Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Toy Chest Tuesday! Mermista

In keeping with the theme of Diary being around for a year, I thought it would be best to look at a very special toy from the archival vault. Now I know I have shown Mermista on Toy Chest before, but that was my old loose version. Today we will be looking at a mint Mermista from the always fantastic Princess of Power toyline!

Let's start off with why Mermista is such a favorite character of mine. I have long loved mermaids. Growing up my favorite fairy tale of all was The Little Mermaid. Now I loved the Disney feature film, but before I could read I would have my mom read me Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid. On a loop. I'd cry at every read and every time I'd hope that the mermaid would end up with the prince instead of becoming sea foam. (Just a minor spoiler alert.)

Anyways once I found out there was a mermaid character on She-Ra, I was hooked. Just completely hooked. Nothing was cooler or more glamorous than Mermista. Her semi-real French accent on the cartoon. Her friendship with Frosta. Her ability to go between having fins and having legs all without sacrificing her life... I just loved her! So let's check out the toy already!

Mermista was a part of the second series of POP action dolls. The card featured the pretty star burst design with She-Ra flying around on Swiftwind. I've said it once and I'll say it again, the packaging for the POP toys was just the best. The colors and design always capture my heart. I wish Mattel would release a book of all the toy art and details of each item from the MOTU and POP toylines. Wouldn't that be the coolest thing ever?

So let me just share a brief story about how I exactly came upon my first Mermista. I hinted at it before, but here is the full scoop. Some would say I was nothing but a spoiled brat growing up. I prefer to see myself at that time as a mini Erica Kane. I knew how to bat my eyelashes. I was highly proficient in the art of blackmail. My outfits were fabulous. And though I never stole a baby, I did steal someones Love-a-Lot Care Bear. (Don't worry, I gave it back.) 

Growing up I was also given the message that I could only speak when spoken too. Kids were only allowed to speak with other kids, at birthday parties, or when in your own bedroom. Before 9 pm. Needless to say I hated formal adult events like weddings or really anything where I was supposed to sit. In silence. I have always loved to talk. So there was this family wedding I was supposed to go to with my parents. I kindly refused. There was no interest or desire to go on my part. The wedding was from my mom's extended side of her family, and we weren't that close to that side. So I really felt like the whole event would be positively boring.

Anyways my mom tried to strong arm me into sucking it up, putting on a pretty face, and going. I refused. I was after a trade. A total, "I'll go, but it will cost you" sort of thing. I mean there are celebrities that don't get up in the morning unless they are gonna make at least 10,000 dollars for just breathing. All I wanted was a POP toy to soothe my troubles for having to sit in a stuffy church. In silence. My parents gave in and that is how Mermista and I became a part of each other's lives. It was worth it. I was ecstatic and for about a week I wanted to be called Mermista. I also love that my parents have never forgotten that story ether.

This mint version we are looking at today was acquired on ebay. No bidding war required, as it was a 'buy it now' at one steal of a price. Ok, enough of the story, let's look at some more pictures!

Here is a closer photo of Mermista. She came with a shield, comb, and seashell squirter backpack. She also came with a comic book entitled, A Fishy Business! Her hair was also styled in two ponytails that were so pretty. Also, pay close attention to the detail on her tail and fins. The sparkle effect is so pretty with the shades of silver, blue, and green. For me, Mermista was one of the prettiest looking action dolls from the POP line. (My only gripe involved her swivel neck/head piece, like a Barbie.)

Here is the card back. Like the other card backs for Series 2, the top portion features a brief bio with a drawing of the character. Below is a description of the action feature, and even further below is a line up of all the goodies from Series 2! I think we need closer photos, yes?

Mermista's bio really does a great job of expanding on who Mermista is and just what she is capable of. A water maiden, she controls many aspects of water from waves to rivers. And she enjoys her time with She-Ra and their group of friends. Catra gets no love as Mermista uses her squirting necklace to spray the jealous beauty with water, only when Catra tries to spoil the fun of course. I would even say that Mermista is one of the strongest members of the Great Rebellion.  

This picture details more information about what Mermista comes with and how her action feature works exactly. She had a hole in her back (which always kinda freaked me out growing up) and the seashell backpack, when filled with water, would release the water from a hole on her necklace. I only used this feature once. I was never one for getting my toys wet. I was always afraid water would damage my stuff. Neurotic and a mini Erica Kane? I was a hot mess child.

The final part of the card featured all the wonderful and glorious characters from the second series of POP toys. I have written before on the names of characters and other items, but I want to really discuss the unique appeal of the second series of POP. I love all the releases from POP, but each wave had a certain flair.

As I have mentioned before, the first series of POP toys had a theme going on. Each character had a designated color and jewel attached to them. Bow didn't have a jewel, but he had his cool beating heart. Also the characters from Series 1 fell along the lines of being human. Angella may have had giant wings, and Catra had her tail, but each figure was basically a human with some special feature. Like Glimmer lights the way. Castaspella enchants with spells. Frosta is icy.

Well Series 2 was more about the toys being half human and half something else, not to mention that each character had a color combo, instead of just one sort of color. Flutterina had her butterfly wings with some light purple and peachy orange. Mermista was a mermaid with blue and green coloring. Peekablue was a peacock with some citrus green and sky blue. Perfuma was a sweet smelling flower with an even sweeter pink and green color scheme. Entrapta had hair that reminded me of snakes... bright purple and pink snakes with some flashy gold. Sweet Bee was a bee dripping in honey yellows and pinks with a swath of electric green shadow. Even Catra was more cat like this go around with her silver and pink tiger stripes. (Though there were some toys that still came with a jewel, like Sweet Beet, Catra, and She-Ra.)

What I like about that lineup is that the second series POP line featured some of the weird mash ups that were usually reserved for the Masters of the Universe toyline. Granted these gals didn't look like full-on other species like Buzz-Off, Stinkor, or Mer-Man (to name a few) but it seemed like there was more of a hybrid element with this series. I liked that and the Series 2 theme wouldn't really be replicated with the third and final series of POP toys. So this series, featuring Mermista, is one that holds a special place in my heart. And really when it comes to POP, how it could not hold a special place in one's heart? There was really nothing else quite like this toyline. Maybe some imitations here and there, but really, POP was one of a kind. So happy Toy Chest Tuesday folks! Enjoy the pictures and be sure to check back soon. There is always more to come!  

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Diary of a Dorkette Turns 1!!!

Well. I am not sure where I should even begin. Diary of a Dorkette turns one today! I can't believe I have been rambling on and on for a freakin' year. Time flies by when your havin' good toy talk, doesn't it? But it wasn't always about the toy talk.

I had no real clue in which direction I would take with this site. I really didn't. (And that shows in those first couple posts!) Either way I knew I wanted this blog to be a place for everyone to let their inner dorkette or dork loose. I wasn't sure how I was going to do that, but I figured it would involve toys both old and new.

I am a lover of toys. I also knew that I was in a slight minority being a woman that collects toys. I'm an old broad. That alone makes things rough in this world. I'm supposed to be "grown up" and focusing on learning how to drink wine and being sophisticated. Or whatever it is that old broads do. But I have always loved collecting and reveling in the excitement of all things dork.

So it is really nice that I have been able to find things to write about for a year. I really didn't think I'd have it in me. I mean honestly, some of those first posts were brutal. The pictures I took were even worse. My goodness! Along the way though I have tried to get better at things. I know how to use the flash on my camera now. And my goal is to maybe revisit those older posts and update some of the more crappier photos. Those pictures from the Wee Wild Things post are dull. I can barely make out what I am looking at. Or maybe my eye sight is just busted. Either way the Wee Wild Things deserve better.

Anyways I have enjoyed posting throughout this year, but I think the greatest thing I have gotten out of this blog has been getting to know so many other dorky folk around the world. You are all amazing and wonderful people! I can't even begin to tell you all how much it means to me that you all stop by to read a post, or two, or maybe even more. I value that so much. Your comments and emails are always fun to read and I love connecting with you all. Everyone has been kind and also so talented!

I don't think I'd know what other dorky folk were up to had I not started this site. I have really enjoyed visiting your sites and seeing what all you create. Being able to share that is just awesome. I hope to continue these connections and I look forward to any new people that I may potentially meet in the future.

I hope this is a place that can be fun. I firmly believe in creating a space for people to have fun and connect. To be free of judgement, were we can all laugh and respect each other. Some people don't understand why a grown person would still get giddy to a trip to Toysrus, but collecting is not all about the toys. Dolls and action figures are great, but they should not be the complete source of someones happiness. Instead it is those friendships that develop and come out of something like collecting. I can't stress this enough, it has been wonderful getting to know each and every one of you. Thank you for reading!

So Diary has been around for a year. That also sort of got me thinking about all the stuff I have posted. A friend asked me, "Which ones are your favorite? Because I've never read your site, and if I were, I'd like to know where to begin..." I'm not even sure how to answer that one, but I know I have really enjoyed all the Toy Chest Tuesdays. My first Toy Chest Tuesday was on Mattel's Wee Wild Things. I was a bit snarky. I was trying to lovingly poke fun at parts of the toyline, but oh how I love Wee Wild Things. Since then I have done my best to do a Toy Chest Tuesday every Tuesday (sometimes Thursday!) I enjoy going through my archival room and finding something fun to talk about.

Another post that has been a favorite of mine was the Toy Regrets posts. The first one, The True Time Travel Value, has been such a favorite story to tell. I still can't believe my brother and I experienced that. When I posted that story I emailed my brother and asked him to read it. (He lives far away.) I don't usually request my family and friends to read my site, because I know it is a lot of material that does not totally interest them, but my brother loved that post. He called me and we were both crying at all the wonderful memories we had growing up. I love, love, love that post.

I miss adding to the Night of the Living Roach series. I don't know that it has been the most popular feature on this blog, but I love them. Well... I don't love roaches. But I do love the crazy stories that are part true and part exaggeration on my many dealings with the vile and evil Roaches. If you've ever had to deal with a roach, check those stories out. They are a messy mixture of pop culture and gross out insect gore.

I also have enjoyed the Adora's Search for Honor fanfic posts. The world of She-Ra has always been an important place for me to visit, either through the old cartoon, toys, or whatever. I always find myself caught up in the magical world of Etheria with She-Ra and all her friends. So sitting down and typing up those chapters is so much fun. I never thought I would ever want to share that with anyone else in this world, but I am glad to have the courage to do that. Let's face it, the writing could be better, but it comes from my heart. I love those characters so much. (I even speak the dialogue out loud when no one is around. I'm totally not cray though.)

