Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hello, I am Miss M...

... He-Man's non-twin sister and defender of dorkiness. Fabulous secrets were revealed to me the day I held aloft my She-Ra action doll and said, for the Honor of Toys, I am a Dorkette!

Only a large few share my secret (more on those members of the League of Extraordinary Bloggers in a second) and together we strive to free the world from the evil forces of Boredom!

What I wouldn't give for the ability to make some cool opening number with all that. Anyways, Toy Chest Tuesday will be back again another day. For now let us dish on the extra special two week long topic from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers. The topic is:

Hello, my name is… Tell us a little about yourself — even if we all know who you are, there are plenty of new folks wondering if you’re in fact a dog.

So click below to read more!

If you are just tuning into Diary of a Dorkette, let me start off by describing this space on the Internet with two words: hot mess. The words also aptly describe me as well. I'm Miss M, but my real name is Michael Lynn. Having a boy's name has left me with a slew of nicknames. I also have gone by Mick, Mickie, Mischa, Meesh, Meesh-Meesh, and Evil Wench just to name a few. I used to hate my name because it had always been an annoying experience to introduce myself to people. I'd say, "Hi, my name is Michael." And the people I'd meet would just be like, "Huh? You mean Michelle." And I'd be like, "Um, no, I said Michael, and I meant it." The worst has always been talking to people on the phone. There have been times where people have been like, "No, I really need to speak to Michael." And it's like, "No, seriously, it's me. I was the first born and my old school Italian father desperately wanted his first born to be named after him." It's crazy.

As I have gotten older though I have really embraced my name. I no longer really feel like Bobo the Clown for having a boy name. I've even met other women named Michael, to say nothing of famous female Michaels. So there ya go, that is a bit of who I am.

One of the things I have been asked a few times is where the 'Miss M' came from. And there is certainly a story about that. Miss M is my online name, sometimes Miss Mermista (She-Ra represent!) However, originally I was given the nickname Miss M from a friend when I used to do some burlesque/performance art at a night club. It was a very short lived experience. I performed about once a month to every other month for close to three years. There was choreography and fun set designs. The DJ of the club either thought I was a big joke or he actually enjoyed what I did, because he'd always seem so thrilled on the nights that I would be performing. There was one show where I was on a big swing, swinging out over the dance floor (like Moulin Rouge) or there was this one time where crates where set up to mimic a fashion runway and once the song reached its climactic end I just dissolved at the end of the runway and gave into the song. It was a very fun time. I felt so confident, like I could rule the world. That's where the nickname Miss M came from and I've held onto it ever since.

The most recent picture of me from this past weekend.
I'm more than just a simple lil nick name though. I'm also a writer. I've only ever been published in Soap Opera Digest. Oh this is so sad and lame, but here goes. I am a huge soap opera fan, and I have been reading SOD for decades. About seven years or so ago I wrote in with my own opinion for a column written by Carolyn Hinsey entitled, It's Only My Opinion. My fingers were crossed that it would be printed in the magazine, because I have always sent in comments and the like to various magazines throughout my life and nothing was ever printed.

Flash forward a few weeks later, I'm in Target checking out the latest edition of Soap Opera Digest. Low and behold, my 'opinion' made it into the magazine! My words were there! I screamed inside the store. A cashier looked at me like I was crazy. I tried calling my parents and anyone who would listen, but everyone was like, "Um, that's great." It was thrilling for me, even though I do realize it was just a lil comment that didn't mean a thing in the long run. I was just beyond excited though.

So I write. I have a passion for writing. Looking back, I wish I had gone to school for writing. I feel like there are many times where I don't know what the hell I am doing. I tend to make tons of grammar mistakes. I try to notice them, but I am just so dense. I've been blogging with Diary of a Dorkette for just a smidge over two years now, and I only recently realized where the spell check button was on Blogger. What the hell? My head is so far up in the clouds, I might as well live with the damn Care Bears and call it a day.

