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What's on type this week

Oh glorious days of Summer Sun, hear my calls for justice and fairness among your golden rays of cancer causing radioactivity: please don't burn my ass in the upcoming months...

Technically the Summer season isn't supposed to start for awhile, but I live in the south. Summer has just started. It is getting hotter by the day and the stores have already overstocked their supply of SPF. I'm ready. The question though is this: are you ready for what Diary of a Dorkette has on tap this week?

I have a busy week in store for every dorky person that stumbles upon these parts. There is going to be a new Toy Chest tomorrow followed by May's Heroic Hottie. I think this one is going to be even better than April's foray into Fantomex's French territory. There may even be a nice Bring it Back feature on none other than Poochie (honestly, who doesn't want a dog with hot pink ears. I'll take 5 please!)Saturday May 5th also kicks off She-Ra week, where I will be posting the remaining chapters from Adora's Search for Honor. This will be a big undertaking, but I want everyone to be caught up for the reveal of Chapter 18. I can't say this enough, no one will want to miss Chapter 18. Lives will be forever changed (cue the soapy suspense music.) So enjoy the fun that has already been had on Diary, and be back tomorrow for even more!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Adora's Search for Honor Part 1: Chapter 9

Adora’s Search for Honor
Part 1
Chapter 9

Previously: Glimmer and Bow received helped from She-Ra. Mermista and Perfuma brought Adora to the Whispering Woods, while Glimmer designated a group to go to the Crystal Sands. Madame Razz also seemed curious about Adora and a connection to She-Ra… Meanwhile in another part of the universe on a planet called Eternia, Prince Adam was adamant about using a new portal device created by Man-at-Arms. Adam’s reason to use this portal device is rather simple; he wants to save the twin sister he just found out about. His journey to save Adora though hit a snag when he was rendered unconscious and taken to the Fright Zone by Mantenna and Grizzlor…

Chapter 9

Hordak is sitting on his throne in the Fright Zone. He is feeding his pet Imp the remains of a carcass. Laughing with glee at his pet, Hordak hands Imp another piece of rotted flesh. The small dragon squeals in hunger. “Oh Imp, your hunger impresses me. I will have to find a good use for it one day, won't I?” Always thinking of the next step, Hordak ponders what he could use Imp for. A loud noise is made as the heavy doors to the throne room are thrust open. Hordak looks up as Mantenna and Grizzlor enter his chambers, dragging a man behind them.

Full of annoyance, Hordak snaps, “What do you think you are doing in here? I have no reason to talk to the two of you right now…” Not wanting to waste a moment and risk falling down the trap door, Mantenna speaks quickly, “Hordak, we found this man on the outskirts of the Fright Zone. He was on Trap 236. Grizzlor and I do not recognize him as a slave.”

“Let me be the judge of that. Get out of my way Grizzlor.” Hordak brushes past Grizzlor and looks at the new visitor. Hordak studies his face.

“What do you think Hordak?” Grizzlor asks, curious about the fate of this stranger.

Lifting the stranger's neck and looking closer at the face, Hordak registers nothing special. The fearsome Horde leader stands, “I think this man means nothing to me. Drop him in a slave cell.”
Mantenna and Grizzlor pick the man up and prepare to drag him to a slave cell. Remembering one last detail, Mantenna stops, “Hordak, one more thing. He had this on him.” Mantenna removes a gleaming sword from the man's holder. The sword looks like a power sword, just like the one Hordak had stolen on Eternia many moons ago.

Staring at the sword in shock, Hordak pauses. Continuing to stare at the sword, Hordak is uncertain about what is going on. He does his best not to let this confusion register across his face. Taking another look at the stranger, Hordak notices a familiar crest on the man's belt, “What is this?”

Mantenna and Grizzlor both look at each other. Neither one knows what to do, but both look down to make sure they are nowhere near the edges of the trap door.

“Mantenna, get me Shadow Weaver immediately.” Hordak demands and starts to laugh. He can’t believe this is happening. That crest. It is from the House of Randor, this must be the prince, Hordak tells himself, unsure if this is all a dream. The Horde is getting a second chance...

“What is so funny Hordak?” Grizzlor asks.

“The House of Randor. I don’t believe it.” Hordak looks at Grizzlor, snarling out a laugh, “It would seem that luck has fallen on our side.”

A day passes and a group of heroines prepare to head to the Crystal Sands. In search of the mysterious Sun Tower, the Rebels are hoping to speak with Peekablue: a magical woman that will hopefully lead the Great Rebellion to Queen Angella's location. Double Trouble and Glimmer are getting some items packed up. Mermista is deep in conversation with Frosta and Perfuma about their imminent journey. Madame Razz has just returned from visiting a resting Adora. They are all awaiting the arrival of She-Ra. Madame Razz told everyone she had sent out a magical message for She-Ra’s help. Now everyone is hoping she will arrive. An impatient Frosta has her arms crossed, “How long are we going to wait? I need to be getting back to Castle Chill.”

Double Trouble looks at her, “Then why don’t you just go back now?” Laughing while keeping her cool, Frosta taunts, “Because darling, you may all need me for this excursion.” Rolling her eyes, Double Trouble continues to assist Glimmer with some packing. She has nothing against Frosta; however the two do not always mix well together. Especially due to recent events.

Noticing the slight tension, Glimmer puts down a canteen of water. She tries to ease the anxiety, “How is Adora doing?” Madame Razz pipes up, "Well I just left her. She is still resting. I'll be looking after her while you are all gone."

Mermista whisper silently to Perfuma, "From what I understand Madame Razz wants Adora to be left alone so she can get some much needed rest. I think Razz might be placing specific spells on her." Perfuma nods in understanding, hoping that Adora will be back in perfect health soon. Glimmer nods and tries to think of something else to say, but is grasping. The Rebel princess looks at her friends. They are all experiencing varying levels of stress. Frosta is concerned about her kingdom, her home. The stress of being a double agent walks across Double Trouble's face more and more. Mermista and Perfuma are both concerned about the Rebellion. There is so much stress looming like a cloud over everyone. A noise is made between some trees.

The women all turn as a figure walks out into the clearing. The clouds of burden are lifted as they all look before them; She-Ra is there. Everyone is glad to see her. The rebels are in awe. Frosta can't look away, I'll be damned, she is real.

“Hello.” She-Ra says simply. The people standing in front of her are not strangers, yet She-Ra must pretend that they are. No one can know about her dual identity. Glimmer is the first to approach She-Ra, “I am so glad you are here. Thank you so much for helping us.”

Smiling She-Ra motions, “Once Madame Razz contacted me I knew I needed to be here. The Rebellion is important to me. I may have been away all this time, but I am here to help. Etheria must be protected.”

Introductions are quickly made as the group prepares their trek to the Crystal Sands. Frosta is still surprised to be meeting She-Ra. The icy empress does her best to keep her cool. Madame Razz says her goodbyes and waves. The group begins their long walk through the Whispering Woods, traveling towards the arid climate of the Crystal Sands. They decided it would be safer for them to travel on foot this trip. It would take longer, but they would also use the time wisely. Along the way She-Ra tries to get to know everyone. This whole experience is odd for She-Ra, because as Adora she has known some of these people for a long time. However, she is learning about them in a different light. She finds out that Frosta has an attitude, but one that is covering her concerns for the future of her kingdom. Mermista is a quiet and wise woman who seems to look out for everyone else. She-Ra wonders if Mermista ever really looks after herself. She-Ra finds herself laughing at most of what Perfuma says. Perfuma seems to enjoy smiling and enjoying the beautiful things in life. She-Ra also is in awe of Glimmer, who is the youngest out of the group. For such a young soul, Glimmer has had the weight of Etheria on her shoulders. Double Trouble is the one person that She-Ra wants to talk to the most. In time the group makes it to the Crystal Sands, a vast desert made up of shiny particles of sand. Long ago the story is told that a large battle was waged between giants made of crystal. The giants all fought endlessly until their bodies shattered into millions of tiny pieces after fighting for a thousands of years...

After some brief stops to rest and map their way the group eventually splits into pairs. Glimmer leads the way with Perfuma. Frosta and Mermista follow slightly behind, while She-Ra and Double Trouble follow further back.

Frosta and Mermista take the time to catch up on a few things. “How was your time at the Crystal Falls?” Frosta asks Mermista. Frosta feels bad for Mermista. They both came from royalty and though they both lost their parents, Frosta has still had her childhood home. Mermista has nothing but an abandoned undersea kingdom. Mermista looks at Frosta, “My visit was different from the other times. Obviously there was the situation with Adora, but this time I just swam through the city’s remains. I wasn’t trying to find any more information on my birth or my ancestors. Or how they were all slaughtered by the Horde. I just wanted to see the buildings that my ancestors made. To imagine what life must have been like when there had been greater numbers. I wanted to see as much as I could. So I swam. I must have stayed underwater for a few days.” There is much sadness behind the mermaiden's words.

