Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bits and Pieces! Wave 10!

While I try and find a way to heal the wounds on my body from a particularly deadly season of mosquitoes (seriously, if I didn't know any better I'd say Mosquitor is after me) why don't we settle in for a new wave of Bits and Pieces!

Space. It's out there.

What with the recent developments of the first ever pink planet and the possibility that we are this-close to finding life on another planet, I just have to ask, have any of you collected the Outer Space Men toys? I've been aware of their recent return, but I have never really owned anything from this line. I actually really like the look of both the new items and the vintage pieces too. The story line is interesting as well. Each character comes from a distinct planet in our solar system. I loved studying space when I was younger. I was never interested in going to space because I don't do roller coasters/scary thrill rides, and flying to space just seems like it'd be similar to that of a roller coaster/scary thrill ride.

Anyways, I was looking over the Outer Space Men site, and they have some really cool stuff there! Not only do they discuss so much history regarding the toy line, the cool thing is that the original creator of the line (Mel Birnkrant) joined toy forces with long time fan Gary Schaeffer and they have brought it all back.

Ya know, I have to admit something, I don't always follow the behind the scenes events that lead up to a toy line getting made, but I wanted to learn more about this line because I have seen these items online and what-not and they just look really cool. The whole process and love that has gone into the return of this line has been astonishing. They've created a graphic novel:

The art looks amazing.
They've also released newly updated figures that were sculpted by the Four Horsemen:

Do these look like space age fun or what?
And there is a female character in the works:

How cool is Terra Firma? I so want to see this figure made. I just think this is such a fun line. So is anyone else a fan or already collecting this line? Let me know your thoughts on it. And again, if you want to learn more, head over to The Outer Space Men.

Lady in Red

My love for female super heroes doesn't begin and end with just She-Ra. I'm also a tremendous fan of the badass women from the Marvel Universe. As such, Hasbro's Marvel Legends have really been upping their game lately with new items of some of my favorites. (By the by, has anyone come across that rare Dani Moonstar ML yet? I'm beginning to think she's a toy myth.)

Anyways, there's a new wave of Marvel Legends slowly trickling into stores. This new line has everyone's favorite red hair star eater: Jean Grey!

This is one of my favorite versions of Jean Grey. I love this era of her and this is the first time that this version has ever been made with such great detail. She looks like the 90's. I remember back when Toy Biz had really started rolling out all kinds of X-Men figures, I would call their toll free number and ask them which figures would be coming out next. "Can you tell me if they are going to make a Mystique? Jubilee? Jean?" Oh the laughs they must have had at my expense!

I must say though, the people working the Toy Biz Toll Line were always very kind to me. They'd listen and pretend to rattle off from a list, "Sure, Mystique is on the list to get made. Jean will probably come out eventually." I'd get so excited. Had I had friends at the time I would have called them up ready to dish the dirt on what was coming from Toy Biz. Such a mess. But, these were the things you did for fun in 1993.

Of course, no toy line would ever be complete without those darn variants. Because Hasbro loves us so much, they decided to make two extra variants of Jean:

I'm intrigued by the Age of Apocalypse variant, but that White Phoenix variant just looks so cool.

When I was younger I used to think Jean was such a boring character, she didn't have Rogue's sass or Storm's awesomeness. But I grew to really like her and of course her role in the X-Universe is so important. For the life of me I don't know why Marvel continues to sit on their thumbs with bringing her back. I know some fans say they just don't think there is any story left for her, but I just totally disagree. There is plenty of story for Jean. You just gotta have the right imagination.

If the series can focus so much on the actions and repercussions of the things that Scott and Logan do, than they should be able to come up with a thing or two for Jean freakin Grey. It doesn't always have to be Phoenix issues or love affair subscriptions.

Anyways, that is about it for Bits and Pieces. I was also gonna gab about the new series of Lego mini figures out, but I wanna do some more research. Take care everyone!


  1. actully the dani figure is no myth for found it and had it in my hands a few times then bought someone else for don't like the character. but sad to say but hasbro made it known a while back the white phoenix jean has been canceled

    1. Oh wow, ok, so I know to keep looking for her. lol That is sad about the white Phoenix though! I didn't know they canceled that! That is so sad.

