Saturday, March 31, 2018

All My Toys: He Has Risen

Dear Diary,

We are in Dimension X about to meet Bucky O'Hare's mystery boss. I have also been told that there is a solar storm about to spread across the universe. I have no idea what that means but something tells me it will be quite a light show. I just want to find my way back to Earth. This side adventure in space is not that bad, but there are bigger things I am missing out on. I also miss my super hero team. I wonder how they are? What new missions are they on? Do they even miss me? I doubt they even know I am gone. Oh well. I will just have to wait patiently for my trip back home.

-Miss M

On Earth...

Glitter: Come in team, you should be in the right place. According to Oola's map, the giraffe should be on the other side of the brick wall. Oola and Billy will be dropping in soon.

New Team Members to the Super Hero Team with no name!
Quick Charge- Successful scientist able to skate on electricity!
He-Man- The most powerful man in the universe!

He-Man: This is the wall that needs to be broken through?

Quick Charge: Yes, this is according to Glitter's message. Are you excited to be on this team? It's a little odd that they can't even come up with a name.

He-Man: Eh. The market is over saturated with heroic teams. Where I come from names are pretty self explanatory, so Super Hero Team works for now.
Quick Charge: Where you are from, do other men dress like you? In nothing but loin cloths and harnesses?

He-Man: (prepares to bust through a wall) Yes, most are wearing even less.

Quick Charge: (walks through the new section) Sounds fascinating. Great job. Now let's get everyone else here.
He-Man: Great. We need to hurry.

Quick Charge: Oh, I can work in a hurry.

He-Man: How are we going to sneak a giraffe out of here? And why has no one tried to stop us?

Quick Charge: Good question muscle man. Hopefully Oola and Billy have taken care of anyone disrupting us. I am sure Oola will have a plan for the giraffe. I am sending them down!

Billy the Blue Ranger- Honed fighting ninja skills, intergalactic armor and a triceratops Zord for a ride.

Oola- agile fighter with a sharp mind. Survivor and social justice warrior.

Quick Change: I know I am new to this team, but how do we solve a problem like Geoffrey?

Oola: All right team, let's get this big boy out of here.

Geoffrey: Do not let my appearance fool you, I am actually quite light.

Oola: You can talk?

Geoffrey: Why of course. Some animals are capable of speech. Please say you can get me out of here.

Billy: We are working on that.
Quick Charge: The lever to open the cell has a code. I can't crack it however I was able to zap the security system, so there are other ways to get it open.

Oola: All right. Let's break this thing.

He-Man: I could do this with one punch, you realize that right?

Oola: Yes, but there is just something really cool about teamwork.

Quick Charge: I guess. I think the muscle man could probably make quick work of this all just fine on his own.

He-Man: Actually, these bars are made of a weird material. My punches alone are not enough.
Oola: Keep using your powers Quick Charge. It's loosening things up.

Billy: We are getting it! It's opening!

Geoffrey: Hooray! You have saved me! I am free.

Oola: Yeah. Now comes the hard part. We need to sneak you out of here.

He-Man: We can just go the way we came.

Quick Charge: Oh easy. I am just waiting for the mini carrier Fury let us borrow to circle back, then I will create an electric slide and skate us up to the carrier. Any onlookers will merely think it's a freak lightning storm.

Billy: Actually that is perfect. There's is a solar storm set to blaze across the sky soon.
He-Men: Perfect.

Natalya: Stop! How dare you come here taking what does not belong to you.

Geoffrey: Oh no.
Oola: Do not worry, we will get out of this.
Geoffrey: Don't let them destroy me.

Natalya: It is not polite to break into people's strongholds and steal their items. That's a penalty of death in some parts of the world. Now hand over the giraffe or you will see what penalty I have in store for you.

Oola: There will be no penalty. This giraffe is not some item, but a living breathing being that deserves to still be here with us. You will not end him. Quick Charge, get us out of here!

