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Adora's Search for Honor Part 2: Chapter 37

After two long weeks, She-Ra Saturday is back, on a Sunday! I had tried to get this posted sooner, but things have been hectic! I helped Paladin over on NerdSOCIETY with a really fun article that saw Paladin reviewing the recent Rattlor release while I got to review the fabulous Frosta from the Masters of the Universe Classics line! Click here to read that! Anyways, let's get this chapter started!

Previously: With her anger and rage at an all time high, Catra is planning on taking down all those in her way (Hordak and She-Ra.) So far Entrapta has been enlisted to help, but there will be others... Fresh from their portal hopping trip from Etheria, Clamp Champ, Stratos, and Roboto found Eternia in total chaos and despair as Skeletor rules the land. A huge battle was also underway... Meanwhile in the Whispering Woods, the Great Rebellion was taking it easy. Only nothing is really ever easy in the Whispering Woods, because Hordak and his fearsome Horde are about to make a huge party foul when they become: Rebel Crashers!

And now...

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 2

Sitting under a pale gray tree with luminous purple leaves in the Whispering Woods, Adora sways to the music from Bow's harp. While playing his harp, Bow looks over and smiles at Perfuma twirling around dancing to the lilting music. Spinning on her toes, Perfuma takes a tumble next to Adora, "I try to practice, but I can't quite move like Spinnerella."

Adora smiles, "I am not sure any of us can. How have you been?" Sitting with her friend, Perfuma sighs, "I'm doing swell-ish. I have my sad dreary days, but then I have moments when I am just dancing to Bow's music, and life feels good. I could listen to his music all day long! You do know he has been working on a special song for you right?"

Bow hears this and quickly stops playing, "Perfuma! Be quiet!" Adora and Perfuma smile, "Oh Bow! Don't be like that. Here, dance with Adora. I'll play for a spell." Perfuma gets up and takes hold of Bow's harp. Slightly shoving Bow towards Adora, Perfuma grins from ear to ear, "I know how to play all kinds of good stuff!" Perfuma knows about the spark between Adora and Bow, and if she can help play matchmaker, she'll do her best.

Adora looks at Bow, "Well, I guess we don't have much of a choice..." Their arms touch and soon they both find their bodies pressed close to each other. Their feet move on their own mission, following dance patterns they have done long before. Perfuma's music is sweet with only minor fumbling. Bow looks over at Perfuma, hoping her musical taste will not mess up a string. Adora gathers his attention, "You can look at me Bow, you don't have to stay mad at me..."

They have both hurt each other recently and neither are happy about that. Adora can't love him wholly with all the secrets and emotions on her shoulders and because of that, Bow's shoulder is colder than Castle Chill. "I'm not mad at you Adora." He looks at her, and the gaze is enough to make her heart melt. She does love this man, it is true. Not everything in this life is simple though. There are also her growing feelings and curiosity towards Sea Hawk too...

"If you aren't mad at me, than why the change in things?" Adora continues to move to Perfuma's music. Bow tilts his head, "I've been giving you space. There has been much celebration with your brother being here, I just want you to be happy and free." Adora nods, "I am happy. I am." He leans into her and smells her hair. He doesn't want this moment to end at all, he just wishes he could understand why everything has to be so difficult. Bow is about to talk to her, when he hears Perfuma switch up her music and begin the strings to the song he is writing for Adora. As those first few notes hit the air, Adora instantly wants to hear more.

Before the song can truly begin, Bow let's Adora go and rushes to Perfuma, "What are you doing?! You can't play that yet." Perfuma looks back caught off guard, "But you've been working on this song for so long Bow!" Bow grabs hold of the harp, "Yeah well, I'm not ready for her to hear it." She may never hear it, he thinks to himself. Adora looks at her two friends, "It does sound nice Bow."

It is his masterpiece. The song he is writing for Adora is everything to him. Perfuma has helped a little bit, but only Bow knows how the whole song will sound. And he is not ready to play it for Adora, not when she is holding back from him. He can't bare that much of himself, not yet.

