Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pickin some Pet Peeves for the League

There's an all new topic from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers this week, and it is about:

Pet Peeves!

You know I have something to say, so click below and enter the rant fest!

September 2013 Bodacious Baddie!

Dear Diary,

While still on my romantic high from my totally tubular date with Michelangelo, I have realized that the month of September is at a near end and I still have to interview a Bodacious Baddie! I was given top secret coordinates to find this month's vicious fiend, and I am hoping I make it out alive. Ok Diary, I need to get going. Wish me luck! I can't believe I'm telling my diary to wish me luck...

-Miss M

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Miss M Presents: That's Amore Part 2!

Dear Diary,
I just got back from the beauty salon where Truvy and Frenchy both saved my date night from becoming a big date don't. Now that I'm all dressed and ready to go, I can only hope that this big first date with Michelangelo will be one for the books. I'm totally nervous, but after the disaster of my hair nearly going up in flames at the salon, well... what could possibly go wrong?
-Miss M

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Miss M Presents: That's Amore!

Dear Diary,

It's me, Miss M. I know I haven't written anything in awhile, but I have been rather busy. You see Diary, I think I am in love. With a Ninja Turtle. This all really heated up during this Summer's Conference of Evil, and after a bit of some internal back and forth, I realized there would be nothing wrong with going on a date with Michelangelo, the party turtle. He makes me laugh and we've known each other for ages. But what's a girl to do? I'm not totally sure where this "thing" could go between us. It all gets more complicated as I write this out. In but a few hours I am supposed to meet him for our very first official date! Diary, I need help! Am I ready for this? Am I ready to go out on a date with a Ninja Turtle? There's only one way to find out...

-Miss M

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dorkette Book Club: Eternal Champions!

Though not exactly the kind of book most would tend to think of as a book-book, strategy guides can totally be some of the best books ever written. Especially when they involve one of the best games ever made. I have been meaning to talk about this strategy guide for months, and I've finally gotten off my lazy behind and done something about it! Let's jump right in!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dorky Snaps! Blue Edition!

The topic this week from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is all about the blues. But don't get down in the dumps! This week the topic is a fun photo session all about the color blue. So let's click the link below and enjoy in Grumpy Bear's fur color of choice.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 2013 Heroic Hottie and Woman of Wonderosity!

I'm baaaack! Well, that was much quicker than I had expected. I was anticipating a long wait for the Internet to return from that awful strike of lightning. I was wrong. I like being wrong sometimes. I also realize I had originally typed 'lightening' instead of lightning. What can I say? I'm from the south, and I'm fairly certain that where I'm from, there is an 'e' in lightning. I'm just sayin.

Anyways, things are up and running again over here at Diary of a Dorkette and I am finally posting something that I was wanting to post a few days ago. This is a special double dose for September, a special Heroic Hottie and Woman of Wonderosity. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lightning Only Strikes Once...

Right? So picture this, if you will. It's a nice Saturday afternoon, the perfect time to just be a little lazy and relax. Maybe play a little bit of Link's Awakening. Not for nothin, that game is pretty fun. Anyways, all of a sudden a pesky lil thunder storm decides to drop on in. The rain is of course very needed. My poor hibiscus has been in need of water from the sky.

Of course everything had to take a sharp turn to, "Oh hell no" when lightning decided to strike my house. I have never been in a building struck by lightning, but it is a very odd experience. Very loud. Very crappy. All kinds of stuff got fried. I'm talkin 2 piece and a side biscuit fried. I mean if I'm going to be in a house that gets struck by lightning, can I at least walk away with some special super hero powers or something?

Anyways, my point for this post is that there might be some delays in what I post for the next week or so as my already spotty Internet has all but gone and died. I hope to be posting back to normal soon, and there may be things I will be able to post if I can, but for now I hope you are all doing well. Stick around, I do have some really fun things planned for September! (I promise, like, really fun stuff.)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bits and Pieces! Wave 10!

While I try and find a way to heal the wounds on my body from a particularly deadly season of mosquitoes (seriously, if I didn't know any better I'd say Mosquitor is after me) why don't we settle in for a new wave of Bits and Pieces!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hello, I am Miss M...

... He-Man's non-twin sister and defender of dorkiness. Fabulous secrets were revealed to me the day I held aloft my She-Ra action doll and said, for the Honor of Toys, I am a Dorkette!

Only a large few share my secret (more on those members of the League of Extraordinary Bloggers in a second) and together we strive to free the world from the evil forces of Boredom!

What I wouldn't give for the ability to make some cool opening number with all that. Anyways, Toy Chest Tuesday will be back again another day. For now let us dish on the extra special two week long topic from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers. The topic is:

Hello, my name is… Tell us a little about yourself — even if we all know who you are, there are plenty of new folks wondering if you’re in fact a dog.

So click below to read more!