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Adora's Search for Honor Part 2: Chapter 31

She-Ra Saturday is here! There were quite a few things I wanted to post before this chapter, but that will have to wait for next week! For now let's enjoy an all new Adora's Search for Honor!

Previously: The Rebels took to the Crystal Falls for swim and rest. Things were going smoothly, until Huntara dropped in. Swooping off with She-Ra, the rest of the Rebels fought against a few members of the Horde. Eventually the threats were resolved. The Horde goes back to the Fright Zone, while Huntara focuses her anger at her original target. While trying to stop Hordak for all his misdeeds, Huntara falls prey to the Trapdoor... Catra is still searching for answers about her birth. Will curiosity kill the cat? The Rebels are also gearing up for a rescue attempt in the Fright Zone. This will be their 347th rescue this year... He-Man is still lost somewhere on Etheria, though the Masters are looking for him... Double Trouble was killed and reanimated as a zombie by Shadow Weaver and Hordak. Now she flies around Etheria on Storm, Catra's old horse. Storm now has large metal wings fused to his body and Double Trouble has taken on the appearance of She-Ra, if only to strike a little fear into the hearts of the citizens of Etheria... Hordak is also looking for a few artifacts to awaken the Star Sisters, he already has the Ice Diamond, but he needs the Eye of Fire next... As a newly freed man, Skeletor has been going about laying waste to Eternia and slowly gaining control. He actually likes this new found sense of freedom... And now...

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 2
Chapter 31

In deep space, Hordak visits the supreme leader of the Horde: Horde Prime. Floating on Horde World, Hordak is in a most foul mood. He is still reeling from Horde Prime's audacity at sending a prisoner, Huntara, to Etheria to kill him. Hordak looks up at the massive robotic exo-skeleton housing Horde Prime's true form. He snorts, "Your plan to be rid of me did not work. You've now lost a prisoner."

Horde Prime bellows with low beams of light, "It would appear though that my plan worked either way. I am growing tired of your slow nature. I require the magic energy from Etheria, I am growing weaker Hordak. If I didn't know better I would say you are trying to kill me."

Hordak wishes that were the case, "You know I can't kill you. Even though you deserve it. I will never understand my sister's blindness in picking such an awful mate." Horde Prime chuckles with a robotic sneer, "She wanted to keep her place at the top. To do that she needed a king. I was happy to deliver. And with her gone, you made a promise to make sure I survived the effects of that techno organic virus. Time is making you slow Hordak. Maybe I should find someone to take your place?"

As if on cue, which is probably the case, a portal opens up. Hordak looks over and growls in annoyance. Skeletor walks through, "What is the meaning of this! Why am I being called forth?" He looks around and notices who is in his company. "If it isn't the dreadful stone face."

Hordak snorts, "Shut up bone brain." Horde Prime bellows, slamming a large robotic hand to the ground, "Enough! You two are both trying my patience. What is the status of Eternia and the quest for magic energy Skeletor?" Crossing his arms and smiling, Skeletor thinks about all he has accomplished so far, "Eternia is mine. The Palace of Eternos is in shambles. Any of the Masters that are still free are running scared. It will be only a matter of time before Grayskull is under my control. Your magic energy will be here shortly." Skeletor holds his breath, knowing full well that what he says is a lie. The only person who will be gaining control of all the magic and secrets of Grayskull will be Skeletor. He longs for the day when he will be done with the Horde.

Horde Prime is oblivious, all he can hear is the notion that they have seemingly won, "Wonderful news Skeletor. If only Hordak could do as well as you. It appears that the apprentice is finally succeeding over his master." Skeletor nods, glaring at Hordak.

The news infuriates Hordak, "I could be done if I hadn't had to deal with a deranged warrior from the planet Silax. Sending Huntara to speed things along backfired Horde Prime. You may be the supreme ruler, but I am the rightful ruler of the Horde. And this game won't go on forever. I'll get you your magic energy. But things will be changing." Before Horde Prime has time to react, Hordak teleports back to Etheria. Skeletor looks over at Horde Prime, "Sometimes the help just gets too entitled." Overstaying his welcome, Skeletor quickly leaves before upsetting Horde Prime. Besides, Skeletor is having too much fun on Eternia. He is finally winning a war that has long been a dream, finally come true.