The three continue to stand there in the Whispering Woods. Perfuma feels the odd one out and perks up, "I think I will go. I left Frosta asleep in the courtyard. She will probably wake up mad as all get out when she realizes what she has been sleeping on. Ya know. Dirt." Adora nods and is about to watch Perfuma walk away until they each three hear a bloodcurdling scream tear through the Whispering Woods. "Oh no. She's woken up." Bow grins, trying to make a joke. Perfuma shakes her head, "That wasn't Frosta."

Adora is about to speak but stops as another scream rips into the air. The three rebels stop their fun and music. Rushing towards Bright Moon, the three rebels run along the winding path in the Whispering Woods. Adora pauses only to briefly at the sound of something buzzing. "Look out!" She screams as two golden buzz saws zoom out of the trees towards the rebels. Perfuma falls back as Bow nearly misses the sharp buzzing blades.

The spinning blades slice into some trees and stop. Adora looks back at Bow and Perfuma. Their eyes all widen in shock as Hordak bursts through the trees, his opening to reveal another round of spinning buzz saw blades. "Ah! Adora! I've been looking for you." Hordak snorts and laughs as he releases the spinning blades. Bow and Perfuma throw themselves out of the way, and Adora uses her sword to fling a buzzing blade away.

Calling out to Perfuma and Bow, Adora makes sure that her friends get out of there. Adora charges towards Hordak with all her might. Leaping into the air, Adora flips over his head and plants a strong kick into his back as she falls to the ground. Rolling up, Adora dodges another round of Hordak's buzz saws. "Oh come on Hordak, you have to do better than that!" Adora grins as Hordak is full of rage.

Racing through the woods, Adora feels Hordak hot on her boots. Trying to deter the Horde leader from attacking her friends, Adora leads the way far away, deeper into the Whispering Woods. Her plan seems simple enough, but things go awry when she slips and falls down a hill. Taking a hard tumble, Adora finds herself sprawled on the cool ground. She looks up for Hordak, awaiting a struggle. He is no where to be found.

Looking around the woods, Adora sighs. She left her friends alone. "It is now or never." Raising her sword aloft in the air, Adora calls out, "For the honor of Grayskull! I am She-Ra!!!!"

Inside Castle Bright Moon, Adam and Madame Razz are talking. She is telling him stories about Adora, about what it was like raising her. "Oh dearie, I took care of her since she was a little one. I used to work for the Horde, not willingly of course, but I wanted to make sure those poor babies were taken care of. The Horde Academy was no place for children. No place at all." Adam shudders at the thought of what his sister has been through. He hates thinking of the life she had growing up. Guilt eats away at him as he thinks about his life on Eternia. Growing up in a palace. Knowing his parents, building upon those relationships. His heart aches for his sister, he wants nothing more than to make sure she is safe.

Madame Razz smiles at Adam, "Dearie? Are you special, like Adora?" Adam looks at the witchy woman, "Pardon?" Madame Razz tilts her head, "Oh. Maybe I am sticking my nose in the wrong place, but I noticed your sword is similar to Adora's sword. And... well... those are some spectacular swords if you catch my magic." Adam nods chuckling to himself, "Yes. Those swords are spectacular." Madame Razz looks at him with a knowing smile, "Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me." Adam nods in agreement, "I'm very glad to know my sister has you in her life."

The two continue to talk until a loud commotion is made outside. Adam and Madame Razz exit the sitting room they are in and peek their heads out in the hall. Some people are crowding around an open window. Nervous chatter is mounting and Adam looks at Razz, "Go find Queen Angella. Something doesn't seem right." Adam parts ways with Madame Razz and walks by another open window facing a large section of the Whispering Woods. Numerous sets of glowing eyes are moving in the woods. "Looks like trouble." Adam mutters and quickly sneaks down another hall in the castle. Entering an empty bedroom, Adam utters the simple phrase, "By the power of Grayskull..."

