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Adora's Search for Honor Part 2: Chapter 32

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Previously: Prince Adam rushed off to Etheria via a portal device to save his sister. After a long and drawn out escape from the Fright Zone, Eternia's premiere prince found himself hiding out in the woods with a mysterious woman... Three of the heavy hitters from Eternia, Clamp Champ, Stratos, and Roboto have travelled to Etheria as well hoping to find Prince Adam. After fighting off zombie She-Ra (a.k.a. Double Trouble) the Masters feel they are very close... The Rebels made their way to the Fright Zone to save their friend, Peekablue. She has been kidnapped by the Horde and placed in a chair, where her magical feathers project her visions on a stone wall for all the Horde to see... Netossa had been on her own race against time to find her dear friend Spinnerella who had left the Whispering Woods. Fully concerned that Spinnerella would be in danger on her own, Netossa finds herself in a whole heap of trouble as she is alone with Modulok...

And now...
Adora's Search for Honor
Part 2
Chapter 32

Adam can feel something different in the air. Something just seems different, like a change is coming. Maybe it is because he woke up and found himself alone. He walks around the small cabin he has been sharing with his new found friend, a mysterious woman with no memory of who she really is. With no name for her to recall, Adam refers to her as simply Arem.

Taking a step outside and into the fresh air of the forest, Adam calls out for Arem. There is nothing. "Maybe she went into town?" He says aloud, deciding that the only thing to do is finish some work on the roof of the cabin. There is a small patch that needs to be fixed. Looking up at the sky, Adam can see dark clouds rolling in. The last thing he wants is for the cabin to have rain in it. He goes about his work, thoughts drifting to his purpose for being on Etheria, and how for some reason he just feels content being in the cabin. Almost as if someone has placed a spell on him...

Alone in Modulok's room, Netossa continues to scream as the Horde member approaches her. She struggles to open the door, but it is locked. Preparing to fight with all her life, Netossa feels his finger grace across her lips, "Shh. Please don't scream. I'm not going to hurt you. I am civilized." Trapped in a nightmare, Netossa just stands there. Trying to stay calm, she also plans a way out of this mess. "What are you doing with me? Why am I here?"

Modulok nods, "Yes, that would be the next course of this dialogue wouldn't it? After all, you were in a hurry. I've been looking in on you. We have a new addition to the Horde, her name is Peekablue. And what she can see is beyond what most civilized beings are capable of. After looking in on you, I knew where you might be going, so I found a way to capture you, just like you have captivated me."

Looking on in horror, Netossa slowly slides across the bedroom wall, away from the door and towards a window. "I have captivated you? I do not understand." Shaking her head, Netossa makes sure to not make any sudden movements. Continuing his professions of love, Modulok sighs, "I have become civilized, and as such I require a life mate. Someone to travel this world with me until we die. I want you to be my life mate. You are a goddess and I will do anything at your command. I will kiss the grounds that your feet touch. I will dismember anyone who dare harm you. In the most civilized way of course. I beg of you, please be my life mate."

There is something sincere about his protestations, however odd they may be. She has never heard of someone speak the way he has before her. Netossa looks at him, "How could we be life mates? I am a Rebel and you are a member of the Horde..." Modulok has an answer for everything, "Affiliation to radical groups is meaningless when you have a life mate. I would give up all of this, my affiliation to the Horde ends the moment you can take my hand. Netossa, all of my hearts beat with radiance when I look at you." He reaches out to her, taking hold of her hand. She flinches, but his grip won't let go.

To her horror, he places her hand inside his chest, where she feels a cluster of hearts beating. The feeling is warm and gooey. Netossa sobs out a cry, before releasing her hand from his chest cavity. She shouts out, "I can never love you!" The declaration startles Modulok. Sadness creeps across his face, his wide yellow eyes looking sad, "Why do you say such things? Is it because of how I look?"

She stares at him, at his form. He is a beast. But that is not the reason. Netossa looks him in the eye and speaks honestly from her heart, "I watched you race into a village and murder innocent lives. I have seen the rage in your eyes as you tore into people I had grown to care about. I fought you, here, in the Fright Zone... and you tried your best to kill me. You are a monster. A foul beast, and no amount of civility will ever change my opinion of you."

The truth hits hard and Modulok knows he is on shaky ground, "I have done evil things. But that part of me is offline. I will not be harming you. Once I became civilized all I could remember was you. And the glorious way you fought, with all your heart. Netossa, I am in love with you..." Netossa shivers at the thought. This is probably the strangest day of her life. "I do not love you."

"Can I do anything to change your mind?" He pleads with her, his large eyes begging for a change of heart. Netossa shakes her head, "Nothing will ever change how I feel for you. But if you claim to love me, then you will let me go. Please let me go. I do not want to be here. You took me from something important. Just let me go Modulok." He hears her speak his name, and it saddens him. He sees a life and future with her that would make him so happy. But he does the right thing. Turning away from her, he unlocks his bedroom door.

