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Adora's Search for Honor Part 2: Chapter 26

She-Ra Saturday is on and POPin! The Night of the Glitterbugs will be one for the books...

Previously: Prince Adam is shacked up with some random silver haired chick on Etheria. Hopefully someone will find him soon... It was the Horde Vs. the Great Rebellion over Peekablue. Sadly, Hordak ran off with Peekablue, which kinda sucks because the Rebellion really wanted help in finding Adam... Everyone found out that Perfuma had actually never gotten rid of the freaky cocoon from the Horde labs. It hatched. No one really knew what to do, but this new mysterious winged woman was actually a natural born fighter... Hordak made some quick travel plans while Leech and Muli Bot were ordered to work on a project for Hordak... Catra had another vision of Adora, I wonder what that's all about? In other news Spinnerella finally woke up from her looong slumber, only to slip on the floor, screaming at the sight of a lifeless body next to her...

and now... 

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 2
Chapter 26

Screams ring out in the healing bay at Bright Moon. It is the middle of the night and only a few hear the screams. Mermista is the first to run towards the mayhem. She notices Perfuma pacing in front of Spinnerella's room in a daze. "Perfuma!? What is going on?" Mermista looks around, noticing the room with the door wide open. She can hear the screams coming from inside. Leaving Perfuma alone, Mermista runs into the room and gasps.

Spinnerella is sitting on the floor in a puddle of blood. A body is laying next to her. She can't stop screaming. Trying to quiet the dancer, Mermista carefully steps over the body feeling her bare feet stepping in blood. "Shh, it's alright. Close your eyes, please close your eyes." Mermista tries to help Spinnerella up, but it is difficult. Spinnerella doesn't want to move. Calling out, Mermista looks in the hall, "Perfuma! I need some help." There is silence. Mermista continues to try and calm Spinnerella.

Outside the room, Adora and Angella quickly rush in. Angella looks at Perfuma and gasps, "What in the world? Perfuma?" Shaking, Perfuma looks at Angella, "Is-is-is this real? He can't be gone. What did I do?" Angella and Adora run into the room to help Mermista. Adora scans the room and instantly goes into emergency mode. She is calm and collected. Helping Mermista, both women carry Spinnerella out of the room and into the hall. "Mermista, go get Netossa, hurry." Adora sits a now quiet Spinnerella in a chair. "It's OK, my name is Adora. Just sit here."

Adora looks at Perfuma. "What is going on here?" Angella walks up towards Adora, "We have a problem." Nodding and agreeing, Adora walks back into the room. The body belongs to Minwu. "Is he dead?" Adora looks at Angella for confirmation. "I'm afraid so Adora." Leaning against the wall, Adora curses, "Shit. What are we going to do?"

Another scream erupts from the hall. Both woman rush out to find Spinnerella trying to climb up a wall at the site of the cocoon woman and her large wings. "Where is Mermista with Netossa?" Angella tries to calm Spinnerella. Adora looks over at the cocoon woman, "Hi. Everything is all right." Pausing to look at the mysterious woman, Adora sighs, "I wish you could talk. We need to know what happened..." Breaking away to help Perfuma, Adora can't hear the winged woman whisper, "I talk..."

Everyone tries to figure out what happened. Soon Mermista rushes in with Netossa, and Bow. "What is he doing here?" Angella asks, worry beginning to etch on her face. "He was up and noticed us. He can help Angella." Mermista frantically says as Netossa tends to Spinnerella. Smiling both women cry tears of joy. Netossa can't believe she is looking at her friend, finally awake. Helping her out of the bloody clothes, Netossa changes Spinnerella into something new.

Observing the scene around him, Bow looks at Angella and asks what needs to be done. "Bow, I need all of us to remain quiet on what happened tonight. Minwu is dead, we don't know why. We can't let this get out to the people of Bright Moon, it would rattle too much."

Listening to all this, Perfuma begins to cry and Adora is at a loss, "Angella, how are we going to keep this quiet?" A loud gasp is heard from the doorway to the healing bay. Frosta walks in, "What kind of party is this?" The icy empress looks around the room taking the scene all in. Sighing while trying to stay calm, Angella groans, "Is anyone else planning on showing up?"

"Well darling, I was planning on retiring for the night, but I couldn't help but hear Mermista and Netossa in a panic, not to mention Bow running off with them. I decided to follow as well. I don't like being left out." Frosta notices that Perfuma is shaking, "What's got her all fussed up?"

"Frosta, there has been a bit of a problem. Minwu is gone, he is dead. We don't know what is going on. Angella wants this all to be kept quiet though for the time being..." Adora looks at her prickly friend, hoping that Frosta can take this seriously. Placing a hand across her chest in full sincerity, Frosta gasps, "Well I can certainly keep a secret darling. Poor Perfuma, no matter how strange she has been of late, I would not wish this on her." Angella is glad to hear that, "No one would wish this on anyone. However with the celebration tomorrow night and the people of Bright Moon trying to pick up the pieces from the last loss we felt, I don't want to shatter anyone else. We will say something when the time is right and when we know more. Agreed?" The Queen of Bright Moon looks at everyone in the room. Adora and Bow briefly look at each other. Netossa is nodding as she is soothing Spinnerella. Perfuma is looking off into the distance. Mermista and Frosta both stare at Angella. The winged woman is in the distance feeling lost and adrift.

With a somber mood in the air, Netossa helps Spinnerella to her room. Frosta leaves with Netossa. Adora, Bow, and Mermista stick around to clean up and find a place for Minwu's body. Angella and the winged woman escort Perfuma outside the healing bay and into her room. Adora looks at her friends, "Where do we start?" They all look at the blood everywhere, "There is just so much. How did this happen to him?" Mermista asks. No one knows, but the three stay up until the wee hours of the morning taking care of the situation.

In another part of the universe, things are much more quiet on Eternia, except for a special meeting for two. Inside the prison inside the Eternos Palace, a lightening fast portal swirls open. Hordak steps through inside a cell. There are no lights, but the Horde leader can see someone sitting on a mattress. A pair of red eyes light up the shadows, "Have you come to free me?"

Hordak snorts, "Would I have transported inside your cell if I had plans to free you? No, Skeletor, your moment of freedom awaits for another day. I want my little visit to go undetected. I am here to give you a message." Skeletor rises from the mattress and steps out of the shadows, facing Hordak, "I don't really care for your message Hordak. I want out of here!"

