Monday, October 31, 2016

Election Season 2016: April O'Neil's Rallying Halloween Bash!

Dear Diary,

Filming for Jaws 5 is going so slow. The first robotic shark caught fire and destroyed a set. Filming has been put on pause. The film's director Mark Hamill was caught in a political nightmare with the current election. He had personal emails in his account regarding information on presidential nominee Boo Berry and apparently everyone is freaking out. Something about the real reasons why Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute have been missing on shelves. So he has been taken away from the set to sort it all out. It's just crazy. I don't even know who will win. The candidates all seem so tasty this year. Anyways, it's also Halloween. So let's get into it!

-Miss M

At a political event downtown...

April: Happy Halloween everyone! This is April O'Neil coming to you live from a Boo Berry rally. Usually I'd be throwing a huge Halloween Bash, but this is the bash! Election 2016! The final days of the 2016 election cycle are speeding to an end. Who will be elected president? I have with me right now presidential nominee Boo Berry. Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed.

Boo Berry: No problem April.
April: Give us an update on your email scandal!

Boo Berry: Of course. The investigation is going smoothly. I have been cooperating with the highest officials. I made a mistake using a personal email account when I was head mascot at General Mills.
April: Is it true you set in motion an order to ban any future return of Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute cereals to stores?

Boo Berry: No. And when the emails are finally released the public will see that I had a specific plan to make sure that Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute returned to the public eye ready to be devoured. There was going to be a strategic plan. My opponents have been trying to make this worse than it is.

April: So what went wrong?

Boo Berry: I can't really comment on that at this time. I will say though, General Mills felt that Yummy and Frute just weren't ready. It wasn't up to me.
April: What of your relationship with Mark Hamill?

Boo Berry: We've been friends for decades. He's family. I want to see him succeed not only as an actor but as a director. I helped finance his latest project Jaws 5.

April: A film which has been riddled with behind the scenes problems. Is it possible that the film might not even be made?

Boo Berry: No. Not possible. Jaws 5 will get made and the public will vote me into office on November 8th.

April: Well good luck Boo Berry and thank you for talking with me.

Boo Berry: My pleasure April.

April: While Boo Berry speaks to his fans, I want to encourage the Channel 6 viewers to head on down to see us.

April: You can meet Boo Berry and get candy and other treats if dressed in a costume! Rock your taste buds and vote!

At another political rally...

Megan Fox: Halloween is full of spooky sweet treats. The biggest political event of the night is here at the General Mills Monster Mansion. I'm Megan Fox for Channel 32 News!
Fans are awaiting the arrival of presidential nominee Count Chocula! Right now let's listen in on what his wife Strawberry Shortcake has to say.

Strawberry Shortcake: As I see you all here to support my husband, Count Chocula for president, I am reminded at just how wonderful this country is. Count Chocula has melted the hearts of this great land and will continue to do so once he is elected president.

Strawberry Shortcake: I know that some of you have been confused by the recent stories that have come out about my husband. How he is a vampire. Yes, my husband is a vampire, but he has never just gone out and grabbed someone by the neck and started sucking them. He has converted to an all chocolate diet.

Strawberry Shortcake: These allegations have been brought forth by my husband's opponent Frankenberry. He is the real monster in this political drama. Frankenberry is a bitter man, a real outsider. He has stooped so low to tarnish the good name of my husband. Count Chocula is a berry sweet man.

Strawberry Shortcake: As for the ghost running in this election, all I can say is Boo who? Boo Berry should be exorcised from this election! He used a personal email account when he was in a high position at General Mills. He is up to no good. Someone needs to call the Ghostbusters and rid this great country of a menace!

Strawberry Shortcake: Now, let me hear your screams and chants for my husband! Count Chocula!


Megan Fox: As you can see, Strawberry Shortcake is firing the crowd up for her husband's arrival. Count Chocula has been running a very strong campaign, no one knows what he will swoop in and say this time. Of course the breaking news story of the evening is the pop up rally by the Pink Party: Frankenberry!

Down the street...

Frankenberry: She's a nasty woman. Let me tell you all about Strawberry Shortcake. We fell in love years ago. Everything was coming up strawberries. I had finally found love. But then she cheated on me with Count Chocula. She's a nasty woman. Voting for them will be a step back in time. I want you all to understand, a vote for me will be a vote for a jolt. A jolt this country needs. I promise free cases of limited Jolt cola for every family member who makes below 200,000 dollars. That's right. I'm bringing Jolt back. Strawberry Jolt will replace our water supply. Great families across this nation will get the refreshingly sweet taste of Strawberry Jolt from the tap.