Alone, Horde Prime summons forth help from General Romeo. Walking quickly into the room, the man among monsters looks towards Horde Prime, "Yes supreme leader of the Horde?" Romeo stands patiently, awaiting orders. Horde Prime glows, "Prepare the ships. I want you travelling to Etheria. If Hordak has done anything correctly, the time will be at hand soon. Etheria will soon be drained of its magical energy. The planet will decay. Its people will have to struggle to find a way of surviving. By then we will be long gone, and the Horde will simply move on to the next one." General Romeo nods in agreement, "I will make the preparations." Romeo turns to leave, thinking about what this new world will be like when the ship lands...

Inside the Bright Moon castle, the main Rebels begin their own preparations to embark on the latest rescue at the Fright Zone. Adora is ready to save Peekablue, as her special vision will hopefully find Adora's brother. As she is moving some crates with items of food for the Rebellions, Adora notices Netossa rushing by. "Hey Netossa!" Netossa waves but then continues running off.

Something is wrong, and Netossa is very worried. She was going to meet Spinnerella for a fun breakfast before the Rebels went off to save Peekablue. Only her friend never showed up. Netossa is highly concerned. Weaving her way through the castle, Netossa slams open the door to the bedroom that she shares with Spinnerella, "Spinna? Are you here? You never showed up for breakfast..." Looking around the room, the captivating beauty sighs. Netossa cannot find Spinnerella. She notices something though; a letter by the bed.

Reading it to herself, Netossa feels her heart sink. Dropping the piece of paper, she simply runs. Past the other rooms. Past her friends. She just runs. Nearly colliding with Bow, Netossa slips to the ground. "Tossa? I'm sorry, I didn't see you!" Standing up, Netossa shakes a little, "I am sorry, I was running. I have to go." She turns but Bow stops her, "Wait. I thought you were going to help us with Peekablue. We are going to leave soon..."

Looking crestfallen by her duties, Netossa hangs her head, "I can't help. I have to go." Bow is confused and presses for more answers, as Netossa explains, "Spinnerella is gone. She left a note. Bow, she isn't fully healed." Though maybe she is... Netossa isn't sure, she just knows that her friend is wandering around Etheria, trying to make it back home. She hugs Bow, "I will be fine, just please let everyone know. I am so sorry I can't help." Bow shakes his head, "No, don't worry. Everyone will understand. Do you need any help?" Feeling calm amid all the nerves, Netossa smiles, "No, I should be fine. I just need to find her, before something happens..." And like that she is gone, the shimmer of her blue cape flowing as she runs out of the Whispering Woods.

Adora continues moving some crates, unaware at what is going on with Netossa. While attending to her work, Adora notices Sea Hawk approaching her. "Need any help with those crates?" Adora lifts a box, "Nope, but thanks for asking. And thanks for delivering some food. Your crew has done a wonderful job gathering supplies for the Rebellion."

Sea Hawk nods, "That's just what we do. Happy to help." Adora pauses from her work and looks at him. She knows something has changed with him, if ever so slightly. "Will you be joining us to the Fright Zone Hawk?" The pirate quickly looks down, kicking at the ground, "Nah darlin. My crew and I have another job to do. I'm sure you will save your friend." Adora nods, "Yes. I am sure we will."

"Speaking of a friend, are we good?" The pirate looks at her. Feeling his gaze, Adora's heart beats fast for no reason that she can even try to explain. "Of course we are friends. So long as we're not tripping over each other with our feet." Sea Hawk quickly adds with a grin, "Or lips."

Rolling her eyes Adora goes back to work, "That was something that friends don't do." Sea Hawk shakes his head, "I can't get a break." Adora removes some food from the crate, "There is no break. You took it upon yourself to kiss me." Raising his hand up, the pirate sighs, "Wait a minute, we kissed each other." Shaking her head, Adora packs some food for the Rebel's mission, "You caught me off guard, which wasn't very gentlemanly."

