Saturday, September 29, 2012

Adora's Search for Honor Part 2: Chapter 34

The new chapter is finally ready! This chapter (and the next) has been one of my favorites to write as it is a tribute and play off of one of my favorite She-Ra episodes, Sweet Bee's Home. You could even say this fan fiction story has been building up to this chapter for some time now. I really hope you all enjoy it, and if you have yet to see Sweet Bee's Home, you are truly missing out on one of the greatest cartoon episodes of all time. Seriously. Netflix it now!

Previously: Siblings Adam and Adora finally met and showed off a few of their cool skills (namely the whole pyro-glittery-technic display that is She-Ra and He-Man)... Peekablue, Bow, and Castaspella went off to save some of Adam's friends, the three Masters: Clamp Champ, Stratos, and Roboto... Mermista helped Netossa get to her home village to find Spinnerella. Sadly Netossa and Spinnerella were no longer welcome... Sea Hawk was feeling terrible for many actions, namely causing a ruckus in Netossa's home village and continuing to help Hordak for all the wrong reasons... Zombie Double Trouble, disguised as a decayed She-Ra, continued her quest for food as she scared up a few Etherians... Sweet Bee from the Hive was travelling through space with her co-pilots when their ship was shot down by a large Horde space carrier. The exploring busy bees made a quick crash landing on Etheria (Sweet Bee doesn't know that) and the area of land that they crashed on was the Kingdom of Snows near the remnants of Castle Chill (Sweet Bee doesn't know that either.) All Sweet Bee knows is that she lost her co-pilots and it is really cold. Will Sweet Bee ever get home?

And now...
Adora's Search for Honor
Part 2
Chapter 34

In the frozen planes of the Kingdom of Snows, Sweet Bee finishes up some work on her ship. Ever since the crash landing and loss of her co-pilots, Sweet Bee has been struggling to survive in the freezing weather. Luckily for her she has found the remnants of a frozen castle. Underneath the icy structure hides a large basement filled to the brim with all kinds of items.

Finishing up for the day, Sweet Bee adjusts her helmet before heading towards the basement. She should be leaving this world soon, and it can't happen soon enough. "How could anyone live in such coldness?" Sweet Bee walks by the grave markers she made for her friends. Sadness still sweeps over her at the loss of Honey Comb and Stingor. Since her crash landing, Sweet Bee has found herself in complete isolation in this frozen world. A part of her is craving contact with another being. She is lonely and scared. What if she never leaves this place?

The snow in the air begins to fall heavier around her. A gust of wind nearly knocks her over. Shivering, Sweet Bee suddenly feels the air growing even colder. Looking through the small visor on her helmet, Sweet Bee notices a strange form in front of her. Gasping, unsure if what she is seeing is real or not, Sweet Bee stares at a dusty gray horse with large metal wings. Questioning her sanity, Sweet Bee turns to the side towards a gurgling sound.

Her heart nearly stops. Standing before her is a strange looking woman with skin even grayer than the horse. An inner chill creeps across her, Sweet Bee is staring at another being. Standing with an odd slump, the mysterious woman remains motionless. The only sounds that fill her head are the gusting winds and the dripping gurgles from this visitor. Sweet Bee stands there, unsure what to do or even where this woman came from.

Unaware, Sweet Bee is staring at the undead beauty Double Trouble. The zombie woman gurgles again. Opening her mouth wide with a look of madness in her eyes, Double Trouble lets out a loud piercing scream before lunging towards Sweet Bee. The noise and actions of the woman cause Sweet Bee to react quickly.

Reaching for her stun gun, Sweet Bee fires off a few shots before racing to the basement. The wind and snow is slowing her down, but she struggles on as a very hungry Double Trouble gains speed. Sweet Bee screams out as Double Trouble lunges on her back. Both women fall into the snow.

Rolling over and trying her best to fight, Sweet Bee screams as Double Trouble scratches at the helmet. Stringy bile dribbles from Double Trouble's mouth as her nails rake across Sweet Bee's helmet. Screaming out in fear, Sweet Bee lashes back out, trying to free herself.

Unable to fly with her wings covered in snow, Sweet Bee has no other choice but to fight and flee. Releasing a sticky web of honey from her finger tips, Sweet Bee finds a way to escape as Double Trouble hurries about removing the goo from her face. Huffing her way to the basement, Sweet Bee shakes as the piercing screams become louder. "What is she?!" Sweet Bee says to herself. Making her way to the basement doors, Sweet Bee grabs hold but pauses.

Turning to look back, Sweet Bee half expects the monstrous woman to be right behind her. Instead Sweet Bee screams in a mixture of grief and anger as Double Trouble is furiously digging through the snow at the grave markers for Honey Comb and Stingor. "Leave them alone!" Sweet Bee screams charging back through the snow. With her stun gun aimed and ready, Sweet Bee fires off a few shots. A hit is made on Double Trouble, and the undead beauty stops her actions.

With a grotesque and twisted face, Double Trouble growls. Slowly walking with an odd gait, Double Trouble continues to scream. Backing away quickly, Sweet Bee hurries towards the basement doors. I've really done it now, she thinks. Double Trouble gains momentum and refocuses her hunger on the live target before her.

Firing off another few shots, Sweet Bee yanks the doors open. Peering down into the dark stairwell, Sweet Bee jumps in grabbing the doors behind her. Yanking them shut, the honey of a guide screams as Double Trouble tries to force the doors open. Snow is beginning to drizzle in and Sweet Bee struggles to keep the doors shut. Finally after a brief back and forth, Sweet Bee manages to get the doors locked firmly behind her. She shrinks back in fear as Double Trouble claws her way at the heavy wooden doors.

Moving some items as a brace, Sweet Bee builds a protective wall behind the doors. She can barely think straight and wonders if the monster will find another way inside the basement. Eventually the sounds and screams of the creature fade away. Sweet Bee feels that she is safe for the time being, but having never dealt with something so horrific she cannot be certain. Making her way further into the basement, Sweet Bee takes a seat on a plush bench. She keeps her helmet on for fear of another surprise attack. Falling back on the bench, Sweet Bee collapses in exhaustion...

Walking with Spirit towards the Whispering Woods, Adora and Adam continue catching up on the lives they have missed with each other. Adam is looking forward to meeting all the important people in Adora's life, "Does anyone else know that you are also She-Ra?" Looking ahead on the dirt path, Adora shakes her head, "Only a few people share my secret. Among them are Light Hope, who you just met. Madame Razz, a woman that has been like a grandmother to me, and Kowl. He is this know-it-all owl that has so many connections to Etheria. He knows everything."

Recalling his stint in the slave cells in the Fright Zone, Adam smiles, "I know who Kowl is. We were in the slave cells together. I was there when some of the Rebels saved him." Smiling at the work her friends did, Adora grins, "Those would be my close friends." Adam adds, "I saw you too, as She-Ra. You were fighting bravely that day. If I had just known..." He wonders what would have happened had he just followed the Rebels.

Adora looks away with tears beginning to form in her eyes, "That was a difficult day my brother. I lost a dear friend at the hands of Hordak. Of course, had I known you were there, I would have made sure you escaped with us. Maybe I wouldn't look back at that day with such sadness..." Adam asks who she lost.

"Her name was Spira, though we also called her Double Trouble. She was a spy for the Great Rebellion. I counted on her friendship so much while I was in the Horde, and after I found out her double role, I really began questioning my role in this world. She also knew that I was She-Ra. She told me as much before she was killed. I miss her terribly. I failed her though, which is yet another reason why no one must know my secret. I can't fail another person." She keeps her eyes ahead on the road. Adam grabs hold of her hand, "Hey, you didn't fail her. I do not know much of you or the people you care about, but from what I have seen, you fight tirelessly for everyone. Besides, Hordak killed her. The only one responsible for her death is him."

Believing what he says to be true, Adora simply cannot open her heart to that reality. She still feels like there is more she could have done. Instead of dwelling on that, she changes the subject. "Does anyone know that you are He-Man?" Adam tilts his head back and laughs, "A few do, though not many. I don't think people would believe me if I told them I was also He-Man. My friends at the Palace tend to think I am always in the way. Basically an oaf."

Trying to picture her brother as an oaf and being unable to do so, Adora lets out a laugh, "You? An oaf? I just can't picture that. So tell me, who knows?" Pausing before entering the Whispering Woods, Adam tells his sister, "The Sorceress knows. She is the woman that visited you telepathically. Man-At-Arms is aware too, he is the father of my girlfriend among other things. And there is also the Orko."

"What's an Orko?" Adora asks. Adam chuckles, "You'll find out soon enough once you meet him. There is nobody else quite like him." Smiling wistfully as he thinks of his home, Adam also adds, "I think our mother knows my secret too. I have never confirmed it, but I believe she is suspicious of something. Ever since I could become He-Man, she just... I don't know... looks at me differently."

Adora nods and imagines what it will be like to meet her parents. The day will be a joyous one. The siblings and Spirit walk into the Whispering Woods, making their way towards Castle Bright Moon. In front of the castle grounds, some important friends are waiting. Angella, Glimmer, and Castaspella stand together talking about current events. Peekablue has her feathers spread explaining to those who are listening that Adora and Adam are closely approaching. Netossa, Spinnerella, and Bow talk with Clamp Champ about the significance of the Whispering Woods and the evil of the Horde. Roboto finds Kowl fascinating and the two become embroiled in a conversation about philosophy. Mermista and Madame Razz talk with Perfuma and Flutterina. They try to cheer Flutterina up. Sea Hawk stands to the side, slightly brooding, still distraught over what he did in Netossa's home village. Standing very close to each other, Frosta ends up bucking heads with Stratos, "Darling, I don't mean to be rude, but your arm feathers keep touching me. Make them stop." Stratos looks at her aghast, "I do apologize. I was not trying to touch you, I believe you are just standing too close. Perhaps you could stand a few steps away?" Frosta glares, "I was here first!"

