Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fish Out of Water

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope this day brings forth much candy eating goodness and a few scary stories or two. I was just recently scared by a co-worker. I tend to get lost in thought and before I know it, someone is walking up behind me to say something, which freaks me out and I scream and jump. All the good stuff.

But that is not want I want to talk about. As some of you may know, I went through a recent ordeal of trying to acquire a Pizzazz costume last week. That little recap can be found right here. So my best guy friend's birthday is around Halloween, and every year we have a blast celebrating his birthday. One thing he loves to do every year is attend this block party in Midtown USA. It is quite an interesting night, because all kinds of really cool people show up. There are shiny hipsters. Regular folks who want to get their drink on. Bad ass lesbians. Ghoulishly chic gay men. Costume enthusiasts. All kinds of people show up to this block party and it is just a lot of fun. Great people watching and there are always great costumes. Folks turn it out.

So my excitement involved actually getting the chance to wear my Pizzazz costume. Last year we did this whole steam punk thing, and I ended up looking like a silly bar wench. Not cute. So I was getting ready over the weekend, slipping into the costume. Wearing that iconic green sock on one leg and a garter on the other. I was loving it! I just knew my costume was going to kill it. I had this really awesome smokey eye that was like neon smokey eye for the Pizzazz of the 21st century! I was just loving it. My dream for the night was that I was going to come across a Jem or something.

However, it all went to hell in a hand basket the moment I took the Pizzazz wig out. Oh ya'll. Where do I even begin? My heart sank into a warm pool of mushy goo. That wig was a hot mess. It looked nothing like the picture on the package. The top part looked like it had been ironed and there were just strips of hair and then you would see the netting for the wig cap. It was like Pizzazz had gotten into a cat fight. And lost. Miserably. I didn't know what to do, but all I could scream was, "I can't walk out of the house with this on my head! I will be the laughing stock!" This was not supposed to be happening!

I had no other choice but to remove my Pizzazz costume and quickly change into something else (because I was already running late.) I was heartbroken. So I threw on a low cut bandage dress from Bebe and was off. (I totally kept the green sock and garter on though. Why not, right?)

So I felt like a total loser once I met up with my friends, because they were all, "I thought you were going as Pizzazz?" Or, "What are you supposed to be?" It was a mess. But there was going to be a High Heel Race and a Costume Contest, so I was totally ready to enjoy that and get a good laugh, anything to make the night eventful. So there I was, standing in the cold (in my haste, I forgot a jacket) in sky scraper stilettos just chatting with people and laughing at this drunk flight attendant. (Oh he was a hoot!)

Anyways, the hosts for the High Heel Race and Costume Show were these extravagant drag queens and they were trying to get people to sign up for the festivities. As we were all talking and awaiting everything, this group of people looked over at me and said, "Get up there! Sign up for the High Heel Race!" I wanted to laugh. First of all, I only run if I am being chased or there is a sale. Secondly, I was in 5 inch heels with a platform sole. Really? My goofy ass was going to enter into a High Heel Race? Please.

Then they said, "Girl, there is a cash prize!" How much? "A hundred dollars!" A hundred dollars!? That's a down payment on the new Castle Grayskull! I'll sign up for a hundred dollars! And that is just what I did. I stupidly signed myself up for a High Heel Race that I quickly found out was going to pit me against a bunch of drag queens and one guy dressed like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland (the Tim Burton version.) I looked back like, "I gotta go. I can't do this." But damn that hundred dollars was calling my name! And not for nothing, I practically came out of the womb in heels, so this would be a piece of cake. Right?

So the race was about to begin, and this is why it is important to pay attention to the things that people say. There were going to be two races. The first race would be for the drag queens and the second race would be for anyone who was in a costume. I did not know this. So I headed towards the starting line with the drag queens.

As I was walking towards the starting line, this lovely old gay gentleman shouts out at me, "That's a fish! She's fish! She's cheating! We have a cheater! She's not supposed to race yet!" He was trying to get the crowd's attention. My heart stopped. All I could think was that an angry mob of gay men were going to come after me for trying to cheat at a race. So I looked at him like I was dumb and just kept going. Listen ya'll, a hundred dollars was at stake here ok? I had no other choice!

Well the starting line was something else. Every drag queen there had to be over six feet tall and all I could do was look up at everyone towering over me. At this point I really should have just given up. I mean what was I thinking? (I was thinking that I want that damn Castle Grayskull, and if anything the spirit of She-Ra would get me through this.)

One of the drag queens looked me up and down and gasped, "Hey wait a minute! No fair. You are used to being in heels!" I just tried to look innocent. I mean what the hell was I going to do? Then another drag queen spoke up, "I'm just letting you all know, I will push and shove." I was assuming that was a joke, but all I could think was Oh She-Ra get me through this! She-Ra, just get me through this! Not wanting to play the girl card, but I wanted to be like, "Hey, I know we are all ladies up here, but I am a real lady and I will not be getting hurt for this!"

So the countdown was set, and the starting line ribbon was yellow crime scene investigation tape. Really? This was not boding well for me. It was time. The countdown was done and we were off to the races. The crowd was screaming. I felt like the last kart in a game of Mario Kart. Everyone just took off like a bat out of hell. I tried to keep up, I really did.

Then it got crunk, because one of the contestants shoved (like she said she would) and a drag queen went down right in front of me. I screamed, "This just became an obstacle course!!!" I sidestepped the drag queen and was comforted with the fact that I would at least come in next to last place. Oh my goodness, that race was a mess. I couldn't run in five inch heels! Had this been a horror movie, Jason would have already gotten me. The saddest thing was that the fallen drag queen actually ended up passing me. F my life.

Once I finally rounded the damn corner (the track was a simple oval shape, think Baby Park on Mario Kart) and caught up to the finishing line, I thought that would be it. But no. I had to join the second race. So all I could think was, "Well the drag queens are done. It will just be me and the old Mad Hatter man. Surely I would win that! But the second race basically became the first race all over again, only with the inclusion of the Mad Hatter. By this point I could hardly breathe.

The countdown occurred yet again, and like before, everyone just took off. I personally do not understand how those drag queens could do it. I was so far behind, just completely behind. They could have lapped me had this been multiple laps. Anyways, I was ready to give up and forget the damn finish line, when all of a sudden, the crowd completely started cheering for me! I heard people scream, "Get it fish! Get it fish!" There were people standing there with their hands out, waving and high-fiving me on!

By this point I was mostly at a brisk trot, running had all but ended at the starting line. The crowd kept telling me, "You can do it!" And I kept shaking my head screaming, "But I can't! It's that damn McDonalds! I eat too many french fries!" Oh goodness it was a mess. I mean it is hard to run in 5 inch heels in a skin tight dress with a low cut in the front. I mean my top area was jiggly and bouncy. It was not cute. This was not Baywatch material, ok? I looked like a hot mess, and for what? I didn't even stand a chance against those drag queens. The Mad Hatter had given up right at the start. He was smart. But no one can say I didn't try. Right?

So anyways, after the High Heel Race debacle, I made it back to my friends. They were all laughing with me (or was it at me?) and really just in awe that I had actually tried to run like that in heels. One friend was like, "I've never seen you do anything physically active before! This was great!" I mean, I'm not that lazy people! Anyways, one sweet guy from the crowd came up to me and was like, "I just want you to know, I was rooting for you! I really wanted you to win, I always like rooting for the underdog." I smiled and simply said thanks. I am always the underdog. But at least I am the underdog in the cute shoes, even if I went home that night with a sore ankle and freezing cold skin.

I wish I could say I had some pictures to share of my awesome Pizzazz costume. But all I got for ya'll is my little story involving a fish out of water, trying to win some money so her She-Ra figures can have a home. A mess. Anyways, I hope you all have a very nice Halloween. Take care and keep it here! There are always really fun things just around the corner!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Toy Chest Tuesday! Scooby Doo!

Continuing with the theme of toys perfect for Halloween, I thought it best to check out some super cool Scooby Doo toys! Who didn't enjoy the old Scooby Doo cartoon? I loved that damn show with all its hokey glory. And don't even get me started on the old school Scooby Doo vitamins. I'd pop those like candy because they used to taste like candy. My mom would only dispense one at a time, because she knew better. Of course when I found myself staying the night with my grandmother or some other relative, I'd find ways to eat more. They were like SweetTarts, yet they also gave my anemic ass some much needed iron.

Anyways, I digress way too much. Back in 1999/2000 Equity toys released a really cool line of quite possibly the best Scooby Doo toys ever made. So let's check them out!

Scooby Doo

The first wave of figures featured a few versions of Scooby Doo as well as Shaggy and Velma. This version of Scooby Doo came with a box of Scooby snacks and some suction cup wall crawlers. The pieces attached to his paws, and they look really cute (though they don't work all that well.) Also just check out the articulation on this pooch! His legs, knees, waist, neck, and tail all feature articulation. Equity really made a great Scooby Doo toy.


Oh sweet Shaggy. The only reason I ever had a brief moment of dating stoners was due to this lovable guy in clothes that always made me think of my washing machine. When this line came out, there were tons of Shaggy figures on shelves. He came with a lantern and a mini ghoulish Scooby Doo character that glows in the dark! Oh the joys of toys that glow in the dark. Shaggy can hold the lantern and features very basic articulation, but all in all how great does that toy look? The face just looks like Shaggy!


Velma was another character that had an abundance of figures on shelves. She was actually my first purchase in this line and I remember geeking out to see such nice Scooby Doo items on shelves. I got her at Kay-Bee Toys in the mall, and I just loved that a really nice Scooby Doo toy line was out. She has the same articulation like Shaggy but came with a flash light and a different ghoulish mini glow in the dark "monster." Also, the lantern and flashlight both had glow in the dark paint on them, so the pieces could help the Mystery Gang maneuver through those dark mansions and abandoned warehouses with ease.


No one could rock an ascot like Fred. Released a year or so after the first line up, Fred was a part of a very rare and hard to find wave of the Scooby Doo toys. There were also some changes to the newer wave that he was a part of. Fred came with more articulation points (bendable elbows, hips, and knees) and instead of mini figures and pieces, he simply came with a scary clock. His figure was still pretty cool and really captured the cartoon character accurately. However, Fred was still my least favorite character. I don't know what it was about him, but he just irked me a little. Maybe it was the ascot.


My favorite by far, Daphne had to also be the rarest one to find in stores. (At least in my parts.) When I saw her in Kay-Bee, I flipped out and ran to the register as fast as my feet could carry me. These Scooby Doo toys may have been sold in other stores, but I only seem to recall finding them in Kay-Bee. Good old Kay-Bee never let me down, until they folded. Anyways, Daphne had the updated articulation (bending at the knees and elbows, movable shoulder sockets) and was just the best. Of course she came with a vanity and necklace, but in my mind it was a stolen necklace that the Mystery Gang was trying to solve as part of a convoluted storyline. I would have preferred a cooler accessory, but at the end of the day I was just happy a nice Daphne figure had been released.

Scooby Doo may still be around in some form on toy shelves, but this was truly the best line ever for Scooby Doo. It had everything, nicely detailed figures that were a nice size at over 5 inches. They were just perfect, aside from the scarcity of the line. That must be my only real complaint. I disliked the way the figures had been released not to mention their numbers. My personal thoughts were that they had over produced for the first wave and as a result made smaller production numbers for the later waves. (There were also some villains made into the same scale as well.)