Aside from writing, I am also a collector. This may come as a shock to many of you, but I collect toys. I know, I know, hold onto something. I've been a collector since I was knee high to Kowl's eye. I don't know that I will ever stop either. I've had people ask when I was younger, "What are you going to do when you are 60 or 70? Will you still be collecting then?" Yes and yes. I don't think I could ever stop.

Collecting is inspiring. Growing up I didn't do much playing outside. I was born with a genetic disorder and as a result my parents treated me like a porcelain doll. The neighborhood kids got bored with me because I couldn't really go outside much. So I stayed inside and read books, played video games, and went on fantastic adventures with my toys. While books and video games were fun, that fun required a break. Not so with toys, particularly dolls and action figures. My brain was never at a loss for creating some imaginary adventure to go on.

I share new toy adventures on here, what with my toy interviews and the ever growing sub plot of Velvet Sky trying to kill the toy version of me. At first I was actually really nervous about posting those types of entries. I kept thinking that it would be too much, that people would think I was just the slightest bit crazy. I have to say though, I have such a great time getting those pieces together. It is so much fun and even if there were zero people reading, I'd still probably do it anyway because life is way too short. You have to have fun and enjoy the things you do, no matter how silly it all may seem.

I also finished up a lengthy three part She-Ra fanfic that was everything for me. She-Ra, and her friends, are my heroes. I won't geek out too much about them because I usually do that on a regular basis.

Other things I enjoy to write about involve topics of pop culture. I also love contributing to the League of Extraordinary Bloggers. It took me awhile to join, but I am so glad I did. I have gotten to read about and know some amazing people. I also contribute to Nerd Society. I was invited by friend Paladin to add my voice to the wonderful articles that are posted there. I greatly enjoy doing that. (Not for nothin, Paladin posts a new chapter each Thursday of this really great fanfic he writes involving the world of K-ON! Check it out.)

My collection is also my story. I have memories connected to every piece both old and new. That's one of the things that I write about with this blog too. I want to share those stories because we all have them. These stories need to be celebrated. In my dorky opinion, they help define a particular generation.

I'm married (which was a big relief to my mom because she thought I'd end up an old lady with toys everywhere.) My husband is a nice guy. He understands my stuff and even likes looking at certain things and recalling the stuff he played with as a kid.

My husband Jon.
I'm actually very fortunate, I have a great family and set of friends. They don't always read or understand this whole dorkette charm, but that is ok. I know it is not for everybody. I don't have any children, but speaking of dogs, I do have a baby dog. Well he is well beyond his puppy years, but he is my baby. Believe me, that's one birthing scene to rival them all. (That's a continuation-joke from Laura's image of Puppy Surprise from Boo Bobby.)

My baby at his grandparent's. My parents insist on watching him every weekend.
So I hope you enjoy reading up on Diary of a Dorkette and learning a bit about me. I know I have typed up a great deal, but each post I do is personal. Sometimes the stories seem real and other times things may be just the slightest bit over the top. Either way, it is all from my heart. I thank you for taking the time to read this. If you ever feel yourself getting bored, grab your favorite drink and snack and go to my archives. Read some older posts and make a drinking game out of all my grammar errors!

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Take care everyone!


  1. Man, no fear...that's good, I won't even reveal myself on Wastebook, let alone NERDSociety.com (Cheap plug for us both)!

    Simply put, everything you do, is great, there is no shame, however, you know when you finally end up being 60 an action figure is going to cost like $200 bucks and you'll have to take out some financial aid just to get it!

    I don't mean to be a downer, but the only thing I ever think about is what will happen to my collection after I pass? I only have a niece at this time and I hardly ever see her, so would she take it and take care of it or will it be on ebay in an estate sale???

    Sorry, no intention of depressing. All I have to say is, your dog looks as lazy as my two cats, loafing where it wants to--gotta love animals, they are better than kids, the only difference is, no matter how old they get, you have to clean up their crap!

    Last thing, and I'm calling you out "live" on your blog, do you want to try writing a story or fan fiction together after I finish mine on NS? Tell me what you think, you can do it in email if you want--just want to put it in your readers heads--more cheap plugs!