"Well I am a pirate. Either way I felt something and I haven't been able to stop thinking about you." The blunt honesty stops Adora from everything she is doing. Sea Hawk continues, "And if you can tell me that you had absolutely no feeling at all, than I will stop bugging you. I just don't know what it is about you Adora..." He wants to say that she is almost as perfect as She-Ra, but he is working on how he talks to women. That may not be the right thing to say Hawk, he tells himself. Adora listens to what he has to say, like how he really enjoys being around her and how the kiss they shared further cemented that feeling. Then it is her turn, "I won't lie to you Hawk. The kiss was... nice... though I don't know why I should be telling you that."

Sea Hawk isn't sure what she could mean, "Well it is nice to hear Adora. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that felt something..." Adora cuts him off, "Yes, well, I don't know what you expect from me. It is one thing to admit that, but what are you hoping will happen next? I'm not going to sleep with you now." Shaking his head, Sea Hawk goes on, "Wait a second. I never said you would, I was thinking more along the lines of just spending time together." He motions around the area, "Ya know, when we aren't trying to save the world. I'd like to just share my time with you."

His intentions seem honest, but now it is time for her to be honest. "Sea Hawk, as nice as that sounds... I can't. I'm in love with someone else." And just like that, the pirate feels his heart crack for the first time. All the women that he has been with and all the times he has done the heart cracking, he never expected to feel this. "Oh." That is all he can say. He wants to go on, to say more. But Adora picks up another crate, "Listen, maybe we can talk later on, but I really need to get the rest of these crates moved. We leave soon." She begins to walk away and turns, "Good luck with your job." She turns, unsure if she should say more. But she does not want to break away from her duties. After all, rescuing her friend is more important. Sea Hawk can do nothing but watch her walk away.

In another area of Etheria, three Masters of the Universe trek across a grassy field. The three are searching for Prince Adam's signal. Clamp Champ, Stratos, and Roboto feel they are getting close, but after their recent events involving a mad corpse-like woman and a few problems with some Horde Troopers in two other towns, the Masters are not sure that they will ever find Adam.

Roboto chirps a read out. He is going over a tissue sample of the woman they fought off when they arrived on Etheria. The townspeople were calling her She-Ra. "Something is surely strange about the sample. My readings tell me that the woman we fought was dead." While fixing his rocket pack, Stratos pauses, "That is impossible. The woman we fought was very much alive." Roboto chirps and beeps some more data, "These findings are accurate. They do not lie Stratos."

Clamp Champ interrupts, "We are in another world gentlemen. There is no telling what trickery lurks about. We must only be concerned about finding Adam. Once we have, we will leave this place. Let us hope we do not have to come across that wicked creature ever again. The one they call She-Ra." The three spot an expansive forest ahead.

Another round of beeping noises emit from somewhere on Roboto. He pauses briefly, "His signal has been moving so much, but it always goes back to this one spot. Over there, in that forest." The three heroic warriors look towards the looming change of land. Stratos looks around, "This will be difficult." Clamp Champ nods, "True. But we are Masters of the Universe. Now let's go find the Prince." They head towards the trees, unsure of what they will be facing. They have their strength and friendship, which should get them along nicely...

Netossa is running blindly. Away from the Whispering Woods, she is trying to remember the best way to head to her home town of Midlaria. She is out of breath, but hears strange sounds all around. There is a loud piercing wail in the sky. "That does not sound good. Oh Spinnerella, where are you?" She keeps walking, careful of her surroundings. She can hear the wails of some strange creature in the sky. The screams get louder.

Looking up at the sky, Netossa stands still. For some strange reason she swears that the air grows deathly cold. "Something is very wrong." Heading away from the trail she is on, Netossa finds cover under some bushes. Trying her best to conceal herself, Netossa shivers as the air grows cold and a strange smell fills the air. "It smells like death." She whispers. The wailing screams grow louder. Suddenly sounds she has never heard before pierce through the sky. Carefully, Netossa looks up and shudders in horror. A strange looking woman is flying on a winged horse. A horse with metal wings.