Outside in front of the castle grounds, Sea Hawk, Flutterina and Mermista look out across the woods, "And your certain the Horde is here?" Mermista looks towards Flutterina. The insectoid woman nods, "They. Tried to. Kill. Me." Peekablue walks up behind the group, "Flutterina is correct. The Horde is here. I can see them clearly." Mermista shakes her head, lost, "How did they get in the Whispering Woods?" Sea Hawk stands in silence, he is highly aware of how the Horde found themselves in the Whispering Woods. Being caught under Hordak's machinations is difficult for the pirate, especially when he knows his betrayal will ultimately hurt his friends.

Mermista panics at the catastrophic events about to go under way, "We need to make sure that the people of Bright Moon are safe. Peekablue, find Glimmer and Angella. They will have more orders. Sea Hawk, we need help. Those Horde Troopers will have us outnumbered, not to mention whatever else Hordak may have in store for us. We need as many fighters as possible." The pirate nods and quietly walks off. No one is paying attention to his somber behavior. Mermista looks at Flutterina, "You ready to fight them off?" Flutterina nods, "Of. Course."

Inside the castle, Glimmer rushes into her mother's throne room. She spots Kowl and her mother frantically hiding and locking ancient texts in special crates. "Mother, what is happening?" Queen Angella looks at her daughter, "My dear, the fears are coming true. Hordak is here, in the Whispering Woods. Peekablue secretly confirmed what I already knew. He is here for the Lunar Stone." Peekablue rushes into the room, explaining that there is trouble really brewing outside.

This is all too much for Glimmer to handle, "Peekablue, why didn't you say something to all of us earlier?" The feathered friend blushes, "I didn't want to panic everyone." Glimmer storms out of the room and spits out, "Well now we can panic. The Horde is at our blasted front door!" Angella turns to Kowl, "Hurry Kowl, we need to make sure we hide everything. Hordak cannot get his hands on any of this." Peekablue stands there, unsure of what to do. So instead she looks and sneaks a peek at what is happening in Bright Moon. She shares in the fear of the other people in Bright Moon that she is looking in on. A horrific force is making its way around the castle.

On Eternia, a battle between good and evil is occurring in front of Castle Grayskull. Clamp Champ and Stratos help round out the remaining Masters of the Universe who are able to still fight. Man-At-Arms is talking to a group of guards and soldiers from the Eternos Palace. They are all battle worn, but a strategy is being formed. In the field, Fisto and Ram Man are taking charge against an army of ghoulish warriors brought to life by Skeletor. Teela and Sy-Klone are also doing their best to help.

"Teela, you should really be inside Castle Grayskull, it is safer there." Sy-Klone says with much seriousness and concern. Teela drives her sword through the chest of a ghoulish Evil Warrior, "Please. And miss all this fun? Skeletor is going down, now!" The two former lovers continue to fight. Sy-Klone spins around, taking care of anything in his path.

Stratos is zipping and flying through the air. His goal is to take out the stronger Evil Warriors that are helping Skeletor. Catching a break, he collides into Beast Man on a tall rocky formation. The two engage in a fisticuffs. Beast Man tries to tame Stratos with a crackling whip, while Stratos manages to maneuver on the ground.

Ram Man barrels through a gaggle of ghoulish soldiers. His battering strength knocks everything down. He whirs past Evil-Lyn who is conjuring up some evil magic. Lobbing globs of dark energy towards some Palace guards, Evil-Lyn grins as she notices Teela rushing towards her. "Your magic will do no good here!" Jumping in the air, Teela swiftly kicks the evil warrior goddess in the chest.

Man-At-Arms walks forcefully with a group of Palace guards towards Skeletor. His arm cannon is loaded and begins firing at Skeletor atop Panthor. Skeletor's eyes glow and he cracks a smile, "Duncan! Don't be so stupid! Your guns and sword are no match for my magic!" He aims his Havoc Staff at Man-At-Arms and releases beams of powerful magical energy.

