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Adora's Search for Honor Part 1: Chapter 6

Adora’s Search for Honor
Part 1
Chapter 6

Previously: Glimmer and Bow began their adventure to the magical Mystacor. Of course it wasn’t a walk in the park since they had to deal with Horde Troopers and Spikor. Castaspella helped them with her magical abilities and they were able to make it safely to Mystacor (here’s hoping Glimmer can get some help finding her mom.) Spira and Frosta had a bit of a disagreement, apparently Frosta is not to happy that the Horde is planning to go to war against the Kingdom of Snows, and Spira is promising that the Rebellion will help Frosta. Oh, and Adora and Catra got into a huge cat fight, where Catra used some magic and found a way to toss Adora off the side of Skydancer Mountain. Let’s see what happens next on She-Ra Saturdays…

Chapter 6

Lava flows freely, bubbling and popping into the air behind Hordak's massive throne. Inside Hordak’s chambers Spira, Mantenna, Leech, and Shadow Weaver listen to Hordak as he tells the group that Adora is a spy and is probably dead as he speaks. Spira just came back from her visit to Castle Chill and they are all waiting for Catra to return from Skydancer Mountain. Doing her best to remain calm Spira is full of panic and worry over Adora. So much has changed since their earlier assignments from Hordak... Spira never would have thought that Adora would be the one to pay for Spira’s role as a double agent. I hope that Adora survives, somehow...  Spira says to herself. She also wonders how she can find a way to continue being a spy, without blowing her cover. Spira’s thoughts are interrupted once Catra enters the chambers. Hordak demands answers as to what occurred on Skydancer Mountain. Dreading what must be said, Catra looks at Hordak, “Adora put up a fight, but she is gone.” Spira stifles a gasp upon hearing Catra's words.

Hordak is full of questions, “Did she explain why she was a spy and what she would be doing with any found information?” Shaking her head, Catra answers the best way she can “No, she admitted in her own way that she was a spy, but I never got the chance to find out what her true motives were.” Grunting aloud, Hordak asks, “Did you at least get the sword?” The moment of dread approaches. Catra pauses, “No. Adora lost control of her sword and it fell off the side of the mountain.”

The air becomes still. No one makes a sound. All that can be heard is the bubbling lava. Controlling his anger and annoyance Hordak calmly states, “All I asked for you was to kill Adora and bring me back her sword. You have brought me back nothing but a sad story.” Trying to calm Hordak, Catra borders on desperation, “I did everything I could to get that sword. Things got out of control, it wasn’t like Adora was going to lay down and just die!”

Growing tired of the excuses, Hordak booms, “I wanted the sword! That sword was going to change everything! Now I have nothing. You have failed me Catra.” Holding her head high, Catra purrs, “I did everything I could. Besides, I’m sure you can find a way to get by without some sword.” Catra is not going to sit by and be blamed. Her orders were followed, the Fright Zone would no longer have to worry about a spy.

Sitting on top of his throne, full of fury, Hordak beckons, “Step towards me Catra.” Everyone in the room knows what is about to happen. There are markings on the floor, detailing a trap door. Catra is hesitant, but slowly walks towards Hordak. She knows what happens to those who disobey Hordak's wishes. The trap door is nothing new. Catra dares him to do it, especially after everything she does for the Horde...

Looking at Catra with a slight grin, Hordak snorts, “Next time, do as I say.” The ruthless Horde leader quickly presses a button that opens the floor beneath Catra’s feet. Screaming in shock, Catra falls through the trap door that Hordak has in place for those displeasing members of the Horde. Falling down the trap door is not an exciting ride. Experiencing the trap door always means a fight for your life. If she wants to escape alive Catra will have to pit herself against various creatures and beasts who will be trying to kill her for food. No one likes falling down the trap door. Mantenna recoils in horror, better her than me, he says to himself.

Staring at the other members of the Horde, Hordak impatiently states, “Would anyone else like to join her? I should throw the lot of you in with that miserable wretch.” Spira looks at Mantenna, Leech, and Shadow Weaver. Everyone seems unsure what to say next. Spira speaks up with the hopes of easing the tension, “Hordak, let me help you. Surely there is a way to solve this mess.”

