Saturday, September 29, 2012

Adora's Search for Honor Part 2: Chapter 34

The new chapter is finally ready! This chapter (and the next) has been one of my favorites to write as it is a tribute and play off of one of my favorite She-Ra episodes, Sweet Bee's Home. You could even say this fan fiction story has been building up to this chapter for some time now. I really hope you all enjoy it, and if you have yet to see Sweet Bee's Home, you are truly missing out on one of the greatest cartoon episodes of all time. Seriously. Netflix it now!

Previously: Siblings Adam and Adora finally met and showed off a few of their cool skills (namely the whole pyro-glittery-technic display that is She-Ra and He-Man)... Peekablue, Bow, and Castaspella went off to save some of Adam's friends, the three Masters: Clamp Champ, Stratos, and Roboto... Mermista helped Netossa get to her home village to find Spinnerella. Sadly Netossa and Spinnerella were no longer welcome... Sea Hawk was feeling terrible for many actions, namely causing a ruckus in Netossa's home village and continuing to help Hordak for all the wrong reasons... Zombie Double Trouble, disguised as a decayed She-Ra, continued her quest for food as she scared up a few Etherians... Sweet Bee from the Hive was travelling through space with her co-pilots when their ship was shot down by a large Horde space carrier. The exploring busy bees made a quick crash landing on Etheria (Sweet Bee doesn't know that) and the area of land that they crashed on was the Kingdom of Snows near the remnants of Castle Chill (Sweet Bee doesn't know that either.) All Sweet Bee knows is that she lost her co-pilots and it is really cold. Will Sweet Bee ever get home?

And now...
Adora's Search for Honor
Part 2
Chapter 34

In the frozen planes of the Kingdom of Snows, Sweet Bee finishes up some work on her ship. Ever since the crash landing and loss of her co-pilots, Sweet Bee has been struggling to survive in the freezing weather. Luckily for her she has found the remnants of a frozen castle. Underneath the icy structure hides a large basement filled to the brim with all kinds of items.

Finishing up for the day, Sweet Bee adjusts her helmet before heading towards the basement. She should be leaving this world soon, and it can't happen soon enough. "How could anyone live in such coldness?" Sweet Bee walks by the grave markers she made for her friends. Sadness still sweeps over her at the loss of Honey Comb and Stingor. Since her crash landing, Sweet Bee has found herself in complete isolation in this frozen world. A part of her is craving contact with another being. She is lonely and scared. What if she never leaves this place?

The snow in the air begins to fall heavier around her. A gust of wind nearly knocks her over. Shivering, Sweet Bee suddenly feels the air growing even colder. Looking through the small visor on her helmet, Sweet Bee notices a strange form in front of her. Gasping, unsure if what she is seeing is real or not, Sweet Bee stares at a dusty gray horse with large metal wings. Questioning her sanity, Sweet Bee turns to the side towards a gurgling sound.

Her heart nearly stops. Standing before her is a strange looking woman with skin even grayer than the horse. An inner chill creeps across her, Sweet Bee is staring at another being. Standing with an odd slump, the mysterious woman remains motionless. The only sounds that fill her head are the gusting winds and the dripping gurgles from this visitor. Sweet Bee stands there, unsure what to do or even where this woman came from.

Unaware, Sweet Bee is staring at the undead beauty Double Trouble. The zombie woman gurgles again. Opening her mouth wide with a look of madness in her eyes, Double Trouble lets out a loud piercing scream before lunging towards Sweet Bee. The noise and actions of the woman cause Sweet Bee to react quickly.

Reaching for her stun gun, Sweet Bee fires off a few shots before racing to the basement. The wind and snow is slowing her down, but she struggles on as a very hungry Double Trouble gains speed. Sweet Bee screams out as Double Trouble lunges on her back. Both women fall into the snow.

Rolling over and trying her best to fight, Sweet Bee screams as Double Trouble scratches at the helmet. Stringy bile dribbles from Double Trouble's mouth as her nails rake across Sweet Bee's helmet. Screaming out in fear, Sweet Bee lashes back out, trying to free herself.

