Monday, April 9, 2012

If you're just tuning in...

Hello dear readers. I wanted to take this time to maybe catch some people up to speed. I received a really nice email over the weekend from a new reader that had some questions for me. The biggest one being (I'm paraphrasing) "Your site is great, but I'm confused about all the things you write about." I can see how a new reader could be slightly overwhelmed with the different offerings I ramble on about. So I thought it would be fun to post about the different titles and features that can be found here. Hopefully it will all make sense.

Toy Chest Tuesday
Probably the biggest draw I get from folks, is Toy Chest Tuesday. Every week on Tuesday (which might be changing to Thursday) I post pictures of all kinds of vintage toys from my collection. Some are mint in package while other toys are loose. Either way I do my best to share information about the toy along with fun personal stories and memories about why I have been unable to let the damn toy go after all these years.

Trashy or Timeless?
This is another big draw from readers all over the world. Here I feature a toy that is unique, something that I can't believe actually made it to a toy shelf. I then ask the important questions, is this toy trashy, or is it timeless? There are no real qualifactions for either choice, I just like to have fun with dorky stuff.

Heroic Hottie
A recent addition to Diary of a Dorkette, this feature arrives at the beginning of every month. The purpose is rather simple, the hottest male action figures from every corner of the universe get their moment to shine as one male is picked each month for our viewing satisfaction. There is usually a candid interview of some kind included, because after all, everyone is more interested in reading the interviews. Right?

Dorkette Book Club
Why should the cool toys get all the attention? Savvy dorkettes know that there is more to life than just a fun action figure. There are also books. Here I seek to share fun and dorky books with people that are desperate for an old school fix of R.L. Stine or Christopher Pike. Other authors and titles will be included in the future, I promise.

Why Aren't You Watching?
This is where it gets sad. In my ongoing relationship with my television, I do my best to share why you (yes, you) should be watching all kinds of television shows. These shows range from soaps to cartoons. I basically cover the crap that I watch in the hopes that I can get everyone else to watch it too, thereby making sure nothing gets canceled. The stuff I like tends to get canceled at some point (I will never get over the loss of my soaps. Never.)

Night of the Living Roach
My own ongoing series of stories that detail the horrifying experiences of a lovely heroine and the various roaches that want her dead. Part real and part dorky fun, these stories are perfect for anyone who has ever come into contact with a roach.

Dorky Snaps
A fun little tribute to Toyfare Magazine where I post pictures of toys and add a silly caption underneath them. I don't have the skills to recreate the comic bubbles like in the original magazine, but I try to keep the spirit alive. I miss that magazine so much.

Bring it Back
This is my pathetic attempt to drum up a movement to bring back certain toy/doll lines that are no longer around. Since I have heard nothing about a Moondreamers comeback, I guess it has all been in vain.

Adora's Search for Honor
No musings of a dorkette would be complete without some fanfiction. I have two fanfiction stories to share with anyone who is interested, one is entitled Adora's Search for Honor and it revolves around She-Ra and her friends on Etheria. This fanfiction pays tribute to the Filmation cartoon and Mattel toyline, but also has an updated spin to it. I enjoy writing it and I hope some of you enjoy reading it.

My other fanfiction piece involves Jem. Jem- the Reunion is a look at where Jem is in the present. The years that she has been gone from the entertainment world have not been kind to her, but she is staging a comeback and it is full of scandal.

Toy Regrets
This is going to be a new feature that I will be debuting this week. The purpose will be to discuss the toys that got away, and why I am still kicking myself for those missed opportunities. Throughout these features there will be time travel, trips over the rainbow, and giant dolls attacking Barbie. It will be very good!

There are other features as well, but what I have listed so far are the most popular. Of course there are also posts that don't have a feature title to call home, so always feel free to roam through the back posts. There are all kinds of riveting stories to amuse you and all your friends. Also the features that I have mentioned, and more, can be located to the right. I have them marked under specific labels for easy access.

Thank you to everyone who reads this site or even just enjoys all the photos I post. I enjoy sharing these dorky topics with you all, and look forward to posting even more. As always feel free to email me with any questions or comments, Until next time!

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