Stepping back, Stratos peers at Frosta, "You are an odd woman." Blinking her eyes in shock, Frosta glares, "And who are you darling? I am an Empress! From the Kingdom of Snows!" Stratos shrugs, "Is that supposed to mean something?" Stomping away from Stratos, Frosta stands next to Mermista and Madame Razz.

Soon Peekablue speaks up, "They are here." Looking at Peekablue in amazement, Perfuma exclaims, "Wow. Her vision powers are on point!" Frosta rolls her eyes, "Darling, Adora and her brother just walked in. I could have said the same thing." Perfuma smiles as she looks at Adora and Adam. Everyone cheers and hollers, they are all so excited to see Adam and Adora. The rebels are thrilled to meet Adam. The Masters cheer for the long lost daughter of the King and Queen. There is much excitement.

Glimmer hugs Adam, "I will get a room set up for you in the castle." Adora watches her friend walk off and wonders why Glimmer is walking away. Observing Adam and his dusty lavender pants with a tattered shirt and vest, Frosta whispers to Mermista, "For a prince he sure looks... common." Mermista shoots a look to Frosta and hopes no one heard, "He has been through a great ordeal Frosta!" The icy empress crosses her arms, "Hey. I lost my home and look at me darling! I look like perfect royalty." Lifting her head high, Frosta walks up to Adam and offers her hand as a gesture of saying hello. Mermista darts a look to Adora and they both smile at each other shaking their heads.

Clamp Champ hugs Adam and calls out, "Prince Adam! You are safe. Did the woman named She-Ra harm you?" Everyone pauses in confusion. Adora interrupts, "She-Ra tried to harm you? What do you mean?" Perfuma also speaks up, "We are friends with She-Ra. She'd never hurt anyone. Except that time she chopped a Pyre's head off. Oh! And the times she has fought against Catra. And Entrapta. And Vampra. And..." Mermista and Frosta both jab Perfuma. Adora brings the conversation back around, "What do you mean She-Ra attacked you?"

Retelling the story, Clamp Champ explains how the first village they came to on Etheria was rattled in fear over a monster named She-Ra; the townspeople first believed She-Ra a hero, until her new form appeared. He then recounts the odd fight they had against the monstrous She-Ra. Roboto chirps out, "The woman we fought was undead." Adora is confused, "But She-Ra is very much alive." No one understands what is going on, but Netossa chimes in, "I haven't told anyone yet, but when I was on my journey to find Spinnerella I hid from a horrifying woman. She did look very similar to She-Ra, but something was different. She was a bit off."

Madame Razz speaks up, "Well dearie, I'm glad you spoke up. It would seem that we have two She-Ra's on our hands." Adora looks to the witchy woman, neither understands what that could mean. Sea Hawk listens off to the side and wants to share his own experiences with the odd woman that resembled She-Ra, but he is silent. He isn't sure he can look at Netossa after what he did to her home village.

Angella assures the Masters that the She-Ra they fought against was not the good natured one that is working to save Etheria. The Masters nod and everyone continues talking and getting to know Adam. Adora decides to put off the mind numbing realization that another She-Ra is roaming Etheria. For now she just enjoys the excitement of meeting people who are from her home world.

The conversation ebbs and flows and Adora steps away from the excited chatter of the group. She wants to find out how Glimmer is doing. Before she walks away, Bow grabs her attention. "Adora. I am really happy for you. You found your brother. As odd as it all is, you found him. He seems to be fitting in well." Bow looks back as Adam talks to the other Rebels. Adora looks on and smiles back at Bow. Their eyes lock and her heart melts. She wants to reach out and hug him, and she does. Her heart is bursting with joy. Through so much sadness, there is also some happiness.

Hugging Bow feels good, a part of her does not want to let him go. Breaking away Adora looks at him, "I think we will certainly be making up for lost time. I am very glad Adam is here." Bow agrees, "Yes." He looks at Adora and feels his heart beat faster. Quickly turning away, Bow grins, "Since your brother is here, I guess someone will have to tell him all your embarrassing stories." Flashing a funny look at Adora, Bow dodges a playful punch from the blond. Adora shakes her head, "Just remember Bow, I know how to wield a sword." Clutching his chest in mock pain, Bow smiles, "You hurt Adora. You hurt." He turns to join in the conversation.

Adora smiles to herself, things actually seem nice between the two of them. However those dramas will have to wait for another day. Continuing on her mission to talk with Glimmer, Adora walks away. She notices Sea Hawk standing to the side, alone. "Did you get to meet my brother Sea Hawk?" Adora asks noticing how the pirate seems sad. Little does she know, the pirate is sad. He is also experiencing an inner turmoil at what he did to Netossa and Spinnerella's home village of Midlaria. However he must stay quiet. "I did meet him, princess. Seems like a nice guy."

Nodding, Adora sighs, "Yes. It is strange though, we are trying to cram all this knowledge about our lives, but even if we never got to talk about everything, I already feel such a sibling bond with him. I never thought I'd get to meet my family. Goodness, I only found out I ever had a family until recently." Sea Hawk looks off into the distance before looking back at Adora. He wants to confess so much to her, but he isn't sure she'd ever truly accept him. "Well princess, good for you. Hold onto that though. It is something special to have family. It can all go by in the blink of an eye."

Tilting her head, Adora wonders where this personality shift is coming from, "Do you need to talk about anything Sea Hawk?" She looks at him, trying to figure him out. She cares about him, much like she cares for Bow. Both men are very different though. Bow would share his whole heart for her in the blink of an eye, but Sea Hawk only wants to reveal a little at a time. Sea Hawk shakes his head, "Nah, not right now. Maybe we can talk soon. I'll see ya around princess." He walks away from the group and Adora watches him go. Unable to do anything else, Adora turns and heads into Bright Moon to find Glimmer.

Back in the group of people, Clamp Champ pulls Adam aside. "Prince Adam, it is wonderful to have you back, but we should really prepare for our return to Eternia." Stepping back and shaking his head, Adam speaks, "Oh I know we need to go, but I can't go without Adora." Clamp Champ shakes his head, "You misunderstand sir. Adora will be joining us. The King and Queen have long been awaiting our return. We can't keep them waiting." Adam panics slightly. He knows that Adora is not leaving Etheria just yet, "I understand, but I don't know that Adora will be ready to leave."

Clamp Champ questions this, "Why would she want to stay? She has a family to meet, parents who have been waiting a long time..." For fear of giving any secrets away, Adam thinks quickly, "Well it is more than just Adora leaving here. He-Man is also on Etheria."

"He-Man is here? On Etheria? Buy why?" Clamp Champ asks, the statement sounding somewhat strange. Adam starts to sweat "Oh, Duncan did not tell you? When I stepped through the portal, Duncan made sure to have He-Man join me. Just to make sure I didn't screw anything up. As luck would have it though, we got separated." Clamp Champ looks up to the sky, "Prince Adam, that sounds very silly. Incredibly silly. Why didn't you say something from the beginning?" Adam casually shrugs, hoping he is not giving anything away, "He-Man is kind of a private guy, you know?"

Nodding, Clamp Champ slaps a hand on the prince's back, "I suppose we will rest and figure out what to do next." Adam nods, hoping that everything can fall into place. Clamp Champ cracks a joke, excited that Adam is safe and in one piece. Neither of them know the horrors that are occurring on Eternia...

Inside Bright Moon, Adora wanders through the halls searching for Glimmer. Heading towards Double Trouble's old room, Adora slowly enters and notices Glimmer packing some items into a crate. "What are you doing Glimmer?" The Princess of Bright Moon stops her work, "Oh hi Adora. I just was doing some work. Now that your brother is here, I wanted to make sure he had a nice room."

Walking further into the room and sitting on a nearby chair, Adora talks to her friend, "But this is your cousin's room. I know this isn't easy." Shrugging it off, Glimmer sighs, "Double Trouble is dead. There is nothing I can do about that." Adora listens, "I know that. But I know you miss her. I miss her too. I just know this must be hard to be packing her items up. After all, it was only a short time ago that you wouldn't even leave her room."

Glimmer blinks back tears, "I'm trying to grow up. I can't hold onto such silly things." Adora shakes her head, "Glimmer, you should never give up on what you feel. Nothing is ever silly."

"I know. But Adora, I want to pack these items up. I want your brother to have a nice room to stay in, space is so limited around here. I can't just leave her room like this. She wouldn't want some shrine built for her." They both agree and continue to talk and share their memories of Double Trouble. They even work together to put some items up in crates. Glimmer stumbles upon some books bound in gold. They are filled with Double Trouble's hand writing. "What are these?" Glimmer asks.

Adora looks the books over, "Oh my. These must be her stories." Glimmer tilts her head and asks for more information. Adora runs her hands over the bindings, "I don't know that she ever really told anyone, but one time she hinted to me that she wanted to be a writer. That if she could do anything in this world, it would be to tell stories. These must be her stories..." Glimmer looks the books over, "I never knew this about her. Oh Adora, it's things like this that make me so sad. I feel like there was so much about my cousin, and I will never know." They both look at each other with tears in their eyes.

"Do you want to read them?" Adora asks. Glimmer shakes her head, "No. You take them. She told you about this side of her. I'm sure she would have liked that." Adora nods and holds on to the books. Glimmer calls out, "Adora? Now that you have your brother in your life, don't take it for granted. I miss Spira every day." Tears stream down her face and the two women hug each other.