Shivering at the thought of being so alone underwater, Frosta smiles to herself, “Darling I do not know how you can handle all of that. Everything you have found out, I wouldn’t want to know.” Mermista scrunches her nose, “I have no other choice. I have to know. My parents were the king and queen of this glorious undersea kingdom. Somehow I am the only one left.” Shaking her head, Frosta spits out, “I hope there comes a day where we can truly make Hordak pay for what he has done to all of us. My parents were so dense. They put me in that ridiculous Horde Academy thinking it would help Etheria. Only they left themselves vulnerable.”

“Frosta, were you scared after they were killed?” Mermista asks. The two friends have danced around the topic. They have rarely ever fully discussed the emotional ramifications from such horrific acts. Frosta always likes to keep topics frozen at the surface. However, Frosta is starting to crack as the years have gone by, “Of course. I was completely lost. I had been so young when they were murdered. I had to leave the Horde Academy, thank goodness. Of course, I left one nightmare only to begin another once I took over the Kingdom of Snows. Alone. Sometimes I'm not sure which was worse.” Frosta knows which one is worse though...

“Do you ever wish you had someone to share the kingdom with?” Mermista looks at Frosta. Love has a way of being elusive when people are constantly fighting to be free and safe. However the topic of love is never ignored, it is more like a dream. Something like a fairy tale. Frosta shrugs at the question, “I have never found someone. The men in the Kingdom of Snows are delightful, but darling, they could never handle me.”

Mermista laughs. It is hard to imagine anyone being able to handle Frosta. For fun, Mermista runs through another potential paramour, “What about someone like Bow?” Nearly tripping over her high heeled feet, Frosta groans, “Bow? Mermista, really? What is he going to do, play the harp for me? Sing me silly sweet nothings? No thank you.”

Dropping her mouth in protest, Mermista says, “Oh Frosta! Bow is a nice guy.” Frosta shakes her head, “Maybe for some woodsy whispery type, but I am the Empress of the Kingdom of Snows! I need someone extraordinary. Preferably with hulking muscles. I want to be with someone incredibly powerful and strong... Someone like me.” Mermista pats Frosta’s shoulder, “Good luck with that.”

Up ahead Perfuma and Glimmer are embroiled in a conversation about the Horde and plans for the Rebellion to save Etheria. Having listened to Glimmer just enough, Perfuma groans, “Glimmer, I am not sure I can continue talking about the depressing world we live in right now. Could we change the subject and not mention the Horde for maybe a few moments?” Realizing that the conversation has been spent a great deal on the Horde, Glimmer nods, “You are right Perfuma. I’m sorry; I just get caught on a tangent. What do you want to talk about?”

With a mischievous grin, Perfuma knows eactly what she wants to discuss, “We could talk about what is going on with Bow and you.” Instantly forming a blush, Glimmer asks, “What is going on with Bow and me?” Perfuma dances around Glimmer, “I don’t know, you tell me?”

Glimmer brushes Perfuma away, “I have nothing to tell you Perfuma.” Rolling her eyes, Perfuma sighs, “This is going to be like pulling teeth. You have a crush on Bow, just admit it. Caught off guard, Glimmer stammers, “I do not!” Shaking her head and far from giving up Perfuma playfully points a finger, “You can’t fool me Glimmer!”

“Why are we even talking about this? There are bigger things going on in our lives right now.” Glimmer states, ready to go back to addressing plans to stop the Horde. Perfuma continues on her mission, “No, now is the perfect time to talk about this. Glimmer, we are traipsing through a desert! A desert! Frosta is practically melting in her boots. We never stop trying to do the right thing to protect Etheria. Now is the time to just talk about something fun and frivolous. Like your crush on Bow, so start talking.” Perfuma playfully jabs at Glimmer.

Glimmer stammers again, “I… I… OK! I like Bow. I have liked him for some time. He has been very caring and has helped me through a lot. He is also very easy on the eyes, and while we were in Mystacor, Castaspella had this huge celebration. There was great music and plenty of food. Bow and I danced, and it was just perfect. I wanted time to stop…” Perfuma looks at Glimmer, “I am so jealous.”

Glimmer pauses, her heart stopping in dread, “You like Bow too?” Laughing, Perfuma shakes her head, “Oh no! He isn’t woodsy enough for me. No, I am jealous that I wasn’t at this great party! Castaspella always throws a good party.” The two women laugh at the statement and Perfuma becomes more serious, “Are you going to tell him Glimmer?”

Glimmer stares ahead at the expanding desert before them, “I don’t know that I can ever tell him.”

“Glimmer, you have to. If this is how you fell, he should know.” Perfuma can't believe that Glimmer would keep something like this to herself. Shaking her head, Glimmer knows it would be too difficult to ever say a word, “And risk him saying he isn’t interested? Nah. I’d rather take my chances fighting a thousand Horde Troopers.” Perfuma rolls her eyes, “That is not true. You would get so tired after the first few hundred. I think you should tell him. You may be surprised by his answer.” Always amazed by Perfuma's optimism, Glimmer looks at her friend, “Maybe. I’ll think about it.” Perfuma smiles, "Good. Now we can go back to plotting the downfall of the Horde!" Perfuma throws her right arm around Glimmer's shoulders. The two laugh and Glimmer feels rather well.

Further back She-Ra and Double Trouble are in a conversation all their own. She-Ra asks, “From what I understand Glimmer is your cousin?” Double Trouble nods, looking ahead at the bright pink head of hair on Glimmer. Thinking of what it must be like to have family, She-Ra smiles,“That must be nice.”

Double Trouble looks at She-Ra, “It is nice. We were much closer when we were younger, but with everything that has gone on recently, we haven’t spent a lot of time together.”

“Is this due to you being a double agent?” She-Ra is slightly aware of this answer, however she wants to learn more about Double Trouble and what she went through to be a spy. This part of Double Trouble's past is so new to She-Ra/Adora. Thinking of her answer, Double Trouble says, “I have spent a long time trying to make up for what I have missed out on. Being a double agent for the Rebellion has allowed me to help the people I care about, but it has also had its own price.”

She-Ra asks another question, “How was it that you even became a double agent?” Double Trouble laughs, “It was a case of having the right ability. I have always had the magical power to alter my appearance. As a result I was the perfect person to create this dual identity.” Motioning a hand over her face, Double Trouble creates a few different looks in an instant. Some seem sweet and kind while other images look mean and evil. She-Ra is in awe, “That is a big responsibility that was put upon you.”

Reflecting on her own personal journey, Double Trouble nods, “Yes it was. I was ready to protect the Rebellion and find ways to stop the Horde. It has not always been easy though. Having a dual identity... it can harm people.” Having her own dual identity, She-Ra takes that last sentence seriously, “What do you mean?”

“Isn’t it obvious? My role as a double agent nearly cost a dear friend her life. Adora, the woman you helped on Skydancer Mt, the Horde thought she was the one spying. She nearly died. Being in the position that I am in, well, it has come with a heavy price.” Double Trouble has no idea how she would be reacting if Adora had actually died. She-Ra touches Double Trouble’s arm, “Your friend is alive. Double Trouble, you have made a sacrifice to help people. I am sure your friend understands. Please do not torture yourself over this.” She-Ra so badly wants to tell Double Trouble who she really is. She wants to inform her friend that Adora made the choice to fight Catra and protect Double Trouble's secret and that everything worked out in the end. Adora is She-Ra: The most powerful woman in the universe.

Taking comfort with what She-Ra has said, Double Trouble suddenly asks, “Why do I get the feeling that I know you?” Carefully, She-Ra pauses, “I have no idea.” Shrugging her feeling off, Double Trouble goes on, “Either way, thank you for listening to me.”

Smiling and nodding, She-Ra finds herself asking, “When will you stop being a double agent?” Double Trouble pauses, “I have no idea. Maybe until the Horde is gone? I am not sure.” This concerns She-Ra. If Catra had fought to kill Adora; what would she, or any other Horde member, do once they found out the truth about Double Trouble... She-Ra shudders at the thought and asks, “Aren’t you ever worried that you will be in danger?” Double Trouble thinks of the many answers she could give and rests on this one, “There will always be danger; I can’t let that get in the way of what I must do.” Understanding Double Trouble's positon, She-Ra knows that is what any of the Rebels would do. The two continue to talk. At some point She-Ra feels something move underneath the sand. Ignoring the movement, the two woman walk on.

As the three pairs walk further across the Crystal Sands, they all eventually start to notice the air picking up. Particals of sand whip around, clouding parts of the desert. Looking around, the women soon find themselves caught in a massive sandstorm. Glimmer calls out to Perfuma, “This sandstorm is getting worse! I’ll shoot out some flares of light so the others don’t get turned around.” Perfuma nods, “I hope we can find a safe place out from this storm.”

The other two groups notice Glimmer lighting the way through the sandstorm. Everyone hurries to catch up. The sandstorm picks up and everyone is worried that they won’t be able to get through the massive gusts of sand fighting its way across the land. Perfuma and Glimmer are the first to stumble across a rocky formation with a hanging ledge of rocks that can cover them all from the sandstorm.

Continuing to send out flares of light, Glimmer tells Perfuma, “I hope everyone else can see the light.” Glimmer also hopes no one has gotten hurt. Mermista and Frosta make it to the rocky formation next. Frosta is furious and cursing the amount of sand in her hair. Mermista is uncertain if She-Ra and Double Trouble were close behind or not.