Unable to fly with her wings covered in snow, Sweet Bee has no other choice but to fight and flee. Releasing a sticky web of honey from her finger tips, Sweet Bee finds a way to escape as Double Trouble hurries about removing the goo from her face. Huffing her way to the basement, Sweet Bee shakes as the piercing screams become louder. "What is she?!" Sweet Bee says to herself. Making her way to the basement doors, Sweet Bee grabs hold but pauses.

Turning to look back, Sweet Bee half expects the monstrous woman to be right behind her. Instead Sweet Bee screams in a mixture of grief and anger as Double Trouble is furiously digging through the snow at the grave markers for Honey Comb and Stingor. "Leave them alone!" Sweet Bee screams charging back through the snow. With her stun gun aimed and ready, Sweet Bee fires off a few shots. A hit is made on Double Trouble, and the undead beauty stops her actions.

With a grotesque and twisted face, Double Trouble growls. Slowly walking with an odd gait, Double Trouble continues to scream. Backing away quickly, Sweet Bee hurries towards the basement doors. I've really done it now, she thinks. Double Trouble gains momentum and refocuses her hunger on the live target before her.

Firing off another few shots, Sweet Bee yanks the doors open. Peering down into the dark stairwell, Sweet Bee jumps in grabbing the doors behind her. Yanking them shut, the honey of a guide screams as Double Trouble tries to force the doors open. Snow is beginning to drizzle in and Sweet Bee struggles to keep the doors shut. Finally after a brief back and forth, Sweet Bee manages to get the doors locked firmly behind her. She shrinks back in fear as Double Trouble claws her way at the heavy wooden doors.

Moving some items as a brace, Sweet Bee builds a protective wall behind the doors. She can barely think straight and wonders if the monster will find another way inside the basement. Eventually the sounds and screams of the creature fade away. Sweet Bee feels that she is safe for the time being, but having never dealt with something so horrific she cannot be certain. Making her way further into the basement, Sweet Bee takes a seat on a plush bench. She keeps her helmet on for fear of another surprise attack. Falling back on the bench, Sweet Bee collapses in exhaustion...

Walking with Spirit towards the Whispering Woods, Adora and Adam continue catching up on the lives they have missed with each other. Adam is looking forward to meeting all the important people in Adora's life, "Does anyone else know that you are also She-Ra?" Looking ahead on the dirt path, Adora shakes her head, "Only a few people share my secret. Among them are Light Hope, who you just met. Madame Razz, a woman that has been like a grandmother to me, and Kowl. He is this know-it-all owl that has so many connections to Etheria. He knows everything."

Recalling his stint in the slave cells in the Fright Zone, Adam smiles, "I know who Kowl is. We were in the slave cells together. I was there when some of the Rebels saved him." Smiling at the work her friends did, Adora grins, "Those would be my close friends." Adam adds, "I saw you too, as She-Ra. You were fighting bravely that day. If I had just known..." He wonders what would have happened had he just followed the Rebels.

Adora looks away with tears beginning to form in her eyes, "That was a difficult day my brother. I lost a dear friend at the hands of Hordak. Of course, had I known you were there, I would have made sure you escaped with us. Maybe I wouldn't look back at that day with such sadness..." Adam asks who she lost.

"Her name was Spira, though we also called her Double Trouble. She was a spy for the Great Rebellion. I counted on her friendship so much while I was in the Horde, and after I found out her double role, I really began questioning my role in this world. She also knew that I was She-Ra. She told me as much before she was killed. I miss her terribly. I failed her though, which is yet another reason why no one must know my secret. I can't fail another person." She keeps her eyes ahead on the road. Adam grabs hold of her hand, "Hey, you didn't fail her. I do not know much of you or the people you care about, but from what I have seen, you fight tirelessly for everyone. Besides, Hordak killed her. The only one responsible for her death is him."