There are also many other posts that I have enjoyed writing up. This site is something I love doing and I hope that has been apparent. I look forward to continuing many more! I have a lot of stuff to ramble on and on about! So get ready folks, this week is going to be a good one! Toy Chest Tuesday is going to feature a very special toy. I will also be crowning a new Heroic Hottie, for August. And a new chapter will be ready for She-Ra Saturday! I may also post something on Nerdsociety, a site that I have been invited to post on from time to time! I feel very honored to have been invited.

Thank you all again for continuing to visit. I appreciate you all, I really do. So I will leave you all with some fun Dorky Snaps: Birthday Edition!

Every Dorkette needs a bit of beefcake for her birthday! Love, He-Man

Ghoul, here's a cake for you. You just need to bake it yourself. (We'd most likely melt.)
Sincerely, Frankie, Cupid, and Clawdeen.

Happy Birthday Diary of a Dorkette! From: your archival room. (You really are dorky...)

Don't even ask why I have so many boxed cake mixes. There are more in my pantry but some have expired. Looks like I will need to be doing some baking this weekend. Is it safe to bake expired cake mix? Until next time! Take care everyone!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Adora's Search for Honor Part 2: Chapter 26

She-Ra Saturday is on and POPin! The Night of the Glitterbugs will be one for the books...

Previously: Prince Adam is shacked up with some random silver haired chick on Etheria. Hopefully someone will find him soon... It was the Horde Vs. the Great Rebellion over Peekablue. Sadly, Hordak ran off with Peekablue, which kinda sucks because the Rebellion really wanted help in finding Adam... Everyone found out that Perfuma had actually never gotten rid of the freaky cocoon from the Horde labs. It hatched. No one really knew what to do, but this new mysterious winged woman was actually a natural born fighter... Hordak made some quick travel plans while Leech and Muli Bot were ordered to work on a project for Hordak... Catra had another vision of Adora, I wonder what that's all about? In other news Spinnerella finally woke up from her looong slumber, only to slip on the floor, screaming at the sight of a lifeless body next to her...

and now... 

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 2
Chapter 26

Screams ring out in the healing bay at Bright Moon. It is the middle of the night and only a few hear the screams. Mermista is the first to run towards the mayhem. She notices Perfuma pacing in front of Spinnerella's room in a daze. "Perfuma!? What is going on?" Mermista looks around, noticing the room with the door wide open. She can hear the screams coming from inside. Leaving Perfuma alone, Mermista runs into the room and gasps.

Spinnerella is sitting on the floor in a puddle of blood. A body is laying next to her. She can't stop screaming. Trying to quiet the dancer, Mermista carefully steps over the body feeling her bare feet stepping in blood. "Shh, it's alright. Close your eyes, please close your eyes." Mermista tries to help Spinnerella up, but it is difficult. Spinnerella doesn't want to move. Calling out, Mermista looks in the hall, "Perfuma! I need some help." There is silence. Mermista continues to try and calm Spinnerella.

Outside the room, Adora and Angella quickly rush in. Angella looks at Perfuma and gasps, "What in the world? Perfuma?" Shaking, Perfuma looks at Angella, "Is-is-is this real? He can't be gone. What did I do?" Angella and Adora run into the room to help Mermista. Adora scans the room and instantly goes into emergency mode. She is calm and collected. Helping Mermista, both women carry Spinnerella out of the room and into the hall. "Mermista, go get Netossa, hurry." Adora sits a now quiet Spinnerella in a chair. "It's OK, my name is Adora. Just sit here."

Adora looks at Perfuma. "What is going on here?" Angella walks up towards Adora, "We have a problem." Nodding and agreeing, Adora walks back into the room. The body belongs to Minwu. "Is he dead?" Adora looks at Angella for confirmation. "I'm afraid so Adora." Leaning against the wall, Adora curses, "Shit. What are we going to do?"

Another scream erupts from the hall. Both woman rush out to find Spinnerella trying to climb up a wall at the site of the cocoon woman and her large wings. "Where is Mermista with Netossa?" Angella tries to calm Spinnerella. Adora looks over at the cocoon woman, "Hi. Everything is all right." Pausing to look at the mysterious woman, Adora sighs, "I wish you could talk. We need to know what happened..." Breaking away to help Perfuma, Adora can't hear the winged woman whisper, "I talk..."

Everyone tries to figure out what happened. Soon Mermista rushes in with Netossa, and Bow. "What is he doing here?" Angella asks, worry beginning to etch on her face. "He was up and noticed us. He can help Angella." Mermista frantically says as Netossa tends to Spinnerella. Smiling both women cry tears of joy. Netossa can't believe she is looking at her friend, finally awake. Helping her out of the bloody clothes, Netossa changes Spinnerella into something new.

Observing the scene around him, Bow looks at Angella and asks what needs to be done. "Bow, I need all of us to remain quiet on what happened tonight. Minwu is dead, we don't know why. We can't let this get out to the people of Bright Moon, it would rattle too much."

Listening to all this, Perfuma begins to cry and Adora is at a loss, "Angella, how are we going to keep this quiet?" A loud gasp is heard from the doorway to the healing bay. Frosta walks in, "What kind of party is this?" The icy empress looks around the room taking the scene all in. Sighing while trying to stay calm, Angella groans, "Is anyone else planning on showing up?"

"Well darling, I was planning on retiring for the night, but I couldn't help but hear Mermista and Netossa in a panic, not to mention Bow running off with them. I decided to follow as well. I don't like being left out." Frosta notices that Perfuma is shaking, "What's got her all fussed up?"

"Frosta, there has been a bit of a problem. Minwu is gone, he is dead. We don't know what is going on. Angella wants this all to be kept quiet though for the time being..." Adora looks at her prickly friend, hoping that Frosta can take this seriously. Placing a hand across her chest in full sincerity, Frosta gasps, "Well I can certainly keep a secret darling. Poor Perfuma, no matter how strange she has been of late, I would not wish this on her." Angella is glad to hear that, "No one would wish this on anyone. However with the celebration tomorrow night and the people of Bright Moon trying to pick up the pieces from the last loss we felt, I don't want to shatter anyone else. We will say something when the time is right and when we know more. Agreed?" The Queen of Bright Moon looks at everyone in the room. Adora and Bow briefly look at each other. Netossa is nodding as she is soothing Spinnerella. Perfuma is looking off into the distance. Mermista and Frosta both stare at Angella. The winged woman is in the distance feeling lost and adrift.

With a somber mood in the air, Netossa helps Spinnerella to her room. Frosta leaves with Netossa. Adora, Bow, and Mermista stick around to clean up and find a place for Minwu's body. Angella and the winged woman escort Perfuma outside the healing bay and into her room. Adora looks at her friends, "Where do we start?" They all look at the blood everywhere, "There is just so much. How did this happen to him?" Mermista asks. No one knows, but the three stay up until the wee hours of the morning taking care of the situation.

In another part of the universe, things are much more quiet on Eternia, except for a special meeting for two. Inside the prison inside the Eternos Palace, a lightening fast portal swirls open. Hordak steps through inside a cell. There are no lights, but the Horde leader can see someone sitting on a mattress. A pair of red eyes light up the shadows, "Have you come to free me?"

Hordak snorts, "Would I have transported inside your cell if I had plans to free you? No, Skeletor, your moment of freedom awaits for another day. I want my little visit to go undetected. I am here to give you a message." Skeletor rises from the mattress and steps out of the shadows, facing Hordak, "I don't really care for your message Hordak. I want out of here!"

"Would you be quiet bone face? A plan is already set in motion. So I am here to collect on my debt." Crossing his arms and grinning, Hordak stands superior. Skeletor is not amused, "I owe you nothing." Shaking his head and snorting Hordak continues, "I gave you a new life. Or have you forgotten? I seem to remember it all vividly. Poor little Keldor, the royal bastard, furious that his half brother got all the riches and successes. Your anger nearly got you killed. Lucky for you I was lurking in my own shadows. I took you with me to Etheria, into the Fright Zone, where I saved your life..."

"I know the story Hordak. You fused my body with the spirit of a demon. I should be so thankful." Skeletor wants so badly to wrap his bare hands around Hordak's neck. "Who would have ever thought my apprentice would be so ungrateful? I don't have time for this Skeletor. Time is running out. Horde Prime is getting angry. Once you are free, you will go back to your original goal. I want the magic energy of this planet secured. Not for you, but for the Horde. I don't quite understand why it has taken you this long..."

Gritting his teeth Skeletor barks, "It has not been easy! I have had to deal with a muscle bound half wit named He-Man. Life has been rough." Hordak doesn't care, "We all have our own He-Men to contend with. You have no idea what I am going through on Etheria. Just remember the plan. Once free, I want the magical energy secured. Get it done Skeletor, or else." Hordak opens the portal and walks through.

Skeletor contemplates jumping through, if only to see what Hordak would do. However the Evil Lord of Destruction returns to his mattress. "I will be free Hordak. And when I am, the magical powers of Grayskull will be mine. Never yours." He smiles, a sight full of evil. It is a shame that no one can see it.

A new day is calling on Etheria. Glimmer is up early making sure that preparations are in order for the Night of the Glitterbugs. A phenomenon that holds a long standing tradition with Bright Moon. It is a night she has been waiting awhile for. Along with some members of the Rebellion, Glimmer helps finish some banners and other decorations. Hoping to see some of her friends, the rebel princess is not sure where everyone is.

Sea Hawk stumbles around the area though, looking at all the people, "What is all this? I've been trying to sleep in." Glimmer stops her work and smiles at the pirate, "Oh wonderful! This makes a perfect opportunity to ask for your help and to get to know you more!"

"Not interested. I just want it quiet." Sea Hawk says trying to shake off his hangover. Glimmer smiles full of hope, "It probably won't be that quiet around here. We're getting ready for the Night of the Glitterbugs tonight. I actually could use your help with some finishing touches. It will be so much fun!" She says it with all the seriousness in the world. Sea Hawk only wishes she was joking. "Will there be any spirits involved?" Stopping to think, Glimmer answers, "Well I don't think so. It is meant to be a joyful celebration, not a scary one."