So there you have it folks! Some really cool Scooby Doo toys just in time for Halloween. It is hard to believe these toys came out over 10 years ago. But I hope you enjoy them! They can still be found loose on the secondary market for a decent price, but picking them up mint might cost you. Did anyone else collect these? Are there any fond Scooby Doo memories out there? Who else enjoyed gorging themselves on those old Scooby Doo vitamins before they changed the recipe to something more grody? I want to know! Anyways, take care everyone, and until next time!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Adora's Search for Honor Part 2: Chapter 37

After two long weeks, She-Ra Saturday is back, on a Sunday! I had tried to get this posted sooner, but things have been hectic! I helped Paladin over on NerdSOCIETY with a really fun article that saw Paladin reviewing the recent Rattlor release while I got to review the fabulous Frosta from the Masters of the Universe Classics line! Click here to read that! Anyways, let's get this chapter started!

Previously: With her anger and rage at an all time high, Catra is planning on taking down all those in her way (Hordak and She-Ra.) So far Entrapta has been enlisted to help, but there will be others... Fresh from their portal hopping trip from Etheria, Clamp Champ, Stratos, and Roboto found Eternia in total chaos and despair as Skeletor rules the land. A huge battle was also underway... Meanwhile in the Whispering Woods, the Great Rebellion was taking it easy. Only nothing is really ever easy in the Whispering Woods, because Hordak and his fearsome Horde are about to make a huge party foul when they become: Rebel Crashers!

And now...

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 2

Sitting under a pale gray tree with luminous purple leaves in the Whispering Woods, Adora sways to the music from Bow's harp. While playing his harp, Bow looks over and smiles at Perfuma twirling around dancing to the lilting music. Spinning on her toes, Perfuma takes a tumble next to Adora, "I try to practice, but I can't quite move like Spinnerella."

Adora smiles, "I am not sure any of us can. How have you been?" Sitting with her friend, Perfuma sighs, "I'm doing swell-ish. I have my sad dreary days, but then I have moments when I am just dancing to Bow's music, and life feels good. I could listen to his music all day long! You do know he has been working on a special song for you right?"

Bow hears this and quickly stops playing, "Perfuma! Be quiet!" Adora and Perfuma smile, "Oh Bow! Don't be like that. Here, dance with Adora. I'll play for a spell." Perfuma gets up and takes hold of Bow's harp. Slightly shoving Bow towards Adora, Perfuma grins from ear to ear, "I know how to play all kinds of good stuff!" Perfuma knows about the spark between Adora and Bow, and if she can help play matchmaker, she'll do her best.

Adora looks at Bow, "Well, I guess we don't have much of a choice..." Their arms touch and soon they both find their bodies pressed close to each other. Their feet move on their own mission, following dance patterns they have done long before. Perfuma's music is sweet with only minor fumbling. Bow looks over at Perfuma, hoping her musical taste will not mess up a string. Adora gathers his attention, "You can look at me Bow, you don't have to stay mad at me..."

They have both hurt each other recently and neither are happy about that. Adora can't love him wholly with all the secrets and emotions on her shoulders and because of that, Bow's shoulder is colder than Castle Chill. "I'm not mad at you Adora." He looks at her, and the gaze is enough to make her heart melt. She does love this man, it is true. Not everything in this life is simple though. There are also her growing feelings and curiosity towards Sea Hawk too...

"If you aren't mad at me, than why the change in things?" Adora continues to move to Perfuma's music. Bow tilts his head, "I've been giving you space. There has been much celebration with your brother being here, I just want you to be happy and free." Adora nods, "I am happy. I am." He leans into her and smells her hair. He doesn't want this moment to end at all, he just wishes he could understand why everything has to be so difficult. Bow is about to talk to her, when he hears Perfuma switch up her music and begin the strings to the song he is writing for Adora. As those first few notes hit the air, Adora instantly wants to hear more.

Before the song can truly begin, Bow let's Adora go and rushes to Perfuma, "What are you doing?! You can't play that yet." Perfuma looks back caught off guard, "But you've been working on this song for so long Bow!" Bow grabs hold of the harp, "Yeah well, I'm not ready for her to hear it." She may never hear it, he thinks to himself. Adora looks at her two friends, "It does sound nice Bow."

It is his masterpiece. The song he is writing for Adora is everything to him. Perfuma has helped a little bit, but only Bow knows how the whole song will sound. And he is not ready to play it for Adora, not when she is holding back from him. He can't bare that much of himself, not yet.

The three continue to stand there in the Whispering Woods. Perfuma feels the odd one out and perks up, "I think I will go. I left Frosta asleep in the courtyard. She will probably wake up mad as all get out when she realizes what she has been sleeping on. Ya know. Dirt." Adora nods and is about to watch Perfuma walk away until they each three hear a bloodcurdling scream tear through the Whispering Woods. "Oh no. She's woken up." Bow grins, trying to make a joke. Perfuma shakes her head, "That wasn't Frosta."

Adora is about to speak but stops as another scream rips into the air. The three rebels stop their fun and music. Rushing towards Bright Moon, the three rebels run along the winding path in the Whispering Woods. Adora pauses only to briefly at the sound of something buzzing. "Look out!" She screams as two golden buzz saws zoom out of the trees towards the rebels. Perfuma falls back as Bow nearly misses the sharp buzzing blades.

The spinning blades slice into some trees and stop. Adora looks back at Bow and Perfuma. Their eyes all widen in shock as Hordak bursts through the trees, his opening to reveal another round of spinning buzz saw blades. "Ah! Adora! I've been looking for you." Hordak snorts and laughs as he releases the spinning blades. Bow and Perfuma throw themselves out of the way, and Adora uses her sword to fling a buzzing blade away.

Calling out to Perfuma and Bow, Adora makes sure that her friends get out of there. Adora charges towards Hordak with all her might. Leaping into the air, Adora flips over his head and plants a strong kick into his back as she falls to the ground. Rolling up, Adora dodges another round of Hordak's buzz saws. "Oh come on Hordak, you have to do better than that!" Adora grins as Hordak is full of rage.

Racing through the woods, Adora feels Hordak hot on her boots. Trying to deter the Horde leader from attacking her friends, Adora leads the way far away, deeper into the Whispering Woods. Her plan seems simple enough, but things go awry when she slips and falls down a hill. Taking a hard tumble, Adora finds herself sprawled on the cool ground. She looks up for Hordak, awaiting a struggle. He is no where to be found.

Looking around the woods, Adora sighs. She left her friends alone. "It is now or never." Raising her sword aloft in the air, Adora calls out, "For the honor of Grayskull! I am She-Ra!!!!"

Inside Castle Bright Moon, Adam and Madame Razz are talking. She is telling him stories about Adora, about what it was like raising her. "Oh dearie, I took care of her since she was a little one. I used to work for the Horde, not willingly of course, but I wanted to make sure those poor babies were taken care of. The Horde Academy was no place for children. No place at all." Adam shudders at the thought of what his sister has been through. He hates thinking of the life she had growing up. Guilt eats away at him as he thinks about his life on Eternia. Growing up in a palace. Knowing his parents, building upon those relationships. His heart aches for his sister, he wants nothing more than to make sure she is safe.

Madame Razz smiles at Adam, "Dearie? Are you special, like Adora?" Adam looks at the witchy woman, "Pardon?" Madame Razz tilts her head, "Oh. Maybe I am sticking my nose in the wrong place, but I noticed your sword is similar to Adora's sword. And... well... those are some spectacular swords if you catch my magic." Adam nods chuckling to himself, "Yes. Those swords are spectacular." Madame Razz looks at him with a knowing smile, "Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me." Adam nods in agreement, "I'm very glad to know my sister has you in her life."

The two continue to talk until a loud commotion is made outside. Adam and Madame Razz exit the sitting room they are in and peek their heads out in the hall. Some people are crowding around an open window. Nervous chatter is mounting and Adam looks at Razz, "Go find Queen Angella. Something doesn't seem right." Adam parts ways with Madame Razz and walks by another open window facing a large section of the Whispering Woods. Numerous sets of glowing eyes are moving in the woods. "Looks like trouble." Adam mutters and quickly sneaks down another hall in the castle. Entering an empty bedroom, Adam utters the simple phrase, "By the power of Grayskull..."

Outside in front of the castle grounds, Sea Hawk, Flutterina and Mermista look out across the woods, "And your certain the Horde is here?" Mermista looks towards Flutterina. The insectoid woman nods, "They. Tried to. Kill. Me." Peekablue walks up behind the group, "Flutterina is correct. The Horde is here. I can see them clearly." Mermista shakes her head, lost, "How did they get in the Whispering Woods?" Sea Hawk stands in silence, he is highly aware of how the Horde found themselves in the Whispering Woods. Being caught under Hordak's machinations is difficult for the pirate, especially when he knows his betrayal will ultimately hurt his friends.

Mermista panics at the catastrophic events about to go under way, "We need to make sure that the people of Bright Moon are safe. Peekablue, find Glimmer and Angella. They will have more orders. Sea Hawk, we need help. Those Horde Troopers will have us outnumbered, not to mention whatever else Hordak may have in store for us. We need as many fighters as possible." The pirate nods and quietly walks off. No one is paying attention to his somber behavior. Mermista looks at Flutterina, "You ready to fight them off?" Flutterina nods, "Of. Course."

Inside the castle, Glimmer rushes into her mother's throne room. She spots Kowl and her mother frantically hiding and locking ancient texts in special crates. "Mother, what is happening?" Queen Angella looks at her daughter, "My dear, the fears are coming true. Hordak is here, in the Whispering Woods. Peekablue secretly confirmed what I already knew. He is here for the Lunar Stone." Peekablue rushes into the room, explaining that there is trouble really brewing outside.

This is all too much for Glimmer to handle, "Peekablue, why didn't you say something to all of us earlier?" The feathered friend blushes, "I didn't want to panic everyone." Glimmer storms out of the room and spits out, "Well now we can panic. The Horde is at our blasted front door!" Angella turns to Kowl, "Hurry Kowl, we need to make sure we hide everything. Hordak cannot get his hands on any of this." Peekablue stands there, unsure of what to do. So instead she looks and sneaks a peek at what is happening in Bright Moon. She shares in the fear of the other people in Bright Moon that she is looking in on. A horrific force is making its way around the castle.

On Eternia, a battle between good and evil is occurring in front of Castle Grayskull. Clamp Champ and Stratos help round out the remaining Masters of the Universe who are able to still fight. Man-At-Arms is talking to a group of guards and soldiers from the Eternos Palace. They are all battle worn, but a strategy is being formed. In the field, Fisto and Ram Man are taking charge against an army of ghoulish warriors brought to life by Skeletor. Teela and Sy-Klone are also doing their best to help.

"Teela, you should really be inside Castle Grayskull, it is safer there." Sy-Klone says with much seriousness and concern. Teela drives her sword through the chest of a ghoulish Evil Warrior, "Please. And miss all this fun? Skeletor is going down, now!" The two former lovers continue to fight. Sy-Klone spins around, taking care of anything in his path.

Stratos is zipping and flying through the air. His goal is to take out the stronger Evil Warriors that are helping Skeletor. Catching a break, he collides into Beast Man on a tall rocky formation. The two engage in a fisticuffs. Beast Man tries to tame Stratos with a crackling whip, while Stratos manages to maneuver on the ground.

Ram Man barrels through a gaggle of ghoulish soldiers. His battering strength knocks everything down. He whirs past Evil-Lyn who is conjuring up some evil magic. Lobbing globs of dark energy towards some Palace guards, Evil-Lyn grins as she notices Teela rushing towards her. "Your magic will do no good here!" Jumping in the air, Teela swiftly kicks the evil warrior goddess in the chest.

