Thursday, March 17, 2016

All My Toys: Pop! Pop! It's Brian!

Previously on All My Toys...

The fantastic Miss M aka Michael Lynn left the comforts of her toy world to brave her real world working in the cosmetics department at Lacy's department store. Her co-workers and friends have been helping her through a disastrous divorce.

Of course not all is well in the toy world that Miss M once lived in. Everything has turned into an apocalyptic wasteland. Your favorite toys are in danger, particularly April O'Neil who is up for trial due to her friendship with Miss M. Can Miss Elizabeth and Ed find help to bring M back? 

Who knows what will happen, just click below to find out what happens next!

In the vast toy wasteland that is Michael's room in the attic, a man and a robot prepare for their day...

Glitter: Brian. What are you doing?
Brian: Going through some VHS tapes. There's a trial at high noon today and I want to capture it on tape. I just want to make sure I don't use any tapes that have movies from HBO on it.

Glitter: A trial? Who is on trial this time?

Brian: Some gutsy reporter named April O'Neil. Ever since the new regime took over this place they have been getting rid of super heroes, free thinkers, and members of the press. It's like they don't want us to remember the old world.

Glitter: You have enough proof of the old world on all these tapes.

Brian: Yep. Someone has to keep record of this. How is your new CPU?
Glitter: Very good Brian. I am just not used to this new shell.

Brian: I know. I miss your old form too, but who doesn't love a Turbo Cone?

Glitter: Do you think you will find a better form for me?

Brian: Eh, maybe. It doesn't matter what form you have. I will love you either way.

Glitter: I will always love you too Brian.

Brian: Cool. I've gotta go though. I'll be in contact.

Brian exits stage right, or was it left? It doesn't matter. He is a man on a very important mission.

Glitter: Be safe.

Back to another version of reality...

Michael: (on loudspeaker) Hello Lacy's shoppers! Want to feel young and sumptuous like a fresh baked cake? Well head over to the Bella Beauty counter for our brand new oven baked bronzers and blushes. Cosmetics that look good enough to eat and will make you the craving on everyone's lips. That burning sensation means it's working. Also receive a complimentary make up tutorial to perfect your look. As always, thank you for shopping Lacy's!

Rose: Michael! I've been looking for you!

Michael: Hey Rose! Really? Have I finally gotten a position yet?

Rose: Not yet, I'm here for something important. What size are you? Are you like a 4 or a 6?

Michael: Umm. No. I'm closer to a 12 these days on account of the late hours and drive by trips to McDonald's. There's a lot of girl under these pleather shorts. That's a statement I never thought I'd say.

Rose: Nice. This is perfect! You are just the person I need. We've got a regular coming into the store and she will only work with cosmetic associates who are a size 10 or higher. Can you help me with this special customer? (pauses) Well?

Michael: (shakes her head in total disbelief) You thought I was a size 4?

Rose: Huh?

Michael: I just can't believe that. Of course I'll help you. When is this customer coming in?

Rose: Right now.

Everyone can feel the presence of this most important customer entering Lacy's. This is the customer with high levels of disposable income. She might strike fear in some with her high demands, but ultimately she helps make sure the boat stays afloat...





Elizabeth: Darling! So thrilled to see you!

Rose: Hello Elizabeth, likewise.

Elizabeth: Who is helping me today?

Rose: Michael, come over here!

Michael: I'm right on top of that Rose! (sighs) I've been waiting to say that.

Rose: Oh aren't you funny. (whispers) Now is not the time to be quirky.

Rose: Michael, this is one of Lacy's best customers. Her name is Elizabeth.

Michael: Hi, I'm Michael.

Elizabeth turns slowly, trying to find something nice to say. She can't quite get the words out.

Elizabeth: Lovely.

Elizabeth: (whispers to Rose) Is she a size 6? I specifically asked for someone a size 10 or higher. I'd hate to take my business to Billard's.
Rose: No. She is a 12.

Elizabeth: Really?! I'm shocked. Fabulous shapewear. Very well, that should be fine.

Rose: She's really great. Michael will do a wonderful job.

Elizabeth: I can only hope you are correct.

Michael: Umm, what were you looking for?

Elizabeth: Well let me see. I have a job on television. Sunday mornings on the local news station to be exact. So I really need to make sure I have perfect coverage but nothing that will harm my skin. I must look fresh faced. Do you know how hard it is to be in my late 40's trying to look like I can compete with the obnoxious 20 year old intern that wants my damn job?

Michael: Umm. I don't know. (panics) Well. Ok great. Bella Beauty has some really stunning new sumptuous baked bronzers and blushes. They'll make people want to eat your skin.

Elizabeth: Show me. And what do you use? Your face looks so clear, almost like a porcelain doll.

Michael: I don't know, I just stay out of the sun.

Elizabeth: How old are you?