Believing what he says to be true, Adora simply cannot open her heart to that reality. She still feels like there is more she could have done. Instead of dwelling on that, she changes the subject. "Does anyone know that you are He-Man?" Adam tilts his head back and laughs, "A few do, though not many. I don't think people would believe me if I told them I was also He-Man. My friends at the Palace tend to think I am always in the way. Basically an oaf."

Trying to picture her brother as an oaf and being unable to do so, Adora lets out a laugh, "You? An oaf? I just can't picture that. So tell me, who knows?" Pausing before entering the Whispering Woods, Adam tells his sister, "The Sorceress knows. She is the woman that visited you telepathically. Man-At-Arms is aware too, he is the father of my girlfriend among other things. And there is also the Orko."

"What's an Orko?" Adora asks. Adam chuckles, "You'll find out soon enough once you meet him. There is nobody else quite like him." Smiling wistfully as he thinks of his home, Adam also adds, "I think our mother knows my secret too. I have never confirmed it, but I believe she is suspicious of something. Ever since I could become He-Man, she just... I don't know... looks at me differently."

Adora nods and imagines what it will be like to meet her parents. The day will be a joyous one. The siblings and Spirit walk into the Whispering Woods, making their way towards Castle Bright Moon. In front of the castle grounds, some important friends are waiting. Angella, Glimmer, and Castaspella stand together talking about current events. Peekablue has her feathers spread explaining to those who are listening that Adora and Adam are closely approaching. Netossa, Spinnerella, and Bow talk with Clamp Champ about the significance of the Whispering Woods and the evil of the Horde. Roboto finds Kowl fascinating and the two become embroiled in a conversation about philosophy. Mermista and Madame Razz talk with Perfuma and Flutterina. They try to cheer Flutterina up. Sea Hawk stands to the side, slightly brooding, still distraught over what he did in Netossa's home village. Standing very close to each other, Frosta ends up bucking heads with Stratos, "Darling, I don't mean to be rude, but your arm feathers keep touching me. Make them stop." Stratos looks at her aghast, "I do apologize. I was not trying to touch you, I believe you are just standing too close. Perhaps you could stand a few steps away?" Frosta glares, "I was here first!"

Stepping back, Stratos peers at Frosta, "You are an odd woman." Blinking her eyes in shock, Frosta glares, "And who are you darling? I am an Empress! From the Kingdom of Snows!" Stratos shrugs, "Is that supposed to mean something?" Stomping away from Stratos, Frosta stands next to Mermista and Madame Razz.

Soon Peekablue speaks up, "They are here." Looking at Peekablue in amazement, Perfuma exclaims, "Wow. Her vision powers are on point!" Frosta rolls her eyes, "Darling, Adora and her brother just walked in. I could have said the same thing." Perfuma smiles as she looks at Adora and Adam. Everyone cheers and hollers, they are all so excited to see Adam and Adora. The rebels are thrilled to meet Adam. The Masters cheer for the long lost daughter of the King and Queen. There is much excitement.

Glimmer hugs Adam, "I will get a room set up for you in the castle." Adora watches her friend walk off and wonders why Glimmer is walking away. Observing Adam and his dusty lavender pants with a tattered shirt and vest, Frosta whispers to Mermista, "For a prince he sure looks... common." Mermista shoots a look to Frosta and hopes no one heard, "He has been through a great ordeal Frosta!" The icy empress crosses her arms, "Hey. I lost my home and look at me darling! I look like perfect royalty." Lifting her head high, Frosta walks up to Adam and offers her hand as a gesture of saying hello. Mermista darts a look to Adora and they both smile at each other shaking their heads.

Clamp Champ hugs Adam and calls out, "Prince Adam! You are safe. Did the woman named She-Ra harm you?" Everyone pauses in confusion. Adora interrupts, "She-Ra tried to harm you? What do you mean?" Perfuma also speaks up, "We are friends with She-Ra. She'd never hurt anyone. Except that time she chopped a Pyre's head off. Oh! And the times she has fought against Catra. And Entrapta. And Vampra. And..." Mermista and Frosta both jab Perfuma. Adora brings the conversation back around, "What do you mean She-Ra attacked you?"

