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All My Toys: Let the Dead Rest

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It has been a moment since there has been a new All My Toys. Career and personal obligations have kept me busy as have the Swans Crossing article and the fun I have been having with Funko's Savage World and DC Primal Age toy lines over on Instagram (check it out, it's still Diary of a Dorkette just on IG) but here we are! A new All My Toys! 

So here is where we have left off. Count Chocula won the presidential election in 2016, only Cobra rigged the election. Cobra Commander kidnapped Chocula while having Zartan masquerade as President Chocula with Zarana posing as First lady Strawberry Shortcake. With Cobra running the government, everything is in chaos. The other Monster Cereal Mascots feel that something is afoot and are trying their best to find the real Chocula, although one of the remaining four are not who they seem...

Meanwhile Miss M and Bruce Wayne were able to reunite with their daughter Yvie, who was thought to be killed. While Yvie was away she was tortured by the evil Barbarocious. With the help of Moth Lady (Yvie's bio mom, long story) Barbarocious now knows where to find Yvie, and she is coming to collect her pet...

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All My Toys
Let the Dead Rest

At the new super secret Monster Cereal Mascot Manor, our favorite Monsters begin their work to locate the whereabouts of Count Chocula.

Franken Berry: All right gang. That should be all the ingredients we need. You ready Boo Berry?

Boo Berry: Yep! I am! The potion is going to be boo-tiful!

Fruit Brute: There you go again.

Franken Berry: He can't help it. It's a ghost thing. You've been a little quiet lately, what do you think about all this Yummy Mummy? You think the potion will reveal where Chocula is?

Fake Yummy Mummy: Uh. Sure?

Fruit Brute: You ok Yummy Mummy?
Franken Berry: (cheerfully) Yeah, you haven't been looking so good lately. Want some cereal?

Fake Yummy Mummy: Mmm. Cereal. That sounds good guys.

Fake Yummy Mummy: Uh oh.

Fake Yummy Mummy: Uh, I can explain.

Boo Berry: (in shock) You aren't the real Yummy Mummy!
Fruit Brute: (shakes head) Not cool man.
Franken Berry: Come on gang. Let's get him!

Moments later,

Franken Berry: Here lies the fake Yummy Mummy. A fraud if there ever was one.
Boo Berry: May he now rest in peace.
Fruit Brute: More like pieces. We kinda tore him up.

Franken Berry: We did Fruit Brute. We totally did. So now we are missing two of our own.
Fruit Brute: Oh finding Yummy Mummy should be easy. We just have to go to his tomb. That's where he went after his brief return in 2013.

Boo Berry: The potion is still brewin, so we have some time. Let's go get our friend!

Across town at Wayne Manor.
Bruce Wayne: M! Are you back home? I need to talk to you.

Miss M: Hey! I am here. If this is about my mother, I promise you, Cruella will not be staying here much longer. I totally want her staying in a hotel. It's just too much.
Bruce Wayne: No. This is not about that. Your mother is fine.
Miss M: Bruce, she'a a little evil.
Bruce Wayne: M, listen to me. We aren't safe here.

Miss M: I know! Cruella is going to destroy our souls. (pauses) Wait, what do you mean?
Bruce Wayne: You know how Deanna has been using the play therapy to help Yvie recover from whatever horrors she went through when we thought she was dead? (Miss M nods) Well the person who had Yvie is coming for her. I don't know when or how but she is coming for her.
Miss M: Well what are we going to do? Bruce! We can't lose our daughter again.
Bruce Wayne: And we're not, we need to get Yvie. We should be safe in the Batcave.

While Bruce and Miss M talk, Moth Lady sneaks into the manor.

Moth Lady stands over Yvie, trying to figure out what to do next.

Yvie: (slowly waking up) Mothma Lady? Is that you?

Moth Lady: It is me. Come with me child, it is no longer safe here.
Yvie: But daddy and mommy M are here. They are gonna keep me safe.
Moth Lady: Remember what I told you when we would travel? I need you to trust me. Now come along, hurry!

Miss M: Bruce, I can contact the team. Oola can bring everyone here. He-Man is even a part of the team now. We can stop this.
Bruce Wayne: That's the thing. I don't know what we are up against. I don't want anyone to get hurt. There's too much at stake now.

While trying to escape, Yvie makes a slight noise. "Oops!"

Miss M: Yvie! Get away from her!

Miss M: What are you doing here Moth Lady? Leave this place!
Moth Lady: That was the plan lady. I am leaving with my daughter.
Bruce Wayne: She's my daughter too. You aren't leaving this mansion.

