Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Diary of a Dorkette Podcast Ep 1: Celebrating the Jewel Riders Archive!

In an effort to try something new and different, I have decided to start my own podcast. I've loved being a co-host and guest on a number of other podcasts, those fun experiences have given me the inspiration to finally try this out with all that Diary of a Dorkette goodness. Click the link and check out a fun first episode as I talk with Chris Kanther and Ronnie Delmar, the creators and lifelong friends of the Jewel Riders Archive!

I want to thank Chris and Ronnie again for agreeing to be my very first guests. I have thought about starting a podcast like this for a long time but never could just sit down and get it together. I am looking forward to the many conversations I will have with my guests as well as improving upon the podcasting experience. So be sure to listen, subscribe, and follow to the Diary of a Dorkette podcast

Please check out more information on the Jewel Riders Archive. Chris and Ronnie are just really awesome. I love their friendship and how long it has lasted as well as their preservation of Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders on the internet. Below are some images of theirs that they have shared with me, as well as some links to learn more from them.


Jewel Riders Archive to Jewel Riders Archive Social Media Outlets

Jewel Riders Archive Podcast

The Jewel Riders Archive logo

Chris and Ronnie as kids, when their friendship began!

Chris and Ronnie drawn in a fun chibi style

Be sure to connect with Chris and Ronnie, their posts on social media are always great!

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