"Would you be quiet bone face? A plan is already set in motion. So I am here to collect on my debt." Crossing his arms and grinning, Hordak stands superior. Skeletor is not amused, "I owe you nothing." Shaking his head and snorting Hordak continues, "I gave you a new life. Or have you forgotten? I seem to remember it all vividly. Poor little Keldor, the royal bastard, furious that his half brother got all the riches and successes. Your anger nearly got you killed. Lucky for you I was lurking in my own shadows. I took you with me to Etheria, into the Fright Zone, where I saved your life..."

"I know the story Hordak. You fused my body with the spirit of a demon. I should be so thankful." Skeletor wants so badly to wrap his bare hands around Hordak's neck. "Who would have ever thought my apprentice would be so ungrateful? I don't have time for this Skeletor. Time is running out. Horde Prime is getting angry. Once you are free, you will go back to your original goal. I want the magic energy of this planet secured. Not for you, but for the Horde. I don't quite understand why it has taken you this long..."

Gritting his teeth Skeletor barks, "It has not been easy! I have had to deal with a muscle bound half wit named He-Man. Life has been rough." Hordak doesn't care, "We all have our own He-Men to contend with. You have no idea what I am going through on Etheria. Just remember the plan. Once free, I want the magical energy secured. Get it done Skeletor, or else." Hordak opens the portal and walks through.

Skeletor contemplates jumping through, if only to see what Hordak would do. However the Evil Lord of Destruction returns to his mattress. "I will be free Hordak. And when I am, the magical powers of Grayskull will be mine. Never yours." He smiles, a sight full of evil. It is a shame that no one can see it.

A new day is calling on Etheria. Glimmer is up early making sure that preparations are in order for the Night of the Glitterbugs. A phenomenon that holds a long standing tradition with Bright Moon. It is a night she has been waiting awhile for. Along with some members of the Rebellion, Glimmer helps finish some banners and other decorations. Hoping to see some of her friends, the rebel princess is not sure where everyone is.

Sea Hawk stumbles around the area though, looking at all the people, "What is all this? I've been trying to sleep in." Glimmer stops her work and smiles at the pirate, "Oh wonderful! This makes a perfect opportunity to ask for your help and to get to know you more!"

"Not interested. I just want it quiet." Sea Hawk says trying to shake off his hangover. Glimmer smiles full of hope, "It probably won't be that quiet around here. We're getting ready for the Night of the Glitterbugs tonight. I actually could use your help with some finishing touches. It will be so much fun!" She says it with all the seriousness in the world. Sea Hawk only wishes she was joking. "Will there be any spirits involved?" Stopping to think, Glimmer answers, "Well I don't think so. It is meant to be a joyful celebration, not a scary one."

Sea Hawk groans, his headache hurting even more, "I don't mean ghosts and goblins. I mean spirits as in booze. I will need a strong drink if I am going to get through helping you with these decorations." Glimmer looks around at the other members, "Umm, I suppose we could find you something to drink." She motions for someone to hurry along and get a jug of hooch. Smiling back at the pirate, Glimmer is hoping for the best.

Eventually someone arrives with a jug. Glimmer takes it and quickly hands it to Sea Hawk, "Here, I think this will do." Popping the top off, Sea Hawk quickly takes a long swig. Wiping his lips he looks on at a slightly grossed out Glimmer. "Hair of the rat. You understand? So let's get this crap decorated."

Relieved at the help, Glimmer claps her hands, "Oh great! This is going to be so exciting, first things first..." Sea Hawk interrupts her, "First things first, let's get rid of the flowers on that column. They look putrid and make me sick to my stomach."

Rolling her eyes, Glimmer snaps, "Are you sure that isn't the strong drink upsetting your stomach?" Sea Hawk smirks, "Heh. I didn't think you had it in ya. You ain't that bad darlin. Keep the putrid flowers. But let's figure out what to do with this banner." Sea Hawk continues to help, even enlisting his crew to work on a few things too.

Away from all the bustling activity, Netossa is in her room getting ready for the day. She hears Spinnerella stirring in the bed. Rushing to her side, Netossa looks after her dear friend, "Are you ok?" Spinnerella's eyes focus and she smiles at the sight of Netossa. "Oh 'Tossa! Oh I am happy to see you!" Pleasantries are exchanged and the two cry tears of joy to finally be reunited. Spinnerella looks down at her legs, "I feel so weak. Walking is not easy." Netossa nods, "It will be in time. You just need to fully regain your strength."

Nodding and recalling the events from the night before, Spinnerella asks, "Who was the man on the floor last night? I can't get those images out of my head."

"Neither can I Spinnerella. His name was Minwu. He was a lovely good man. He was a healer, he actually looked over you." Spinnerella asks a litany of questions, none of which can easily be answered. "I am not sure how or why he died. I don't even know why his body was in your room. None of it makes any sense."

Spinnerella pauses and thinks about Minwu. She is saddened by his loss. She also wants to know where she is exactly. Netossa grins, "We are in Castle Bright Moon. Home of the Great Rebellion! Can you believe it?" Netossa then goes into all the details, from the events at Poft to a few of the Poft survivors bringing Spinnerella's sleeping body to Bright Moon. "I helped fight the creature that attacked us that night. Oh Spinnerella, it is very nice here. There may be some sad and scary moments, but life is truly great."

"I can tell. But Netossa, what about the kind family that we stayed with in Poft? Are they here? Is Terren here?" Spinnerella hopes so. Before the assault on Poft, Spinnerella had actually developed a crush on the Innkeeper's son, Terren. Netossa hangs her head, "I'm sorry Spinna. They didn't make it that night. Only a handful of people made it to Bright Moon."

Feeling dizzy and overwhelmed, Spinnerella wants to cry but can't. "How long have I been asleep? How much of the world has moved on... I was so hoping to see him again..." Her chest rises and falls rapidly. She so wants to cry, but she can only heave, "When can we go home Netossa? I want to go home." Netossa hugs her friend. This is a question that Netossa does not want to answer, "I know we must go home soon. I wanted to wait until you were fully recovered. But Spinna, I... I don't know that I can stay when we go back home. I have found this place to be my home now."

Shaking her head in confusion, Spinnerella sighs, "I can't take anymore. Netossa, this is too much. How can you not want to go back home to our parents and families? We were only on holiday..." Netossa nods, "Yes, but our holiday turned out to be much longer than either of us planned. We can talk more about this later. For now I think you need your rest." Spinnerella sits back, "I'm tired of resting! I want my life to be the way it was, before all this." The dancer motions around the room.

