Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 2013 Heroic Hottie and Woman of Wonderosity!

I'm baaaack! Well, that was much quicker than I had expected. I was anticipating a long wait for the Internet to return from that awful strike of lightning. I was wrong. I like being wrong sometimes. I also realize I had originally typed 'lightening' instead of lightning. What can I say? I'm from the south, and I'm fairly certain that where I'm from, there is an 'e' in lightning. I'm just sayin.

Anyways, things are up and running again over here at Diary of a Dorkette and I am finally posting something that I was wanting to post a few days ago. This is a special double dose for September, a special Heroic Hottie and Woman of Wonderosity. Enjoy!

April O'Neil: (slams her office phone as hard as she can) Not what I wanted to hear. Not at all.

April: (looks off into the distance out of her office window before calling out to her assistant) Guy Friday, are you out there? Stop what you are doing and fetch me Miss M. And while you're at it I need two plane tickets. Get on it!

Miss M: (rushing in) Everything all right April?
April: No. I need to leave town. I just got news that my grandfather passed away.
Miss M: Oh April, I'm so sorry.
April: Thank you M. He lived a long life. I should be back by the end of the weekend. And since I'll be visiting with family that I don't see for a reason, we'll need to meet up for drinks when I get back. Lots of drinks. Strong drinks. Do you understand?
Miss M: Oh. Ok. Um, I guess I can do that.
April: You better. While I'm gone, you are in charge. Figure out who to interview for this month. Oh and one more thing: Casey is going with me.
Miss M: Casey Jones!? Your ex husband!? Wow. You are actually going to sit with him on a plane?
April: Yes. Oh stop with the hearts in your eyes. I'll be in first class, he will be in coach. We are not getting back together. He simply wants to pay his condolences as we were once married.
Miss M: Right. Sure.
April: Oh just hush. Get to work. I need to get home and start packing. I'll see you when I get back.
Miss M: Bye. Send your family my condolences.
April walks away as Miss M sticks around the office.
Miss M: Hmm. What to do, what to do. I still can't locate Jean for an interview, so that's out. I'm not really ready to head to Castle Chill for an interview with Frosta... (sitting around for a little bit, Miss M finally realizes she needs to get away for some inspiration) Guy Friday! I'm stepping out! I'll be back.
September 2013 Heroic Hottie and Woman of Wonderosity!
Miss M: This is such a nice park. There must be some great stories here. (Miss M smiles as she sees the people she was hoping to come across) I'm so glad you two are here!
Older woman: Yes, it is a wonderful day to be out. I'm Evelyn and this is my husband Mark.
Mark: Hi young lady.
Miss M: Hi. I'm Miss M. I've seen you both around here before. I'm a writer for a blog called Diary of a Dorkette.
Mark: What's a blog Evelyn?
Evelyn: You got me Mark. I have no clue. Now, what is all this dear?
Miss M: Well a blog is just another way for people to connect and read stories and ideas on the Internet.
Evelyn: Oh boy, that is somethin. Mark, can you believe how far these computers have come along? (looks towards M) Mark worked with some of the very first computers.
Mark: Not exactly. I do remember when they first started showing up. I was a mechanic and I worked for Eastern Airlines. They ended up using a big one from IBM. It was like nothing we'd ever seen. I was so interested in them. There was a lot to look forward to, all this technology. Look at the world now.
Miss M: I know. I can only imagine what it must be like to see how much things have changed since then.
Mark: What all do you write about on this... blog.
Miss M: Well... I go out and find all kinds of interesting people to interview. And I'd really like to have you both featured as the Heroic Hottie and Woman of Wonderosity for the month of September!
Mark: Listen to that Evelyn, I'm set to be a heroic hottie!
Evelyn: Oh goodness this man. He'll be gloating about this all month long.
Miss M: Well wonderful! Let's start with where you both grew up...
Mark: We both grew up in small towns near each other in the middle of Texas.
Evelyn: On farms. Each of us came from families living on farms out in the country. I was the oldest of three sisters and my momma and daddy came over here from Europe.
Mark: Mine too. They traveled long and far and settled where it was quiet.
Miss M: Did you have any siblings Mark?
Mark: Yes ma'am, I had two older brothers and a baby sister.
Miss M: What was it like being on a farm?
Mark: Hard work.
Evelyn: The hardest. Momma and daddy would have us pickin cotton and tendin to the chicken coup. When I got old enough I was able to do other things away from all that heat.
Mark: I got out of there as soon as I could. I joined the Marines and found myself fighting in the Korean War. It was very tough. Scary as all get-out. I was even shot.
Evelyn: He received a purple heart.
Miss M: Wow, that's amazing.
Mark: I'm just glad I made it, but ya know Miss M, I was never the same. Could never look at a gun the same way again. Stopped hunting. Couldn't be around loud noises. That experience just stuck with me to my core. I did like fishing though, it kept me calm. It was peaceful. (Mark grins at Miss M) I even got to hear the mermaids sing.
Evelyn: Oh here he goes. Those mermaids.
Mark: It's true Evelyn. The mermaids would sing to me. They'd even help with my fishing.
Evelyn: That, or they just drank all your beer. (Evelyn laughs to herself) He'd tell the girls that story all the time. All about the mermaids singing to him.
Mark: (winks at Miss M) The story is true.
Miss M: I believe you. I honestly do. Now tell me, how did you two end up meeting?