Standing tall ready to make another move, Hordak booms, “Hurry Spira, I am restless. Don’t seal your fate by annoying me. It is still possible for you to join Catra.” Quick on her feet, Spira spits out, “Let me go to Skydancer Mountain. I can try to retrieve Adora’s sword and find her body.” There is always a plan working in Spira's mind. The glamorous double agent wants to make sure that Adora is actually dead.

Hordak ponders what Spira just said. Mantenna jumps in, “Spira is really agile Hordak; she could find the sword anywhere!” Brushing Mantenna’s comment off, Hordak groans, “I know this already Mantenna.”

Holding her breath, Spira awaits Hordak’s answer. Her plan will hopefully work. Finally Hordak is ready to discuss the idea, “Spira, go to Skydancer Mountain. Do your best to find the sword. And if at all possible, bring me Adora’s head.” Nodding, Spira quickly hurries out of Hordak’s Chambers. Her heart is racing and she hopes that Adora has somehow survived Catra’s wrath…


Meanwhile on another side of Etheria, Glimmer and Bow are visiting Castaspella at Mystacor. A magical kingdom on Etheria, Mystacor is a glorious castle in the middle of a village. The kingdom magically rests upon a large chunk of floating rock above a crater. The mages of Mystacor have long kept the kingdom floating as a way of protection. This set up makes it difficult for enemies to sneak in. As for the crater, there have been many historical rumors about how this structure came to be on Etheria. No one knows for sure, though Bow and Glimmer are actually happy to be in the safe confines of Mystacor.

“Thank you Casta for the food supplies. This is going to really help the Rebellion.” Glimmer hugs Castaspella. Mystacor has always been a self sustaining kingdom. Glimmer is glad that they will be able to take some resources back to Bright Moon. Looking at Glimmer and Bow, Castaspella beams, “I will have some mages deliver the supplies before you leave back to the Whispering Woods, because you must stay a little longer. We must spend some more time together.” Castaspella is slightly older than Glimmer, but she has always been a part of Glimmer's life. Almost like an older sister.

Bow smiles, “Thank you Casta. You always make us feel welcome when we visit.” Throughout the years Bow and Castaspella have also become close friends. Castaspella is graceful and always wanting to help people in ways both serious (i.e. food supplies) to frivolous (i.e. hosting a party or celebration.) “I wish I could do more. I wish times were not so grim. Once we have rid Etheria of the Horde, we will have the biggest celebration.” Castaspella smiles at her friends.

Glimmer realizes now is a good time to bring up her questions, “Castaspella, can I ask you something?” Castaspella smiles warmly, “Of course! You are always welcome to ask me anything.”

“I know that you are very proficient in magic, have you thought about, or learned, any new spells that could help find my mother?” Glimmer is not going to give up finding Queen Angella. Magic may be the only choice...

Castaspella thinks for a second and shakes her head, “No, unfortunately I have no magic spells that could aid in Angella’s whereabouts. I am so sorry Glimmer.” Recalling a bit of information, Bow jumps in, “What about your friend Casta? The one that led you to the survivors from Poft. She somehow knew they were in danger right?”

Nodding, Castaspella pauses with a few possibilities, “That is correct. My friend was able to see that they were in danger. She could be of some help; however it won’t be easy to reach her.”

Bow and Glimmer both look at each other, uncertain what Castaspella is going to say. However there might be something to be hopeful for. Casta continues, “My friend’s name is Peekablue and she lives in the Sun Tower, right in the middle of the Crystal Sands. As you both may know, the Crystal Sands contain fierce sandstorms and various creatures. This is sort of nature’s way of protecting outsiders from getting to the Sun Tower.”

“How are you two able to contact each other then?” Bow asks. Castaspella smiles, “We are friends. Together with the help of my magic she is able to contact me if there is ever any sense of danger. On occasion some mages and I will trek through the Crystal Sands to visit her. She lives alone and does enjoy company.”

“Can she ever leave the Sun Tower?” Glimmer poses a question and thinks how horrible it would be to stay in one tower forever. Glimmer also wonders more about what Peekablue is like.