Closing her eyes briefly, Netossa hopes that when she opens them, the creature in the sky will be gone. The unthinkable happens as the horse and woman land on the trail near her. Netossa cannot breathe, nor can she feel her own skin; it is crawling off of her.

Peering through the brush, Netossa cannot make out much. Only that the woman walks funny, like the bones in her body do not work. The smell around the woman is intense, like rotted flesh. Netossa tries to get a look at her face. She wants to see who this person is, something feels oddly familiar... Suddenly the strange woman hops on the horse and lets out another piercing scream before quickly taking off in the air. With a heart that can't stop beating in fear, Netossa slowly stands up. The smell is gone, as is the cold. "What was that?" She can only think of her dear friend. Her sister. "Please Spinnerella, be safe." She runs off, avoiding the main trail, begging for safety. Instead she finds herself in a trap. After taking a few steps, something grabs hold of her foot. A net. Lifting her high up, Netossa finds herself caught in a net. Finding a way to move around in her confinement, Netossa swings herself, doing her best to be free, "I know how to maneuver just fine!" She shouts in joy, as she feels the net loosen. Soon though, Netossa swings the net into a tree. Not exactly her plan of action. The blow is enough to rattle her senses, and all she can do is sleep...

Inside Bright Moon, Glimmer visits her mother, Queen Angella. The Rebels are about to leave, and the princess wants to visit with her mother. Angella is sitting at her throne, reading over the same documents and letters, trying to find information on the magical Star Sisters. "Mother." Glimmer causes Angella to break from her reading, "Yes Glimmer?"

"We will be leaving soon." Glimmer walks up to hug her mother. Angella whispers, "Be careful my dear." Nodding, Glimmer smiles, "Of course." Turning to leave, Glimmer realizes she has more to say, "I know things have been strange since the Pyre attack. I was upset with you for the manner in which you took with those who were bitten. I am sorry." Glimmer thinks about her mother's actions and realizes she should be honest, "But I am not sorry. Not at all. Those people should not have been locked up like they had done something wrong. And I do not wish to argue with you, but mother, I feel you must know my position. I feel like you are a different person since your return."

Nodding while understanding, Angella listens. She knows where her daughter is coming from, but life is more complicated than that, "I understand Glimmer. But please understand where I am coming from. I was a prisoner by the Pyres for so long. I did not want to put those people in the cells, but I could not have them be a danger. One day you will be queen, and you will know that choices will need to be made that are not easy. There comes a time when our ideals are shaken, but my love for this kingdom has never wavered." There are tears in her eyes. She looks at her daughter, a rift still between them. Angella has missed so much while she was held captive by the Pyres. There are flashes when she looks at Glimmer and sees her little girl. Then there are times, like now, when Angella stares across at her daughter and realizes that before her is a young woman who is finding her way in the world. She couldn't be more proud, "Glimmer. I love you. And I am so proud of you."

"Oh mother." Glimmer rushes towards Angella. The angelic queen whispers in Glimmer's ear, "Your father would be proud too." Glimmer nods, tears streaming down her face. "I miss him so." Angella agrees and takes another look at her daughter, "He is with us, even if his body is long gone." Glimmer nods. They hug each other one more time, and then Glimmer leaves. She joins the rest of the Rebels who make their way out of the Whispering Woods. They head towards the Fright Zone. To save Peekablue...

In another part of Etheria, Sea Hawk and his crew make their way into a very small village. Sea Hawk is fulfilling a job. A secret job that he has told no one about, at least his friends of the Great Rebellion. This job is for Hordak. Sea Hawk hopes it will be the last one, but since the pirate needs fuel for his ship and is unwilling to give up the mighty vessel, he is still under Hordak's thumb. The pirates walk through the village, eyeing the people around them. Some of the people have fair skin. Other people have darker skin, like Netossa. And then there are some people with light green skin that shimmers in the sun light. He notices some people are huddled, making clothing.