"I understand. But there is no going back Spinna. We've both been through something... there's just no going back." The two close friends look at each other, so close but they are both in different places.

In yet another section of Bright Moon, Angella gathers Adora, Bow, Mermista, and Frosta into her throne room to discuss the events from last night. They wait for Netossa, who eventually shows up after leaving Spinnerella alone. Angella begins, "Does Spinnerella know anything at all about last night?" Netossa sits next to Bow and Adora, "No. She is just very tired. She woke up to Minwu already on the floor."

"So now we are back to guessing who killed him." Frosta says crossing her arms. Mermista gives her a look, and Frosta adds, "What? We all saw the mess. There was no way he died of natural causes. I'm just saying." Sitting up Adora tries to focus, "If so, than we need to think about who could have killed him. All we know is that Perfuma was wondering the hall in a daze and the winged woman was also roaming the healing bay." Frosta smirks, "We really need to give that winged thing a name."

"Is there anyone who hated Minwu?" Bow asks. Angella thinks the questions over, "I don't believe so. He was a healer, his life's work was helping others escape from pain." No one has any answers, except for Frosta, "Are we all going to sit here and play dumb? I can't believe no one is saying it. That winged creature that was stolen from the Horde Labs seems a likely candidate to me. She/he/it, whatever, has some impressive strength. In fact Adora even said she saw the thing nearly attack Minwu during an examination."

Adora quickly speaks up, "But it was a reflex to being poked and prodded. I don't think she was trying to hurt him." Frosta rolls her eyes, "Oh darling, please. Why must you all be so dense. That winged thing with the insectoid ding-a-ling was bred by the Horde to kill us. It was called a 'Winged Warrior.' I just don't understand why no one is getting it yet."

"We all get it Frosta, but there has been no proof that she killed Minwu! Perfuma even said so herself, the Horde was failing at creating these 'Winged Warriors.' They probably were going to kill her." Mermista says trying to be a voice of reason. "Darling, the Horde didn't kill her though. And now she is killing us." Frosta wants to say more, but Angella quiets everyone.

"I have an idea about what happened, but I have been worried about saying anything. I looked over Minwu's body this morning. I found bite marks on his neck and the right side of his stomach." Everyone looks at Angella, wondering what that all means. "Are you saying that someone tried to eat him?" Netossa asks, disgusted at the mere thought. Angella shakes her head, "No. I am suggesting that someone wanted his blood. I hate even saying this, but I think Perfuma killed him."

Bow jumps up, "Angella, that can't be!" Angella nods, "Bow, I understand. None of us would want to think that, but Perfuma was bitten by a Pyre in the Midnight Lair. She experienced intense cravings for blood..."

Refusing to believe a word of this, Adora speaks up nearly giving her dual identity away, "But I... I seem to recall that She-Ra took Perfuma to the Crystal Castle. She purged those cravings from her system..." Mermista and Netossa nod in agreement. "I hear what you are saying Adora, but she purged the intense cravings. We were told that she would still experience some slight cravings for blood every now and then..."

"She wouldn't kill Minwu over a craving! She loved him..." Mermista says, hoping this couldn't be true. Frosta challenges the idea, "Perfuma has been acting weird. She took something from the Fright Zone without even thinking of the safety of others. Let's not forget that she nearly hurt me over the cocoon..."

The throne doors slam shut loudly, causing everyone to jump. They turn to see Perfuma staring at them, "I was not trying to hurt you Frosta. I was trying to stop you." The flower maiden walks towards her friends, "So you all think me a murderer now? Yes?" Adora shakes her head, "No, we don't Perfuma..."

"I did not kill him! You have to believe me! I did not kill Minwu, I loved him. I was in the healing bay last night because I wanted to stay with the winged woman. I didn't want her to be scared. She slipped out of the room though and when I went to look for her I heard the screams. That was when I saw him... on the floor... with all that blood..." Perfuma starts to cry, shaking so much that she nearly stumbles to the floor. Mermista quickly helps her to a seat. "I didn't do it Mermista..." Perfuma looks at her friend, hoping for an understanding. Mermista nods, holding onto her friend.

Angella glides over towards Perfuma, "I'm sorry that I ever said anything. Is it possible though that your cravings could have been too great? Perfuma, we need to find out what happened to Minwu..." Breaking away and snapping at Angella, Perfuma spits out, "I didn't kill him! I didn't!"

"What about your winged friend?" Frosta asks. Perfuma glares at Frosta, "Don't say another word about my friend. I've heard enough from you." The look of anger on Perfuma's face quickly melts into despair and sadness. Angella stands up, "I think for now we just need to remain calm. Let's get through the night and then we can look into the matter further." Mermista walks Perfuma back to her room.

Frosta gets up, "Well I hope you all saw the look of crazy on Perfuma's face. She is dealing with some demons, and I think she is dangerous. I'm not alone in this am I?" Frosta stands ther looking for validation. Adora whispers, "I can't picture Perfuma hurting a single soul. She has always wanted to help people, but she hasn't been the same."

Angella walks towards the exit, "That reminds me of something she said last night. When I saw Perfuma in a daze, she had asked, 'what did I do' and I don't want to think the worst. However, Perfuma may actually be a danger." Adora and Bow look at each other, neither can believe this to be true.

Leaving her throne room, Angella motions for some guards tp approach her, "I would like a guard to stand by Perfuma's room until further notice. I would also like her to receive a sedative of some sort. I want to make sure that she isn't a danger." To herself and us, Angella thinks not even sure what they are all up against.

Back in the main hall of Bright Moon, people everywhere are getting the decorations and other items together. Glimmer and Sea Hawk are chattering. The pirate is actually looking forward to the Night of the Glitterbugs, which is a big surprise to the both of them. Soon a familiar voice calls out in the distance, "Glimmer! Glimmer!"

Full of smiles, Glimmer turns to see Castaspella approaching them, "Oh goodness you are here!" Glimmer hugs Casta, "Of course I am here! And miss a party like this? Where is your mother?" Castaspella looks regal and stunning. Her hair is swept up in a high ponytail. Sea Hawk bows and offers his hand, "We have fought the Horde together, but I have forgotten your name. You are?"