    1. Hey Paladin! lol My dog is totally lazy. He lives in the lap of luxury. lol

      I don't think it is depressing at all to think about what happens to a collection after the person passes. I've thought about it. I joke with my husband that he better build me a pyramid to house my body and all my crap in. lol Jokes aside, I do wonder about that.

      And I am intrigued by this idea of writing something together! I will email you.

      Oh, and I'm totally laughing at the whole being 60 and needing financial aid for the expensive stuff. lol

  2. Hey am one letter off from your hubby. : )

    Lucky guy he is Miss M to have such a fun person such as yourself in his life and i feel luck to have gotten to know a little more about you too so thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes you are! His name is actually Jonathan. I never really knew the difference until meeting him. lol

      I'm glad you got to know a little bit more about me, I am happy to have shared! Hope you are doing well.

  3. That is a terrific interview and you look great in that picture. I always read your stuff.

    1. Thank you Kal! It is nice to hear from you. I always read your stuff too. I am always laughing at the stuff you do. Really great stuff. Hope you are well!

  4. Replies
    1. Well thank you for the compliment. but I gotta tell you, that picture is just good lighting. I actually look like a zombie and my forehead is ginormous. It's all about the lighting. Thanks for the comment, and I hope you enjoy reading more.

  5. cool post miss m. for always thought miss m was a nickname and your real name was michelle or mica . but surprise surprise its michel. and your husband is one lucky guy to have a lady who may wind up some day be the next jk rolling or maybe someday if hasbro does a news she ra cartoon maybe the one writing the show.

    1. Oh goodness you are so nice demoncat. Thank you for the comment. My name is usually a surprise for some people. I always appreciate your comments a great deal. I hope you are having a wonderful week so far!

  6. Quite an inspiring biography. Almost makes me wish I had done something more of an informal introduction. I did join the League as an outlet for my "Talk about Pop Culture" fix, but then again my blog is a tool of my business and I did get in a bit of trouble for details I shared in the "Firsts" post last month (oddly enough it was over details about the company I worked for in my first job rather than my the embarrassing anecdotes of my "first love" story). I guess I'll just have to hope that my affection for comics, cartoons, movies, fine art and superheroes comes out more clearly in later posts.

    Great post, hope to be reading your future stories with that passion for your writing you mentioned. This is a pretty lengthy post, but I read through it lickety-split so you have a gift for keeping our attention if nothing else.

    I suspected that your name might actually start with an M, but I probably wouldn't have guessed "Michael". I guess its less like Sam or Pat which are pretty gender neutral and more like Leslie which has more of that "Gender Blender" kind of reaction were it could be both but is more associate with one over the other. Makes all the grief I have about people getting my name mixed up (it ends in a "K" , not a "C") seem pretty irrelevant.

    1. Hey Erik! Thanks for the comment. I know what you mean about how much to talk about or not. When I had my job, I was very nervous about how much personal info I put out there because I didn't want my clients looking me up and learning about personal things, but now that I no longer have that job it has changed my perspective a bit. There are still some things I won't discuss because I don't want everyone knowing everything, I want the stories and stuff to be the bigger piece. But I have opened up more to discussing things about my personal life, but in a more cautious way.

      And there are so many names that even throw me off. Like I have met two men named Courtney which I never would have known was like that. Names are so interesting.

      I thank you so much for the comment. I really enjoy your work and the things you blog about. You have some impressive talent. I love looking at your illustrations. : )

  7. Miss M!! I really, really enjoyed this post :) You are definitely a cool chick, Miss M. I can tell that what you write is from heart, like you said. Even your toy dramas (which now I see are really an extension of your soap opera love) have so much put into them.... When I was younger I was totally %100 hooked on General Hospital (Sonny Corinthos!!) and I never let anyone know, ha ha! You're such an open book and a real beauty (geez! a bunch of the guys in the comments were drooling) ;)
    My eyes totally popped when you referenced me! Very cool.
    I love your playful spirit, Miss M <3

    1. Hey Laura!!! I'm glad I got to know about your blog from Goodwill Geek. I have had the best time reading your stuff and getting to know you too (from your blog.) I totally love GH and Sonny Corinthos is just dangerous and dreamy. lol

      I don't know why there would be anyone drooling over me, lol I always feel unsure how to handle that. It is nice to be complimented but sometimes I'm like, "Are they wearing beer goggles?" lol

      I hope all is well. I will be emailing you soon, I've been going through some stuff and I thought of you with some of these things that I might send if you are interested! Talk to ya soon! : )

  8. Hey Miss M, you just keep on doin what you wanna do! The action figure stories are hilarious even to someone not as well versed in the MOTU lore.