"Watch out!" Man-At-Arms shouts as the guards dodge the attacks. Skeletor leaps forward on Panthor, the large purple beast growling and swiping his paws. Man-At-Arms moves from another attack and is knocked back as Skeletor plants a kick in his face.

A few yards back, Clamp Champ and Fisto are hacking and slashing through some ghoulish soldiers. They are making their way towards Man-At-Arms to help in any way they can. Soon the three are fighting against Skeletor and his soldiers. The battle is intense and Skeletor is growing impatient.

Teela and Evil-Lyn are in a difficult battle. Teela is using her sword against magic, and it is proving to be an unfair fight. Evil-Lyn grins, "Silly girl, you just can't win this! You've never been able to stop me!" Teela screams in anger and just shoves her body into Evil-Lyn's. Both women fall to the ground, and Teela slams her fists into Evil-Lyn's head and face. Eyes gleaming in anger, Evil-Lyn musters her strength to release bolts of electricity from her finger tips. A new magic trick.

Teela is thrown back, but she can feel something stirring in her. She recalls what the Sorceress said to her, about what Teela could become. Focusing on all she has, Teela shoves her hands towards Evil-Lyn with the hopes that she will do something. Nothing happens. Evil-Lyn laughs, "So sad. You truly are useless..." Teela steps out of the way as a slew of rocks come flying behind Evil-Lyn. The rocks slam into her back, knocking her hard to the ground. Teela stands there in shock, did she move the rocks? Is something changing in her body? She doesn't have the time to answer, her father and uncle are both up against Skeletor.

She joins in the fray, fighting against soldiers and other manners of evil. Standing next to her uncle, Teela calls out, "We have got to stop him!" Fisto looks at his niece, "Kid, you need to be back in that castle!" Teela stammers, "I am hardly a kid, I can handle my own!" She slams her sword into a ghoulish soldier near Fisto.

Man-At-Arms and Clamp Champ continue their fight against Skeletor. The evil lord of destruction wields two blades and growls as he tries to stop them both. The battle rages on. Stratos gets help from Sy-Klone against Beast Man. Ram Man continues to run into things. The battle seems to be going in the Masters favor, until Skeletor gets some help from Evil-Lyn. In a weakened state, she conjures up a massive blast of energy that knocks Clamp Champ and Man-At-Arms out of the way.

Skeletor grins triumphantly and plans to deal a devastating blow to Man-At-Arms, ""I can finally take care of the great Duncan!" Teela slices her sword into Skeletor's side, "Leave my father alone!" Skeletor turns and glares at the fiery red head. Reaching his hand out and using his powers of the dark arts, a violet crackly stream of energy reaches out, wrapping around Teela's neck. Skeletor pulls her close, "Your father is going to die today. I hope you know that." Teela shakes her head, choking and trying to struggle free.

A voice calls out to the side, "Hey Skeletor. Heads up." Skeletor turns as a large fist slams into his face. His hold over Teela falters and she crumbles to the ground. Fisto helps her up, "You alright kid?" Teela nods, "Yes. I think so." Fisto looks at her with so much care in his eyes. He wants to tell her the truth, but instead he looks over at Skeletor and back at Teela, "Run. Get out of here." Fisto turns to Skeletor ready to fight. Teela shakes her head, she will help if she can.

Skeletor grins, "Fighting against me is useless. I would give up now." Fisto shakes his head and uses both his fist and sword to tear into Skeletor. Skeletor wields his swords and fights against Fisto. The two dodge and dance around each other, both trying to take aim. Soon Fisto plants a powerful punch in Skeletor's chest, knocking him down. Fisto feels as if he is turning the tide in the battle. Teela is helping Man-At-Arms and Clamp Champ up. Man-At-Arms is ready to help.