After Adora and Glimmer finish packing things up, Adora heads off to her room to drop off Double Trouble's books. "I'm sure I'll read them one day." Clutching the books tightly to her chest, Adora continues to walk. Turning a corner, Adora nearly bumps into Frosta and Mermista. The blue haired beauties are talking, "Hey you two!"

Frosta looks at Adora and the golden books, "What are those?" Adora shrugs, not wanting to tell the truth, "Just some books. There are some times at night where I just want to read a good book. What are you both up to?" Mermista sighs, "I am trying to talk Frosta out of a silly idea. She wants to visit the Kingdom of Snows."

With eyes rolled in an instant, Frosta shakes her head, "Don't be so whiny Mermista. I miss my home and I would like to check on things, even though there isn't much to check." Adora looks on, "Are you really going to go?" Frosta nods, "Of course darling! Mermista is going to take me there on Enchanta. Of course I wish we were travelling in a more stylish manner, but it should be a quick trip either way." Mermista adds, "If not slightly dangerous."

Adora asks if they'd like any company. Mermista is moments from saying yes until Frosta speaks up, "Oh Adora, we aren't pathetic wimps. We can handle anything that gets in our way. We will be fine. You just sit back and visit with your brother. Find him some new clothes, okay darling?" Frosta taps her chin, "So I just need to grab some things and then we can be off." Mermista quickly reminds her friend, "We'll stop at the Crystal Falls first before we head to the Snows." Frosta nods and heads to her room. Shaking her head, Mermista looks at Adora, "Wish us luck."

Stepping away from her friends, Adora drops the books off in her room and finds her brother. Adam is talking to his friends from Eternia. They are engrossed in a conversation, but Adam has time for his sister. "Adam, I think I am going to need He-Man. Can you get away?" Adam nods. The two siblings sneak off to make their way to the Crystal Falls as well...

Deep in space on Horde World, Hordak and Skeletor visit Horde Prime. Hordak snorts, "These visits are becoming more frequent. What is it this time?" Horde Prime lights up the darkness in his chambers and screams, "I do not require questions for my summoning. Do as I say or else. Where are we with Eternia and Etheria?" Skeletor chimes in, "I can't speak for Hordak, but I am succeeding rather well on Eternia. In a matter of days Grayskull will be mine."

Horde Prime grills Hordak, "Well Hordak? Are you as far along as Skeletor?" Hordak snorts, "I am getting there." A large robotic hand slams down on the ground, "Work harder Hordak! What is the matter with you? Getting a bit too old for this?" Skeletor can't help but laugh at Hordak's reprimand, "Who would have thought that the apprentice would become better than the master!" continuing to laugh, Skeletor flinches as Hordak growls. Turning his arm into a blade, Hordak swiftly stabs Skeletor.

Skeletor's eye sockets glow red. Backhanding Hordak across the face, Skeletor sends the ruthless member of the Horde across the room, "How dare you try to inflict a wound on me! I am near invincible, and am only getting better." Hordak clenches his fists, "I never thought I'd see this day. You are both starting to piss me off!" He snorts and fires off a canon from his arm. Horde Prime lights up with a chuckle, "Don't be so touchy Hordak. Just get the job done, or like I have said, I can find someone to do it for you." Hordak glares at Horde Prime and Skeletor. He gets no respect, a fact that drives him insane. He is the rightful ruler of the Horde, and yet here he is, standing before a supreme ruler and a once would-be apprentice.

Glowing in the darkness, light panels change colors from red to blue to green as Horde Prime talks, "The process has already begun. I think it best that you both apprehend your worlds immediately. Afterwards we can talk about what happens next." Hordak and Skeletor are both aware at what will happen next, though neither want to experience that fate. Instead Hordak and Skeletor are both up to their own private schemes. Skeletor is planning on raiding Grayskull and ruling Eternia all on his own; while Hordak is counting down the days until he manages to come across the ultimate form of power that will find him as the rightful ruler of the Horde.

Snorting out a threat to Horde Prime and Skeletor, Hordak quickly teleports back into his throne room in the Fright Zone. Taking a seat on his throne, Skeletor buzzes for Mantenna. The four legged Hordesman enters the large throne room cautiously, "Yes mighty Hordak?" Sitting still, Hordak looks for his pet Imp. Unable to find his pet, Hordak glares at Mantenna, "I need to hear something good. Do you have any good news for me Mantenna?"

His eyes glowing and darting every which way, Mantenna sighs shrilly, "I won a round in the card game with Grizzlor and Leech." Hordak slams his fist on the arm of his throne, "No you fool! I want good news around here! You know how important my plans are to me! I have been gone for but a few moments, and I expect to know what has occurred in my absence." Mantenna shrinks back eyeing the trap door floor, and the button near Hordak's finger tips, "Well mighty Hordak, the walking dead girl has come back from yet another trip around Etheria. And... Catra is more moody than ever..." Hordak clenches his fists, "Fetch me Entrapta!"

His finger hovers over the button for the trap door, but before anything can happen, Mantenna already zooms out of the throne room. Wiping a sweaty brow, Mantenna shrilly sighs, "That was close."

Making his way through the Fright Zone, Mantenna heads towards Entrapta's room. On his way, the insectoid creature comes across Modulok. Mantenna squints his eyes to make sure he is not seeing double, but his friend has a large metal rod through his head, "Modulok, did you know you have a large rod through your head? Does that hurt?" Modulok turns with a growl. A second head rolls out through his chest, settling right next to the original head. Modulok reaches out and grabs Mantenna by the neck.

Slamming Mantenna against a wall, Modulok growls before dropping him to the ground. Mantenna gets up and dusts himself off as he watches Modulok walk off, "What has gotten into him? Guess we'll be out a player for the card game..." Mantenna continues on his quest for Entrapta, silently wondering why his friend is so different from before...

Mermista and Frosta are at the Crystal Falls preparing to head off to the Kingdom of Snows. Enchanta is with them, and Mermista patiently calls out to Frosta, "Come on, we must hurry Frosta. We have Enchanta and all the supplies we could possibly need for such a quick trip." Frosta is near the top of the falls washing her hands, "Don't rush me darling! I am going as fast as I can!" Mermista calmly waits.

She-Ra and He-Man step through some brush and call out to Mermista. "Need any company?" She-Ra hugs Mermista, "It is nice to see you." Mermista nods, "It is nice to see you too She-Ra! What are you doing here? And who is this?" She-Ra looks over at He-Man, "This is He-Man, a dear friend of mine." Mermista nods. She-Ra explains that He-Man and her were just touring some beautiful spots on Etheria, though the real truth is that She-Ra wants to make sure her friends will be safe.

Frosta swirls down the falls on an icy sled to see what all the commotion is about, "Mermista, who are you..." Frosta's eyes fall upon He-Man. Her gaze travels across his muscular body and slightly disheveled hair, "... talking to..." In all her days on Etheria, she has never seen a man look quite like this before.

Typically used to the cold, Frosta swears she feels parts of her start to thaw just a little bit. Gliding past Mermista and She-Ra, Frosta produces a hand in front of He-Man. "Now I pride myself on knowing anyone who is worth knowing on Etheria, but I don't think I've ever met you." She-Ra looks towards Mermista, they both shake their heads, "Frosta, this is He-Man. A friend of mine."

Quickly turning to look at She-Ra, Frosta glares ever so slightly, "You never told me you had such a handsome friend." She-Ra shakes her head, "He is just visiting." Frosta ignores her friends and dreamily looks at He-Man, "I am Frosta, Empress of the Kingdom of Snows. He-Man. Hmm. I like the sound of that." Reaching out to trace a finger across He-Man's arm, Frosta sighs, "And you really seem to be all man..." He-Man throws a look at She-Ra, begging for help. He is not accustomed to a woman being so forward.

Mermista stands there in shock, "Come on now Frosta, leave the poor man alone. We have to go to the Kingdom of Snows, remember?" Frosta flips her hair, "Well, He-Man can join us!" She looks over at She-Ra like an afterthought, "Oh, and I guess you can come too."

"Thanks Frosta." She-Ra sighs trying not to laugh. Watching her friend melt into a sappy lust struck mess is highly amusing. Frosta continues to bat her eye lashes at He-Man, "You see He-Man, I'm... homeless." Mermista quickly covers her mouth, lest she speak the truth. She-Ra makes a coughing sound. Frosta throws another glare at her two friends while He-Man looks dubious, "You don't look homeless."

Frosta looks down at her impeccable clothing and she sighs loudly, "Oh darling!" Looping an arm around He-Man's, Frosta leans her head against his shoulder, "You have no idea! My gorgeous castle was destroyed by the Horde. I've had to take up unreasonable accommodations in the woods of all places. I practically live like a commoner." Mermista rolls her eyes, "She is hardly roughing it. Frosta is neglecting to tell you that she lives in a wonderful castle in the woods. And these aren't just some random woods, they are the Whispering Woods."

Shaking her head, Frosta continues to plead her case, "Oh and what does that matter Mermista darling? The place still has an odd smell that can only be described as nature. No, I am honestly having to rough it." Turning back to He-Man, Frosta clamps onto his arm even tighter. He-Man tries to squeeze his arm free. Frosta just smiles, "So Mermista is joining me to see my old home. I actually stored away much of my possessions in a quaint bunker below the remains of my beloved castle. I would really appreciate your company."

She-Ra claps her hands, "The more the merrier! Shall we go?" He-Man whispers, "Umm, She-Ra? Do you think we should really be joining them? These two women seem fully capable..." Giving He-Man a knowing look, She-Ra chides him, "Now He-Man, remember what I told you. No good deed can go unpunished. Besides, it is always nice to visit with friends." The truth is that She-Ra does want to make sure her friends will be safe. Though, who will make sure He-Man is safe is a whole other predicament.

