Tuesday, February 20, 2018

All My Toys: Secrets

Previously on All My Toys,

Miss M was tricked into falling in love by the evil Burnheart! He even kidnapped her at their wedding that did not happen! This all happened in space and the gag was that Burnheart was going to destroy Earth! And Batman flew off in a rocket to save her! Only Miss M does not need saving! She killed Burnheart and with Ed by her side they hopped in a ship with Bucky O'Hare and his crew as Burnheart's ship exploded! What could possibly happen next? Find out dear reader!

All My Toys:

Somewhere in space...

Miss M: This is the weirdest ship. It looks like a house.

Bucky: Sorry doll, we couldn't spring for a fancy space ship set after the last one went kaboom.

Miss M: I really need you to turn this ship around and take me back to Earth.
Bucky: Doll, I really wish I could. I flat out wish I could. I just can't.

Miss M: Well why can't you at least tell me where we are going? And how long we will be there? I really must be back on Earth.

Bucky: Why? Earth is so pedestrian.

Miss M: I mean yes, there are pedestrians. Lots of them. I know a few of them. One of them might even be my daughter who I thought was dead.
Bucky: And you think she is alive?

Miss M: Yes. I think so. Which is why I really need to get back to Earth! Why can't you understand this?

Bucky: I understand doll. I really do. But you have to understand, my boss sent my crew on a mission to bring Burnheart back. He did some pretty bad things. Now that he is dead, at your hands, I need you to tell my boss what happened. Once she feels that all her concerns are soothed, you'll be back to that crappy pedestrian planet with your possible zombie daughter.

Miss M: She wouldn't be a zombie.

Bucky: Rugrats are always zombies, doll. Just sit tight and we will be there very soon.

Back on Earth...

April: Batman! You're back from space! Do you like that I called you Batman finally and not Bruce? Even though you are walking around in public with your Bruce Wayne mask on.
Batman: Whatever.

April: What's wrong? Where's M?

Batman: She isn't here. I went into orbit and immediately saw all the wreckage. It was Burnheart's ship. It had exploded.

April: Well maybe she used an escape pod? I mean space ships have those right?

Batman: They do, but I surveyed the wreckage and from what I could tell the remnants of the pods were still there. She's gone.

April: No. No. Miss M has not died a second time. That would just be the craziest plot point ever. She has to be alive.

Batman: I checked through the entire damn scene! It has been recent. There was no sign of her.

April: Than she is still alive.

Batman: Floating in space? No. She's dead. There's no way she survived this. That bastard killed her.

April: Oh no. This isn't happening.

Batman: Afraid so. You should go tell her teammates.

April: Where will you go?

Batman: Where I always go.

April: To the Batcave?

Batman: Yes. I was trying to say that without actually having to say it.

April: Got ya.

Else where...

Irma: Ok. Come on Irma. You have to pick a royal treat for your man since you were working late on Valentine's Day. 

Irma: Actually we were both working late together. Maybe this is just me wanting to feed my sweet tooth.

Suddenly a familiar voice calls out Irma's name.

Louis: Wow, you look great Irma.

Irma: Louis, oh my. It has been awhile. How are you?

Louis: I'm swell. Ya know I did not think I'd see you again since everything that happened in Dimension X.
Irma: Yeah, well a lot happened. End of the world post apocalyptic stuff. Our busy lives with work and relationships. Life happens.

Louis: Yeah. I see you survived the last couple of years. I have been busy with work. No relationships though. I am still kicking myself for letting you go all those years ago.

Irma: Louis, that was years ago. You weren't ready. You wanted to be a Ghostbuster and travel the world catching ghosts. It is what it is. I am blissfully happy with Guy Friday.

Louis: I know, but I just can't stop thinking about that kiss we shared when we were in Dimension X.

Irma: Louis! Don't ever mention that! We thought we were going to die and it was just a kiss. It was not meant to be anything more. It is our secret that can never be shared.
Louis: I know. You have moved on and I will forever be kicking myself.
Irma: Well go and kick yourself somewhere else. I have to go.
Irma: (sighs) Hurry, get out of here Irma. Don't look back. You didn't need the ice cream anyway. Actually. I really did. Damn awkward encounters!

Louis: (sighs) Oh I am a fool. Best woman I've ever known.

Else where...

April: I am glad you could all be here. Although I have no idea why Deanna Troi is here, but I am sure that will be explained in a bit.

April: So I am just gonna come out with it. Miss M is dead. She died in space at the hands of Burnheart. It really sucks.
Oola: What?!
Glitter: My CPU is not capable of understanding this information.
Samus: Miss M is gone?

Billy: I don't believe this. She was just going to be married a few issues ago. And now she is gone?
Brian Farrell: This sucks.

Deanna: I feel that this is inaccurate. 