Fisto grins ready for another punch, "Just give it up Skeletor. You aren't going to win." Skeletor shakes his head and waves his hand in the air, "No. I will win." The act releases a ripple of energy that molds around Fisto's giant fist. Duncan's brother screams out in pain as his giant fist is bent backwards. He falls on his knees to the ground. Man-At-Arms and Clamp Champ rush towards Fisto, but Skeletor tosses them both further back with magic. Teela screams and runs to Fisto.

Tilting his head back and laughing with pure evil, Skeletor slams his knee into Fisto's face. Struggling to get up, Fisto spits blood onto the ground, "Skeletor!" The evil lord of destruction turns and slams his swords into Fisto's chest. Teela screams as Skeletor slides the blades out. Fisto's head tilts back, and the Master falls back to the ground. Skeletor grins, "You foolish Masters. When will you ever learn? Nothing is going to stop me from getting into Castle Grayskull!" Skeletor looks around at his evil warriors and soldiers, "To Grayskull!"

Seizing the opportunity to tear into the magical castle, Skeletor races against the clock. From above Sy-Klone and Stratos fly down to stop him. There is no need, as Skeletor runs into the magical force field around the castle. He can't get through and calls out to his Evil Warriors and soldiers, "Fall back! It is no use for now, we will return better than before!"

Fisto is laying on the ground with a pool of blood spreading around him. Teela is looking at him with tears in her eyes, "Please stay with me! Please!" Duncan is looking down at his brother, he wants them to carry Fisto into Grayskull. Fisto looks up at Teela, tears are in his eyes. His moment is now, he knows he can tell her the truth, that he is indeed her father and not her uncle, and that he is sorry for all the lies. But he refrains. Instead he whispers to Teela, "Thank you." Teela shakes her head, "For what? I did nothing, you are the one who got stabbed!" Fisto shakes his head and coughs in pain, "No. Thank you for finding me in that cabin, for getting me back here and over myself. You are an amazing kid..." His eyes close. Teela panics, "No! No! We have to do something!"

Duncan and Clamp Champ help carry him, "Hurry. We have to get him to the Sorceress. He's losing a lot of blood..." The Masters race towards Grayskull, hoping it is not late. Dodging past some remaining ghoulish soldiers, the Masters easily walk through the magical force field and race into the castle.

Standing in her throne room, the Sorceress is highly aware of what is happening. Her powers are weakening and she isn't sure how much longer she can maintain the force field. "Fisto." The name is spoken simply and the Sorceress hangs her head as tears stream down her face. Time is running out, for all of them.

Chaos is spreading across Bright Moon inside the Whispering Woods. People are running every which way, trying to avoid being shot or struck by Horde Troopers. Mermista tosses a Horde Trooper into a tiny pond and then raises the trooper out of the water in a large bubble. Shaking her head, Mermista looks up at the bubble rise in the air, "All things must go pop!" High in the air, the bubble pops crashing the horde Trooper to the ground. Off to the side Netossa and Spinnerella fight off a group of Horde Troopers and a furious Leech.

Mantenna is firing a crossbow at some villagers and is taken off guard as Flutterina kicks him in the back. Bow and Perfuma run into the courtyard area and help the Rebels fight against the Horde attack. Frosta is asleep on the floor and rolls over slowly opening her eyes, "What is all this racket?!" Slowly sitting up, Frosta blinks back as someone jumps in front of her. Recognizing the boots in front of her, she smiles as her eyes travel up to the person before her, "He-Man! You came!"

He-Man turns to Frosta and helps her up, "Frosta, we are under attack." Rolling her eyes in annoyance, Frosta crosses her arm, "You have got to be kidding me!" He-Man grabs her and they fly to the ground, dodging some blasts from some Horde Troopers. Frosta looks up and tosses her hair, "This is just ridiculous." She bats her eyes at He-Man, "Get ready to learn something darling." Creating two blades of ice, Frosta strides up towards a nearby group of Horde Troopers and starts slamming the blades into their chests and heads.