Frankenberry: We will be serving free cups of Jolt after this rally, so you can get a taste of what the new world will be like!

Frankenberry: We all remember that not too long ago the world was in chaos, in an apocalyptic state thanks to the one called Miss M. Everyone has asked me what I will do to her if I am elected president. I will do nothing. The real enemy behind the summer apocalypse was Cobra! With financial backing by none other than Count Chocula! We all need to wake up. Changes will happen when I am in office.

Frankenberry: I'm also going to change the structure of this society. Boxes of Frankenberry will be the only cereal found in stores. I will make exceptions for my running mate Frute Brute. Together we will make sure your mouths never have to taste the underhandedness of Count Chocula or the overtly transparent formula of Boo Berry. This country deserves more! And as president I will make sure to deliver!

Jessica Wray: I loud war cry has been felt here at the steps of City Hall as Frankenberry finally divulges plans for his candidacy. If elected this will be the first time in our nation's history that water will be replaced with soda. Rumors have been swirling that Frankenberry has been receiving money from special interests companies to make sure that sugary sweets become a staple. Since his opponent is in cahoots with Cobra, one can't help but wonder who has their hold on Frankenberry?

Jessica Wray: This election has proven to be one of the most strangest times in the history of our country. I'm Jessica Wray reporting live from Channel 4 news. We will return with more from this unfolding event.

Somewhere in the side lines Bruce Wayne and Miss M stalk the Halloween night in their super hero suits...

Batman: Crazy night with all these political rallies.
WoW: I know. What is happening to the world?

Batman: I am not sure. It is Halloween though. There's always something a little spooky in the air. I like your costume.

WoW: You do? Thanks. I wanted something new. I love a good bang too. Of course your costume looks awesome as always,

Batman: Here we are, finding ourselves together on another Halloween night.
WoW: This year is a bit different though.

Batman: I know. We don't have Yvie with us.
WoW: I don't know how we are going to get over that.

Batman: We won't. We never will.
WoW: I thought work would help me. I thought being in Jaws 5 would change things.
Batman: You have been busy though, I thought that would help.

WoW: Sort of. Now that filming has been temporarily shut down I don't know when I will get back to the set.
Batman: You have me.

WoW: I appreciate that.
Batman: We still need to actually go to dinner though for a date. This crime fighting at night is nice and all, but I'd actually like to enjoy a meal with you.

WoW: I'm just not ready. I don't want to go out in public.

Batman: (sighs) Fine. I just don't know how much longer I'll wait.

WoW: What does that mean? We suddenly have an expiration date?

Batman: It means that I love you. And I'm waiting for you to come back to me. I just didn't think it would be this long.
WoW: I'm sorry.

Batman: (changes his tone) It's ok. I'm going up 5th Avenue. I'll see you back at the cave.

WoW: (watches him leave) Sure thing. Oh we are in trouble.

Finally, in a more decidedly damp and vile location...

Dragon Queen: Haha! We revel in the misfortune of others. I love Halloween. Taking candy from children is the best.

Wild One: Who are you voting for?

Dragon Queen: Ha! No one. I want to see this country crumble. That way we can pick it back up and reign once again!

Barbarocious: It's perfect really. Let those idiots destroy themselves. The world will soon be ours for the taking!

Vultura: Moth Lady, you haven't been celebrating Halloween much with us. You breezed past five kids and didn't even try to trip them or anything.

Moth Lady: I've just had some things on my mind.

Vultura: Get into it Moth Lady. It's Halloween!

Moth Lady: Sure. I'm gonna step away though. Barbarocious has such a big place, I want to see more of it.

Moth Lady walks away to sneak around.

Moth Lady: Where are you? Damn it I know you are here.

Moth Lady: That woman has been up to no good, I just know it...

Moth Lady: (pauses as her eyes rest on a little girl) It's you. How did you end up here of all places?

Yvie: Do I know you?

Moth Lady: Not exactly. But you will. I'm... your mother...

Dun dun duuuuuun!

All My Toys continues soon with more soapy toy drama!


