Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 2012 Heroic Hottie!

July may have started, but it is never too late to crown a new Heroic Hottie! Now not all Heroic Hotties have to be big muscular superheroes. Sometimes the greatest Heroic Hottie can be small. And smart. So I present to you, the Computer Programmer, July's Heroic Hottie!

Never one to leave the house without his trusty laptop and emoticon mug, the Computer Programmer makes sure all are safe and up to date on the latest computer news. His secret accessories are his trademark glasses and green bow tie. "I keep my flash drive there." The Computer Programmer grins while adjusting his glasses. Sitting down for some coffee at the Lego Laptop Cafe, the Computer Programmer answers a Heroic Hottie survey for Diary of a Dorkette!

Real Name: Computer Programmer. I could tell you my real name, but I'd have to reformat you.
Heroic Hobbies: I zap viruses and help create new worlds. I also fight to preserve the Advancement of All Technological Truths. It sounds complicated, but it's really not. I also browse many forums and blogs on the Internet. I have to say, Diary of a Dorkette has captured my dorky heart!
Happy Memory: Building my first computer. You just don't forget something like that.

Greatest Love: My top notch laptop of course. Kidding! Kidding! (only slightly.) I do have a crush on Jem, er, I mean the Rocker Girl though.
Likes: Programs, coffee, and argyle.
Dislikes: Stereotypes, old biscotti, and Zombie. I heard he likes to eat bricks.
Boxers or Briefs? Are you really asking me that? I'm feeling a bit flustered... 

Microsoft or Apple? I am a programmer of truth and the awesomeness of all technology. I do not play favorites.
Favorite Movie: Revenge of the Nerds
Favorite Television Show: Reboot. Because they really do live in your computer.
Toy Wish: A Lego Tron series would be interesting.

Diary had a lovely time chatting with the Computer Programmer. This Heroic Hottie may fly under the radar, but know this: he is looking after all of us. He might be chatting with us on a message board, fixing our computers when they are broken, or fighting the evil villainy of Malware and Trojan Horses. Put simply, the Computer Programmer never rests. He just refills his mug.

So folks, let's celebrate the July Heroic Hottie: the Computer Programmer!   


  1. LOL!!! Now that is classic!

    Speaking of computer programmers, apparently AOhell got hacked, so if you get an email from me with a blank subject or FWD--delete it.

    CP has some good tastes, Reboot was a great cartoon and well, Jem is truly outrageous!

    Hope he has a good trip back to LEGO land!

    1. Thanks for the update on the email hacking fiasco! I hate that stuff. Hopefully the CP can go in and fight the good fight. lol

      Reboot was so much fun, and will more than likely make an appearance on this site at some point. lol I also think he is really loving Lego Land. lol There are all sorts of interesting characters. For him to chill with.

  2. Hey Miss M - JemCon did NOT get hacked, but we did have a website crash yesterday. We're back up, but an old backup had to be used to get us going again. I'm not sure if that means you'll have to recreate your account or not. So just a head's up.

    Oh, and that Lego dude - hot! Smart guys in glasses can be sooo cute.

    - TJ (how's that, hehe)

    1. Hey TJ! Ok I thought the site had maybe crashed. I had tried to log on and I was like, "Hmm, either my internet is screwy or something happened to the site." I'll log on later to see if anything needs to be changed for me! Thanks for the heads up! And I'm glad you like the Lego dude! lol I was wanting the July Heroic Hottie to be really hot. Guys in glasses, you can't get much hotter! : )

    2. Hey TJ, I think I will need to rejoin. I can't log in at all. I will be back on soon enough! lol