Man-At-Arms walks forcefully with a group of Palace guards towards Skeletor. His arm cannon is loaded and begins firing at Skeletor atop Panthor. Skeletor's eyes glow and he cracks a smile, "Duncan! Don't be so stupid! Your guns and sword are no match for my magic!" He aims his Havoc Staff at Man-At-Arms and releases beams of powerful magical energy.

"Watch out!" Man-At-Arms shouts as the guards dodge the attacks. Skeletor leaps forward on Panthor, the large purple beast growling and swiping his paws. Man-At-Arms moves from another attack and is knocked back as Skeletor plants a kick in his face.

A few yards back, Clamp Champ and Fisto are hacking and slashing through some ghoulish soldiers. They are making their way towards Man-At-Arms to help in any way they can. Soon the three are fighting against Skeletor and his soldiers. The battle is intense and Skeletor is growing impatient.

Teela and Evil-Lyn are in a difficult battle. Teela is using her sword against magic, and it is proving to be an unfair fight. Evil-Lyn grins, "Silly girl, you just can't win this! You've never been able to stop me!" Teela screams in anger and just shoves her body into Evil-Lyn's. Both women fall to the ground, and Teela slams her fists into Evil-Lyn's head and face. Eyes gleaming in anger, Evil-Lyn musters her strength to release bolts of electricity from her finger tips. A new magic trick.

Teela is thrown back, but she can feel something stirring in her. She recalls what the Sorceress said to her, about what Teela could become. Focusing on all she has, Teela shoves her hands towards Evil-Lyn with the hopes that she will do something. Nothing happens. Evil-Lyn laughs, "So sad. You truly are useless..." Teela steps out of the way as a slew of rocks come flying behind Evil-Lyn. The rocks slam into her back, knocking her hard to the ground. Teela stands there in shock, did she move the rocks? Is something changing in her body? She doesn't have the time to answer, her father and uncle are both up against Skeletor.

She joins in the fray, fighting against soldiers and other manners of evil. Standing next to her uncle, Teela calls out, "We have got to stop him!" Fisto looks at his niece, "Kid, you need to be back in that castle!" Teela stammers, "I am hardly a kid, I can handle my own!" She slams her sword into a ghoulish soldier near Fisto.

Man-At-Arms and Clamp Champ continue their fight against Skeletor. The evil lord of destruction wields two blades and growls as he tries to stop them both. The battle rages on. Stratos gets help from Sy-Klone against Beast Man. Ram Man continues to run into things. The battle seems to be going in the Masters favor, until Skeletor gets some help from Evil-Lyn. In a weakened state, she conjures up a massive blast of energy that knocks Clamp Champ and Man-At-Arms out of the way.

Skeletor grins triumphantly and plans to deal a devastating blow to Man-At-Arms, ""I can finally take care of the great Duncan!" Teela slices her sword into Skeletor's side, "Leave my father alone!" Skeletor turns and glares at the fiery red head. Reaching his hand out and using his powers of the dark arts, a violet crackly stream of energy reaches out, wrapping around Teela's neck. Skeletor pulls her close, "Your father is going to die today. I hope you know that." Teela shakes her head, choking and trying to struggle free.

A voice calls out to the side, "Hey Skeletor. Heads up." Skeletor turns as a large fist slams into his face. His hold over Teela falters and she crumbles to the ground. Fisto helps her up, "You alright kid?" Teela nods, "Yes. I think so." Fisto looks at her with so much care in his eyes. He wants to tell her the truth, but instead he looks over at Skeletor and back at Teela, "Run. Get out of here." Fisto turns to Skeletor ready to fight. Teela shakes her head, she will help if she can.

Skeletor grins, "Fighting against me is useless. I would give up now." Fisto shakes his head and uses both his fist and sword to tear into Skeletor. Skeletor wields his swords and fights against Fisto. The two dodge and dance around each other, both trying to take aim. Soon Fisto plants a powerful punch in Skeletor's chest, knocking him down. Fisto feels as if he is turning the tide in the battle. Teela is helping Man-At-Arms and Clamp Champ up. Man-At-Arms is ready to help.

Fisto grins ready for another punch, "Just give it up Skeletor. You aren't going to win." Skeletor shakes his head and waves his hand in the air, "No. I will win." The act releases a ripple of energy that molds around Fisto's giant fist. Duncan's brother screams out in pain as his giant fist is bent backwards. He falls on his knees to the ground. Man-At-Arms and Clamp Champ rush towards Fisto, but Skeletor tosses them both further back with magic. Teela screams and runs to Fisto.

Tilting his head back and laughing with pure evil, Skeletor slams his knee into Fisto's face. Struggling to get up, Fisto spits blood onto the ground, "Skeletor!" The evil lord of destruction turns and slams his swords into Fisto's chest. Teela screams as Skeletor slides the blades out. Fisto's head tilts back, and the Master falls back to the ground. Skeletor grins, "You foolish Masters. When will you ever learn? Nothing is going to stop me from getting into Castle Grayskull!" Skeletor looks around at his evil warriors and soldiers, "To Grayskull!"

Seizing the opportunity to tear into the magical castle, Skeletor races against the clock. From above Sy-Klone and Stratos fly down to stop him. There is no need, as Skeletor runs into the magical force field around the castle. He can't get through and calls out to his Evil Warriors and soldiers, "Fall back! It is no use for now, we will return better than before!"

Fisto is laying on the ground with a pool of blood spreading around him. Teela is looking at him with tears in her eyes, "Please stay with me! Please!" Duncan is looking down at his brother, he wants them to carry Fisto into Grayskull. Fisto looks up at Teela, tears are in his eyes. His moment is now, he knows he can tell her the truth, that he is indeed her father and not her uncle, and that he is sorry for all the lies. But he refrains. Instead he whispers to Teela, "Thank you." Teela shakes her head, "For what? I did nothing, you are the one who got stabbed!" Fisto shakes his head and coughs in pain, "No. Thank you for finding me in that cabin, for getting me back here and over myself. You are an amazing kid..." His eyes close. Teela panics, "No! No! We have to do something!"

Duncan and Clamp Champ help carry him, "Hurry. We have to get him to the Sorceress. He's losing a lot of blood..." The Masters race towards Grayskull, hoping it is not late. Dodging past some remaining ghoulish soldiers, the Masters easily walk through the magical force field and race into the castle.

Standing in her throne room, the Sorceress is highly aware of what is happening. Her powers are weakening and she isn't sure how much longer she can maintain the force field. "Fisto." The name is spoken simply and the Sorceress hangs her head as tears stream down her face. Time is running out, for all of them.

Chaos is spreading across Bright Moon inside the Whispering Woods. People are running every which way, trying to avoid being shot or struck by Horde Troopers. Mermista tosses a Horde Trooper into a tiny pond and then raises the trooper out of the water in a large bubble. Shaking her head, Mermista looks up at the bubble rise in the air, "All things must go pop!" High in the air, the bubble pops crashing the horde Trooper to the ground. Off to the side Netossa and Spinnerella fight off a group of Horde Troopers and a furious Leech.

Mantenna is firing a crossbow at some villagers and is taken off guard as Flutterina kicks him in the back. Bow and Perfuma run into the courtyard area and help the Rebels fight against the Horde attack. Frosta is asleep on the floor and rolls over slowly opening her eyes, "What is all this racket?!" Slowly sitting up, Frosta blinks back as someone jumps in front of her. Recognizing the boots in front of her, she smiles as her eyes travel up to the person before her, "He-Man! You came!"

He-Man turns to Frosta and helps her up, "Frosta, we are under attack." Rolling her eyes in annoyance, Frosta crosses her arm, "You have got to be kidding me!" He-Man grabs her and they fly to the ground, dodging some blasts from some Horde Troopers. Frosta looks up and tosses her hair, "This is just ridiculous." She bats her eyes at He-Man, "Get ready to learn something darling." Creating two blades of ice, Frosta strides up towards a nearby group of Horde Troopers and starts slamming the blades into their chests and heads.

Mermista looks over and is pleased to see He-Man, now they just need She-Ra. Across the castle grounds, She-Ra makes her way out of the Whispering Woods. She slices her sword through Horde Troopers and continues charging towards the castle. As she is approaching Bright Moon, the air grows colder and a loud shrieking sound pierces through the air. A swift horse lands in front of She-Ra with large metallic wings. She recgonizes the horse as Storm.

She-Ra stands silently and wonders what is happening. Zombie Double Trouble glides off of Storm and staggers in front of She-Ra. The Princess of Power looks on in horror at a decayed version of herself. It dawns on She-Ra, "This is the creature pretending to be me. Who are you?" The zombie Double Trouble gurgles and then let's out a high pitched wail. Her features start to shift. She-Ra tries to focus and then steps back as the doppelganger hurls herself with a vengeance. Drawing her sword, She-Ra fights against this new found beast, unaware of her true identity.

Inside Castle Bright Moon, Glimmer is fighting off Horde Troopers and a ferocious Grizzlor from entering the throne room. Grizzlor is growling in anger, taking a swipe with a machete. Running towards a stone wall, Glimmer jumps up bouncing her feet off the wall. Turning quickly, Glimmer takes aim and punches Grizzlor in the face. He grabs hold of her and tosses her down the hall. She is ready to keep fighting, but pauses as Sea Hawk sneaks behind Grizzlor. Hitting the Hordesman in the head, Grizzlor falls to the floor. Glimmer takes out the remaining Horde Troopers before they can do anymore damage and sighs towards Sea Hawk, "Thank you for that."

Sea Hawk pauses, "It was the least I could do." Doors down the hall are thrown open and Glimmer and Sea Hawk turn to see Hordak approaching. They try to fight him off but he fires off a blast from his arm canon. They are both stunned as the blast throws them to the side. "Enough. Rest some."

Hordak approaches the throne room and tosses the doors open. Angella, Kowl, Peekablue, and Madame Razz are inside. Peekablue grabs hold of a knife and tries to attack Hordak. He snorts, "Good to see you my dear." Taking hold of a nearby bench, Hordak tosses it at Peekablue. She falls to the floor unconscious. Kowl is continuing to hide things. Angella shouts out, "Kowl! Be careful!"

Shaking his head, Hordak snorts, "Angella. This is very easy. No one else needs to get hurt, even though I do love hurting you fools." Madame Razz jumps in the way and conjures up a spell preparing to alter Hordak's life. Like flicking a fly off his shoulder, Hordak uses his own powers to null Madame Razz. The energy jolts through the old woman's body. Her eyes roll up into the back of her head and a tremor rocks through her body. Collapsing to the ground in convulsions, Kowl cries out in shock. Angella takes a sword from the hidden weapon's rack under the throne.

Leaping towards Angella, Hordak sneers in her face, "Where is the Lunar Stone?" Angella spits at him, "If you think I will just hand that to you, you are insane!" Hordak wipes the spit off his stony face, "Now that is not the behavior of a queen." Hordak grabs hold of her shoulders as his boots release their rocket thrusters. Glimmer and Sea Hawk race into the throne room. Glimmer shouts for her mother, as Hordak and the queen shoot off towards the ceiling.

Crashing through the ceiling, Hordak tosses Angella to the floor of the top tower under a starry night sky. Hordak stands over the queen, "Give it to me Angella, and I will leave." Angella sits up, "Leave Etheria? Because I would love to arrange that."

Kicking her back down, Hordak stands with his foot on her chest, "Why do you do this to yourself? Just give me the Lunar Stone." He looks down at her, deadly serious. Angella looks up at him, feeling completely trapped.