  1. I knew you had the Frankenberry Funko but it didn't occur to me that you would have others like Boo Berry or Strawberry Shortcake. It almost sounds like a Nerd Lunch topic "Make More Mascot Merch!" C'mon CT put me in, I'm ready! Haha

    Good to see you're in good spirits for the season with some light banter about the upcoming election.

    Working at a Halloween themed park has taken the wind out of sails of most of my peers so thanks for posting this little treat before the witching hour is gone.

    Happy Halloween!

    1. I hope you have been doing well Erik! I have a ton of the Funko Pop figures. I was able to get the cereal ones when they were still new. They just keep churning those things out though. I love it.

      I am doing my best to be in good spirits over this election stuff. I've also been busy finishing up the third article about Justine Dantzer and her work on Happy Meal toys. There are quite a few illustrations involved so I think you will like it.

      I hope you are doing well and I am thankful that you took the time to read this.Talk to you soon!

    2. Every time I see the Funkos I just don't know where to start. I couldn't just pick one. Even if I could narrow it down to just buying one it would be so lonely.

      Much like our country I'm in a transition period were people are coming and going and I'm just waiting to see what'll happen in this new year.

      As always I'm eager to learn more about Justine's adventures as a professional illustrator. Happy Meals toys sounds like an avenue of her work that which I might be familiar. Looking forward to it!

      I'm glad to support the creative endeavors of my peers. We've got to stick together and support one another after all.

  2. The whole Monster Cereal election thing might be your BEST story yet! When I saw that Monster Election thing on the boxes I KNEW you would be using it somehow! Funnily enough, I think out of the 3 monster cereals who are running, my fave is Boo Berry! Which is odd, I know, because I like vampire and Frankenstein movies WAY more than Ghost movies! But I think I just like the flavor of Boo Berry the most!
    Plus-unless you count Yummy Mummy and Fruit Brute, Boo Berry was always the hardest to find!
    I know you have been reluctant to marry me in the past because you have a boyfriend and I'm sure you have other lame reasons but I KNOW if I find one of these old school cereal monster rings you will HAVE to say yes!!

    -BTW:I don't JUST wanna marry you to gain access to your Bucky O'Hare figure. It would be ONE of the reasons I wanna marry you but not the ONLY one! (I had the duck and the gorilla but never a Bucky and I STILL want one! )

    1. Hey Nick. I am glad you know me so well. Of course I had to do a story with the Monster Cereal Elections. How could I not? Frute Brute was my favorite. I do like Frankenberry though too. Both are really really good.

      You are so funny about this marrying me thing. I am single though. We broke up. That is not an invitation to run out and propose with a Monster cereal ring. lol And if you want the Bucky O'Hare figure, I can search for another one for ya! You don't have to get on bended knee and deal with that whole ball and chain thing. lol I hope you are doing well.

    2. HAHA! Don't worry! I'm not trying to actually "marry" anyone! I use that all the time as my flirt thing to comically express how awesome I find a particular foxy lady, but I know how many pitfalls the whole marriage thing brings along with it! (And not the fun Atari version of Pitfall of course!) And you know how bad it can go just as well as anyone on this planet could know, based on your marriage.
      No, for now I am happy being your internet admirer! (Though I'll admit, I'm quite behind! Looks like you got a bunch of new stuff up! I'll get to that soon I PROMISE!! Just a lot of stuff going on this Holiday week. So right now I am just stopping by to check in but I got a LOTTA stuff to read!)
      If you send me a Bucky, I will have to send you something, like a...I dunno what, cuz you have EVERYTHING! Or maybe I'll just draw you a comic! (With you as Texas Star-or Texaco Star?) If you ever do feel the urge to send me a Bucky, just tell me in a private message on Facebook, so I can tell you my address. And if you have any extra Modulok's or Wyrms sitting around, feel free to send one of them too! Haha! Hell, I'd be happy just to have one of the Modulok heads!

  3. love how you got every one color cordinated to match the canidates. and moth lady revealing she is that girls mother can only mean maybe the little girl is now yvivie growing up a little. plus hope you have a happy halloween miss m.

    1. I'm so glad you noticed that! I had so much fun going over my collection and finding items that were color coordinated. It was so much fun. And I can assure you, that little girl is Yvie growing up. It is going to be a very fun story. I did have a Happy Halloween. I hope the same for you too!