"Go. You are free." Modulok leaves the way open for her. Holding her breath, Netossa approaches the doorway slowly awaiting a sudden trap. There is none. She continues to walk to her freedom, and as she passes Modulok, he calls out, "Netossa? I am truly sorry for the pain I caused you. I never would have hurt you..."

She closes her eyes, a wave of emotions rolling over and crashing into her inner core. She can hear the truth to his words and she knows he is hurting. But there is nothing she can do. Netossa turns to look at him one last time, "I feel that you are speaking honestly. But I cannot help what has happened." She shakes her head and quickly walks away. He watches her rush off down the hall. His eyes do not leave her, they follow her until she turns a corner and is gone.

As Netossa turns the corner, she slumps against the wall shaking. Many thoughts are racing through her mind, I thought I was going to die. I thought he was going to hurt me. Oh my I am now alone in the Fright Zone... She looks around and is not even sure where to go. Her nightmare continues...

Elsewhere in the Fright Zone, Catra is in her room. She is tending to a wounded Huntara. I can't believe she survived the trapdoor dungeon, Catra thinks as she changes a bandage across the warrior's side. There are bruises, cuts, and deep wounds on Huntara's body. Catra is doing her best to care for her, which actually surprises the fearsome Horde member.

Grabbing a warm rag, Catra cleans up some more dried blood on Huntara's lean and fit arms. She observes Huntara's body and can't stop looking her over. There is a real life person, in Catra's bed. The last time this happened it ended disastrously. But this time around there is something comforting for Catra. She likes Huntara laying in her bed.

Reaching out timidly, Catra grazes her fingers across Huntara's sleeping face. A voice calls out across from Catra. A familiar voice that enjoys haunting her mind. "You are disgusting Catra." Closing her eyes for a brief moment, Catra looks up at Adora. "And you are dead. You no longer bother me." Adora looks at Catra with an air of superiority, "Don't do it. Leave this woman alone. Haven't you hurt enough people? Look what you did to me..." Adora's face starts to bleed, old wounds opening up from when Catra tossed her off Skydancer Mountain. Shaking her head, Catra purrs, "You no longer have power over me Adora. You are dead, and this vision before me is nothing more than my mind playing tricks on me. I know the truth. And for that, I win!" Catra looks across from her and smiles. Adora is gone.

Leaning down, Catra surprises herself and lightly places her lips against Huntara's. She kisses the warrior woman and feels a warmness radiate throughout her body. I want this, I want this in my life, but how do I do it? How do I change who I am? Can I give in to what I want most... she wonders to herself. Suddenly Catra feels Huntara's lips move as her tongue slides out to meet Catra. Pulling back, Catra looks shocked as Huntara opens her eyes. "What are you doing?" Huntara asks looking at Catra with a strange look.

Snapping with a purr, Catra stands up, "Nothing!" Huntara slowly sits up, pain shooting across her spine. She recalls her fall down the trapdoor and her subsequent battle with the horrors of the trapdoor dungeon. In pain, Huntara looks down at her body, "Have you been taking care of me?"

Crossing her arms, Catra screeches, "I have done no such thing! You should be lucky I haven't turned you over to Hordak!" Huntara listens, "You are a strange woman." Feeling embarrassed and caught, Catra shakes her head, "I don't know what you are talking about. My lips were not..."

Huntara stops Catra for a moment, "I am not referring to the kiss. I am referring to you. Are you not strange? You kissed me and I feel you liked it, but you lie. You have been caring for me, and when I ask you about it, you lie. Why do you do this?" Catra stands tall and silent. Huntara goes on, "You are a very strong woman. It is beneath you to hide who you really are."

Catra growls, "And what do you know of who I am? You have no idea." Huntara points a finger, "I know you are angry. And I know you wanted to kiss me. So kiss me. I've been wanting to kiss you since I first saw you." Pushing through her pain, Huntara stands up holding Catra's face in her hands. Embracing her, Huntara kisses Catra with such combustible force, Catra suddenly forgets every negative thing she has felt in life.

The kiss is passionate and lasts longer than Catra had thought, only once it ends she wishes it could last longer. Catra whispers, "You have been wanting to kiss me since you first saw me?" Huntara nods and Catra wants to know why. Huntara explains, "You struck me as someone very interesting. I've wanted to know why someone like you would be in this place. You are strong and amazing, deserving of more than all this..."

Catra looks around, thinking of her role in the Horde, "But this is my life. I am the Horde Force Captain." Huntara nods, "But why were you wanting to kiss me?" Turning away while feeling her face blush, Catra sighs, "I'm not really sure and yet I am entirely sure. I've never cared for such intimacies, but now something is changing within me. I thought I would experiment with my feelings..."