Sea Hawk groans, his headache hurting even more, "I don't mean ghosts and goblins. I mean spirits as in booze. I will need a strong drink if I am going to get through helping you with these decorations." Glimmer looks around at the other members, "Umm, I suppose we could find you something to drink." She motions for someone to hurry along and get a jug of hooch. Smiling back at the pirate, Glimmer is hoping for the best.

Eventually someone arrives with a jug. Glimmer takes it and quickly hands it to Sea Hawk, "Here, I think this will do." Popping the top off, Sea Hawk quickly takes a long swig. Wiping his lips he looks on at a slightly grossed out Glimmer. "Hair of the rat. You understand? So let's get this crap decorated."

Relieved at the help, Glimmer claps her hands, "Oh great! This is going to be so exciting, first things first..." Sea Hawk interrupts her, "First things first, let's get rid of the flowers on that column. They look putrid and make me sick to my stomach."

Rolling her eyes, Glimmer snaps, "Are you sure that isn't the strong drink upsetting your stomach?" Sea Hawk smirks, "Heh. I didn't think you had it in ya. You ain't that bad darlin. Keep the putrid flowers. But let's figure out what to do with this banner." Sea Hawk continues to help, even enlisting his crew to work on a few things too.

Away from all the bustling activity, Netossa is in her room getting ready for the day. She hears Spinnerella stirring in the bed. Rushing to her side, Netossa looks after her dear friend, "Are you ok?" Spinnerella's eyes focus and she smiles at the sight of Netossa. "Oh 'Tossa! Oh I am happy to see you!" Pleasantries are exchanged and the two cry tears of joy to finally be reunited. Spinnerella looks down at her legs, "I feel so weak. Walking is not easy." Netossa nods, "It will be in time. You just need to fully regain your strength."

Nodding and recalling the events from the night before, Spinnerella asks, "Who was the man on the floor last night? I can't get those images out of my head."

"Neither can I Spinnerella. His name was Minwu. He was a lovely good man. He was a healer, he actually looked over you." Spinnerella asks a litany of questions, none of which can easily be answered. "I am not sure how or why he died. I don't even know why his body was in your room. None of it makes any sense."

Spinnerella pauses and thinks about Minwu. She is saddened by his loss. She also wants to know where she is exactly. Netossa grins, "We are in Castle Bright Moon. Home of the Great Rebellion! Can you believe it?" Netossa then goes into all the details, from the events at Poft to a few of the Poft survivors bringing Spinnerella's sleeping body to Bright Moon. "I helped fight the creature that attacked us that night. Oh Spinnerella, it is very nice here. There may be some sad and scary moments, but life is truly great."

"I can tell. But Netossa, what about the kind family that we stayed with in Poft? Are they here? Is Terren here?" Spinnerella hopes so. Before the assault on Poft, Spinnerella had actually developed a crush on the Innkeeper's son, Terren. Netossa hangs her head, "I'm sorry Spinna. They didn't make it that night. Only a handful of people made it to Bright Moon."

Feeling dizzy and overwhelmed, Spinnerella wants to cry but can't. "How long have I been asleep? How much of the world has moved on... I was so hoping to see him again..." Her chest rises and falls rapidly. She so wants to cry, but she can only heave, "When can we go home Netossa? I want to go home." Netossa hugs her friend. This is a question that Netossa does not want to answer, "I know we must go home soon. I wanted to wait until you were fully recovered. But Spinna, I... I don't know that I can stay when we go back home. I have found this place to be my home now."

Shaking her head in confusion, Spinnerella sighs, "I can't take anymore. Netossa, this is too much. How can you not want to go back home to our parents and families? We were only on holiday..." Netossa nods, "Yes, but our holiday turned out to be much longer than either of us planned. We can talk more about this later. For now I think you need your rest." Spinnerella sits back, "I'm tired of resting! I want my life to be the way it was, before all this." The dancer motions around the room.

"I understand. But there is no going back Spinna. We've both been through something... there's just no going back." The two close friends look at each other, so close but they are both in different places.

In yet another section of Bright Moon, Angella gathers Adora, Bow, Mermista, and Frosta into her throne room to discuss the events from last night. They wait for Netossa, who eventually shows up after leaving Spinnerella alone. Angella begins, "Does Spinnerella know anything at all about last night?" Netossa sits next to Bow and Adora, "No. She is just very tired. She woke up to Minwu already on the floor."

"So now we are back to guessing who killed him." Frosta says crossing her arms. Mermista gives her a look, and Frosta adds, "What? We all saw the mess. There was no way he died of natural causes. I'm just saying." Sitting up Adora tries to focus, "If so, than we need to think about who could have killed him. All we know is that Perfuma was wondering the hall in a daze and the winged woman was also roaming the healing bay." Frosta smirks, "We really need to give that winged thing a name."

"Is there anyone who hated Minwu?" Bow asks. Angella thinks the questions over, "I don't believe so. He was a healer, his life's work was helping others escape from pain." No one has any answers, except for Frosta, "Are we all going to sit here and play dumb? I can't believe no one is saying it. That winged creature that was stolen from the Horde Labs seems a likely candidate to me. She/he/it, whatever, has some impressive strength. In fact Adora even said she saw the thing nearly attack Minwu during an examination."

Adora quickly speaks up, "But it was a reflex to being poked and prodded. I don't think she was trying to hurt him." Frosta rolls her eyes, "Oh darling, please. Why must you all be so dense. That winged thing with the insectoid ding-a-ling was bred by the Horde to kill us. It was called a 'Winged Warrior.' I just don't understand why no one is getting it yet."

"We all get it Frosta, but there has been no proof that she killed Minwu! Perfuma even said so herself, the Horde was failing at creating these 'Winged Warriors.' They probably were going to kill her." Mermista says trying to be a voice of reason. "Darling, the Horde didn't kill her though. And now she is killing us." Frosta wants to say more, but Angella quiets everyone.

"I have an idea about what happened, but I have been worried about saying anything. I looked over Minwu's body this morning. I found bite marks on his neck and the right side of his stomach." Everyone looks at Angella, wondering what that all means. "Are you saying that someone tried to eat him?" Netossa asks, disgusted at the mere thought. Angella shakes her head, "No. I am suggesting that someone wanted his blood. I hate even saying this, but I think Perfuma killed him."

Bow jumps up, "Angella, that can't be!" Angella nods, "Bow, I understand. None of us would want to think that, but Perfuma was bitten by a Pyre in the Midnight Lair. She experienced intense cravings for blood..."

Refusing to believe a word of this, Adora speaks up nearly giving her dual identity away, "But I... I seem to recall that She-Ra took Perfuma to the Crystal Castle. She purged those cravings from her system..." Mermista and Netossa nod in agreement. "I hear what you are saying Adora, but she purged the intense cravings. We were told that she would still experience some slight cravings for blood every now and then..."

"She wouldn't kill Minwu over a craving! She loved him..." Mermista says, hoping this couldn't be true. Frosta challenges the idea, "Perfuma has been acting weird. She took something from the Fright Zone without even thinking of the safety of others. Let's not forget that she nearly hurt me over the cocoon..."

The throne doors slam shut loudly, causing everyone to jump. They turn to see Perfuma staring at them, "I was not trying to hurt you Frosta. I was trying to stop you." The flower maiden walks towards her friends, "So you all think me a murderer now? Yes?" Adora shakes her head, "No, we don't Perfuma..."

"I did not kill him! You have to believe me! I did not kill Minwu, I loved him. I was in the healing bay last night because I wanted to stay with the winged woman. I didn't want her to be scared. She slipped out of the room though and when I went to look for her I heard the screams. That was when I saw him... on the floor... with all that blood..." Perfuma starts to cry, shaking so much that she nearly stumbles to the floor. Mermista quickly helps her to a seat. "I didn't do it Mermista..." Perfuma looks at her friend, hoping for an understanding. Mermista nods, holding onto her friend.

Angella glides over towards Perfuma, "I'm sorry that I ever said anything. Is it possible though that your cravings could have been too great? Perfuma, we need to find out what happened to Minwu..." Breaking away and snapping at Angella, Perfuma spits out, "I didn't kill him! I didn't!"

"What about your winged friend?" Frosta asks. Perfuma glares at Frosta, "Don't say another word about my friend. I've heard enough from you." The look of anger on Perfuma's face quickly melts into despair and sadness. Angella stands up, "I think for now we just need to remain calm. Let's get through the night and then we can look into the matter further." Mermista walks Perfuma back to her room.

Frosta gets up, "Well I hope you all saw the look of crazy on Perfuma's face. She is dealing with some demons, and I think she is dangerous. I'm not alone in this am I?" Frosta stands ther looking for validation. Adora whispers, "I can't picture Perfuma hurting a single soul. She has always wanted to help people, but she hasn't been the same."

Angella walks towards the exit, "That reminds me of something she said last night. When I saw Perfuma in a daze, she had asked, 'what did I do' and I don't want to think the worst. However, Perfuma may actually be a danger." Adora and Bow look at each other, neither can believe this to be true.

Leaving her throne room, Angella motions for some guards tp approach her, "I would like a guard to stand by Perfuma's room until further notice. I would also like her to receive a sedative of some sort. I want to make sure that she isn't a danger." To herself and us, Angella thinks not even sure what they are all up against.

Back in the main hall of Bright Moon, people everywhere are getting the decorations and other items together. Glimmer and Sea Hawk are chattering. The pirate is actually looking forward to the Night of the Glitterbugs, which is a big surprise to the both of them. Soon a familiar voice calls out in the distance, "Glimmer! Glimmer!"

Full of smiles, Glimmer turns to see Castaspella approaching them, "Oh goodness you are here!" Glimmer hugs Casta, "Of course I am here! And miss a party like this? Where is your mother?" Castaspella looks regal and stunning. Her hair is swept up in a high ponytail. Sea Hawk bows and offers his hand, "We have fought the Horde together, but I have forgotten your name. You are?"

"Out of your league." Castaspella smiles sweetly, "Now come along Glimmer, I want to talk to Angella." The two women rush off in the excitement of things to come.

Preparations are still under way. Adora talks with Madame Razz about Minwu. "Well dearie, we should be on her side, because there is no way that Perfuma killed him." Adora nods as they both continue to talk about the current events at Bright Moon...