Evelyn: Well Mark, should you start or should I?
Mark: You go right ahead.
Evelyn: (laughing to herself) It was at a place similar to this area. There was a dance at the American Legion Hall. Sort of like a social. My cousin had told me there was someone I needed to meet. I didn't know what to do so I went with her. We walked outside and she took me towards this giant tree. That's where he was with some of his cousins. He was leaning against the tree looking so handsome. I knew he was someone special the moment I laid eyes on him.
Mark: It was the same for me. (looks over at Miss M) I'd never seen anyone as beautiful as her. I asked her out that night.
Evelyn: Oh and he took me out all over the place! I'd never really been out on dates, but Mark changed that. We always had the most fun.
Mark: (squeezes her hand with a grin) Remember that John Wayne movie we saw? (explains to Miss M) We loved going to the drive-in, and one night Evelyn just started crying at the end of this John Wayne movie. I couldn't understand it.
Evelyn: Well I had just been confused. The week before we had seen this one movie where this guy got shot and died! I was just devastated and sad.
Miss M: I don't understand.
Mark: She saw the same guy again in the John Wayne movie and was frightened because she couldn't understand how he had come back form the dead.
Evelyn: (laughing to herself while shaking her head) I felt so stupid! I had never really seen movies before, I thought that when they died they really died.
Mark: You're not stupid Evelyn. I thought it was cute.
Miss M: And hey, you have this as part of your story!

Mark: I agree.
Miss M: So Mark, you were a mechanic?
Mark: I sure was. I loved working on machines. Cars and of course planes when I was with Eastern Airlines.
Miss M: Did you play with toy cars growing up?
Mark: Not really. We didn't have toys like they do now. Although I do recall one Christmas wanting a doll.
Miss M: Really?
Mark: Yes, yes. My sister and I were closer in age than I was with my brothers. And when Christmas came along we all only got one toy each. My sister wanted this doll and I wanted one too. I don't know why, but I just did. My momma ended up going to the store and getting two dolls. Back then in that small of a town, everyone knew each other. So the lady at the store had said, "Well now, you are buying two dolls, but you only have one daughter." Oh my momma got so upset, "This second doll is for my Marcus! He wants one too and he is gonna get one. Now mind your own business!" I always got such a kick out of that story.
Miss M: I would imagine so! So did you always want to be a mechanic?
Mark: More or less. I just really liked knowing how things worked. 
Evelyn: Mark was also a hard worker. After we got married we moved into the city. We just wanted to be away from the country. We loved the country, but the city just called to us. Living in the city though was more expensive, so we had to work that much harder.
Mark: It was hard on our families to leave like we did, but we just knew there was a better life out in the city for us.

Evelyn: Mark worked really hard. Sometimes too hard. But he loved his job. He took such pride in his work. He also knew how to barbecue the best chicken.
Miss M: Now ya'll are making me hungry.
Mark: Well come on girl, we need to get some chickens goin!
Miss M: What about you Evelyn? What did you do?

Evelyn: I worked in and out of the home. I was a seamstress. Fashion and clothing were always something I enjoyed. I was also good with hand stitching. In those days, stitching was something that a lot of people just learned.
Miss M: I bet you made some amazing pieces.
Mark: She did. She was always sewing. Sometimes it'd be rough because the girls and I would step on her straight pins that would be on the ground.

Evelyn: (shaking her head) Oh I was always so forgetful. I'd leave those pins everywhere and there would be some causalities.
Miss M: Ouch! Now Mark, you mentioned girls. Did you two have children?
Evelyn: (looks slightly sad) We had two girls, the brightest most beautiful girls. We also had a son, our first born, but he didn't make it.
Mark: (squeezes Evelyn's hand tight) You ok Evelyn?
Evelyn: Oh yes.
Miss M: I apologize if I asked anything too personal.
Evelyn: (wipes her eyes) No, it's ok. It was difficult, it still is. It was worse though back then. People just didn't talk about those things like they would now. Times were just so different. You almost weren't allowed to grieve back then, everyone was supposed to just keep it in.