"Out of your league." Castaspella smiles sweetly, "Now come along Glimmer, I want to talk to Angella." The two women rush off in the excitement of things to come.

Preparations are still under way. Adora talks with Madame Razz about Minwu. "Well dearie, we should be on her side, because there is no way that Perfuma killed him." Adora nods as they both continue to talk about the current events at Bright Moon...

Mermista is working with Frosta on some last minute items. Frosta groans, "I don't even feel like celebrating. I still don't understand the importance of these Glitterbugs." Mermista shrugs placing small shells on a wreath, "Frosta, the Glitterbugs come out from their trees only once a year. It is actually meant to be a night of love and romance because the Glitterbugs are leaving the trees to mate and produce even more Glitterbugs to continue protecting the Whispering Woods." Making an exaggerated gagging sound, Frosta sticks her tongue out, "That is disgusting! So we are all supposed to run around the woods jumping for joy that a bunch of microscopic sparkly bugs are humping all in the air? I really hate this place." Mermista can only laugh...

Castaspella sits inside Angella' room as Angella gets ready. "I can't believe the Horde has Peekablue. My dear friend must be saved, Angella..." The Queen of Bright Moon nods, "We are working on that Castaspella, but there are a few other things that have also occurred." Angella proceeds to share with Castaspella the sad loss of Minwu and the potential for a murderer on the loose. "I can't believe he is gone. He was such a fantastic healer. And Perfuma may be responsible? I can't believe it..."

Angella nods, "None of us want to believe it, but she hasn't been her usual self. Castaspella, I am worried about her. I'm also worried about this winged woman..."

Night greets Bright Moon as crowds gather to find the perfect spot for the celebration. Glimmer is so thrilled and happy, even though things do seem strange. "Where is Perfuma?" She asks, as Mermista answers, "I think she may be resting..." Looking off into the distance, Mermista hopes their friend is well. With a guard at her door, no one can see Perfuma for thetime being. Angella greets the crowds and commends everyones hard work to help with the festivities. Frosta crosses her arms dreading the entire evening. Bow and Adora stand to the side, trying to remain happy, but in the face of everything they have been through they find it difficult. Netossa and Spinnerella sit perched on a balcony overlooking the crowds. They are anticipating a beautiful sight, though their thoughts linger on the loss of Minwu.

Soon the sparkly lights of the Glitterbugs slowly weaves and floats through the Whispering Woods. "That's it?" Frosta asks wondering where all the sparkly lights are at. Glimmer laughs shaking her head, "No. it is just starting! This lasts all night and the lights will get brighter." Glimmer heads off with Kowl and Madam Razz to tour the Whispering Woods. Frosta looks at Mermista, "Well darling? Ready to watch bugs do nasty things to each other?" Mermista laughs grabbing hold of Frosta's arm, "Come on lady. Who knows, maybe we'll find hot dates tonight." Smirking while looking at some men in the crowd, Frosta shakes her head "Hardly."

Adora and Bow walk together throughout the Whispering Woods. "Over here Bow! Look at the Glitterbugs." Adora points to a large swirl of glittery bulbs of light moving throughout the trees. Bow reaches out to Adora and kisses her impulsively. The mere act catches her off balance, though it does send a warm fuzzy feeling down her spine. "I'm sorry Adora, I've just been wanting to do that for awhile now."

"It's ok Bow. I know." Adora stares at him, they take each other in and kiss again. Breaking away Bow leans his head against Adora's, "I love you Adora. I love you so much." Looking at the heart on his chest plate, Adora can notice it is glowing red. "Bow, I love you too..."

"Then what's stopping us? I have been wanting to talk to you, and it never seems like the right time, but it will never be the right time if I don't take action now. I love you and am ready to spend the rest of my life with you. I am ready to shout it to the world, to all the Glitterbugs!" He laughs with joy and holds her tightly, "I want us to be a couple."

Adora breaks away, so much emotion washing over her body. This is too much to handle. "Bow, I don't know what to say right now..." He clasps her hands in his, "What's there to say? We love each other, let's not worry about another thing in the world..."

"But there is always something to worry about Bow. We just lost one of our friends. My brother is somewhere on this planet and I have no clue where. This isn't the right time..." Bow let's go, looking confused, "What do you mean?" Turning to stare into the woods at the mixture of light and darkness in the air, Adora goes on, "I love you, but I can't begin something with you. It isn't the right time, for many reasons." Feeling defeated, Bow whispers, "What reasons?" Shaking her head, Adora cries out, "For starters I will not parade a relationship in front of Glimmer. That girl is kind and sweet. She loves you Bow, and I would not want to hurt her."

"Glimmer is a big girl. She would be fine." Adora groans, "Bow, come on. It isn't right, and you know it." Taking a seat on the ground, Bow looks up at Adora, "This is just like when we were younger isn't it? We wanted to be together so badly, but couldn't. You were concerned about Catra and her feelings. This isn't the same thing Adora. Glimmer could never hate you, not matter what you do."

"That still doesn't make it right! Bow, are you listening to yourself?" Bow sighs, "I just want us to be together so badly." Adora sits on the ground across from Bow, "Why? Is it about sex or something? Why is it so important that we commit to something? We live in the same castle, we see each other every day! Why must we rush towards something more?"

Bow hangs his head and sighs, "I can't believe you think this is about sex. Adora, I knew the moment I first met you that I would want to share a life with you. Those eyes of yours were full of such compassion and kindness, my heart was never the same. I grew up an orphan. There was no one in my life. I want to build something special with you Adora. I always have. This isn't about sex."

He looks up at her, with blue eyes that melt her heart. She wants so badly to reach out and kiss him, to hold him. There is no denying her feelings, but it just can't be... "Bow I'm sorry I said that. I know that our special connection is more than that, but you don't understand... I can't be with you right now..."

"So help me to understand Adora. Why can't we be together? What is stopping you?" Bow looks at her, searching for answers and trying to understand. Adora shakes her heads and tells him the time is not right. Bow groans, "If you tell me that the time is not right because of the Horde or some other new threat, I will scream. There will always be a threat or some other problem. It is the nature of the world we live in. I need something better than that Adora."

With tears in her eyes, Adora looks at him, "I can't tell you right now. I am not being honest with you about something. And in order for me to give myself to you wholly, I must be honest. It is the only right thing." She wants to tell him she is She-Ra, that she is the most powerful woman in the universe. But she can't. There is too much risk. The Horde can never know that Adora and She-Ra are one in the same. This information would expose her weaknesses to her enemies in ways that would harm those she cares most about. "I don't understand Adora, what are you not telling me? Help me to understand."