Sea Hawk avoids staring at the small children who are hiding behind their mothers and fathers. They must think the pirates a strange group to be inside their village. Hawk is hoping this will be easy. The last thing he wants is for things to get ugly. A woman approaches, with light green skin. Her hair is piled on top of her head, the color a light purple. She is older and seems to know a great deal about the village. "Welcome to Midlaria."

The pirates say hello as the woman calmly asks what they are doing there. Sea Hawk steps forward, "We were told you had an item here. One that I have been looking for. Do you have the Eye of Fire?" He stands tall, hoping the job can be easy. The woman shakes her head, "No one can have that. It belongs to Midlaria. To Etheria."

Shaking his head, Sea Hawk speaks up, "I'm sorry, but I will need to be taking that item from you. Now where is it?" The woman looks around, a few villagers are approaching the pirates, ready to fight if they must. Sea Hawk looks around, "Listen lady, don't make this difficult. We just came here for the Eye of Fire. Point me in its direction and we will be gone. No need for anything terrible to happen." The woman shakes her head, "Sorry. You can't." She backs away.

In a quick moment, she signals for the villagers to fight. The pirates find themselves busy defending themselves from a group of highly angered men and women armed and ready to protect their home. Sea Hawk breaks away and chases after the woman. In her fear to have nothing happen to the Eye of Fire, she leads him right to its location. Sea Hawk grabs her by the hands, "Stop this now! Just give me what I came here for!"

The woman spits in his face, "You dare take this? You dare? You do not know what you are dealing with!" Sea Hawk curses and grabs the woman by the arm, squeezing tightly, he growls, "I'm done with this, lady! I will do what I must for the Eye of Fire. Now show it to me!" She is shaking. He doesn't even know her name. In all her years on Etheria, she never felt this time would come.

A small child breaks away from her parents. She is crying at all the madness around her. Running towards Sea Hawk and the older woman, she screams to get his attention. Sea Hawk notices the older woman panic, "No! Mia! No!"

Tugging on Sea Hawk's leg, the little Mia points to a small wodden trunk. Letting go of the older woman, Sea Hawk heads towards the trunk that looks like a special table. The woman screams, "Don't! Don't go over there!" Sea Hawk does not listen. This is not easy for him, but he has a job to do. The trunk is bear, but he can sense something... Smashing the top of the wood, a red glow is revealed.

The older woman drops to her knees screaming and crying. "Leave it alone! Leave us alone!" Sea Hawk grabs the large red jewel, flames burning on the inside. "The Eye of Fire." He takes it out of the trunk. Placing it in his care, he turns to see the woman convulsing on the floor. Her eyes are rolled into the back of her head. Sea Hawk notices that the fighting has stopped. The villagers are distraught. They rush to her. Mia looks on in horror. Her eyes wide in terror, what did I do? Sea Hawk hangs his head. He wants to help, but he knows that is not wise. Motioning for his crew to hurry, the pirates rush out of Midlaria. The only thing they can hear are the mournful cries of the villagers. The hop onto his ship and head off.

Sea Hawk's crew member Lir barks out, "Shit Hawk! What was that about?" Sea Hawk is sailing the ship in the air, "I am not sure." Lir hangs his head, "You do realize that was Netossa's home, don't you?" Sea Hawk remains stoic, "I didn't want to think about it." Lir shakes his head, "What is the matter with you? How can you keep doing this?"

Shaking his head, Sea Hawk groans, "It is not easy Lir." Lir spits some brownish liquid from his mouth, "The fuck it is! Let Hordak go! Shove your foot up his ass and be gone." Sea Hawk glares, "I said it is not easy! I'm not giving up my ship! This is the only tie I have to my family. It is my freedom. Hordak controls the fuel on Etheria, asshole. I will do what I must to make sure I can still roam the sky and sail the seas, carrying on my name. My family." Lir looks out across the open sky, "Your family is all but dead Hawk. You are all you have, except you have so much more."