Castaspella nods, “Peekablue could leave, but chooses not to. Long ago Etheria had two magical towers; one was the Sun Tower and the other the Lunar Tower. The story goes that both towers were able to communicate to the heavens and call forth three powerful sisters from the stars to help Etheria if the world was ever in danger.” The story strikes a chord with Bow, “I remember that story. The Lunar Tower withered away though, correct?”

“Withered away or simply transformed into something else. Either way Peekablue has chosen to protect the Sun Tower. She wants to honor the history of Etheria.” There is more to the story, though Casta knows now is not the time to address the past. “Castaspella, what is her power exactly?” Bow asks and imagines a woman capable of many things.

Smiling, Castaspella discusses Peekablue,  “She was granted special abilities at birth. She can see what other people are up to on Etheria. Most of the time these visions just come to her, other times if she focuses hard enough she can look in on specific people. There are also times where she can even catch glimpses into the future. Of course those moments are rare and when they happen they are hard to understand.”

This information signals new hope for Glimmer, “If asked, could she focus and see a vision of my mother?” Casta can't believe this has never occured to her before, “She could. But Glimmer, you must understand if she were to have a vision of Angella, it would not guarantee that Peekablue would know exactly where your mother was.”

Bow closes his eyes realizing that their problems still were not solved, “Because Peekablue only has a vision, and if there isn’t anything in the vision that indicates a specific place, Angella could still be anywhere.”

“Correct Bow, which is why it is important that if you are going to the Sun Tower, you must have someone fully knowledgeable of Etheria. That way if Angella appears in a vision, you could be able to figure out where she really is assuming that Peekablue can’t.” Castaspella smiles at her friends. This could work. Glimmer understands and can't help but be happy, “Ok, well when we decide to head to the Sun Tower, we will make sure we have a group that will know the lay of the land.”

Castaspella hugs Glimmer, “Oh Glimmer, I hope this can be of some help. I have been cautious of telling you about Peekablue, but I think you will be able to make it to the Sun Tower. I may even try to join you when you decide to go. Something will happen that will lead us to your mother. It just has to.” Glimmer has tears in her eyes, “Thank you Castaspella. You are always such a great help.”

Looking at her friends, Castaspella brings Glimmer and Bow in for a hug, “Well that is what I am here for! I care about you and the Rebellion, we are going to make things right.” Bow smiles, “We are very lucky to know you Casta.” Tossing her head back, Castaspella grins, “I know! Now I think we need to escape the doldrums and have a nice celebratory dinner! Times are going to get tougher, and I think it is time we take a moment to eat and drink. What do you say?” Glimmer and Bow look at each other. It would be nice to take a brief moment to relax.

“Will we need musical entertainment? I happen to know someone.” Bow says, referring to himself. The three all look at each other and start laughing. The laughs continue as they head to the dining quarters.

The dinner is a wonderful celebration for Mystacor’s guests. Castaspella and her mages perform magic tricks and Bow even plays some music with a harp. For one night Glimmer briefly escapes the stress that has been a daily part of her life for so long. She is able to breathe and not worry about saving lives or searching for her mom, even though those concerns are never far away. Glimmer enjoys the company of her friends, knowing that she will be much closer to solving most of her problems.


A couple days come and go and while returning to the Fright Zone, Spira finds herself in front of an audience. The spy is back from her assignment on Skydancer Mt. Hordak and Shadow Weaver are awaiting her news. Hanging her head, the spy pulls out a piece of metal from a leather bag, “This is all I could find. The sword was badly damaged.” She walks to Hordak and hands the piece of metal to him. Throwing the metal across the chamber, Hordak snorts, “What is the meaning of this? That sword was indestructible. Why is there some random piece of metal before me?”

Spira disagrees, “No Hordak, whatever happened to that sword, it was destroyed. Obviously it wasn’t as powerful as you thought.” While forming a theory, Shadow Weaver whispers to Hordak, “Or maybe with Adora’s death the sword lost whatever power it possessed.” Hordak thinks of this for a moment, “Spira, what of Adora?”

Swallowing with a dry throat, Spira looks up at Hordak and Shadow Weaver, “There was nothing I could bring back. Her body was messy, her fall was long and I couldn’t bring back much. Except this.” Spira hands Hordak some blonde hair matted in blood. Tossing the hair and blood to the side, Hordak brushes Spira off, “Get out of here. I have seen enough.” Spira leaves the room and Shadow Weaver looks at Hordak with curiosity. Hordak's plans have been building for so many years, and now they found themselves without a plan.