Mark: We hold onto his memory though.
Miss M: I'm glad that you do.
Evelyn: And we have our two girls. Well, they are grown women now.
Mark: Oh my girls. Our daughters are two of the most special people. I have just been overjoyed to watch them grow up and start families of their own. We are truly lucky, you know Evelyn?
Evelyn: I know. And to think, this life might not have happened.
Miss M: What are you talking about?
Evelyn: We almost lost Mark many many years ago to a heart attack.
Mark: I'm still here though. Watching our family grow. Our daughters married wonderful men and their families have just grown into their own.

Evelyn: Yes, they sure have. Our younger daughter has a son that just started college.
Miss M: Congratulations.
Mark: I can't wait to see where he goes. He is a good kid with a good heart.
Evelyn: He gets his kindness from you Mark.
Mark: Our oldest has two children, a granddaughter and a grandson.
Evelyn: My other grandson took after me with sewing. He is talented, picked it all up on his own.
Miss M: Oh wow, that is exciting!
Mark: And you'll probably see him in the movies at some point too.
Evelyn: Oh I sure hope so. And now I know these movies are all make believe! (laughs)
Miss M: Well isn't that something? How wonderful.
Mark: We can't forget our granddaughter though.
Evelyn: Of course not! Our sweet baby girl. My granddaughter is beautiful. I am always bragging about her glowing skin to my friends. We trade make-up tips all the time. She keeps me current on all the beauty trends. 
Mark: (smiling as he looks off into the distance) She hasn't always had the easiest life, but no matter what, I am always proud of her. She simply has a way with words. I'm just lucky to have these grand kids. I can't imagine not having this family, you know Evelyn?
Evelyn: I know.
Miss M: Sounds like you are two very lucky people. I'm so thrilled that I got the chance to talk to you both and learn your story.
Evelyn: And we're happy to be featured on this... blog thing.
Mark: Now listen young lady, once you get it finished, you better show us how to find it so we can read it.
Miss M: I promise. How about one last picture? Under the tree perhaps?

Evelyn: Oh how fun! Just like how we met! Come on Mark.
Mark: Yes. What a lovely day, smile big Evelyn.
Miss M: Perfect! This is going to be a perfect picture!
Miss M is suddenly distracted by a loud noise, maybe a bird or a plane. She loses focus and looks around at the empty park and wonders for just a second if the past few minutes actually happened.

Miss M: Hmm. I need to find my phone. (grabs her cellular out of a rather large bag and makes a call) Nana?
Nana: (on the other end) Oh hi! How you doin? I've been meaning to call you. Have you tried this new eye liner that comes in a slim case? I heard it's real good.
Miss M: Oh no, I haven't. You'll have to give me the name of it, I'll check it out.
Nana: Ok good. So how are you doing?
Miss M: Oh I'm fine. I just wanted to call you. I was at the park and I started thinking about you and Granddaddy Mark. Ya know, how you both met and stuff.
Nana: Oh isn't that nice. That Granddaddy Mark, he was somethin else. I remember the first time I saw him, we were at a dance and he was standing under that tree. So handsome. I think I fell in love right there. He was the love of my life.
Miss M: That's so nice Nana. I wish I had met him.
Nana: I do too. I do too. He would have been so proud of you kids. Watchin you all grow up.
Miss M: Yeah. I hope he would have been proud.
Nana: Oh I know so. He had nothin but love in his heart. So much love and so much mischievousness too. He would sing with the mermaids.
Miss M: I know. That I would have loved to hear.
Miss M walks away continuing to chat on the phone, discussing the past fondly. It occurs to her that there are probably more stories she may never know about her grandparents. Stories that paint a portrait of a certain time or a certain feeling. Every bit of it is important and every bit of it warms her heart. If she could, Miss M would know everything in the universe. Instead, she simply laughs and cries until eventually she has to say goodbye with the promise to call and spend some much needed time with her Nana soon. 
This is a tribute to Mark and Evelyn, Sarah and Tony, and all the other grandparents who have managed to make their families feel loved and special. I hope you have enjoyed this. Thank you and I wish you all well.

September 2013 Heroic Hottie and Woman of Wonderosity!


  1. Beautiful. I like how your mind works very much. You have the soul of a poet and you are a true romantic.

    1. Thank you Kal. What a nice comment to read. That means a lot. I hope you are doing well and that the week is treating you nicely.

  2. that was so touching and beautiful miss M. for the moment i started reading i kept thinking maybe the couple being interviewed could be your own grand parents. nice and sweet tribute to them. and glad to see you are back up and running already. a touching heroic hottie this go round.

    1. Thank you demoncat! I really just wanted to write this, I couldn't get it out of my head. I was nervous it'd be too sappy, but things can't always be goofy fun on Diary of a Dorkette! lol

      And I am so glad to be up and running again! The week has just been crazy. I hope all is well with you.