Mermista is working with Frosta on some last minute items. Frosta groans, "I don't even feel like celebrating. I still don't understand the importance of these Glitterbugs." Mermista shrugs placing small shells on a wreath, "Frosta, the Glitterbugs come out from their trees only once a year. It is actually meant to be a night of love and romance because the Glitterbugs are leaving the trees to mate and produce even more Glitterbugs to continue protecting the Whispering Woods." Making an exaggerated gagging sound, Frosta sticks her tongue out, "That is disgusting! So we are all supposed to run around the woods jumping for joy that a bunch of microscopic sparkly bugs are humping all in the air? I really hate this place." Mermista can only laugh...

Castaspella sits inside Angella' room as Angella gets ready. "I can't believe the Horde has Peekablue. My dear friend must be saved, Angella..." The Queen of Bright Moon nods, "We are working on that Castaspella, but there are a few other things that have also occurred." Angella proceeds to share with Castaspella the sad loss of Minwu and the potential for a murderer on the loose. "I can't believe he is gone. He was such a fantastic healer. And Perfuma may be responsible? I can't believe it..."

Angella nods, "None of us want to believe it, but she hasn't been her usual self. Castaspella, I am worried about her. I'm also worried about this winged woman..."

Night greets Bright Moon as crowds gather to find the perfect spot for the celebration. Glimmer is so thrilled and happy, even though things do seem strange. "Where is Perfuma?" She asks, as Mermista answers, "I think she may be resting..." Looking off into the distance, Mermista hopes their friend is well. With a guard at her door, no one can see Perfuma for thetime being. Angella greets the crowds and commends everyones hard work to help with the festivities. Frosta crosses her arms dreading the entire evening. Bow and Adora stand to the side, trying to remain happy, but in the face of everything they have been through they find it difficult. Netossa and Spinnerella sit perched on a balcony overlooking the crowds. They are anticipating a beautiful sight, though their thoughts linger on the loss of Minwu.

Soon the sparkly lights of the Glitterbugs slowly weaves and floats through the Whispering Woods. "That's it?" Frosta asks wondering where all the sparkly lights are at. Glimmer laughs shaking her head, "No. it is just starting! This lasts all night and the lights will get brighter." Glimmer heads off with Kowl and Madam Razz to tour the Whispering Woods. Frosta looks at Mermista, "Well darling? Ready to watch bugs do nasty things to each other?" Mermista laughs grabbing hold of Frosta's arm, "Come on lady. Who knows, maybe we'll find hot dates tonight." Smirking while looking at some men in the crowd, Frosta shakes her head "Hardly."

Adora and Bow walk together throughout the Whispering Woods. "Over here Bow! Look at the Glitterbugs." Adora points to a large swirl of glittery bulbs of light moving throughout the trees. Bow reaches out to Adora and kisses her impulsively. The mere act catches her off balance, though it does send a warm fuzzy feeling down her spine. "I'm sorry Adora, I've just been wanting to do that for awhile now."

"It's ok Bow. I know." Adora stares at him, they take each other in and kiss again. Breaking away Bow leans his head against Adora's, "I love you Adora. I love you so much." Looking at the heart on his chest plate, Adora can notice it is glowing red. "Bow, I love you too..."

"Then what's stopping us? I have been wanting to talk to you, and it never seems like the right time, but it will never be the right time if I don't take action now. I love you and am ready to spend the rest of my life with you. I am ready to shout it to the world, to all the Glitterbugs!" He laughs with joy and holds her tightly, "I want us to be a couple."

Adora breaks away, so much emotion washing over her body. This is too much to handle. "Bow, I don't know what to say right now..." He clasps her hands in his, "What's there to say? We love each other, let's not worry about another thing in the world..."

"But there is always something to worry about Bow. We just lost one of our friends. My brother is somewhere on this planet and I have no clue where. This isn't the right time..." Bow let's go, looking confused, "What do you mean?" Turning to stare into the woods at the mixture of light and darkness in the air, Adora goes on, "I love you, but I can't begin something with you. It isn't the right time, for many reasons." Feeling defeated, Bow whispers, "What reasons?" Shaking her head, Adora cries out, "For starters I will not parade a relationship in front of Glimmer. That girl is kind and sweet. She loves you Bow, and I would not want to hurt her."

"Glimmer is a big girl. She would be fine." Adora groans, "Bow, come on. It isn't right, and you know it." Taking a seat on the ground, Bow looks up at Adora, "This is just like when we were younger isn't it? We wanted to be together so badly, but couldn't. You were concerned about Catra and her feelings. This isn't the same thing Adora. Glimmer could never hate you, not matter what you do."

"That still doesn't make it right! Bow, are you listening to yourself?" Bow sighs, "I just want us to be together so badly." Adora sits on the ground across from Bow, "Why? Is it about sex or something? Why is it so important that we commit to something? We live in the same castle, we see each other every day! Why must we rush towards something more?"

Bow hangs his head and sighs, "I can't believe you think this is about sex. Adora, I knew the moment I first met you that I would want to share a life with you. Those eyes of yours were full of such compassion and kindness, my heart was never the same. I grew up an orphan. There was no one in my life. I want to build something special with you Adora. I always have. This isn't about sex."

He looks up at her, with blue eyes that melt her heart. She wants so badly to reach out and kiss him, to hold him. There is no denying her feelings, but it just can't be... "Bow I'm sorry I said that. I know that our special connection is more than that, but you don't understand... I can't be with you right now..."

"So help me to understand Adora. Why can't we be together? What is stopping you?" Bow looks at her, searching for answers and trying to understand. Adora shakes her heads and tells him the time is not right. Bow groans, "If you tell me that the time is not right because of the Horde or some other new threat, I will scream. There will always be a threat or some other problem. It is the nature of the world we live in. I need something better than that Adora."

With tears in her eyes, Adora looks at him, "I can't tell you right now. I am not being honest with you about something. And in order for me to give myself to you wholly, I must be honest. It is the only right thing." She wants to tell him she is She-Ra, that she is the most powerful woman in the universe. But she can't. There is too much risk. The Horde can never know that Adora and She-Ra are one in the same. This information would expose her weaknesses to her enemies in ways that would harm those she cares most about. "I don't understand Adora, what are you not telling me? Help me to understand."

Adora reaches out, clasping Bow's hands, "Trust me Bow. If you love me, please trust me when I say this is not the right time. I want to be able to tell you everything, but now is not that time. Please, please understand." Bow shakes his head and looks upset. He doesn't understand and his ego is hurt. He quickly gets up, "That's fine Adora. You call the shots. That's just great." Adora gets up as well, "Bow, please don't be upset." She reaches out to him and he brushes her off, "I'm not some chump Adora. I gotta go." She stands there and watches him walk off into the woods. Her heart is breaking, why must life be this difficult? Adora wonders what life is like when there aren't oppressive forces dictating the outcomes of many...

Else where in the Whispering Woods, Castaspella joins up with Mermista, Frosta, Madame Razz, Kowl, and Glimmer. A group of other people are walking with them as well. Castaspella holds onto Mermista's hand, "Angella told me everything." Mermista looks at her friend, they both look sad. As exciting and beautiful as the night is, for those that know of Minwu's demise, it is difficult to be in a celebratory mood.

Glimmer is taking the night in and enjoying the experience. The Glitterbugs are glorious. She turns to look at her friends, "Isn't this just beautiful? I am having such a great time." Frosta groans, "At least that makes one of us." Trying to cheer her friend up, Glimmer nags, "Come on Frosta, get into the festive spirit!"

Snapping slightly at Glimmer, Frosta stops in her tracks, "I don't care about a bunch of bugs fucking in the damn woods with glitter dust all over the place!" Everyone stops short and looks at Frosta. Glimmer is hurt and looks at her friends, "What is the matter with you all tonight?! You look like someone died. I don't understand." Thinking for a second, Glimmer covers her mouth, "Ok. I know what's going on. We all miss Double Trouble, but I know my cousin would want us to have a good time tonight. The Glitterbugs are making sure that the Whispering Woods can be protected!"

Frosta looks over at Mermista, "Get me out of here darling. I'm done with this mess." Mermista nods, she is ready to leave too. They are just too upset over Minwu and Perfuma. Glimmer notices that everyone is turning away, "Wait, you are all going to leave?" Castaspella smiles and says, "We're just gonna go back to the castle for refreshments. You have fun though." Glimmer nods as her friends walk away. Some of the other members of the crowd disperse to other areas of the woods. "I will have fun. By myself. And no one can stop me!" Glimmer is frustrated and sad. This night is supposed to be a night of fun and magic. "I bet Perfuma would stay with me." Suddenly Glimmer wonders, where is Perfuma...

Netossa and Spinnerella are on a balcony at Bright Moon. They are overlooking the woods and can see glorious swirls of sparkly glitter in the air. "Isn't this nice Spinnerella? It looks so beautiful." Netossa marvels. Spinnerella shrugs and looks down towards the ground as someone slowly walks into the castle...

Adora is still standing alone in the woods trying to understand why her life is complicated. Trying to find a solution to all the mess does not work. "I'm stuck." She turns to head back to the castle, when Sea Hawk arrives with a flower in his hand, "Hey princess. Glad I finally found you. The Night of the Glitterbug-thing is... interesting... to say the least."

"Yes, well it is a nice night for the Whispering Woods." She prepares to walk off when Sea Hawk keeps talking, "Hey, I got this for you." He hands her the flower. Cautiously taking it, Adora smells it. The scent is sweet, "Thank you. That was nice of you." The pirate shrugs, "Well it is my way of apologizing. I'm not used to being around a lot of women, so I don't always know how to talk or act. And the things I said when we were having dinner on my ship, were, a bit crude. I'm sorry."

Adora finds that somewhat nice, "Thank you. If you don't mind though, I'm going to head back to the castle." Sea Hawk jumps towards her, "Well wait now. I was thinking we could walk around and see these Glitterbugs that everyone keeps rambling on about. I helped with some decorations after all!" Adora can't help but chuckle at the thought of Sea Hawk helping with decorations, "You helped?"