Time seems to slow down as everyone waits in anticipation for She-Ra and Double Trouble. The sandstorm has gotten much worse and Glimmer’s light flares are no longer visible…

Finally She-Ra and Double Trouble rush under the rocky formation. They are out of breath but safe.

“This is just wonderful. What do we do now?” Frosta says shaking more sand out of her hair. Mermista creates some water and gets Frosta’s hair wet, “We just wait for it to go away. Hopefully it will.”

“I think this is a challenge. We have to prove that we are worthy of making it to the Sun Tower.” Glimmer says. Frosta rolls her eyes while working on her hair, “Darling that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.”

Eventually the group notices that the sandstorm has begun to calm down. She-Ra walks out from the rocky formation and looks around. “Alright, the sandstorm seems to be over. It appears though that we have another problem.” She-Ra motions for everyone to come out and look. In the distance there are three sand twisters that are quickly heading towards them. Perfuma is bewildered, “What are we going to do about that?”

Frosta laughs, “Ha! This is nothing. I think you should all pay attention. Now.” Without any other word, Frosta runs towards the twisters. Double Trouble looks ahead at their new threat, “I hope she knows what she is doing.”

Running straight for the closest sand twister, Frosta uses her ability over ice to create a moving sheet of ice beneath her feet to transport her faster towards the sand twister. Approaching the massive whirling beast, Frosta is careful not to get caught up into the fast moving twister. With the sheet of ice beneath her feet, Frosta bends her knees slightly. Lifting her feet up, Frosta wraps the ice around the base of the twister. The twister becomes stuck in place as Frosta glides the sheet of ice upwards in a spiral formation around the twister. There is a spiral of ice anchoring the sand twister into place. Eventually the sand stops moving, dissipating into thin air. Frosta jumps off the sheet of ice and leaps into the air.

Small formations of ice are created in the air for Frosta to step across. After each step, the previous pieces of ice fall to the ground below. Walking across the sky, Frosta heads to the next twister. The group is watching all of this and Perfuma says, “She is such a show off.”

Frosta tackles the second twister from the top and slides towards the ground. The sheets of ice under her feet stay solid for a good while, long enough for the twister to be a faint memory. The third twister is taken care of in much the same way. Once she is finished she walks back towards the group dusting sand off of her. The group heads towards her.

She-Ra looks at Frosta, “That was impressive Frosta.” Smiling with an air of power, Frosta crosses her arms, “I know She-Ra. What else can I say? We now have a clear way to the Sun Tower.”

Suddenly the ground starts to move and She-Ra recalls the similar movement from earlier. “Careful everyone.” She-Ra says drawing her sword as she notices something moving underneath the sand.

The movement speeds up and travels towards the location of the frozen spirals of ice. Instantly the ground starts to open up and a large sandworm bursts through the sand thrashing about and shattering the ice spirals. Looking at her shattered sculptures, Frosta gasps, “Well that is just rude.” She-Ra motions for everyone to head back to the rocky formation. Frosta is not listening. Mermista calls out, “Frosta come on! That thing is huge!” Flipping her hands in the air, Frosta shouts, “Please, that thing does not scare me.” Frosta strides towards the beast cursing at the top of her lungs.

The sandworm flops to the ground and opens it's mouth exposing rows of sharp teeth and lets out a loud noise that sounds like a growl or burp. It starts sucking in all the sand in the surrounding area. Frosta loses her footing and starts to slide with the sand towards its mouth. Frosta is nervous but quickly shoots out a thick wall of ice that prevents her from flying up into the sandworm’s mouth.

Back at the rocky formation Glimmer looks at everyone, “Alright Frosta is about to be a frozen dinner, what should we do?” Looking towards Frosta, Mermista groans, “The wall that Frosta has created isn’t going to hold for long. We need to hurry.” Nodding in agreement She-Ra begins thinking of a plan, “First things first, that sandworm has got to be stopped.”

The sandworm stops inhaling the sand and lifts its head up into the air. Looming near Frosta, the sandworm spews the sand out all over the place. Some of it gets on Frosta. “Oh I do not believe this!” Frosta screams as she feels sand mixed with bile soaking into her hair and clothing. The sandworm lets out another noise.

Looking on at Frosta's horror, She-Ra has an idea and realizes now is the time to give her plan a try. “Come with me Perfuma!” She-Ra grabs Perfuma as they run towards Frosta and the thick wall of ice. “She-Ra what are we doing?” Perfuma shouts trying to catch up.

The two make it to Frosta. She has gooey sand all over her. Grimacing at She-Ra, Frosta tries to wipe sand vomit off her, “Darling, as much as I love visitors, I don’t quite understand why you would want to come here.”

“Frosta, can you put all three of us on a sheet of traveling ice?” She-Ra asks, ignoring the sand vomit, and instead proceeds with her plan that involves killing the sandworm. Listening carefully to what She-Ra wants to do, Frosta smirks, “Looks like that is our only choice.” Perfuma looks worried, “Are we sure we want to do this? I don't think it means us harm.” Frosta laughs, “Oh you silly girl, it is either us or that thing. And quite frankly, I am tired of crap in my hair.” This silences Perfuma.

Frosta quickly creates another moving sheet of ice while She-Ra and Perfuma jump on. Frosta travels upwards towards the sandworm, looping around its head. She-Ra quickly jumps off the ice and lands at the top of it's head. Before the sandworm and shake her off, She-Ra slams her sword deep into the creature. The sword is stuck in, She-Ra is not going anywhere.

The furious sandworm starts thrashing about causing a bit of a problem for Frosta and Perfuma, who are still on the moving sheet of ice. Frosta is gliding and dodging the ice around the sandworm trying not to get knocked off. “Perfuma, get ready!” Frosta shouts.

Perfuma closes her eyes and produces a handful of flower bombs. She is uncertain if this should be happening. Perfuma does not want to hurt any living creature on Etheria; however the sandworm could very well kill them. Frosta glides the ice near the creature’s mouth and yells for Perfuma to throw the flower bombs. Nearly close to dropping the bombs Perfuma quickly takes hold and is able to toss the weapons into the sandworm’s mouth just in time.

The flower bombs enter the sandworm and She-Ra follows her plan. She holds onto her anchored sword and runs, slicing the sword down and around the sandworm’s neck. Still holding onto the sword, She-Ra jumps off into the air as the sword slices through the underside of the sandworm's mouth. With that type of wound, She-Ra is easily able to remove her sword before falling to the ground.

She-Ra looks up as the sandworm tries to spit the flower bombs out, but cannot. Her swordplay has disabled the sandworm from throwing anything up. The flower bombs soon detonate. The sandworm can do nothing and lurches forward as tiny powerful explosions go off throughout the sandworm’s body. She-Ra, Frosta, and Perfuma make sure they are out of the way as the sandworm starts to disintegrate into shards of crystal sand.

Everyone meets around the remains. Looking at Perfuma, She-Ra can tell that the flower maiden is upset, “Perfuma, I am not proud that we had to kill this creature. You have to understand though, we were not going to make it otherwise.” Perfuma purses her lips, “I understand She-Ra. I just hate that this has to happen. I don't like seeing the loss of life.” She-Ra understands and realizes that saving life is always the ideal. However there will be times when saving a life, or lives, requires much more than a peaceful solution. Sometimes a life has to end...

Having enough of the conversation, Frosta groans, “Darling, I highly doubt this sandworm is even a real being. It appears to be nothing more than crystal sand. So shall we move past the sappy feelings and finally get to the Sun Tower?” Double Trouble shakes her head, “Always good with words.”

The group starts to head towards the Sun Tower. Perfuma stays a little behind and kneels at the remains of the sandworm. She touches the crystal shards and drops some seeds on the sand. Twirling her fingers she causes something to grow in its place. Perfuma walks away as a cactus sprouts from the sandworm’s remains. A lone bloom sprouts from the top.

Luckily the journey becomes simple. The Sun Tower looms in the distance and becomes closer with every approaching step. Soon everyone marvels at the steps of the Sun Tower. It is a tall gleaming tower in the desert. The steps lead up to a tall door. The group has some new company. Glimmer is caught off guard when she spots Castaspella at the door with two mages. “Castaspella, what are you doing here?” Glimmer asks.

Before answering, Castaspella says her hellos and is introduced to She-Ra. “It is nice to meet you. As for my being here, I traveled with some mages to see Peekablue. I decided to stay because she told me she could see that there were visitors arriving. She is waiting inside.” Castaspella says. Frosta brushes past, “Wonderful to see you Casta, but if you don’t mind I really want to be inside and away from the desert. Hopefully this joint has a bath.”

Castaspella looks at the dried sand vomit on Frosta and laughs, “I take it you all had an ordeal getting here?” She-Ra details the ordeals that they recently went through. Castaspella understands, “Every visitor to the Crystal Sands is put to the test. It is a way of making sure that only certain people make it to the Sun Tower. I think of it as the perfect defense system.”

With the doors wide open, the group heads inside. Castaspella’s two mages stay outside.

“This place is stunning," marvels Mermista as they all take in the grand hall. The gilded walls have tall statues against them and the ground is a sparkly golden crystal tile. The group walks towards a woman perched on a gilded seat with etched feathers on the sides of the chair. The woman has green hair with large full feathers behind her each with a similar unique design at the tips of the feathers.