Mermista looks over and is pleased to see He-Man, now they just need She-Ra. Across the castle grounds, She-Ra makes her way out of the Whispering Woods. She slices her sword through Horde Troopers and continues charging towards the castle. As she is approaching Bright Moon, the air grows colder and a loud shrieking sound pierces through the air. A swift horse lands in front of She-Ra with large metallic wings. She recgonizes the horse as Storm.

She-Ra stands silently and wonders what is happening. Zombie Double Trouble glides off of Storm and staggers in front of She-Ra. The Princess of Power looks on in horror at a decayed version of herself. It dawns on She-Ra, "This is the creature pretending to be me. Who are you?" The zombie Double Trouble gurgles and then let's out a high pitched wail. Her features start to shift. She-Ra tries to focus and then steps back as the doppelganger hurls herself with a vengeance. Drawing her sword, She-Ra fights against this new found beast, unaware of her true identity.

Inside Castle Bright Moon, Glimmer is fighting off Horde Troopers and a ferocious Grizzlor from entering the throne room. Grizzlor is growling in anger, taking a swipe with a machete. Running towards a stone wall, Glimmer jumps up bouncing her feet off the wall. Turning quickly, Glimmer takes aim and punches Grizzlor in the face. He grabs hold of her and tosses her down the hall. She is ready to keep fighting, but pauses as Sea Hawk sneaks behind Grizzlor. Hitting the Hordesman in the head, Grizzlor falls to the floor. Glimmer takes out the remaining Horde Troopers before they can do anymore damage and sighs towards Sea Hawk, "Thank you for that."

Sea Hawk pauses, "It was the least I could do." Doors down the hall are thrown open and Glimmer and Sea Hawk turn to see Hordak approaching. They try to fight him off but he fires off a blast from his arm canon. They are both stunned as the blast throws them to the side. "Enough. Rest some."

Hordak approaches the throne room and tosses the doors open. Angella, Kowl, Peekablue, and Madame Razz are inside. Peekablue grabs hold of a knife and tries to attack Hordak. He snorts, "Good to see you my dear." Taking hold of a nearby bench, Hordak tosses it at Peekablue. She falls to the floor unconscious. Kowl is continuing to hide things. Angella shouts out, "Kowl! Be careful!"

Shaking his head, Hordak snorts, "Angella. This is very easy. No one else needs to get hurt, even though I do love hurting you fools." Madame Razz jumps in the way and conjures up a spell preparing to alter Hordak's life. Like flicking a fly off his shoulder, Hordak uses his own powers to null Madame Razz. The energy jolts through the old woman's body. Her eyes roll up into the back of her head and a tremor rocks through her body. Collapsing to the ground in convulsions, Kowl cries out in shock. Angella takes a sword from the hidden weapon's rack under the throne.

Leaping towards Angella, Hordak sneers in her face, "Where is the Lunar Stone?" Angella spits at him, "If you think I will just hand that to you, you are insane!" Hordak wipes the spit off his stony face, "Now that is not the behavior of a queen." Hordak grabs hold of her shoulders as his boots release their rocket thrusters. Glimmer and Sea Hawk race into the throne room. Glimmer shouts for her mother, as Hordak and the queen shoot off towards the ceiling.

Crashing through the ceiling, Hordak tosses Angella to the floor of the top tower under a starry night sky. Hordak stands over the queen, "Give it to me Angella, and I will leave." Angella sits up, "Leave Etheria? Because I would love to arrange that."

Kicking her back down, Hordak stands with his foot on her chest, "Why do you do this to yourself? Just give me the Lunar Stone." He looks down at her, deadly serious. Angella looks up at him, feeling completely trapped.

Outside the castle, She-Ra is fighting against the zombie woman with She-Ra's face. She-Ra is trying to figure out who she is. Zombie Double Trouble is grinding her teeth trying to take a bite. Netossa, Mermista, and Spinnerella rush up towards the fight. Grabbing some pebbles in her hand, Spinnerella quickly spins, radiating some pebbles every which way. The pebbles take out some Horde Troopers and slam into the zombie woman's back. Recoiling back in pain, the zombie woman squirms away. The pain causes her face to alter, and She-Ra catches a glimpse of a deathly familiar face. "Oh my, I know you."

