Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Be Still My Puffy Heart

This is my favorite time of year. (I say that at least seven times throughout a given year.) Just click below and embrace my girly ways.

I love Valentine's Day. I've never apologized for that cheesy love either. I've certainly celebrated many in various emotional and physical states. Some were good. Some were bad. Some were just down right terrifying. One of my favorite Valentine's was when I bought myself a shiny new outfit, took myself out to dinner, and then went dancing at a night club that was playing 80's music. I was around 20. It was fabulous. The popular notion that my womanly ways have yearnings for romance, flowers, and chocolate is very misguided. Flowers die and start to stink. Chocolate will eventually lead to the sugars. I don't require much romance because that's not what Valentine's Day is truly about. I know how that must sound. Hallmark has been telling us for years that V-Day is the day of love and fancy dinners topped off with a saucy romp in a motel room or a roll in the hay as Jason Vorhees looks on with silent murderous rage.

But no! Like I have said for years, Valentine's Day is all about bathing everything in reds and pinks with hearts everywhere and no one can look at you like you are a deranged grown woman with the mentality of a five year old.

For example, this bag makes me so freakin happy. Much like the Monster Cereals that come out for Halloween, I too love a good heart themed product that should be around all year long. This bag of Heartmallows does not make me yearn for romance or love, it makes me smile because it embraces all shades of pink while also tasting delicious. Other times of the year strawberry marshmallow bags look boring. Around February they look magical. It's a simple fact. I want this as wallpaper. Or printed on a poster so I can hang it over my bed. I'm serious. I love stuff like this. I used to carry an empty bottle of Head and Shoulders shampoo everywhere with me when I was a child because I loved that pink and purple wave. It doesn't take much to make me happy. I'm a very simple woman.

This year I have not bought as much V-Day candy like I normally do. I'm actually boycotting some candy right now. Sweetarts got rid of their orange flavored tart and have now given us a new yellow one. I don't like artificial yellow. It just tastes tacky. Also, the Sweetart gummy hearts seem to be under a new formula because they taste different too. 

All I've really purchased were some cherry flavored M&M's, which if you haven't tried yet you really should. You haven't lived until you've popped a cherry M&M in your mouth. 

Of course no talk of V-Day goodness would be complete without an in depth discussion of the non-candy Valentine themed products for sale. Normally I buy Valentine card sets and a fun toy or two. All that has seriously been lacking this year. Which isn't bad, I'm trying to do this new thing where I don't collect everything. I'm sort of doing a decent job of that. I was at least able to hunt down this lovely gem:

I am a rabid fan of Shopkins. There is something so adorable about this toy line. It almost feels like something that would have been made when I was a kid. The line just calls to me. So does this special Sweet Heart Collection. Go ahead, take in all those fun red and pink pieces of perfection. It's the best.

Of course I write all of this knowing full well that the next day is probably better because it all gets slashed to pieces like some horny teens in a horror movie. Markdowns on holiday related merchandise is an Earthly institution. 

In all actuality I hope everyone is doing well. I know some people either enjoy, loathe, or are indifferent about Valentine's Day, but I still hold the torch for it. I remember being in the first grade and this boy in my class (his name was Garrett) had ALF Valentine cards for everyone. He was cute. All the girls wanted to sit by him and they were all looking forward to a Valentine card from him. I was not too hopeful of that because I was a pale wispy thing battling health issues. I was doing good to just be at school after extended stays in the hospital.

Anyways, Garrett passed out the cards and I got an ALF card with Rhonda on it. Rhonda is of course ALF's smokin' hot girlfriend. I can't remember the exact line of the card, but it essentially said something like, "You're one hot Valentine" or something. Either way none of the other girls got that card, but for some reason Garrett gave it to me. I couldn't believe it. Some of my peers were beyond peeved. How could Garrett do that? Why did he give that to Michael? Why were we even worried about this stuff in the first grade? It didn't matter. In that moment I didn't feel sick or invisible, I felt special. That's really it. I love Valentine's Day. 

I hope you guys are all doing well. I'll be back with more soon. I've got a new All My Toys coming up, if I can ever get these darn Barbie dolls to cooperate. 

One last thing, I was listening to this awesome Debbie Harry song while writing this. Love this one so much. Thought some of you might enjoy it, it's a fun one.