Sitting on Catra's bed, Huntara blocks out the pain coursing through her body. "You seem to be very complicated." Nodding Catra mumbles to herself, "Maybe I am." Smiling, Huntara reaches out for Catra to sit with her on the bed. Catra does and they just sit there. A silence grows and fills the air, they are simply being. Huntara speaks first, "Who is the person you talk to? The one who is not there?" Catra turns, "What do you know of that?"

"I know that time I saw you in here, touching yourself. It was as if you were making love to someone, but no one was here. I've also seen you talking to yourself, again, like someone was there. And just now, I heard you talking, but I don't think anyone was here." Catra wants to turn away, she does not want to share this conversation with anyone. There is something though, about Huntara, something different. Catra lingers with her thoughts before confessing her actions.

"I killed someone I hated so much. After I killed her, she began appearing to me. It all felt so real that I began questioning what was occurring around me. I thought I was crazy, but now I know. She will no longer have power over me." Catra believes that. Things are changing, so Catra is taking this as a sign. Huntara nods listening fully, "Why did you hate her?"

Taking in a deep breath, Catra has to think of the answer. Where did this hate truly come form? "I don't really know where to begin. We grew up together and I was always jealous of her. Everyone liked her and there was no wrong she could do. She was perfect. As we got older I resented her for all her successes, Hordak was always willing to give her so much approval. It was more than my jealousy though, I hated her for what she stirred within me. I wanted to care for her, to open myself to other people. I hated wanting those trivial desires, so I focused so much attention on her. And then we almost died."

Catra pauses as she is transported back to that day, "We were on a mission for Hordak. Before we knew what was happening, our lives were in danger. I thought we were going to die. So did Adora. We held onto each other, and she kissed me. I was shocked, I didn't know what to think. But afterwards... we never talked about it. It was as if the kiss never happened. And that made me hate her even more. For making a fool of me. She has always shown care towards others, and yet with me, she treated me as something to be ignored. As if I didn't exist. My hatred for her burned even brighter, and through the years I found ways to enact the perfect plan. And then once we were on Skydancer Mountain, we fought. And I won. I threw her body off the mountain, and everything was better."

Reaching out and taking hold of Catra's hand, Huntara whispers, "Is everything truly better? You killed her, but you are still filled with such hate." There are tears in Catra's dazzling green eyes, "I think I might hate myself, but I want to be different." Huntara hugs her, amid all her pain. Wincing from her wounds, Huntara tries to help Catra with her own, "Leave with me."

"What do you mean?" Huntara continues, "I am only here to kill Hordak. I will kill him. When I am done I will return to my home world. If you join me we can embark on a new life, on Silax. You would be able to be free from all this hate and anger." Catra listens to the words, and the appeal that they present. Huntara adds, "I know Hordak is your leader, but what has he truly ever done for you? Join me." Catra sits there as so many thoughts and possibilities bubble up into her mind. "I think I would like that..." Catra kisses Huntara. The intensity and passion is still there. Catra sighs to herself, I thought it would not be real. But it is real. I can be happy. Suddenly a loud voice booms on an intercom in the room. The two women break away from their embrace as Hordak's voice fills the room, "Catra. You are needed in my throne room, immediately." The intercom beeps off.

"What do you think he wants?" Huntara asks. Catra shrugs, "He always wants something. Just lay here and rest. I will be back soon." Getting ready to leave, Huntara grabs her arm, "Hurry. We will make our plans to leave when you get back." Catra nods giving in to one last kiss. She feels intoxicated, "Of course." Huntara lays back down, watching Catra leave. The warrior smiles, she feels her pain lessen. "I never expected this to happen. And of all places, in the home of my enemy." Huntara says to herself, closing her eyes for some rest.

The Rebels approach the cargo area of the Fright Zone. Adora looks around and notices that the coast is clear. The cargo area is always an easy way into the Fright Zone. The Rebels aren't even sure they find the luck.

Adora, Bow, and Glimmer pull out maps as they detail their plans with Frosta, Mermista, Perfuma, and Flutterina. Everything is so quiet, that Adora wonders if Huntara actually fulfilled her goal of killing Hordak. Those thoughts are interrupted when the Rebels are caught off guard by a visitor.

Perfuma exclaims loudly, "Castaspella! What are you doing here?" Frosta nudges her, "Hush darling!" Perfuma covers a hand to her mouth, and whispers, "Oh! Castaspella. What are you doing here?" Frosta looks at Mermista with rolled eyes.

Castaspella warmly smiles at her friends, "You didn't think I'd just be sitting in Mystacor while you all rescued Peekablue, did you? I have to help save my friend too." She smiles hugging her friends. Glimmer is glad to have the enchantress on their side, "How did you get here?" Pointing towards the lake, Castaspella smiles, "My Mages got me here. They are waiting for me by Lake Eerie. Once we have Peekablue, they will help us escape. If we need it. Though I must say, the Horde is unusually quiet." Bow looks around, "I know. The cargo bay has always been an easy place to sneak in, but this just seems easier than ever." Adora smiles, "Or maybe we are just getting that better at sneaking in!"