Mermista turns to prepare flight for Enchanta. Frosta sighs, "Oh Mermista, don't be silly! I can do all that." Walking up to the magi-swan, Frosta takes over, "You fly with She-Ra and Swiftwind. He-Man and I can fly together." Mermista raises an eyebrow, "You've never held the reigns before. In fact, aren't you repulsed by flying swans?" Smiling sweetly, Frosta whispers, "Quiet darling. Don't ruin this for me! Flying Enchanta can't be that difficult." Patting the seat, Frosta sighs, "Come on He-Man. The ride will be fun!"

He-Man looks over at She-Ra, "Is she always like this?" She-Ra shrugs, "I think you just have a special effect on her. Hurry now He-Man, Frosta is waiting." Trying her best not to laugh, She-Ra lets a smile break free. He-Man shakes his head, "I'd rather face Skeletor and Hordak with my hands tied behind my back." She-Ra crosses her arms full on laughing, "Oh Frosta isn't that bad. Just make sure you keep your hands to yourself." He-Man looks on in mock horror, "It's not my hands you should be worried about!" She-Ra tosses her head back laughing so hard. She isn't sure the last time something has ever been this funny.

Sitting behind Frosta, He-Man nearly falls back as Frosta jerks the reigns on Enchanta and they take off in the air. Mermista and She-Ra head over to Swiftwind. "Do you think he'll be alright She-Ra?" Mermista asks looking at Enchanta bolting off across the sky. She-Ra shrugs, "He is the most powerful man in the universe. There's nothing he can't handle." Except he's never dealt with Frosta. Both women realize this and can't help but laugh as they fly off after Enchanta on Swiftwind. They are heading on course for the Kingdom of Snows, and Castle Chill. Or what's left of it.

Up next!

She-Ra grows more and more concerned about her evil doppelganger!
Entrapta finds information that will demolish the Great Rebellion!
New rivalries are made and old friends leave on the next thrilling chapter of Adora's Search for Honor Part 2!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dorkette Book Club: The Supergirls

Another Dorkette Book Club is upon us. Usually the books that are addressed in this feature range from old Fear Street stories to anything by Christopher Pike. However, today we will be looking at a book that recently came out that I finished recently. Here's the thing about books and me. I love to read, but lately I have not had the time. For example, it took me a full year to finish Water For Elephants. I mean there were many reasons for that (i.e. it took me awhile to get into it) but I am also a very busy woman. I'm a gal on the go. Sometimes reading a good book goes by the wayside. With that said, when the book is really really good, I find time. The Supergirls: Fashion, feminism, fantasy, and the history of comic book heroines by Mike Madrid was a fantastic book that took me more like one week to finish.

Mike Madrid knows his comic history, or should I say Herstory. The amount of information in this book about female comic characters is amazing. He breaks the book down by decade, two chapters dedicated to each decade starting in the 1940's and he really weaves a story about how these women were created. He examines how culture and society changed throughout the decades and how female characters were either hindered or allowed to grow under those changes. This is a who's who of female super heroes.

I tend to think that I know my stuff on super heroines, but I found myself learning so much and really feeling lucky that I wasn't a reader back in the day. I mean when the Justice Society of America first came out in the early '40s, Wonder Woman was given the role of secretary. Huh? I was just so saddened to read that. I mean this is Wonder Woman. Let Superman be the secretary. As I have said, I am a Marvel kinda gal, but even Marvel had some interesting roles for female characters back then, and even recently too. All of which is chronicled in this amazing book.

There was so much to get out of this book but there were still some things that I would have liked to have read too. I would have loved to know Mike's thoughts on where he would like to see female characters go with comics in the future. It felt like there were some slight wishes and hopes about the future but I would have been in heaven reading an entire chapter dedicated to just talk on what would be great for the state of super heroines, both in comics and film. Let's be real, I am beyond ready for a good (super emphasis on good) lead super heroine film. I'm talking Wonder Woman. Let's also add Ms. Marvel (so that she could eventually arrive in a flashy Avengers sequel.) And while we are at it, I want a big splashy She-Ra movie. STAT.

Also, I would love, love, love a book on other forms of super heroines from cartoons and the like. In other words, I just want a nice big book to talk about She-Ra and what she had to give to the world of strong heroic folk.

Anyways, here is the front and back of the book!

I really enjoyed this book and if you have not read this yet, pick it up! It was just fantastic. If you have already read it, feel free to leave your thoughts about it! In the next edition of Dorkette Book Club, we check out a lovely little tome on a certain blue bomber's various enemies. It will be awesome! Until next time.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Toy Chest Tuesday! Princesas del Poder!

A whole new Toy Chest Tuesday is upon us! Since She-Ra fans the world over got amazing news over the weekend with the possibility of an all new Castle Grayskull and, finally, an Octavia figure, I thought it would be fun to have a She-Ra themed Toy Chest! For news on Grayskull and Octavia head over here.

Back when She-Ra was kicking butt on our television screens, She-Ra action dolls were popular all around the world (and she still is popular with fans all over.) As a child I always wondered what it was like for kids in other countries. Were the toy stores set up the same way? Were the items in the same packaging? What would it be like to talk to other fans from all over the world about our love for the most powerful woman in the universe? Now as an adult, I get to finally do that! I have loved talking with people from all over about She-Ra. I also am super thrilled to have a She-Ra item that was originally sold in Mexico. So let's check out Princesas del Poder: Angella!

There were some really big differences between the She-Ra figures sold in America and Mexico. In Mexico She-Ra figures were released in a window box format. There is a thin plastic window over the figure, while a layer of plastic is wrapped all around the box. This item is not in the best of condition, there are some tears and the box is slightly smashed in, but it is still a really great item! Also check out the image of Starburst She-Ra in the top left corner. This was the image used for the second series of POP toys in America. I am not sure when these figures were released in Mexico, but it is interesting that art for the second series was used for this series. Angella came with her wings, removable skirt, comb, and a mini-comic. I will also note that Angella's comb was very different from the combs I got with my older POP figures. This version's comb can attach to the figure's wrist, so it can actually look like the figure is brushing her own hair.

Upon closer inspection there are even differences with the figure herself. This Angella is very different from what was released in America. Her face sculpt is slightly different as is her hair color. The version from Mexico has streaks. The material for the skirt is not as sheer and the skirt band is a different material. (The figure released in America had that holographic like foil over the band.) These things are very interesting and make collecting even more fun. I am also assuming these differences are due to different countries of manufacture. This figure was made in Mexico, while the American POP figures were made in Taiwan so there were probably different materials used.

Now the fun part is with the back of the box. The images of Angella and the rest of the characters are the same. Though there are a few people missing, Double Trouble, Castaspella, Arrow, Enchanta, and Kowl were missing from the back. But I do love the characters that were included. I mean the line up on the back was essentially the heavy hitters of POP.  

As I have mentioned before, I adore the head shot and then full character design at the top. I just think that image is classic and so much fun. Also, let's just look at Angella in general. Most of the POP figures did not look drastically different from their Filmation counterparts, but Angella was an exception. This figure looked nothing like her animated version, but she still looked really cool. The animated version wore blue tights and a pink top. Her hair was golden yellow, not the slight reddish color on the figure. However, since Angella and Glimmer are mother/daughter, it would make sense for Angella to have a slight reddish tint to go better with Glimmer's pink hair. I mean I am not sure if pink hair would be genetic, but on Etheria, anything is possible.

Each character has their little trademark description under their name, and each description is the same as what was mentioned on the American cards except for two differences. On the American cards there were some lengthy descriptions for Swiftwind and Storm. But on this card back Swiftwind is actually called Wind and is described as She-Ra's Pegasus. Storm is also described as a Pegasus. I like that aspect. I mean there is nothing wrong with saying "flying horse" but I like the idea of the word Pegasus being used to describe the character's rides. Although would a flying unicorn be a Pegasus? I mean Storm is a Pegasus, but what would Swiftwind be classified as exactly?

Anyways I really liked the window box packaging for the She-Ra figures in Mexico. It was a different approach to packaging. I also really like the face sculpt and paint for this Angella. Of course what I would have really liked would have been to show some side by side differences of the Angella from Mexico and the one from America. There were some interesting differences and at the end of the day that just makes collecting even more fun. However this is the only Angella I have for now. Angella was one of the few POP action dolls that I missed out on growing up. I don't know why, I just never picked her on my trips to the toy stores back then. Maybe if I stumble upon another one I can revisit this toy and do a side by side. Or something. I am itching to see how those wings work!

So enjoy this Toy Chest! If you have any thoughts or memories about Angella, feel free to leave them! I hope everyone is doing well, and be sure to check back! The week is still young so there will be some new stuff coming up. Until next time!

Monday, September 24, 2012

All My Soap Operas...

... are nearly gone. As I have mentioned from time to time, I am a tremendous fan of soap operas. Aside from comics, I feel that soap operas are the ultimate form of storytelling. Everything and the kitchen sink is added to a slew of story lines. You've got drama, comedy, suspense, science fiction, romance, and the kitchen sink. Folks can say what they want about soap operas, and many people have, like "soap actors have horrible acting skills." (I say watch Roger Howarth play Todd Manning. That is how it is done.) Or one of my favorites, "Soap story lines are so far fetched." Really? They make movies where grown men run around in spandex. People eat that stuff up.

Anyways. Yesterday marked a year since All My Children last aired. I loved and hated the final episode. Part of the problem is that the show never should have ended. Erica Kane should still be man eating and double slapping fools all day long. I think of this show daily and I am still writing in my soap opera fan fiction journal! AMC lives on in a Hello Kitty journal. Hot Mess.

Now let's be real, soap fans are not immune to collecting. And since I suffer from Collecting Everything Disorder, I have also come across soap opera items for the Archival Room. In honor of All My Children, I thought it would be fun to check out a fun relic from the '90s. All My Children trading cards! (Oh yes they did!)