    It's definitely a huge thing for your spouse to understand your collecting, but even better when they collect too ;)

    1. Thank you Dex! I try to add all kinds of different elements to the stories so that it isn't all MOTU stuff and can provide some humor about other things too, but the MOTU stuff is what I know best. lol

      Now my spouse does collect things, but just not the cool stuff. lol! No, he does have a bit of the collecting bug, it just isn't for toys or things like that.

  9. That was soo cool ,now we all know a li'l bit more about you. You know how much I like your childhood memories and all your dorkiness :) And we all love you for all those great moments reading your fictions, toy chests, book memories and all your misadventures.

    1. That means a great deal Nastyroker! I am so glad you enjoy and have been keeping track of everything. I'm hoping to return to those She-Ra fanfiction stories again. I have an idea for how to bring them back piece by piece until the story is finally ready to start up again. I hope all is well!

  10. Well your introduction, as with everything I read of yours on here, was amazing. You are just always bursting with spirit, lady. You're always energetic and positive, and I genuinely love the fact that you wish everyone well whenever you post comments, either here or on other blogs. You're modest, and kind, and genuinely supportive of the rest of the blogging community, and I really like that about you.

    Your blog is a perfect reflection of you. It's bright and wonderfully crazy in all the right ways, and I keep coming back to read about all these adventures I never thought I'd be interested in. Your blog is one of the coolest, the brightest, and the most 80's-pink corners of the internet, and I'm always waiting to see what you post next.

    So there. And even though I'm HAPPILY MARRIED and don't dare to LOOK at other women, I'll chime in and just confirm all the "hottie" remarks, because well, they're true. You just go ahead and own it, girl. And I mean that in the most respectful and platonic way possible.

    I hope all is well with you!

    1. Hey Goodwill Geek! I did receive your original comment btw. My Internet has continued to be messy so I was delayed in posting it.

      But thank you so much for the comment! My goodness such kind words. I am a positive person, it isn't always easy, but I have to be positive. No matter how terrifying or awful things have been throughout my life, I just want to maintain that attitude about things. I also hope that the whole "hope all is well" never gets annoying. I mean it so much. Everyone is just so nice and kind that I can't help but be friendly and cheerful. I guess it's also that I know what it is like to be around rude and cruel people, and I never want to surround myself in that environment ever again.

      I'm really glad you also enjoy reading all these adventures. I want this to be a fun place.

      And I know that your compliment is from a respectful and platonic place. You are so kind for that, and I thank you. I always told myself that when I got into my 30s I'd do that whole "owning it" thing, but I think I will be working on that forever. lol Enjoy your weekend, and thank you again!

    2. You are not annoying in the least. Don't stop showing people those little kindnesses. It's a big part of who you are.

    3. Thank you for that. I want to compliment people every chance I get. Not because I am expecting it in return, but I want people to know that what they do is important and wonderful. I look and read over all these blogs, and there is just so much talent and zest for this topics. I just have the best time knowing that it is all out there.

  11. Your name is MICHAEL!? Are you fucking serious!? Why did your parents name you that!? I thought being named Nick Moose was crazy but wow!I was just rewatching the VD episodes with Klaus's father Michael. That guy looks like a Michael! You don't look like a Michael. I think you should have your name legally changed to Mermista.

    If you still do burlesque could you please do a staged routine where you are yanked off stage with a big hook? Burlesque is totally similar in aesthetic to vaudeville and SOMEONES gotta bring the hook back!

    Your husband is one lucky dude, but I thought you said he wasn't into dorky stuff? He totally has the geek rock glasses going in that pic! I suppose anyone can rock that look though nowadays.

