Saturday, March 27, 2021

All My Toys 233

Previously on All My Toys,

Miss M took a nap and woke up into a wonderland of men trying to win her heart! The star of the latest Bachelorette season with a twist, Miss M found herself in awe that so many of her exes were all in one place. Unsure how to feel, all Miss M can do is process this latest development in her life.

Also, kind and caring Glory Booth went shopping with former child tv star Mila Rosnovsky! Glory has a big date with former flame J.T. Adams! She picked out the perfect outfit, and now she just needs to get ready for her perfect night!

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

All My Toys 232

Dear Diary,

I took a nap. Just a nap. And now I've woken up to find myself the next Bachelorette. As in a group of men are all competing to win my heart. I've become the heart of trash tv, and I just want to wake up. Surely this is some kind of weird dream. And I know, I know, somewhere my base level of emotions is a little excited that a gaggle of men would be wanting to win my heart of hearts, but come on. The last thing I need to do is make my life anymore complicated than it already is. So my dearest diary, I'm going to find out what's what and get to the bottom of this strange encounter. Just watch.

-Miss M

Friday, March 19, 2021

All My Toys 231

Dear Diary,

Well. April and I are still not friends. It is so weird. We've known each other for years, since we were kids. And now we are no longer in each other's lives. I can only blame myself. It still sucks though. Like major suckage. I also have not told Luke yet about my kiss with Ed. We keep getting more and more serious, so he needs to know right? Like, right? Help me Diary! Give me answers instead of holding onto my thoughts and secrets. 

I've been keeping up with the blogs though, especially about the rekindled romance between Glory and JT. I am so rooting for them. Anyways, Billy and Sulu are about to be here. They've found a way for me to still be a part of the super hero team, even though I'm banned from the firehouse. What do I do to make this right? Well? Darn you Diary! I guess I'll just figure these answers out myself.

-Miss M

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

My First Love Chapter 3: Love Ridden

I've been exploring my past. In this third and final chapter, I look back and wrap up the long melodrama that was my first love.