Saturday, December 31, 2016

Farewell 2016!

We hardly knew ya! Actually we knew too much. Click the link and learn what is new with the dorkette of your dreams. Or nightmares depending. I'm not judging.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

All My Toys: Enter the V

Dear Diary,

Whoa. It's been awhile. 2016 is over with though right? No. Almost over. We have a few more weeks. We can do this Diary! We can survive! It's been a crazy year. The toy world was thrust into a post apocalyptic mad world. Kinda at my own hands. Sorry world. I'm still kinda in hiding because the entire toy world hates the ground I walk on and probably wishes I'd just sit on a big rock. Or whatever. Count Chocula is president in what some are calling a rigged election at the hands of Cobra. A mess. I did get to star in the new Jaws 5 film. Not just star, but I actually got to become the lead role! It all happened so sudden. I was only supposed to be an extra but then somehow Mark Hamill the director saw a bigger vision and said, "Miss M, you will be the star of Jaws 5!" It was so unexpected. However I can't say anymore about the movie. We wrapped filming a little while ago. That's kinda why I've been so quiet on here. At some point soon they will release the behind the scenes super special making of the movie thing all about Jaws 5. You'll go behind the lens and really see how this highly anticipated sequel to the iconic Jaws series made it to the big screen. This will also be my chance to fall into the good graces of the world again. I'm tired of always leaving my home in secrecy. 

Oh Diary, there's one more thing. Bruce Wayne and I are struggling. We are both still in pain from the loss of our daughter Yvie. It's put a strain on our relationship. He keeps begging me to meet him in public for a real life date among other things cough-sexual relations-cough but I'm just not ready for (writes in a whisper) sex. Well... I guess I'm finally ready for the actual date though. It does look like I've been stringing him on a long while now. So that's it. I'm about to get ready to meet my weird boyfriend for dinner at Tres Bliss. Let the toy soap opera commence!

-Miss M