Monday, April 30, 2012

What's on type this week

Oh glorious days of Summer Sun, hear my calls for justice and fairness among your golden rays of cancer causing radioactivity: please don't burn my ass in the upcoming months...

Technically the Summer season isn't supposed to start for awhile, but I live in the south. Summer has just started. It is getting hotter by the day and the stores have already overstocked their supply of SPF. I'm ready. The question though is this: are you ready for what Diary of a Dorkette has on tap this week?

I have a busy week in store for every dorky person that stumbles upon these parts. There is going to be a new Toy Chest tomorrow followed by May's Heroic Hottie. I think this one is going to be even better than April's foray into Fantomex's French territory. There may even be a nice Bring it Back feature on none other than Poochie (honestly, who doesn't want a dog with hot pink ears. I'll take 5 please!)Saturday May 5th also kicks off She-Ra week, where I will be posting the remaining chapters from Adora's Search for Honor. This will be a big undertaking, but I want everyone to be caught up for the reveal of Chapter 18. I can't say this enough, no one will want to miss Chapter 18. Lives will be forever changed (cue the soapy suspense music.) So enjoy the fun that has already been had on Diary, and be back tomorrow for even more!

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