Retelling the story, Clamp Champ explains how the first village they came to on Etheria was rattled in fear over a monster named She-Ra; the townspeople first believed She-Ra a hero, until her new form appeared. He then recounts the odd fight they had against the monstrous She-Ra. Roboto chirps out, "The woman we fought was undead." Adora is confused, "But She-Ra is very much alive." No one understands what is going on, but Netossa chimes in, "I haven't told anyone yet, but when I was on my journey to find Spinnerella I hid from a horrifying woman. She did look very similar to She-Ra, but something was different. She was a bit off."

Madame Razz speaks up, "Well dearie, I'm glad you spoke up. It would seem that we have two She-Ra's on our hands." Adora looks to the witchy woman, neither understands what that could mean. Sea Hawk listens off to the side and wants to share his own experiences with the odd woman that resembled She-Ra, but he is silent. He isn't sure he can look at Netossa after what he did to her home village.

Angella assures the Masters that the She-Ra they fought against was not the good natured one that is working to save Etheria. The Masters nod and everyone continues talking and getting to know Adam. Adora decides to put off the mind numbing realization that another She-Ra is roaming Etheria. For now she just enjoys the excitement of meeting people who are from her home world.

The conversation ebbs and flows and Adora steps away from the excited chatter of the group. She wants to find out how Glimmer is doing. Before she walks away, Bow grabs her attention. "Adora. I am really happy for you. You found your brother. As odd as it all is, you found him. He seems to be fitting in well." Bow looks back as Adam talks to the other Rebels. Adora looks on and smiles back at Bow. Their eyes lock and her heart melts. She wants to reach out and hug him, and she does. Her heart is bursting with joy. Through so much sadness, there is also some happiness.

Hugging Bow feels good, a part of her does not want to let him go. Breaking away Adora looks at him, "I think we will certainly be making up for lost time. I am very glad Adam is here." Bow agrees, "Yes." He looks at Adora and feels his heart beat faster. Quickly turning away, Bow grins, "Since your brother is here, I guess someone will have to tell him all your embarrassing stories." Flashing a funny look at Adora, Bow dodges a playful punch from the blond. Adora shakes her head, "Just remember Bow, I know how to wield a sword." Clutching his chest in mock pain, Bow smiles, "You hurt Adora. You hurt." He turns to join in the conversation.

Adora smiles to herself, things actually seem nice between the two of them. However those dramas will have to wait for another day. Continuing on her mission to talk with Glimmer, Adora walks away. She notices Sea Hawk standing to the side, alone. "Did you get to meet my brother Sea Hawk?" Adora asks noticing how the pirate seems sad. Little does she know, the pirate is sad. He is also experiencing an inner turmoil at what he did to Netossa and Spinnerella's home village of Midlaria. However he must stay quiet. "I did meet him, princess. Seems like a nice guy."

Nodding, Adora sighs, "Yes. It is strange though, we are trying to cram all this knowledge about our lives, but even if we never got to talk about everything, I already feel such a sibling bond with him. I never thought I'd get to meet my family. Goodness, I only found out I ever had a family until recently." Sea Hawk looks off into the distance before looking back at Adora. He wants to confess so much to her, but he isn't sure she'd ever truly accept him. "Well princess, good for you. Hold onto that though. It is something special to have family. It can all go by in the blink of an eye."

Tilting her head, Adora wonders where this personality shift is coming from, "Do you need to talk about anything Sea Hawk?" She looks at him, trying to figure him out. She cares about him, much like she cares for Bow. Both men are very different though. Bow would share his whole heart for her in the blink of an eye, but Sea Hawk only wants to reveal a little at a time. Sea Hawk shakes his head, "Nah, not right now. Maybe we can talk soon. I'll see ya around princess." He walks away from the group and Adora watches him go. Unable to do anything else, Adora turns and heads into Bright Moon to find Glimmer.