Castaspella introduces everyone to Peekablue. Nervously smiling, Peekablue has never seen this many people up close, “I could see that you were all making your way here. I must say though, I have not been prepared to see this many people in here at once.” Peekablue tries to center her breath, she wants to focus and be present.

Glimmer steps forward, “It is so nice to meet you.” She-Ra agrees, “Yes, we are glad to be here.” Happy to be meeting them too, Peekablue knows that there are bigger issues than simple greetings, “You are looking for someone.” Nodding, Glimmer smiles, hoping for help, “My mother. We are hoping you can tell us where she may be.”

Peekablue knows this already. She closes her eyes, “Let’s see what I can do.” The designs on her feathers start to glow, resembling eyes of some sort. Double Trouble looks at Glimmer with concern. She-Ra hopes that Peekablue will be helpful. Frosta is skeptical about being in the golden Sun Tower, she also really would like clean clothes. Mermista and Perfuma are wondering what will happen next. Castaspella knows that they are all meant to be in this moment together. There is such excitement in the air, Castaspella wonders if this is what the magic of destiny feels like. Glimmer is hoping with all of her heart that Peekablue will help locate Angella. Time has already passed so much, Glimmer just wants to find her mother.

Peekablue opens her eyes and prepares to speak…

Up next!!!
Hordak learns about the presence of a certain muscle bound female…
Peekablue may have some answers…
And what in the heck is going to happen to Prince Adam?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Hello dorky fans! Thank you for stopping by. I hope the toy angst hasn't chased you off. Yet. Anyways Diary of a Dorkette is not really a spot for breaking toy news. I'm not a toy insider. I don't get special information before the rest of the dorky public. (I wish.) But I do keep up on what is going on in the world of toys and other amazing stuff. So I thought this post would be a nice little way of sharing some interesting tidbits and pieces of information that I think are important for dorky folk to know.

First off, let's look at some important:

Toy Trends!
Toy Edition: Matty Collector Mishaps

Super Hot- Stinkor's stinky forearm snafu
Yesterday's News- Sorceress and her drummies 
Practically Prehistoric- Mr. Roboto and his sassy shoulder swap

In other news...

Monster High Teens Get Hip Replacements-
There is some good news for collectors of the highly popular Mattel line: Monster High. Mattel has been rolling out Monster High dolls with a new hip piece or leg joint system. Starting with the series featuring Operetta, Nefera, and Toralei, it appears that the dolls no longer have the elastic band connecting the legs to the main torso piece. Excellent news! Seriously, we live in the 21st century, a great time in the world where we can have all of our media in a Cloud (chillin' with the Care Bears.) There is no excuse for toys to utilize rubber or elastic pieces to hold a body together. Stuff eventually dry rots. Just gruesome.   

The new hip and leg joints now allow even better articulation to the doll's legs. The new articulation reminds me like that of Mattel's WWE female figures. Legs are able to move back and forth as well as outwards, if that makes any sense. The old method of elastic legs could do the same thing, but the elastic would snap the legs back into regular place. Now the guys and ghouls of MH can be displayed in all kinds of poses. For a line of dolls that have always had a great deal of poseability, this is really good news!

And as of this posting Mattel is implementing this feature on older releases. One of my local toy stops just got in a new set of the Dead Tired and Skull Shores line of MH dolls. They now have the new hip/leg joints. I am still not sure how to tell which dolls will have the new pieces or not, but I am willing to bet that if your local store has been empty on Monster High, whatever new shipments they get might actually feature the new hip piece. If there is anything else I can find out, I will post it here.

She-Ra Week in the Works?
I have received some emails from fantastic readers about Adora's Search for Honor. Some of these readers have already been following the chapters and asking, when will I be posting Chapter 18? (Chapters 1-17 were originally posted on So I have been reposting and remixing the chapters every Saturday, but I am thinking having a She-Ra Week soon. Every day for a week will be a brand new re-posted Chapter so that we can all be caught up for the highly dramatic and action packed Chapter 18. So keep posted!

Blind Item-
A particular toy line has recently seen prices drop at certain toy stores. Could these clearance prices that have been occurring for the last month be the beginning of the end? Or are the clearance prices an attempt to move out stock to make way for newer items? Nothing has really been said, though if the line were to end, a great deal of fans would not be pleased!

We Need to Care More-
The Care Bears are coming back! A new show is coming out this Summer, which means that the Care Bears will be returning to the shelves! I don't know what all will be released, however let's hope that the Care Bear cousins make a much needed comeback. Big Bad Toy Store does have some new items for sale. The mini Care Bear figures look pretty cool!

Until next time toy fans!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Toy Chest Tuesday: Burger King Kids Club Gang

Marketing is an important tool to help sell just about anything. Some people believe that for fast food restaurants, the toy at the bottom of a Kids Meal is only meant to be the marketing prize for more food sales and profits. For other, more dorky folk, the prize at the bottom of the bag can feed a collecting habit that rivals that of anyone found on an episode of Hoarders. The food is just an extra bonus. Throughout the years the fast food giants have come up with clever marketing strategies to brand their Happy Kids Meals. McDonalds had Ronald and his eclectic group of friends. (Wouldn't it be something if the pink slime was actually pieces of Grimace? Like maybe the Hamburglar was cutting off pieces of Grimace and slipping it into the meat? I smell a gritty and delicious graphic novel in the making.)

Anyways, not to be outdone, Burger King came up with its own plan to breathe life into the Kids Meal. Instead of mystical McDonalds creatures, Burger King gave us a group of diverse kids that were do-gooders and loved to eat the heck out of some Burger King. These kids were on everything. They helped usher in the latest Kids Meal toys. There was a fan club and even commercials. Of course there were also specific toys made to support these new characters. Growing up my brother and I were hooked.

Let's get to know some of the BK Kids, shall we?

Up first was my favorite BK Kid: Boomer. Now I have never been one for sports, but I always liked that she was ready for any and every sport out there. She was the tomboy of the group and though I have never considered myself a tomboy, I do realize that being an avid collector of toys, dolls, and super heroes is not something that most grown women do. Even growing up I knew that I was in the minority on that issue, so Boomer sort of represented that spirit of just doing what you want to do. Regardless of what is expected from you. This version of Boomer was one of the first series of BK toys that helped promote the new Kids Club marketing plan. Her arms, legs, and head were articulated.

My favorite male character was Jaws. First of all, out of everyone, he was the best dressed. But the reason I really liked him was that he had a big addiction to BK cheeseburgers. All the BK Kids loved the BK food, but Jaws was always represented as the one ready to eat all the time. Considering that those lil cheeseburgers were soo good, I couldn't help but agree with him. This version of Jaws was a part of the same series of toys like Boomer. There was some great poseability with the figures and in terms of Kids Meal toys, these were pretty nice.

Wheels got around in a wheelchair. He was a paraplegic and I remember thinking that the BK Kids were such a great way for all kinds of different kids to be represented. I don't remember much about his personality. I feel like he was smart but also willing to do stunts and other cool tricks in his wheelchair. Basically he wasn't defined by not being able to walk. This toy of Wheels came out after the Kids had become popular. Each toy in this series featured a seated version of a BK Kid along with a type of vehicle that they could ride around in. If all were collected, the figures could swap and ride around in different vehicles. Of course Wheels looks like he is more interested in those fries than anything. If this toy had been made today, the fries would be apple sticks and the smile would be more like a frown.

Next up was I.Q. Clearly this was the nerdy one in the group. I.Q. was super smart and just a touch bit witty. He was also given a heavily nerdified outfit. I mean really? Why does he look like a college professor? Everyone knows that a smart nerdy kid would be wearing a super hero shirt with jeans and ratty sneakers. The other BK Kids looked like they were dressed somewhat hip to what was the style at the time. Anyways, this I.Q. was from the same series as Boomer and Jaws. He also has the same level of articulation.

Up next is Snaps. She always had a camera with her and was the only other girl character, until Jazz was introduced at the turn of the century. I liked this character, but in terms of the Kids Meal toys, she was not usually featured much. This version of Snaps was one of the rare instances where she was even given an action figure form. This Snaps was a part of a sports themed set. Each Kid came with a tiny playset, and an action feature. Once placed on a small piece of plastic grass, Snaps could kick a ball with the press of a lever on her back. This was another really nice toy for a Kids Meal. Some of the articulation may have been lacking, however with such an interactive playset, it was still a cool toy.

Finally we have Kid Vid, the "leader" of the BK Kids. He was always featured prominently in the ads and definitely had the most screen time. He was more addicted to video games and technology than he was of the BK food. I personally found him annoying because he was always throwing off this "Soo cool" vibe. Having never really been cool in my entire life, I certainly wasn't going to start thinking he was something special. I mean just look at those shades. He was not special. This version of Kid Vid was another detailed and articulated figure from the Burger King Kids Meal.  

Here is the group, though there are a few missing. Lingo was added later on. His big thing was being an artist and speaking multiple languages. Each BK Kid had some sort of talent or hobby, as evidenced by their names (because I'm sure you haven't picked up on that already.) Finally there was Jazz. She was a lil tardy to the party (as mentioned earlier, she joined the group in the early 2000s) but her hobby was music.