“Has Catra returned from the trap door?” Hordak asks Shadow Weaver. “No one has seen her yet.” Shadow Weaver makes a note to look for Catra once she leaves the chambers.

Snorting again, Hordak huffs, “Good. If you do see her, tell her to stay out of my sight for awhile. Adora’s death has become a bigger problem than we thought. I need to be alone to think of what we do next.” Hordak looks at Shadow Weaver and brushes her off. Shadow Weaver leaves his chambers and wonders what can be done to make sure the Horde continues its domination over Etheria.


A battered body is floating amidst a sea of darkness. There are no sounds or sights, just the stillness and rhythmic back and forth movement. Drifting. A name is suddenly called out in the darkness like a piercing ray of light.


Time stands still, and the name is called out again.


Light starts to shine through, unveiling a scene. The Sorceress walks into a room with stone walls, and stands over a figure. This person is sleeping on a bed. It is Adora. Sorceress speaks again, “Adora. Please you must wake up.” Adora rolls over and slowly opens her eyes. Her head hurts and she feels incredibly sore. Beaten. After her eyes focus, Adora looks around to see the Sorceress.

“Where am I?” Adora asks as she looks around the room. The room is similar to the other rooms that Adora has been in when the Sorceress has made her cryptic visits. “You are safe for now.”

“Am I dead?” Adora asks as she starts to remember certain recent events. Catra. A brutal fight. The feel of her body free falling and colliding with rock after rock. The sound of her ribs cracking and the smell of her own blood leaving her body.

Whispering to Adora, Sorceress places a hand on Adora's head, almost with a healing precision, “No, you are not dead just badly injured. I am trying to do my best to keep you comfortable.” Sitting up with head spinning, Adora staggers up but falls back to the bed. The Sorceress motions to Adora, “Lay down. Don’t try to move much.” Shaking her head, Adora chokes out “How did I end up here? I was on a mountain.”

“Adora, remember I can visit you telepathically. Please do not worry about such things, you must listen to me.” The Sorceress grabs Adora’s hands and continues, “When you wake, it is important that you go back up Sky Dancer Mountain. Your future depends upon it.” Grimacing in pain, Adora is caught off gaurd,  “Why would I go back there? I was thrown off. I’m probably dreaming all of this.” Shaking her head, the Sorceress soothingly says, “This is very real. Your destiny is at the top of that mountain, you will be able to make it. There is so much you do not know.”

“What does that mean?” Adora is trying to listen, but everything is throbbing. She just wants to sleep.

Holding her breath and wondering if anything should be said, the Sorceress decides to unveil long hidden secrets, “Adora, I am going to tell you the truth, and you have to believe me when I say this. Have you ever wondered where you came from?”

Adora pauses to think about the question, “I was never told. I always assumed I was born in the Fright Zone, and just figured that Hordak and Shadow Weaver would be the closest thing to parental figures. Madame Razz was helpful, though she didn't know much about my origins. Of course when I tried to find answers from Hordak there was never anything to tell. He wasn't always friendly about that topic.”

The Sorceress holds Adora’s hands, “You are very special Adora. You were not born on Etheria. You were born on Eternia.” Recognizing the name, Adora shakes her head in confusion, “Eternia? That is the place that the Horde recently tried to invade. I was born there?” How is that possible, she wonders to herself. The Sorceress nods, “Yes. You were born into a royal family.” The gravity of this information hits Adora, “I have a family?” For the longest time the Horde has been her family, but this new information is a complete jolt to Adora's system. 

“Yes Adora. You have a family. Your parents are King Randor and Queen Marlena.” Shaking her head in disbelief, Adora stares at the Sorceress, “Start from the beginning. None of this makes sense, how did I end up on Etheria?”

Sorceress takes a breath, “To understand why you ended up on Etheria, you must know what was happening before you were born. The Horde has been trying to invade and control Eternia for centuries. Throughout this time there have been various generations that have fought against the Horde and vanquished them from successfully invading Eternia. After losing so many times Hordak made a smart move and stayed away from Eternia. Many years passed and the people on Eternia eventually forgot the horror stories of the Horde and found themselves concerned with other enemies.”