Back in the group of people, Clamp Champ pulls Adam aside. "Prince Adam, it is wonderful to have you back, but we should really prepare for our return to Eternia." Stepping back and shaking his head, Adam speaks, "Oh I know we need to go, but I can't go without Adora." Clamp Champ shakes his head, "You misunderstand sir. Adora will be joining us. The King and Queen have long been awaiting our return. We can't keep them waiting." Adam panics slightly. He knows that Adora is not leaving Etheria just yet, "I understand, but I don't know that Adora will be ready to leave."

Clamp Champ questions this, "Why would she want to stay? She has a family to meet, parents who have been waiting a long time..." For fear of giving any secrets away, Adam thinks quickly, "Well it is more than just Adora leaving here. He-Man is also on Etheria."

"He-Man is here? On Etheria? Buy why?" Clamp Champ asks, the statement sounding somewhat strange. Adam starts to sweat "Oh, Duncan did not tell you? When I stepped through the portal, Duncan made sure to have He-Man join me. Just to make sure I didn't screw anything up. As luck would have it though, we got separated." Clamp Champ looks up to the sky, "Prince Adam, that sounds very silly. Incredibly silly. Why didn't you say something from the beginning?" Adam casually shrugs, hoping he is not giving anything away, "He-Man is kind of a private guy, you know?"

Nodding, Clamp Champ slaps a hand on the prince's back, "I suppose we will rest and figure out what to do next." Adam nods, hoping that everything can fall into place. Clamp Champ cracks a joke, excited that Adam is safe and in one piece. Neither of them know the horrors that are occurring on Eternia...

Inside Bright Moon, Adora wanders through the halls searching for Glimmer. Heading towards Double Trouble's old room, Adora slowly enters and notices Glimmer packing some items into a crate. "What are you doing Glimmer?" The Princess of Bright Moon stops her work, "Oh hi Adora. I just was doing some work. Now that your brother is here, I wanted to make sure he had a nice room."

Walking further into the room and sitting on a nearby chair, Adora talks to her friend, "But this is your cousin's room. I know this isn't easy." Shrugging it off, Glimmer sighs, "Double Trouble is dead. There is nothing I can do about that." Adora listens, "I know that. But I know you miss her. I miss her too. I just know this must be hard to be packing her items up. After all, it was only a short time ago that you wouldn't even leave her room."

Glimmer blinks back tears, "I'm trying to grow up. I can't hold onto such silly things." Adora shakes her head, "Glimmer, you should never give up on what you feel. Nothing is ever silly."

"I know. But Adora, I want to pack these items up. I want your brother to have a nice room to stay in, space is so limited around here. I can't just leave her room like this. She wouldn't want some shrine built for her." They both agree and continue to talk and share their memories of Double Trouble. They even work together to put some items up in crates. Glimmer stumbles upon some books bound in gold. They are filled with Double Trouble's hand writing. "What are these?" Glimmer asks.

Adora looks the books over, "Oh my. These must be her stories." Glimmer tilts her head and asks for more information. Adora runs her hands over the bindings, "I don't know that she ever really told anyone, but one time she hinted to me that she wanted to be a writer. That if she could do anything in this world, it would be to tell stories. These must be her stories..." Glimmer looks the books over, "I never knew this about her. Oh Adora, it's things like this that make me so sad. I feel like there was so much about my cousin, and I will never know." They both look at each other with tears in their eyes.

"Do you want to read them?" Adora asks. Glimmer shakes her head, "No. You take them. She told you about this side of her. I'm sure she would have liked that." Adora nods and holds on to the books. Glimmer calls out, "Adora? Now that you have your brother in your life, don't take it for granted. I miss Spira every day." Tears stream down her face and the two women hug each other.