Adora reaches out, clasping Bow's hands, "Trust me Bow. If you love me, please trust me when I say this is not the right time. I want to be able to tell you everything, but now is not that time. Please, please understand." Bow shakes his head and looks upset. He doesn't understand and his ego is hurt. He quickly gets up, "That's fine Adora. You call the shots. That's just great." Adora gets up as well, "Bow, please don't be upset." She reaches out to him and he brushes her off, "I'm not some chump Adora. I gotta go." She stands there and watches him walk off into the woods. Her heart is breaking, why must life be this difficult? Adora wonders what life is like when there aren't oppressive forces dictating the outcomes of many...

Else where in the Whispering Woods, Castaspella joins up with Mermista, Frosta, Madame Razz, Kowl, and Glimmer. A group of other people are walking with them as well. Castaspella holds onto Mermista's hand, "Angella told me everything." Mermista looks at her friend, they both look sad. As exciting and beautiful as the night is, for those that know of Minwu's demise, it is difficult to be in a celebratory mood.

Glimmer is taking the night in and enjoying the experience. The Glitterbugs are glorious. She turns to look at her friends, "Isn't this just beautiful? I am having such a great time." Frosta groans, "At least that makes one of us." Trying to cheer her friend up, Glimmer nags, "Come on Frosta, get into the festive spirit!"

Snapping slightly at Glimmer, Frosta stops in her tracks, "I don't care about a bunch of bugs fucking in the damn woods with glitter dust all over the place!" Everyone stops short and looks at Frosta. Glimmer is hurt and looks at her friends, "What is the matter with you all tonight?! You look like someone died. I don't understand." Thinking for a second, Glimmer covers her mouth, "Ok. I know what's going on. We all miss Double Trouble, but I know my cousin would want us to have a good time tonight. The Glitterbugs are making sure that the Whispering Woods can be protected!"

Frosta looks over at Mermista, "Get me out of here darling. I'm done with this mess." Mermista nods, she is ready to leave too. They are just too upset over Minwu and Perfuma. Glimmer notices that everyone is turning away, "Wait, you are all going to leave?" Castaspella smiles and says, "We're just gonna go back to the castle for refreshments. You have fun though." Glimmer nods as her friends walk away. Some of the other members of the crowd disperse to other areas of the woods. "I will have fun. By myself. And no one can stop me!" Glimmer is frustrated and sad. This night is supposed to be a night of fun and magic. "I bet Perfuma would stay with me." Suddenly Glimmer wonders, where is Perfuma...

Netossa and Spinnerella are on a balcony at Bright Moon. They are overlooking the woods and can see glorious swirls of sparkly glitter in the air. "Isn't this nice Spinnerella? It looks so beautiful." Netossa marvels. Spinnerella shrugs and looks down towards the ground as someone slowly walks into the castle...

Adora is still standing alone in the woods trying to understand why her life is complicated. Trying to find a solution to all the mess does not work. "I'm stuck." She turns to head back to the castle, when Sea Hawk arrives with a flower in his hand, "Hey princess. Glad I finally found you. The Night of the Glitterbug-thing is... interesting... to say the least."

"Yes, well it is a nice night for the Whispering Woods." She prepares to walk off when Sea Hawk keeps talking, "Hey, I got this for you." He hands her the flower. Cautiously taking it, Adora smells it. The scent is sweet, "Thank you. That was nice of you." The pirate shrugs, "Well it is my way of apologizing. I'm not used to being around a lot of women, so I don't always know how to talk or act. And the things I said when we were having dinner on my ship, were, a bit crude. I'm sorry."

Adora finds that somewhat nice, "Thank you. If you don't mind though, I'm going to head back to the castle." Sea Hawk jumps towards her, "Well wait now. I was thinking we could walk around and see these Glitterbugs that everyone keeps rambling on about. I helped with some decorations after all!" Adora can't help but chuckle at the thought of Sea Hawk helping with decorations, "You helped?"

Sea Hawk shrugs, "I may have been slightly drunk, but I still helped nonetheless." Nodding and biting her lower lip, Adora grins, "Of course. That makes sense." The two continue making small talk as they take a longer path back to the castle. Some of the sites they see of the Glitterbugs are remarkable. This diversion actually is nice Adora thinks to herself. There is too much sadness and this walk with Sea Hawk is refreshing. As they walk, neither notice a dip in the ground. Both Sea Hawk and Adora slip and tumble to the ground. Rolling on top of him Adora looks down at him. "Oh goodness, I am sorry." Preparing to get up, Adora is pulled closer by Sea Hawk. He kisses her and the sparks between their lip lock shock Adora to her core...

Inside the castle, Perfuma rolls over in her bed. Waking up from a deep sleep, Perfuma finds her wrists shackled to her bed. "Oh great. Really? They think I'm that much of a threat that they shackled me to my bed?" Perfuma struggles with her confines and can't break free. "Can someone help me please!" Perfuma sighs as she remembers that it is the Night of the Glitterbugs. Most everyone will be outside seeing the stunning sights. She wants to cry because the night would have been so special had Minwu been with her. Alive. "Oh Minwu, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry I lied to you about the cocoon. I'm so sorry. Why do you have to be gone?" Suddenly the room to her bedroom opens and Perfuma tries to sit up, "Oh good, are you here to set me free? I'm really not a danger..." A familiar voice calls out, "No, you aren't a danger. I am." Perfuma looks at her mystery visitor and gasps, "Rolf?!"

Outside in the Whispering Woods, Glimmer is alone. "My friends left me, no one wants to celebrate anything anymore. What a crock." Glimmer keeps walking trying to find more glittery light. "I just don't understand people anymore. This night is meant to be so much fun. But I'm having fun! I'm not going to let anyone bring me down, not mysilly crush on Bow, not my friends sour attitudes, not even the damn Horde! I'm going to be just fine!" Glimmer stops walking and notices there are no more lights. "I'm in the dark. Crap." Trying to see if there are any more Glitterbugs near her, Glimmer suddenly feels odd. "It shouldn't be this dark tonight..." A sound is made in the distance. Glimmer turns, "Hello?" Her heart starts to beat faster, she swears that someone is looking at her, in the darkness. Glimmer holds onto her staff and lights the tip with her powers. Another sound is made behind her. Glimmer decides that the night is over and heads in the direction of the castle. Beginning to run, she stops and hears a groan. Then out of no where something jumps out between the trees at her. Glimmer can only scream...