Flying the ship faster, and clenching his fist, Sea Hawk barks, "And what does that mean?" Lir feels a shiver go down his spine. Ignoring the sudden chill, Lir continues, "You have the chance for a new family. The Great Rebellion has welcomed you, shit... all of us, in their arms. You don't need this ship anymore. You have something better, down there. In the Whispering Woods." Sea Hawk is fighting against so much internally; the sense of freedom with his ship and what he thinks to be monotony by staying in one place, like Bright Moon in the Whispering Woods. "No Lir. I can't stay content down there forever. My real home is going to be in the open air, flying free. Or sailing the seas, searching for my next adventure. I can't give that up. It is all I know."

Hanging his head low, Lir sighs, "There is a great more out there. It is all there for you. For you." Sea Hawk ignores him and continues flying the ship. Their next stop is the Fright Zone to drop off the Eye of Fire for Hordak, though that may need to wait. Sea Hawk does not want to arrive at the same time as the Great Rebellion. He does not want to explain his situation. His eyes water as he thinks about his actions. His heart beats so fast, he hopes the old woman from Midlaria is well. He whispers to himself, "I am so sorry."

Suddenly the air grows cold and the pirates hear a strange wailing scream. Sea Hawk looks around, "The heck is that?" He screams for the pirates to be on their toes. Suddenly they experience some grayish clouds. He can see lightening below them, "Just a storm crew! Prepare accordingly!"

"Wait Hawk! Look!" A crew member calls out, pointing into the dark clouds. Sea Hawk can't see anything, until there is a flash of silver in the air. "Are those wings?" Hawk asks. The crew work hard to get the ship moving, Lir approaches Sea Hawk, "We need to get out of here."

They all hear the screams. Something flies around the ship, circling it maddeningly. "Crew! Prepare to fight this thing off!" The screeches and screams pierce the air, reverberating to the pirate's very core. Sea Hawk notices that there is a woman flying around on a horse. "I've seen that horse!" Sea Hawk says, trying to recall the images from his past. In a manner of seconds, the woman lands the horse on the ship. The horse's metal wings fold down. Lir squints his eyes, "That looks like..."

Sea Hawk remembers, "That horse. I've seen that horse in the Fright Zone. Storm. But the woman, she looks like She-Ra." The woman slides off Storm, her body twisting in a strange way. No one knows, but they are looking at Double Trouble. She hisses and screams at the crew. Her hunger is intense, but they are ready for her. The smell is putrid. Sea Hawk asks Lir to take over the ship. He rushes down towards the woman, "She-Ra?" He shakes his head in a stupor, "No. You aren't She-Ra. Who are you?" Zombie Double Trouble screams again. Snapping her neck back, she quickly glides onto Storm and bolts off the ship. Sea Hawk rushes to take another look, but she is gone. A crew member asks what just happened, and Sea Hawk stands there in silence. Finally he says, "I'm not sure, but let's be careful from here on out..."

The Rebels make their way towards the Fright Zone. Adora and Bow travel in the front as Flutterina flies ahead keeping the team aware of what is in store for them. Mermista and Frosta follow slightly behind while Glimmer and Perfuma round up the end. Flutterina is looking forward to her trip to the Fright Zone. Not only is she wanting to help save Peekablue, but she is hoping to come across the Horde Labs. She wants to find out some answers to the experiments that created her. Glimmer and Perfuma miss Netossa, but they also hope that their friend will find Spinnerella. Mermista and Frosta are mostly silent. After the events at the Crystal Falls, Frosta is slightly annoyed that Mermista would just give up and allow her life to be sacrificed to save She-Ra.

"Come on darling, Octavia had a knife to your neck! And you were just ready to become fish food, all so that She-Ra wouldn't have to walk away with that Huntara woman? My goodness, She-Ra is the most powerful woman in the universe. She can handle herself. Mermista, what is wrong with you?" Frosta demands. Mermista listens, and sighs, "I just didn't want anyone to get hurt. If that meant Octavia slitting my throat, than so be it." Groaning, Frosta mutters, "That is ridiculous. Don't ever do that again. You are my closest friend out of this motley bunch. If you are not with us, well, I just can't handle that." Mermista smiles and assures the icy empress that she will not be going anywhere.

