Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Hello dorky fans! Thank you for stopping by. I hope the toy angst hasn't chased you off. Yet. Anyways Diary of a Dorkette is not really a spot for breaking toy news. I'm not a toy insider. I don't get special information before the rest of the dorky public. (I wish.) But I do keep up on what is going on in the world of toys and other amazing stuff. So I thought this post would be a nice little way of sharing some interesting tidbits and pieces of information that I think are important for dorky folk to know.

First off, let's look at some important:

Toy Trends!
Toy Edition: Matty Collector Mishaps

Super Hot- Stinkor's stinky forearm snafu
Yesterday's News- Sorceress and her drummies 
Practically Prehistoric- Mr. Roboto and his sassy shoulder swap

In other news...

Monster High Teens Get Hip Replacements-
There is some good news for collectors of the highly popular Mattel line: Monster High. Mattel has been rolling out Monster High dolls with a new hip piece or leg joint system. Starting with the series featuring Operetta, Nefera, and Toralei, it appears that the dolls no longer have the elastic band connecting the legs to the main torso piece. Excellent news! Seriously, we live in the 21st century, a great time in the world where we can have all of our media in a Cloud (chillin' with the Care Bears.) There is no excuse for toys to utilize rubber or elastic pieces to hold a body together. Stuff eventually dry rots. Just gruesome.   

The new hip and leg joints now allow even better articulation to the doll's legs. The new articulation reminds me like that of Mattel's WWE female figures. Legs are able to move back and forth as well as outwards, if that makes any sense. The old method of elastic legs could do the same thing, but the elastic would snap the legs back into regular place. Now the guys and ghouls of MH can be displayed in all kinds of poses. For a line of dolls that have always had a great deal of poseability, this is really good news!

And as of this posting Mattel is implementing this feature on older releases. One of my local toy stops just got in a new set of the Dead Tired and Skull Shores line of MH dolls. They now have the new hip/leg joints. I am still not sure how to tell which dolls will have the new pieces or not, but I am willing to bet that if your local store has been empty on Monster High, whatever new shipments they get might actually feature the new hip piece. If there is anything else I can find out, I will post it here.

She-Ra Week in the Works?
I have received some emails from fantastic readers about Adora's Search for Honor. Some of these readers have already been following the chapters and asking, when will I be posting Chapter 18? (Chapters 1-17 were originally posted on So I have been reposting and remixing the chapters every Saturday, but I am thinking having a She-Ra Week soon. Every day for a week will be a brand new re-posted Chapter so that we can all be caught up for the highly dramatic and action packed Chapter 18. So keep posted!

Blind Item-
A particular toy line has recently seen prices drop at certain toy stores. Could these clearance prices that have been occurring for the last month be the beginning of the end? Or are the clearance prices an attempt to move out stock to make way for newer items? Nothing has really been said, though if the line were to end, a great deal of fans would not be pleased!

We Need to Care More-
The Care Bears are coming back! A new show is coming out this Summer, which means that the Care Bears will be returning to the shelves! I don't know what all will be released, however let's hope that the Care Bear cousins make a much needed comeback. Big Bad Toy Store does have some new items for sale. The mini Care Bear figures look pretty cool!

Until next time toy fans!

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