April: Well it's true. She is gone. I never thought she'd die twice.

Glitter: She was valuable to this team. She would have been an incredible leader had she stayed on.

Oola: I know I was upset with her decision to leave us, but she was a nice member of this team. We should mourn but we can't forget what we are here to do.

Brian Farrell: Yeah. We have new recruits for this team and we still have to find a way to take down the Chocula administration. 

Oola: Pardon me. I will grieve in my own way and then I will go back to work. This country is in danger and we are the ones to fix it.

Samus: Will there be a funeral?

Glitter: No. I have already accessed Miss M's online will and she specifically said that if she were to ever die a second time she would not want a funeral. Something about already having seen the first one and that it was too much. I do not understand.

Billy: She died once before and was there to witness it all in spirit form, before going to the After Life. April, what are we going to do?
April: We are going to go on living. I have already taken her dog over to my house. Poor thing needed to be fed. We have to keep saving the world. It is what she would have wanted.

Glitter: Come my love, I want to watch you eat some fries in her memory.
Brian Farrell: (sniffs) She would have liked that.

April: Now what exactly are you doing here? I paid you for our last session didn't I?
Deanna: Yes, you did. I was also M's therapist. I know I am breaking confidentiality right now, but Cobra was looking for her.
April: About the election?

Deanna: Yes. In a manner of speaking. I have been hiding out here because they know that I have information. April, Cobra's hand in the election goes much deeper than we thought. It's really bad.

April: I see. Well I am not fully aware of what this super hero team has been fully up to, but I intend to make sure that you all receive any help from me that is necessary.
Deanna: Thank you. 

April: Don't go too far Deanna, I still need to ask something of you.
Samus: Deanna has been a great source of help. We will take Cobra and President Chocula down.

April: That's fine. I am glad we are alone right now.
Samus: Oh?
April: I don't believe Miss M is dead.

Samus: But you just told us all she was dead. I am confused.

April: Look, I don't know what to believe. I just know her doofus lover Bruce Wayne could not find a needle in a haystack and space is a damn big haystack. I refuse to believe that she is dead. Which is why I need your help. This has to be a secret.

Samus: A secret mission?
April: Yes. a secret mission. I want you to go into space and see what you can learn. You know space better than anyone. If you find out she is dead than everyone continues to mourn and no one is the wiser. I don't want anyone to know this because it will give false hope. However if there is the slightest chance...
Samus: I think I understand.
April: Perfect. Oh, and bring Deanna Troi with you. She looks like she knows a thing or two about space and if Miss M is alive she will need a therapist to talk to with all this insane bullshit she has been going through.

Samus: Understood. Deanna Troi and I will head into space tomorrow morning and we will do our best to bring Miss M back, dead or alive.

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  1. I always love budget saving ways of explaining why something amazing looks so mundane. Like the time machine in Doctor Who looks like a phone booth because the production was so cheap they had to use a prop that the studio had lying around.

    "My daughter isn't a zombie. Though she might be a vampire since her father spends so much time in a bat cave."

    What an appropriate choice to use "Sad Affleck" Batman for this scene.

    I got to try the new Strawberry Chocolate Dip Blizzard on Valentine's Day. Its two different types of sweets that mix together beautifully. Its yet another cruel reminder of being alone. Can I get an amen Louis?

    "Well the good news is that if you die in space, your body won't decompose, so that's... not as uplifting as I sounded in my head..."

    1. You are picking up on things! The little girl might end up with some bat like issues sooner or later. I have some fun stuff in store for that portion of the story once it gets there.

      Doing the photos for this round made me realize I have next to nothing in the space ship themed play set department. It actually makes me a little sad.

      That Blizzard sounds like it was good. I mostly just picked up my favorite candies this year. "Sad Affleck" was pretty darn perfect for this story. Also, yay for not decomposing in space! haha

    2. I'm a little surprised to hear you say you're lacking in spaceship sets. Especially since there seems to be no end in sight for Star Wars toys. Then again I can't remember the last time I saw a playset on display. Usually its figures or ships that make up the bulk of the aisles.

  2. something tells me not only is erma and louie little kiss from dimension x going to no longer be secret. but toy miss m is going to wind up with samus and donna troi helping her and bucky and crew out on their adventure or find buckys boss is some one as nasty as burn heart was . loving the story .

    1. Oh my goodness I am so glad you are loving the story. The places that I plan on taking it should hopefully be super fun and unexpected. I have some really fun ideas that will be showing some fun toys. As for Irma and Louis, I totally dropped that whole side tale a couple years ago so I felt it would be good to revisit it. Haha. I hope you have been doing well!

  3. Samus, Deanna , April and Dorkette! If they get together again, sounds like a party I'd like to attend!
    And I always thought Irma was better for Louis than Janine!