Michael: I'm in my early thirties.

Elizabeth: Bitch.

Some time later...

Elizabeth: Let me understand. You work in cosmetics even though you have no experience putting make up on other people? To top it all off you are a therapist. And you find time to write. Your life is messy. Are you published?

Michael: Oh. Am I published? Well... I had two of my opinions published in two different issues of Soap Opera Digest.

Elizabeth: Ah. I see. You aren't a real writer, you probably have a blog or something huh?

Michael: Well yeah. It's a fun blog though.

Elizabeth: What's it about?

Michael: My love for toys.

Elizabeth: Ah, very interesting. I didn't peg you for a freak.

Michael: Oh no, I'm talking about toys, like from a toy store. Like She-Ra or Barbie.

Elizabeth: You write about those kinds of toys?

Michael: Yes. A lot of people do actually. I mostly share my memories associated with toys or what I'm collecting. I also do this long drawn out toy soap opera story.

Elizabeth: And people actually read that?

Michael: Some people do. It's not really about getting the masses to join in, but more so having something for people to check out if they are interested.

Elizabeth: You don't look like the kind of girl to be such a hoarder. I mean, I'm assuming you must be a hoarder. You have the look of a hoarder. It's in your eyes. Plus I could have sworn I saw a spider crawling in your hair. There's also the slight scent of grandma's couch on you.

Michael: Actually that's just the new fragrance by Bella Beauty.

Elizabeth: Whatever. I've been amused enough for one day. I think I'm going to take my sales to the MAC counter. I'm looking for something a little more youthful. I work on television, you understand.

Michael: Oh no, it's ok.

Elizabeth: You matched my face really well though. I also like your skills with the eye brow pencil. Well, it was quite something to talk to you shop girl. Do take care. Oh, and be sure to watch me tomorrow morning on Channel 13.

Michael: Darn it. Lost another customer to the too cool for school MAC counter. Those girls are so awesome. Meanwhile I smell like grandma's couch. Damn it.

???: Excuse me, could you tell me where I can find a deep black lipstick? I've been feeling a little venomous...

Michael: Maleficent! What are you doing?

Maleficent: I'm here to warn you. You have to go back.

Michael: Stop. Get out of my head.

Maleficent: Oh I'm not in your head. This has gone far beyond your head. Your friends are in danger. The longer you stay here the more things change for the worse. April is on trial for her life!

Michael: (screams) Just GO!

Over at the MAC counter,

Elizabeth: See what I mean? The dork girl is just a bit off.

Back to the toy wasteland! A massive crowd has gathered for the trial of April O'Neil...

Brian: Glitter, can you see through these badass optic glasses?

Glitter: Yes Brian. I can see. It seems very crowded, are you ok?

Brian: Yeah, I can handle this crowd for a little while. Just make sure you scan the crowd. I'm looking for Derek and Jason.

Glitter: Very well. I'm also recording the Lockhart podcast simultaneously to see if there are any clues from the callers.

Brian: Thanks Glitter. I think the trial is about to start.

A voice speaks up through a loudspeaker so the masses can hear in the cheap seats...

Rita Repulsa: Greetings new world! I am your most repulsive judge for today's events. Are you ready for another edition of trial by fire?! We've got a special criminal up for verdict. We all know what happened. We all know the world we once had. That changed though when Miss M shattered the universe. Now we live in this wasteland, and those who support her must be punished. Bring forth, April O'Neil!

The crowd screams in awe and fear. 

April: This is insane!

Rita: What's insane dear is that you have the key to your freedom. It's so simple. Tell us where Miss M is. Or any of her other accomplices, like Batman, Miss Elizabeth, or Maleficent?

April: I've told you crackpots already that I don't know!

Rita: Very well. I'll just have to sentence you. To the Wall. You'll be frozen in plastic carbonite and mounted for the world to see. You'll be joining a special group of people. Why, Wonder Woman and She-Ra's friends are already up there. You'll grow to love your new home.

April: Get your hands off me! I won't do this.

Rita: Galvanus, escort her to the chamber for plastic carbonite prep. She will travel across the Mound to be placed on the Wall.

Galvanus breathes heavily, ready to follow his orders.

April: Stop! You all won't get away with this!

Rita: Ha! This is the new world April. You have no place in it.

???: (a new voice calls out from the speaker) Stop this process.

Rita: Oh, oh, oh, it seems our leader is gracing us. Everyone rise for...

Rita: Cobra Commander!

Cobra Commander: Excellent work Judge Repulsa, but I will take it from here. I have the power to change the tide. I make the rules and I believe April should be spared from the Wall.

April: Finally someone starts making sense.

Cobra Commander: Yes. I do make sense. Galvanus, escort Ms. O'Neil to her new destination.

April: What? He needs to keep his mitts off me!