Released by Star Pics in a pretty bubbly pink box in 1991, All My Children trading cards were just one part of the line up that Star Pics had. I even believe One Life to Live and General Hospital had sets as well. I just loved when trading cards were highly popular. Back in the day you could find trading cards to just about anything.

One really great card featured that infamous table with pictures from the opening credit scene from the '90s. The theme song needs to be released on iTunes. I sometimes jam out to the Dynasty theme song on my way home from work. Sad, but a reminder of how awesome theme songs are.

Who would have ever thought that there would be an Adam Chandler trading card? I love this! David Canary was brilliant as twins Adam and Stuart. His crazy schemes made Pine Valley all the more interesting. I still can't get over this, an Adam Chandler trading card! 

Check out Kelly Ripa from her early days on All My Children. I remember her debut like it was yesterday. She was wearing a black wig, and in an act of defiance (to stick it her dad Adam Chandler) she rips the wig off exposing a long stretch of blond hair. She was so feisty and cool, I just wanted to model myself after her as I became a teen too.

Having an evil twin has long been a soap staple. But none of them were as bad as Janet 'From Another Planet' Green. The ultimate in loony mayhem. You could always expect good story when Janet Green came to town doing her best to destroy twin sister Natalie's life. Janet and Natalie were both played by Kate Collins (and a couple other actresses as well.) But Kate's portrayal truly was the stuff of soap legend.

Of course talk of soap legend wouldn't be complete without Susan Lucci. La Lucci. The woman who taught me how to slap fools in my wake. I don't know where I'd be without Erica Kane. I like to think I get my confidence from such brave sirens like She-Ra or Storm, but the truth is I was watching Erica Kane long before I ever heard of most anyone else. There is just something phenomenal about Susan Lucci's Erica. Maybe it is because we are both Italian. Maybe it is because we've both rocked a lot of hair styles through the years. I'm not really sure, but her character just really spoke to me. Her confidence and ability to go after what she wants was always exciting. I couldn't wait to see where she'd go next, because I would be right there watching.  
I miss these characters and so much more. Hopefully ABC will realize the grave mistake they made by cancelling All My Children and One Life to Live. I'll take a movie, mini series, or regular show back on television 5 days a week. Soaps are an important part of many people's lives and as such, they should still be around to entertain and inspire us.
So for those who like these trading cards, check them out on eBay. I bought these a couple years ago for a steal and there were plenty more too! These trading cards are perfect for soap fans. Now I just need to get my hands on some OLTL and GH trading cards...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Adora's Search for Honor Part 2: Chapter 33

She-Ra Saturday is finally here! The best part of the week is ready to shock you with one character finding out more than she ever wanted to know...

Previously: Some members of the Great Rebellion infiltrated the Fright Zone (again) to save Peekablue. After being saved, Adora raced off to save her brother, Prince Adam... Catra was all set to start a new life with Huntara and be rid of her anger and hate for everything. That changed though once Catra found out that Adora was still alive (Catra had believed Adora dead from their bloody fight in Part 1.) To add salt to her wounds, Catra went back to her room to get a wounded Huntara so they could leave, only Huntara was gone... In other Catra news, the ferocious beauty was also trying to find the truth about her parentage. Once thought to be born from a prisoner in the Slave Mines in the Fright Zone, Catra now believes that she was the product of a torrid affair between Skeletor and Shadow Weaver... Before Netossa was kidnapped by a love crazed Modulok, she was on a quest to find her friend Spinnerella who ran off... Three Masters (Clamp Champ, Stratos, and Roboto) left a peaceful Eternia to find Prince Adam on Etheria. Unknown to them, chaos has reigned supreme as Skeletor has taken control of the Eternos Palace and has his sights set on Grayskull next...

And now...
Adora's Search for Honor
Part 2
Chapter 33

Queen Marlena is a prisoner in her own home. Walking through the hallways of the Eternos Palace, Marlena looks at the damage all around her. Skeletor's minions run about defacing property among other things. She wants to help an elderly man that is being assaulted by a Soldier for Skeletor, but she refrains. The Queen is being guided towards Skeletor's chambers by Beast Man. Any sudden movements could be harmful to Marlena, and what she is planning on telling Skeletor will already be dangerous enough.

Walking into the Palace throne room, Marlena shudders at how quickly Skeletor has made this place his home. Family paintings are tattered. Columns are scraped and shattered. Stains of unknown liquids are on the floor and walls. Marlena wishes this all a terrible dream. Instead her eyes narrow to Skeletor perched atop a throne decked out in skulls and other dreary items. Beast Man pushes the queen before Skeletor.

"Look at this. Marlena. Come for a little chat? Are your accommodations to your liking?" Skeletor sneers, while playing with a knife. Marlena composes herself, "How could they be? I am sleeping on a stone floor." Skeletor chuckles, his voice echoing in the room, "Now you know how the other half lives." Marlena grits her teeth, "The other half was living just fine when my husband was ruler of this palace."

Skeletor stops playing with the knife and looks at the queen with his emotionless skull face, "Not everyone was prosperous with your king. But that changes now; I am here. Ruling like only I know. Do you like what I've done with the place?" Opening his arms wide, Skeletor looks around at the throne room, "I like this new look more."

Marlena shakes her head, "It is just a building. I do not care what you do. I care more for my husband. Randor is dying, he requires help. His wounds are infected, please, I am begging you. Do something. He is your brother." Hoping for some semblance of compassion, Marlena pleads her case. Skeletor sits there emotionless. "Oh Marlena. Randor will die when I want him to die. And right now, I am not ready for him to die. I'm not ready."

"What does that mean? Can you be that sick?" Marlena stammers, looking on in shock. Skeletor laughs again, "Randor will die when I am ready for him to see all my great work. I want him to see this Palace in ruin. I want him to see the great Castle Grayskull crumble at my hands. I want him to see everyone he ever loved die. And only then will I allow his life to end, until then, I guess he will just have to live with his maladies." His eye sockets glow red.  Marlena refuses to believe this, "You can't hate Randor that much! Skeletor! He is your brother. No matter which mother you each came from, you are both family!"

The protestations annoy Skeletor, "Listen to your words Marlena. You don't see the bigger picture. I snuck into your children's room right after they were born and I was one half of the reason that your baby girl was taken from you. I held your son in my bare hands and was steps away from keeping him in Snake Mountain forever. They were my niece and nephew. They were only babies. Do you really expect me to care about Randor's life or my actions? Come now, I know there is a brain somewhere in that head of yours."

Standing up tall, Marlena focuses on remaining strong, "Do not mention my children to me. You are a bastard! And you will be stopped!" In a flash, Marlena takes off in front of the throne. Snatching the knife from Skeletor's hands, she prepares to stab him in his chest. She falters though. The queen has never taken a life, even one as evil as Skeletor.

All she can hear is his laughing, "Come on Marlena. Do it already!" Sneering, Skeletor grabs hold of her face and shoves her backwards. Falling to the ground, Marlena lays there. She feels defeated and hopeless. Skeletor looks down at her, "You are pathetic Marlena. I will never understand why Randor wanted to marry an alien. Beast Man! Take this miserable wretch back to her room. She will get no help from me." Beast Man roughly picks Marlena up and drags her away. Resting back on his throne, he summons forth Spikor.

"What is the fate of the Mer King?" Spikor shrugs, "Mer Man's last report was that King Mercier was still putting up a good fight, but without resources from the Eternos Palace, it will only be a matter of time before we control the oceans."

"Before I control the oceans. There is no 'we' Spikor. I am in charge. What about Grayskull?" Spikor continues, "Yes Skeletor. Grayskull. Well... Grayskull is proving to be a challenge. Trapjaw is gathering more soldiers though as we speak. Soon there should be some headway." Spikor stands there motionless, waiting for his next orders. Skeletor grins, "That is all. Fetch me Panthor though. I would like to get the ball moving on Grayskull. Tearing into that place will change things forever." Spikor nods and quickly leaves. Skeletor looks around, thrilled at the chaos around him.

Walking through the hallways of Castle Grayskull, Teela makes her way to Sy-Klone for news of the Masters fate. She is going stir crazy inside the Castle. Unable to leave per Man-At-Arm's orders, Teela wants to be doing something, anything, to help stop Skeletor.

Sy-Klone interrupts her thoughts, "Things aren't looking good Teela." The warrior goddess walks with Sy-Klone to a nearby slit of a window, "Look out there. Skeletor is amassing an army of all kinds of evil warriors just craving for a chance to get in here." Teela shudders at the numbers. "We are completely outnumbered. What about the rest of the Masters?"

"Some are still prisoners in the Palace. Your father is trying to round up as much help as possible. Right now the magic force fields from the Sorceress are holding up..." Sy-Klone tries to talk further, but Teela bangs her fists against the stone walls, "This is madness! Sy-Klone, we need to be out there fighting!" Sy-Klone hangs his head, "You know we can't leave here."

Rolling her eyes, Teela groans, "Yes I know. My father doesn't want me to be in trouble, but that is so stupid! Look outside! We are outnumbered more and more every day! What kind of fight are the remaining Masters going to have?" Teela knows exactly who they need, but she is actually shocked that He-Man is not there. "Has there been any sign of He-Man?" She asks hoping the answer has changed.

Sy-Klone shakes his head sadly, "No one has heard from He-Man. It is perplexing for sure. After Skeletor was captured and we were in peace, he went away. But now Eternia needs him and no one can find him." Teela thinks about this. Something is not adding up, "It is almost as if he isn't on Eternia..." Many thoughts are swirling in her mind, more so since being in the mysterious and magical Castle Grayskull. Teela cautiously poses a question to Sy-Klone, "Have you been hearing voices?" Sy-Klone twists his lips, "I don't think so. What do you mean by voices?"