Outside the castle, She-Ra is fighting against the zombie woman with She-Ra's face. She-Ra is trying to figure out who she is. Zombie Double Trouble is grinding her teeth trying to take a bite. Netossa, Mermista, and Spinnerella rush up towards the fight. Grabbing some pebbles in her hand, Spinnerella quickly spins, radiating some pebbles every which way. The pebbles take out some Horde Troopers and slam into the zombie woman's back. Recoiling back in pain, the zombie woman squirms away. The pain causes her face to alter, and She-Ra catches a glimpse of a deathly familiar face. "Oh my, I know you."

She-Ra shakes her head in confusion. The zombie woman wails out another scream and then quickly races back to the horse. Taking off into the air, zombie Double Trouble is gone. The Rebels run towards She-Ra. Making sure she is alright, She-Ra looks at her friends, "It can't be..." Before She-Ra can say anything else, Sea Hawk rushes towards the group. "She-Ra. Hurry."

Inside the throne room, Glimmer looks up to the ceiling. "Mother!!" She looks over at the damage around her, "How can I get up there?" She races out into the courtyard, trying to find a way up the tower. Perfuma, Frosta, and Bow are looking up at Hordak harming Angella. Perfuma looks at Bow, "Can you fire an arrow Bow?" He shakes his head, "Not that far up."

He-Man is trying to help Angella, and looks up as She-Ra flies around the tower on Swift Wind. She-Ra is going to save the day. The Great Rebellion is rejoicing.

Up on the top of the tower, Hordak plants another kick into Angella's side. "I know that this caslte was the Lunar Tower! GIVE ME THE LUNAR STONE!" Angella rolls away from Hordak, and screams in pain as he slams his foot onto her wings. Feeling crushed, Angella heaves as Hordak lifts her up, "Tell me now."

Angella struggles to fight, and screams out in frustration. Her wings feel funny. Hordak sneers and asks again. Feeling worn, Angella laughs, "You've made a wasted effort Hordak. The Lunar Stone is not here. So sad." Angella spies She-Ra and Swift Wind from behind. She grins, "Now give it up Hordak."

Hordak can hear She-Ra behind him. Shaking his head, Hordak sneers, "No my dear Angella. I will never give up. Now let me see you fly." In a fit of rage, he shoves her hard. Throwing her off the tower , Angella muffles a scream as she falls from the tower. Everyone screams in fear and terror. Angella struggles to use her wings, but panics, they aren't moving well. Trying to fly, Angella can only slightly glide. The ground approaches quickly, and the only thing she can do is aim for some of Perfuma's flowers. She hits the ground hard. Everything goes black.

The Rebels rush to her. Glimmer is frantic. He-Man goes to help his sister. On top of the tower Hordak looks over at She-Ra. "You were too late. When I don't get what I want, I make those around me suffer." She-Ra nods, "I've noticed that Hordak. But the suffering is going to end. Your control over this world is going to end, I will make sure of that." Hordak grins, flaring his rocket thrusters, "Maybe you will She-Ra. But it won't be this time!" He flies off into the night air, leaving She-Ra alone. She looks at him fly away and heavily contemplates wanting to go after him. Instead she hears the cries and screams from her friends down below. She-Ra looks down in terror. Angella is on the ground and doesn't appear to be moving. "What has he done?" She-Ra hurries to see what she can do.

Inside the Fright Zone Catra finds herself alone. Taking advantage of a few key Hordesmen being gone, Catra slinks into the slave cells. She is searching for a special prisoner. Approaching a cell made of mirrors, Catra looks in on Vampra Queen of the Pyres. The Pyre's face appears slightly younger thanks to it being night, but she does not look the same as before.

Vampra rasps out, "What are you doing here? Come to gloat?" Catra shakes her head, purring, "I am here for no such thing. I have bigger concerns. Your face looks different." Vampra shakes her head cackling, "Well when I have to face the sun every day, it ruins the aging process I have fought so long to protect. What do you want?" Catra looks at Vampra with curiosity. Leaning down, she pulls a key out of her boot. Dangling the key in front of Vampra, Catra purrs, "How would you like to be free?" Vampra sits up, "Is this some sort of joke? What will it cost me?" Catra smiles, "Oh nothing too much. Just your help in destroying Hordak." Vampra smiles, her old face beginning to look younger, "I'm intrigued." Catra proceeds to share her plans with a new deadly friend...

Up Next!
He-Man has a new mission...
Hordak has a new place to strike...
She-Ra has a new (undead)struggle to deal with... 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Spirit of Halloween

The Cosmos never put me on the simple path. When faced with the Choose Your Own Adventure path, my options are either the easy and clean path or the long winding complicated path. I always end up on the long complicated hot-messy path. It is getting to the point that I can't help but wonder if the Watcher is looking down at me and just giggling in delight.

Let's take Halloween for example. One of my favorite holidays, Halloween, is the premier holiday full of super good candy and exciting costumes for grown folks to run around in. Well, the guys get really cool costumes. Women get 62 variations of slut. Now here's the thing, I am completely comfortable being sexy. I am a woman of a certain age and I embrace my body and can wear a body con dress like it is nobodies business. However, I am no longer 20 and the whole slutty viking look is just not applicable. I want cool costumes, and since there has yet to be a full line up of She-Ra costumes, I have excitedly met my match with Jem and the Holograms.

Thanks to the Spirit Halloween store and Hasbro, dorkettes everywhere can purchase exclusive Jem and the Holograms costumes! Up for grabs is Jem, Synergy, and Pizzazz. There are costumes, wigs, and a blow up guitar, all of which are 25% off! So hurry to your local Spirit Halloween store and get your Jem stuff!

Back to that complicated winding road my life is always on, well I have been through some mess to get a Pizzazz costume. (Yes, I will be going as Pizzazz this Halloween. Somewhere inside me lives a mega bitch that just likes to get out every now and then.) Anyways so last week I purchased a medium sized costume, which sort of fit. It was really short and really tight. Also having thrown the receipt away I was up a creek in an ill fitted Pizzazz costume that I couldn't return.

So I went on the hunt for a new size. After calling and calling the Spirit stores for a large, I finally found one yesterday. After asking for the item to be put on hold, I rushed after work to get it. Well once I got home I found a huge hole in the costume. And a big "Final Sale" on the receipt. Really? All I wanted was to have a nice Pizzazz costume so that I could look like one of my favorite cartoon villains and have multiple clueless people ask who I am for Halloween. Is that so much to ask?

Well I went back, purely expecting the worst. I was ready for them to tell me I could not switch it for a hole-less one. All I cold think of was the dread of having to wear a costume that someone tried on and busted. However the manager was very understanding and actually a fan of Jem herself! It was wonderful! I got to switch the costume for a non-busted Pizzazz costume and I got to talk to a fellow fan of Jem. We talked about the old dolls. I then informed her of the new dolls. She even gave me some inside scoop that the Jem costumes have actually been pretty popular, and not just with folks who loved Jem back then. The manager told me that there have been some parents coming in and getting the smaller sized costumes for their children because they have shown the old cartoon episodes to a whole new generation!

I love hearing things like that, it is just so cool! I think Hasbro better know about the gold mine they have been sitting on for the last 20 odd years. New collector dolls are nice, and costumes are icing on the cake. But I really hope Hasbro has bigger plans for Jem and the Holograms. I think this could be such a fun thing! Now we just need to work on that She-Ra cartoon. For now just look at some images of the cool Pizzazz costume and click here for more information on the Jem costumes at Spirit! They are truly outrageous.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Toy Chest Tuesday! Addams Family Part 2!

Toy Chest Tuesday is continuing from last week, with a closer look at the Addams Family figures from Playmates, based off of the cartoon from the 90's. For a recap check out the Toy Chest Tuesday from last week. Each figure had a fun feature that is hard to capture through pictures, but I will explain in the best way possible. These toys were really fun and perfect for the upcoming Halloween holiday!
Lurch was the Addams Family butler. He was likened to Frankenstein's Monster, but was really just a jack of all trades. He was always a strong solid force in the family and his figure was a hulking piece of plastic. A button on his back raised his arms up in the air while the button also lowered his mouth. He also came with some plastic sheers and like all the figures in the line, he also came with a Thing. Each Thing was unique, and Lurch's Thing was holding some rope. I sadly have lost the pieces that came with Lurch. Of course now that I have posted this, I will more than likely find them in a few days.
 Uncle Fester
Uncle Fester was the goofy uncle that every one has in their family. He liked to plug light bulbs into his mouth and light them up. He had a penchant for wearing dingy clothes and looking like he smells of cheap hooch. He was always up to something mischievous, like with his action feature. All he wants to do is have Lurch pull his finger.

In a positively shocking action feature, Uncle Fester's head pops up. It was a cute feature. Just push the head down, and after squeezing the legs, his head pops back up. Other fun items that came with Uncle Fester included a stick of dynamite and a Thing getting ready to push down on a TNT detonator. The fun thing about this figure, is that Fester looks like he has been in an explosion. And if you look at his face, the sculpt totally is reminiscent of Divine from Female Trouble. I'm not crazy on this one, right?
The original problem child, Pugsley has had various changes to his personality from the original series to the various shows and movies. In the animated series he was a very mischievous boy that enjoyed experimenting in terror. His action feature was really fun. Squeezing his legs together caused the figure to raise his arm up. Thing came with a bear trap and once place in Pugsley's hand, the action feature can swing the bear trap around. He also came with a pool of slime.
Granny was the fun kooky grandma. With all her witchy sensibilities, Granny's action feature involved some complicated actions. When pushed, the lever on her back caused Granny to stir the contents of her interesting pot. Thing also helped her stir. She moved at the waist and arm with her action features, so she really did look like she was stirring. Also, the figure looked like she was in pants, but Granny was actually wearing a tattered blue skirt.
Who didn't like Gomez? He looked real pimp from the animated series, and his action feature was like that of the creepiest cool fencer. Squeezing his leg thrust his arm up so he could use his crooked sword. Thing also made an appearance on his chest armor piece, which was removable.
The one and only Morticia came with rather simple action features, but they were super creepy. Hidden dead vines could slide out of her sleeves. When I was young I was slightly creeped out by that. I never would have wanted dead vines in my sleeves. But she looked really cool. Her version of Thing was also really fun, Thing was simply holding a dead potted plant. (That I am assuming came from my house, since I have the deadest of green thumbs.)
 The Addams Family
There we have it, a very odd family portrait. Mostly odd for that glaring omission of Wednesday, Cousin Itt, and the larger Thing that Playmates never got around to making. I really wish those other figures had been made. Either way though, the Addams Family was a really fun toy line brought out by Playmates.
So enjoy this trip down the Toy Chest Lane! Snap your fingers and enjoy the pictures of the Addams Family toys. In other news, if you are a fan of the Disney Fairies, check out my review for the new film Secret of the Wings here. And be back soon, there is plenty more awesome stuff coming up on Diary of a Dorkette!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Back to Business!

Well hello dear readers! I have been away for the past few days. I was visiting some family in New Orleans over the weekend, so there were some things that got passed up on this blog. Namely that really cool chapter for Adora's Search for Honor Part 2. (Seriously, some major things are going to happen to She-Ra and her friends as Hordak finally attacks the Whispering Woods.)