Sea Hawk shrugs, "I may have been slightly drunk, but I still helped nonetheless." Nodding and biting her lower lip, Adora grins, "Of course. That makes sense." The two continue making small talk as they take a longer path back to the castle. Some of the sites they see of the Glitterbugs are remarkable. This diversion actually is nice Adora thinks to herself. There is too much sadness and this walk with Sea Hawk is refreshing. As they walk, neither notice a dip in the ground. Both Sea Hawk and Adora slip and tumble to the ground. Rolling on top of him Adora looks down at him. "Oh goodness, I am sorry." Preparing to get up, Adora is pulled closer by Sea Hawk. He kisses her and the sparks between their lip lock shock Adora to her core...

Inside the castle, Perfuma rolls over in her bed. Waking up from a deep sleep, Perfuma finds her wrists shackled to her bed. "Oh great. Really? They think I'm that much of a threat that they shackled me to my bed?" Perfuma struggles with her confines and can't break free. "Can someone help me please!" Perfuma sighs as she remembers that it is the Night of the Glitterbugs. Most everyone will be outside seeing the stunning sights. She wants to cry because the night would have been so special had Minwu been with her. Alive. "Oh Minwu, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry I lied to you about the cocoon. I'm so sorry. Why do you have to be gone?" Suddenly the room to her bedroom opens and Perfuma tries to sit up, "Oh good, are you here to set me free? I'm really not a danger..." A familiar voice calls out, "No, you aren't a danger. I am." Perfuma looks at her mystery visitor and gasps, "Rolf?!"

Outside in the Whispering Woods, Glimmer is alone. "My friends left me, no one wants to celebrate anything anymore. What a crock." Glimmer keeps walking trying to find more glittery light. "I just don't understand people anymore. This night is meant to be so much fun. But I'm having fun! I'm not going to let anyone bring me down, not mysilly crush on Bow, not my friends sour attitudes, not even the damn Horde! I'm going to be just fine!" Glimmer stops walking and notices there are no more lights. "I'm in the dark. Crap." Trying to see if there are any more Glitterbugs near her, Glimmer suddenly feels odd. "It shouldn't be this dark tonight..." A sound is made in the distance. Glimmer turns, "Hello?" Her heart starts to beat faster, she swears that someone is looking at her, in the darkness. Glimmer holds onto her staff and lights the tip with her powers. Another sound is made behind her. Glimmer decides that the night is over and heads in the direction of the castle. Beginning to run, she stops and hears a groan. Then out of no where something jumps out between the trees at her. Glimmer can only scream...

Inside Bright Moon Angella is heading towards her throne room with a guard. "I want you to find the guard I had posted at Perfuma's room. No one has seen him." The Bright Moon guard looks at Angella, "Yes my queen." The guard breaks away as Angella continues walking. She is feeling slightly funny. "Maybe I should have told the people about Minwu. Maybe the celebration should have been canceled."

Entering her throne room, Angella spots someone sitting on her throne, "Excuse me? Who are you? You shouldn't be in here. That is my throne." Angella stops in her footsteps as the person begins clapping. "Whoever said this was your throne?" Angella rushes towards the voice and gasps. Sitting before her is Vampra, deadly leader of the Pyres. Her blood red hair brighter than ever, Vampra growls, "I once ruled over all of Etheria. And now that I am free, my reign will begin anew. I think I will start with Bright Moon first..."

Next Time!
Battle at Bright Moon!
Catra and Entrapta have a lil girl talk...
Horde Prime throws a curve ball towards Etheria...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bits and Pieces! Wave 2

The Latest in Toy News!!!

Masters of the Universe Classics in Trouble?
The popular MOTUC toyline sold on Mattycollector.com is facing a bit of an uphill battle in terms of sales. Club Eternia Subscriptions are at a low and in order for the line to continue more subs need to be sold according to Scott Neitlich (Toyguru) the brand manager along with the Four Horsemen, Sculpt-ors of the awesome toy line. Club Eternia is the program created by Mattel to lock in customers for the year's release of figures. In the past sub sales have been great, but there were some changes with the 2013 subscription process that have not sat well with fans. Some do not like the five dollar increase as the increase effects the shipping for international customers. Also some fans are not thrilled with the items shown so far for the 2013 sub at this year's San Diego Comic Con and are unhappy that the full 2013 line up is not being released. (Due to legal reasons, the full lineup will not be released, but so far the items for 2013 do look pretty nice.)

These are just a few things that have lit some fans up, though the real reason behind the lower number in sub sells could really be anything. In all reality a pointed finger is not what fans need. What has come out of this new predicament is actually a rallying of fans wanting to see MOTUC continue and thrive. The toy line is an ultimate love letter to fans of He-Man and She-Ra as all manner of characters from the entire universe have been released since 2008. Next year has high hopes of very interesting and highly fan demanded characters seeing the light of day. Now all any one can do is get a sub, which is what fans are doing everywhere. From emailing online retailers with requests for bulk sub purchasing to special fan made videos, the He-Fans and She-Ravers are in full force to make sure this wonderful toy line continues. The enrollment period for purchasing a sub ends on August 6th, 2012. So for those interested, get a MOTUC sub. Like yesterday.

After SDCC
Well the 2012 San Diego Comic Con came and went in a flash a couple weeks ago, which means that a lot of fans are searching and hoping to get their hands on some cool exclusives. Some items are going to be difficult to come by. Who knew Derpy would reach such dizzying heights on the secondary market? Let's not even broach the subject of the exclusive Hollywood Jem doll. I've seen prices start from $350 all the way to $999 on the secondary market. I can only hope that Integrity Toys and Hasbro make the new Jem line in ample numbers. For fabulous Jem talk, head on over to Jemcon.org. It is free to join and is the perfect place to talk with other fans of Jem!

If you can't find an exclusive Hollywood Jem doll, I highly suggest purchasing the Haute Doll magazine. The August issue was given a special cover of the new Jem doll exclusively for SDCC. They are still going for a decent price on ebay and the magazine features a nice article by Carie Ferg with some pictures of Hollywood Jem on the inside. It is a nice magazine with all kinds of other articles for the doll collector too! 

Most of the exclusives from Hasbro are sold out, but there are a few items still available by Mattel on Mattycollector.com. (Items like the Monster High doll are gone.) The exclusives from Toysrus are slowly finding their way into the fantastic toy stores as well. However, that lovely Zecora from My Little Pony will be showing up in the fall.

And buyer beware, there are certain items that can be found that are not exactly what they seem. For example there is an Exclusive Sneak Preview Monster High item from SDCC that can be found fairly inexpensive on ebay, but this is not a sneak peek of any upcoming dolls (like I thought it would be.) The item actually contains a snippet of an upcoming MH book (Ghoulfriends Forever) with illustrations that might also show up in the book when it is released. The new story is written by Gitty Daneshvari and will debut this September at bookstores everywhere.

Gone for Good?
There were two lines I was hoping for new information on at SDCC. Sadly the new Thundercats relaunch is over and done. The Bandai line is scrapped and as of right now the animated show has been axed. I hate to see that, but don't count the 'Cats out yet, there may hopefully be some interest elsewhere for the line. Hopefully.

Strawberry Shortcake was also noticeably absent from all the SDCC festivities. With My Little Pony currently having a moment at Hasbro, I hope everyones sweet smelling friend is just chillin' in the kitchen and hasn't reached her expiration date. I'll be putting my Nancy Drew skills to the test and will get back to you all with any news on the matter!

Turtle Power!
Now that the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy line from Playmates is slowly finding its way out of the sewers and onto toy shelves, I have a very cool review for you that can be found on NerdSociety. Yes, yours truly, will be writing every now and then on the wonderful and super cool NerdSociety website. Paladin, faithful reader to Diary, asked me to join the great folks on NerdSociety. So I did! And I am taking the opportunity to hone my writing skills and open myself to even more readers! More will be detailed later, but that is it for now. Until next time!

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Toy Chest Tuesday! Gummi Bears

From Catwoman to Gummi Bears... there is always a new twist and turn with Toy Chest Tuesday! Gummi Bears was a Disney animated show that aired from the mid '80s until the early '90s. The basic premise was that a group of magical bears called Gummi Bears lived in a Medieval world where humans had no idea of their existence. Long story short there were some humans that would find out about the Gummi Bears, some of these humans were good and some were evil. There was also a group of "bad" bears called the Barbics. The show and characters were actually a really big deal. This show was Disney's first foray into an animated serialized show and it actually lasted a long time with new content. I believe there were 5 seasons. The characters also had many dedicated followers.

Anyways this post is not about the details of the old cartoon, but instead about some toys that were made for collectors who liked their Gummi Bears to made out of plastic... and not gelatin. Fisher Price had actually come out with a line in stores based on the Gummi Bears, but it was Kelloggs that drove collectors into a frenzy with their pvc premium cereal treats.

Similar to the Rescue Rangers pvc toys from Kelloggs, the Gummi Bears toys were just as popular. I am not sure about all the characters that Kelloggs released, but I do recall Gruffi, Tummi, Sunni, and Cubbi being a part of the lineup. The names of each Gummi Bear also informed the audience about their character traits. Tummi was the slightly overweight bear that loved to eat Gummiberries. Cubbi was the youngest bear and full of mischief. He was always starting/getting into some form of scheme or another. Those two bears never found themselves in my collection, but Gruffi and Sunni did, so let's check them out!

Here we have Gruffi, the Gummi Bear leader. He was very serious and always fixing things that were broken. He was also very distrustful of humans. Looking at this version of Gruffi, I would not suspect him to be that "gruff." He actually looks kinda happy and sweet. Anyways this figure came in a box of cereal and is about 2 inches tall. These pvc toys really captured the look of the Gummi Bears. The Fisher Price figures came close, but they were nothing like these little pvc figures.

The next Gummi Bear we will be looking at is Sunni, my favorite Gummi Bear. (Shocking, I know.) Sunni was the bright and cheery bear that was interested in human life and fashion. She was girly and chic. I loved her! I also liked her color combo, the bright yellow and green was nice and bright. Perfect for Sunni! This pvc figure also features Sunni holding a flower.

Gummi Bears were really cute and an important part of Disney history. This was one of the first cartoons that had many other great Disney shows following right behind. (Though I really wish the Wuzzles had caught on just as much in popularity.) Anyways for fans of all things Gummi, these pvc toys are not hard to come by at all. There are many listings on ebay in great to perfectly new condition. My only problem with the Disney pvc cereal premiums from Kelloggs is that they eventually smell with age. By smell I mean total crayon scent all up on these bears, but they do look so darn cute!

