Sunday, July 29, 2012

Diary of a Dorkette Turns 1!!!

Well. I am not sure where I should even begin. Diary of a Dorkette turns one today! I can't believe I have been rambling on and on for a freakin' year. Time flies by when your havin' good toy talk, doesn't it? But it wasn't always about the toy talk.

I had no real clue in which direction I would take with this site. I really didn't. (And that shows in those first couple posts!) Either way I knew I wanted this blog to be a place for everyone to let their inner dorkette or dork loose. I wasn't sure how I was going to do that, but I figured it would involve toys both old and new.

I am a lover of toys. I also knew that I was in a slight minority being a woman that collects toys. I'm an old broad. That alone makes things rough in this world. I'm supposed to be "grown up" and focusing on learning how to drink wine and being sophisticated. Or whatever it is that old broads do. But I have always loved collecting and reveling in the excitement of all things dork.

So it is really nice that I have been able to find things to write about for a year. I really didn't think I'd have it in me. I mean honestly, some of those first posts were brutal. The pictures I took were even worse. My goodness! Along the way though I have tried to get better at things. I know how to use the flash on my camera now. And my goal is to maybe revisit those older posts and update some of the more crappier photos. Those pictures from the Wee Wild Things post are dull. I can barely make out what I am looking at. Or maybe my eye sight is just busted. Either way the Wee Wild Things deserve better.

Anyways I have enjoyed posting throughout this year, but I think the greatest thing I have gotten out of this blog has been getting to know so many other dorky folk around the world. You are all amazing and wonderful people! I can't even begin to tell you all how much it means to me that you all stop by to read a post, or two, or maybe even more. I value that so much. Your comments and emails are always fun to read and I love connecting with you all. Everyone has been kind and also so talented!

I don't think I'd know what other dorky folk were up to had I not started this site. I have really enjoyed visiting your sites and seeing what all you create. Being able to share that is just awesome. I hope to continue these connections and I look forward to any new people that I may potentially meet in the future.

I hope this is a place that can be fun. I firmly believe in creating a space for people to have fun and connect. To be free of judgement, were we can all laugh and respect each other. Some people don't understand why a grown person would still get giddy to a trip to Toysrus, but collecting is not all about the toys. Dolls and action figures are great, but they should not be the complete source of someones happiness. Instead it is those friendships that develop and come out of something like collecting. I can't stress this enough, it has been wonderful getting to know each and every one of you. Thank you for reading!

So Diary has been around for a year. That also sort of got me thinking about all the stuff I have posted. A friend asked me, "Which ones are your favorite? Because I've never read your site, and if I were, I'd like to know where to begin..." I'm not even sure how to answer that one, but I know I have really enjoyed all the Toy Chest Tuesdays. My first Toy Chest Tuesday was on Mattel's Wee Wild Things. I was a bit snarky. I was trying to lovingly poke fun at parts of the toyline, but oh how I love Wee Wild Things. Since then I have done my best to do a Toy Chest Tuesday every Tuesday (sometimes Thursday!) I enjoy going through my archival room and finding something fun to talk about.

Another post that has been a favorite of mine was the Toy Regrets posts. The first one, The True Time Travel Value, has been such a favorite story to tell. I still can't believe my brother and I experienced that. When I posted that story I emailed my brother and asked him to read it. (He lives far away.) I don't usually request my family and friends to read my site, because I know it is a lot of material that does not totally interest them, but my brother loved that post. He called me and we were both crying at all the wonderful memories we had growing up. I love, love, love that post.

I miss adding to the Night of the Living Roach series. I don't know that it has been the most popular feature on this blog, but I love them. Well... I don't love roaches. But I do love the crazy stories that are part true and part exaggeration on my many dealings with the vile and evil Roaches. If you've ever had to deal with a roach, check those stories out. They are a messy mixture of pop culture and gross out insect gore.

I also have enjoyed the Adora's Search for Honor fanfic posts. The world of She-Ra has always been an important place for me to visit, either through the old cartoon, toys, or whatever. I always find myself caught up in the magical world of Etheria with She-Ra and all her friends. So sitting down and typing up those chapters is so much fun. I never thought I would ever want to share that with anyone else in this world, but I am glad to have the courage to do that. Let's face it, the writing could be better, but it comes from my heart. I love those characters so much. (I even speak the dialogue out loud when no one is around. I'm totally not cray though.)

There are also many other posts that I have enjoyed writing up. This site is something I love doing and I hope that has been apparent. I look forward to continuing many more! I have a lot of stuff to ramble on and on about! So get ready folks, this week is going to be a good one! Toy Chest Tuesday is going to feature a very special toy. I will also be crowning a new Heroic Hottie, for August. And a new chapter will be ready for She-Ra Saturday! I may also post something on Nerdsociety, a site that I have been invited to post on from time to time! I feel very honored to have been invited.

Thank you all again for continuing to visit. I appreciate you all, I really do. So I will leave you all with some fun Dorky Snaps: Birthday Edition!

Every Dorkette needs a bit of beefcake for her birthday! Love, He-Man

Ghoul, here's a cake for you. You just need to bake it yourself. (We'd most likely melt.)
Sincerely, Frankie, Cupid, and Clawdeen.

Happy Birthday Diary of a Dorkette! From: your archival room. (You really are dorky...)

Don't even ask why I have so many boxed cake mixes. There are more in my pantry but some have expired. Looks like I will need to be doing some baking this weekend. Is it safe to bake expired cake mix? Until next time! Take care everyone!