However, tomorrow will be an all new Toy Chest Tuesday where we check out the second part of the Addams Family toys, and I will be doing some toy talk. I got to shop at a comic store in New Orleans that had some really cool stuff. I get to New Orleans every now and then, but I have never shopped at the comic stores there. That all changed for the better! So I hope you are all doing well dear readers, and keep it here! As always, there will be some fun stuff coming up!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

October 2012 Heroic Hottie!

Having the title of Heroic Hottie is a dubious honor. So far, 2012 has been a banner year for our favorite pieces of beefcake. For instance, I just recently got word that Fantomex (our April HH) lost his actual skin and is just hotter than ever! (Rumor has it he is even in love with a certain female ninja.)

So this month I wanted to bring forth a throwback to a simpler time. When men weren't wearing any pants, and it was perfectly legal. A time when having a pet dinosaur made all the sense in the world. With a schedule and comeback so blisteringly hot, I felt lucky to sit down with Fred Flintstone at one of his favorite bowling alleys to discuss being a Heroic Hottie, energy efficient cars, and umm... the Mutant Liberation Front? Hold on folks, this is going to be an interesting interview.

Diary of a Dorkette: (after watching Fred bowl a strike) Do you always play with such a big ball?
Fred Flintstone: My lucky rock ball never misses a pin.
Diary: How many lanes have you damaged throughout your bowling past time?
Fred: A few. Ever since the family name became so prominent though, most bowling alleys really make sure to take care of me. Right when they see me coming, they get my special lane ready.

Diary: Prehistorically speaking, your family name has proven to be a hot ticket item. From a hit television series to movies, not counting all the merchandise, the Flintstones name has garnered an impressive net worth. What do you contribute to all that success?
Fred: That's pretty simple Miss M. The Flintstones were the first animated prime time family. Had we not been so beloved, do you really think other iconic families would have followed? Check out the Simpsons for example. Homer and I bowl in this very alley from time to time, and he is always thanking me for paving the way. Our wives both wear iconic jewelry. We both work for one helluva boss. We even have close friends named Barney. When I look at Homer, I see myself; aged and balding. And wearing pants. I think we both know who won that round.

Diary: Some would say though, that the Flintstones have had a tough time staying relevant.
Fred: Come on. Relevant? Who is posing as the October Heroic Hottie? I don't see Homer standing around belching it up for the camera.
Diary: Speaking of the Heroic Hottie title, you have never looked better.
Fred: Well thank you. I attribute my good looks to going pantsless. Really, nothing is more freeing. And it keeps you feeling so young. I've tried to get Charlie Sheen to follow the lead and get the trend going, but he looks at me like I'm crazy.

Diary: Aside from good looks, you also have an amazing wife. What is the secret to your marriage with Wilma?
Fred: Going pantless! Yabba Dabba Do! All jokes aside, Wilma and I have stayed together for so long because i truly love and respect her. She has put up with a lot of my crap and together we've worked on a great deal. I've been called a caveman and hot headed, but my heart is always in the right place.
Diary: How is Pebbles? (Pebbles is Fred and Wilma's daughter and also a prominent business mogul with her own line of breakfast, snack foods, and vitamins. She has one of the biggest lifestyle brands in the world.)
Fred: That kid is brilliant. She's got her name plastered on cereal boxes and snacks. She has her own line of costumes. She has also continued to employ her old dad for the commercials.
Diary: There was a rumor that Pebbles was actually going to fire you and your friend Barney from any new commercial material. There was talk of taking the brand in a new direction. Care to comment?
Fred: No, because it just simply isn't true. Pebbles may have a cereal named after her, but Barney and I are the face of Bedrock's number one cereal export.
Diary: And what of Dino?
Fred: (Getting slightly emotional) Dino had to be put to be put down a few years ago. He was the most loyal house pet. Wilma and I donated his bones to the Smithsonian.
Diary: Sad to hear, but I am glad he is a part of history now. What else is going on? Any new projects?

Fred: Well, I am working on something very exciting. General Motors is trying to make the next line of fuel free cars that will run on a whole new form of energy. GM has tapped me to be the brains of this operation. I know a thing or two about running a fuel free car!
Diary: That could be very interesting. You were also linked recently to a political figure who was making some negative waves with the mutant community. Can you talk about that?
Fred: Sure thing. Listen, I've been politically correct for far too long. I can't stand by and watch this world of ours devolve into a mutant loving planet. What's next? She-Ra and her friends getting a comeback? I detest mutants. I think their lifestyle is abhorrent and they should be stopped. Just look what happened recently with the Phoenix Five! Mutants are a menace to society.
Diary: This is fairly shocking to hear. I had no idea you were so opinionated.
Fred: Well I am. I helped build this country from the bedrock up and I refuse to see the world turn to shit over some lousy mutants.
Diary: Aren't you concerned about the impact these comments will have towards a group of people who just want to have the same rights and liberties as you or I?
Fred: Rights? Screw rights. That stuff needs to be earned. Rights are not some entitlement. I'm not concerned about the rights of mutants.
Diary: (Noticing something is off) Mr. Flintstone, I have never in all my years as a respected journalist heard such hateful things! I bet April O'Neil never had to deal with this. (Editor's Note- April had to actually deal with worse, namely Shredder and the Foot Clan.)

(Another Editor's Note: At this point in the interview, Fred Flintstone became very... different.)

Diary: Would you like some water? Your eyes... They don't look good. (At this point during the interview, Fred Flintstone shifts into someone else.) Mystique!!!!

Mystique: Pathetic girl with your asinine questioning. You just had to bring up the mutant question, didn't you?
Diary: I don't understand. Why were you posing as Fred Flintstone?
M: Oh you stupid Homo sapien. We are in an election year, and I love nothing more than creating some controversy. I've been posing as many people saying all kinds of crazy things and making people look weird and tired in all types of debates, interviews, and other social interactions.

Diary: Why do all this? Why bring down your own kind?
M: Because! My kind is just getting started. With the recent new mutant births thanks to the Phoenix Five debacle, I have even more new mutants to recruit. What better way to get rid of Homo sapien so that Homo superior can rule the world? Riling up as many mutants as possible will only lead to mutants striking out against those who hate us. Humans need to pay for their actions. Mutants are back and we are going to take this world for our own.
Diary: You do realize you are spreading this message to a website of only, like, two readers right?

M: It makes no difference. More will soon see my message. Besides, I grow tired of these boring male hotties you fawn over every month. You need to let the world see what a real bad ass looks like.
Diary: I'm beginning to see why Rogue wants nothing to do with you.
M: Watch your tongue dorkette! I don't care what you think. When mutants finally take their rightful place in this world, that will be all I need. Scott Summers will forever be a loser to me, but his recent actions have now given me an army!

(In a matter of seconds Mystique is gone. Miss M then makes a cryptic phone call.)
Diary: Wolverine? This is Miss M. Hey, I'm in a bind. I just lost my Heroic Hottie, you doing anything? Would you like to be the October Heroic Hottie? No, it will not be a private nude photo shoot... Ok. I understand. Maybe next time... Oh, and by the way, I think Mystique is coming for you. Well, you see it all started with bowling..."

There you have it folks. An all new October Heroic Hottie, in what has got to be the strangest interview ever. Enjoy and if anyone hears from the real Fred Flintstone, I hope he is alright. For now you can find Fred and his other cartoon colleagues in figure form by Jazwares at your local Toysrus store. Hope all is well, until next time!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Toy Chest Tuesday! Addams Family

They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky. They're all together ooky, the Addams Family (toys!) An all new Toy Chest Tuesday is ready to shock with cheap thrills! Well maybe not, but who doesn't love a new Toy Chest? I grew up watching reruns of the original Addams Family and thought they were just the coolest. I was also lucky to grow up in a time when the Addams Family had a big time comeback into pop culture with not only two movies, but an animated show and toy line to boot!

The 1992 cartoon was not the first time fans got an animated take on the Addams Family, but it was the first one for me. Playmates was responsible for making the toys, and goodness their toys were ever faithful to the cartoon! I remember seeing these in stores before ever knowing about the cartoon. I was thrilled to say the least. There was something just fun and quirky about the Addams Family.

I collected pretty much everything that was made for this line, and those items will be showing up soon. For now let's check out a carded Playmate's Addams Family figure: Morticia Addams!

Morticia was my favorite. I loved her dress and her whole attitude. Her figure had a spooky action feature with dead vines coming out from her sleeves. She also came with a little Thing accessory. What I loved about her, was that her plant skills were sorely lacking, and it was ok. My green thumb is much like hers. Somewhere Perfuma is shaking her head at me in disappointment.

Each figure had an action feature and came with a Thing doing something or another. There was also nice articulation for the size of the figure. I personally thought Playmates did a fantastic job with this line, barring a few things. (A bit more on that later.)

I loved the back of the card. There was a lot going on. The top featured the family in their animated finest snapping their trademarked fingers. Below the photo was the line up of figures along with the obligatory collector card, called a Freaky Family Portrait. There was no mention of the animated show, which has led me to believe that the toy line came out first. That, or Playmates just wasn't wanting to advertise that much for the cartoon.

The line up for the toys featured the entire main cast of characters, only there was one fatal problem. Three figures never made it onto toy shelves. Wednesday, Thing, and Cousin Itt were merely labeled as 'Coming soon.' They never came. (To my knowledge and endless searches, I never saw those three figures ever get released.) This is very interesting, because those three figures were essentially prototypes featured on the back of the card. This rarely happens with toys. I am sure there is a story, but I am not entirely sure what happened. The cartoon only lasted two seasons so Playmates could have stopped production on any new characters due to a lack of customers. I don't really recall other people freaking out for Addams Family toys, aside from me. But then again, I didn't really have much friends at the time.

The Freaky Family Portrait was full of great details. I love how her wardrobe is sultry and her penchant for growing Killer Lettuce is just a common occurrence. I mean lettuce is a killer. Have you ever tasted it? I also loved how Gomez loved her. I always dreamed that is what love was all about. Speaking french and driving a man totally wild with head crazed lust. Now I am just lucky if I can prevent myself from falling and busting a hip. I guess Morticia had this sense of confidence and sexiness with a dash of macabre glamor that I really liked. Plus she has got to have the most interesting parenting skills ever.
This is not the end though for the Addams Family toys! Join me next week when we look at the line up all loose and fancy free! Be sure to also leave your comments. Did you collect these toys? Who was your favorite Addams Family member? Does anyone know why there was never a Wednesday released? These are the questions on my mind. I hope you are all doing well and keep it here! The week is just starting! Take care everyone!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Falling For Toys

Ok, this is going to be a big week. There will be a brand new Toy Chest Tuesday tomorrow. I am really looking forward to it. I also sat down with a fascinating man for this month's Heroic Hottie. It was probably the most shocking interview I have ever had with a toy.

Aside from all my kooky charm, I do want to talk about the dangers of growing old. Like all the great PSAs from those lovely '80s cartoons, I have my own tragic cautionary tale. Recent imaginary studies have been done that have shown that the average age of the modern day toy collector is only getting higher, which means that there are many pitfalls in this world that must be addressed. Quality control means a great deal more than when we were all kids and didn't know any better. But what happens when the toy shelves become hazardous to our own health?

Most readers know that I have a soft spot for Funko's POP! Vinyl figures. They are really cute and Funko has a POP! figure for just about everything. I could drive myself crazy trying to collect them all, but I just pick and choose what I can. So the Little Mermaid Ariel figure has been on my hit list for awhile. I have searched near and far for the red head with fins, and there are only a few stores in my area that sell POP! figures: Barnes and Noble and my comic store.