Adora jumps in, “The Horde came back though, I mean, before this most recent invasion. I remember learning about it in the Academy.”

The Sorceress nods, “Yes. Your parents were younger, and the Horde made an arrival on Eternia. They were claiming peace and seeking refuge. We didn’t look back at history and were doomed. Hordak ended up showing his true colors and threw Eternia into a senseless and bloody war. Eventually your parents became the King and Queen and continued to try and find an end to the war.” The Sorceress pauses and relives the nightmare that was the Horde.

She continues, “Your mother was soon expecting. All of Eternia was so grateful that the King and Queen would be welcoming a baby. Finally it seemed that the Masters of the Universe, the people responsible for protecting Eternia, were going to fully stop the Horde and send them back to wherever they came. Of course Hordak and his apprentice had other plans. Hordak knew he was losing, and had been planning on a quick retreat. He also knew that Marlena’s child was going to be an heir to a special sword with unknown power. Very few people knew this secret; it was even kept from the King and Queen.”

Adora finds herself hanging on every word of the story, “This special sword is the sword that Hordak gave to me, yes?” Nodding in confirmation the Sorceress grimaces, “It was stolen by Hordak. It was always meant to be your sword. You have the Sword of Protection. And your brother has the Sword of Power.” Another jolt rocks through Adora's body, “I have a brother?” Adora repeats the sentence to herself. A part of her wants this all to be a made up fairy tale, however, there is an unexplainable feeling in her heart. Adora knows that the Sorceress is speaking the truth.

There is sadness in the Sorceress's face, “Marlena was carrying twins. Only after giving birth did she find this out. In fact what occurred after your birth prevented all of Eternia from celebrating the arrival of the two of you. Hordak and his apprentice were planning on stealing you and your brother along with the swords that were destined to be wielded in your hands. His apprentice failed in stealing your brother, but Hordak managed to take you.”

Adora is shaking, choking back bile as she feels herself growing sick in disgust, “I was stolen? Robbed from my own family? This is terrible. I can’t believe this. What of my family, what did they do? Did they try to stop him?”

“Of course they did. The Horde’s technology was more advanced though; he was able to teleport and travel between worlds. No one on Eternia has been able to replicate that technology.” Sorceress hangs her head in sadness at all the years that have passed. Adora’s eyes well up in tears, “Didn’t anyone try to find a way to save me? Do they even know I am alive?”

The Sorceress looks at Adora and hugs her carefully, “Adora, only a handful of people even knew you were born. After you were kidnapped, the King and Queen could not handle telling the people of Eternia that one of their children was taken, gone forever. There was so much cause for celebration regarding the birth and the war ending. Your parents went into a silent grief that they did not want to share with others. A few of us made a pact with your parents to keep what happened a secret. Sadly they have never given up hope that they would be reunited with you.” Adora wipes her tears, “Well we must hurry, and you must take me to Eternia immediately. I have to let my family know I am alive.”

“It isn’t that easy Adora. It was only recently that I even knew you were alive, with the most recent invasion by the Horde. Once you stepped foot on Eternia I started to pick up on who you were telepathically. Your reunion with your family is important, however it is too dangerous. The Horde must be stopped at all costs. If you return to your family right now, the risk of Etheria and Eternia being destroyed will be imminent.” This knowledge is not easy to hear, but it is the truth. Reunions are important, but only if everyone is alive to experience them.

Holding back more tears, Adora gasps, “This is all too much. I have just found out I have a family, and I cannot even go to them!? This is awful!” Adora wants to hit something, to scream. However the slightest of movements causes a great deal of pain to rattle her body.

“Adora, go to the top of Skydancer Mountain, once you are there you will understand the importance of doing that first. Meeting your family will happen, I promise.” Adora looks at the Sorceress, “And what will happen once I’m at the mountain? What am I even looking for? None of this makes any sense!” Adora closes her eyes, the pain in her head throbs even more. She wants to sleep, to go back to floating in the darkness.

The Sorceress starts to sound distant, “Just go there Adora. Please, you will know what to do, and then you will understand. Follow your heart. Etheria needs you as much as Eternia does.” Adora notices the Sorceress starting to fade away. Adora musters all her strength to shout, “Wait, don’t go! I have so many more questions to ask you! Wait!”