After Adora and Glimmer finish packing things up, Adora heads off to her room to drop off Double Trouble's books. "I'm sure I'll read them one day." Clutching the books tightly to her chest, Adora continues to walk. Turning a corner, Adora nearly bumps into Frosta and Mermista. The blue haired beauties are talking, "Hey you two!"

Frosta looks at Adora and the golden books, "What are those?" Adora shrugs, not wanting to tell the truth, "Just some books. There are some times at night where I just want to read a good book. What are you both up to?" Mermista sighs, "I am trying to talk Frosta out of a silly idea. She wants to visit the Kingdom of Snows."

With eyes rolled in an instant, Frosta shakes her head, "Don't be so whiny Mermista. I miss my home and I would like to check on things, even though there isn't much to check." Adora looks on, "Are you really going to go?" Frosta nods, "Of course darling! Mermista is going to take me there on Enchanta. Of course I wish we were travelling in a more stylish manner, but it should be a quick trip either way." Mermista adds, "If not slightly dangerous."

Adora asks if they'd like any company. Mermista is moments from saying yes until Frosta speaks up, "Oh Adora, we aren't pathetic wimps. We can handle anything that gets in our way. We will be fine. You just sit back and visit with your brother. Find him some new clothes, okay darling?" Frosta taps her chin, "So I just need to grab some things and then we can be off." Mermista quickly reminds her friend, "We'll stop at the Crystal Falls first before we head to the Snows." Frosta nods and heads to her room. Shaking her head, Mermista looks at Adora, "Wish us luck."

Stepping away from her friends, Adora drops the books off in her room and finds her brother. Adam is talking to his friends from Eternia. They are engrossed in a conversation, but Adam has time for his sister. "Adam, I think I am going to need He-Man. Can you get away?" Adam nods. The two siblings sneak off to make their way to the Crystal Falls as well...

Deep in space on Horde World, Hordak and Skeletor visit Horde Prime. Hordak snorts, "These visits are becoming more frequent. What is it this time?" Horde Prime lights up the darkness in his chambers and screams, "I do not require questions for my summoning. Do as I say or else. Where are we with Eternia and Etheria?" Skeletor chimes in, "I can't speak for Hordak, but I am succeeding rather well on Eternia. In a matter of days Grayskull will be mine."

Horde Prime grills Hordak, "Well Hordak? Are you as far along as Skeletor?" Hordak snorts, "I am getting there." A large robotic hand slams down on the ground, "Work harder Hordak! What is the matter with you? Getting a bit too old for this?" Skeletor can't help but laugh at Hordak's reprimand, "Who would have thought that the apprentice would become better than the master!" continuing to laugh, Skeletor flinches as Hordak growls. Turning his arm into a blade, Hordak swiftly stabs Skeletor.

Skeletor's eye sockets glow red. Backhanding Hordak across the face, Skeletor sends the ruthless member of the Horde across the room, "How dare you try to inflict a wound on me! I am near invincible, and am only getting better." Hordak clenches his fists, "I never thought I'd see this day. You are both starting to piss me off!" He snorts and fires off a canon from his arm. Horde Prime lights up with a chuckle, "Don't be so touchy Hordak. Just get the job done, or like I have said, I can find someone to do it for you." Hordak glares at Horde Prime and Skeletor. He gets no respect, a fact that drives him insane. He is the rightful ruler of the Horde, and yet here he is, standing before a supreme ruler and a once would-be apprentice.

Glowing in the darkness, light panels change colors from red to blue to green as Horde Prime talks, "The process has already begun. I think it best that you both apprehend your worlds immediately. Afterwards we can talk about what happens next." Hordak and Skeletor are both aware at what will happen next, though neither want to experience that fate. Instead Hordak and Skeletor are both up to their own private schemes. Skeletor is planning on raiding Grayskull and ruling Eternia all on his own; while Hordak is counting down the days until he manages to come across the ultimate form of power that will find him as the rightful ruler of the Horde.