Inside Bright Moon Angella is heading towards her throne room with a guard. "I want you to find the guard I had posted at Perfuma's room. No one has seen him." The Bright Moon guard looks at Angella, "Yes my queen." The guard breaks away as Angella continues walking. She is feeling slightly funny. "Maybe I should have told the people about Minwu. Maybe the celebration should have been canceled."

Entering her throne room, Angella spots someone sitting on her throne, "Excuse me? Who are you? You shouldn't be in here. That is my throne." Angella stops in her footsteps as the person begins clapping. "Whoever said this was your throne?" Angella rushes towards the voice and gasps. Sitting before her is Vampra, deadly leader of the Pyres. Her blood red hair brighter than ever, Vampra growls, "I once ruled over all of Etheria. And now that I am free, my reign will begin anew. I think I will start with Bright Moon first..."

Next Time!
Battle at Bright Moon!
Catra and Entrapta have a lil girl talk...
Horde Prime throws a curve ball towards Etheria...


  1. nice . for espically love skelator being a prison cell and tieing his origin as keldor fused with demo man plus even Hordak not trusting him. poor glimmer she seems to not only be bad in love but now Perfumas little surprise from the cocoon has now taken her as its next victim.

    1. Thank you! I wanted to make sure I kept Skeletor's story as close to the mini-comics, cartoons, and bio as possible. There wil be some things about him that will be "new" and unique for this fanfic, but I really love what has been established for how Skeletor became Skeletor.

      And poor Glimmer indeed! As for who is jumping out after her, it might be the cocoon winged woman, and it might not! : )

  2. I love sea hawk even more now that I know he is a day drinker-I would need some hooch myself to deal with someone as aggressively chipper as Glimmer that early in the morning.
    Although the quote of the week award goes to frosta."bugs fucking in the woods" was priceless. Just even imagining the word fuck existing in the She-ra universe is hysterical.
    Glad old bone face made an appearance, and that he is not a willing servant of the horde.
    I don't remember Vampra though.
    I'll have to look into that character. Was she a vampire?

    1. I loved the exchange between Sea Hawk and Glimmer. I want to try and get everyone interacting with each other, not just in big fight scenes. So I loved the idea of Sea Hawk and Glimmer uniquely bonding. Because they are really sooo different, his wanting to drink and being a bit brash and her being cheery and looking at the bright side of things. No matter what Glimmer has been through, I want her to always have the lightness to her.

      As for Frosta's quote, I debated phrasing it like that because there are some words I do not want to use in this story. For example I don't use the word God or hell, or Earth. I want this to be a world where there are certain concepts and words that they don't know about. And "fuck" was going to be one at first, but then I thought it would be an appropriate word for Frosta because she tries to maintain a certain demeanor. And when she gets so upset or annoyed at something, I could imagine her saying something like that.

      Skeletor, for me, will always be about his own needs first and foremost. At one time the Horde may have served him a purpose, but now they do not. Though the Horde is totally trying to keep him in that vise grip.

      Vampra is a character I made up. She is not from the cartoon or toyline. Eternia had the Snake Men for a group of evil beings after the planet, and I wanted to have a group of similar beings that have long been trying to take over Etheria. So I thought it would be cool to have an ancient race of vampires on Etheria, but they are called Pyres and Vampra is their leader. The Horde has immobolized them, like they did with the Snake Men, but now the Pyres are making a comeback! I introduced them in Part 1, and in the next chapter there will be a recap on them.

  3. Maybe sea hawk and glimmer could get something going on-There are really only two big male characters in the rebellion, and I know he's got a think for Adora, but so does Bow. There aren't really a lot of males to go around for all the ladies. Although I do seem to remember seeing pics of Frosta being pretty sweet on He-Man,but he seems predestined to be with Teela-which I don't know, I was never a huge Teela fan-she makes sense for Adam, but not so much for He-Man.
    I forget how much you've delved into these characters sexual experience levels -but glimmer has GOT to be a virgin-am I right? Frosta seems like she's been around the block a bit, either that or she just talks big. But Glimmer needs to have some sex.
    And you have to be careful about what words can and cannot be used in a world without a God or a Haven or Hell. Fuck, shit, cock etc. etc. can be used in a world without a heaven or hell to believe in, but you used "damn" in this one somewhere. I'ts a theological query, but would "damn" still exist without hell? I mean "doom" could, you could be doomed to anything, but "damn" is pretty explicitly religious. Maybe Etherians have a different place they damn things to. Like Despondos or somewhere.

    1. Well I don't know that Glimmer and Sea Hawk would get it on, but I do view Glimmer as a virgin in this story. I actually think of most of the characters being virgins, if only because there have been other experiences and worries that they have had to deal with, so recreational activities like sex, lol don't really happen as often.

      And as for damn, I think of it more like being akin to a curse or a hex, or condemning something. Like I don't usually think of that word being only assoiated with religion. I know that it has been used in religious scripture and goes hand in hand with that, but I could also imagine that word coming up in some sort of context. Especially when Etheria has been plagued by oppression and oppressive forces. So I don't think if the word was used that it would be like, "I'm condemning you to hell." If that makes sense. I do think that the word damn would exist without hell.

      And in terms of curse words, I guess what I should say is that those words would exist, but I don't know that they would be used regularly. I dunno. I guess that is just my own preference though because I may use certain curse words in my daily life, but I don't know that they need to be over used. I feel like once those words are used over and over, something gets lost. I don't know how to explain it. Like in our society certain curse words elicit a reaction, they are loaded. I'm not sure that they would be loaded in the same way. Like I can't imagine Catra and Adora fighting and saying, "I hate you bitch!" or "Oh you are such a bitch!" Like I feel like it would be comical. I would need to go back and see if I have used that kind of sentence before, but I think that in some instances the use of a curse word could makethe dialogue come off campy or a bit over the top. I hope I am making sense. It does make it hard though, because there are times where I want to write something but once it is typed, I'm like, "Would I like hearing that? Or would it seem off or silly?" I dunno, it gets tricky.