Moth Lady: You don't understand! She's coming. I managed to slip away, but Barbarocious is coming.

Miss M: This is your fault! You are putting my little girl in trouble!
Moth Lady: Back off dork. I gave birth to her. She's mine.
Miss M: You never wanted her!
Moth Lady: You were in control of my body. I never had a choice when you slept with Batman. I've changed though. I have bonded with her. She has been through enough.
Miss M: Yes she has! At your hands no less! She's not leaving me! I raised her!
Moth Lady: I don't care. Get out of my way.

Yvie: (feeling her body tremble) Please. Please stop fighting!

Soon the air grows very still as the queen of darkness emerges!

Miss M: You must be...
Barbarocious: It is I, Barbarocious. Now, hand over my pet.

Somewhere far away...
Fruit Brute: Here we are. Darn it's hot. I'm sweatin' guys.
Boo Berry: I don't really feel anything.
Franken Berry: Come on, Yummy Mummy has got to be in there, let's get him and go.

Boo Berry: Wait. Did you hear something?

The Serpent Queen arrives!

Serpent Queen: Boys, boys, boys! I wasn't expecting company.

Fruit Brute: We've come for our friend!
Boo Berry: Yes! Lead us to Yummy Mummy!
Franken Berry: We know he's in there, and we don't wanna tear this place down.

Serpent Queen: Sorry boys, Yummy Mummy can't come out to play. He's napping.

Serpent Queen: I'd hate to make this personal, but if you don't leave I will be the one to tear you all apart.
Fruit Brute: (growls) Lady, we don't wanna hurt you!
Franken Berry: We are pretty strong guys, we've got this!
Boo Berry: I just realized, I am a ghost. I can just float through and get him.
Serpent Queen: I don't think so.

The Serpent Queen summons her beast: the Serpent Striker!

Serpent Queen: Destroy them!
Serpent Striker: Hiss!

Fruit Brute: Ahh! I hate snakes!
Franken Berry: Scatter!

Boo Berry: (closes eyes and trembles) This is a big dude!

The Serpent Striker fires off a fist missile!

Boo Berry: Eep!

Boo Berry breathes a sigh of relief as the fist missile goes right through him.

Petrified at seeing a real ghost, the Serpent Striker slithers away.

Serpent Queen: Oh that fool! I'll just take care of them myself.

Serpent Queen: This pathetic attempt to rob me of my Yummy Mummy is not going to work!
Fruit Brute: (slowly begins to understand) You don't understand. We aren't here to rob you of anything.
Boo Berry: Yeah, we just need our friend to help find our other friend and save the world from Cobra.
Franken Berry: Not that we have anything against snakes. You seem like a really cool snake queen.

Serpent Queen: My Yummy Mummy could save the world?
Franken Berry: Sure! With friends like us, he can go really far in life!
Boo Berry: (chimes in) But we'd bring him right back! Right guys?
Fruit Brute: For sure!

Serpent Queen: I can't lose him. I love him, from the moment I met him. It was the great Halloween of 1987. I met Yummy Mummy for the first time. We had an instant connection. We spent the whole day eating cereal and watching cartoons. Then we went to a Monster Mash. He held me close and we danced the night away. At the end of the night we shared this kiss, it was like a tasty dreamsicle come true. Fruity Yummy Mummy made my tummy go yummy. After that we would meet every Halloween to enjoy that special day. I was ready to share that tradition for the rest of eternity until he went away in 1992. But I found him. He wanted to rest. Until we reunited in 2013, and I thought that we would resume our traditions! But the rest of the world wanted a piece of him too, so I locked him away to sleep. I know one day he and I will reunite and share in that perfect day and it will just be the two of us.

Franken Berry: (whispers) Are you crying Fruit Brute?
Fruit Brute: I'm not crying, you're crying.
Franken Berry: Serpent Queen, that is really sweet. And we know a lot about sweet. You must trust me though, we need Yummy Mummy. If he wakes up one day and finds out that his dear friend Count Chocula has been melted down, why, he'd probably never wanna wake up again. Please help us.

The Serpent Queen takes a moment to think things over, but ultimately chooses the right decision.

Serpent Queen: He always spoke so fondly of you all. I will set him free.

The tomb begins to open!

A waft of fruit citrus fragrance floats out of the tomb as the monsters ooh and ahh!

Franken Berry: Come on Yummy Mummy! It's time to get to work!
Fruit Brute: You think he is gonna wake up?
Boo Berry: Wait! Something is happening!