  1. I'm very pleased to hear you're enjoying the Valentine's Day season. Lord knows I've stewing in Grinch level bitterness lately and have thankfully kept such feelings off of social media.

    You made my day with that remark about Jason Vorhees and now I want to see some feature were Jason goes on his usual Friday the 13th murder spree but then is powerless to chop up the amorous couples who come by the lakeside the 14th.

    I had to look up "the sugars" as a phrase on Urban Dictionary (must be a Southern thing). Despite the risk of diabetes and weight gain, I'm just too dependent on bite-size chocolates to help me through the mid-afternoon energy slump.

    Cherry M&Ms are news to me. Seems they'll but anything in those shells. Peanuts, pretzels, candy corn and a whole lot else according to Wikipedia.

    Great story about the ALF cards! Thanks for being such a great Internet friend. Here's to having the most marshmallow-tastic weekend ever!

    1. Yeah I haven't always enjoyed the day from a romance stand point, but from the point of all the hearts and cherry flavored candy and everything, it's really hard not to enjoy it. If I didn't like red and pink I probably wouldn't care.

      I also always live for a moment to mention horror movies in any way possible. lol

      The sugars is a very southern thing. The first time I heard it I couldn't stop laughing. I know diabetes is not funny, it was just the southern twang that the person was using when mentioning the sugars. It was just one of those surreal things.

      You have got to find some cherry M&Ms. They are so delicious. Pretty much everything has been encased in a M&M shell, you are right! lol

      I've told the ALF story before on here but it was awhile ago and though I don't like recycling stories sometimes it's nice to revisit. lol

  2. Good on ya for enjoying this little holiday Ms. M! Not only can you enjoy all the girly aspects, it's a celebration of love for friends and family too, not just romantic love. I hope you have a Happy Valentines Day! :) <3

    1. I agree Mason! It's about love for everyone. I know I love my family and friends all the other days of the year, sometimes we get busy and it is just nice to have a day to send a card or some candy with a lot of hearts. I love it! I also hope you have had a nice Valentine's Day too.

  3. Happy Valentines Girlie! I get most excited about all of the sweets that come out this time of year like the Gummy Pizzas in Valentines Day themed Pizza boxes, that say corny stuff like "Youve got a Pizza my heart".. Craft Beer made chocolates, the marshmallows.. Valentines day Beef Jerky packages.. etc etc etc. I was a good boy and miraculously didn't buy any of them, but sure did snap some pics and post them on social media for posterity!

    1. Hey Darrin! I know what you mean! I love the candy and snacks this time of year. There's a lot of fun stuff to get. I actually didn't buy a lot either, not like in past years. It was more for other people this year, but I agree, there is some fun stuff. Glad to hear from you and hope you have been doing well!

  4. NO MENTION OF DEADPOOL!? And you do SUCH a good Deadpool impression with your lil' figure of him! I only wish you were still doing the old style blog so you good do a Deadpool heroic hottie! No spoilers, but the movie really does end up being pretty damn adorbs and romantic! Still there was enough great gore and swearing to make those of us who despise Valentines day happy! And the girls were all surprisingly well done! Even though the main character is Wade,(which, really could have gone either way on the treatment of female characters!) the girl characters are all really bad ass and awesome! I recommend it highly. Of course the BEST part is NOW there will be more Deadpool toys!!
    Not sure they would come out with a box of Deadpool valentines, but I would TOTALLY BUY IT if they did!!!

    Anyway, Happy Valen-Slimes day! I normally hate it, but this year, Because: A. Deadpool and B. I sent a Dairy Star valentine to the girl who I based Dairy Star on and she SUPER loved it!
    I despise this holiday less !
    -all my candy hearts to u!!
    the Moose!

    1. I have not seen Deadpool yet but I am looking forward to it. I have heard really great things. I also would not count Deadpool out from appearing on this blog. The stories might appear one way right now, but things might get to looking familiar before you know it. There will be more Deadpool toys for sure and I'd even say there would be a sequel too. It apparently seems like it did very well. I'd also love Deadpool Valentines. That would be fun.

      I am super glad that you sent a Dairy Star Valentine to the girl you based her off of! And that she loved it! That's so freakin cool! Go Nick! Hope all is going well.