So that is about it for Toy Chest Tuesday! Sort of a short, but sweet, Toy Chest. There are reasons for that, as Diary of a Dorkette will be celebrating big time on July 29th! Mark your calendars folks, because I've got a lot of fun stuff planned for Diary celebrating a year on the web!!!

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Adora's Search for Honor Part 2: Chapter 25

Previously: Queen Marlena wanted her son back home, immediately. Man-At-Arms was quickly working on a portal key that would send some of the Masters of the Universe to Etheria to bring prince Adam back home... Members of the Great Rebellion were slightly torn about this large pulsating cocoon that Perfuma stole from the Horde Labs. Votes were made and the cocoon was banished from Bright Moon! Perfuma was sad... Adora had an interesting dinner with Sea Hawk, and though he didn't end up with egg on his face, there was some veggies and gravy sopping him up like a biscuit... Hordak was a busy little bee, adding to the Horde ranks. Due to the arrival of She-Ra, Hordak has been wanting to continue instilling fear into the people of Etheria. Hordak also got some help from a device created by Entrapta. The ruthless leader of the Horde accessed some memories from the undead Double Trouble... While talking with Kowl, Adora found some important information regarding her brother. A plan was set to visit Peekablue, the Rebellion's watchful friend with special sight over Etheria!

And now...

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 2
Chapter 25

Somewhere on Etheria, Prince Adam wakes up to find himself in a small room. Rubbing his eyes, the prince looks around. The walls are wooden. There are no windows, but there is a door that is wide open. A woman enters the room and sits next to him on the small bed. Her hair is made up of silver strands. Adam remarks that her hair looks like metal. Her skin is ghostly pale, but her eyes have a haunting glow that is part inky purple and part deep blue. "You are awake. You've been sleeping for awhile."

"I have?" Adam asks. He recalls the last few weeks of his life. Running away from the Fright Zone, trying to catch up to the Rebels... "How did I end up here?" Adam looks around, trying to make sense of his surroundings. The woman adjusts the gown she is wearing before continuing, "I had travelled into town, but I couldn't stay long. I can never stay away for long. As I was leaving there was a problem with some Horde Troopers."

Adam remembers, "Yes! I was running trying to find a place to hide." The woman smiles, "You were also very weak. I saw that you needed some help, so I did what I could. After that I took you home with me. You've been sleeping for the last few days, waking for food every now and then. Were you a prisoner?"

Explaining some of his ordeal, Adam does his best to share the major points. The woman listens intently. "You have certainly been getting your rest here. You are safe Adam." He looks at her blankly. She seems to know so much about him, but he knows nothing about her, "What is your name?"

She looks at him, searching for an answer, "I do not know my name." Asking more questions, Adam tries to learn about this odd woman. "I have lived in this small cabin for a very long time. I do not require a name. I am merely here to help make sure you regain your strength. So go back to sleep, I will take care of you... And hopefully whoever is searching for you... Will find you..." The prince rests his eyes, falling into a nice sleep.


Being lazy in her room, Catra rolls around on her bed slowly waking up from a cat nap. With a day off from any Horde duties, Catra wants nothing more than to stay in her room alone. Turning on her side, Catra opens her eyes. Adora is laying next to her. "Why are you here?" Catra quietly asks as Adora responds, "You know why I am here."

Catra whispers, "I hate you so much." Adora lays there smiling. Reaching out to graze her hand across Catra's face, Adora smiles, "But hate only goes so far..." Grimacing Catra continues to look at Adora, "You aren't even real. I killed you and if I could, I'd do it again." They look into each other's eyes. A past so rich flows between them. Catra knows nothing but her hatred, which fuels those feelings further.

"Am I crazy? What is happening to me?" Catra asks thinking of so much. Her power over magic. The possible connection she has with Shadow Weaver. Her intense yearning for any connection with another soul, which is joined with the disgust at wanting to rely on anyone for anything. Adora smiles, "You know all this Catra."

"I wish Bow was here. He'd help me." The admission surprises Catra. Did I just say that? She wonders. Adora slightly melts, "He could help you, couldn't he?" Something becomes unsettling. The fire returns to her eyes and Catra screams, "I don't need his help!!!" In a quick reflex Catra rakes her nails across Adora's face, ripping into flesh. After three swipes Catra looks on in horror as Adora's face is a bloody mess. Shaking, Catra turns over in her bed facing the wall. She hopes Adora is gone, but she can feel her scarred bloody eyes staring at her. Don't turn around. Don't turn around. I can feel her looking at me... Catra can't return to sleep.


Peekablue is perched on her gilded seat in the Sun Tower. She is staring at the main doors to the tower. Having already "seen" her visitors with her magical feathers, Peekablue is fully prepared. Eventually the main doors open. Sitting still and remaining calm, Peekablue slightly gasps as she sets her sights on Hordak, Entrapta, Grizzlor, and Mantenna. A gaggle of Horde Troopers stand guard outside the tower.

Hordak walks towards the gilded seat and snorts, "I don't know that we have ever officially met. I am Hordak, leader of the Horde." Peekablue stares at the monster before her, "I know who you are." Snorting at her reply, Hordak opens his arms wide, "Everyone knows who I am. The interesting thing is who you are: Peekablue, faithful watcher over Etheria. For a moment I will forget having seen you fight with the Rebels at Castle Chill some time ago. Instead I am more curious about you, and your role on Etheria. This Sun Tower is interesting to me, do you know the reason for this building? Why it was constructed?"

Peekablue lies, "I have no idea." Turning to look back at his Hordesmen, Hordak snorts, "She has no idea." His voice changing, Hordak leans into Peekablue's face, "I'm not a fool. How dare you try and take me for one. This building, the Sun Tower, is special. Long ago it was able to communicate with the powerful sisters of the stars. In conjunction with the Lunar Tower, Etherians could call upon them for help. I've yet to find the Lunar Tower but I have been collecting special artifacts to aid in my communications..."

Gasping at his knowledge, Peekablue whispers, "What do you want with the Star Sisters?" Hordak grins again, "They are protecting something I want very badly." Trying to compose herself, Peekablue shakes her head, "This tower no longer works. I cannot help you." In the background Entrapta makes a groan. She hates it when people try to struggle against the Horde.

"The tower may not work, but there are other ways to amplify the connection to the cosmos above. I already have the Ice Diamond. I need the Eye of Fire. You know something about that, don't you?" Hordak places his arms on Peekablue's chair, trapping her from moving anywhere else. She squirms, "The Eye of Fire is a relic. I do not possess it."

"But you can find it. I've done my homework on you. I know all about your powers..." Hordak looks over at Entrapta. Ever since he saw Double Trouble's memories, Hordak has been waiting for the chance to meet Peekablue, "I want you to join the Horde. We could use your unique talents to find out what is occurring on Etheria at any given moment. Join us."

"No. I will never bend to your macabre control over this planet." Peekablue jumps as Hordak slams his hands on her gilded seat. "Damn you! Do not make this difficult." Sneering, Hordak turns to look at Entrapta, "Take care of her."

Entrapta glides towards Peekablue. One of her movable ponytails reaches out, grabbing hold of Peekablue's ankle. Wipping her into the air, Entrapta flings Peekablue into a column. Screaming in pain, Peekablue feels herself being lifted in the air. Entrapta flips her around and wraps the second ponytail around Peekablue's neck. Dangling in the air, Peekablue struggles to free herself. She is losing. Trying to focus and concentrate, Peekablue is very close to giving in.

Suddenly the main doors are thrust open and a voice shouts, "I think it time you get a hair cut!" Noticing She-Ra entering the Sun Tower, Peekablue smiles as the Princess of Power throws an axe towards Entrapta. The blade slices the pony tail in half, freeing Peekablue. Screaming in agony as electric sparks radiate from her hair, Entrapta glares at She-Ra, "Oh someone just get rid of her already!!!"

Bow, Sea Hawk, Mermista, and Frosta rush in behind She-Ra to help fight off the Horde. Hordak groans and turns his arm into a cannon. Peekablue gets up dusting herself off. She is glad to see her friends. Bow begins shooting off arrows as Mantenna and Grizzlor rush Frosta. Sea Hawk and Mermista try to stop Entrapta. The tricky golden beauty gets a jolt as Mermista tosses some water at Entrapta's electrically damaged ponytail. She-Ra heads towards Peekablue, but finds herself to late.

Hordak grabs hold of Peekablue, "Sorry She-Ra, I need her more than you!" Blasting a hole into the wall, Hordak rushes out of the Sun Tower. Peekablue screams, trying to fight her way free. The Horde quickly falls back. She-Ra tries to stop them, but can't. Sea Hawk calls out that they can chase Hordak in his ship. Thinking about the last run in they had with the Horde, She-Ra shakes her head, "No. I don't want to risk anyone getting hurt. Let's head back to Bright Moon. We'll develop a better plan." Mermista looks at her friend, "But they took Peekablue. We can't let them get away She-Ra." Nodding, She-Ra goes on, "Mermista I agree with you, but I have a feeling Hordak is not going to hurt her. I can't have us lose any more life. I refuse to have a repeat of the arena. Come on, let's hurry back home." As everyone enters the ship, She-Ra quietly cries to herself, I had really hoped to have help on finding my brother...

While the ship is in the air heading towards Bright Moon, Mermista and Frosta talk to the side. Ever since the vote on the cocoon, Frosta has been chilly towards Mermista. "What is going on, you haven't talked to me. Is our friendship alright?" Mermista asks looking at Frosta awaiting a response. Frosta glares, "I suppose our friendship is alright. I just never thought my friend would vote against me. I really thought I could count on you darling."

Mermista shakes her head, "What does that matter? You won either way Frosta. The cocoon is gone. Friendships can still exist even if two friends don't agree on something." Frosta groans, "Mermista, you make it sound like I was wanting to win some silly contest. I was trying to stand up and defend my new miserable home. I was wanting to make sure we were all safe!" Mermista nods, "I know. And I was of the impression that the cocoon was of no danger. We merely had a difference of opinion, it doesn't mean we have to lose our friendship. I don't want you to not speak to me." Frosta shrugs her shoulders and makes a noise under her breath. Mermista knows when to leave enough alone and walks away. Frosta just needs some space.