Yummy Mummy: (yawns) Hey guys! What's up?

Franken Berry: Are we happy to see you! Some total rando has been sneaking around as you for the past couple years now! We wish we had known you had been here this whole time.
Boo Berry: We made quick work of the fake you though!
Fruit Brute: We need your help old friend. We're getting the mascots back together again. Count Chocula needs us!
Yummy Mummy: Say no more! I'm totally in.

The Monster Cereal Mascots cheer and head off to check on the potion to finally find out where the real Count Chocula is located! Yummy Mummy pauses though and goes back for a moment.

Yummy Mummy: Hey doll.
Serpent Queen: You look as yummy as you ever have my love.
Yummy Mummy: And you look like a dream written in the stars!
Serpent Queen: (blushes) Even with this scaly skin?
Yummy Mummy: Especially with your scaly skin.

Serpent Queen: Do you think you will be back?
Yummy Mummy: Of course. We are long overdue for our annual date.

Serpent Queen: Hurry back.
Yummy Mummy: Of course. Save a dance for me.
Serpent Queen: Yes. It will be a smash.

Yummy Mummy leaves to catch up with his friends. He holds his head high. His dusty fruity insides fill with life from the power of love. He's ready to return to the world and save Count Chocula!

Back at Wayne Manor.

Miss M: So you are the monster who tortured by daughter?

Yvie trembles as she stares at Barbarocious.

Barbarocious: What you see as your daughter, she is no longer here. She died in an explosion years ago. I brought her back from the shadows as my pet. I studied her. She has so much potential. She belongs to me now though. (pauses) I am disappointed in you Moth Lady. You ran from me. It is nice to see you again.

Moth Lady: Nice is not a word I would use. You are not going to harm that little girl.

Miss M: That's right. So I would leave before things get worse for you.
Bruce Wayne: M, be careful.

Barbarocious: Listen to your man. You will do wise to be careful around me.

Miss M: First off bitch, he is not my man. We have a very complicated situation that we are trying to figure out so you just need to leave that topic alone!
Bruce Wayne: M, you're talking too much. What I should be saying Barbarocious, is that you need to leave my home.

Barbarocious: Pathetic fools. Come now my pet, come to me. I promise your punishment for leaving won't be that bad.

Bruce Wayne: Stay away from my family!
Miss M: Come on Yvie, get closer to me.

Yvie stands still, trembling as an anger builds inside her. She soon screams out in rage as she transforms into something else!


Miss M: Yvie! My goodness what has happened to you!?

Yvie: I can't control it mommy M. I can't control it anymore!

Miss M: Bruce!

Bruce Wayne tries to save his daughter while Barbarocious looks on in wonder. Yvie is manifesting the powers that Barbarocious always knew she had. Moth Lady and M both try to hold onto Yvie but soon the swirling portal envelopes them all.

With everyone sucked through this dimensional rift, it slowly begins to fade away...

...until nothing remains.

Miss M's dog Chewie races down the stairs barking.

He looks around and whimpers.

Cruella: My, my, what has all this ruckus been about?

Cruella: Aww poor little pooch. Looks like it's just the two of us. How delightful.

Chewie whimpers a little louder.


Miss M: Ow. My head hurts.

Bruce Wayne helps Miss M up from the ground. Thanking him, Miss M looks around at her surroundings.

Miss M: Bruce where are we? This looks like our city, but a little different.
Bruce Wayne: Yeah, it feels different. It's late and everything is closed except for this market down the road, come on. My cell phone is not working so maybe they'll have a charger we can use.
Miss M: Well hurry, we need to call for help so we can find Yvie. My goodness Yvie! What happened to us? We need to find her.
Bruce Wayne: We'll find her and everything will be ok. Trust me.

Miss M: Gosh Bruce, this place looks so old. Do you really think Yvie is ok?
Bruce Wayne: I hope so. Come on, we will call for help.

Retail Clerk: Hi. We close in just a little bit. 
Bruce Wayne: I understand. We won't be long. I was just wondering where your cell phone chargers were at.
Retail Clerk: Cell phone charger?
Bruce Wayne: Yes. For my iPhone.
Retail Clerk: I'm sorry, I have never heard of that. We don't sell anything like that here.
Bruce Wayne: Ok, well, this might sound crazy but could we use your cell phone?
Miss M: Bruce! Like we're gonna remember anyone's number without our contact list?
Bruce Wayne: M, my memory is fine.