Slightly ahead, Bow and Adora talk. They have been discussing various things on their trip to the Fright Zone, and for awhile, there has been no tension between them. It is like before, when they were younger. "Bow, play me a song. My song..." Adora says wanting to hear some music. Bow shakes his head, "I can't do that Adora." Looking over at Bow, Adora raises an eyebrow, "I thought you were going to write a song for me, and play it?"

Bow nods, "I know. But with everything that has happened recently, I haven't really had the time. Among other things." Adora hangs her head, she knows letting him down gently for reasons he could not understand hurt him. Adora whispers, "Bow, please don't hold that against me. You know how I feel..." He listens and sighs, "I know. It just isn't the right time for you. Or whatever reason you had. So I will write your song one day. And I will play it for you when the time is right. For now though," Bow produces his harp, "I have another song I can play." Adora smiles. She wonders what her song will finally sound like when Bow has written it, but for now she is content to just hear him play. They all are. The Rebels are heading into danger. Soon there will be no music, but for now they listen to Bow play. Along with the listening, they also hope that this mission will go by safely. They've never gotten over losing Double Trouble, and they can't imagine losing anyone else. The group continues to travel, the tall sharp outline of the Fright Zone getting closer and closer.

Netossa wakes up, with a throbbing headache. She is no longer in the net. Sitting up, she finds herself in a bed. Looking around, the captivating beauty finds herself in a cold and dank room. Standing up and carefully walking towards the door, Netossa tries to open it. "Oh my. It is locked." A voice calls out from the shadows, "I have it locked for a reason." Netossa turns to the voice. "Hello? Where am I?"

"You are in my room." Modulok comes out of the shadows. Netossa places her body against the door, wishing she could just melt and slide away. "What is going on?" Her heart fills with dread. Modulok walks towards her, a different number of limbs on his body than the last time they saw each other. Netossa shudders at that memory. The last time she saw Modulok he had two heads and many arms and legs protruding from his body. The creature before her looks slightly different, there is only one head. Two arms, and four legs. Modulok grins, "I knew we'd see each other again. You fell right into my trap, and then into my arms as I cut the net down. Your head was slightly bleeding, but I took care of it."

Netossa is feeling delirious, "You talk? How can you talk?" Modulok looks at her, a smile spreading across his face, "Oh you didn't know? I'm a changed man. Gone is the barbaric monster from before. That beast has gone offline. I am civilized now." She looks on in horror, how can he be civilized? He nearly killed me. "I know what you must be thinking Netossa, but please do not be scared. I am not going to hurt you. If anything, I brought you here to worship you. I have never seen someone as graceful and beautiful like you. I want to love you, like I know you will love me. It is the civilized thing to do. Don't you think?" Netossa shakes her head and can do nothing but scream. Her screams echo throughout the Fright Zone. She is living in her worst nightmare.

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  1. I like in sea hawks story how he seems to be thinking twice about working for Hordak-perhaps his mouse friend will one day help him see the light.

    Is Modulok raping Netossa? Woah! (I really am fighting the urge to make a joke about the anatomical possibilities of a character like Modulok in a sex type situation.) lets hope she gets rescued fast.
    Overall I'd say this chapter was pretty exciting but what happened to Clamp Champ's voice? He sounds super proper in this one and more easy going an jovial in his last appearance. The stress of the mission must be getting to him!

    1. Well it is possible that Sea Hawk's mouse will show up. But he is certainly struggling, and it is more than just working for Hordak. Hordak essentially gives Sea Hawk his freedom, and he is struggling with settling down to one location or being able to move around and roam.

      And Modulok is not raping Netossa. He is coming from a different perspective, and she only knows him as a killing machine. But he is not raping her. At the end of the chapter he is just slowly approaching her, and he is coming from a good place. But she is only seeing him as a monster.

      And Clamp Champ, I thought his voice was proper in the last chapter he showed up in, even though there was some jovialness to him. I envision him having a proper-jovial voice. If that makes sense. Plus, I didn't really feature them that much in the chapter. Hopefully when the three Masters come back, there will be a longer section for the dialogue to flow.

      But, I am really loving what happens next with Netossa and Modulok.