Bow is off to the side writing some notes down on a sheet of music. She-Ra approaches him, "Are you alright?" Bow looks up at her, "As alright as I can be. I'm just writing some music, trying to get my mind off of what just happened. I really wanted us to have Peekablue join us, to be safe. And to help Adora find her brother." She-Ra nods, "You really care about her." Bow does and it pains She-Ra to be in the situation she is in. She wants to talk to him so badly. Bow stands up to take a break, "I just hope Adora will handle the news well. I know this will hurt her. We all promised we'd get answers." He walks away as Sea Hawk approaches.

The pirate looks at She-Ra, something seems different about her, "Did you change your clothes?" She-Ra blankly stares at him, "Excuse me?" Sea Hawk shakes his head, her skirt is longer, a different cut. He finds that odd, "Oh never mind. Just a silly observation. We'll be at Bright Moon soon. It was nice of you to join us on the flight to the Sun Tower." She-Ra agrees, "I just wish it had turned out differently." The two continue to talk, "Why was Hordak even there? I thought the Sun Tower was a hidden secret?" Sea Hawk asks trying to make sense of things. She-Ra wonders the same thing, "That is very interesting. He was there with a purpose, but where did he get his information from?" She-Ra wonders this among many other things...


Inside Bright Moon people are busy working to complete banners and other decorations for the Night of the Glitterbugs. The celebration is very close at hand and the citizens of Bright Moon are hard at work to finish the overall look for the night. In the courtyard, Glimmer, Perfuma, Madame Razz, and Kowl are working on some flower columns. The columns will be set out around the castle to be hopefully lit up by the Glitterbugs. Perfuma thinks it will be fantastic. "I want the Glitterbugs to stop and smell the flowers when they come out!"

Glimmer smiles, "I'm glad we are all working together on this." Perfuma dances around some flowers, "Why wouldn't we?" Shrugging while thinking about the past few days, Glimmer goes on, "Well, ya know, the whole cocoon thing. I thought you'd be upset at me for wanting it gone." Madame Razz and Kowl work furiously on a batch of roses. Perfuma pauses and looks at everything around them, "Glimmer... I am not mad at you. It was not an easy situation to be in. You went with your feelings. It is OK." The two friends smile and continue working on the columns.

The conversation shifts to Perfuma dating Minwu. Perfuma is in love, "I feel like he is opening me up to so many new experiences. I am smelling new things. Tasting new things. I feel like love has brought me onto a new plane of existence." Glimmer can't help but feel slightly jealous, but she smiles, "Don't let Frosta hear you talking like that. She may gag." They laugh and Perfuma shrugs, "Frosta gags over everything."

Madame Razz notices Sea Hawk's ship arriving. "They've returned. I hope everything is alright." The witchy woman excuses herself. Perfuma does the same, "I'll be right back. I'm going to find Minwu, will you be here?" Glimmer nods. Kowl and her both decide to stick around working on the flowers. Glimmer looks over at Kowl, "Do you think they found out any answers?" Kowl flits about, "I sure hope so."


Making her way into Adora's room, Madame Razz whispers, "Dearie, are you back yet? Dearie?" Razz fumbles around the room hoping that She-Ra has returned and is now Adora. "Psst. Adora? Dearie?" Razz heads into the restroom and looks out at the open window, "Oh I hope you return soon."

As she is about to leave, Razz hears some footsteps out in the hall, heading inside the room. A voice soon follows, "Adora? Are you in there?" It is Bow. Madame Razz's eyes pop wide open. She quickly runs to the bathroom and slams the door shut while rushing to lock it. Bow runs inside the room and heads to the bathroom door, "Adora? Are you in there? Are you alright?"

Razz panics and looks around the room. Altering her voice to sound sick, Razz gurgles and burps, "Oh dear... Oh! I mean! Bow! Yes, Bow!"

Hearing the odd voice, Bow scrunches his face, "Adora? Is that you?" Razz continues in an awkward groaning voice, "Ohhh Bow. Yes, I'm just feeling sooo sick." Razz pretends to make upset sounding noises. She is frantic and tries her best to sound like she is throwing up. She just sounds really weird. Bow goes on, "Would you like me to get you some medicine? You sound terrible."

"Ohhh I just feel sooo sick. I think I ate something really bad..." Razz is feeling loopy just thinking about it all. Bow nods, "Well I am not wanting to disrupt you. And I am not here to talk about any matters between us... romantically..." The mere mention of the word 'romantically' freaks Razz out and she makes even more sickly sounds. At this point Adora arrives by the window, ready to sneak into her room. She takes one look at Madame Razz and is not quite sure what to do.

Madame Razz quickly motions for Adora to hurry inside. Bow continues talking, "I do really need to talk to you though, about something else. We got back from our trip to the Sand Tower. Umm, I guess I will wait though until you are feeling better... but I really want to tell you how it turned out..." Madame Razz motions for Adora to hurry inside and end all this, "Let me out of here dearie!" Adora grins, some of this is slightly comical. Scooching Razz towards the window, Adora lightly lifts the witch outside. Madame Razz looks back, "Dearie, I can't keep this up! Now look sick!" Adora nods, heading back to Bow.

Bow listens as everything seems quiet. He turns to walk away, thinking he will talk to Adora later. He doesn't want to bother her. Suddenly the sound of the door unlocking stops him in his tracks. He turns as Adora exits the bathroom. Her hair in disarray and face looking flush, he smiles, "Even while sick you are still so beautiful." Adora looks up, "Not sure what to say about that. Sorry for any strange noises. How was the trip to the Sun Tower, did She-Ra help out at all?"

Lowering his head, Bow tells Adora the truth, that Peekablue is now in the hands of the Horde and they still have no idea where Adora's brother is. Of course Adora knows this, but now that she is not She-Ra, she can really feel the loss and despair at the recent events. "Oh Bow, what are we going to do?" She tries not to cry, but finds it impossible not to. Her brother is somewhere, lost, on Etheria. Bow hugs her. "We'll find him Adora." Wiping her eyes, Adora smiles, "Yes. We will."

Back outside in the courtyard, Glimmer and Kowl continue to work on the displays and columns. Madame Razz approaches huffing and puffing. "Are you alright Madame Razz?" Glimmer asks looking over at Kowl. Madame Razz fiddles with her hat, "Dearie, don't even go there!" Kowl rolls his eyes, "She's always been a tad dramatic." Glimmer chuckles and Madame Razz groans, "Oh don't you start with me Kowl! Glimmer, we need more roses. This column looks malnourished. Hurry dearie, we got a celebration to put together!"

"Ok, ok!" Glimmer laughs and heads towards some immaculate rose bushes. Picking through the roses, Glimmer can hear Madame Razz and Kowl whispering about something. Trying to listen and not paying much attention to the roses, Glimmer's hand trails across something slimy. "What?" Speaking to no one in particular, Glimmer peers through the bushes. Hidden underneath the roses is a large gray bumpy mass. Something doesn't feel well in Glimmer's stomach.

The princess motions for Kowl and Razz to help her. They can't make out what it is, but eventually they carefully pull it out from the bushes. It is a cocoon. "Is that what I think it is?" Kowl asks. Madame Razz nods and Glimmer whispers, "I thought Perfuma got rid of it. Is this another one?" Madame Razz looks over the cocoon. Something is moving on the inside. The witchy woman looks at her friends, "I'm only aware of the one cocoon. I think there was only one..." Glimmer looks closer at the movement. In a flash something presses against the gray bumpy flesh-like material. The outline of a terrified face presses against the material looking at the Rebels. All Glimmer can do is scream...

Inside the healing bay, Perfuma and Minwu are off to the side, sneaking a few kisses. "I love this, I am so excited and happy Minwu! Being next to you is riveting." Her heart is beating fast. Minwu finds it difficult to contain himself, "I want to experience everything with you Perfuma. I have never felt this way before, about anyone. For so long I wanted to stand by my duties as a healer, to do nothing but save lives. Perfuma, you have saved my life. I am blissfully happy." Perfuma holds his face into her hands. She looks at him, studies his eyes, and then kisses him deeply. Her heart is beating so fast. And then they hear the screams.

Footsteps are quickly rushing through the healing bay, Netossa is calling out for them, "Minwu! Perfuma! Come quick, to the courtyard. Something has happened." Minwu breaks away, worry setting in his eyes, "Is it an attack?" Perfuma shakes her head. She knows the source of the screams. "They found it." She whispers and rushes off, Minwu closely behind.

Everyone is gathered in the courtyard. Mermista, Glimmer, Madame Razz, and Kowl are in one section. Adora and Angella are looking over the cocoon. Sea Hawk and Bow are off to the side looking on at the heaving cocoon. "It seems to be breathing, or something." Bow looks over at Sea Hawk. They have never seen such a thing. Frosta is standing to the side as well, her arms crossed and a look of anger etched on her face. Netossa, Perfuma, and Minwu soon rush in.

Frosta turns, looking at Perfuma. The icy empress rushes up to the flower maiden. Raising a quick hand, Frosta slaps Perfuma across the face, "You stupid girl! What have you done to us?!" Perfuma guides her hands to her face, the slap hurt, but she is also upset at what is happening. Netossa and Minwu look on and notice the cocoon. Frosta shakes Perfuma, "Why is that thing here!? Why!?" Perfuma is shaking, everyone is looking at her. Blinking back tears Perfuma chokes out, "I couldn't do it. I couldn't get rid of it. It needs our love! It needs our support! I snuck the cocoon back inside Bright Moon. I made it look like it was gone..." They all hang their heads. The cocoon is contracting faster, whatever is inside is ready to come out.

"Well darling, you've just doomed us all, but I'll fix it." Frosta drops her left arm to her side, forming a blade of ice from her palm. She marches towards the cocoon. Perfuma shouts, "What are you doing! Stop, Frosta, stop!" Everyone looks on in horror, time moves too slow. Perfuma settles herself, finding a way to communicate with the ground. Vines and roots reach up from the dirt and grass, grabbing hold of Frosta. She can't move, "Darling, that won't stop me." Frosta begins freezing the vines and roots, trying to destroy them.