Adora starts to feel dizzy and stands up to reach out to the fading Sorceress. With a spinning head, Adora falls back onto the bed touching the sheets. Everything is wet. At first Adora fears she is laying in her own blood, but quickly realizes it is water. "Ohh!" Adora gasps as she finds herself falling through the bed, going through the floor and just flowing into an empty dark space. She is floating again...



Light pours into Adora’s eyes as she slowly opens them. She isn't sure what hurts more: the light in her eyes or her immense physical pain. Remembering the fall off Skydancer Mt. and the struggle to get down alive causes Adora's head to pound. Adora wonders, How have I survived? "Adora." There is her name again, someone is calling for her. Focusing her eyes, Adora looks up at the person sitting above her and slowly says, “Mermista? Mermista is that you?”

Thankful to hear Adora speaking, Mermista smiles, “Oh you are finally awake! I was afraid you were never going to wake up.” Trying to sit herself up and finding the pain too much, Adora calls out in anguish. Mermista rushes to her side, “Careful Adora! You need to rest!”

Shaking her head, Adora manages to at least sit up, “How did I end up here, wherever ‘here’ is?”

Mermista looks around, “You are at the Crystal Falls. I’ve been here for awhile, and then a few days ago I was planning on leaving. That is when I heard this noise by the river and out of nowhere you appeared with your horse, looking as if you literally had fallen from the sky.” Adora coughs, “More like a mountain.”

Mermista looks at Adora with awe, “Anyway you stumbled over to me, called out my name and fell to the ground. Ever since then I have been attending to your wounds and making sure you are comfortable.” Trying to manage an appreciative smile, Adora simply manages a half one, “Thank you Mermista. I am not even sure how I managed to get off the mountain. Spirit must have known I was in danger.” Adora is glad to know that Catra did not harm Spirit, that, or Spirit safely escaped any danger.

Mermista pulls some of Adora's hair to the side, “Well now it is my turn for questions. What happened to you Adora?” Pausing on where to begin, Adora tells Mermista her story, including the part about following Spira into the Whispering Woods right up to the fight with Catra. She leaves out the part with the Sorceress.

“So Catra thought you were the spy? What a mess.” Shaking her head, Mermista realizes that Adora risked her life for the Rebellion. She tells herself, My, how things can change so quickly.

Trying to laugh a little Adora groans, “You’re telling me. I can’t believe I am actually alive.” Briefly pausing the conversation, Adora remembers her "visit" with the Sorceress, “Mermista, do I have my sword with me?” Mermista nods, “Yes. It is right here.” Adora looks over and sees some of her items to the side, her boots, holster, and sword. Amazed that she was able to get her sword, Adora feels hopeful, if not confused. All of this must be a dream, she tells herself.

Adora starts to get up and Mermista tries to stop her, “Adora! What are you doing, you need your rest!” Shaking her head, Adora mumbles, “I have to get back to Sky Dancer Mountain.”

Mermista is lost, “Adora that is the last place you need to be, now lay down! Rest. I am going to head to the Whispering Woods; I need some help getting you to safety. There are some healers at Bright Moon that can get you back on track. It is a good thing you are so fit, I don’t think you would’ve survived everything you’ve just been through.” Adora isn’t even sure she can wrap her head around everything she has been through. Relenting Adora says, “Ok Mermista, I will lay down. Hurry and get some help though.” Standing tall, Mermista looks towards the sky wondering about the quickest way to get back to the Whispering Woods, “Ok. I will be back as fast as I can; I have some special tonics for you to take if you start to feel bad. They should help manage the pain. I will return.”

Adora quickly stops her friend, “Mermista wait." There is a pause as Adora ponders all the things she wants to say. She starts with, "Thank you. You are such a dear friend, I am glad you were here to help me.” Mermista smiles, "I am glad too Adora." The two women look at each other with tears in their eyes. In the past, they may have chosen different paths but their friendship was still there. Adora is realizing that she should have made the same choice so long ago. She should have sided with her friends and left the Horde, I am here now though, and I am going to make up for my actions, Adora tells herself.

“I will be back. Don't forget about these tonics. Get some rest!” Mermista smiles before hurrying off.