The Rebels walk further towards the entrance into the Fright Zone. Castaspella asks the group if She-Ra will be joining them. No one is sure, but Adora already knows that answer. The last time She-Ra was in the Fright Zone, we lost Double Trouble. I'm going to do this as Adora. I don't want to lose anyone, Adora says silently. They enter into the dank confines of the Fright Zone, each Rebel looking around.

As they prepare to follow their plans, Perfuma walks away from the group. "I have to go check on my flowers." Everyone turns and Frosta gasps, "Wait a minute!" Mermista calms Frosta down, "Let her go. There is no stopping her." Frosta doesn't care, "You are all idiots! The last time Perfuma broke away she came back with..." Pausing, Frosta half smiles at Flutterina, "Sorry Flutterina."

The winged woman nods, "It is. Alright. I understand. I am. Going to the. Horde Labs." Perfuma is quietly dancing away from the group as Flutterina heads in another direction. Glimmer commands attention with a strong whisper, "What is this? We can't separate from each other!" Frosta tilts her head and also prepares to walk off. Glimmer whispers again, "Frosta! Where are you going?"

Turning to look at the others, Frosta shrugs, "Well we are here. I might as well find my Ice Diamond." Bow shakes his head as Mermista sighs, "You are looking for jewelery? What about Peekablue?" Frosta crosses her arms pointing towards Perfuma and Flutterina, "No one cares that those two are off on their own goose chases. I am off to mine. My Ice Diamond was stolen. As for Peekablue, I'm sure you will do a fabulous job of finding her. Who knows, maybe splitting up will lead us to her quicker." Frosta blows a kiss to her friends before taking off to snoop around.

Adora looks at everyone else. Glimmer isn't sure what to say, but she does seek some advice from Adora, "Well Adora? Any ideas?" Nodding while formulating a new plan, "We can work with the split up. Casta, go with Bow, Glimmer, and Mermista to the slave cells. That is most likely where Peekablue will be. I will go around the perimeter of the place and do my best to check up on our friends who just left us. Don't worry, we will find Peekablue." Calming everyones nerves just slightly, the team departs on their missions.

Catra makes her way inside Hordak's throne room. She spots Peekablue sitting in the strange chair that Hordak had made for the Rebel. With her feathers clipped in place, electric currents run through Peekablue, causing her special vision to display on a large stone wall in front of her. Hordak is flipping through her visions with a special remote. "Ah! Catra, you are here."

"What do you want Hordak?" Catra purrs. Snorting an answer, Hordak puts the remote down, "Touchy are we? Am I taking you away from something else Catra?" The Horde Force Captain snarls, "No. I just would like to know why I am being called upon." Hordak smiles sitting back while looking at the images before him, "Our little enemies are trying to surprise us." He points to the wall and Catra turns. There are members of the Great Rebellion displayed across the wall.

"What is this?" Catra stammers, "How did they get in?" Hordak shrugs, picking up the remote, "It makes no difference, there are a good number of them. I haven't seen who is all here, they have taken their own paths in the Fright Zone. But I want you to stop them," Hordak is looking at Catra. She isn't listening to him. Her face is glued to the wall, looking at the images. A new image has appeared, one that is disturbing Catra to her very core. Her skin feels cold, the color gone from her face.

"Catra?" Hordak looks to see what she is staring at, and then he gets it. Catra is looking at Adora walk through the Fright Zone. Catra can't move, "What kind of trick is this?" Hordak stares in a complete stupor. He gives out an order to Catra, but she no longer hears him. She can't hear anything. All she can do is leave. Heading out of the throne room, Catra feels her heart beating. Her skin is growing hot and her fists are clenched. There are no plans. Catra is off to find a very much alive Adora.

Perfuma recalls a few various spots that she grew flowers at inside the Fright Zone. Making her way to those dark and foreboding halls, Perfuma continues to grow new flowers every which way, "I have always said this place could be livened up, just a bit." Turning down a hallway, Perfuma nearly collides into a Horde Trooper. "Eek!" Perfuma shouts and dodges her way past the Horde Trooper, quickly jumping into the nearest room she can find. "Whew! That was really close." She calls out turning to look at the room she is in. "Oh drat!" Perfuma huffs as she stares at a large imposing group of Horde Troopers. "Well, guess I really will be livening things up around here."

Flutterina makes a quick trip to the Horde Labs. Her memory is uncanny and finding the labs is remarkably easy. The winged woman walks in, hoping to find answers to who she was before becoming the creature she is now. The lab has a strange smell in it. There are all kinds of tubes and items strewn about. She makes her way to the section she came from. Her eyes fall upon the records of the Winged Warrior experiment. "This is where I was born." Or was it?