This weekend I got up super early to go fishin. I had my hair wrapped up on top of my head. There wasn't a stitch of make up on my face. I was in yoga pants and a tank top. I was under a stealth mission to find the Little Mermaid at one of the Barnes and Noble stores near my house, which meant I was not wanting to run into a single soul. The worst thing is to run into someone you know, only to look like a mess. No matter how progressive I am, I am still a southern woman. If I'm going to walk out of my house looking like a mess, I will do it super early when most folks are sleeping.

Anyways I made it to Barnes and Noble. I really love how the bookstore has all kinds of items for sale. I love it. There was also a great deal of POP! items too. The biggest problem was that the racks were full of items. The wrong items. I couldn't find a Little Mermaid to save my life.

Squatting to the floor, I did one final look at the bottom row. This is where things get real tragic. As I tried to get up, I lost my balance and fell backwards into the rack of items behind me. I landed on my damn hip (thank goodness for natural padding) and I was just sprawled out like a hot mess. I had some KISS POP! Vinyl figures falling on me along with some Star Wars bobble head toys. I hit that damn rack hard and I was just mortified. Absolutely mortified. When did I become the 83 year old that has fallen and can't get up? It was awful. And no Ariel to boot? Positively the worst.

So I just was there sprawled out for a couple of seconds on the ground. This has not been my first brush with falling, especially for a toy. I mean I gave myself a slight concussion once over a Happy Meal toy. The good thing was that no one noticed. I mean I am not entirely sure that is a good thing, but I am a hot mess southern dorkette that would have died had someone run up to me offering to help me up. Just died. I mean what would She-Ra have done? (She-Ra probably never would have fallen, but whatever.)

Anyways the PSA is pretty simple. Be careful when huntin' for the latest in collectible fun. You could fall. I mean seriously. Of all the things, I had to fall in a Barnes and Noble bookstore. Also, why must stores make everything so low to the ground anyway? I'm not even that tall, but damn did I have to go low just to see what was on that bottom rack.

That is about it for that. Be back soon though, there are some wonderful things to read. And, if you are a big time fan of Frosta, the ultimate POP sex symbol, hurry now to because she went on sale today and she is almost gone! Everyone needs a Frosta (and the best thing is that you order her online, without having to fall.) Hope you are all well!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Adora's Search for Honor Part 2: Chapter 36

She-Ra Saturday is here! Join in the celebration, do something in She-Ra's honor! Fight the Horde!

Previously: Hordak has been looking for certain artifacts to unleash the Star Sisters. He is getting close to making his dreams come true... Adam and three of the Masters of the Universe have found safety with the Great Rebellion, though none of them are aware that back home on Eternia, Skeletor is reigning supreme... Catra has many reasons to be angry. First of all, Adora is very much alive. She found out the truth of her birth from Shadow Weaver, and she found out that her chance at a romance with Huntara was cut short by Hordak. Needless to say, she believes that Hordak is responsible for all of these things and is kinda wanting him to pay. Of course, the faithful reader knows that Shadow Weaver is actually manipulating the truth so that Catra will act out Shadow Weaver's own evil purposes. On a side note, since Incantatia is Castaspella's deceased older sister, and Catra's mother, that would mean that Catra is Castaspella's niece! I wonder if that juicy lil tidbit will make its way to the surface...  In other plot points of this She-Ra fan fiction, Flutterina found out the truth of her origin as well, and it is so upsetting for her that she has not talked to anyone about it, but I have a feeling that will change... With the help of She-Ra and He-Man, Sweet Bee was able to leave Etheria and head back to her Hive. This was a relief for Frosta who was quite annoyed at the looks He-Man was giving Sweet Bee, and not her. Oh Frosta!

And now...

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 2
Chapter 36

Castaspella is alone in a parlor room in Mystacor. Sunlight pours through the windows, shining brilliantly against her glowing skin. Her hair is impeccable. Heavy lashes look down across a small old painting. There are two women in the painting, one is a young Castaspella the other her older sister, Incantatia. With a heavy heart looking back at the past, Castaspella sighs, "What became of you sister? What troubles befell you due to your following Shadow Weaver to the Fright Zone?" The hypnotizing enchantress wonders if her sister is still alive. She often hopes that Incantatia is alive, though Castaspella is concerned that her sister never made it.

Tears brimming forth, Castaspella quickly places the small painting to the side as someone enters the parlor. "Castaspella? Am I interrupting?" Casta turns to smile at Queen Angella of Bright Moon, "Angella! What brings you to Mystacor?" Castaspella is not used to Angella dropping in for a visit.

Smiling with her wings behind her, Angella explains her appearance, "I know I am usually here for your infamous parties or memorable festivals, however this visit is of an urgent matter." Angella takes a seat across from Castaspella. Quickly pulling out a deep blue drawn bag, Angella pulls the bag down exposing a luminous oval shaped crystal. The rock is clear in some areas and hazy in others. Specks of reflective light shimmer and shine while a pretty shade of pink appears through out. Castaspella looks at the item and gasps, "Is that..."

Angella nods, "The Lunar Crystal. I brought it here for safe keeping. I fear that Hordak will be coming for it, and I want it somewhere safe." Castaspella shakes her head, "But Mystacor is not that safe." Angella disagrees, "Your neutrality with the Horde has put off any incoming invasions for the foreseeable future." Exasperated, Castaspella shakes her head, "Mystacor's neutrality means nothing. The time will come when Hordak sets his eyes on this place. It is only a matter of time. If anything, the Mages of Mystacor are the only reason that entire process has been delayed for this long."

"I understand Casta, but still, the Lunar Crystal would be safer here for the time being." Angella sits there before her friend, hoping for the least bit of help. Castaspella looks at the Lunar Crystal. There is so much of the past tied up with that chunk of rock, "Why would Hordak want the Lunar Crystal anyway?"

Angella explains, "Some of this you know. Before Kowl and I were taken prisoner by the Horde so many moons ago, we were both working on a few things. We wanted to find out if the Horde was poisoning the water supply, but more important than that, was the terrifying knowledge that Hordak was stealing certain ancient texts. Kowl was in the middle of decoding so many of these old texts and scripts, because only he can read them."

Castaspella nods, "Yes. Kowl's recent return to this work has been wonderful." Angella goes back to her story, "Yes, well in these old texts we found a connection to what was stolen by Hordak: The legend of the Star Sisters. You remember this story Castaspella, Etheria has long tried to call upon the Star Sisters. They were trapped in a shooting star by an evil sorceress, and if they could be called upon to land on Etheria, than the world would be protected by the ultimate power."

Castaspella takes over for the story from her own knowledge, "This is where the Sun and Lunar Tower come from. The Sun Tower would communicate to the Star Sisters during the day while the Lunar Tower would communicate at night, but what does that have to do with the Lunar Crystal?" Angella understands, "There is a great deal. Aside from the Sun and Lunar Towers, there were also three items on Etheria that would further enhance that communication, as well as maintaining the coordinates of a safe location should they land on Etheria. The Ice Diamond and Eye of Fire are two items, while the Lunar Crystal is the third. Casta, we are in trouble. Kowl has uncovered so much from these ancient texts. Bright Moon was once the Lunar Tower. It is already believed that Hordak has the Ice Diamond and Eye of Fire in his possession. The Lunar Crystal will be next."

Trying to understand fully, Castaspella asks, "But Angella, the legend of the Star Sisters is only a myth. It is a story to help enrich the lives of Etherians, a tale to give us hope for protection from evil. Hordak is a fool if he thinks that those three items will amount to anything. My goodness, we have She-Ra! There is no need for more protection." Angella sits back, "I understand Casta, but what if the Star Sisters aren't a myth? What if they are more than some proto-tale from Etherian lore? If the legend is real, I do not want Hordak to exploit the unlimited power from the sisters. Besides, if the legend is false, I still do not want him to possess all three items. These relics are steeped in Etheria's past. They are important and should not be taken. Frosta has been beside herself ever since the Ice Diamond was taken."

Slightly rolling her eyes, Castaspella grins, "Frosta is beside herself more times than not. But I do understand what you are saying Angella. I don't mind watching over the Lunar Crystal. Do you think Hordak would even be able to enter the Whispering Woods though?" Sighing with slight fear, Angella groans, "Under normal circumstances I would say no. However, we were attacked by the Pyres. Now I am not sure about much of anything. Hordak could very well find his way to Bright Moon." The two old friends sit looking at each other. The Lunar Crystal almost glows, casting a light between them.

"Angella, if you need anything, I am willing to help." Smiling at the thoughtfulness, Angella thanks her friend. They make a little bit of small talk until Angella realizes it is time to go, "I do need to be returning home. Thank you so much for keeping the Lunar Crystal safe." The two friends hug each other, and Castaspella looks on at Angella, "Since we don't know if the Star Sisters are a mere myth or not, are you going to do something about getting the other two items from Hordak?" Angella shrugs, "I would like to. If the legend is real could you just imagine? To have all that help and power... my goodness Casta, no one would ever hurt us again." Tilting her head in agreement, Castaspella sees Angella off. Looking away from Angella leaving, Castaspella whispers, "What is this world coming to?"

Inside the Whispering Woods at Bright Moon a few people are gathered around in the courtyard, preparing to say some goodbyes. Bow, Glimmer, and Perfuma stand with Madame Razz to the side. Mermista is sitting on the ground with Flutterina while Frosta is to the side hoping that He-Man will somehow make an appearance. Adora and Adam are standing with Clamp Champ, while Roboto and Kowl chat to the side. Clamp Champ turns to Prince Adam, "Are you sure you want to stay here Prince Adam?" Adam looks over at his sister, "Yes. I am sure. Just leave the portal key with me and I will return to Eternia shortly." Clamp Champ nods, "As you wish, this is your decision. I must admit, these past few days of rest and relaxation have been wonderful." Clamp Champ looks over at members of the Great Rebellion, so many people have become his friends. Netossa and Spinnerella arrive to say their goodbyes as well.

Roboto buzzes from the side, "I wish I could stay longer. There is so much to take note of on this planet. I also believe the colorful owl they call Kowl knows a great deal on philosophical meanings. I hope for more conversations in the future." Kowl is listening and nodding, "For being made up of metal and other inanimate parts, you are truly remarkable Roboto." The heroic mechanical warrior buzzes and chirps, "Thank you."

Stratos is going over a few supplies before the departure and brushes past Frosta. The icy empress growls, "Watch it! How many times have you bumped into me already?!" Stratos hangs his head, "I will miss many things from this world, you will not be one of them. I did not mean to be in your way." Frosta makes a face, "Can't you just leave already?" Stratos shakes his head, "I don't understand you..." Frosta turns away and looks at the entrance to the courtyard, fixing her hair, she sighs, "Well darling, don't stress that bird brain of yours, because you could never understand me." Frosta continues to look at the entrance of the courtyard.

Flutterina stares at Frosta in wonderment. Mermista smiles, "She's hoping with all her might that He-Man will show up." Flutterina nods and turns back to the matters at hand. Frosta focuses intently, hoping that He-Man shows up. She can't take much more. Spotting some movement, Frosta gasps in anticipation as someone rounds the corner into the courtyard. It is Peekablue. Frosta groans in annoyance. Peekablue walks to the Masters and wishes them a safe trip back to Eternia.

Clamp Champ opens a portal. The swirling pattern of magic is stunning and the group looks on in amazement. Clamp Champ turns to Adam, "Take good care of this portal key, it is your only way back home." The prince nods, "Please tell my mother and father that I am well. Tell them about Adora too. We will be home shortly."