    2. And as a P.S. there are a few reasons why religion is not really brought up in this story. One is personal, I wouldn't want religion to try and mirror how it is thought of on Earth, but the other has to do with magic. The way I have thought of it on Etheria, is that with the use of magic and having these powers, Etherians have not really had to formalize ideas on a god or whatever. I hope this doesn't sound vague, but it is something that will be addressed as the story goes on, sort of as an aside.

  4. Even Frosta's a virgin? She seems so "been there, down that darling!"
    I guess another point to consider is, how old are these girls supposed to be?
    I don't remember if ages were ever revealed for the characters in anything before-I know Adam is supposed to be a teen so that would make Adora a teen too right? If they are twins. But if they transform do their physical bodies age for that time?
    I have always felt He-Man came across as an adult and so did She-Ra. Like when they transform they must age to be in their 30's.
    And the other girls, I dunno, Glimmer seems youngish-but all of them were drawn to look pretty mature. Late twenties early 30's looking to me. Of course, when I was a kid teenagers looked very old to me, like being 16 was like being a hundred years old. I guess it's all in your perspective.
    Religion in fiction is always tough- I guess in Star Wars you have the force, which is complex but they seem to get it, and there doesn't seem to be a supreme being. In Marvel comics meanwhile, you have characters rooted in Christianity like "the son of Satan"-interacting with Greek Mythological characters like Hercules and Norse Mythological characters like Thor who all have their various gods and godesses to answer to! It's a sticky wicket.

    As for swearing-I understand if you don't want to use that kind of language for character based reasons, like "Adora would be too proper to say that" and such, but I do see Catra as being someone who use the word bitch in combat.
    I don't think you have to worry about swearing making the dialog seem too campy because nothing in the history of the universe has ever been as campy as the motu universe! I don't think anything could make it more campy. In fact, the swearing is one of the aspects of your fan fic-(along with the drinking) that makes it slightly more realistic feeling than the actual shows were. I personally LOVE camp-but there are two kinds of it. The camp that's intended to be camp ( like the films of John waters, the Adam West Batman Show, Rocky Horror) and camp that had been intended to be taken seriously, but was later recognized for it's camp value (50's B movies, old comic books, some soap operas) I think motu fits in the second category because the audience it was intended for was children. So they were supposed to take it seriously. It wasn't like Batman of the 60's show where kids took it seriously, but the adults could watch it too and get that they were winking and nudging the whole time.When your a kid it's action adventure, when you see it as an adult it's hilarious intentional satire.
    My comic book characters I've created as a writer/cartoonist are all that type of cheesy on purpose kind of thing. I love that feel, cuz you can come up with something as ridiculous as having a girl become a flying cave woman with a magic spear that the characters will take seriously, but you know the audience will laugh at how insane it is. It's more fun for me than being straight up "funny" where you need to have a gag at the end of every single line, or straight up "serious"-where you have to be super dark about things like death and violence.
    I like how in your fic for she-ra, you mix in the down to earth reality of the horror of death and such, but that you haven't lost touch of the ability to embrace the campy feel of the original by doing things like making a character be named "Vampra" with a species called "pyres"-which is in touch with the original feel because it's in the vein of having a character whose a mechanic, who has a mechanical neck, whose name is "Mechaneck."
    It's an interesting mixture, and I have to wonder if in your own original fiction, with characters you've invented yourself, if you lean more towards a camp style, a realist approach, or this "Search for Honor" type of a mix.

    1. Well I think most of the characters are virgins. Frosta is not one of them. lol I wouldn't say she is a globe trotter, but she has experienced intimacy. I wouldn't say it is a frequent event, but that is partially due to just who she is as a person. She is, in a word, picky. Now as for the others, it may be obvious for some, but for others I will leave it with a bit of mystery.

      But with aging, I have always thought of them as being in their 20s. I know Adam was meant to be seen as a teen, but in this story I like to think of them as being a lil older. Angella is obviously older because she is Glimmer's mother, but I think the group of Adora, Bow, Catra, Sea Hawk, Perfuma, and Mermista are very close in age, while Frosta is a couple years older and Glimmer is a couple years younger. Castaspella is in between Frosta and Angella. I think of the Adora group as being in their mid 20s and Glimmer is in her early 20s.

      Now I do think these characters have concepts on death and what may happen after they die, but I kinda think of it as, once the Horde has taken what it wants from a planet, than all the hope and magic that is gone leads to despair which then leads to people wanting to search for a god and forming religion as a way to cope with the loss of magic making thinks easy in many aspects of life.

      Now I love camp (I am a huge soap fan) but I like a blend of things. I like it all. I like crazy campy out of control moments that can then become serious or filled with action. I think a good story has to have all kinds of storytelling tools to make it something worth investing in. Because you are right, a story with a character named Vampra can not be taken too seriously, but there is so much love and excitement for these characters that it is also taken seriously too. I love stories with a bit of everything.

      As for my own stories that I have created myself, it all depends on what I want to tell. Some stories lend to a mix of things, while other stories are just pure camp while some can be serious. It really just depends on what I am wanting to tell. I'm glad you like these various elements and also embrace camp. I feel like sometimes people don't know what to think about camp and it gets a bad reputation.

  5. I think the movie "Batman and Robin" ruined the reputation of camp forever in the mainstream. Although, when I watch that movie on tv when I'm drunk, I actually really enjoy it! It's like so over the top that it falls into the so bad it's good territory. My friends and I when I worked at DQ always used to quote Mister Freeze!
    Problem is, after the first Tim Burton Batman movies and the animated series first incarnation, the mainstream couldn't accept a campy batman anymore. In the comic books he had been heading towards the "dark night" image ever since the 70's-but in the cartoons that aired up until BMTAS (like Super Friends) they still depicted him as campy, so it was really the first Tim Burton Film that caused the sea change in how mainstream America saw Batman. Batman the Brave and the Bold was a good attempt at bringing camp back into the animated cartoons, and even the Justice League Animated Series(which was maybe the best superhero cartoon ever) which was a continuation of BMTAS could often get pretty campy. But in the movies people want "the Dark Knight" now, and they despise the camp image of the silver age stuff and TV show. It's a shame because people forget sometimes that comic books are supposed to be fun. Darkness is fine too, but can't we have room for both? I mean these are people in capes for cripes sake! How seriously can we take this stuff? "Avengers" was a good balance, not dark at all,but with serious moments, just the right amount of camp and some intentional outright comedy-but of course it was Joss Whedon so I shouldn't have expected anything less.
    Will you ever post your original character material on the blog? Or would you want to get it copyrighted first?I am going to start a website for my comics at some point( at which point I guess I will probably have to reveal to you my real name so you can see them!)but I'm gonna see if I can copyright my "universe" first, because I heard you can do that instead of doing one character at a time.