Flutterina flips the charts open and begins scanning all the information that she can on the specimens that were used in the failed experiment. "But it. Did not. Fail. I am. Here." She says to herself, trying to comfort herself with the pain of what she went through. Then she finds it, her name. Serina. Written in the darkest of ink, Flutterina reads over what was written about her. She learns everything. The truth is revealed to her and it disgusts her. "How could. They. Do. This." She screams.

The screams bring forth a visitor. Multi Bot appears, fresh from his work on a new experiment. Both of the heads light up, "You are not allowed in here." Flutterina looks at the two headed robot and growls. One of the heads lights up, "Wait. I know who you are." The other head turns, "Was she one of ours?" Both heads light up, "Look at our glorious experiment." Flutterina screams, lunging towards the robot. Grabbing hold of one of the heads, Flutterina rips it clean off. Multi Bot beeps as sparks fly out, "Oh no." Flutterina screams again, tossing the Horde member across the room. Lying on the floor, Multi Bot looks up. Fluttering in the air, Flutterina swoops down, planting the heel of her boot squarely on the second head. Everything goes dark.

Frosta is wandering through the Fright Zone, trying to find the most logical place for her Ice Diamond. "I mean honestly... This is just ridiculous. I want my blasted diamond back!" Closing her eyes and rubbing her temples, Frosta sighs, "Focus darling. Focus. If I were an ice diamond, where would I be? Well... on me of course. Oh this is not helping!" Frosta kicks the wall and continues walking. A laugh echoes down the hall behind her. She turns to see Grizzlor, "Oh not you again." Grizzlor grins, pointing a machete towards her, "And don't forget about him too." Out of the corner of her eye, Frosta notices Leech slowly approaching her with his suction cupped hands outstretched. He opens his mouth wide, "Let's make a Frosta sandwich!" Grizzlor lumbers towards the icy empress, "I am hungry."

Frosta taps her foot, "You both suck." Releasing streams of ice from her finger tips, Frosta surrounds both Horde members with a layer of ice around their bodies. Dusting off her hands, she walks up to Grizzlor. Etching out a piece of ice near his face, Frosta asks him, "Alright you hairy piece of shit. Where is my Ice Diamond?" Grizzlor shivers, his teeth rattling, "I-I-I-I-t-t-t-t... i-i-i-s-s-s... c-c-co-l-l-l-d." Groaning Frosta rolls her eyes, "Oh grow up. You'll thaw out. Now where is my Ice Diamond?" Grizzlor starts shivering again and Frosta snaps, "Focus you fool! You took the diamond off my chest piece when you idiots ambushed me in my castle. Where is it?" Grizzlor starts talking, "I never took it. I don't know what you are talking about." Closing her eyes, and shaking her head, Frosta covers Grizzlor's facial area with ice again. "Imbeciles. The whole lot of them." Frosta turns and breezes past Leech. She contemplates asking him, but changes her mind, "I just don't have the time."

Walking away from the frozen Horde-cicles, Frosta bumps into Netossa. "Darling! What on Etheria are you doing here?" Netossa is happy to see her friend. Hugging her tightly, Netossa won't let Frosta go, "Oh joyous day! I am beyond thrilled to see you right now. We have to get out of here." Frosta shakes her head, "But darling, what are you doing here?" Netossa lets go and shakes her head, "Now is not the time. We need to get out of here. I'll explain everything later." Netossa drags hold of Frosta's arm and they race down the hall. "But 'Tossa! I need to find my Ice Diamond!" Frosta shouts as they race through the Fright Zone to meet up with their friends.

Inside the slave cells, Glimmer lights the way for the Rebels. They are busy looking for Peekablue, which has not been the easiest thing. Mermista looks through the cells, "I don't think she is here." Castaspella agrees. Glimmer looks back, "Let me just walk a little further. I don't want to miss anything." The Rebel princess notices a strange looking cell a few feet from her. "Wait, I think this might be it." When Glimmer approaches the cell, her heart sinks. The cell is made up of mirrors and barred windows with sun shining through. An old withered woman sits in the middle.

"Is Peekablue in there?" Casta asks and Glimmer shakes her head, "No. Just an old woman..." She is curious as to why the Horde would lock an old woman up in a cell. But then the old woman speaks and Glimmer suddenly realizes a great deal. "Vampra." The old woman walks towards Glimmer, "Look at you, my pretty treat. Come to rescue me?" Vampra looks into Glimmer's eyes, a demented glee etched on the lines across her old face. Glimmer spits out, "I would never rescue you. I can actually agree with Hordak on something, your miserable hide deserves to be locked in here."

Vampra coughs out a cackle, "How is your mother? Tell her I miss the way she tastes." Glimmer releases a burst of light through the cell, causing the Pyre to age even more. Vampra spits out, "I felt that." She cackles again. The other Rebels are off to the side, listening. Bow calls out, "Come on Glimmer, let's go. Peekablue is not here."