Quick Charge: Ok Oola Toolah. I like nicknames.

Quick Charge: One electric slide coming up, someone hold onto the giraffe tight.

Natalya: (watches them leave) You fools! They won't be getting away with this. Once Bane hears of this, he will destroy that giraffe and any of its supporters.

Back at the base...

Glitter: Great team! Bring Geoffrey here and we will find a way to place him back in his natural habitat.

Glitter: (sends voice mail to her love Brian Ferrell) Brian, the team is doing great. They have saved the giraffe. We are doing well without Miss M here. I miss you and hope to see you soon my love.

Glitter turns as her processing unit picks up the sounds and energy of a new person.

Glitter: You.
Cobra Commander: Yes. Me. This has been a hard place to find.

Glitter: According to my programs, there is a reason for that.

Cobra Commander: Yes. Maybe so. I have found you now and this place, your team, they are over.

In space...
Deanna: The stars look so nice. I never grow tired of looking at them.

Samus: Deanna, I have been looking for you. We must leave quickly.

Deanna: We just got here. I thought you needed to find information... Oh. I sense something troubling in you. A fear.
Samus: Yes. The Haven is about to be hit with a solar storm. It's making its way across the universe.

Samus: If we leave now we can out run it. If we stay the ship could be damaged which could find us here longer than need be.

Deanna: I understand.

Deanna: Do you know where we are going?
Samus: Yes. My sources have us on a course to Dimension X.

Deanna: Dimension X? You think Miss M might be there?
Samus: I am hoping so. Most everything in space eventually makes its way to Dimension X.

Deanna looks out at the stars from the safety of the Haven one last time...

...before heading back out into the vast unknown dangers of those same stars.

Back on Earth in the Batcave,
Bruce Wayne: (hears a door open) Go away.

Bruce Wayne: What are you doing here? How is it everyone continues to find a way to bother me down here?
April: Alfred let me in. Besides, I've been in your man cave before. It's so cold and sterile. You ever need styling tips, just let me know.

Bruce Wayne: April, I am not in the mood. Leave.
April: I did not come here to make jokes. This is very important, you must listen to me.

Bruce Wayne: I don't care what you have to say to me.

April: Oh you will care about this. My contact found her. She found Moth Lady and your daughter. Bruce, we have a location.

Bruce Wayne: What?

April: Yes. We know where Yvie is.
Bruce Wayne: We leave now.
April: All right. Let's bring your daughter home.

In Dimension X...
Miss M: So what does a solar storm entail?
Bucky: Eh. Who knows. We get them from time to time.

Miss M: If you get them from time to time, why do we have to make sure we are inside?
Bucky: Listen doll, it's real simple. Where you are from, if a bad storm comes do you stand outside in the water falling from the sky or do you find a place with coverage?
Miss M: I got ya. Makes sense. But there is no rain in space.

Ed: I think it is a little different than rain M. 

Jenny: See, weird guy gets it. Bucky, I am gonna jump and get the rest of the team. See you in a bit.

Bucky: Sounds good first mate. Best first mate a fool like me could ever hope for.

Miss M: Ok. Where is this boss of yours at? We have been waiting long enough.

Bucky: Wait no longer doll. Here she is.

Ed: You ok M?
Miss M: Sure. (pauses) What in the hell?!

Maleficent: Hello dear.

Miss M: Fairy Godmother?! What are you doing here?

Maleficent: I told you never to call me that. This damn lighting keeps fading and then brightening around here. Must mean solar storm is coming. Nice to see you Ed.

Ed: Yeah. We were here together. With Oola.
Miss M: I did not know this.

Maleficent: Yes. We were here because of you, before all that dreary post apocalyptic nonsense happened. After your world went to shit, I stayed here. With the Krang out of the picture, I became the one in charge. I've done a good job of keeping this place thriving. Your handiwork of destroying Burnheart was very helpful.