The Burger King Kids Club was actually a successful marketing tool for Burger King. I don't know any specific numbers of how many Kids Meals were sold, but the Kids came out in '89 or '90 and lasted until about 2005. So something must have been working, because that is pretty impressive. Especially in this day and age, where some parents feel that toys in a Kids Meal are contributing to their children becoming wildly obese. I personally feel that Kids Meals are not the reason children are becoming obese, if anything children are obese because their parents order them a large Whopper or Big Mac value meal with a large soda.

I have lost track on the amount of times I have seen children takin' a bite out of a big burger and fries. Look, my brother and I grew up on Happy Meals. My parents cooked and provided a well balanced diet for us, but we couldn't help but enjoy the fast food goodness from a Kids Meal. We ate a lot of those Happy Kids Meals, however it wasn't until I started tossing back Double Quarter Pounders with Cheese that my ass got bigger. I mean come on. Leave the Kids Meal toys alone. Because if parents were smart, they'd hold on to those toys and sell them on ebay in the future. That is the perfect way to get fat... financially.

So that is about it for Toy Chest Tuesday! Enjoy these toys and be sure to keep it back here! There is no telling what is in store next.

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Adora's Search for Honor Part 1: Chapter 8

Adora’s Search for Honor
Part 1
Chapter 8

Previously: Netossa could not find anyone at the remains of the sea side village known as Poft. It appears that Spinerella is at Brightmoon being looked over by a healer named Minwu and Perfuma. Mermista and Perfuma went on their way to bring a wounded Adora to the Whispering Woods. Catra learned she has some untapped magical power, and Shadow Weaver is going to help her unleash it. Adora also became She-Ra and learned some tidbits about the Horde and Etheria. Bow and Glimmer were also visiting Castaspella in Mystacor for some information and recources. As well as a brief respite.

Chapter 8

It is a bright and sunny day; Glimmer and Bow are heading back to the Whispering Woods after a glorious visit in Mystacor. This time around they are much more cautious. They were lucky that Castaspella was able to help them before, but this time around they would not have that help if they were to need it. Glimmer and Bow are riding his steed Arrow; a group of mages from Mystacor have already gone ahead to deliver resources to the Whispering Woods. Glimmer smiles and recalls the visit to Mystacor, “I feel so hopeful Bow; our visit with Castaspella was wonderful.” Bow nods in agreement, “I know Glimmer, I am glad we have resources and some tips on how to find Angella. This Peekablue woman sounds like a very interesting person.”

“I wonder what she is like. It must be lonely for her to be the only person living in that Sun Tower.”

“I know Glimmer, I am glad that Castaspella finds the time to visit her. It seems that Peekablue has sacrificed a lot to stay there.” Bow imagines what it would be like to not have his friends with him. He also thinks of Adora, he wonders if she ever feels lonely since she stayed with the Horde. He misses her…

Glimmer interrupts his thoughts, “Bow, could we stop for a second? There is a small spring up ahead and I’d like to refill my canteen.” Shaking the empty bottle, Glimmer makes a slight face as if to say, "I will need some water." Their trip back to the Whispering Woods is still a distance away. They certainly do not want to be without water. Peering through some of the trees, Bow looks at the spring and agrees. Glimmer hops off of Arrow and offers to fill up Bow’s bottle too. He hands his bottle to her and points towards the trail, “Thanks Glimmer, I’ll be the look out on the trail if that is ok?” Bow asks.

“Sure, I shouldn’t be long.” Glimmer makes her way down a small slope in the ground and passes a few trees eventually making it to the small spring. The water sparkles as some of the sunlight shines through the trees. Glimmer smiles at the beauty surrounding her. She wishes she could relax and have some food by the water, with Bow. For some reason Glimmer has been thinking of him more and more lately, she isn’t sure what her feelings mean. Or what she should even do about them.

Back on the main trail Bow looks around, they have been lucky. There have not been any problems. Unlike when they were making their way to Mystacor. Bow remarks to himself that they should make it back home before the sun goes down.

Glimmer is still filling up the canteens of water and is almost finished until she hears some footsteps rustling in the grass right behind her. “Bow, I am just about finished, so we can be off soon.” Standing up Glimmer turns to see Spikor in front of her. Not Bow. Her heart stops cold. Eyes wide in terror, Glimmer is about to call for Bow, when Spikor quickly places his hand over her mouth.

A short distance away, Bow is waiting and getting slightly nervous. He looks down the slope and tries to spot Glimmer at the spring, but he can’t see her. He motions for Arrow to follow him down the slope and stops. Horde Troopers start walking out of the woods completely surrounding the path, the sunlight shining against their silver metal exteriors. Realizing they are even more outnumbered than before, Bow curses to himself. They are in trouble.

Glimmer’s heart is pounding. She tries to break free from Spikor's grasp, the bottles of water drop and spill on the ground. Grabbing her by the waist, Spikor whispers, “Oh no my little rebel princess, you aren’t going anywhere." Still trying to shake him off, Glimmer manages to shout, “Let go of me! Bow!!” Screaming more, Glimmer manages to twist free. She runs, only Spikor’s arm extends out grabbing hold of her foot and dragging her to the ground. Glimmer screams again.

Bow has his arrows drawn and is trying to hold his own against the Horde Troopers, when he hears Glimmer scream. Thinking of a way to help Glimmer, Bow shouts back, “Glimmer fight as hard as you can, I’m trying to get to you!”

Spikor has Glimmer pinned beneath him, he smiles down at her, “We have unfinished business.” He grins and extends spikes from his upper body and face. Shuddering in disgust Glimmer looks at him, “If you want some of me, just ask nicely.” She releases her hands and throws out some sparkly light in his face like the first time. Spikor falls back trying to regain his sight. He screams at her as she gets up and runs towards Bow. Glimmer feels like she is free until Spikor’s metallic arm melts into a trident that quickly extends out to Glimmer. Part of the trident catches on to her waist, she is stuck.

Bow has taken down a few Horde Troopers, but he is still outnumbered. Managing to catch a glimpse of Glimmer, Bow sees that she is in grave danger. Spikor has her caught in some type of weapon that is attached to his arm. Bow tries to find a way to get to her.

Spikor turns his arm, and with Glimmer stuck in the trident prongs, he slams her against a tree. With his arm still extended Spikor slowly makes his way towards Glimmer, closing the gap. Trying to wiggle out of the trident prong, Glimmer finds that the tree is keeping her stuck in place. A few inches from her, Spikor sneers, “You rebels are all the same, fighting till the bitter end, even though you have already lost. I don’t know how you managed to get away the first time, but I have you now. And Hordak will be so pleased when I bring him the body of Princess Glimmer.”

Still struggling to get loose, Glimmer finds herself in pain. She refuses to give up, but is slightly caught off guard by a moving shadow above her. Briefly looking up, Glimmer sees nothing. Glimmer tells herself that she must be seeing things now that she is about to die. Waiting for the final blow to end her life, Glimmer hears a loud swoosh. In a flash of light a woman glides across the air with a sword, and slices Spikor’s extended metallic arm in half. Finally able to release herself from the trident, Glimmer falls to the ground.

Screaming out in anguish, Spikor tries to grab his arm. Bow comes running down the slope and grabs Glimmer. He helps her up and they both turn to look at a tall stunning woman with a flying unicorn. Spikor notices the woman as well and spits out, “Who are you?”

The woman stands tall and points her sword at Spikor, “I am She-Ra. And you need to keep her hands to yourself.” She-Ra charges at Spikor and grabs his good arm. She spins him around and tosses the monster towards a large tree. Hitting the thick tree hard, Spikor slumps to the ground. She-Ra looks at Glimmer and Bow, “He should be out for awhile and I will help you get to safety.”

The three head back to the dirt path, and Glimmer is in awe. All of the Horde Troopers that were gathering around Bow are all knocked around on the ground. Glimmer looks at Bow, “Did you do all this?” Bow shakes his head, still in disbelief at how lucky they were, “No, I had some help.” There is an energy in the air. Glimmer looks at She-Ra, “Who are you?” Responding with complete confidence the woman says, “I am She-Ra, and this is Swift Wind. I am a protector, here to rid Etheria of the Horde.”

That statement alone allows a great weight to float off Glimmer's shoulders. Something about the words... Glimmer can't help but believe them. Looking at She-Ra in amazement, Glimmer gasps, “This is crazy. I can’t believe this. I have long hoped for someone to help the Rebellion, and now here you are. Is this really happening?”

Smiling, She-Ra looks at Glimmer, “Yes, this is happening. There has been a change. The Horde is no longer going to be ruling over Etheria.” Bow extends his hand to She-Ra, “Let me just say it is wonderful to meet you.” Glimmer nods emphatically, “Yes! You must join the Rebellion, we are trying to stop the Horde too.” She-Ra looks at Glimmer and Bow, “I would be happy to join the Rebellion, stopping the Horde is a priority of mine.”