"Your male friend is correct. The feathered woman is not here. She is elsewhere. But you can let me out. I'll tell you something very important." Vampra calls out. Glimmer prepares to walk away, "You have nothing that I want to hear." Vampra cackles again, "Oh I wouldn't be so sure. I know where your father is, the great King Micah."

Glimmer turns, "My father is dead." Shaking her head furiously, Vampra chokes out a dry cough, "No, no, no, my treat. There is so much that you do not know. Let me go, and I will lead you to him. Don't you want to reunite with him?" Glimmer screams, ready to reach across the cell to strangle Vampra. Mermista and Bow rush to pull her back. Glimmer loudly shouts, "You crazy bitch! My father is dead! How dare you pull out the oldest story in the book! I hope you rot in here!" Glimmer is screaming as her friends take her away.

Vampra continues to cackle, "My, my, my, the perfect princess isn't so perfect now is she? That attitude! How delicious." Vampra screams out to Glimmer with all her might, "Farewell my dear treat! And farewell to you ever seeing your father again!" Glimmer's screams are pierced by the Pyre's endless cackles.

Hordak is sitting in his throne, trying to keep up with all the action occurring throughout the Fright Zone. He can't keep up, Peekablue's visions are not appearing as fast as Hordak is pressing the remote. "Curse this infernal woman!" He tosses the remote towards Peekablue. She is motionless as her eyes are locked on the wall. She is dazed.

Sitting on his throne, Hordak calls out for his pet Imp to descend and eat some food. He knows he'll get answers soon, the Rebels won't survive this latest ambush. Suddenly a noise fills the hall outside the throne room. Sitting up straight, Hordak tries to make out the sound. "Is that... music?" Hordak snorts out.

Out of no where, Hordak's throne room doors are thrust open. Perfuma jumps in the room. She is leading a dancing conga line with a trail of Horde Troopers behind her. They are all dancing and humming along. Perfuma is deliriously happy and laughing the whole way. Hordak is enraged, "WHAT IS THIS?"

Perfuma continues to hum a song as the conga line fills into the throne room. Some of the Horde Troopers try to get Hordak to dance along. He stands on his throne, trying to avoid the madness. Perfuma claps her hands and everyone stops. "Alright! 1... 2... 3... 4... let's go Hor-" Perfuma quickly snaps her fingers and drops to the floor as the heads to all the Horde Troopers explode. "That is how you liven up the Fright Zone!" Perfuma shouts as the throne room fills with smoke. The Horde Troopers were no match for confusion flower bombs. Reaching through the smoke, Perfuma can hear Hordak screaming and firing off shots with his arm canon. She continues to giggle until she finds Peekablue. "Come on Peekablue! I need your sight!"

Releasing her friend from the chair, Perfuma grabs hold, "Peekablue, are you with me?" After a few moments of silence, Peekablue whispers, "Oh my head hurts so bad. I am in such pain." Perfuma quiets her, "It will be ok. We just need to get out of here and find everyone else. Can you still use your powers?" Peekablue nods, and then they are off, with Hordak screaming in the background.

Adora is walking through the Fright Zone's outer perimeters. So far everything is going well, and Adora is hoping her friends can meet back together. Making another round, Adora soon hears a great deal of commotion. Heading towards the noises, Adora walks quickly. Above, Catra stalks pipes and beams, racing along with Adora. This isn't happening. It isn't, Catra screams to herself. Watching Adora round a corner, Catra quickly jumps from the rafters and pounces on Adora. Swinging her to a wall, Catra stands triumphant looking down at Adora.

"I killed you!" She screams. Adora stands up, dusting herself off. "Looks like you failed Catra. As usual." Lunging towards Adora, Catra slams the Rebel into the wall. Quickly kneeing Adora in the stomach, Catra purrs, "I saw you die. Were you really there this whole time?" Catra looks crazed and Adora headbutts the jealous beauty, "What are you talking about?" Lunging again, Catra strikes out in a rage.

Dodging the attack, Adora back flips away. Racing through the Fright Zone, Adora heads towards the sound of her friends. Catra is close behind, "Come back here! You won't get away this time!" Catra continues to scream. The Rebels all converge at the exit to the cargo bay. Flutterina looks to be in emotional pain, yet seems very calm. Frosta and Netossa are out of breath from racing across the Fright Zone. Bow and Mermista are holding onto Glimmer who just looks enraged. Castaspella smiles when she notices Perfuma arrive with Peekablue, "We are here! Let's get out!" Glimmer's anger melts as she sighs, "Thank goodness you found Peekablue!"

"Wait, we need Adora with us." Bow says calling out. Peekablue squints in pain, "I see her. She is coming. Catra too." Mermista's eyes widen, "Catra too? Oh my." Frosta shakes her head, "A bomb is about to go off. We need to get out of here." Perfuma gasps, "There's a bomb?" Frosta shakes her head, "No darling. Not a real bomb." They can soon see Adora and Catra rounding a corner. Frosta goes on, "I'm talking about that bomb." Frosta points towards Catra. "I can fix that," Castaspella says snapping her fingers as a whirl of magical energy shoots forth, hitting Catra.