Adora lays there looking at Mermista disappear around the corner. Perking her ears, Adora turns as she can hear Spirit nearby. Smiling, Adora slowly makes her way to a standing position. The pain is intense, but there is something stronger driving Adora now. The pain is no longer going to stop her. She has found a reserve of energy she was not expecting. Spirit approaches her and lightly nuzzles her neck. “Oh Spirit, I need your help more than ever before. We are going on a trip.” Adora grabs Mermista's tonics. She also picks up her sword remarking that there isn't a mark on the blade. Though looking at her reflection on the blade, Adora notices all the marks were saved for her. Sensing her pain, Spirit kneels even closer to the ground so that Adora can get on him easier. Holding on tight as Spirit gets up, the two begin to walk away from Crystal Falls.

The mountain closely located to Crystal Falls. Adora looks up at the towering mass before her. Rubbing Spirit's neck, Adora calls out, “Come on Spirit, we are going to head to the top of Skydancer Mountain. Something is waiting for us...”

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  1. LOVE the trapdoor scene. I always loved the one time when catra went down the trapdoor on the show-and wished it would have happened all the time to her like it does to excel in the excel saga. If there is such a thing as a trapdoor fetish I have it! something about how vulnerable the girl is and then with a push of a button she disappears -dropped to an unpleasant (but not fatal) icky doom. I think there is something about how it would always happen to some male character ugly monster like mantenna that made it awesome to me when it would happen to a beautiful girl character like Catra. You're thinking "they wouldn't do that to a GIRL would they!?" and then bbzzt-shes gone! It actually happened to Apparitia on the Filmation Ghostbusters too. This was awesome. I'd love to hear more of catra's thoughts on gwetting trapdoored. I always thought a good story would be a flashback to Adora as horde force captain , getting a reward for succeeding where Catra fails, and her reward would be that Hordak lets her push the trapdoor button and dump Catra. Of course in my idea catra and adora have a little lesbian romance going too so the scenario is even more hurtful for poor catra. Feel free to use any of these ideas! I'd love to see someone else's take on 'em.

  2. Thank you for reading and enjoying it! The trapdoor scene is a popular one for sure. I know a lot of fans love the trapdoor scenes and that is actually something that a lot of casual fans of She-Ra remember too.

    As for lesbian romances, there may be some of that featured with certain characters in the story. You will just have to stay tuned! Thank you again for the comment!

    1. I would love to read your take on Catra and/or Adora's first trips down the trapdoor back when they were just little teenage Hordette's! Although, I dunno, do you think Hordak ever trapdoored Adora? Even if he didn't I'm sure Catra got it often for being bratty, and she probably was pissed if he didn't do it to Adora.
      Another popular location I'd like to see used in your fiction is the slime pit. Always preferred the toy version of the slime pit, liked that better than the show version. Liked when catra and she-ra were slimed on the show, but would think some sexy bondage stuff could be done with the toy style version. ( guess I'm just kinky that way!) Either catra sliming she-ra or hordak sliming catra (for failing like she always does)would be cool. And you know when someone is slimed they end up as a slave-that could be used in all kindsa ways!
      did you own a lot of the toys when u were young?

    2. Well you are in luck, the Slime Pit does make an important appearance in some upcoming chapters. It is really good and sets up a lot of great story.

      As for Adora being trapdoored, I guess she could have, but she does not have that happen to her in my story. If only because according to Hordak, Adora was a precious and important pawn in his quest for domination of Eternia. She was treated with kid gloves while everyone else was dragged through the ringer.

      And I did have the toys when I was younger. I had mostly POP stuff, but there were a few He-Man characters that I collected too. Everyone had to have a Teela and Evil-Lyn!

  3. I had Evil Lyn-but no teela. I was the opposite of you because I had all of the Masters of the Universe Toys but no POP-Even though I secretly thought She-Ra was a better show. The Horde villains were cool and I had a crush on all the girls on it!If I Would've had the girl POP characters as a young boy though I probably would have slime pitted all of them what with the whole girls vs. boys thing kids do.
    -except that probably would've destroyed the figures since they had all that real hair on them.
    What was with getting slimed in the 80's anyway? Green slime was huge,The Ghostbusters toys and movies , the Horde Slime pit-and "You Can't Do that On Television"? Did you want to get slimed or were you the girly girl type who dreaded the prospect?