Snorting out a threat to Horde Prime and Skeletor, Hordak quickly teleports back into his throne room in the Fright Zone. Taking a seat on his throne, Skeletor buzzes for Mantenna. The four legged Hordesman enters the large throne room cautiously, "Yes mighty Hordak?" Sitting still, Hordak looks for his pet Imp. Unable to find his pet, Hordak glares at Mantenna, "I need to hear something good. Do you have any good news for me Mantenna?"

His eyes glowing and darting every which way, Mantenna sighs shrilly, "I won a round in the card game with Grizzlor and Leech." Hordak slams his fist on the arm of his throne, "No you fool! I want good news around here! You know how important my plans are to me! I have been gone for but a few moments, and I expect to know what has occurred in my absence." Mantenna shrinks back eyeing the trap door floor, and the button near Hordak's finger tips, "Well mighty Hordak, the walking dead girl has come back from yet another trip around Etheria. And... Catra is more moody than ever..." Hordak clenches his fists, "Fetch me Entrapta!"

His finger hovers over the button for the trap door, but before anything can happen, Mantenna already zooms out of the throne room. Wiping a sweaty brow, Mantenna shrilly sighs, "That was close."

Making his way through the Fright Zone, Mantenna heads towards Entrapta's room. On his way, the insectoid creature comes across Modulok. Mantenna squints his eyes to make sure he is not seeing double, but his friend has a large metal rod through his head, "Modulok, did you know you have a large rod through your head? Does that hurt?" Modulok turns with a growl. A second head rolls out through his chest, settling right next to the original head. Modulok reaches out and grabs Mantenna by the neck.

Slamming Mantenna against a wall, Modulok growls before dropping him to the ground. Mantenna gets up and dusts himself off as he watches Modulok walk off, "What has gotten into him? Guess we'll be out a player for the card game..." Mantenna continues on his quest for Entrapta, silently wondering why his friend is so different from before...

Mermista and Frosta are at the Crystal Falls preparing to head off to the Kingdom of Snows. Enchanta is with them, and Mermista patiently calls out to Frosta, "Come on, we must hurry Frosta. We have Enchanta and all the supplies we could possibly need for such a quick trip." Frosta is near the top of the falls washing her hands, "Don't rush me darling! I am going as fast as I can!" Mermista calmly waits.

She-Ra and He-Man step through some brush and call out to Mermista. "Need any company?" She-Ra hugs Mermista, "It is nice to see you." Mermista nods, "It is nice to see you too She-Ra! What are you doing here? And who is this?" She-Ra looks over at He-Man, "This is He-Man, a dear friend of mine." Mermista nods. She-Ra explains that He-Man and her were just touring some beautiful spots on Etheria, though the real truth is that She-Ra wants to make sure her friends will be safe.

Frosta swirls down the falls on an icy sled to see what all the commotion is about, "Mermista, who are you..." Frosta's eyes fall upon He-Man. Her gaze travels across his muscular body and slightly disheveled hair, "... talking to..." In all her days on Etheria, she has never seen a man look quite like this before.

Typically used to the cold, Frosta swears she feels parts of her start to thaw just a little bit. Gliding past Mermista and She-Ra, Frosta produces a hand in front of He-Man. "Now I pride myself on knowing anyone who is worth knowing on Etheria, but I don't think I've ever met you." She-Ra looks towards Mermista, they both shake their heads, "Frosta, this is He-Man. A friend of mine."

Quickly turning to look at She-Ra, Frosta glares ever so slightly, "You never told me you had such a handsome friend." She-Ra shakes her head, "He is just visiting." Frosta ignores her friends and dreamily looks at He-Man, "I am Frosta, Empress of the Kingdom of Snows. He-Man. Hmm. I like the sound of that." Reaching out to trace a finger across He-Man's arm, Frosta sighs, "And you really seem to be all man..." He-Man throws a look at She-Ra, begging for help. He is not accustomed to a woman being so forward.