Screaming out in annoyance, Catra is thrown back a little. "Adora!" Catra screams and makes a loud whistle. Adora makes it to her friends, "Hurry, we need to get out of here!" They all exit into the cargo bay as night now falls upon the group. Peekablue pulls Adora aside. "You must go. I saw your brother, I know where he is at. Hurry, Hordak knows where he is now at too." Adora's heart beats anxiously as Peekablue tells her the location. "I'm going to save my brother, you all get to safety!" Adora calls out to her friends, "Peekablue, keep an eye out on us. I may need help." Peekablue nods.

Hopping on Spirit, Adora takes off. As she goes her own way, the Rebels scream out for Adora to watch out. Catra lunges forward atop Clawdeen. The large cat swipes at Spirit. Rearing up, Spirit almost knocks Adora off. "It's alright my friend, just get us out of here!" Adora soothingly tells her steed. Bypassing Catra, Adora takes off across the barren wasteland through a deadened forest. Catra is hot on Adora's tail. "Get back here Adora! You won't be able to run forever!" Catra screams into the night, a large moon lighting the area.

Racing through the forest, Spirit dodges broken trees and other dangerous pitfalls. Clawdeen growls as Catra pushes the large cat faster. Jumping over a group of broken trees, Catra finds herself racing side my side with Adora. Trying to ram into Spirit, Catra takes a swipe at Adora, "I am going to kill you!"

Adora ignores Catra and focuses on running through the trees. She is going to have to turn into She-Ra if she is going to have any hope of getting to her brother in time. "Sorry Catra! But you won't get a second chance!" Adora calls out and races on.

Catra is keeping up, until Clawdeen almost slams them into a tree. "You stupid beast! After them!" Catra pulls on Clawdeen's mane. The big cat winces and they race off. Catra knows exactly where Adora is going to end up, and the vixen smiles. "You will be stuck Adora."

Finding herself free from the dead forest, Adora races on. Looking back she notices that Catra is a ways behind. Racing on across a small barren piece of land, something changes across the landscape. Adora groans, "Oh no. That is a cliff." Looking back again, Adora sees no sign of Catra. "Come on Spirit. Just keep running. Trust me on this boy." Adora holds on tight as they run to the cliff. Holding her breath for a few seconds, Adora and Spirit jump off the cliff, disappearing down the depths below.

Racing through the trees, Catra smiles to herself, she knows that the swath of land ends with a cliff. She fully anticipates another bloody fight, where she will be victorious. "I have no idea how you survived Adora, but this all ends... now..." Catra looks across the land. Adora is no where to be found. Her hatred boiling to a dangerous surface, Catra jumps off of Clawdeen racing towards the cliff. Looking over, Catra looks at the long way down. There is no sight of Adora anywhere. "Oh no. No. NO!" Catra screams. She grabs on to her head, digging her nails into her scalp. "Where are you?!" She screams into the night. "Was this real? Was Adora really just here? Or have I been making all this up?" Catra shakes her head, feeling nothing but rage.

Down below, in the narrow valley over a tiny stream, She-Ra flies with Swiftwind. Keeping low, She-Ra wants to avoid being caught from Catra high above. "It was close there for a second, but we made it." She-Ra says as she thinks of what happened just mere seconds ago. They jumped off the cliff and transformed just in time. Flying low, the most powerful woman in the universe flies towards her brother.

Adam is finished with the roof. Laying on top of the cabin, he looks up at the night sky at all the stars. The mysterious woman is still gone. He has no idea what is going on, but he still feels like something big is about to happen. While looking up at the night sky, he thinks about his family and sister. "How am I ever going to find you? Maybe it was really dumb for me to come here alone."

The loud noises of a ship race across the sky as Adam finds himself anything but alone. A large Horde ship flies overhead. Adam looks up, "Oh no. I'm in trouble now." He jumps off the roof and races through the woods. He knows that being with the Horde is the last thing he needs. Horde Troopers descend, all with the goal of finding the prince. Hordak swoops out on a Horde sled, "I want the prince found! The Rebels just took my precious Peekablue. We can't let them get this other precious item!" Hordak scans the woods for any movement.

Adam continues to run. Tripping over his own two feet, he stumbles into a clearing in the forest. The moon and stars shine so brightly in the area. He wants to admire the nature around him, but he has to fight for his survival. Hordak is near and there is no telling what tricks he will use. The prince stands in the clearing, trying to decide which way to go. Suddenly three people he knows race into the area.

"Prince Adam! We have found you, finally." Clamp Champ calls out, racing towards the confused prince. Adam looks at Clamp Champ, Stratos, and Roboto. Adam shouts out, "Stay back! Do not come near me!" Clamp Champ looks at the Masters, "Wait. Hold on." Stratos calls out, "Prince Adam, we are here to rescue you. We do not have much time."

