Wednesday, January 31, 2018

All My Toys: Assholes In Space!

Dear Diary,

I agreed to marry a monster. A madman. A Super Natural weirdo with a hologram chest hiding the most sinister of flames. Anyways. Here's the deal. I am stuck in space with this madman named Burnheart who wants me dead because I killed his one true love Lady Kale. (Remember that crack pot?) Anyways, he is planning on making me watch him blow Earth up with everyone I have ever known and loved unaware that their deaths are close at hand. All for revenge. What a total tool. Also, my dearest Ed is back from the dead and on this ship with me. I only hope he avoids doing anything stupid. Please Ed, do not do anything stupid.

-Miss M

Monday, January 22, 2018

All My Toys: Danger in Space!

Previously on All My Toys,

With the arrival of the mystery Burnheart from outer space, Miss M was quickly swept away by his declarations of love and the bonding of their star essence. Together their newfound love grew quickly and developed into an engagement with plans of a wedding. In other parts of the world Bruce Wayne came across Moth Lady and a little girl that looked suspiciously like Bruce and Miss M's deceased daughter Yvie. Unknown to Bruce the little girl is indeed Yvie.

Rushing back to town, Bruce and a few other of Miss M's former lovers tried to stop the wedding. With so many men professing their love there was only one thing left to happen. Burnheart quickly shut the power down and whisked Miss M away onto his spaceship to marry her privately in his space kingdom.

Of course that has never been Burnheart's true goal. His true intentions were soon revealed, he is planning on killing Miss M. Miss M has no idea. Luckily her dear friend Ed (she met him in the After Life when they were both once dead) is a stowaway on the ship. This can't end well.