    1. lol I'm afraid my parents did indeed name me Michael. Well, Michael Lynn. The Lynn is my middle name. I did joke with a guy at an old job once that was shocked to hear my name. I smiled and said, "Yes, but I'm the prettiest Michael you'll ever meet." lol I have had to make it work. Now changing my name to Mermista would be something else. I know my parents would certainly be familiar with the name as I have gone on, and on, about Mermista.

      I don't do the burlesque stuff anymore, and I was hardly super great at it all, but I had fun with it. And I do love a big hook yanking someone off stage. lol

      He isn't as into dorky stuff as I am. He enjoys super hero movies and is a huge fan of Exo Squad, but he doesn't geek out about a lot of stuff like I do. But he does get it and there are aspects to it that he enjoys. And the geek rock glasses, lol he has loved those style of glasses for ages. I used to not like them, but they have grown on me.

    2. May I ask why they named you that? I mean is there a personal significance to them? I know you have a brother so it's not like they didn't have a boy so they had to use the name on you or something..
      There has to be a reason they named you that..if it's private you don't have to share, but..wow. Were they hippies? Was it some kind of a statement or something?
      This is funny, because I am in a gender class this semester and I totally wanna bring this up. This is the kind if thing we talk about there. Like there was a question, "would you let your son dress like a princess or Wonder Woman for Halloween?" -and ya know, much as I wanted to be open minded towards stuff, I just don't think I would let him if he was a little kid. It would be like putting a kick me sign on him. I think to protect him I would have to say no. I mean when he was older it would be his decision, but as a small child I wouldn't want to encourage it.
      what pisses me off most about the class,other than my teachers annoying Canadian accent, is the fact that she kept referring to everything as "dolls"-like even boys toys like G.I Joe-(I mentioned He-Man, but of course no one knew what the fuck that was) and I said, "Well that's why they came up with the term action figure." and she was like "yeah but they're dolls"- and that pissed me off because I do think there is a difference between the two. Raggedy Andy is a doll, Cabbage page kids are dolls , He-Man is a fucking action figure damnit!
      And none of the guys in my class even admitted to playing with action figures as a kid (besides me of course, hell i brought it up!) but maybe they didn't. I mean they are seniors/juniors in College so the average age of them is probably like 23. I just happen to be a 30 year old who is back there finishing up. Maybe they are too young to have played with action figures. If so, I weep for their lost childhoods.

    3. Of course you can ask me that. I have no problem answering. My dad's name is Michael, though he goes by Mike. I was born first, and my parents chose not to find out what they were having. And my dad really wanted the first born to be named after him. Well out I came and it was not what my parents were expecting. So they were like, "We could name our daughter Michael or we could name her Barbara." My dad liked the name Barbara because it was the name of one of his exes, and my mom hated it.

      So long story short, they stuck with Michael, because they knew there was an actress (Michael Learned) from Meet the Waltons. And with that they felt confident in their choice to make sure that their first born would be named after my dad. I think it is an Italian thing. Like my dad's side of the family has long had daughters named after fathers. I wish I could say they were hippies, but no. They just didn't care. lol My parents have always been the type to go against the grain. They like it to be their way and that's that.

      It wasn't easy growing up with my name, but I've made the best of it. And I actually really embrace it now.

      As for the people in your class, well, I guess 23 year olds either are too bashful to admit their dorky ways, or maybe it is a sign that action figure collecting faded away for that generation? I don't know.

  12. Great to hear your story! Your dog is ridiculously cute, I have a soft spot for long dogs.

    1. Thank you Cody! I know I left a comment, but again, I enjoyed reading your introduction too! Really fun. And yeah, I love long dogs too. Like I didn't grow up with dogs, or really any animals that much, so when I started dating my husband, I got to love the dog too. He was just a puppy, and oh my goodness, he was just the cutest thing. He totally won me over, and now, I don't know what I'd do without him. Anyways, now that I've rambled too much for a comment, I hope that you are having a nice end to the weekend. This is always the worst part of the week. lol