Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Diary of a Dorkette Podcast Ep 1: Celebrating the Jewel Riders Archive!

In an effort to try something new and different, I have decided to start my own podcast. I've loved being a co-host and guest on a number of other podcasts, those fun experiences have given me the inspiration to finally try this out with all that Diary of a Dorkette goodness. Click the link and check out a fun first episode as I talk with Chris Kanther and Ronnie Delmar, the creators and lifelong friends of the Jewel Riders Archive!

Friday, September 24, 2021

All My Toys 256

Dear Diary,

My friends are here! In Mojoworld! Guiding Might is back and we are such a cool team and Mojo doesn't stand a damn chance! Oh my goodness, this is just so nice. Even April is here. I think she still hates me, but it's ok. I'll win that friendship back, I can just feel it! Ok, gotta stop writing, there is just so much happening all around me. Be back soon!

-Miss M

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Why Don't You Do Right By Me, Sweet Showgirl of Mine?

It's time for another personal tale. So, take a break from the toy soap stories and dive into the world I fell into. A razzle dazzle peak into the glittery night life, where a clueless dorkette found the confidence to do... well, I'm not so sure what the outcome was after all these years, but it is a fun look back!

Friday, September 10, 2021

All My Toys 255

Dear Diary,

Finn and I have been hiding out in Mojoworld, trying to find our way out of this horrible place. Since we have been missing our shows and skipping out on our roles, it would appear that ratings are dropping. This is probably adding to Mojo's anger, but I know we are sooo close to finding a safe way out of here. I am ready to find my way home.

-Miss M