  1. Well, happy birthday or anniversary! It's always nice to get through a year, it can be rough coming up with what to write, show, ect...
    Some of the really exceptional things that have been presented to your readers are your great photos--regardless of the older pictures. You have a great display with a lot of your photos and that is visually pleasing. Mine are usually on a shelf, radiator cover or even the headboard of my bed (how lame is that)! Your photos are presented with great care, display and what-not that they bring a real interest into the article itself.

    Keep going and enjoy Nerdsociety, write as much as you like.

    Finally: DO NOT USE EXPIRED CAKE MIX, ITS VERY DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!!!! You can however, toss the mix package and keep the boxes for photographs, open the bottom then either glue or tape the bottom closed and they will look like new!

    Once again, congrats on your first year Dorkette!

    1. Thank you Paladin! I'm not sure if it is happy birthday or anniversary? lol I mean what would one call this? Thank you for the comment on the pictures. I am always trying my best to make the pictures fun and have them tie into whatever it is I'm writing about. I also recently bought this gorgeous vase that will hopefully go really well with a Mermista Classics. I look forward to that!

      Thank you for the comment! I enjoy Nerdsociety, it is a great site.

      and I won't use expired cake mix! lol I'm not about to get sick or anything for Duncan Hines. : )

  2. Miss M Thanks to you for bring us those GREAT moments reading all your posts!!
    It's funny i also have Cake boxes to bake xD

    1. No problem Nastyroker! Thank you for always reading and commenting. I hope you are well, and good luck with the cake baking! : )

  3. Happy 1 Year!! A whole year and I *still* haven't gotten any Wee Wild Things yet. (But I did just pickup a new Hollywoods doll... remember those? with the molded on sunglasses and color change hair? Yeah, I need more stuff!)

    Anyway, I am always curious to see what comes up when I visit your blog, Miss M. My favorite regular features have got to be Toy Chest Tuesday and Toy Regrets. Heroic Hotties are quite fun too. And sometimes just a rant about your beloved soaps will cause me to crack a smile, even tho I haven't watched soaps in years (though I'm guessing if I was to tune into General Hospital, it would probably be "later the same day" Felicia still on there? always loved Felicia and her quirky voice. and did Jason Quartermaine ever get his old memories back or get out of the mob? and what about Brenda, I love Brenda too!)

    So happy that you've got a collection of regular commentors, too... see, I just had to get things going like the trendmaker that I am (not). Looking forward to another year of dorky fun... and honestly, who cares if it's dorky, the fun is what's important, right?

    - TJ

    1. Oh TJ! I will never forget your comment! I knew that some people I already knew had been reading this site, but you were the first comment I read from someone I had never spoken to before. And I have enjoyed your comments ever since! (You are a total trandmaker!) I hope you are doing well. I totally remember Hollywoods dolls. I have come close to purchasing some, but I never do. And I really hope you get a Wee Wild Thing soon. They are just the best.

      As for GH, Felicia is back on the show, though she has been recurring as of late. Jason got his memories back but he is still in the mob. But with the new writers it seems like that might change. Brenda comes and goes, I wasn't watching the last time she was on, but I think she married Sonny and then it all went busted.

      Anyways I am glad you have been enjoying this site, I am happy that my writing has kept you coming back! I'm also glad to be on Jemcon! And yes, it is all about the fun! Dorky or not. : )

  4. Congratulations on you one year anniversary! I cant wait to see what great posts your 2nd year will hold.

    1. Thank you! I hope I can continue posting and keeping things fun. I am glad you have commented, because I have enjoyed reading your site! Very very cool stuff.

  5. Happy birthday, and congratulations on having created a blog worth reading! Actually yours may be the only blog I'm reading regularly at the moment.
    It bears mentioning that back when we as people were a year old, He-Man was still in it's prime! (I'm not sure exactly how old you are, but I'm guessing your close to my age) I know for me, when I was that old , Princess of Power hadn't even debuted yet! Wow, at one point there was a world without she-ra! must've been a terrible place-my memories are a bit fuzzy. I was very small child after all. And drunk. (kidding about that last part. I think.)

    1. Hey Spazzblister! lol that comment was funny. I am glad you have enjoyed reading! That is awesome. And I was very young when She-Ra debuted. So I knew He-Man first, but yeah, I can't imagine what a life without She-Ra would be like. Thankfully I didn't go through a large chunk of my life not knowing about She-Ra. I think I was about 4, maybe 3, when She-Ra came out and she totally forever changed my life.

  6. Congrats on your first year anniversary. for once i found this site have to admit i have enjoyed it espically the toy chest and regrets and Andora's search for honor. not to mention Jem the reunion you started. congrats cann't wait what the second year brings. and expired cake mix i would not try and bake unless you want to risk getting food poisoning

    1. Thank you demoncat4! I'm really glad you have enjoyed reading. I hope you continue to enjoy, and get ready, Adora's Search for Honor is only going to (hopefully) get better! I have some fun stuff planned. And don't worry, no expired cake mix for this dorkette!

  7. Miss M - A big congratulations on your first year! It's been a lot of fun and I know it's only the beginning! Hopefully we will run into each other at a con or some event one day. Just remember you have a fellow geek friend in Jersey over at The Sexy Armpit!

    1. Oh I have enjoyed reading your site and getting to know you! I hope we do run into each other at a con or something, that would be so cool. I hope you are doing well, and people need to totally be checking out The Sexy Armpit! (over in my list of cool spots, for the uninitiated!)