They begin travelling towards the Whispering Woods. Glimmer discusses the Rebellion’s current circumstances and explains who is who in the Rebellion. She-Ra looks forward to meeting everyone, though there are a few other matters of urgence that She-Ra says she must take care of. Eventually as the trio makes it to the outskirts of the Whispering Woods, She-Ra and Swift Wind say their goodbyes for the time being. Full of concern, Glimmer stops, “How will we find you when we need help?”

She-Ra smiles, “I will return. There is somewhere else I really must be right now. It is nice to meet you Glimmer, and Bow.” She-Ra waves and flies off. Looking at Bow in shock, Glimmer whispers, “Please tell me I was not just dreaming this whole time?” Grinning at Glimmer Bow hugs and kisses her cheek, “No, I think we now actually have a chance against the Horde!” Continuing to smile while holding back tears, Glimmer now has a lot of news to address to the Rebellion…


Meanwhile two other Rebels find their way on their own mini-adventure. Mermista and Perfuma are close to approaching the Crystal Falls. Perfuma looks at Mermista confirming the story she just heard, “And you are sure that Adora is ready to leave the Horde?” Recalling the story, Mermista nods, “Yes Perfuma, I am sure. Adora didn’t exactly sign over her life for the Rebellion, but trust me, after what Catra did to her; Adora is not going back to the Horde.”

Shaking her head in disgust, Perfuma groans, “My goodness Catra is such a bitc-” Before the sentence can be completed, Mermista jumps in, “Perfuma, why did you really kiss Minwu on the cheek when we left?” Rolling her eyes, Perfuma groans again, “Oh I have no idea Mermista! It just felt like the right thing to do. He is nice.”

Laughing at the idea of just kissing someone out of the blue, Mermista looks wistful, “You are such a free spirit. Able to run around and do whatever strikes your mood. Good for you, someone needs to be like that.” The thought of just rushing up to someone and planting a kiss on a cheek, or even a pair of lips, has never crossed Mermista's mind. That would require an amount of gumption that I am not even sure I possess, Mermista thinks to herself.

As if reading Mermista's mind, Perfuma chimes, “Oh you could be the same way Mermista! You just have to let go.” Stepping away from her personal thoughts, Mermista looks ahead, “I guess. Come on, we are close.” The two women make it to Crystal Falls. Mermista is concerned when they can’t find Adora or Spirit. Perfuma looks worried too, “You don’t think she died do you?”

Sighing, Mermista looks around the ground, “Perfuma, there would be a body. No, I left Adora with enough tonics to help with any pain and she didn’t seem like she was on the verge of death. Where could she be?” Perfuma walks around the area, stopping to admire the scenery, “Ya know Mermista, Crystal Falls could use some new flowers. It just looks sad with all these rocks and water everywhere.” Mermista rubs her head, “Perfuma, now is not the time to worry about planting flowers. We really need to find Adora.”

“I’m right here.” Adora calls out and walks slowly towards Perfuma and Mermista.

Perfuma’s eyes widen, “Wow, Adora! I am so glad to see you!” Perfuma gives her old friend a hug. Adora grimaces in slight pain. Jumping back, Perfuma brings a hand to her mouth, “Oh, I’m sorry! You are probably hurting.” Mermista asks if Adora is alright. Nodding, Adora rubs her lower back, “I am feeling better. I don’t look it completely, but trust me, I feel much better.”

Clapping her hands together, Perfuma smiles widely, “I am so happy to see you! I know you almost died and all, but I think Catra nearly killing you was a good thing.” Mermista widens her eyes and exclaims, “Perfuma!”

Perfuma smiles again, “Well because now Adora is going to be with us. We’ve missed you so much.”
Mermista and Adora look at each other. Adora is thankful for all that Mermista has done, while Mermista is glad that Adora is walking around. All three think about their friendships and they all get tears in their eyes. So much time has passed. Would they all be able to pick up where they had left off? Adora wipes her eyes, “Well I have missed you all too. Believe me. It is good to be here, with you all.” Mermista nods, “Ok. So let’s get going. There are a lot of people who are going to want to see you.” With that the women and Spirit begin their trip back to the Whispering Woods…


Glimmer and Bow have made their way back to the Whispering Woods. They have begun the task of unpacking and getting caught up with what has been going on in Brightmoon. Minwu informs them both that Mermista and Perfuma left suddenly. Glimmer hopes they will be alright. The rebels are also glad to see some resources were safely brought in by the Mystacor Mages.

Pulling Bow aside, Glimmer shares her ideas, “I plan on addressing the Rebellion once Perfuma and Mermista return.” Bow asks if he can help in any way as Madame Razz approaches the two.

Bow asks Madame Razz, “Do you happen to know where Mermista and Perfuma went off to?” Shaking her head, Madame Razz shrugs, “No, sorry Bow. I have no idea where those girls went. It must’ve been important if they left in such a hurry.”

The small group suddenly turns as some visitors walk into the clearing. Double Trouble and Frosta both stride towards Glimmer, Bow, and Madame Razz. Surprised to see Frosta, Glimmer waves,  “Frosta, how nice to see you. I thought you would be at Castle Chill?” Raising an eyebrow, Frosta sighs, “I figure darling that since half of my people are residing in this woodsy place for protection, I should be able to visit them.” Double Trouble laughs out of annoyance, “Now be honest Frosta.”

Brushing past Double Trouble, Frosta haughtily waves her hand, “Fine. I want to know what the Rebellion is planning on doing about my kingdom. If you all haven’t noticed, I have the Horde for a neighbor. And they are noisy neighbors at that, planning my demise.” Trying to calm the tension, Glimmer wants to help, “Frosta, we are aware of what is happening at Castle Chill. And we are preparing our own group to help fight against the Horde.”

Frosta looks around, “What group? You hardly have any resources. Most of the members of the Rebellion look as if they have missed a few meals. How on Etheria are they going to go up against the mighty Horde?” Bow jumps in, “Glimmer has a plan, trust her.”

Smiling sweetly at Bow, Frosta rolls her eyes, “Darling, I hardly trust anyone. Except for Mermista. We both come from royalty. Everyone else is running around like confused children. Especially Double Trouble.”

Double Trouble opens her mouth in protest, “What?” Pointing her icy fingers at Double Trouble, Frosta continues, “She is a double agent, yet I am supposed to trust her? For all I know she is going to practically be handling the cannons aimed at my throne.”

Throwing her arms up, Double Trouble shouts, “This is what I have been dealing with all the way here. Frosta, for the last time, I am going to know when Hordak is ready to make his first move. I am not going to let anything happen to your kingdom. We will all be prepared to stop Hordak.”

Frosta shakes her head and goes to take a seat on a tree stump. Pausing to look at the stump, Frosta decides to just stand.

Glimmer breathes slowly, “Ok, I understand that tensions are high. We are all in a state of panic and fear. Our world has been upside down for a very long time. There is some real hope though. Bow and I got some much needed help earlier today from a very powerful woman. Her name is She-Ra, and she is really strong. I also think she is meant to protect Etheria.”

Recalling some of the history of Etheria, Madame Razz listens and whispers, “A protector…” Bow is barely able to hear Razz's whisper. He asks, “What did you say Madame Razz?” Knowing she is caught, Madame Razz pretends to be confused, “Dearie, pay no attention to an old woman like me.” Having heard something too, Glimmer looks at her, “Madame Razz, what did you say? You are important to this Rebellion, we all are.”

Madame Razz closes her eyes, “I was thinking back to an older time when you mentioned this She-Ra person. There was once a time when there was a strong person protecting Etheria. Sadly he was killed by Hordak, so long ago. I just wonder if we are really lucky enough for someone new to fill that role…”

Bow smiles knowing that the Rebellion has a new chance, “She-Ra could help us. I was highly outnumbered by Horde Troopers and she took them out in a breeze.” Not one to be left out of a conversation, Frosta jumps in, “Ok so this She-Ra woman sounds like a great supporter, but where is she? How are we going to get help from someone who you two have only seen once? For all I know you both had way too much drink in Mystacor and were seeing things.”

Suddenly the group is interrupted by some more arrivals. Mermista and Perfuma walk into the clearing with Adora atop Spirit. Worn out from rushing to help Adora, Mermista says, “Could we have some help please?” Everyone is caught off guard to see Adora. After a brief pause, Glimmer and Bow quickly assist Perfuma and Mermista in getting Adora off of Spirit. They carry her towards Brightmoon. The meeting is temporarily moved.

Following behind, Double Trouble catches her breath, “Oh wonderful, she survived!” Listening to what Double Trouble said, Glimmer asks, “Cousin, do you know what is going on?” Nodding Double Trouble begins, “There was a plot to kill Adora. Catra thought that Adora was spying on the Horde and Hordak wanted Catra to kill her for being a spy. Or so they thought.” This knowledge is a scary reality. Glimmer’s eyes widen, “Spira!” Sharing the same thoughts, Double Trouble closes her eyes, “I know. That should be me. I'm the double agent, not her.” Glimmer hugs her cousins and says, “It shouldn’t have been anyone. Thankfully you are both here.”

Everyone makes it to Brightmoon. Minwu greets them, leading the group to a healing room. Minwu helps Adora settle into the room and begins looking over her wounds.