Mermista stands there in shock, "Come on now Frosta, leave the poor man alone. We have to go to the Kingdom of Snows, remember?" Frosta flips her hair, "Well, He-Man can join us!" She looks over at She-Ra like an afterthought, "Oh, and I guess you can come too."

"Thanks Frosta." She-Ra sighs trying not to laugh. Watching her friend melt into a sappy lust struck mess is highly amusing. Frosta continues to bat her eye lashes at He-Man, "You see He-Man, I'm... homeless." Mermista quickly covers her mouth, lest she speak the truth. She-Ra makes a coughing sound. Frosta throws another glare at her two friends while He-Man looks dubious, "You don't look homeless."

Frosta looks down at her impeccable clothing and she sighs loudly, "Oh darling!" Looping an arm around He-Man's, Frosta leans her head against his shoulder, "You have no idea! My gorgeous castle was destroyed by the Horde. I've had to take up unreasonable accommodations in the woods of all places. I practically live like a commoner." Mermista rolls her eyes, "She is hardly roughing it. Frosta is neglecting to tell you that she lives in a wonderful castle in the woods. And these aren't just some random woods, they are the Whispering Woods."

Shaking her head, Frosta continues to plead her case, "Oh and what does that matter Mermista darling? The place still has an odd smell that can only be described as nature. No, I am honestly having to rough it." Turning back to He-Man, Frosta clamps onto his arm even tighter. He-Man tries to squeeze his arm free. Frosta just smiles, "So Mermista is joining me to see my old home. I actually stored away much of my possessions in a quaint bunker below the remains of my beloved castle. I would really appreciate your company."

She-Ra claps her hands, "The more the merrier! Shall we go?" He-Man whispers, "Umm, She-Ra? Do you think we should really be joining them? These two women seem fully capable..." Giving He-Man a knowing look, She-Ra chides him, "Now He-Man, remember what I told you. No good deed can go unpunished. Besides, it is always nice to visit with friends." The truth is that She-Ra does want to make sure her friends will be safe. Though, who will make sure He-Man is safe is a whole other predicament.

Mermista turns to prepare flight for Enchanta. Frosta sighs, "Oh Mermista, don't be silly! I can do all that." Walking up to the magi-swan, Frosta takes over, "You fly with She-Ra and Swiftwind. He-Man and I can fly together." Mermista raises an eyebrow, "You've never held the reigns before. In fact, aren't you repulsed by flying swans?" Smiling sweetly, Frosta whispers, "Quiet darling. Don't ruin this for me! Flying Enchanta can't be that difficult." Patting the seat, Frosta sighs, "Come on He-Man. The ride will be fun!"

He-Man looks over at She-Ra, "Is she always like this?" She-Ra shrugs, "I think you just have a special effect on her. Hurry now He-Man, Frosta is waiting." Trying her best not to laugh, She-Ra lets a smile break free. He-Man shakes his head, "I'd rather face Skeletor and Hordak with my hands tied behind my back." She-Ra crosses her arms full on laughing, "Oh Frosta isn't that bad. Just make sure you keep your hands to yourself." He-Man looks on in mock horror, "It's not my hands you should be worried about!" She-Ra tosses her head back laughing so hard. She isn't sure the last time something has ever been this funny.

Sitting behind Frosta, He-Man nearly falls back as Frosta jerks the reigns on Enchanta and they take off in the air. Mermista and She-Ra head over to Swiftwind. "Do you think he'll be alright She-Ra?" Mermista asks looking at Enchanta bolting off across the sky. She-Ra shrugs, "He is the most powerful man in the universe. There's nothing he can't handle." Except he's never dealt with Frosta. Both women realize this and can't help but laugh as they fly off after Enchanta on Swiftwind. They are heading on course for the Kingdom of Snows, and Castle Chill. Or what's left of it.

Up next!

She-Ra grows more and more concerned about her evil doppelganger!
Entrapta finds information that will demolish the Great Rebellion!
New rivalries are made and old friends leave on the next thrilling chapter of Adora's Search for Honor Part 2!!!


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