Adora hears this and her heart stops. She doesn't want to think about leaving Etheria yet. She quickly hugs Roboto and Stratos and turns to Clamp Champ. "Thank you for coming all this way. It was a pleasure to meet you all, and please tell my parents... that I look forward to meeting them." There are tears in her eyes, and Adora hugs Clamp Champ tightly. These are people that have known her parents for so long, Adora can't believe she is so close to meeting her parents. Clamp Champ smiles, "It was wonderful to finally meet you too Princess Adora." Adora smiles, blushing, "Please Champ, just call me Adora." Clamp Champ nods and they hug one more time. Everyone watches the three Masters as they walk into the swirling portal.

In an instant the swirling portal closes in. The circle of light fades away and the rebels end up seeing the other side of the courtyard. The portal is gone and with it Clamp Champ, Roboto, and Stratos. Adam looks on. "They are gone." Adora looks over at her brother, "You'll be back home soon..." Adam nods, "Yes. You'll love it on Eternia Adora." Nodding in silence, Adora hopes that her brother is correct.

Adam hugs his sister and walks away to place the portal key in a safe place. Adora turns to chat with her friends. The rebels continue to mill about in the courtyard. Frosta grimaces in annoyance as Adam walks by. She continues to search for He-Man, "Why isn't he here?" Mermista walks by and shrugs, "Maybe he has other things to do?" Frosta shakes her head vehemently, "Darling, what on Etheria could He-Man possibly be doing that would be better than talking to me?" Mermista shrugs and with nothing else to say, simply walks off.

Looking at everyone, Adora notices that someone is missing. Excusing herself from the group, Adora searches for Sea Hawk. Walking through Bright Moon, Adora thinks about the three men who just left. She wonders what her parents will think when the Masters return. Will they be overjoyed to know that Adora is safe? Will they be upset that she isn't there? Will they understand that it might be hard for Adora to ever leave Etheria?

Those thoughts quickly leave her mind as Adora spots Sea Hawk in the dining hall. Eating alone, the pirate looks up at Adora and motions for her to join him. They sit and talk. Adora is curious as to why Hawk didn't say goodbye to the Masters. He shrugs, "I didn't really know them. I felt awkward being a part of the whole thing." Adora shakes her head, "But you are a part of the Rebellion. When are you going to realize you are among friends." Sea Hawk shrugs, "I don't know why I am like that." Though he actually does. The pressure he is experiencing from Hordak's manipulations and what Hawk has already done is... complicated. Sea Hawk can only hope that Hordak never finds a way inside the Whispering Woods.

They continue to talk. Adora shares her excitement over getting to know her brother. Sea Hawk explains that he is happy for her and all the good things that are going on around Bright Moon. The conversation eventually turns into another direction, as Sea Hawk asks, "Why do you love Bow?" Adora sits there in shock, "What?" Sea Hawk goes on, "Last time we talked about that kiss we shared, you mentioned you were in love with Bow. So tell me princess, why do you love that guy?" Adora leans back, the weight of the question pressing down on her, "We just have a special bond."

"So then why aren't you with him?" Sea Hawk asks. He wants to know what the deal is. Adora shakes her head, "It is just complicated. Bow and I have a connection, we just do." Sea Hawk asks to know what is so special about their connection. Adora turns her head to the side, unsure if she should talk about this. Throwing it all to the wind, Adora opens up to Sea Hawk, "I almost died. Actually, I've almost died a couple times, but this was the first time. I was younger, much younger. Something weird happens when you face death, I can't explain it, but an odd feeling washed over me. I had been on a mission with Catra. This was back when we were in the Horde Academy, training to become the strongest and best."

Adora thinks back to that time and can't believe it actually happened, "Hordak was testing us. We were supposed to find some old map. It was in a hidden temple under this empty village. We should have known it would be dangerous. There were these beasts and monstrous creatures charged with killing anyone that entered the temple. Catra and I fought together." Sea Hawk is surprised to hear such a thing. Adora nods, "I know. I was never Catra's favorite person, but we worked together. And then it just seemed like nothing would work, the temple began falling around us. We were bruised and battered. Then there was that moment, that feeling that washed over me. I thought I was going to die. I think I even kissed Catra in the moment."

Sea Hawk's eyes widen, "You did what?" Adora rolls her eyes, "Calm down. It wasn't like that. I was terrified and wanted nothing more than to feel close to another person. I think the kiss angered Catra even more because she just seemed completely at a loss. It was a scary moment, but we somehow survived." She pauses, recalling what happened next, "Afterwards I was exhausted. I wasn't sure how we had survived, but we did and I just wanted to kiss the ground, the sun and the moon. I couldn't believe it. Bow was so worried about me. He tended to my wounds. I didn't want to lose him," Adora shakes her head, "We made love. Our feelings for each other were so intense, and I wanted to hold onto him, to never let go."

Sea Hawk sits there in total shock, "You had sex with Bow?" Adora looks back aghast at his reaction, "Don't look at me like that! What? You get to sleep with anything that walks and it is alright, but I tell you that I slept with Bow, and I am somehow tainted?" Sea Hawk shakes his head, "Now wait a minute princess. I never said anything of the like. You gotta stop puttin words into my mouth. I'm just shocked because I never pegged ya for the type to actually go out and do it. I don't think you are tainted."

Adora sits up straight, "Well it wasn't like I was just giving it up. Bow and I have always had a special relationship, and that day changed things. I faced the loss of my life, and all I wanted was to feel connected to everything around me. I wanted to feel alive and loved." Sea Hawk nods, "I get it. So you have this special friendship with Bow. How do you explain us then?" Adora looks away, "I don't know. I don't know at all. You irk me with your attitude to just about everything. I find you to be a jerk at times, but there is something... I don't know what any of it means." This is the truth. Adora has no idea how to explain the matters of her heart.

Reaching out and grabbing hold of her hands, Sea Hawk smiles, "Listen princess, I don't know what it means either. And that is ok." He smiles at her. There is something about her, a spark that makes his insides feel warm. His feelings for her are growing by the day and that terrifies him. He can handle Adora not being ready to sort out the clutter in her mind and heart, because if she were to tell him she cared deeply for him... well, he knows there would be nothing to offer her but broken promises and lies sharp enough to cut through bone.

Outside in the courtyard, Perfuma and Flutterina are the only two left behind from the group. Flutterina is still sitting in the spot she was in earlier with Perfuma sitting next to her. Perfuma knows that something is wrong with Flutterina. Ever since Flutterina went to the Horde Labs and found the information detailing how she originated, there has been a sadness living on her face. Perfuma hopes she can be a good friend. "Flutterina, if you need to talk..." The winged woman looks at Perfuma, "I have. Nothing. To say."

Perfuma nods, "I understand. But ya know, sometimes bad things happen to us. And it can feel safe to keep it all bottled up, but sometimes confiding with someone can help. I know I've been through some terrifying ordeals, and I'm not even talking about the time I almost lost my flower garden!" Perfuma has a goofy grin on her face, she is trying to make Flutterina laugh. It is not working. Perfuma sighs and starts to get up. As she does this, Flutterina cries out, "Wait."

Losing her balance, Perfuma falls back to the ground. Flutterina looks over at her friend, "I can't talk. It makes. No. Sense." Perfuma nods, "Are you talking about what you found out in the Horde Lab?" Flutterina nods with tears in her eyes. Perfuma drops her head, "Flutterina, it's ok. You can talk. No one is going to judge you here, we aren't the grody Horde or anything!" Flutterina shakes her head, "I don't know. What. Grody. Is."

Perfuma shrugs it off, "Oh. I sometimes just say whatever. What did you find out?" They sit together in a growing silence, until Flutterina opens up. She shares her knowledge of how she came to be. "I read the. Forms." The lab forms of the Winged Warrior project were highly detailed. Flutterina continues to speak, of how her creation came to be from the joining of an insect cellular structure and the human cells of a female prisoner in the slave mines. "I don't. Remember. The two lives. Before." And she is glad she can't remember.

Flutterina knows that the insect was called a caterpillar, "The insect. Its cells. Were from. A father. Of the other. Insects. He lost. His family." Perfuma nods following along with the story. Flutterina then details how prisoners from the Horde were killed to be experimented on. Flutterina sobs because the slave woman used for the experiment did not even have a name. "I know. Nothing. Of who. She was. Or who. I am." Drooping her shoulders, Flutterina sighs, "I am. A freakish. Being. Am I. Even real?"

Perfuma puts an arm around her friend, "Hey now, don't say things like that. You are not freakish, in any way." Flutterina shouts in agony, "Look at. Me. I have. A strange. Body." she is referring to part of her being human and other parts being insectoid in nature. "My body. Is. In between." Flutterina thinks about the insectoid appendage between her legs, and it disgusts her. Sensing her friend's discomfort, Perfuma shakes her head, "It's ok. Flutterina, it is ok. Your body may not be like mine or other people's bodies, but that is ok. You are still a wonderful person, don't let this revelation define you."

"I don't. Know. Who. Or. What. I am." Flutterina feels confused. Is her personality connected to the insect or the human? Or are those connections to the former beings completely gone? Her whole body is throbbing in pain. Perfuma shakes her head, "It doesn't matter, none of it matters Flutterina. You are here now, and you can create a whole new persona. We should all be able to grow in our own way. In our own time. You be the creator of who you are. Don't let the information from the Horde Lab inform you of who or what you should be. Mourn for how you came to be if you must, but transcend it."

Flutterina listens and is comforted, "You. Are. Smart." Perfuma blushes, "I have my moments. Normally I'd say we just need to dance this out. But, I think a little more was called for." Flutterina smiles, "Dancing. Is fun." Perfuma nods, "I know! It can solve so much." The two friends giggle at everything. "Are you feeling better Flutterina?"

The insectoid woman nods, "I think. So. Thank you. Perfuma." The two friends hug each other. They both know that Flutterina will have much to think about, but the important thing is that Flutterina has a good friend. "I'm going. To take. A walk." Perfuma nods and watches Flutterina flutter off.

Standing in the courtyard, Perfuma jumps at the sound of a loud sigh. Perfuma turns and notices Frosta sitting behind some bushes, she is clutching a bottle. "Frosta? I didn't know you were still here?" Frosta groans, "I stepped away for a drink. I came back though. Good job with Flutterina. I usually take you for a ditsy blond, but goodness darling, aren't you suddenly full of such wisdom." Frosta stumbles a little bit. Perfuma steps back, "Frosta, are you drunk?"

Frosta drops the bottle to the ground and crosses her arms, "Maybe I am. What does it matter? I'm an empress. And a real bitch." Frosta snaps her words out in a slight slur. She slumps to the ground. "He isn't going to show up..." Perfuma bites her lower lip, she isn't use to being the voice of reason. "Who were you expecting?"

Frosta waves her hands in the air, "He-Man of course! Come now darling, who else would I be waiting this long for?!" Cautiously taking a seat next to Frosta, Perfuma sighs, "Was he supposed to be here?" Frosta shakes her head, "Oh how should I know? That damn man has been in my mind ever since I met him. Perfuma, he is just stunning. I am in love, though Mermista keeps telling me I am only in lust, and that it will pass. I think she is full of shit. Don't tell her I said that. She is such a dear friend." Frosta hiccups and curses herself, "I hate hiccups."

Perfuma sits there and tries to console her, "Well, maybe He-Man will show up another time?" Frosta shakes her head, "Oh it doesn't matter. I feel like such a fool." Perfuma nods wanting to agree, but decides against that, "Oh Frosta, you are so gorgeous and if you can't nab He-Man, well I guess there just isn't hope for any of us." Frosta glints her eyes, "What did you say? You want him too?" Perfuma's eyes open wide, "Eeep! No, I wasn't meaning that, don't get mad! I was referring to just love in general. I mean what hope do any of us have? You are Frosta! The ultimate sex symbol!"