Shrugging it off ever so slightly, Teela shares a little bit of her experiences, "I've just heard conversations throughout the castle. I haven't had a whole lot to do since we've been here, so I've been wandering around the hallways and rooms. And I hear these conversations, but no one is there. Sometimes I hear voices I am unable to identify, but other times I hear my father. Or the Sorceress. I even hear Adam and He-Man. Even Orko! It is the strangest thing."

"Well Orko is here in the castle, maybe he is performing some magic trick?" This could be a possibility, but Teela feels it is all connected to something else. "No. I've asked Orko and he has no idea what I am talking about. Sy-Klone, I feel like..." Teela is about to finish her thought when the Sorceress arrives. "Sy-Klone. Teela. It is nice to see you both. Any news Sy-Klone?"

Teela walks away as Sy-Klone shares the latest information about their fight against Skeletor and the Evil Warriors. Sy-Klone has been using his chest piece to relay secret messages through the airwaves with any Masters that are still free. Everyone is trying to gather resources and as much help as possible. Teela walks by another slit for a window and peers outside. Evil forces are mounting and there is nothing that can be done for now. "If what I think is true... than you have to hurry back Adam. I don't know how it is possible, but you have to hurry back." She thinks about other things, the implausibility of Adam and He-Man being one in the same. The kisses she has shared with them both. The voices she hears, the conversations swirling throughout Castle Grayskull. "I need answers... but now is not the time. For now we just have to find a way to survive." Teela walks away looking for Orko and Cringer. Her thoughts drift to the King and Queen. She wonders about other people and how they are surviving in a world that has truly descended into madness.

On Etheria, a world already used to madness, Angella and Madame Razz are waiting in the Whispering Woods for the return of her daughter and the other Rebels. "They should be back by now Madame Razz. I do not understand. Do you think something has gone awry?" Madame Razz shakes her head and adjusts her hat, "Dearie, there is no use thinking of things like that. We just need to continue to wait. They'll show up. I watched some of those kiddos when they were babes in the Horde Academy. They'll come back and Glimmer will be with them." The two women stand there and continue to wait. Their conversations drift to the work Kowl is doing with translating the old Etherian texts. Angella also addresses the changes among the Bright Moon people. They are becoming battle worn by the day, but she is glad that those who were bitten by the Pyres are seemingly faring better than they all thought.

Suddenly they hear some voices through the trees. Angella breathes a sigh of relief as she notices her daughter walking through the woods. Glimmer looks tired, but she smiles at her mother. Angella and Madame Razz look on feeling a little concerned as Frosta follows behind Glimmer with no one else. "What is this? Where is everyone?" Angella asks.

Glimmer sighs, "We saved Peekablue. Castaspella even met us and really helped us. But let's see... Netossa was somehow at the Fright Zone. I didn't quite catch her story..." Frosta breaks in, "Netossa was kidnapped. Luckily I found her." Angella and Madame Razz listen intently. Glimmer continues, "Yes. So Netossa was with us but left with Mermista. They were going to travel to find Spinnerella. Adora ran off to find her brother after Peekablue gave her his location from her magical vision."

Frosta crosses her arms, "Darling, that woman's magical vision is a mess. Apparently she saw three men in trouble and she decided to save them after looking like a delirious basket case." Madame Razz covers her mouth, "Dearie, please say someone went with the poor child." Frosta rolls her eyes, "Oh goodness, of course they did Madame Razz. Bow and Castaspella joined her." Frosta walks past the women and plops herself onto the ground. Normally the mere act of touching dirt would disgust her, but Frosta is completely exhausted.

Angella looks confused, "But wait, we're still missing people. What about Perfuma and Flutterina?" Glimmer is about to speak up but Frosta is first, "Ha. Well that is all a dreadful mess darling. Flutterina found out some answers to where she came from. She has spiraled into this emotional mess of fluttering wings and attitude. She waltzed off to be alone and Perfuma, always too helpful for her own good, followed after her. Which left Glimmer and I completely alone." Glimmer shakes her head, "It wasn't that bad. We made it back in one piece." Frosta rolls her eyes, "I suppose." She gets up. Dusting her skirt off, Frosta waves them all off, "You all feel free to stand around. I'm off to the spring. I need a shower and a drink. Though not in that order." They watch her walk away.

Glimmer sighs, "She's just upset because she couldn't find her Ice Diamond." Angella and Madame Razz nod in understanding. Angella comments that Frosta can always replace her jewelry. Madame Razz quickly brings up one point, "Normally I would agree, but Kowl has been reading a great deal about an Ice Diamond. Dearie, I hope we aren't dealing with the same one." The witchy woman walks off. Angella looks back at Glimmer, "There's always something going on here." Glimmer nods and hugs her mother tightly. "Glimmer, I am so glad you are back and safe. How are you doing?"

Pulling back Glimmer sighs, "Oh mother it was horrible. While we were trying to find Peekablue I came across Vampra." Angella groans, "Oh dear." Glimmer nods, "She was spiteful and hideous, but she said something... mother... she alluded to father being alive. And that she'd share that information if I let her out of her cell." Tears are in Glimmer's eyes and Angella's heart breaks, "Oh my dear daughter. How horrible. I am sorry that you had to hear such awful things."

"Do you think it could be true?" Glimmer asks with hope. Angella shakes her head, sadness sweeping over them, "My dear, your father is gone. We saw him die. There is no way he could ever come back. Curse that woman for saying something like that to you." Glimmer nods and wipes her eyes, "Well she is cursed rather well. She is a prisoner to her worst fear come true. Her true age and image will be reflected back at her for eternity." Angella and Glimmer walk off as Angella learns more of the Rebels harrowing adventure to the Fright Zone.

On the outskirts of the Whispering Woods, Perfuma finally catches up to Flutterina. Sitting by a tiny stream, Flutterina looks out across the environment. She is silent as Perfuma sits next to her. Flutterina wants to cry. Or yell. She isn't sure which she should do first. There are many thoughts and feelings racing through her mind. She knows what happened to her, how she came to be. All she can do though is just sit. Perfuma does the same. Together the two close friends just sit and experience the world around them. Perfuma reaches out and holds onto Flutterina's hand. Grabbing hold tight, Flutterina continues to sit there in silence. Perfuma sits too, knowing that Flutterina has someone to count on whenever she is ready.

Mermista and Netossa are a few steps from Netossa's home village Midlaria. "Thank you for taking me here Mermista." The mermaiden smiles, "Of course! It was pretty easy. I am glad we have Enchanta and the magi-swans." Mermista grazes Enchanta's neck. The graceful magi-swan helps the Rebels every now and then. Netossa nods, "We got here rather quickly. I hope that Spinnerella is already here." Mermista nods, "Yes of course. Hurry, check and see. I will wait just in case she shows up."

Netossa smiles and rushes into her home village. Instantly, something feels very strange, very different. The captivating beauty walks around, noticing that no one is standing outside their homes. Businesses and huts are closed. Netossa realizes it has been quite a long time since she has been home, "But surely things haven't changed that much?"

Looking towards the tiny home that Spinnerella grew up in, Netossa breathes a sigh of relief as her dear friend rushes out of the home. "Netossa!" The two friends run towards each other, "Spinnerella! Oh you are safe!" Spinnerella is shaking her head, "You have to go. We have to go." Netossa is confused, "I don't understand. You wanted to be back home."

The two women stop talking as Netossa's parents come rushing towards them. "Mama! Papa! We are back." Netossa cries out in joy, only to recoil as her mother slaps her across the face. "How dare you come back here!" Netossa rubs her face, the sting hitting hard. "I know it has been awhile, but we have been busy..."

Spinnerella tugs on Netossa, "No 'Tossa. That is not it. We need to go." Netossa shakes her head, "No. What is the meaning of this? Why would you hit me? What have we done?"

Netossa's mother screams as her father tries to hold her back, "You left! You left us and we were ATTACKED!!!" Netossa stares at her parents in horror, "Attacked?" Spinnerella whispers, "A group of men rushed in. Mama Tie Lo has never been the same since. They took her Eye of Fire." Netossa's heart sinks. Mama Tie Lo is the matriarch of Midlaria. She is everyones grandmother, mother, sister, and friend. She is the heart of the village. Netossa shakes her head, "Is she awake? I must see her."

Spinnerella is about to say something, but is interrupted by Netossa's mother, "You will not be allowed to see her. You wanted to leave for holiday. You were gone for so long! How could you leave your home and never come back?! You are selfish. Selfish!" Netossa stands back, "We never wanted to be gone for that long. Things happened that we couldn't control..." Netossa wants to explain what they have been through. The brutal attacks they endured. To share the journey that they were on. There would be no time for that.

Netossa wants to see Mama Tie Lo, but is taken away by Spinnerella. "What are you doing?! Spinnerella, this is our home!" The women head away from the village. Netossa looks back at her parents who stare at the women with anger in their eyes. Spinnerella whispers, "This is not our home anymore. I'm so sorry that I snuck off. I had no idea that Midlaria would be damaged so badly."

"I don't understand? Who did this? Who attacked Midlaria?" Netossa wants answers, she wants to make sense of what is happening. Spinnerella shakes her head, "I am not sure if it was Horde or someone else. But we weren't there and I feel that we are being punished for that. We left for our own amusement and we weren't there to help our families..." Listening, Netossa shakes her head in anger, "That is ridiculous! We have done nothing wrong!" The two women continue to talk heading towards Mermista.