  2. Replies
    1. I know John! Just beyond cool. I hope she gets made.

  3. You've given me a whole new appreciation for Jean Grey (who admittedly, I had only associated with those Phoenix tantrums and sloppy love triangles) I have been taught what to think about her and you're right, she needs more attention to her "layers" ;)
    And oh boy, "But, these were the things you did for fun in 1993" !! LOL!
    My teen nephew often calls the NES game support line. He walks around with his bluetooth on, so official, chattin up those dudes. One day he will write in his blog "These were things you did for fun in 2013"...... love this post, Miss M :)

    1. Thank you Laura! I am with you, as much as I enjoyed the Phoenix story, I do feel like she either ends up in a Phoenix story or a love triangle. And that stuff is just so boring for her. lol I love the description of your teen nephew calling the NES hotline. I hope your weekend has been going well so far.

  4. You must have been the only female type girl person to EVER call the Toy Biz hotline!

    I thought everybody loved Jean Grey. I had a crush on her when I was a wee lad. And isn't she like one of the most powerful mutants there ever was? I thought she was even more powerful than Magneto.
    I wonder if they will work her into Days of Future Past. I know Xavier is coming back. (which is awesome because I love Patrick Stewart) don't know if Scott or Jean are being revived. Well, regardless I hope they give Kitty more to do.
    But as I said on my Facebook recently I am most mad about how Wolverine got another movie instead of Deadpool! I would love to write a Deadpool movie or book. The warped humor of the character totally fits my style.

    1. I feel like I was the only person calling the Toy Bix hotline and bugging them about future releases! lol I think the thing for me was that Toy Biz always released so many male characters that I kept getting annoyed waiting for my favorites to get made. lol

      I do hope they work Jean into the new movie. I mean I think there are some things that should not have been done with X3 that I hope can be undone. But yeah, seeing Patrick Stewart again as Prof. X in Days of Future Past will be awesome. And I really hope Kitty has a bigger role in the story.

      I'm also surprised that there hasn't been a Deadpool movie yet. I thought they were going to make one. Hopefully they still will. Deadpool is a fun character.

  5. I think they still are making a Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds.Although I don't know how they will retcon the fact that he had his mouth removed and got totally ruined and killed at the end of the Wolverine origins movie. But still it is a much better fit for Ryan Reynolds than Green Lantern was. Deadpool was the only part of that movie I liked.
    Speaking of Deadpool, and hot X-chicks, has he managed to hook up with anyone of note? I mean from what I've read of him he is pretty flirty with the lady mutants-but he is hideously deformed so...?

    1. Wasn't there like a Lady Deadpool or something? Like I thought he had this whole Deadpool family or something? I feel like he has had some love interests, but maybe not. I've never really read his solo stuff, I've always read him as a part of an ensemble cast. I also agree, Ryan Reynolds was perfect as Deadpool, but I did think a better fit could have been used for Green Lantern.

  6. I love that you bug the companies. They should give you all kind of swag for caring as much as you do. I love those Outer Space Men. They are pricey today but are classics from a bygone age. Those Legend comics look really good. I try to have at least one female from each character in my collection.

    1. Hey Kal. Yeah, I'm totally that annoying customer that calls companies to inquire about stuff. I even do it now. Like before Hasbro released the newest version of My Little Pony, I had asked them if they were going to reissue a Megan and Sundance from the original line. lol They were like, "Thanks for your interest, but we have no plans for visiting that doll right now." Or some such phrase.

      I do like these Outer Space Men figures a lot, but yeah, the price is a bit much for me right now. I hope to eventually get one possibly, but that will be a ways from now.

      I am so with you on the female characters from the Marvel stuff. Sometimes they sucker me in with the variants, but I always try to get one of each release. I mean they just don't make as many female characters, and those are the ones I like the most anyway. I'm dreading the moment that the new Emma Frost arrives in stores. I have a feeling she will be super rare. Anyways, I hope you are doing well. Talk to ya later.

  7. should also let you know miss m. that the new emma frost figure is only a exclusive for previews for hasbro revealed after they canceled white phoenix retail passed on the wolverine line emma was in so she is an exclusive now you will not find emma in stores.

    1. How did I not know this? Oh my goodness that stinks! I can't believe Emma is going to be an exclusive now. Well, I guess I will just have to get used to the old Emma with her funky face. lol Thanks for letting me know.