Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Toy Chest Tuesday! Scooby Doo!

Continuing with the theme of toys perfect for Halloween, I thought it best to check out some super cool Scooby Doo toys! Who didn't enjoy the old Scooby Doo cartoon? I loved that damn show with all its hokey glory. And don't even get me started on the old school Scooby Doo vitamins. I'd pop those like candy because they used to taste like candy. My mom would only dispense one at a time, because she knew better. Of course when I found myself staying the night with my grandmother or some other relative, I'd find ways to eat more. They were like SweetTarts, yet they also gave my anemic ass some much needed iron.

Anyways, I digress way too much. Back in 1999/2000 Equity toys released a really cool line of quite possibly the best Scooby Doo toys ever made. So let's check them out!

Scooby Doo

The first wave of figures featured a few versions of Scooby Doo as well as Shaggy and Velma. This version of Scooby Doo came with a box of Scooby snacks and some suction cup wall crawlers. The pieces attached to his paws, and they look really cute (though they don't work all that well.) Also just check out the articulation on this pooch! His legs, knees, waist, neck, and tail all feature articulation. Equity really made a great Scooby Doo toy.


Oh sweet Shaggy. The only reason I ever had a brief moment of dating stoners was due to this lovable guy in clothes that always made me think of my washing machine. When this line came out, there were tons of Shaggy figures on shelves. He came with a lantern and a mini ghoulish Scooby Doo character that glows in the dark! Oh the joys of toys that glow in the dark. Shaggy can hold the lantern and features very basic articulation, but all in all how great does that toy look? The face just looks like Shaggy!


Velma was another character that had an abundance of figures on shelves. She was actually my first purchase in this line and I remember geeking out to see such nice Scooby Doo items on shelves. I got her at Kay-Bee Toys in the mall, and I just loved that a really nice Scooby Doo toy line was out. She has the same articulation like Shaggy but came with a flash light and a different ghoulish mini glow in the dark "monster." Also, the lantern and flashlight both had glow in the dark paint on them, so the pieces could help the Mystery Gang maneuver through those dark mansions and abandoned warehouses with ease.


No one could rock an ascot like Fred. Released a year or so after the first line up, Fred was a part of a very rare and hard to find wave of the Scooby Doo toys. There were also some changes to the newer wave that he was a part of. Fred came with more articulation points (bendable elbows, hips, and knees) and instead of mini figures and pieces, he simply came with a scary clock. His figure was still pretty cool and really captured the cartoon character accurately. However, Fred was still my least favorite character. I don't know what it was about him, but he just irked me a little. Maybe it was the ascot.


My favorite by far, Daphne had to also be the rarest one to find in stores. (At least in my parts.) When I saw her in Kay-Bee, I flipped out and ran to the register as fast as my feet could carry me. These Scooby Doo toys may have been sold in other stores, but I only seem to recall finding them in Kay-Bee. Good old Kay-Bee never let me down, until they folded. Anyways, Daphne had the updated articulation (bending at the knees and elbows, movable shoulder sockets) and was just the best. Of course she came with a vanity and necklace, but in my mind it was a stolen necklace that the Mystery Gang was trying to solve as part of a convoluted storyline. I would have preferred a cooler accessory, but at the end of the day I was just happy a nice Daphne figure had been released.

Scooby Doo may still be around in some form on toy shelves, but this was truly the best line ever for Scooby Doo. It had everything, nicely detailed figures that were a nice size at over 5 inches. They were just perfect, aside from the scarcity of the line. That must be my only real complaint. I disliked the way the figures had been released not to mention their numbers. My personal thoughts were that they had over produced for the first wave and as a result made smaller production numbers for the later waves. (There were also some villains made into the same scale as well.)

So there you have it folks! Some really cool Scooby Doo toys just in time for Halloween. It is hard to believe these toys came out over 10 years ago. But I hope you enjoy them! They can still be found loose on the secondary market for a decent price, but picking them up mint might cost you. Did anyone else collect these? Are there any fond Scooby Doo memories out there? Who else enjoyed gorging themselves on those old Scooby Doo vitamins before they changed the recipe to something more grody? I want to know! Anyways, take care everyone, and until next time!


  1. Still one of my favourites! My almost 5 year old cousin went as Scooby-Doo last yr, I was Daphne, and my other cousin, his mom went as Shaggy, lol!

  2. They are giving those buckets out with McDonald's happy meals right now! I knew they looked like the old ones! I intercepted 2 from the trash, my sis was throwing them away from her car. Go and get one before the day is over, I think it's a Halloween promo.

  3. Just realizing that you weren't profiling the buckets, just using them as background "noise". Whah, whah..... such a dummy.

    1. Oh you are not a dummy Laura! I'm actually glad you noticed! I had thought about saying something in the post, but I wasn't sure. But yeah, McDonalds has these Scooby Doo buckets. There are 3 different designs and they are totally cute! I thank you for the comments. I hope you enjoy this site!

  4. Wow Scooby Doo ! :D
    I love the cartoons and this toy line! :D I'll never seen any Scobby Doo toyline until now! ( I'm talking about all the gang) They're look pretty cool!!
    Thanks for this one Miss M! :)
    Also i have some dvd's of the old cartoons :) I really like Scooby Doo

    1. Oh wow! Nastyroker, you have got to find some Scooby Doo toys! These are so much fun. I don't have any of the dvds, but my goodness that show was so much fun! I need to go searching for some dvds now.

  5. I have these exact figures and buckets! :)

    1. Oh that is awesome! I am glad you do! Thank you for the comment and these are some pretty fun toys. : )