    1. Well I do have a secret confession, there are parts of Batman and Robin that I do actually enjoy. Ume Thurman's Poison Ivy was a lot of fun. I think the dark stuff isn't bad, but I really enjoy when there is a mixture. Especially when there is a nod and wink style of humor too. I like the characters providing a sense of humor in their context, but also saying something that is like an inside joke for the audience. Those moments are really fun, which is one reason why I love reading X-Men comics. And Joss Whedon is fantastic. Super fantastic. His run with Buffy and even the Astonishing X-Men was just amazing. If they were going to do a sequel to the original X-Men movies, I would want him involved. I really think he knows how to blend all kinds of great story elements together.

      I would maybe post the original character material on here, but I would get it copyrighted first. I am a trusting person and couldn't imagine that someone would want to take my ideas, but I also wouldn't want to leave anything open. I will eventually share that though, I think people would be interested in it. and you better let me know when you get a site set up for your comics, your ideas sound so cool and I look forward to seeing what you do with it. : )

  6. Actually Whedon I believe was a script doctor on the first X-Men movie-or one of them, I believe he was the one who wrote the line where Wolverine call's Cyclops a dick.
    I didn't know you read comic books! I thought you just watch cartoons and collect toys but you read Astonishing X-Men? What other comics do you read?

    The problem with my website is that I'm a control freak, I had wanted to work with a friend but he wanted to draw everything and I couldn't give up ALL of the art to someone. I may not be the worlds greatest cartoonist, but I like my style, and I couldn't just stick to writing. So now I'm going to be writing, inking, lettering, penciling and coloring all the comics myself, and I plan on doing seven different original series that will be ongoingon the site-I.E each character gets his or her own title to run on the site and each title will be about 22-23 pages per issue, like a normal comic book. So that's a lot of work. Fortunately I have at least the first five issues plotted for each character-and the other thing that helps is that my artwork style is(if you can picture this) a mix of Archie Comics, Harvey comics (I.E Casper, Richie Rich, Hot Stuff) and Hanna Barbera.( the more human looking Hanna Barbera stuff like Jabberjaw, scooby, and the HB superheros like Space Ghost, Galaxy Trio etc. that were designed by Alex Toth-also influenced by the shows that mixed the hero stuff with funny stuff, like Frankenstein Jr. and the Impossibles)

    So, even though the stories are more or less campy super hero fare, the art style is very cartoony. This is easier to do than drawing ultra realistic like modern mainstream comics, so it shouldn't take me forever to launch at least the start of it.

    1. Oh my goodness! Your site sounds like it is going to be really good. I look forward to you getting it up and running. It sounds really cool. The drawing styles also sound really cool! I really look forward to the launch of your site.

      And I do read comics. Mostly X-Men titles, I have been reading steadily since 2000-2001, but I was reading on and off during the late '80s early '90s. I also read the Saga comic as well as the Mega Man series because I like how they are basically turning the video games into comic stories. I would probably read other titles, but with so many X-Books to read from, it is very difficult to read other stuff. What comics do you read?

  7. I used to be a Marvel guy when I was a kid. My favorite title was -well, all of the Spider Man titles.Spidey really was the best super hero from about 1962 to 1994. He was funny, an every man and an antihero. The Sam Raimi films by the way, don't capture spider man as a character at all, mostly due to Tobey Maguire's awful portrayal. He does a good version of how Peter Parker acted when he was really nerdy and young , like in the first couple issues of the book-but he evolved into a funny confident, sarcastic awesome guy by the second year of the title. The movies make Peter Parker a complete dork who isn't even likable at all, and they don't make spiderman nearly funny enough with his quipping. It really made me mad, such a good director fucking up such a great character. (and would it have been so hard to have him make web shooters like he has in the comic instead of changing it to being organic?) I didn't even bother with the new spider man because I get so pissed off whenever they try to do a movie about him.
    Anyway, I loved spidey comics, but this was before they blew the continuity to hell and introduced "the scarlet spider" and made us believe that the Peter Parker we knew for years was a clone. This turned out to not be true, but the stain it left on the continuity could never be removed. I sort of dropped out of being a regular reader then of mainstream comics then. When I was young though I collected whatever books I could get my hands on.
    Then, in college, after I loved the Justice League cartoon and the Teen Titans cartoon so much, I started trying the DC titles more. They weren't that good at the time, but now, they relaunched the DC universe with this "new 52" thing. 52 rebooted titles starting over from a new issue one. There are no good comic book stores around where I live anymore so I have to buy the titles at the local grocery store like I did when I was really young! But the titles are good. I buy Jim Lee's Justice League every month now, and the Flash has been good lately too.
    i also collect any old comics I can get, I love silver age stuff. And this is goofy, but I always buy Betty And Veronica every month. Archie has had a big influence on how I draw my girls.
    I always read x-men, it was THE most popular comic book in the 80's and 90's. but I was never obsessed with it. I actually thought they did a good job with the x-men movies because it would be impossible to make them exactly like the comics, so they had to just pick elements. But Patrick Stewart as the prof was perfect! And I really loved Ellen Page as Kitty in the oft-maligned third film.

    1. Well I have read a few Spider Man comics in my day, but not enough to say I am a huge fan of him. I do like him as a character though and his sense of humor is reall fun. I love whenever there is a scene with him and Black Cat. the banter is always fun to read. Now I do like sme DC characters, I just have never really read anything. I've always heard good things though about particular arcs and whatnot. And I do follow the changes that go on, like the whole 52 thing. I just haven't read it. lol Maybe that will change.

      I do love Betty and Veronica. I used to read them a lot when I was younger, and I pick up some books every now and then. I love them. Archie comics are actually really good. I have always loved them, they were basically the old school 90210 teen type story. I love it.

      Now X-Men is a big deal for me because it was really the first comic series I was shown that really had such a great ensemble cast of female characters. There are so many diverse and wonderful female characters that I just have always liked reading the series. I also like the soapy elements that are also thrown into the series. As for Ellen Page as Kitty, I love the actress and the character but I never quite felt it. But I think that was because the third film had so much potential and it was just sort of meh. I mean after the first two, I was really expecting greatness, and the 3rd film just tried to tackle too much.