Frosta nods to herself, "You know darling, people can say what they want about you, but I think you are incredibly smart. I am the ultimate sex symbol. And if He-Man can't figure that out, then screw him!" Frosta giggles and then screams out, "Screw him!" Perfuma is shocked, "Come on Frosta, I think you need to lay down." Frosta brushes Perfuma off, "I'm not going anywhere. He'll show up. I'm just going to rest my eyes here." Frosta lays back on the grass.

In total shock and awe, Perfuma sighs, "She really is drunk. The Frosta I know would never lay on grass." Creating a blanket of flowers, Perfuma covers Frosta up. "Good luck my friend." Perfuma whispers and exits the courtyard. Hearing a tune from somewhere, Perfuma can't help but start dancing down the halls of Bright Moon.

Inside the Fright Zone, Catra is alone in her room with Entrapta. The two friends are catching up. Catra is lost in the conversation though, her thoughts drifting to Huntara and then drifting to her knowledge about her birth mother. Her hatred for Hordak is reaching a point of no return. Twirling her hair around, Entrapta looks at Catra, "Are you with me Catra? You seem lost."

With her green eyes dripping in mischief, Catra purrs, "I am far from lost. In fact, I have never been more centered." Entrapta leans back in a chair, her golden armor shining brightly, "Interesting. I thought you'd be positively deranged with your arch enemy Adora being alive and well." Brushing the thought off, Catra grins, "Adora is the least of my worries right now. I have a bigger mouse to catch."

Leaning forward with evil in her eyes, Entrapta grins, "Oh, this sounds like fun. Who are we talking about? She-Ra? That muscle man that just showed up, oh what was his name?" Catra interrupts her friend, "His name was He-Man. I am not talking about either of them. I am talking about Hordak." Making a face, Entrapta laughs, "Hordak? Are you serious? Why would you be after him?" Entrapta studies Catra's face and realizes that her friend is being very serious.

Catra files her sharp nails, "I am tired of him. He has done his fair share of making my life a living nightmare. I am done serving him and the Horde. I want to completely level everything in Etheria. And then I want to rebuild this world, in my own vision. I want to live in an Etheria where there is no Horde ruled by Hordak or some stupid imbeciles running around forming the Great Rebellion. I want to rule this world myself, and it can only happen once Hordak is demolished. I'd like you to join me."

Entrapta's hair twirls around in the air, "Interesting." Catra continues filing her nails, "I need an answer Entrapta. Are you going to help me, or are you going to tell Hordak my plans? After all, you have worked with Hordak for such a long time." Arching an eyebrow, Entrapta grins, "This may be true, I have helped Hordak for so long. But I must say Catra, your plan sounds so much more delicious..." Catra nods, "Can you just imagine the possibilities?"

Clapping her hands in joy, Entrapta laughs, "Of course I can! We can create a new world! We'll need help though." Catra nods, "I know. I've already been thinking of others to join us. Namely Scorpia and Octavia, I also believe Shadow Weaver would be on board." Entrapta shakes her head in amazement, "Wow, this is like a sisterhorde of evil or something."

"Or something. Though I prefer there to not be any silly names to describe us. Where we will be going, there will be no need for labels like the Horde or the Great Rebellion. The world is going to be ours my dear friend." Catra purrs filing her nails even sharper. Entrapta high fives her friend. They both laugh at what they will be doing. "Are you sure about joining me?" Catra asks. Entrapta nods, "You forget what I did to my own family Catra. Hordak and I were once very close, but I always knew something was special about you. I'll join you." They both laugh in excitement. Etheria is changing, and both women are thrilled to be championing that change. 

Clamp Champ, Roboto, and Stratos arrive inside the Eternos Palace on Eternia. Immediately they can sense that something is not right. Looking around Man-At-Arm's lab, they each notice that the place is in shambles. Clamp Champ murmurs, "Gentlemen, Duncan would never keep his lab like this. We need to be careful." Robot buzzes and whirs, "My sensors are picking up a large amount of magical energy in the air."

The Masters carefully walk out of the lab and into the hall. They notice that the palace is in shambles. "What has happened here?" Stratos asks looking around. The Masters soon find themselves in danger as a group of Skeletor's ghoulish soldiers appear. "Stop! You three, are trespassing." Clamp Champ's heart sinks, "Oh this does not look good." The Masters brace for a fight. A melee commences as the Masters fight against the ghoulish soldiers who fight for the Evil Warriors. Clamp Champ swings the power clamp at a soldier, cracking his skull open. Stratos engages in hand to hand combat while Roboto releases some spinning blades from his chest. The blades tear into the flesh of a soldier.

More soldiers pour into the hall way, and the Masters retreat. They run through the palace trying to figure out what to do next. Clamp Champ shouts, "The prison cells. Let's head there now!" Before they can make it though, Stratos is nearly impaled by a ghoulish soldier. Stratos dodges the attack and is almost impaled again, but someone stabs the soldier from behind.

The Masters cheer out in excitement as the notice Queen Marlena from behind. Lowering her sword, Marlena gasps, "Oh I am thrilled to see you three!" Clamp Champ nods, "Queen Marlena, what is happening here?" Marlena quickly explains, "Skeletor got free. He has since been free taking the Palace as his own. Randor is badly wounded and we have been prisoners here. I am trying to free those who are in the holding cells." Stratos nods, "We will help you."

Marlena shakes her head, "No. I can handle this. You must get to Castle Grayskull. Skeletor has been mounting an army, Man-At-Arms is there with a few others. Hurry, they will need the help." Clamp Champ nods. Roboto chirps, "I will still remain with the Queen." Marlena wants to argue, but as more ghoulish soldiers come after them, she relents. The help will be appreciated. Before Clamp Champ and Stratos leave, Marlena asks, "Where is Adam?"

Clamp Champ sighs, "He stayed behind on Etheria. With your daughter." The words strike Marlena, tears instantly well up in her eyes, "My daughter?" Clamp Champ nods, "Yes my queen. She is alive. We found her. Adam and Adora will be on Eternia soon." Marlena feels her legs weaken, she wants to rejoice, "My daughter is alive? Oh my. My baby is alive." Roboto motions that they need to keep moving. Marlena nods and with new incentive to fight harder, they rush off away from Clamp Champ and Stratos. The two Masters rush out of the Palace and head to Castle Grayskull where an epic battle is already under way...

After flying through space at break neck speed, Sweet Bee finally makes it to her Hive. She is glad to be home, especially because her communication system did not work. She hopes that the Hive is ready for her. Landing the ship in the docking station, Sweet Bee hurries out to embrace her fellow Hive citizens. No one is there to greet her. This worries her. Sweet Bee walks through the docking station and can find no one. "What is going on?"

She continues to walk around the Hive, noticing that there is no one there. A strange feeling is in the pit of her stomach. In the main chamber of the Hive, Sweet Bee notices that there seems to have been a struggle of some sort. Her fingers trace across some holes and dents in a nearby wall. She continues to walk and screams as she feels a hand wrap around her ankle.

Dropping to the floor, Sweet Bee notices a friend. He motions for her to be quiet. "Drone 36, what is going on?" She gasps as she notices gashes and wounds across his body. His wings have been torn off and he is missing a leg, "Oh my, Drone 36, what happened to you?" Drone 36 whispers, "You have to escape. Now. You shouldn't be here." Sweet Bee explains what happened to her team, and how she fought so hard to come back home. Drone 36 cries out, "We no longer have a home. Not since they arrived..."

Sweet Bee is confused and asks to know more information. Drone 36 is fading away, but he chokes out, "We were under attack. They came from this large ship. There were so many, we didn't know what to do. They took most of the Hive, everyone else they killed." Sweet Bee shakes her head, "Who are they?" Drone 36 groans, "We don't know. They have these red symbols on their chests, and they are made of metal. Sweet Bee, it doesn't matter, you have to go. Some of them are still on this ship. Do you understand? These monsters are still on the ship!" Sweet Bee feels a chill wash over her. "Ok. I'm getting us out of her, come on." She goes to pick him up, but he stops her, "No. I can't go." Sweet Bee wants to help her friend, but it is too late. Drone 36's eyes glaze over and he looks at Sweet Bee blankly. She cries out, "No! No! I can't keep losing my friends."

Standing up, Sweet Bee wants to honor Drone 38, but she has no time for that. The clanking of multiple footsteps echoes down the chamber. Sweet Bee turns to the sound and trembles. A large group of Horde Trooper soldiers are making their way towards her. She isn't sure what to do, so she just runs as they take aim. Shots are fired and the chamber is ablaze in laser blasts...

The Whispering Woods are experiencing a sense of calm. Flutterina is walking through the woods alone. After her conversation with Perfuma, Flutterina is feeling slightly better. She still has no idea how she can create her own path and build her own self. She just feels lost and at odds with so much. As she walks through the Whispering Woods, she notices a flash to her side. A hulking hairy mass jumps out at her, slamming her into a tree.

Grunting in pain, Flutterina jumps up ready to fight. Instead she finds herself pinned against a tree. Leech quickly has her arms around the tree and is draining her of her strength. Grizzlor and Hordak step before her. Grizzlor grins, "Look Hordak, a member of the Great Rebellion." Leech adds, "She was actually meant to be a Winged Warrior."

Hordak nods and snorts, "Yes. This thing before me was supposed to be so much greater, now it is just some silly looking woman with such garish wings. Do as you wish to her." Hordak snorts and walks off towards Bright Moon.

Grizzlor stands in front of her, "What should we do to her Leech? How can we teach this Rebel that she is on the wrong side?" Leech gurgles, "You pick Grizzlor."

The hairy beast looks Flutterina up and down. "Let's see what we can work with." Grizzlor yanks Flutterina's skirt off exposing her nude form. She tries to struggle free but is too weak. He notices the dangling insectoid appendage between her legs, "Ha. Look at this Leech!" Continuing to drain her of her energy, Leech looks over Flutterina's shoulder, "What is that? Is she reall a 'he'? I don't get it."

Grizzlor pulls a machete from his back holster, "It doesn't matter what this thing is. We can fix it though." Leech looks on at Grizzlor, "Oh we're really gonna teach the Rebels a lesson!" Grizzlor stands over Flutterina. He quickly raises the machete in the air ready to strike. Before he does though, Flutterina feels her body erupt in anger. No one will ever hurt or gawk at her again. Feeling something quickly travel up her throat, Flutterina spits a wad of sticky glitter in Grizzlor's face. The Hordesman jumps back clutching his face. "AHHHH! AHHH! This burns!" Grizzlor is in pain as the sticky shards of glitter sear his flesh. There is a smell of burnt hair in the air. Leech let's go of Flutterina and helps his friend.

Letting out a loud scream, Flutterina slams her fists into Leech's back. The pain is enough to knock the wind out of him. Grizzlor is still struggling to get the spit off his face. Flutterina plants a swift kick into his stomach and then knees him under the chin. Both Leech and Grizzlor are on the ground writhing in pain. Picking her skirt up, Flutterina looks off in the direction of Hordak. She has no idea where the acidic glitter spit came from, but she is realizing that her unique and different body may not be so bad after all. Fluttering off into the air, Flutterina rushes to Bright Moon. Somehow the Horde made it into the Whispering Woods, and the Great Rebellion is in danger.

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