Miss M: Did you somehow set this all up?
Ed: Yeah! This is just too weird.

Maleficent: I did nothing of the sort. I sent Bucky out to nullify Burnheart. He was planning on over throwing me. I did not expect to find out that you would be involved in this, but then again Miss M, you are usually involved in all manners of drama.
Ed: Well she totally killed that Burnheart dude.
Maleficent: Wonderful. Now follow me, we need to find a safe spot from the coming storm. Plus there is someone here I think you will want to meet.

Miss M: Was she referring to you or me?
Ed: Eh, I have no idea.

Maleficent: I was referring to you M.
Miss M: That is sweet, but I really need to get back to Earth. I assure you, Burnheart is dead. No one will be bothering you in Dimension X, I promise.
Maleficent: Miss M, hush. It is important that you meet this person. He is the father to your snarky friend, I believe her name is April O'Neil.
Miss M: Oh my.
Maleficent: So you see? You can stay a little bit longer, hmm?

Somewhere in space...
The traveling solar storm washes over a lost ancient being of supreme power.

Something begins to happen, life begins to spark anew.

Evil rises.
The being looks around the cosmos, trying to understand what is happening. And then it all makes sense, it all comes rushing back.

???: I am Mon*Star. I remember.

Mon*Star: I remember everything. I must find the light from the Moon*Star, to feed my fading strength. And when I do, my new reign of terror and crime will wash over the universe. No one will be able to stop the evil forces of Mon*Star!!!

All My Toys will be back soon with more soapy toy drama! Also, I am in the final stages of completing the final article on Justine Dantzer's work in the toy industry. I am merely awaiting her final approval on the article. Once that happens you will all be able to read about the creation of the Swans Crossing toy line! Hope you are all well!


  1. MONSTAR!!!!!?? (Or, I guess it's Mon*Star!)
    WHAT THE FUCK!!????
    I DO have that figure!(Though, I can't find him!) I was always disappointed it was only his head that changed, instead of his whole body like in the cartoon! I want the bull guy! "Mumbo Jumbo!" I just looked him up, forgot the name!
    THANK YOU! For reminding me of other toys I need on ebay! Pretty much, I need most the bad guys! And I only really have one or two of the good guys! You are such a jerk!
    Cuz I'll bet you have every SilverHawk toy and you will now torture me , by including them in all of your next posts! Haha!
    (I did grow up with a friend who owned most of them, so I did get to at least play with them, as a kid! And I had a cool SilverHawks coloring book! I wish I could find it!)

    1. Haha! That is my goal, to drive you insane with the toys I share on here. I love the Mon*Star figure. He is so weird and creepy looking. I actually do not have that many SilverHawk toys. Just SilverHawk and SteelHawk and of course Mon*Star. So no torturing you, I promise! Mumbo Jumbo is pretty fun I must admit.

  2. This is the most delightfully random mix of action figures I have ever seen!

    1. Why thank you! I enjoy throwing as many toys as I can in the mix! I hope you have been doing well!

  3. The image of Geoffery being freed is the most beautiful thing I have seen all week!

    1. I really enjoyed taking that photo. I am so glad I have this figure.

  4. malicifient ruling dimension x never saw that one coming that and mon star now alive and about to cause trouble could this mean the silver hawks will return to help toy miss m and co. plus also how is the super hero team going to deal with cobra commander in their base. you have me waiting miss m. with inticpation for the next chap

    1. Oh thank you for this! I have so much exciting stuff in store! I just need to churn them out more! I will get to it though. It should all be very very juicy and melodramatic.

  5. I really want you to, well...I hate the phrase "Cosplay" so I always just say "Dress up" -as this version of you Miss M! The purple hair and spiked shoulders! I wanna see a pic of you gussied up like that in real life! It would be funny! (And, yes, also, it would be pretty hot! Not gonna lie!)

    1. Ha! I will see what I can do! I do like this as my super hero look. It is pretty darn fun.