Saturday, February 23, 2019

All My Toys: Let the Dead Rest

Dear readers,

It has been a moment since there has been a new All My Toys. Career and personal obligations have kept me busy as have the Swans Crossing article and the fun I have been having with Funko's Savage World and DC Primal Age toy lines over on Instagram (check it out, it's still Diary of a Dorkette just on IG) but here we are! A new All My Toys! 

So here is where we have left off. Count Chocula won the presidential election in 2016, only Cobra rigged the election. Cobra Commander kidnapped Chocula while having Zartan masquerade as President Chocula with Zarana posing as First lady Strawberry Shortcake. With Cobra running the government, everything is in chaos. The other Monster Cereal Mascots feel that something is afoot and are trying their best to find the real Chocula, although one of the remaining four are not who they seem...

Meanwhile Miss M and Bruce Wayne were able to reunite with their daughter Yvie, who was thought to be killed. While Yvie was away she was tortured by the evil Barbarocious. With the help of Moth Lady (Yvie's bio mom, long story) Barbarocious now knows where to find Yvie, and she is coming to collect her pet...

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