She-Ra shakes her head in confusion. The zombie woman wails out another scream and then quickly races back to the horse. Taking off into the air, zombie Double Trouble is gone. The Rebels run towards She-Ra. Making sure she is alright, She-Ra looks at her friends, "It can't be..." Before She-Ra can say anything else, Sea Hawk rushes towards the group. "She-Ra. Hurry."

Inside the throne room, Glimmer looks up to the ceiling. "Mother!!" She looks over at the damage around her, "How can I get up there?" She races out into the courtyard, trying to find a way up the tower. Perfuma, Frosta, and Bow are looking up at Hordak harming Angella. Perfuma looks at Bow, "Can you fire an arrow Bow?" He shakes his head, "Not that far up."

He-Man is trying to help Angella, and looks up as She-Ra flies around the tower on Swift Wind. She-Ra is going to save the day. The Great Rebellion is rejoicing.

Up on the top of the tower, Hordak plants another kick into Angella's side. "I know that this caslte was the Lunar Tower! GIVE ME THE LUNAR STONE!" Angella rolls away from Hordak, and screams in pain as he slams his foot onto her wings. Feeling crushed, Angella heaves as Hordak lifts her up, "Tell me now."

Angella struggles to fight, and screams out in frustration. Her wings feel funny. Hordak sneers and asks again. Feeling worn, Angella laughs, "You've made a wasted effort Hordak. The Lunar Stone is not here. So sad." Angella spies She-Ra and Swift Wind from behind. She grins, "Now give it up Hordak."

Hordak can hear She-Ra behind him. Shaking his head, Hordak sneers, "No my dear Angella. I will never give up. Now let me see you fly." In a fit of rage, he shoves her hard. Throwing her off the tower , Angella muffles a scream as she falls from the tower. Everyone screams in fear and terror. Angella struggles to use her wings, but panics, they aren't moving well. Trying to fly, Angella can only slightly glide. The ground approaches quickly, and the only thing she can do is aim for some of Perfuma's flowers. She hits the ground hard. Everything goes black.

The Rebels rush to her. Glimmer is frantic. He-Man goes to help his sister. On top of the tower Hordak looks over at She-Ra. "You were too late. When I don't get what I want, I make those around me suffer." She-Ra nods, "I've noticed that Hordak. But the suffering is going to end. Your control over this world is going to end, I will make sure of that." Hordak grins, flaring his rocket thrusters, "Maybe you will She-Ra. But it won't be this time!" He flies off into the night air, leaving She-Ra alone. She looks at him fly away and heavily contemplates wanting to go after him. Instead she hears the cries and screams from her friends down below. She-Ra looks down in terror. Angella is on the ground and doesn't appear to be moving. "What has he done?" She-Ra hurries to see what she can do.

Inside the Fright Zone Catra finds herself alone. Taking advantage of a few key Hordesmen being gone, Catra slinks into the slave cells. She is searching for a special prisoner. Approaching a cell made of mirrors, Catra looks in on Vampra Queen of the Pyres. The Pyre's face appears slightly younger thanks to it being night, but she does not look the same as before.

Vampra rasps out, "What are you doing here? Come to gloat?" Catra shakes her head, purring, "I am here for no such thing. I have bigger concerns. Your face looks different." Vampra shakes her head cackling, "Well when I have to face the sun every day, it ruins the aging process I have fought so long to protect. What do you want?" Catra looks at Vampra with curiosity. Leaning down, she pulls a key out of her boot. Dangling the key in front of Vampra, Catra purrs, "How would you like to be free?" Vampra sits up, "Is this some sort of joke? What will it cost me?" Catra smiles, "Oh nothing too much. Just your help in destroying Hordak." Vampra smiles, her old face beginning to look younger, "I'm intrigued." Catra proceeds to share her plans with a new deadly friend...

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