Perfuma shakes and concentrates her communication harder, the frozen vines and roots pull Frosta to the ground. Sharp thorns begin to grow on the vines. Made up of ice, the thorns cut into Frosta. Writhing in pain, Frosta screams. Minwu looks over at Perfuma, "Stop this Perfuma! Please!" Mermista rushes towards Frosta and looks over at Perfuma, "You're going to really hurt her! Perfuma!" Realizing that she is about to do the unthinkable, Perfuma shakes away and loses the communication with the vines and roots. Frosta is bleeding and sits up. Looking at the damage, Perfuma covers a hand over her mouth, "Oh, no. I'm so sorry Frosta. I didn't mean... I'm so sorry..."

Adora looks at everyone, "Wait, look. The cocoon." Everyone looks on in disbelief as the cocoon makes a strange ripping sound. A hand slides through the gray material. Another hand slides out too. Gripping the opening with both hands, the gray material starts to tear open. Parts become liquefied. A strange smell wafts the area. No one can take their eyes off of the experience.

Soon they are looking at a body emerge from the cocoon. Laying on the ground and covered in the gooey gray liquid, Adora is the first to notice giant wings underneath the body. While laying on the ground, the body arches upward with a slight scream piercing everyone's ears. Some liquid slides across a pair of exposed breasts. Glimmer gasps, "It's a woman!" The cocoon woman is breathing, trying to pay attention to her surroundings. Perfuma smiles, "And she seems to be alright." The flower maiden was thinking the new guest would be hurting.

Lifting her head up, the cocoon woman looks around slightly nervous and scared. Sitting on the ground, the woman tries to get up. Stumbling for a little bit, the woman fully stands up. Trying to shake some of the gray goo off of her, everyone looks on at her nude form. Something is off as the group stares in shock. Between her legs is what looks like an appendage. It appears she has skin on her body, but the area between her legs is insectoid like in nature. Sea Hawk is the first to comment. Trying to make a joke, he smirks, "I've never seen a woman look quite like that..."

Adora groans, "Don't be a jerk. Can someone help me cover her up?" Bow nods, removing his cape, "Here Adora." Adora and Glimmer help to cover her up while Minwu rushes off to get a room ready in the healing bay. Madame Razz and Kowl move out of the way as the mysterious cocoon woman is led through the group. Mermista joins in to help Adora and Glimmer. Angella looks on, wondering how this newest situation should be handled. Netossa stands with Bow and Sea Hawk, they all look on in curiosity. Frosta and Perfuma watch the woman being led off to the healing bay. Frosta spits out, "Well darling, looks like all you rescued from the Horde Labs was a freak of nature. Good job Perfuma." Frosta slowly walks away to attend to her minor wounds. Perfuma stares off in the distance.

In the healing bay Mermista is gathering some water to wash the gray goo off the woman. Glimmer gasps, "Look at these wings, they are beautiful!" There is a pretty pattern across the wings that looks faded. The woman is silent and quietly shaking. Adora asks, "Can you speak? Are you alright?" Mermista and Glimmer begin washing her. "Her hair is so long. My goodness she is special, isn't she?" Glimmer nods and looks at their new guest, "Don't worry, we aren't going to hurt you."

Perfuma walks into the room as they are cleaning the newly hatched being. Adora walks towards the flower maiden, "Have you seen anything like this? I've never heard of someone being this... unique." Shaking her head, Perfuma whispers, "I don't know. What have I done? Did I do the right thing bringing her here?" Adora grabs hold of her friend's hands, "Perfuma, don't worry. I don't think this person is going to harm us. If anything you saved her life by sneaking her back in." Mermista and Glimmer look at each other, "Will it be alright to wash her... down there?" Glimmer asks. Mermista nods, "I don't see why not..."

As they clean the woman, she starts to shake more. A brightly colored dye begins to seep out of her body from any orifice. Glimmer jumps back, "I didn't do it! I was just washing her!" Adora and Perfuma rush over. Mermista looks towards Adora, "Is this a trap?" Adora shakes her head, hoping this dye is not poisoning them. Perfuma smiles, "Look! The dye! It is giving her color." Sure enough the dye is seeping into the woman's wings, making them bright and colorful. The patterns seem to come alive. Her hair develops a very gorgeous shade of purple to it. Her nipples blush as much as her cheeks. Her eyes look around the room trying to understand what is going on. The only thing that remains the same is the insectoid like appendage between her legs.

Adora takes a deep breath, "Alright, I think everything is going to be ok. Let's dry her off and take her to a room." They dress her in a customary uniform for those who are being treated in the healing bay. A small robe of thin material is snugly wrapped around the woman's waist. Minwu is waiting for them in a new bare room.

Mermista and Glimmer exit as Minwu works on finding out some answers to their mysterious guest. Adora and Perfuma stick around. Utilizing the power of magic, Minwu can catch glimpses of her insides. He can also capture her energy levels. Minwu looks at his friends. "She is interesting. Parts of her are human, like you or I, but then there are parts of her that seem different. The wings are the most obvious, as well as the visible area between her legs... but even parts of her insides are inhuman. They look like exaggerated parts of an insect of some kind. I've never seen an insect with this body make up though. Her energy levels are also interesting. It appears that she is incredibly strong, we would probably have to test the levels at a later date though."

"Is she going to be alright Minwu?" Perfuma asks. That is what she wants to know the most. Minwu ignores her and instead looks over at Adora, "I think so." He looks down at the woman trying to look over a few more areas. He wants to see if she has any blood, for testing purposes, but the woman quickly launches up and pins Minwu against the wall. In almost an instant, the woman nearly snaps his neck, but Perfuma rushes to his side. She whispers to the woman, "Don't hurt him! He is here to help you. We all are. Please, ease yourself. No one is going to hurt you." The woman looks at Perfuma, she is scared. Adora looks at them all, "I think we know more about her energy levels. Maybe she needs to lay down? This may be too much for her. For all of us." Perfuma and Minwu nod. Guiding the her to a bed, Perfuma motions for the new being to rest some, "I know you have been in the cocoon for awhile, but this is a safe place. Rest some, I'll be right here." The woman looks at Perfuma and continues to shake. A crooked smile soon forms and the woman hugs Perfuma. The flower maiden smiles, "I think she knows who I am..."

Adora can see that everything is going to be alright. She heads off towards her room. There has been too much excitement for one day. She slips out through her window to become She-Ra again. She needs to be free for a little while.

Back inside the healing bay, Perfuma pulls Minwu out into the hall, "Minwu thank you." The healer looks at his lady love, "For what? Why should you thank me?" Stepping back, Perfuma looks at Minwu, "What is that about?" Crossing his arms, Minwu shakes his head, "You took it upon yourself to bring that cocoon back here. You hid this thing from all of us, which I could slightly understand, except that you kept your actions from me. Why would you do that?" Standing up in her own defense, Perfuma explains, "Minwu, I had no choice. I didn't want to send that woman down a damn river! I snuck her back in and I just felt it was better to leave everyone out of it."

Sad and hurt, Minwu breaks away from a potential embrace from Perfuma, "I love you Perfuma. But you didn't trust me with this. That really hurts." Minwu walks away to tend to the other people in the healing bay. Perfuma whispers after him, "Minwu, please don't be upset with me! I trust you, more than you know!" He turns the corner, and Perfuma whispers, "I love you too."


Inside the Fright Zone, Peekablue is shown to her special quarters. Catra slinks around trying to figure out what is going on. Shadow Weaver explains, "Hordak gathered some information from Double Trouble's dead memories. We have a very powerful person in our midst. That woman in there, she can see." Catra groans, "We all can see, what is the big deal?" Shadow Weaver rasps, "She can see much better than any of us. She is going to unlock many secrets for us..."

In another area, Hordak is looking over Multi Bot and Leech. They are working on a large pair of metal wings. "Hurry this along, I want them installed immediately. They had better be done when I return." Leech looks at Hordak, "Where are you going mighty Hordak?" Snorting a reply, Hordak spits out, "None of your blasted business! Handle these orders. That is all I ask..."


She-Ra lands in the heart of a village by a nice flowing fountain. The townspeople come rushing out of their homes and businesses. "She-Ra!" The crowd lights up as She-Ra delivers them food and a few trinkets for the children. She also asks questions. Important questions, like, "Have any of you seen a man with blonde hair in danger? This man was a prisoner of the Horde. I am looking for him, he is a good man." Everyone listens and tries to help. In the distance, a woman with shiny silver hair looks on, silently...


Time moves on, as the night falls upon parts of Etheria, namely Bright Moon. Most everyone is retired in their rooms, awaiting a new day that will bring forth their special celebration for the Glitterbugs. Glimmer is excited, feeling hopeful, which she has not felt for awhile now. Hopeful. Frosta is nursing her pain and ego. Adora is back from her trip as She-Ra. She is sleeping, thinking of her brother. Mermista is restless, trying to understand the days events. Madame Razz is resting over a stack of documents, Kowl is with her and still reading the documents. Sea Hawk is drunk asleep, dead to the world. Bow is writing music, with Adora heavily on his mind. Angella is enjoying the quietness from such a long day of mayhem. Netossa is in her room, thinking of Spinnerella, wishing that she'll wake...

Somehow the wishes reach the dancer. Laying in her bed in the healing bay, Spinnerella stirs. Her eyes slowly open. The act surprises her. She has been awaiting this moment. Opening her mouth to say something, Spinnerella recoils from the pain of a dry throat. Turning to her side, she spots a pitcher of water and a glass. Moving is odd and slightly painful. With all the concentration and strength she can muster, Spinnerella slowly sits up. Reaching out for the glass and taking long sips, Spinnerella smiles to herself. She is awake, back with the rest of the world.

Sliding her feet off the side of her bed, Spinnerella prepares to take her first steps. She is not sure where she is or how she got there, but she recalls voices. People have been looking after her. "N-n-ne-to-ss-a." She remembers, her dear friend, someone who is the closest person to being her sister, is there. I've heard her voice, I know it. With full determination Spinnerella prepares to find her friend, to reunite after so much horror.

Stepping off the bed, Spinnerella loses her footing and slides to the floor. Her feet are weak, at least that is her first thought, until she realizes that there is a mass of liquid on the floor around her. She crawls on the liquid, trying not to slip. It feels thick in certain areas and also has a strong smell to it. There is a dim light spilling into the room from the hallway. Rounding the bed Spinnerella looks down and notices a man on the floor. Looking at his clothing, she can tell that he is a healer. Blood is all around them. She can do nothing but scream...

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