The mermaiden looks at her two friends, "Oh no. Something doesn't look good." Netossa is holding back tears from the shock of her parent's behavior. "It is nothing Mermista. Just get us back to Bright Moon. Our new home." As they gather onto Enchanta, the women depart heading away. Down below, Netossa's parents watch the women fly away. Sadness and anger melting into one another as they head back to their broken shack in Midlaria.

Flying into the Crystal Castle, She-Ra and Prince Adam hop off Swiftwind and make their way inside the glorious castle. Adam looks around in amazement, "This place is something else. It feels similar to a place I go to on Eternia. Though I don't think I've ever seen pink crystal..." Adam looks at the walls and floor, taking everything in. She-Ra smiles, "Well... the Crystal Castle is made up of more than just pink. There are all kinds of colors. This structure is essentially the heart of Skydancer Mountain."

She-Ra heads into the grand room. She is wondering where Light Hope is at. She is also thinking of revealing her identity to Adam. Raising her sword aloft, She-Ra takes it all back. Takes away her supreme power. Specks of light leave her body, swirling away in a loud whoosh. The light and energy is whirling away from her, heading towards her raised sword. After the light show ends, Adora stands before Prince Adam.

"I am Adora..." She looks at him, taking in this whole moment.

"Are you..." He asks interrupting.

" brother." Adora smiles. They both smile. Adora feels tears begin to form in her eyes. Adam notices his eyes doing the same, "You are my sister. My sister." The hug each other, neither can believe they are finally meeting. Once worlds away, they are now inside the heart of a glorious mountain.

"I am sorry it took this long. I am so sorry. Once I knew of your existence I did everything in my power to find you." Adam says speaking from his heart. Adora nods wiping the tears from her eyes, "I can't believe you are here. Once I found out I had a family I couldn't help but think what it would be like. And now here you are, my brother! I have a brother!" She laughs with happiness. Adam nods, "Just wait. Our mother and father will be so thrilled to see you. This has been a long time coming. You will love Eternia."

Her happiness stalls ever so slightly, "Oh. Of course. I have called Etheria home for so long I forget that I was born elsewhere..." Adam nods, "Yes. You will love it on Eternia. We are experiencing the greatest moment of peace. There is much celebration. And there will be so many people waiting to meet you." Adora feels a tinge of sadness. Meeting new people will mean saying goodbye to those she has known her whole life. "I long for that moment, but my brother, I cannot leave Etheria at this moment. This world is under oppression by the Horde, and until those I care about are fully free to live their lives... I will not be leaving."

Adam stands there listening and realizing that as much as he wants to return home, Adora's home has been on Etheria. "Of course Adora. I can help you. We can do this together." Adora nods, "With the help of my friends and brother, we will surely rid this world of the Horde in no time."

Light Hope appears close by, catching the siblings off guard, "That sounds like a truly wonderful idea. She-Ra is the most powerful woman in the universe, and I think she will like teaming up with the most powerful man in the universe." Pointing towards a table with a gleaming sword on top, Light Hope smiles at Adam, "I believe that belongs to you." Light Hope motions for Adam to take what is his. The prince smiles as he takes hold of his power sword. "I have missed this."

Adora and Adam look at each other, aware of the other's secret. The two siblings both raise their swords aloft and Adam speaks, "By the power..." Then Adora speaks, "For the Honor..." Together they say, "Of Grayskull. WE HAVE THE POWER!!!!" A loud thunderous boom erupts from inside the Castle. Sparks of light rain from their swords swirling around both Adam and Adora. Together their transformation becomes a tremendous experience that resonates within in them and outward as well. Skydancer Mountain trembles slightly. The twins change and become He-Man and She-Ra. Light Hope looks on, a faint smile tracing his glowing face, "It would appear that the Horde has yet another reason to be worried..."

She-Ra and He-Man smile. "Well my brother, it is nice to meet you." He-Man nods, "Yes. This is when things change." She-Ra nods, "We are going to make the world a better place. We have the power." Light Hope smiles, "This is what we have been needing. Etheria has a chance thanks to She-Ra and He-Man. Now you both must hurry. There is much work to do."

She-Ra turns to Light Hope, "I can't thank you enough." Light Hope beams, "No need to thank me She-Ra. This was already in you. You have the power to achieve everything you have ever dreamed of. Now go. I will still be here. Fight for us all." She-Ra and He-Man turn to leave. "Well sister, where will we be going now?" She-Ra smiles, "I think the Whispering Woods is the best place to start first. There are a lot of people who will be looking forward to meeting you." They hop onto Swiftwind and take off, exiting the Crystal Castle and Skydancer Mountain. A surge of happiness runs through She-Ra's veins. She found her brother. Her family. The future is nothing but hopeful. As they fly away, they both learn from each other about the important people in their lives. He-Man discusses being Adam and his relationship with their parents. He talks about all he has learned from the Sorceress. He discusses his friends and his love for Teela. She-Ra does the same, detailing her past as a member of the Horde and the terrible things she did under a false life. She talks about her friends and the family she has created on Etheria and those they have lost. She stops short of discussing her feelings of love. That is one topic that is best left alone. For now.

Deep in the Fright Zone Sea Hawk meets with Hordak. The pirate is delivering an item, the Eye of Fire. The pirate tries his best to forget his actions while in Midlaria. "Here, I got it. Now are we done?" Hordak snorts, "Are you done needing fuel for your ship? Have you made your choices with what is important?" Sea Hawk is silent. Hordak grins, "I thought so. Now I must say, I didn't think you'd have it in you to find this." Hordak looks at the Eye of Fire and grins. He is getting very close to finding all the keys to unlocking the ultimate power. Hordak looks at Sea Hawk, "I have a new and very important mission for you. Really important."

Sea Hawk sighs, wanting nothing more than to be rid of Hordak. "What is it this time? Do I need to find some other random artifact?" The pirate listens as Hordak details a new plan, "No. I do not need a new artifact. I need knowledge. Specifically knowledge into the Whispering Woods." A line is drawn for the pirate, "I can't do that. I wouldn't even know where to start. That place has magical defenses, you'd never make it inside." Hordak slaps his hands against a table between them, "Now I happen to know an annoying wretch that was able to get her group of Pyres inside the Whispering Woods very simply." Sea Hawk shrugs, "A fluke? It can't be done."

Hordak shakes his head, "But I think it can be done. So you are going to tell me what you know of this place. The Great Rebellion has long had opportunities to welcome themselves into the Fright Zone whenever they like. How do you think that makes me feel? I want to make them know the meaning of payback. Besides, there is something special inside Castle Bright Moon. The last piece of my puzzle." Sea Hawk shakes his head, "I won't do it."

Snorting, Hordak motions for a Horde Trooper to enter the room. "Pirate, I don't mean to be bossy, but if I were you, I would do as I say. Or things will end in a sad way for one of your crew." Sea Hawk shakes his head, "I don't care for your threats." Sea Hawk says and prepares a beat down by Hordak.

"Hawk." Lir calls out. Sea Hawk turns to see his crew member with a gun pointed to his head. "Oh you've got to be kidding me..." Sea Hawk says. Hordak snorts, "You aren't that very smart pirate. You park your ship in the Fright Zone. Your crew is on board twiddling their thumbs awaiting your return. It is rather easy to find a nice bargaining chip, isn't it?" Lir looks at Sea Hawk, "Sorry Hawk. They asked for one of us, and I volunteered."

"It's okay Lir. Let him go Hordak, this is between us." Hordak nods, "I couldn't agree more. Now give me some answers about the Whispering Woods and your crew member will be fine." Lir shouts out, "Let them kill me Hawk! Don't say anything! They'll just end up killing us all anyway!" Hordak snorts, "Your crew member is pretty smart. I should ask him to join the Horde. I'm always looking for a few good men." Hordak laughs at his own private joke. Sea Hawk looks at Lir. No one will be dying today, and since Hawk firmly believes they are all doomed anyway, he relents. "Fine. Let him go and I will tell you what I know."

Lir is shocked, "Hawk?! What has gotten into you?" Sea Hawk turns to his friend and crew member, "Lir. It doesn't matter. The Horde rules this place. Their gonna wipe us out anyway, what is the difference?" Lir shakes his head, "You can't believe that..." Hordak pauses the group, "Very well. Good choice Sea Hawk." Hordak motions to the Horde Trooper, "Bring the short man back to the ship. Sea Hawk and I have some important things to talk about. Now start talking Hawk. Help me understand how I can surprise the Great Rebellion right where they live."

In another part of the Fright Zone, Catra visits Shadow Weaver inside Horror Hall. "Shadow Weaver! Where are you?" Catra screeches. Gliding down an aisle of old books and magical potions, Shadow Weaver calls out, "I'm right here child." Catra jumps into the dialogue, "Do you know if Hordak did anything to Huntara?" Shadow Weaver shrugs, "The warrior that was a prisoner on Horde World? No, I do not know a thing about her. Last I heard Hordak dropped her down the trapdoor." Catra clenches her fists, she is angry. How did Huntara just disappear?

Shadow Weaver sits at a table, mixing some potions, "Why do you care?" Catra blankly stares at something crawling on the wall, "No reason. It doesn't matter." Catra is about to leave, when Shadow Weaver stops her, "I know you have read my diary." Catra purrs, "And?"

Whispering, Shadow Weaver cackles, "I do not care that you read it. But I think you do. You are looking for answers, yes?" Catra crosses her arms, "You know this to be true." Nodding with her eyes lighting up, Shadow Weaver rasps, "I can give you answers Catra. I think you are at an important place to learn the truth about where you came from."

Her green eyes narrow on the mistress of dark magic, "Are you going to tell me everything?" Shadow Weaver nods, "I will reveal who your parents are..." Lifting her head high, Catra sidesteps a creepy crawler on the floor and sits across from Shadow Weaver, "Alright. Start." Catra wants to find Huntara, but pausing for this important information cannot be missed.