Stepping closer into the fold, Frosta looks down at Adora, “You look terrible darling. What happened?” Half smiling Adora says, “I forgot how refreshing you are Frosta.” Adora then discusses everything leading up to the fight she had with Catra and how she was flung off the side of the mountain. Mermista adds, “Then I found her by Crystal Falls, barely alive. I am amazed she is doing this well so soon after.”

Looking at Adora in wonderment, Bow can’t believe she is here. He is speechless. Double Trouble squeezes Adora’s hand, “This is amazing. Hordak asked me to look for your body and your sword. I now see why I had to lie about your death. I’m happy you are here Adora.”

“Ahem.” Minwu interrupts, “Everyone, I think it is best that you all leave for now. I need to try and look over Adora’s wounds. I am also sure she needs some rest.” Agreeing, Glimmer adds, “Alright, let’s let Minwu do his thing. As for the rest of you, follow me to the courtyard. There are some things we need to go over.” The courtyard at Brightmoon is a lush garden decorated with all kinds of beautiful flowers. Everyone exits the room saying their goodbyes to Adora and Minwu.

In the courtyard Glimmer gathers everyone around. Perfuma gets sidetracked by some flowers and helps them open and bloom. Looking at her friends, Glimmer begins the meeting, “The Rebellion has some challenges ahead. I need to address the Rebellion about where we are and where we are going. There have been some recent changes that have finally put some things in our favor with fighting the Horde.We need to work on a way to find She-Ra, and I am thinking there should also be a group that heads out to the Crystal Sands to the Sun Tower. Castaspella’s friend Peekablue should help us find my mom and Kowl.”

Knowing that Glimmer's plan is important, there is another issue that Bow firmly believes needs addressing. Standing up Bow asks, “Glimmer these ideas sound nice, but what are we going to do about Adora?” Slightly unsure of the reason behind the question, Glimmer tilts her head, “I don’t know what you mean?”

Bow is ready to speak some hard truths, “Have we all forgotten that until recently Adora was the head force captain of the Horde? How do we know that she isn’t going to go running back? Are we going to trust her?” Thinking of Adora, Mermista shakes her head, “Bow, after what she has gone through, I don’t think Adora is going back to the Horde. I trust her.” Double Trouble adds, “Adora was already questioning her role with the Horde before the mess with Catra and even before she stumbled upon our hideout in the Whispering Woods. Not to mention, Adora could have easily said that I was really the one spying. I believe that Adora is in a different place.”

Still uncertain, Bow continues, “I understand what you are both saying. It just isn’t enough. I get that we all care about Adora and miss the friendships we had with her, I just think we should take her being here as a possible threat.” Knowing just what to say to make things better, Madame Razz walks up and looks at Bow, “Dearie, I think you are just worried that we’ll all lose Adora again. It hit you all hard when she stayed with the Horde and everyone else left. I remember the looks on your faces. We had lost someone so important. She is back though. This is different Bow.”

“Is it though?” Bow asks.

“Yes it is.” Adora declares as she slowly walks towards the group. Forgetting the blooming flowers, Perfuma rushes to her, “You should be resting Adora!”

Adora smiles, “I am going to be fine. Trust me. That goes for all of you.” Adora looks straight at Bow as if to say, I am fine, and I am staying right here. Bow lowers his head, embarrassed that Adora heard his concerns.

Adora continues, “I am not the na├»ve person I once was. I have seen the Horde for what they truly are. I am not going back to the Fright Zone, I will not be following Hordak’s orders anymore. That monster has been responsible for so much death and destruction. He was responsible for slaughtering Frosta’s parents and blaming it on the Rebellion. He has somehow managed to wipe out an entire race of mer-people, leaving Mermista with no family. He has raided and destroyed villages, all placing the blame on the Rebellion. He has even kidnapped Glimmer’s mother.” Perfuma pipes up, “And Kowl too.”

Nodding, Adora continues, “I have been in denial about what Hordak has been capable of. I am no longer acting with a sheet over my eyes. He has hurt all of us, even me. You have to believe me when I say this. I am going to stay with the Rebellion, with my friends, like I should have done all those years ago. I will not lose this family after the family that Hordak has already taken from me.”

Thinking of family and loss, Frosta smirks, “Isn’t it odd how Hordak has a way of disrupting our lives with our loved ones?” Everyone hears what Frosta has to say. The statement hits Adora really hard, like a punch to the gut. Tears begin streaming down her face.

Looking to console Adora, Madame Razz asks, “Dearie, are you going to be alright?” Shaking her head Adora moves to sit on a nearby bench, “I don’t know how I will be alright. I have found out so many terrible things. I was not born on Etheria.” Adora proceeds to tell the story of her birth on Eternia and subsequent kidnapping by Hordak.

“Adora, that is amazing! You have a family out there.” Perfuma announces, pointing to the sky. “A family I may never meet. I don’t understand how Hordak can be that evil.” Adora says, wiping tears from her eyes. Mermista puts her arm around the bruised blonde, “You have us Adora. We are a family.”

Full of curiosity, Glimmer asks, “How did you find this out Adora?” The question puts Adora on alert. Pausing ever so slightly, Adora does not want to address her meeting the Sorceress. I can't let them find out about my dual identity, Adora says to herself. Another idea pops into her head, “A woman named She-Ra told me.” Glimmer’s eyes light up, “You know She-Ra?”

Adora nods, “Yes I do. After Catra tossed me off Skydancer Mountain, She-Ra was the one that helped me get safely down the mountain and to the falls. She told me everything was going to be ok.”

“Is that why you wanted to go back up Skydancer Mountain?” Mermista asks, wondering why Adora had wanted so badly to go back up such a dangerous place. “Yes, I wanted to find She-Ra. If it wasn’t for her, I’d be dead.” Adora can’t believe she is lying, but she has to keep her dual identity a secret.

“Do you think that She-Ra could help us? Would it be easy to find her?” Glimmer asks. Adora is trying not to further complicate her lie, “I think so.” The sentence is enough for Glimmer. The rebel princess smiles, “Oh Adora, Bow and I received She-Ra's help. If she could help the Rebellion, we’d surely stand a chance against the Horde.” Adora agrees, “I would think so.” Madame Razz is paying attention to Adora and realizes that something seems funny. There is more that Adora is not telling, Madame Razz says to herself.

Glimmer continues the meeting, “Alright, I am going to address the Rebellion and announce what is going on. Let us also plan on heading to the Crystal Sands.” Plans are soon set for Glimmer, Mermista, Perfuma, and Double Trouble to head to the Crystal Sands. Frosta naturally volunteers herself to go as well. Bow is going to stick around the Whispering Woods and watch over things. Finally Glimmer asks Adora an important question, “Do you think it would be possible for She-Ra to accompany us to the Crystal Sands?”

Adora stammers, “I could see… I guess, it wouldn't be difficult...” Madame Razz speaks up throwing Adora for a loop, “I can contact She-Ra.” Madame Razz tosses Adora a knowing look. Adora pretends not to notice.

Eyes wide with happiness, Glimmer asks, “Madame Razz? You know She-Ra too?”

Madame Razz explains, “No dearie, I’ve yet to meet this woman. However I do know a thing or two about contacting protectors on Etheria. As I may have mentioned, I once knew a great man that protected this world. I have just the slightest hunch that I will be able to contact this new protector of Etheria…” Madame Razz looks over at Adora and looks at her strangely. Adora looks away.

Glad about the news, Glimmer hugs Bow. She is feeling like the Rebellion is going to stand a huge fighting chance against the Horde. There is also a real possibility that they may find Angella and bring her home.

The group eventually starts to separate. Frosta wants to see how her people are doing in the Whispering Woods. Perfuma attends to her garden; she is cutting some flowers for those who are sick. Bow and Glimmer head off to prepare for Glimmer's speech. Double Trouble and Mermista walk away and catch up. Madame Razz and Adora are the only two left. Adora is nervous and does not know what to say. Breaking the silence, Madame Razz states, “Dearie, my legs have been walking this world for a long time. When things slow down, if that is even possible around here, we need to have a talk." Pretending to play dumb, Adora says, “What do you want to talk about Madame Razz?”

Hugging Adora, Madame Razz whispers in her ear, “This woman named She-Ra. I have a feeling the two of you are closely connected…” Adora stammers, “Madame Razz, I don’t know what you are talking about. I can’t talk about this…” Knowing that Adora must be feeling so alone if she has such a huge secret on her shoulders, Madame Razz is prepared to be there for Adora. Placing her hand on Adora’s cheek, Madame Razz says with love and care, “Dearie, of course you can talk to me. I’m Madame Razz, and I am here for you. Just like I was there for Light Hope.” The simple mention of Light Hope causes Adora to realize that there is much more to Madame Razz than she ever thought…


Meanwhile across worlds, a prince and a master of weapons are preparing to do something surprisingly dangerous. Prince Adam races into the weapons room of his family’s palace on Eternia. Man-at-Arms is not far behind. “Adam, you do not know what you are doing. Let me work on the device just a little longer so that more than one person can go through the portal!” Man-at-Arms calls out, trying to reason with the prince. Adam quickly turns around, “There is no time Duncan! I have to go to Etheria. I have to bring her back.”