Retail Clerk: Umm, you two must not be from around here. I don't even know what a cell phone is. Where do you find a phone like that?

Bruce Wayne: It's a cell phone. Everyone has one.
Miss M: Bruce. Bruce, I need to talk to you privately. Excuse us ma'am.

Bruce Wayne: What is it M?
Miss M: Bruce, something is wrong. Very wrong. You know I don't miss a chance to spot a toy aisle, and this store has a very unusual toy aisle.
Bruce Wayne: M, I love your addiction for toy collecting but I don't think now is the time to be discussing toys.

Miss M: No Bruce. Listen to me! I saw the first wave of Princess of Power toys. They looked fresh, like they had just been put out. There's no way they could look like that after thirty plus years!

Bruce Wayne: What are you trying to say?
Miss M: I think there is something wrong. I don't think we are in the present day.
Bruce Wayne: What?!
Miss M: She doesn't know what a cell phone is. Just look around at everything.

Bruce Wayne: Excuse me, ma'am, this is going to sound crazy... but what year is it?
Retail Clerk: What year is it? Are you serious?
Miss M: Yes, we are very serious.
Retail Clerk: It's 1985.
Miss M: Oh my. We're in 1985??

Retail Clerk: I'm sorry, were you two in a wreck? Are you hurt? I could call for some help.

Miss M: No we are fine. We are just leaving. Right honey? It's been a really long day.
Bruce Wayne: Right. We're sorry for coming in as you were about to close. Come on dear, let's get back to our hotel. We're visiting family.
Miss M: That's right! Totally just visiting family. We need to go. You have a lovely evening ma'am.

Retail Clerk: If you say so. Be safe out there.

Bruce Wayne: Oh, one more thing before we go. You haven't seen a little girl wandering around outside have you? She's around 5 years old. Dark hair. Brown skin with purple eyes?
Miss M: (whispers) Bruce, that's not how she looked when we last saw her. Come on, we need to go.
Bruce Wayne: All right. Take care.

Miss M and Bruce Wayne leave.

Retail Clerk: That was weird. (gets on the phone) Hey, it's Joyce. I'm at the store. I think I need you to come down. There were two people that just came in and they seemed really off. I feel like something strange is happening again.

Joyce hangs up the phone and looks off into space, something is happening and she fears that the man and woman who just left are in danger.

In the woods on the outskirts of town, still 1985.

Yvie, in her new form, is unconscious. Voices approach.

???: Hey. I think this is what she was talking about. Guys, hurry.

???: Whoa. Her skin is blue. Do you think she is dead?
???: No, she's breathing. But she doesn't look human.

???: El, is this what you were talking about?

El: Yes Mike. I felt her come here. She's from somewhere far away. Maybe the Upside Down. We have to help her.
Mike: Ok. Than that is what we do. Come on guys, let's get her somewhere safe.
Lucas: Great. Here we go again.

Up next!

Bruce Wayne and Miss M fight to get out of 1985! Can they leave with Yvie or will Barbarocious finally get her pet! Find out soon!


  1. The Monster Cereal figures are just precious! Something about the closed eyes and smile makes them look so adorable! Better watch your back Funko!

    I'm sorry for such a belated reply. Your stories have so much happening it can be a bit of a time commitment when it comes to reading an entry in one sitting!

    I'll be quicker on the draw to check out the latest entry now that we have this new ongoing story about an intriguing blast to the past!

    I'm sure a trip back to the 80s (and a crossover with the Stranger Things kids) will be a nostalgia parade for you! Now you've got me seriously wondering what a trip back to the 80s would be like for me. I've had some frustration with social media and the economy lately that certainly make seem rosier by comparison.

    Would I be able to get by on my wits and memory in a world without Internet, cell phones or Marvel movies? Who knows!

    1. It certainly is a time commitment. I am not sure how I am going to be able to keep up with all of it. I have an end in sight. It just takes awhile. Having a full time job does not make things any easier. I hope this trip down memory lane will be a fun one. I am sorry to hear that you have had some frustrations lately. That is not very fun! I hope everything will be ok.

  2. Replies
    1. That figure is a Sarah Conner Reaction figure from the Terminator series. It was the closest thing I could find and it kinda works! lol

  3. I love your blogs! Paging through your pics brings back many childhood memories for me 💖

    We actually collect many of the same toys, etc. I have a blog of my own if you'd like to check it out:

    Keep cool and hobby on! 👍

    1. Thank you so much! I will have to check this out! Hobby on too!