Cobra Commander: April O'Neil, I hereby command that you be thrown off the edge into nothing. That is my order.

April turns to look down the scary edge into nothing,

She stands horrified at her fate. All alone with the dawning realization that no one will be trying to help her, April begins to embrace her doom. She sheds silent tears, wishing that Miss M would return to fix this brutal new world.

Brian: Damn. Glitter, the crowd is getting too loud. I gotta go, but I got some good footage. I'll try to scrounge for some chips and Ecto Cooler on my way home.

Glitter: Very well Brian. Just come home safely.

Brian: Will do. Love you.

Glitter: I love you too.

Back to another life, another reality...

Michael: I am losing it. I don't feel in control of my life anymore.

???: Hey. You work for Bella Beauty right?

Michael: Hi, ya. Well sort of. I work this counter but I'm not officially hired on as a Bella Beauty consultant, I'm still seasonal. You're the MAC girl.

???: Yeah, well, I'm one of the MAC girls. My name is Mary.

Michael: Nice to meet you. You all do such great work.
Mary: Thanks. I enjoy my job.

Michael: Cool. So... do you need help with something?

Mary: No, not really. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for directing that swanky lady over to our counter. She bought a ton of stuff and she is a TV personality. That's crazy. She even wants to pay me for make up services when she is at the studio.
Michael: Wow. That sounds like a cool experience! I'm glad she got what she needed.

Mary: Yeah, she did. I've seen you around before, you seem really cool. If you ever wanna stop by the MAC counter and talk to us feel free.

Michael: Really? No way. Oh wow, that's really nice of you.

Mary: Yeah. Anyways, I need to get back. See ya around.

Michael: Sure thing.

Michael: I feel like I've just been invited to the cool party. I can stop by and visit at the MAC counter. I've really made it. Not bad for smelling like Grandma's couch.

Up next!

It's the showdown that could make or break Michael's mind! Don't miss it!


  1. Love that little bit about feeling like a fresh baked cake. You've got a real talent for writing dialogue I want to hear out loud.

    It seems theres just no pleasing people, even when our job is to make them look good!

    So Brian has joined the ranks of your army. Your geek entourage is steadily growing! Though it looks like Michael is gaining a greater supporting cast as well with this new friend from the MAC counter. This may come to a head as it looks like the lines between Michael's world and Miss M's are starting to blur even more!

    1. Hey Erik. I have thought about finding ways to record the dialogue so that it could flow in a way that would really make things come to life. I just haven't had the capability of doing it.

      Brian has joined the ranks. I am actually trying to find toys for all of you. I have ideas for each of you guys to be in the story. It's just finding the right toys. lol I've been trying to flesh out characters for both worlds. Something to make things interesting since Miss M is not really back in her regular pink boots. Anyways, I hope you have been doing ok!

    2. I'm grateful that you consider me enough of an Internet friend to want to include me in on the fun!

      As for how I'm doing, there was a great turnout the sketch card event with steady customers for eight hours! Its a good warmup for caricature drawing at the park, which I'll be getting back to in about three weeks. Things are certainly getting exciting around here!

  2. I agree with Erik. I love your artistic expression and how you choose to show off our skills as a writer and story teller. Great stuff as always.

    1. Thank you Cal. Like I told Erik, I have been looking for a figure to represent you in this story too. It has been a dream of mine to have you guys making mayhem with toy Miss M. I think it would just be the best thing ever. Hope all is going well with you!

  3. things are really getting scary toy miss m has to really return back to the toy world now if nothing else to save april though don't like the face on the rita figure other wise once again love the story. you should look at trying to make the thing into a you tube video since some of toy miss ms. dialoque including when she is looking like she is having a break down is just asking to be heard in real life. and love that doll used for that elibeth who thinks toy miss m is off.

    1. I totally agree with you, I think they could have done a better job on Rita's face. I also wish they had made a version of this figure in a slightly larger scale. That would have been perfect.

      I would love nothing more than to have this dialogue spoken by people. I think it would make for a very fun experience. I am just not talented enough to put it all together. Maybe one day! I hope you are doing well btw. I have also replied to your past few comments. I thought I had already but I have not. Things have been so busy lately. I just need a moment to catch up! Hope you are doing well!

  4. Can't get over how much that doll looks like you!
    Adorbs-of course, but still down to earth seeming, just like the real M.
    I've been behind on this blog cuz you weren't posting for a while so I gave up hope and stopped checking! Glad you are back!
    Now-much like the Turtles- You gotta save April!!!

  5. I know! It totally works that the doll looks like me! I got very lucky with this one. And it's ok that you have been behind. My posting has not been as often as I'd like, but I am still writing. It just takes me a little longer because of work and life being a bit busy as of late. I have story plans mapped out for the rest of the year, so I'm not going anywhere. Now April on the other hand... lol