Man-at-Arms sighs, “Adam, I know the importance of this mission, but you have never been to Etheria. It would make sense that you go with someone else.” Shaking his head, Adam knows he has all the help he'll ever need, “I will be going with someone. I will have He-Man. That is all I need. Look, Skeletor has been captured and finally imprisoned, Eternia is safe. The rest of the Masters are rounding up Skeletor’s minions as we speak. I am now needed elsewhere.”

“Adam, I understand, but really, waiting just a little longer…” Man-at-Arms tries to reason. The teleportation technology is so new, there is no telling what disasters could happen. Adam slams his fist on a table, “I’m not waiting anymore! My family has kept the secret of my sister for far too long. And to find out that she may have been a part of the most recent Horde invasion? There is no more waiting. I’m going to find my sister and bring her home.”

Man-at-Arms knows he has lost this argument, “I will ready the portal.” Adam is pleased and takes a deep breath; he has no idea what he is getting into. He doesn’t care. He has to find his sister. He wonders what she is like. Will they like the same things? Will they get along? Is she even alive?There is one more person though that is concerned about Adam's plans and rushes into the room.

“Adam, are you sure this is the right thing to do?” Teela says. She cares for him deeply and can't believe he is going to jump through a portal to a world he has never been before. I never thought Adam would be this brave, Teela remarks. Hugging Teela, Adam looks at her, “I am going to be alright, I have to do this.” Looking back at him, Teela half smiles, “But Adam, you usually run from danger. Now you are running right for it.”

Adam mocks being hurt, “Hey, I don’t think a girlfriend is supposed to say things like that!” They both laugh and Teela hugs him tight. She is very concerned that Adam is going to get hurt. For the longest time the two were simply childhood friends. However due to certain recent events, their friendship turned into an unlikely romance. She, the warrior goddess, falling for the cowardly prince; who just happens to carry a big secret. The prince who is always running from battle is actually the most powerful man in the universe: Prince Adam is He-Man. Adam kisses the top of Teela’s head, “I’m going to be back before you know it.”

Teela realizes that she may never get the chance to tell him her own secret, “Adam, there is something I need to tell you…” I kissed He-Man. I kissed the most powerful man in the universe and I liked it. I don’t even know why. I betrayed you Adam, but I do love you… Teela realizes that is not what she needs to tell Adam at the moment, she will have to tell him when he gets back. Teela goes on, “What I need to say is that I love you.”

Adam has the biggest smile, “I love you too Teela. I am very glad to hear that.” He leans in and kisses Teela. They have both recently been through a few hardships, but it has made their relationship stronger. He can't imagine life without her. The kiss lasts just a little longer than planned and Man-at-Arms makes a noise, “Ahem, alright now.”

Teela looks at Man-at-Arms and blushes. She whispers to Adam, “Did we just kiss in front of my dad?”

“I think so.” Adam says. Teela squints her eyes shut, “Wow this is embarrassing.” Giving Teela one last quick kiss, Adam watches as Man-at-Arms opens a portal. Teela and Adam are amazed at what they are witnessing. Adam slowly walks towards the swirling portal; he looks back at Teela and Man-at-Arms.

Man-at-Arms says to Adam, “I will try to have a team join you once I work through the kinks.” This was the first portal device that Duncan had made, and it was far from perfect. Nodding, Adam then walks through the portal, leaving Eternia behind and heading to Etheria…

The portal opens up on Etheria and Adam falls from the air hitting the ground hard. He gets up and dusts himself off. It appears to be night. The land seems barren. He has no idea where he is on Etheria. He looks over towards a lot of dark smoke billowing from a series of strange towers. Unknown to Adam, he is staring at the Fright Zone.

“I guess I should find a safe place to change into He-Man and start getting answers about my sister.” Adam walks around surveying the land trying to find an area less out in the open. As he walks around he steps on a trap, a wire gets caught around his foot dragging him to the ground.

Trying to struggle free, but failing, Adam curses as the wire begins pulling him towards something. He can’t grab his sword and has no idea what is waiting for him. The wire is being dragged towards a metal pole. The wire retracts into the pole flinging him into the air. Adam finds himself being strung to the top. Dangling upside down, Adam struggles to reach for his sword. A sharp electric shock goes through the pole and wire rendering Adam unconscious.

Eventually someone releases Adam and he falls to the ground. He is still unconscious as two figures loom over him. Mantenna and Grizzlor look at each other. “Looks like we managed to capture a slave.” Mantenna says. Grizzlor kicks Adam in the side, “He doesn’t look like a Horde slave.”
Mantenna shrugs, “Let’s get him to Hordak. He’ll know what to do with this guy…”

Next up…
Are you wanting some action? Get ready! The gals of POP go to the Crystal Sands!
Hordak has some delightful plans for Adam.
Plus, rumor has it that a tricky golden beauty may be making an appearance soon…

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Toy Chest umm... Thursday? Pee Wee's Playhouse

Hello dear readers! The secret word for today is, nostalgia! When you see this word you must scream real loud. It doesn't matter where you are, you must scream at the top of your lungs. It is not my problem if people look at you strange. Anyways in case you are slightly confused, the day is Thursday April 19th, 2012. (As of posting.) Normally I feature the fantastic Toy Chest feature on Tuesday. However due to a busy schedule and a death defying attempt to find Pee-Wee Herman, I had to relocate Toy Chest to Thursday.

Today we are looking at some vintage toys from the Pee-Wee's Playhouse television show. Airing on Saturday mornings, Pee-Wee's Playhouse brought us Pee-Wee and all his friends chillin' in a cool house in the magical Puppetland. Now I won't be discussing the drama over what happened with Pee-Wee after the show went away, because this Toy Chest is meant to celebrate the cool toys that came out with the show. And there were some cool toys!

Pee-Wee's Playhouse was one of the few shows that my parents liked watching with me. They were never interested in My Little Pony, completely bored with She-Ra, but for some reason they got a kick out of Pee-Wee. Who didn't? After the release of Pee-Wee's Big Adventure the world was obsessed with the funny man in a gray suit. It only made sense that a television show would follow.

The show ended up catering to children and adults, though I didn't know many adults who were originally collecting the toyline. I loved the toyline (by Matchbox) from Pee-Wee's Playhouse. I had so many of the items, including the Playhouse playset. It has since rotted in the atrocious heat from the Attic. But I have managed to hold on to some fun relics. Let's look at these memorable toys from the past! (I'm not sayin that special word yet.)

There was Pee-Wee and his scooter. I loved how he came with a cloth jacket. These little twists were what made the Matchbox toyline so unique. There was no cookie cutter uniformity with the toys. The Pee-Wee figure himself had a lot of articulation in the arms and a real likeness of the character. Not bad for a toy from 1987.

Pee-Wee wasn't the only star of the show. There was an eclectic cast of characters that were made up of puppets, objects, and some humans. Most of the characters ended up in toy form, and here are a few...

There was a television set that came with the Playhouse playset, and of course the musically talented Puppetland Band! There were three Beatnik members of the band but there are only two remaining members. (Rumor has it that the third member, Dirty Dog, wanted too much money to appear on Toy Chest.) The two members I have are Cool Cat and Chicky Baby. They were so much fun and were always playing in the alley of the Playhouse. I tried to throw out some rhymes in honor of them, but I'm just not that cool. To the far right is a mysterious box. I wonder what's inside?

Jambi of course! Jambi was the floating genie head that lived in a glittery jeweled box that was just the greatest thing. Jambi was always granting Pee-Wee a wish and uttering the magical phrase "Mecca lecca hi, mecca hiney ho." I loved this toy as a kid, it truly was magical. Jambi's head appears to actually be floating in the box. No matter what angle a person looks inside the box, it is impossible to see the back of the head glue to the box. It looks like the head is really floating. There was also a pretty holographic sticker inside as well as spackled glitter on the box. I love it when toys have glitter in plastic or in the paint.

Speaking of glitter, no Toy Chest would be complete without Miss Yvonne. Oh how I loved Miss Yvonne. Let's look!

Miss Yvonne loved make up and being beautiful, a message I have tried to live by my whole life. Hey, hot-messness can be beautiful, ok? This toy was one of my favorites. I always loved her huge bouffant hairstyle and polka dot skirt. Polka dots are always a good time. As for big hairstyles, well, I've never been blessed with hair volume. As my mom told me when I was little, "Honeychild, your hair is too flat to ever be that high." Oh well, a dorkette has got to dream. Anyways the Miss Yvonne you are looking at is actually a remake of the original. (My original Miss Yvonne is withering away in the Attic.)

Around 2006, Neca released the first series of original Pee-Wee toys. They were placed on the same card and had that feel of nostalgia. (Start screaming!!!) Now this new Miss Yvonne was slightly different from the original. The original had shoes that were more pointy and more pink netting beneath the skirt. The original toy also had more rooted hair.

The back of the card also features the rest of the offerings from Series One. I never had the other characters, though Cowboy Curtis was always fun. This picture also further shows how different and fun the toy line was. There were wind up toys (Pterri.) Some of the figures had more articulation  while some had rooted hair. It was truly a hodge podge mix of toys. So now that I have shown you all some fun nostalgia, enjoy the pictures. And come up with some creative reasons behind all the random screaming! Until next time!