    1. Yeah, I don't think slime would have been good for the rooted hair on She-Ra and her friends. But slime was a big deal in the '80s and early '90s when Gak and all that stuff came out.

      And I have to say, I never wanted to get slimed. I was one of those girly girls. My She-Ra dolls were all about soapy scandal. lol But I have come to appreciate the Slime Pit and all that it entails. lol

    2. Which version of the Slime Pit do you intend to use for your stories? The one from the cartoon or the toy? From what I remember I don't even think the one from the show enslaved its victims.

      Also do you think the trapdoor on the show had monsters in it like the one in your writing? I always assumed it was just water on the show. But then, do you remember when Catra was begging really hard not to be sent down it in that one episode? with her whole "not that! ANYTHING BUT THAT!" pleas. That made me think something was worse down there. Or maybe it was the Horde sewer or something!(he drops them into poop!?) But then maybe with her cat qualities she just really hates water.
      speaking of her cat-ness, I always thought a funny scene would be a Horde coffee break where catra puts a LOT of cream in her coffee. How many do you think she takes? 8?

    3. The Slime Pit version that I use in these stories is from the toy, to an extent. I use the toy version but it is also connected to a much larger device. Throughout the upcoming chapters the whole idea of the slime plays into a larger role of what the Horde does and how the Horde can use the slime as a weapon.

      With the Trap Door, I do not recall there being any monsters or other creatures in the trap door on the toon, but in my version the person is sort of dumped into this arena where there are passageways and exits that the person has to get out of because there are all these kinds of monsters and things that can kill big time. And with coffee, I would say as many creamers as she could get her hands on. It would be funny because I could see Mantenna or Grizzlor making a small comment about sharing or whatever and how that would just set Catra off. lol

  4. I think you should do a dream sequence with young catra sleeping and dreaming of Hordak being dead and she being the queen of the Horde. She would dream of sitting in Hordak's throne and would treat Adora as her slave. making her do horrible jobs like clean the floor with toothbrush, scrub the toilets etc.
    Then she would make Adora bring her coffee..
    Catra: (sipping coffee) Adora , I only taste four creams in this coffee..
    Adora: (trembling) I'm sorry your majesty! I-I couldn't find any more..p-please forgive me!
    Catra: (reaching for trapdoor button) You know the penalty for failure..
    Adora: NO! NOT THAT! I BEG OF YOU!
    Catra: you leave me no choice!
    Adora: (gulps)
    Catra jams down the button and laughs with glee as Adora takes the plunge, screaming and splashing down into the trapdoors depths. The horde members laugh and clap-she smiles as horrendous screams come from the trapdoor.
    Of course then she'd wake up abruptly saying " what a wonderful dream!"

    -and as a side note speaking of characters gulping, have you seen the first episode of He-Man, where Teela gets her weapon eaten by trapjaw and she gulps nervously? There is some debate of whether or not a woman or a man made the gulping noise as some think it sounds too masculine, but I dunno, if you stretch your neck and swallow hard it can be pretty loud whether you are male or female. Can you do a cartoony nervous gulp sound?

  5. That's a funny dream sequence. I always love it when the badguys have dream sequences or fantasize about having the upper hand. It is always interesting to think about what they would do and how they would react.

    Now I am not sure I can do a cartoony nervous gulp sound. But I would imagine it might be hard to make a gulp sound feminine and girly. I've never really tried though, I may have to give it a shot and hear how I sound. However I have been told I do a pretty mean Catra impersonation.

  6. Try the gulp and let me know if you can do it. I actually had a girlfriend once who did it all the time. whenever she "got in trouble" (the sexy kind. hee hee!) she would gulp, hers sounded pretty feminine I guess. But still loud

    another thing about the dream, I think the coffee mug catra would be drinking out of would have a horde symbol on it. Do they make those? That would be awesome! Would you buy one of those? Could you think of an awesomer thing to drink coffee out of?

  7. I will be practicing my gulps! lol A coffee mug with the Horde symbol on it would be really cool. I don't drink coffee at all, but I do drink tea and apple cider every now and then, which would be perfect.