Shaking his head, Adam calls out, "No. I don't know if you can be trusted." Adam thinks of the times that Hordak used magic and trickery to create illusions of those he is close to, "I cannot go back to the Fright Zone." Clamp Champ nods, "I understand. We are here to take you back to Eternia. Prince Adam, please hurry. We are in danger." Adam shakes his head. He can hear the Horde getting closer. He wants to trust that his friends are really in front of him, but he just does not know. "I'm sorry if you really are Clamp Champ, but I am done being tricked." He shakes his head, growing so tired.

New sounds greet the prince as he looks up to see a familiar face descend from the sky. "You." Adam calls out to She-Ra. She lands on the ground with Swiftwind. Reaching out a hand, She-Ra calls out, "Come with me. I will take you to safety."

Roboto shakes his head and beeps, "Is that?" Clamp Champ nods, "Gentlemen, we cannot let our prince take off with that monster." Stratos prepares his jet pack, "Prince Adam! Stay away from her! She is a monster!" Adam shakes his head, he remembers seeing She-Ra fight off the Horde, what are they talking about?

The Masters rush towards Adam. They do not understand that they have been struggling against an impostor. The real She-Ra is standing before them. "Do not touch him!" Stratos calls out as he turns his jet pack on. She-Ra looks at Adam, "Are those your friends?" Adam shakes his head, "I'm not sure if they are real or a figment of the Horde." Reaching out her hand again, She-Ra hurries, "I would hop on. I will take us to safety. Besides, I have something that belongs to you." Adam tilts his head, she must mean my sword. That is enough for Adam. He knows who he must trust. Jumping on behind She-Ra, Adam looks back at the Masters.

Stratos zooms off across the air, flying towards She-Ra. Swiftwind rears up and quickly flies out of the way. She looks at the Masters, "If you are truly heroic, you will leave this place at once. You do not want to tangle with the Horde. I will make sure that help finds you." She-Ra nods to Clamp Champ and with that, Swiftwind flies off heading towards the Crystal Castle.

The three Masters join up, "We just lost the prince." Roboto chirps. Clamp Champ nods, "Indeed. It would appear that this She-Ra is also different from the one before." Stratos shakes his head, "What do we do now?" Clamp Champ looks across the woods, he can see the red bat symbols on the Horde Troopers moving closer, "We get out of here and hope this She-Ra can actually get us somewhere safe." The Masters run off, heading away from the cabin and the Horde. They have no idea where they are going. Clamp Champ races with his friends, "Gentlemen, when we get back to Eternia, I do believe Man-At-Arms will owe us big time for this entire debacle."

Back inside the Fright Zone, Modulok makes his way to see Entrapta. The mood around the Fright Zone is a bit chaotic ever since the Rebels left. All of that does not matter to him though. His heart is broken and he hates this feeling of sadness. He misses Netossa but has no idea what he can do to have her agree to being his life mate. It is hopeless, she is disgusted by him. He wonders if they had met under different circumstances. "Would the captivating beauty fall for the transforming beast?" He asks out loud.

He interrupts Entrapta from her work. She looks at him, "Come in Modulok." The Horde member walks into the room and observes Entrapta working on what looks like a diamond. "Can I help you with something?" Entrapta looks over at Modulok and stops her work. She has never seen him look so distraught and sad.

The Horde member looks at Entrapta, "I need your help. Take away my civilized nature. I do not deserve it." Crossing her legs, Entrapta studies him, "What is this about? You worked hard to become civilized." Modulok can only think of his sadness, "I have lost any chance at having a life mate. As a result I want to go offline. Bring back the monster. The evil beast of a thousand bodies. The real Modulok." His eyes are full of sorrow and Entrapta stands up producing a large metal rod from a nearby table. "If you insist. This will only hurt..." Entrapta slams the rod through his skull, severing his connection, "... for a little while." He closes his eyes. He can feel the surge of rage flowing and melting across his body. It is swallowing him whole. The last thing he sees his Netossa and then there is nothing but red.

Catra is fuming. Adora is alive and that changes everything. Her hatred is in full force. But there is one piece to this drama that is helping her from slipping into total madness. Huntara. Freshly back from her chase, Catra makes her way to her room. She is thrilled to see Huntara. "I want to be done with this place. With all of it." Catra thrusts the door open, "When can we leave?!" She calls out to an empty room.

Her eyes dart all around. Her bed is empty. Huntara is gone. "Huntara?" Catra calls out. Stomping through the room, Catra notices that there is no sign of Huntara at all. Sliding against the wall with tears spilling out from her eyes, Catra cries out. "What is happening to me?" Catra repeats the question. No one is there to answer her. Huntara is gone. And the visions of Adora are too. Catra is alone. Completely and utterly alone.

A Reunion 33 chapters in the making!

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