with him-totally into him. And she complained that Ivy's body was Barbie style, with the boobies and the thin stomach. I get that, but I am a cartoonist. I am not even attempting to approach realism here. This is all fantasy. sometimes I wonder why people can't just sit back and enjoy it.
    If I had refused to sit back and enjoy the fun, I would be swallowing steroids trying to look like He-Man. Thankfully, I'm not!

    1. I don't think the problem is that the twig stomachs and big boobed characters exist. And I don't think they should all be replaced with something that looks more "real." I think the idea is that not everyone shares that same fantasy, and that adding different types of "fantasies" to the landscape can only make things better.

      I don't want young girls only having the thin waisted big boobed super heroes as their imaginative go to worlds. I like the idea that young girls can grow up with a variety of different types of stories and images. That is what guys have.

      But I am with you, I grew up at a time where female super heroes indeed had massive breasts and super itty bitty waists, and I don't mind that. I mean the 90's was a plethora of that and it is a part of what I associate with comics. But as a woman I also like seeing other images of women, because that is my fantasy. I like seeing more of a diverse range of things to read and collect. I look nothing like She-Ra, but I still love her. But I can also love a story where the super hero resembles a regular looking woman too. If that makes sense.

      So I don't think it is about trying to take away, but more about adding a lot of other options. If that makes sense.