Shadow Weaver twirls her fingers as a cloud of smoke appears before them. "This story begins in the great Mystacor. I grew up a promising mage. My old name was Light Spinner. My life was dedicated to magic. I knew I would become the ultimate spell caster. There were many mages working and training very hard. As we went through our studies and abilities I began to notice that the process was flawed. I began to question many things, especially in terms of the Horde. They had arrived and been an interesting facet of life on Etheria. I found myself wanting to learn more about the Horde, but was highly advised against it."

Pausing, Shadow Weaver continues, "So I began to learn other things, not just about the Horde, but about dark magic. I was tired of hearing such disparaging remarks about dark magic. I took the powers into my own hands. I learned many new and wonderful things. But there were these two sisters. An older sister around my age, her name was Incantatia. Her younger sister was Castaspella. She was young and bright, wanting to be the best that she could be, but she was a brat. She turned on me and told the High Mages. I was banished from Mystacor."

Catra feels like there is more to the story, but instead the vixen is stuck on Castaspella, "You knew Castaspella?" Shadow Weaver nods, "To an extent. I was more familiar with her older sister, Incantatia. And when I left, Incantatia wanted to follow me. To join me on my adventures, but she was too weak. So I told her to leave me alone. She didn't and instead followed me on my journey to join the Horde. I became useful to Hordak with my proficiency in the dark arts. Incantatia was foolish and dim. She didn't know a decent spell to save her life. So she was placed in the slave mines. And I was given the royal treatment by the Horde. I worked hard to become an asset."

Shadow Weaver continues to weave her story, as Catra awaits for her moment to arrive in the story. Shadow Weaver rasps, "I fell in love." Pausing ever so slightly, as if she wants to add something else, Shadow Weaver continues, "Hordak had an apprentice. A man by the name of Skeletor. He was a troubled man, merged with a demon. Yet we fell in love amidst that. Our love grew and we began to see the Horde differently. We were no longer thrilled with taking orders. Together we wanted to serve out our orders, dish out our power. Our plan was to escape. This is when things changed..."

Catra jumps in growing irritation, "You became pregnant with me? I am the change that messed things up?" Shadow Weaver shakes her head, "Yes and no. Catra, I am sorry if you think I am your mother. I am not. Your mother was indeed a slave from the mines like you have been told. Incantatia escaped from the mines and found me. She was pregnant with you and due at any moment. She didn't want to raise a baby in the slave minds. She knew for you to have a life, she would need to find me. Incantatia may have always annoyed me, but in a way I did consider her a friend. So she died giving birth to you, and I took ward of you. Things happened so fast. Skeletor and I were going to leave with you, we were going to create our own powerful empire. Skeletor knew of a place that would give us immeasurable power. I was going to follow him anywhere." Shadow Weaver pauses and looks past Catra. The news hits Catra. She does not care for the mother who gave birth to her, that woman is long gone. Instead she holds onto another bit of information.

"You were both going to take care of me?" She asks, trying to understand how things went so wrong. Shadow Weaver nods, "We were. But like with most stories, things diverge. Plans change. Hordak ordered Skeletor to leave to another planet. Eternia. He had orders for Skeletor, and if Skeletor didn't follow those orders, he was going to be killed. So Skeletor left in order to be safe. And Hordak found out about you. He was trying to build upon his Horde Academy and needed more youth. He took you from me, against my wishes. Ripped you clean from my hands. That is how you were placed into the Horde. I tried to take you elsewhere. I suppose I have always hated Hordak for that, I sort of liked the idea of being free."

Catra feels her heart sink, "Hordak took me away from you? Away from a future of endless power and possibility?" Shadow Weaver nods, "Being in the Horde isn't always what it seems to be, but I know that you are aware of this. Just look at me, look at what the Horde has done to me." Shadow Weaver removes her cowl, revealing her true face to Catra. Trying not to recoil in horror, Catra looks on at the scarred and twisted face of a woman that was probably once beautiful. "What happened to you?" Catra asks. Shadow Weaver grins, "This is what happens when you are in the Horde. Using dark magic, trying my best to please Hordak, sometimes disobeying him... Well Hordak has a way of punishing a person..."

Thinking of her life and feeling so confused about her role in the Horde and questioning everything, Catra purrs, "I hate him. I hate Hordak." Shadow Weaver grins, "Yes. That is good. Hate can fuel so much Catra. Everything has been leading up to this point... You will know what to do. You have been learning how to use your powers. I have been teaching you to channel the magic ability you inherently possess. Why do you think Hordak has always treated you differently? He knew you were born from a slave. He knew what you meant to Skeletor and me. He hated you the moment he first laid eyes on you..." She looks on at Catra. There is so much hatred and rage boiling under Catra's skin.

Catra looks across at Shadow Weaver as the mistress of magic pulls her cowl back over her face. "What should I do now Shadow Weaver?" Catra is expecting some form of guidance. Shadow Weaver rasps, "You will know what to do my dear. Now run along Catra. You know the truth, and the truth can always find a way to set you free..." In an emotional daze, Catra gets up and walks away. Shadow Weaver leaves Catra with one last thing, "By the way Catra, I made a mistake earlier. I do seem to recall Hordak saying something about finding Huntara. This was after her fall down the trapdoor. Someone had bandaged her up. She was wandering around the Fright Zone, trying to escape. I think he may have disposed of her." Catra pauses, her heart sinking even more. I had bandaged Huntara, I had thought she was safe in my room, Catra shudders at what Hordak has now done to Huntara. Her hate for Hordak is soaring to even newer heights. With Adora being alive and with all of Hordak's actions, Catra's only goal is to find a way to level Etheria completely. Destruction for all.

As Catra leaves Horror Hall, Shadow Weaver goes back to work on her potions and magic spells. A noise is made, and Shadow Weaver looks up to see a ghostly image. "Oh don't look at me like that Incantatia. I only told your daughter a half truth." Shadow Weaver thinks back to the real truth. She remembers Incantatia begging for mercy and giving birth to Catra right in front of Shadow Weaver. "You never should have come to me baring a child you foolish woman. I can't help that the ultimate plan had been placed at my finger tips...

Shadow Weaver recalls the past. Rushing through the halls with a newborn baby Catra, Shadow Weaver races into Skeletor's room. "I know what this looks like, but I need help!" Shadow Weaver holds the baby towards Skeletor. Jumping up to avoid the mess, Skeletor screams, "Get that thing away from me? What is the matter with you? A baby?" Shadow Weaver explains, "An old friend just died giving birth to this thing. I don't know what to do with it!" Skeletor crosses his arms, "You will need to figure it out, because I am leaving for Eternia."

Stung by the statement, Shadow Weaver presses on, "But what of us? You know I won't be going with you. My mission is to stay on Etheria. I thought we were in love..." Skeletor laughs, "Really now? You think me of all people is going to stand true to my word? I have my own dreams to fulfill, and they are not on Etheria."

Back in the present, Shadow Weaver looks at Incantatia's ghost, "I didn't know I could feel such pain. He left me alone, and I had your baby to deal with. What was I going to do? I had grown to hate the Horde so much. Life had never been the same after Skeletor left it shattered. Hordak didn't really help either. So I did what needed to be done. I planted a seed, hoping it would eventually grow into the ultimate payback." Shadow Weaver recalls the past yet again...

"Mighty Hordak, I have found something that I think you will find useful." Shadow Weaver approaches Hordak's throne with a newborn baby. Hordak snorts, "What is that thing Shadow Weaver?" The mistress of magic looks down at the sleeping baby, "A slave from the mines gave birth to this thing. I thought you would like it; a new addition to the Horde Academy. Maybe she will be your brightest student..." Hordak looks at the baby, "Born from a slave? I doubt it Shadow Weaver. Take it away, send it to Madame Razz to take care of. The Horde has just delivered some newborns that will be entered into the Academy immediately." Shadow Weaver nods, leaving the throne room with the baby. Whispering to the baby, Shadow Weaver smiles, "You will become my ultimate weapon. I will get my revenge for every Hordesman that ever tried to cross my path. You are going to grow up in the most dire of conditions and I will turn you into my instrument of death." Entering the dark and depressing nursery, Shadow Weaver hands the baby to Madame Razz, the resident Horde nanny.

Shadow Weaver notices the old witchy woman holding a newborn baby with light golden hair. "Where did that one come from?" Madame Razz soothes the sleeping blond baby and calls out, "Quiet dearie. This baby travelled a long way. She came from Eternia." Madame Razz looks at the baby in Shadow Weaver's arms. "Come over here dearie, there aren't many empty cribs, these two will just have to share." Madame Razz places the blond baby into the crib first. Shadow Weaver does the same thing with baby Catra. Both babies sleep peacefully, sharing the same crib. Madame Razz sighs, "Oh dearie would you look at that? They look so sweet. A shame what they will be in store for when they grow older. This just isn't a safe world anymore."

Madam Razz walks away to tend to other work. Shadow Weaver looks on at the two sleeping babies. The wheels were set in motion...

Slipping back into the present Shadow Weaver shrugs off the ghostly visage. "I told Catra what I needed. Lies get things moving much faster Incantatia." Shadow Weaver glides through the aisles heading further towards the back of Horror Hall. There is something in a dark corner. Shadow Weaver approaches the area. Standing over a body, Shadow Weaver rasps, "The final lie though will make the perfect piece to the puzzle." Shadow Weaver talks to the body, "I just couldn't let Catra be happy. It would have ruined everything. After all the planning, after it all, I just couldn't let my plans slip through my fingers. You understand, don't you?" Shadow Weaver grins at the unconscious Huntara before her. "The end is at hand. My hand." Shadow Weaver rasps out a laugh as she calmly goes back to work. Changes were coming...

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